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    Hey guys, Here is my latest fic that Ive been working on, basically it's my take on the events which took place in the most recent Buffy Season 8 arc Time of Your Life. It's an AU Fic, so I hope you all enjoy, and It may be the first in a series of ficlets based on the premise of alternate possible futures as seen in the arc, and remember that all feedback is welcome.

    Title: When it's Bad
    Description: What If it was someone else who confronts the Slayer and Fray in the Future, having alligned with Fray's greatest foe
    Disclaimer: I do not own any of the Buffyverse characters and may be a tad bit spoilerish if you havent read any of the Time of your life arc.


    “The dark-haired one… She’s lived for centuries, speaks in riddles and strange voices… he calls her the black hope, says she has power greater even than his.”

    The demon that bore the name of its inhabited shell of Harth, parted his lips into a sadistic smile as he looked outward from his darkened room and onto “his” precious’ city. Haddyn, although it buzzed with the sounds of police sirens, as well as the screams of many unsuspecting victims who had fallen to the might of his army seemed as shrouded as the city’s skyline itself under years of smog. For as confident, as Harth seemed to convey during this moment, the majority of emotions that filled the vampire’s mind was of an all-consuming fear and confusion. He clutched tightly the steaming, golden chalice in his hand as he finally brought up the nerve to bring the gift to the being, which placed so much fear into his darkened heart.

    “I remember training you.” The vampire said, as he was finally able to connect the memories from the dreams of past slayers with the creature that stood before him. As its face remained in the shadows, Harth smiled as the creature’s white peplos contrasted against its flowing ebony hair and the feathers which covered it entire body from the neck down.

    “In the dream I worry about you constantly…because you’re connected to everyone that I love.” Harth added on as he handed the creature its chalice, and turned to step outside on the room’s large balcony. He peered over it’s railings to look down at the bustling shipyard down below and at the numerous people filling the vehicles which resembled some sort of Cargo Van, as a person from the 21st century would call it.

    “And that’s the one, The Slayer of Slayers. That’s who I am in the dream. That’s whose coming.” Harth continued, as the creature with its clawed, feathered hands brought the chalice up to her darkened lips.

    “Tonight…It’s alright though, she has miles to go and the princess has been counting down from the two one two.” The creature said in a saddened, feminine yet distinctively familiar voice. Harth could only look back at the creature in a face of bewilderment at its riddle. The creature could feel a sense of uncertainty wash over the vampire, as the city’s lights caused Harth’s glasses to glow and he rested his arm on the railing of the balcony.

    “I haven’t asked why you want her here or why you want my sister to find her…” Harth trailed off.

    “Let’s not be timid here…”The creature replied slyly in an attempt to prod more questions out of the vampire.

    “Aren’t they more of a threat to us combined?” Harth asked, as out of the corner of his eye…his army of vampire’s ruthlessly forced ordinary humans into the back of the cargo vehicles. One of the vampires held a helpless pigtailed young girl over his shoulders, as the sounds of her sobbing was music to his ears.

    “Your schemes are ingenious; I will give you that, keeping your horde afloat amongst the clouds of Noram as you spread your demonic equivalent of airborne throughout the populace...Slowly your rotting your world to its core.” The creature stated as is stared intently at the hesitant vampire, who could only watch as it brought the chalice further to its lips.

    “But hear me now boy…there is nothing that a Slayer cannot overcome.” The creature scolded.

    “Then why call for a second?” Harth asked as he watched the creature’s lips nearly close enough to drink from the chalice, with a lone drop of the strange liquid slipping over the rim.

    “You vampires gain strength from each other…Slayer’s unfortunately don’t.” The creature said it suddenly turned about face and walk bristly out of the room. Harth watched its backside, as it revealed a pair of massive bird-like wings nestled tightly behind its shoulders, with the bottom of its white dress as nearly concealing its talon-like feet. The Vampire is taken aghast at this sight, as he leaned back hard against the rail and gripped it even tighter.

    “Don’t you see fool, what happens in your time will cause your time to come.” The creature stated.

    “I don’t understand…”Harth trailed off, as the creature almost completely disappeared from view.

    “You think you know…What’s to come…What they are…You haven’t even begun.” The creature called back to the vampire, who simply shrugged at yet another of his guest’s riddles and turned back around at the balcony to watch as his own true, twisted vision begun to unfold.


    A few hours later, the half-breed known as Harth continued to stare down at his operation from his balcony. As he looked down at the loading docks, a sadistic smile came upon the vampire’s face. One by one, Cargo Vans were being filled up with his unstoppable army, ready to unleash a wave of destruction and darkness that the world hadn’t seen in centuries.

    “It’s started.” The Creature spoke from behind the vampire.

    “It’s going to be quite a battle.” Harth said, as a cool breeze swept through his unkempt black hair allowing it to flutter in the wind.

    “Not that…” The Creature trailed off as Harth turned his head slightly at it’s comment. In the corner of his eye, he is able to see the Creature emerge from the shadows. Its slender, clawed hands graced the strings of an elegant, golden lyre held at her waist. The delicate song she began to play even seemed to calm the roaring demon inside of Harth.

    “Its Buffy…It’s finally hit her, the futility of her actions…The world is more shrouded in darkness now than in any point before and all of it is because of her.” The Creature said as it continued to play the strings of its lyre.

    “You sound sad.” Harth said in a non-empathetic tone, he only turned to fully face the creature. Although his face showed that of concern, it was more for his own safety than that of the creature itself.

    “And you sound surprised.” The Creature replied back coldly in a sarcastic tone.

    “But this is a great day for us.” Harth said in bewilderment.

    “I have one question for you, half-breed and it’s…Why do you want to kill your sister?” The Creature asked which caused the vampire to slowly turn his back toward the loading docks. As he leaned against the railing once more, numerous thoughts began to race through his demonic mind; Harth tried to come up with the words to reply. The vampire could feel the creature’s intensity as it patiently waited for him to reply.

    “She’s the last thing I ever loved. We’re connected. Her pain is my joy…I thirst for it now more than I did for water when I was alive.” The vampire said with a smile on his face, as he turned back to look at the creature.

    “And what in this world is thicker than water?” Harth added on as he was finally able to place a name on the creature that stood before him with the dreams of past slayer memories which now plagued his demonic sub conscious.

    After hearing the question asked to it the creature now stepped fully onto the balcony and into the light for the entire world to see its beautiful face. Despite, the ebony feathers which covered her entire body from her neck downward, clawed hands, powerful talons where her feet should have been, and of course the large set of wings on her backside. It’s clear from her piercing blue eyes that it is Dawn Summers, and with her face full of sadness, she parted her lips to answer Harth’s question.

    “Blood…Only Blood.” Dawn sighed.