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The Bloody 1.01 "Live and Let Die"

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  • The Bloody 1.01 "Live and Let Die"

    The Bloody

    Episode: 1.1 - “Live and Let Die”



    The alleyway will look familiar to Angel fans as the alley where Team Angel was last seen. But instead of Team Angel and millions of demons, the alley is, seemingly, deserted. You know, except for the vampire dust and demon corpses. Needless to say, it’s obvious a battle of epic proportions has taken place here. The camera pans and lands on a knocked over trash can. Suddenly, the trash can next to it falls over and from behind it rises, a very beaten, yet very alive . . . . SPIKE.

    Spike does not look his best. His face is cut and bruised almost beyond recognition. Spike uses the side of the building to hold himself up as he looks around. After he makes a quick sweep of his surroundings, he begins to laugh painfully. He knows he’s alone.

    SPIKE: Bloody brilliant.

    He begins to make his way out of the alley, hobbling around the bodies and pools of blood.

    CUT TO:


    We follow Spike as he enters the store, still limping badly but no longer using walls to stay erect.

    A teenage boy at the counter gives Spike a look when he walks in. (Spike does look more like he should be walking into an emergency room). Spike gives the kid a look right back so, the boy, casually, returns to his magazine.

    Spike, slowly, makes his way to the beer aisle. After passing a few obscure brands, Spike picks up a six pack of unusually large beer bottles. As he turns, he catches a glimpse of his non-reflection in one of those concave mirrors they have in the corners of liquor stores. Yes, for those who don’t already know, Spike is a vampire. The sight seems to depress him even more.

    Spike turns down another aisle with a new sense of purpose; he’s looking for something. He passes Band-Aids, shampoo, conditioner, hair bleach, before he finally grabs . . . a razor.



    ~ ~ ~


    :: STARRING ::

    William “Spike” Pratt (James Marsters)
    Rose (Keira Knightley)


    Alexander “Xander” Harris (Nicholas Brendan)

    ~ ~ ~

    ACT 1


    ONE YEAR LATER appears on the screen.

    We see a figure strutting through the shadows, smoking a cigarette. As it steps into the light, we can recognize Spike, sans his trademark blonde hair. With the exception of the brown hair and less blood, he looks pretty much the same way we left him. Still holding a six-pack of beer and looking emotionally drained. But, the expression on his face suddenly changes; he sees something.

    SPIKE’S P.O.V.

    A figure is standing in front of a large, apparently deserted, building. A large van is parked behind the figure. Whoever this person is, he seems a little confused. Spike sets his beer down and moves slowly closer. This guy looks a little suspicious. Who would be sniffing around an abandoned building at this time of night?

    SPIKE: Hey!

    The words are barely out of his mouth, before the man sends a crossbow arrow hurtling in Spike’s direction. Spike, skillfully, darts out of the way and catches the arrow in mid-air. He, finally, gets a good look at his attacker and, instantly, recognizes him. It’s XANDER! Someone, clearly, Spike was not expecting to see. And we tell already this isn’t expected to be a happy reunion.

    Xander looks as stunned as Spike does, if not more. He’s still holding the crossbow pointed in Spike’s direction and seems to be stuck in a permanent state of shock and confusion. There’s silence as they both let the situation sink in.

    XANDER: Oh my good God.

    SPIKE: (now recovered from the initial shock)Yeah. How you been, mate?

    XANDER: (unsure) Spike?

    SPIKE: (matter-of-fact) Xander.

    XANDER: ( lowers the crossbow) I was never one of your mates.

    Spike lets out a small sigh of relief at the sight of the crossbow lowering.

    SPIKE: Right. Wasn’t exactly expecting to run into a Scooby in downtown Tinsel town.

    XANDER: (deadpan) And I wasn’t exactly expecting to run into a vampire that I thought died two years ago. Go figure. (beat)Nice hair.

    SPIKE: (dryly) Thanks ever so.

    XANDER: So, what’s the deal, Spike? You get an early leave from the land of the dead to catch up on your Buffy-stalking hobby? Or are you just back for a quick rape?

    Spike bows his head, slightly. That hurt.

    SPIKE: None of the above. Look, I know you don’t bloody well care why I’m back and the Slayer’s not really my concern any more. So, why don’t you just let a bloke pass so, I can start keeping these beers company.

    Xander studies Spike for a moment. Is he really not going to bother Buffy? Xander chooses to believe him.

    XANDER: Yeah, I guess that’s something we can both live with.

    SPIKE: (darkly) Cheers.

    Spike starts to pass.

    XANDER: (stopping him) Hey, you know, before I completely forget I ever saw you: have you had any run-ins with Angel, lately?

    Spike stops.

    SPIKE: (surprised) Angel?

    XANDER: Yeah. Angel. The original vampire-with-a-soul guy. I heard he was head honcho at the Wolfram and Hart Law Firm, but when I checked the address, all I found was an endless amount of nothingness. Someone should really tell the Wolfram and Hart offices, that they’re missing an office.

    SPIKE: (deadpan) Take it from me; they’re plenty aware of that.

    XANDER: Nevertheless, that’s why I’m lurking outside of, seemingly, abandoned buildings. Willow told me this used to be Angel Investigations’ old command center. I thought it might be worth a shot.

    Spike looks at the building.

    SPIKE: So, this is where Team Angel used to hang its’ hat? (absently)Didn’t know that.

    XANDER: Spike?

    SPIKE: Haven’t seen him. Played a part in Team Angel for a year. Had an epic battle in that alleyway right over there, but you know how it is, you lose touch. . . What did you want with the Captain Caveman, anyway? I thought you hated him almost as much as I did.

    XANDER: Normally that would be the case, but the guy can handle the stray damsel in distress.

    Xander, dramatically, opens the back of his van.

    CUT TO:


    Stretched out across on the floor of the van is a YOUNG GIRL, seemingly, in her late teens/early 20’s and, currently, fast asleep. Her shoulder-length golden brown/dirty blonde hair forms a halo of soft waves around her head. Her clothes are feminine with a faintly old-fashioned vibe. There’s something sweetly ethereal about her.

    Spike stares at the girl, slightly taken aback. This was not what he expected to be hidden in the back of Xander’s van. His eyes stay fixed on the girl even as Xander begins to speak:

    XANDER: Buffy found her wandering around Rome a few months ago. No name, no money, no passport. Complete “Eternal Sunshine”. We’re pretty sure she’s American but, other than that, we’re coming up empty. Buffy watched over her for a while but . . . when she didn’t get any better we each started taking her in. She’s been shuffled between every member of the Scooby gang, covering every corner of the globe, and nothing’s triggered her memory. We still don’t even have a name.

    SPIKE: And you wanted to give Angel Investigations a turn at playing the remembrance game?

    XANDER: Basically, yeah. But, that plan seems to have been effectively ruined seeing as Angel has, apparently, decided to pick now to fall off of the face the Earth. Which means Xander the world’s greatest delivery boy now has a long night of traveling all the way back to square one.

    Xander starts to close the back of his van.

    SPIKE: I’ll take the girl.

    Xander stops and does a major double-take. He’s positive he heard wrong.

    XANDER: Whoa. . . You’ll be doing what now?

    SPIKE: You heard me. I’ll take her. (looks at the girl closely)See if I can’t open up her cranium and pull those memories out.

    XANDER: OK, one: that opening of the head better be a metaphorical. And two: you will not be “taking” this girl any which where. I know you’re all soul-having now, but I still trust you about as far as I can throw this van. So, let’s just back the crazy train up for a moment.

    SPIKE: Listen, monkey boy, you want someone to take care of your little lost bird and I’m the only one offering. You can leave her with me or you can feel free to go on a wild Angel chase. I, honestly, have nothing better to do than play guardian Angel stand-in to your little orphan, Annie. But, if you don’t want my help, chipper. . Play pass the roommate for a few more rounds. May my cigarette not burn a hole in your neck on the way out.

    XANDER: This better not be some kind of angle, to get in good with Buffy again-

    SPIKE: (dead serious) Buffy does not hear you ever bloody saw me! Just tell the slayer that you completed your errand and leave it that. (uneasily)No reason to burden her with the details.

    Xander studies Spike, suspiciously. After taking a moment, he sighs heavily. He has, reluctantly, admitted defeat.

    XANDER: Fine. You can take her. I, reluctantly, dub you amnesiac-sitter.

    SPIKE: You’re really that worried that I can’t take care of a young girl? In case you’ve forgotten, I’ve bleeding’ done it before. Before I had a soul and with your blessing, no less.

    XANDER: Just don’t leave her alone, Spike.

    SPIKE: That supposed to some kind of reverse psychology threat?

    XANDER: No. It’s advice. You ever had experience with night terrors?

    SPIKE: (scoffs) You mean like nightmares? You don’t think I can handle the little miss’ stray bad dreams?

    XANDER: (completely serious) These aren’t just dreams, Spike. Think the Exorcist with slightly less pea soupiness. You’ll hear her screaming from the other room and you think something’s killing her. So far, she’s only got them when she’s alone. Ever since I started buying two-bed hotel rooms, she’s been sleeping through the night. I’m just asking you to watch over her, Spike. I don’t want her to go through that again if I can help it.

    Spike looks at the girl, curiously, and nods.

    SPIKE: Duly noted.

    Xander, also, turns to look at her.

    XANDER: (sighs) I don’t know. With nightmares like that, whatever she’s forgetting, maybe it’s better she doesn’t remember.

    Just then, the girl’s eyelids begin to twitch, delicately. She’s waking up. Her eyes flutter open, revealing deep turquoise eyes. She notices the two men staring at her and, startled, she jumps into a sitting position.

    SPIKE: Hello there, little one.

    YOUNG GIRL: (unsure) Hello.

    She looks at Xander for guidance. But, Xander’s not going to be much help to her. He’s not exactly sure how he should handle this awkward introduction either.

    XANDER: (trying to be casual) Hey there, sleeping lady! Sorry about the rude or, at least, somewhat bad-mannered awakening. We were just having a little pre-move pow-wow.

    YOUNG GIRL: (glancing curiously at Spike) It’s alright.

    Still unsure of herself, she takes Xander’s hand for balance as she begins to make her way out of the van. Instinctively, Spike offers up his hand to aid in her descent.

    XANDER: This is the nice man you’re going to be staying with temporarily. . . Spike.

    YOUNG GIRL: (in surprise) Spike?!

    Mid step, the girl, impulsively, yanks her hand away from Spike’s. Unfortunately, most of her weight has already shifted forward and the sudden movement throws her entire body off balance.

    Xander manages to catch her, narrowly preventing her leg from catching on the van’s back fender. But, the girl seems too lost in her own confusion to notice her near scrape. She holds on tight to Xander’s arm.

    YOUNG GIRL: (to Xander) I . . . I thought Spike was . . .

    The look on her face indicates she’s heard Spike’s name before. In what connotation, it’s difficult to say. At the very least, she, clearly, didn’t expect to be meeting him.
    Now recovered from her initial shock, the girl stares at Spike with a mixture of wonder and confusion. She looks to Xander for an explanation but, doesn’t get one.

    YOUNG GIRL: (to Spike) I’m sorry . . . it’s just . . .(she, nervously, glances at Xander and back again)I thought I was staying with someone named Angel.

    Xander opens his mouth to explain but, Spike beats him to the metaphorical punch.

    SPIKE: (frankly) Sudden change of plan, pet.

    The girl’s not quite sure what to make of this information or the strange man giving it. Xander doesn’t appreciate Spike’s blunt explanation and turns the girl, slightly, to speak with her semi-privately.

    XANDER: (softly) Angel seems to have, um, mysteriously relocated. But, that doesn’t mean you have to stay with Spike. (beat)Not to say, that you should be worried about staying with Spike. But, if you happen to feel any kind of weirdness, we’ll be out of here quick as a super-sonic bunny. (beat)Any weirdness at all. Even the perception of weirdness sometime in the near future will get you out of this. Totally and completely your call, though.

    The girl turns her childlike gaze back to Spike. Spike seems to be getting bored with this exchange. He’s set his beers on the ground and he’s lighting a cigarette. The girl continues to study him for a moment. Finally, she turns back to Xander.

    YOUNG GIRL: (decidedly) I think I should stay with Spike.

    XANDER: Seriously? But, I was so ridiculously transparent. (looks over at Spike)Are you sure?

    CUT TO:

    SPIKE’S P.O.V.

    Spike watches Xander and the girl as they continue their conversation. They’re speaking just softly enough to make their words inaudible.

    They, finally, appear to finish their discussion and the girl walks over to the van to grab her bags.

    As the girl struggles with her bags, Xander crosses to Spike.

    XANDER: (quiet and intense) Just so you know. If you let anything happen to this girl, I have zero problems killing you, Spike. Never have.

    Spike is surprised by Xander’s threat but, before he can respond, Xander returns to the girl’s side. They share a friendly hug.

    XANDER: (mid-hug) Don’t forget to call, write, e-mail, or send smoke signal if you need anything.

    The girl nods and produces a weak smile. They part and Xander shuts the back doors of the van. Before walking away, he takes her hand, and gives it one last big-brotherly squeeze.

    XANDER: (not sure what to do next) Ok. This is it. Look after her, Spike. (to girl)Good luck.

    Xander, reluctantly, backs away.

    The girl stays fixed in place and watches as Xander gets into his van and drives away. The van gets smaller and smaller and eventually, disappears completely over the horizon.

    Spike walks up to her and his sudden appearance in her peripheral vision brings her back to reality. He grabs one of her bags.

    SPIKE: Come along, pigeon.

    Spike begins walking in the direction of his apartment building. The young girl picks up her remaining bag and begins slowly following after Spike. Very slowly.

    Spike notices her delay and stops, allowing her one last look back in the direction Xander drove.

    Finally, she rushes up to Spike’s side and they continue on. Spike walking ahead and the young girl following close on his heels.



    ACT II


    Spike enters his apartment and turns on the light. The young girl follows close behind.

    The apartment is dark and dank. The kind of place you’d expect a vampire to live. Basement apartment, one small window, minimal decorations, except for an Xbox and some liquor bottles in the kitchen. The entire apartment is, basically, one large room with a bathroom. The only furniture consists of a couch, a fridge, a cheap-looking TV, and a twin-sized bed. A truly Spartan existence.

    While the young girl lingers around the doorway, Spike heads straight for the bed and throws the girl’s suitcase on top.

    SPIKE: (matter-of-factly) Right. This will be your sleeping quarters; the general area around the comfy couch will be mine. Telly’s the square-shaped box sitting in front of the couch. Powder room’s over there, (points to his right) food and various alcoholic beverages are there. (points to fridge, realizes he has nothing left to point to, and adds)And that includes our tour, have a pleasant stay at Casa de Spike. Cheers.

    With that, Spike takes a big swig of his beer and camps out on the couch.

    The girl, still holding her other bag, walks over to the bed. She stares at it, not quite sure what to say. After a moment, she comes up with something.

    YOUNG GIRL: Thank you. For letting me have the bed. (no response from Spike)It’s really late. If you don’t mind, I’m going to start getting ready for bed.

    SPIKE: (somewhere between annoyed and really tired)
    Don’t need a play-by-play, pet. I already gave you the tour.

    Since there’s nothing she can really say in response to that, the young girl decides it would be safer to leave Spike alone so she (and her suitcase) head towards the bathroom.


    A few minutes later: The young girl comes out of the bathroom. She’s changed into a modest nightgown, reminiscent of some of the more flattering Victorian underclothes. (Similar to Natalie Wood’s white under-dress in West Side Story or Drusilla’s underclothes in the Angel ep. “Destiny”)

    She glances over at Spike but, he pays her no mind. He’s still lying on the couch, engrossed in one of his beers. The young girl slips silently under her bed covers but, doesn’t lie down. Bringing her knees up and hugging them to her chest, she watches Spike very closely. She, finally, works up enough courage to speak.

    YOUNG GIRL: Are you the same Spike they used to talk about?

    Spike does his best to hide his surprise.

    SPIKE: Well, that bloody depends on who was doing the talking, doesn’t it?

    YOUNG GIRL: Buffy, Xander, and the rest.

    Spike reacts to the mention of Buffy’s name but he does his best to hide it.

    SPIKE: And what did Buffy and her all-knowing Scoobies have to say about me?

    YOUNG GIRL: (uncomfortably) They said that you were dead.

    Spike sighs heavily and leans his head back.

    SPIKE: Yeah. That’s because I was.

    CUT TO:

    Spike’s skin searing away. His head burning into a screaming skull. Hellfire burning around him.

    YOUNG GIRL: (V.O.) Spike?

    Her voice brings Spike back to reality. He regards the young girl sitting on his bed, noticing for the first time how small and vulnerable she is. The girl just stares back with a naive mixture of confusion and concern.

    SPIKE: (gently) Go to sleep, sweet-pea.

    The young girl decides not to ask any more questions and lies down. Spike doesn’t look like he’s going to be getting to sleep anytime soon. His old ghosts have returned. He sighs and finishes off his last beer. He, casually, throws the empty beer bottle across the room and . . .

    CUT TO:


    Crash! A beer bottle hits the wall of another apartment. The noises of violent lovers’ spat fill the room as we see various household objects fall over or crash to the ground.

    WOMAN’S VOICE: No, please!

    MAN’S VOICE: You think you can just walk away?

    WOMAN’S VOICE: Stop it!

    MAN’S VOICE: I’m getting tired of these games!

    WOMAN’S VOICE: No! Let me go!





    We see a distorted mixture of images and sounds from Spike’s past. Spike’s screaming return from the dead, mixed with the clashing of swords, the fight with Angel, and the Circle of the Black Thorn’s armies pouring down a dark alleyway.

    ANGEL: (V.O.) Do you really think any of us are going to live through this?

    CUT TO:


    Spike is jolted from his dream by a loud thud coming from the floor above. Spike acknowledges the sound but, shows no indication of doing anything about it. He leisurely walks over to the fridge. It seems he’s already finished off all of his beers. The sounds of the fight get louder.

    Spike glances at the girl, surprised the noise hasn’t woken her up. Something about her strikes his attention and he walks over to her, leaving the refrigerator door open.

    At closer inspection, we can now see that the young girl is flinching in perfect time with the noises from upstairs: as if each sound is somehow causing her a sharp pain.

    Slightly disturbed by this, Spike kneels closer to the girl until his face is level with hers. He touches her hand in hopes of waking her but, she doesn’t stir. He grabs her hand a little more firmly and gives it a good shake.

    SPIKE: Time to wake up, princess.

    The girl doesn’t stir, but the contact seems to calm her even in sleep. Her hand closes a little around his. Spike stares at her, for a brief moment: who is this girl?

    Giving up on waking her, he attempts to remove his hand from her soft grasp. Just when it seems like his hand is going to succeed in leaving hers, her grip unexpectedly tightens. With one last gasp, the young girl awakens with a start, fear still present in her eyes. It takes her a minute to process her surroundings.

    SPIKE: (hiding his surprise) So. Little Briar Rose awakens.

    The young girl is, clearly, surprised to find Spike staring at her but, another thud from upstairs distracts her: causing her to produce another slight jerk.

    YOUNG GIRL: (anxiously) What was that?

    SPIKE: The flat upstairs. War of the Roses. Not, exactly an irregular occurrence place like this.

    YOUNG GIRL: (still a little out of it) You never try to stop it?

    SPIKE: Falls under the category of businesses not mine, cherub. I may be your Daddy Warbucks but I’m not theirs.

    The young girl notices that she is still holding on to Spike’s hand. She lets go.

    YOUNG GIRL: (hesitantly) Spike?

    SPIKE: Yeah?

    YOUNG GIRL: You’re a vampire, aren’t you?

    SPIKE: (what would make her think of that?) What?

    The young girl focuses on something just over Spike’s shoulder. He follows her gaze and we see that, hey, refrigerator doors don’t close themselves. The contents of the fridge are clearly visible, including jars upon jars of pig’s blood and hospital-style blood packets. Spike turns back to face the girl. No sense denying it, he’s either a vampire or saving up for the next blood drive.

    SPIKE: (not very proudly) Yeah. I am. (checks her expression) Does that scare you?

    The young girl shakes her head.

    YOUNG GIRL: No. (beat, then sincerely) Actually, I think I trust you for some reason.

    Spike looks at her strangely.

    SPIKE: Can’t say I’ve heard that before. (beat)Don’t you have a name, nibblet? Didn’t any of the Scoobies choose some cutesy little moniker for you?

    YOUNG GIRL: No. I think they each figured I would remember my real name soon enough. (beat)And then I didn’t.

    SPIKE: Bugger that! From now on your name is Rose. There’s no bloody reason a girl should walk around without a name for that long.

    Rose sits up.

    ROSE: Rose? What would make you think of that?

    SPIKE: Well, it just makes sense, doesn’t it? The Briar Rose? Girl with sleep troubles. Waiting for someone to wake her from a dark slumber. Bring her back to life. You’re the sleeping beauty of legend. (beat)Therefore, Rose. What else would your name be?

    ROSE: I like it.

    SPIKE: Well, that’s your good fortune. ‘Cause I was planning on calling you that, anyway.

    Amused, Rose laughs quietly to herself. Spike gets up to close the refrigerator door, grabbing a jar of blood while he’s at it.

    ROSE: Now that you’ve properly named me, do I have the right to ask why everyone thinks you’re dead?

    Spike freezes. He gives Rose a slightly threatening glare.

    SPIKE: Asking doesn’t mean I’ll be telling.

    ROSE: What are you willing to tell me? (silence)Did you really save the world?

    Spike chuckles in disbelief.

    SPIKE: (slightly annoyed) Mystery Inc. has been chattier than I would have thought. Thought I felt my ears burning, lately.

    ROSE: They didn’t tell me, I just overheard them talking. Is it true?

    SPIKE: I played my part.

    Spike walks over to the couch, hoping the conversation is going to end there. No such luck.

    ROSE: So, that would make you a hero.

    SPIKE: (darkly) Bollocks! I’m not bloody Clark Kent. I’ve done more than save the world, pet. I’ve killed. For fun. Men . . . women . . . children. Bathed in their blood and ripped their lungs out through the gashes I made in their throats. Time was, sweet little plum like you, I would’ve had a great deal of fun playing with. Make sure you suffered before I, finally, snuffed your light out.

    Rose collects herself before speaking again. He’s rattled her.

    ROSE: What changed?

    SPIKE: (sighs, heavily) Had the unfortunate luck of falling in love with the wrong girl.

    We flash to Buffy dancing with Xander while Spike watches her through the crowd.

    ROSE: Buffy. . .

    We’re back. Spike looks at Rose in surprise.

    ROSE: (steadily) Lucky guess.

    Spike accepts this and leans his head back.

    SPIKE:Love’s a funny thing. And falling in love with Buffy . . . (remembering) She made me want to be a better man. Someone she might, actually, deserve. So, I sought out a certain demon, so I might suffer through the pain and torment to win back my soul.

    Flash to a bloody and beaten Spike screaming in agony as his soul is restored.

    SPIKE: Had the unfortunate side effect of curbing my bloodlust, as souls do.

    Out of equal amounts of sympathy and childlike curiosity, Rose gets closer to Spike.

    Not wanting to disturb his storytelling, she silently kneels at his feet.

    SPIKE: And to make a long story less-long, I saved the world for her. Lot of bloody good it did. So, yeah, I died for the cause. But, apparently, that isn’t good enough for the “Powers That Be” anymore.

    Flash to Spike’s body, painfully, resurrecting from his dusty remains.

    SPIKE: Brought me back, first as a ghost of sorts and then in my own corporeal flesh and blood. So, I tried to be useful. Tried to save the world again. Became part of a team. The fight got too big. Some of us fell.

    Flash to Fred, Wesley, Cordelia, and Gunn in their last moments.

    SPIKE: Eclipsed by the darkness. Finally, we staged the big showdown. One last kamikaze mission.

    ROSE: But, you survived.

    SPIKE: (full of self-loathing) Against all expectations.

    ROSE: And the others. Where are they?

    SPIKE: Don’t know. Hit my head mid-crusade. Next thing I remember, I’m waking up next to a pile a’ corpses with no familiar faces attached. Battle was long over by then.

    ROSE: (trying to understand) So, they might still be out there?

    SPIKE: Not bloody likely but, yeah.

    ROSE: You haven’t looked?

    SPIKE: If they wanted the use of my services they’d be the one finding me, pet.

    ROSE: Why don’t you continue on your own? Fight the good fight.

    SPIKE: It’s not my fight anymore, nibblet.

    ROSE: But . . . you can’t just walk away. (lost for words)
    You’re a hero.

    SPIKE: Past tense, pet. Been there and, definitely, done that. I don’t belong in the good fight anymore. I’m the living dead. The beaten and the bloody. My purpose died out a long time ago. The same time I should have.

    ROSE: (putting the pieces together) So, since your last battle you’ve just been sitting here? Rotating between beer and pig’s blood to drown your sorrows?

    SPIKE: No. I’ve also been enjoying the new-found pleasures of Soul Calibur IV.
    (indicates the Xbox)

    ROSE: (stated as a fact and half to herself) A regular live and let die philosophy.

    Rose looks Spike in the eye and they share a silent exchange of her meaning.

    ROSE: I know it’s not really my place but. . . Do you really believe it means nothing? What you did? All the things you’ve done.

    Spike doesn’t respond but his answer is obvious.

    ROSE: Then what makes you think it means nothing for you to stop? (a beat)Whether or not you think you should have died that day doesn’t change the fact that you didn’t. The world will always need heroes. And no one can hide forever. Anyway, I don’t really think you want to.

    Spike gives her a questioning look.

    ROSE: Otherwise, why would you waste your time on a little nobody like me? I still believe you’re a hero. Even if you don’t.

    Her words hit Spike hard. Rose lowers her head, surprised by her own boldness.

    ROSE: As a said, it’s not my place.

    Uncomfortable silence.

    SPIKE: (attempting to break the tension) You feeling peckish, lamb?

    Rose sighs in relief at Spike’s change of subject.

    ROSE: Famished.

    SPIKE: Right, I better go stock up on some people food for you, then. Little thing like you can’t live on blood alone.

    Spike gets up and turns towards the door.

    ROSE: (confused) You’re leaving now? Isn’t it day?

    Spike chuckles.

    SPIKE: You slept most of the day, little bit. Day ended about 20 minutes ago.

    Spike walks over to the cupboard and takes out a box of Wheatabix.

    SPIKE: Here. (throws the box to Rose) This can tide you over until my inevitable return.

    Rose looks at the box, curiously.

    ROSE: Would there be any particular reason why this is the only piece of food you own?

    Already at the door, Spike turns back to her.

    SPIKE: No bite this time, bit. I’ve already filled out enough Rose-colored questionnaires for the time being.

    And he’s gone. Rose looks around the empty room and sighs.

    CUT TO:


    It’s a basic lobby area. Nothing fancy but, not completely run-down either. A CREEPY OLD MAN sits at the front desk. He’d be a real ringer for the crypt-keeper if it wasn’t for all that extra skin. Spike walks with purpose to the front door.

    CREEPY OLD MAN: That was a splendid young blossom you took in, my friend.

    Spike stops in surprise.

    CREEPY OLD MAN: Just ripe and ready for the taking. (chuckles) I expect you have had a most gratifying day.

    SPIKE: (hiding his disgust) You’ve got it wrong, gramps. It’s not like that.

    CREEPY OLD MAN: Oh, of course. My apologies. A longer term commitment, is it? If I were you I wouldn’t leave a pretty young thing like that unattended. Someone else may come along and snatch her up from under your nose.

    SPIKE: I’ll keep that in mind.

    With a second look at the creepy old man, Spike walks out the door.

    CUT TO:


    Rose is just emerging out of the bathroom. Now fully dressed with absolutely nothing to do. She sits down in front of the TV and, leisurely, picks up the Xbox controller. She turns it over in her hand a couple of times before a loud thud from the apartment upstairs distracts her.

    Rose attempts to go through the steps of putting in a video game but the noises continually draw her attention back up to the ceiling. Despite her best efforts to ignore them, Rose just can’t stand them any longer.

    She goes to the front door and leaves.


    Spike exits a small drugstore, holding a grocery bag full of various canned foods and TV dinners. He stops to light one of the cigarettes from a new pack he’s bought. As he takes his first puff, he senses something, or more specifically, hears something.

    He makes his way towards a nearby alley to investigate the sound only he could hear. Then:

    WOMAN’S VOICE: (softly, in the distance) Stop!

    CUT TO:


    BAM! A DAMSEL in distress is slammed against a metal fence in the middle of a dark and dingy alleyway. Two big THUGS are holding her flat against the fence, each thug holding on to one of her arms.

    DAMSEL: No! Please! Just leave me alone! I’ll give you whatever you want! Just please let me go!

    THUG #1: Sorry, can’t do that honey. To get what we want we need you here.

    THUG #2: Yeah, come on, sweetheart. (vamps out)Just give us a taste.

    The damsel screams and struggles wildly to get away, to no avail.

    SPIKE: Don’t think the little lady’s interested, lads.

    We now see Spike walking casually down the alleyway. Sans groceries.

    SPIKE: Not that I would really blame her. Two wankers like you with no bloody sense of propriety.

    THUG #1: Hey, buddy. This party’s invitation only.

    THUG #2: Yeah! Not enough room for three, you know.

    SPIKE: (confident) Better thin the herd, then. Or are you two nancies afraid of a little fight.

    Furious, vamp thug #1 runs towards Spike. In one swift motion, Spike flattens him with a nice round-house kick. As the vamp thug staggers to his feet, Spike, leisurely, snaps off a makeshift stake from a nearby crate.

    SPIKE: Have to say, I expected more from you, mate.

    Just as the vamp thug steadies himself to throw another punch, Spike plunges in the stake. And Vamp Thug #1 is dust.

    Meanwhile, Vamp Thug #2 is still trying to take a bite out of our damsel. He’s viciously interrupted by Spike grabbing him by the collar and whiplashing him against the alley wall.

    SPIKE: (to damsel) This would be your cue to run, gorgeous.

    And the damsel takes off. Spike still has Vamp Thug #2 pinned against the wall. Vamp Thug #2 sadly watches his dinner run away.

    THUG #2: What’s your deal, man?! Where do you get off going all T-2 on us! It’s not like I stole your little tasty treat!

    SPIKE: Sworn off tasty treats, mate. Just like you.

    Spike winds up to stake.

    THUG #2: (desperately)
    But you brought one home last night, didn’t you?

    Spike stops mid-stake. He’s stunned.

    THUG #2: (a little more confidently) Yeah. You know, I could have taken a bite out of her if, I’d really wanted to.

    SPIKE: And exactly, what “one” would you be referencing, mate?

    CUT TO:


    Rose appears at the top of the stairs and, slowly, makes her way down the hallway. The sounds still continue but in much less frequency. Rose follows the noises until she reaches what seems to be the apartment in question. After a moment’s hesitation, she knocks on the door.

    It opens quicker than expected, revealing a not-completely-unattractive MAN in his late-twenties/early thirties wearing a white tank-top and pajama bottoms. From the looks of him, it wouldn’t be unreasonable to assume Rose has just interrupted him mid-coital. He doesn’t look overly friendly or very happy. Rose is feeling uneasy. Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea.

    ROSE: (takes a breath) Hello. Sorry for bothering you. I live in the apartment downstairs. I just noticed that there seem to be a lot of . . . I’ve heard some . . . noises. I guess I was just wondering if you could keep it down a little bit? If you don’t mind.

    THUG #2: (V.O.) I could smell that P.Y.T., as soon as she walked in.

    CUT TO:


    Thug #2 is still pressed up against the alley wall by Spike.

    THUG #2: I would’ve given anything to get a taste of that. And believe me, I wasn’t the only one who wanted to.

    SPIKE: And what do you mean by that?

    THUG #2: (smiles, smugly) Did you really think you were the only vamp in the building?

    Fear flickers in Spike’s eyes as he begins to realize what the thug is saying.

    CUT TO:


    The attractive man is looking Rose up and down. Sizing her up.

    ATTRACTIVE MAN: You’re new to the building, aren’t you?

    Rose backs up slowly, intimidated by the man’s gaze.

    ROSE: Yes. Yes, I am. I’m staying with a friend. . .

    The attractive man nods his head.

    ATTRACTIVE MAN: I thought so . . . (suddenly friendly) I’m sorry that we disturbed you. I promise we’ll try to keep it down in the future.

    ROSE: (weakly) Thank you.

    The attractive man nods good-bye and starts to close his door.

    CUT TO:


    Spike is still frozen in place. One hand raised, ready for the kill, and the other hand keeping the thug pressed up against the wall. Despite his vulnerable position, the thug is laughing.

    THUG #2: If I were you “mate", I’d eat take-out from now on.

    CUT TO:


    THUG #2: (V.O.) ‘Cause your little entr?e just got the blood lust flowing at the biggest undead living complex in Los Angeles.

    As the man’s door closes, Rose hears another door squeak open. She turns around just in time to see a dead girl, about her age, lying on the floor off an apartment behind her. A maniacally grinning VAMPIRE WOMAN is, unashamedly, holding the door wide open.

    CHESHIRE WOMAN: (laughing) Why, welcome to the neighborhood, dearie.

    Rose backs up and opens her mouth to scream. But, only a whisper makes it out of her mouth before a hand, unexpectedly, clasps around it. The hand belongs to the attractive man who has silently reemerged from his apartment, now wearing his true vampiric visage.



    ACT IV


    Spike is running towards his building as fast as his legs can carry him. He slams open the door and charges inside.

    CUT TO:


    The creepy old man is still sitting at the front desk. He looks up as Spike streaks past him. A couple of seconds later, Spike reappears.

    SPIKE: I’ve got a quick question for you. Is this oak?
    (indicating desk)

    CREEPY OLD MAN: (proudly) No. Cherry. Cost me a pretty penny. Why do you ask?

    In a flash, Spike cracks a piece of molding off the desk and stabs the creepy old man in the heart. And, naturally, the creepy old man turns to dust.

    SPIKE: Just wondering.

    Holding tight to his newfound stake, Spike is off once again.

    CUT TO:



    Rose has just bitten a chunk out of the attractive man’s hand. Or, at least, he reacts as if it were a chunk. As he, quickly, jerks his hand away from her mouth, Rose wiggles out of his grasp, and runs full-throttle down the hall.

    She turns a corner and practically throws herself on the first door she sees. She pounds on it, wildly.

    ROSE: Please! Help me!

    No answer. She, quickly, gives up and heads towards the stairway.


    Rose flies down the stairway as fast as her legs can carry her, looking back every now and again to see if she’s being followed. She doesn’t see anyone and the silence becomes deafening. Desperately trying to control her fear, Rose slows down and begins to walk down the stairs more cautiously.

    SLITHERY VOICE: (O.S.) Fee fie fo fum. I smell the blood of a young woman.

    Rose freezes. It’s impossible to tell where the voice is coming from as it echoes around the stairway.

    SLITHERY VOICE: Be she alive and soon she’ll be dead, I’ll bleed her dry to moisten my bread.

    Terrified, Rose looks to the floor above and the door she just came from. Her steps quicken as she continues to search for the owner of the frightful voice.

    As she turns to make her way down the last flight of stairs, she suddenly sees a hand inching up from underneath the stairway! A hungry vampire has been hiding underneath the last flight of stairs and it’s about to seize Rose by the ankle!

    Rose screams and pulls her feet away just in time to escape the vampire’s grasp. She turns and rushes back up the stairs exiting back through the exact same door she came from, with the vamp now in hot pursuit.

    CUT TO:


    Spike barrels down the hallway towards his apartment. Stopping just short of his door, Spike looks to the floor above. He has just heard the frantic pitter-patter of running feet.

    SPIKE: Oh, no. Don’t say it.

    Just then the pitter-patter is followed by much heavier footsteps. And there are, definitely, more than two feet involved in the pursuit. Spike knows what those sounds mean. Rose is no longer in his room.

    SPIKE: Bloody hell!

    He turns on a dime and rushes to the next floor.

    CUT TO:


    Spike appears at the top of the stairway. The hallway is deserted. No longer running, Spike walks purposely down the hall. He folds the stake under his sleeve, hiding it from view. He’s a hunter stalking his prey. Suddenly, a VAMPIRE comes running out of a nearby doorway. He fumbles with his keys as he hurriedly tries to lock his door.

    SPIKE: What’s the rush, mate?

    The vampire is startled by Spike’s appearance. Spike doesn’t seem to notice or care.

    SPIKE: (cool as a cucumber) Fire in the building? Or is it something of gladder tidings that you’re hurrying off to at this late hour?

    VAMPIRE: Didn’t you hear? Some guy’s midnight snack got loose. And that says vamp free for all. To the victor goes the . . . whatever, you know.

    He goes back to locking his door.

    SPIKE: And any idea where this midnight snack may have run off to?

    VAMPIRE: (chuckles) If I did why would I tell you?

    CUT TO:


    BOOM! The vampire hurtles through his own apartment door and bounces painfully off of the wall waiting on the other side. Now a crumpled heap on the floor, Spike approaches him, full of fire. Grabbing the vampire by the shirt, Spike lifts him to his feet.

    SPIKE: Let’s try that again. You are going to tell me where to find the little girl or I start removing appendages.

    VAMPIRE: (genuinely frightened) No! I mean yes! Yes of course! I was confused before. I’m better now. Are you, by any chance, in need of a minion? ‘Cause I make a really good minion-

    SPIKE: (threateningly) Not an interview, mate.

    VAMPIRE: Right! Anything you want. Last I heard, the girl was hide-and-seeking it around the third floor. But, I can’t guarantee she’s still there. I know there’s at least 20 other vamps that know she’s here.

    Spike loosens his grip and lets the vampire drop to his feet.

    SPIKE: Thank you kindly. I promise I won’t forget your invaluable assistance.

    VAMPIRE: (kind of excited) Wow. Really?

    SPIKE: No.

    With lightning speed, Spike stakes the vampire and he fades into dust.

    SPIKE: Not really.

    CUT TO:


    Spike walking back out into the hallway. He smashes open an “in case of emergency” fire casing hanging on the wall and removes the ax inside. He spins it once for good measure.

    SPIKE: Not bad.

    CUT TO:


    Spike steps on to the third floor. He walks down the hallway. It’s completely deserted.

    SPIKE: (frustrated) God. As far as vampire flats go this is pretty bleeding’ sad! (loudly)Do I have to ask the other vamps to come out and play? You fellas need a bloody olley-olley-oxen-free?

    No answer. Spike sighs.

    SPIKE: It’s like a sodden round of Marco Polo. (thinks about it for a minute, why not?)Marco!

    ROSE: (O.S., some distance away) Spike?!

    SPIKE: (didn’t expect that) Rose?

    Spike looks to the ceiling. She must be on the floor above.

    SPIKE: Keep following my voice, pet! Just lead all the big nasties to me.

    ROSE: (O.S.) Marco.

    Spike starts walking faster, trying to follow her voice.

    SPIKE: Polo.

    ROSE: (O.S., more frantic) Marco!

    SPIKE: (moving faster) Polo.

    ROSE: (O.S., breathless now) Marco!

    SPIKE: Polo!


    BAM! Rose bursts through a stairway door waiting at the far end of the hallway. She seems to be unharmed and hope flashes in her eyes when she sees Spike. She dashes towards him without losing a step.

    ROSE: (desperately) Spike!

    SMASH! Right on Rose’s heels, a mass of vampires come barreling through the stairway door with a great deal more force.

    SPIKE: (readying himself) This is Sparta, then. (to Rose)Keep your key in the ignition, pigeon! We’ve got company. Fly on to home base! And what ever you do, (shifts into vamp face) don’t bloody look back.

    Without a second glance, Rose races past Spike, setting the head vamp up for a nasty shock as Spike flattens him with one well-placed ax smack in the face. Let the brawl begin.

    Ax in one hand, stake in the other, Spike throws punches left and right. His line of attack is widespread, forcing him to constantly turn himself in circles to keep up with his attackers. He ducks under an attack and hits another assailant in the face without missing a beat. Spike is in his element. But, make no mistake; he’s sustaining his share of blows.

    SPIKE: (recovering from a particularly harsh blow) Now this is what I call a right tussle.

    Spike back-hand punches the vamp that had the gall to hit him and the fight continues. Spike’s grin becomes wider and wider the longer it lasts. Out of shear will, he gains the upper hand. And he’s enjoying himself now.

    SPIKE: (mid-fight) Thought old Spike be a push-over, eh? Don’t know what it is. But, Touch of violence before dawn, always seems to put me in a better mood.

    He, ****ily, motions for the vamps to come at him with more force. A quick spin of his ax and Spike is taking out two vamps at a time. It’s an impressive performance. After staking last vamp, Spike looks around in surprise at the dust-filled, but, otherwise, empty, hallway.

    SPIKE: That’s it? No more vamps want a go? (smiles a little to himself)It was just getting interesting.

    CUT TO:


    Two vampires stalk the basement hallway. One hesitates by a door marked “Furnace” but, quickly, changes his mind and follows his buddy around the corner. Once they have most definitely gone, the furnace door slowly opens.

    Rose peeks out. She, cautiously, starts towards Spike’s apartment. She passes an apartment door and, like clockwork, the door silently opens behind her. Then another door opens just as she passes it. We hear a low vampire growl. And so does Rose.

    Without bothering to look back, she, suddenly, breaks into a run, sprinting towards Spike’s apartment door. More doors continue to open in her wake and we see vampires emerging from each one, taking up the chase. But, somehow, Rose manages to reach Spike’s door in time.


    Rose rushes inside, slamming the door behind her and bolting it shut. She turns around and screams. Spike was standing right behind her, still in vamp-face.

    SPIKE: (morphing into his human face) Nice of you stop by.

    It’s clear that Rose was disturbed by the sight of Spike’s game face and it takes her a second to recover.

    ROSE: (relieved but, still shaken) Didn’t your mother ever teach you not to sneak up on people?

    SPIKE: (ignoring her) I see the forest had a few more wolves hiding in it.

    ROSE: More than a few. I’m starting to feel like a demon homing beacon.

    Spike leans forward to take a look through the peep-hole. To get out of his way, Rose crosses further into the apartment.

    Spike lets out a heavy sigh. He’s not happy with what he sees. No longer looking through the peep-hole, he stares off into space for moment, lost in thought. Rose waits, silently, trying to read his thoughts.

    SPIKE: (still facing the door) I’m sorry, pet.

    ROSE: (taken aback) What?

    SPIKE: I never should’ve brought you here. (turns to face her)Should’ve known better. Put you right in the line of fire. I’ve gotten blind. Couldn’t see the death happening all around me.

    ROSE: Maybe you just needed a fresh pair of eyes.

    Spike looks at Rose, struck by her sudden insight.

    ROSE: Maybe it’s a sign. Destiny got tired of waiting.

    Spike smiles.

    SPIKE: Bloody good sitter I turned out.

    ROSE: (laughs) I’m sure there’s been worse. You’re not the hand that rocked the cradle.

    SPIKE: (not convinced) I’m not Poppins, either.

    ROSE: We’re safe now, aren’t we?

    SPIKE: No. Not the “you” part of “we”, anyway.

    ROSE: But, vampires can’t enter unless they’re invited in first. Isn’t that right?

    SPIKE: Very good. But as I am a member of the nearly departed, doesn’t exactly count, does it?

    ROSE: But I’m not.

    SPIKE: And you’re already thinking of your residence at my humble Bite & Breakfast as a permanent situation, are you?

    Rose looks doubtful.

    SPIKE: What I thought.

    ROSE: Then why are they waiting?

    SPIKE: They want to know what I’m planning to do to you. Buzzards waiting to feed on the bloody remains.

    ROSE: So, what are we going to do?

    Spike doesn’t have an answer. Silence. Then: WHAM! Something slams against the apartment door. The door already starts to give way.

    With renewed conviction, Spike crosses over to dresser and pulls out a handful of paper money.

    SPIKE: Come on!

    Grabbing Rose’s arm, he pulls her to the bathroom.

    CUT TO:


    Like the rest of the apartment, the bathroom is sparse and simplistic. It contains a sink, a toilet, a shower/bath and one small window.

    Spike makes a beeline for the window. With one swift punch, he sends his fist through the glass. With his now bleeding hand, he, quickly, brushes the glass away from the opening.

    Once done, he turns and presses the money into Rose’s hands.

    SPIKE: Take this, go across the street and buy a cross. Keep it close until I meet you.

    ROSE: You aren’t coming?

    SPIKE: I’ve still got a bit of cleaning up to do here.

    Rose doesn’t move. She looks horrified.

    SPIKE: No dawdling now. Go!

    After another moment’s hesitation, Rose, finally, climbs through the window. Spike turns and readies himself to face the mob alone.

    CUT TO:


    The shop is, for lack of a better description, eclectic. Full of all the strange trinkets Hallmark and Spencer’s rejected.

    Rose stands in the middle, hugging a large, overly decorated cross close to her chest. Except for herself and the elderly shopkeeper, the store is completely empty. As she looks around, uneasily, a really impressive Viper pulls up in front. Rose does a double take as she realizes that Spike is in the driver’s seat.

    As Spike gets out of the car:

    ROSE: Where’d you find this?

    Spike grabs a suitcase from out of the backseat.

    SPIKE: Got it from an old friend.

    He hands Rose the suitcase.

    SPIKE: Make sure everything’s there.

    Rose opens up the suitcase’s snaps and, discretely, checks its contents.

    ROSE: (hesitantly) Where’re we going?

    Meanwhile, Spike crosses to his apartment building, seemingly drawn there by an invisible force. He stops a few feet away.

    SPIKE: Don’t know.

    Rose notices that Spike has moved. She walks around the car and stands next to it, expectantly.

    ROSE: You’re joining the fight again, aren’t you?

    SPIKE: (chuckles to himself) Yeah. Done plenty of damn stupid things in my time. But, I’ve never run head-first into the fire after I’ve been burned. But, it seems destiny has ways of finding you. (looks at Rose)Don’t want someone else paying for my retirement.

    ROSE: I just wanted to say thank you. For saving me. I’m sorry I didn’t stay in the apartment while you were away.

    SPIKE: Don’t fret about it, pet. I needed a good tussle to clear my head. It’s where I live. It’s how I died.

    Spike lights his cigarette. He flicks his still-burning match. The match flies through an open window and lands on the alcohol-drenched floor of . . .


    The floor ignites and the flame continues onward to a number of make-shift bombs sitting by the doorway. And when the flame gets there. . .

    CUT TO:


    BOOM! Spike’s entire building explodes in a mass of flames. (a mirror image of the explosion in Angel ep: “To Shanshu in L.A.”) Spike smokes his cigarette, calmly, while Rose has, instinctively, ducked her head down to shield her ears and face from the blast.

    SPIKE: Time to move on.

    Without looking back, Spike moves past Rose towards the car. Rose picks up her suitcase again but she can’t help stopping to watch the blaze. A look of horrified fascination is frozen on her face. As the fire reflects in her eyes, the mere ghost of a smile passes over her features. It’s enigmatic and unreadable.

    With that, she turns and walks back to the car. Spike is waiting by the passenger door and, dutifully, opens it for her.

    Getting into the driver’s side, Spike revs the engine and the Viper takes off into the night. We follow the smoke from the fire as it rises and curls into the sky. We see the Viper in the distance, still speeding off into the darkness.

    CUT TO:

    The Viper races past a road sign that reads: LOS ANGELES CITY LIMITS.

    TO BE CONTINUED . . . appears on the screen.



    Next Episode: "White Rabbit"

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