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    Hello, everyone! I have not written or posted anything in years, so I am a little rusty and nervous. I welcome any feedback, good or bad, so feel free to tell me what you think.

    The setting picks up where Chosen left off.
    None of this belongs to me, but to the brilliant Joss Whedon....yada, yada, yada....

    Buffy Summers stared at the vacant battlefield in front of her, nothing remained. It was a miracle they were alive, however, so many had been lost. The earth shifted sending tiny, vibrating tremors through the ground. Birds stooped and circled urgently in the sky, afraid to land on the unstable surface. Buffy could hear the others basking in their victory behind her, but she did not turn around. It was hard to celebrate death, and a lot of life was lost today. A refreshing breeze sailed through whisking hair out of her face.

    The hell mouth, her home, now was a smoking creator in the middle of a dessert. An overwhelming amount of sorrow washed over her as seven years of memories ran through her mind. Everything she had was gone except the clothes on her back. And of course, for the handful of friends and family that had fought and won. "Yeah, Buffy. What are we gonna do now?" Dawn said jerking her back to reality. After a long pause, a smile crossed her face. The realization of having a normal life hit her.

    "Yo B, we gotta bounce." Faith said pointing to the sky toward three military helicopters heading towards the scene. Simultaneously they all turned to run towards the yellow school bus. "Hurry up, come on." Faith yelled herding everyone through the doors. Buffy stood in line, last one to load the bus. She took one last look at the nothingness and envisioned Sunnydale. "Thank you, Spike" she whispered.

    She loaded the bus and took the available seat beside Xandar. Giles took the wheel and started the loud vehicle. "How is he?" Buffy asked Faith who was looking at Robin's wound. "We gotta get him to a hospital or he ain't gunna be with us no more" she was obviously worried. "Hey, Willow" she called across the loud bus. "Can you come work some of that healing mojo over here?" Willow grabbed a seat as she walked down the isles for balance as Giles hit a bump. She knelt down beside him and pushed her hand firmly to his gut, he yelled out in pain. After a few moments her hand turned into a shimmery white color then faded. "I can keep him alive for a while, but we need to get him to a hospital. How are your wounds, Buffy?"

    Buffy thought about it, had she been hurt? She looked down to her blood-soaked clothes. Then it dawned on her, she had been stabbed during battle. She scooted over, leaned her back on Zandar, and pulled up her shirt exposing her stomach. "Does it hurt?" Xandar asked her. "It does now, I guess I was in shock or something before." Faith pressed a t-shirt firmly on the gash to her gut. "Runnin out of clothes here, I need another shirt for your back. Damn sword went straight through. Don't think it hit no organs, but I ain't a doc either"

    "Buffy, I need you." Giles called from the driver's seat. "I'm on it." Faith smiled at her, "take some down time." Buffy fully sat up in the seat and looked to the road ahead. There stood Army trucks, soldiers and eight or nine helicopters along with hundreds of people. "Bloody hell." Giles muttered pulling the bus to a stop behind a line of at least fifty cars. "We don't have time for this, we gotta get to a hospital" Faith said looking out the window at cars that had just pulled off the highway and stopped because the military blockade would not let them through. Suddenly, a sharp rapping sounded on the driver's side window, "Step out of the bus, sir" a solider told him walking around to the door. "I will return," he told Faith and stepped off.

    A few minutes later he returned to report that those who were seriously injured were to be flown to the nearest overflowing hospital. Those who were not had to remain here until further questioned. "They believe this was some sort of terrorist attack." Giles said and rolled his eyes. Faith lifted a limp Robin, resting his weight on her hip. "Help me out a little, guy." she coaxed him and he slung his arm around her shoulders. "Buffy, you must go also" Giles told her. "I am needed here, I am fine" She argued with her watcher. "There are others to pull the slack, Buffy your hurt." After much bickering about it, the original slayer agreed to take the helicopter to seek medical attention. "Dawn, you need to come with me" she told her sister. "Buffy, there isn't room. There are many injured. Sorry, but you cannot take her with you. She will be fine."

    Three hours later Buffy lay in a hospital bed slipping in and out of consciousness. The doctors had marveled at her wound, they couldn't understand it. They had brought interns in to study her and some of them were saying it was a medical miracle. Her wound was healing at an alarming fast pace. There had been no internal damage, and only took a few stitches to fix. "You are a truly lucky young woman, " one doctor had told her. Of course, Buffy knew the truth, it was the slayer in her.

    A nurse slipped in the room and wrote on a clipboard. "Here are your pills, dear. One to help with the pain, one to help you sleep. I brought you some clothes. They are in a duffel bag on this chair. I threw in some make up, soap, things like that. I know it must be hard to loose everything. They are housing refugees in a local church, would you like me to get you some information?" Buffy smiled warmly at her. "I appreciate your kindness and concern, but I have a place to go, thank you. How is my friend? The one I came in with, Robin?" The nurse returned the smile. "Pulling through. He regained consciousness last night for a half hour or so. Looks like he is going to make it. As for you, young lady, there are a few specialist that will be coming in to take a look at you shortly." "Specialist?" "They are all so amazed at the rate of speed that your body is rejuvenating itself. They just want to run some tests. Don't worry it should be fine." The nurse smiled at her once more, patted her hand and left the room.

    Uh-oh, tests! As soon as the nurse left the room and closed the door Buffy set to work on her big escape. Tearing the sheets off of her she slung her legs off the side of the bed and grunted in pain. The wound was stitched shut and the skin had already mended together, but her gut was still incredibly tender and sore. Buffy gritted her teeth while she pulled out the iv that was taped to her arm. Blood trickled down her arm onto the bed sheets. Have to hurry, she thought as she slid the slightly baggy pants over her thighs. The nurse had packed her quite a care package and she was grateful for that. It almost made her feel slightly guilty about running away. She silently hoped that the nice lady did not receive any grief for her escape. The slayer slung the duffel bag over her left shoulder and scooped up the small pink and white pills that the nurse has left for her on the table.

    After she was fully ready, Buffy peeked out the door and down the hall. The hospital was buzzing with life. Health care personnel running around frantically to the nurses station from room to room. Buffy wondered how many injured there were due to the fall of Sunnydale. Just then she heard a woman's voice yell "Code blue!" and six people wearing scrubs darted in the direction, luckily it was the opposite direction of the elevator. Seizing the opportunity Buffy walked quickly and boarded the elevator.

    Once out of the front doors of the hospital Buffy let out a sigh of relief. The relief was short lived because she soon realized that she had no place to go, no way to get a hold of the gang, and not a clue where she was exactly. "Great." she mumbled, "save the world and be homeless." Shifting the duffel bag's weight to the other shoulder, Buffy began to wander down the street.

    Two hours later Buffy had come across a motel that had a few rooms left. "Mighty lucky," the old dirty man had said to her as he handed her the keys, "only got two left." The motel was old and in bad repair. The slayer was almost certain it was a shady place where drug dealers and prostitutes did their business. But it was an available place to stay, and with the disaster there weren't a whole lot of those left.

    329.....330.....Buffy counted as she passed the rooms that opened to the outside. it is, she thought and sighed. The door was bright orange with large green numbers nailed diagonally to the right. The doorknob had to be jiggled a bit to make the key slide it. The hinges squeaked loudly as Buffy pushed it open and stepped in. She froze and looked around, one full sized bed with a hideously ugly orange bed spread was in the middle of the room, across from that was a television mounted on the wall. Two end tables rested on each side of the bed, and a door, which had to be the entrance to the bathroom, was on the opposing wall. The room had only one window. That was comforting to the slayer for some reason. "Not that anyone is coming for me," she muttered and kicked the door behind her shut with the back of her foot.

    As soon as the door slammed shut the tears began to flow from her eyes. She had held on to it, the suspense, the fear, up until this moment. Waves of relief washed over her. It was over. She was alive. Dawn was alive. Some of her friends had made it, but her heart was buried deep in the hell mouth. The tears turned to sobs. The sobs became louder and louder. How could he really be gone? How could she just have left him there? There was an aching feeling deep inside of her, deep in the pit of her chest. The duffel bag fell to the floor. It seemed to have gotten extremely heavy all of the sudden. Buffy felt weak, weaker than she had ever been before. She stumbled backwards until her back hit the closed door. From there she slid down it collapsing to the floor, squeezing her arms tightly around her waist while sobbing in agony. He was gone. Gone.

    She knew Spike had sacrificed his self because it would save countless lives. She knew that he did it because it was the right thing to do. But most of all, she knew that he did it for her. To save her, to give her a normal life. It was a gift that she had always wanted but one that nobody was able to give her. Spike knew that sharing the burden of being the slayer would allow her to have a normal life, so he surrendered himself over to save her. Buffy's sobs began to calm. She wiped the tears harshly away from her cheeks with her hands before digging in her pocket for the pills that the nurse had tried to coax her into taking earlier. She popped them both in her mouth, kicked her shoes off her feet, and hoped to fall asleep soon.