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Hope is a four letter word: a ficlet

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  • Hope is a four letter word: a ficlet

    - A Buffy/Angel crossover ficlet, set in 2008 -

    "It's the cruellest cut, isn't it?" said Wesley. The ghostly figure was standing in the middle of the room, arms folded. He was more smartly dressed than Willow remembered him. Less with the stubble, more with the watcherly suits.

    It had been a shock to discover that he was not only dead, but a ghost, and working for the most evil corporation in the multiverse. But the news he brought made that shock seem like a slap in the face with a? some kind of light object that didn't create much of a slapping sensation. Willow was reeling too much to think of a suitable analogy.

    She had to sit down. The room was spinning. "I don't want to believe this. Which is probably why I should, huh? But, I spent hours? days? I asked all my friends, and a whole lot of strangers to?" She put her head in her hands. "Oh god."

    "Much as I understand your feelings of guilt, you can hardly think yourself to blame," said Wesley. "For a start, you didn't know. And, I hardly need to point out that you're just one person."

    "Yeah." Willow got up, ready to pace. Pacing seemed required. "I'm just trying to figure out what this means? I mean, I always knew politicians were kinda evil ? hello, Mayor Wilkins ? but this time?"

    "You were taken in, along with everyone else."

    "But?Obama's a demon?"

    "I'm afraid so."

    "What kind?"


    "Holy crap!"


    "With the? things coming out of the? and the?" Willow shuddered. "And Wolfram and Hart has been running the whole show? To usher in the final apocalypse?"

    "Yes. Rahm Emmanuel from the Global Direction Division has been the brains behind the operation."

    "Wait? Josh Lyman was based on a Wolfram and Hart employee? But he's Josh! Josh can't be evil." Willow shook her head in disbelief.

    "I'm not sure your logic is exactly watertight there," said Wesley. He was smiling a little.

    The thought suddenly flashed through Willow's head that perhaps he was lying. That Wolfram and Hart owned him entirely, and was manipulating it.

    Hope returned. If that was the case, maybe everything would be alright after all. She wouldn't have spent the last three months campaigning for a President Elect who was actually was an evil demon whose primary motivation was the destruction of humanity.

    Well, his campaign promise wasn't entirely empty. Genocide of the human race was change of a kind?

    "Wesley, no offence, but I really, really hope you've gone evil and are lying through your ghostly teeth."

    "None taken. But I'm afraid I haven't, and I'm not." He was starting to fade. "I've got to go. But if you want to check out my story? well, I'm sure you can find a way."

    - - - - - - - -

    Several hours and multiple incantations later, Willow had her answer: Wesley wasn't lying. The gods (quite literally) had spoken. Obama was a demon.


    She hadn't told anyone until she was sure. But now it was time to break the news.

    She dialled the castle's number. Andrew picked up. "Hello, Obama's palace of joy?"

    Willow sighed and asked to be put through to Buffy. When the slayer came on the line, Willow told her everything. When Buffy had finished "oh my god"-ing, Willow asked her, "So, what are we going to do? Are we going to?you know?slay him? Can we do that."

    "Hate to say this, Will," said Buffy. "But?yes we can."

    -- Robofrakkinawesome BANNER BY FRANCY --