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  • Dabbler (a drabble)

    Disclaimer: All characters are property of Joss. Joss is not me.

    Setting: between S5 and S6 of B:tVS

    "It's not safe," Tara said. "If you want to learn, we can t-teach you, but I don't want you messing around with magic on your own." She wasn't sure how she and Willow had fallen into the role of parents, exactly, but they certainly couldn't trust Buffybot to carry out discipline. "We still haven't even figured out how to de-rat Amy. And b-because of what you are, if you accidentally transform yourself, we might not even remember who or what you're supposed to be. You might not remember."

    "That's just silly. It can't be that hard. You two do magic all the time," said Don.
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