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The Destroyer 1.02 The Old Regime

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  • The Destroyer 1.02 The Old Regime

    1.02-Old Regime


    The camera opens up to a dark alley. The camera pans the alley to show Sofia fighting a vampire. Sofia kicks the vampire on the chest and goes for a right hook but it gets blocked and the Vampire punches her in the face. Sofia spin kicks the vampire and pulls out her stake.

    Sofia: Well I guess you stupid vamps must not know who I am.

    Vampire: Oh please I can care less. I may finally get the chance to kill a slayer

    Sofia: (Smug) I don't think so.

    Sofia runs towards the vampire and kicks him down. The camera pans away from her to show Connor and Gregory standing and watching her punching the vampire. Gregory scowls and folds his arms.

    Gregory: (To Sofia) your form is all off.

    Sofia stakes the vampire and turns around and walks over to the duo pissed.

    Sofia: (angry) don't tell me how to slay vampires you old British man.

    Gregory: One I'm not old, Two I'm your watcher, and three I know what the hell I'm talking about.

    Sofia: (Smug) Oh please. I have totally been slaying with out a watcher for a long ass time. Trust me, when I say. I don't need you.

    With that Sofia walks away from them towards the entrance to the alley and walks down the street.

    Connor: Okay that fight was totally unnecessary, and you know it.

    Gregory: I'm the watcher. What I say goes. Besides, there are more pressing matters to attend to.

    Connor: (Intrigued) Like what?

    Gregory: I will explain it all when we are at the apartment. I just hope nothing bad happens.

    Just then Gregory trips and hits the ground. Connor looks down at him and smirks.

    Connor: Well yeah. Let's just hope that nothing bad happens.

    Connor helps Gregory up. But the two looked shocked when they see blood on Gregory's sleeve. They follow the trail of blood to a dead body in the front of the alley. The body is of a young male. Connor and Gregory look at each other and look down at the body.

    Connor: Yup. Nothing bad is happening tonight.

    Fade to Black-End of Teaser

    Opening Credits

    Theme Song: Quutamo by Apocalyptica

    Vincent Kartheiser as Connor Riley Angel
    Sam Jones III as Marty Jackson
    Thomas Dekker as Casey Parker
    Emily Browning as Sofia Romero
    Bradley Cooper as Gregory Pierce

    Guest Stars:
    Romola Garai as Clarice
    Genevieve Cortese as Krista
    Adam Brody as Gord Siegel

    Special Guest Star:
    Marc Blucas as Riley Finn
    Alyson Hannigan as Willow
    Anthony Steward Head as Giles
    Aaron Ashmore as Artemis

    Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters that have appeared or have been mentioned on Angel or Buffy. I do however own the characters that haven't been mentioned or shown on the shows.

    Created by: khurd15 (Karl)

    Written by: khurd15 (Karl)

    Story by: khurd15 (Karl)

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    Act 1
    Open up on Connor and Marty's apartment. It is still night time and Casey and Marty are looking through textbooks. Casey has a pencil behind his ear and head phones on while Marty is highlighting a page with a yellow highlighter.

    Marty: Okay this is getting us no where.

    Marty closes the book and puts it on the table and stands up. Casey notices and takes off his headphones. Casey smirks.

    Marty: What?

    Casey: Nothing except the fact that you think studying is boring. I like studying all though I prefer demon slaying above all else, but hey I need to pass my classes.

    Marty: Well I hate studying. Look school may have not been my favorite thing in the world but I have to do it anyways.

    Casey: Yeah I guess.

    Casey is about to get up when his phone goes off. He picks it up off the table and answers it.

    Casey: Hello?.Yeah this is he?.Are you serious? You're here? Where? Okay I will come to you. Bye.

    Casey hangs up the phone. He picks up his backpack and starts putting the books in them. He picks up the bag and walks to the spare bedroom and puts them on the bed.

    Marty: (Confused) um who was that?

    Casey: (worried) it?was an old friend. I need to see him. (Walks to the door) So if Connor come home, tell him I went out.

    With that Casey walks out the front door in a hurry. Marty just looks after him confused. But before he has a chance to clear the table at all Connor, Sofia, and Gregory come through the front door. Marty turns and smiles but it fades when he sees the blood on Gregory's arm.

    Marty: (Concerned) what the hell happened?

    Sofia: Somebody was killed. How could we have missed that?

    Connor: I don't know. But we need to be able to see the body. I have to examine it.

    Gregory: I don't think the morgue will be susceptible to the idea of us seeing the body.

    Sofia: So what are we supposed to do then? We can't not know what killed him.

    Gregory: Look we need to think rationally about this before we go into this situation half ****ed. We could have a spell done. Where is Casey?

    Marty: He left. He said something about an old friend in town; I figured he wanted to be alone.

    Cut to a caf?. Casey is sitting at a table waiting. He sighs and gets up. He is about to leave when all of a sudden a hand touches his shoulder. Casey turns and sees Riley standing there.

    Casey: Hello Agent Finn.

    Riley: (chuckles) it's Riley. I'm off duty. Besides, I don't think I like my friends calling me agent Finn. I got pissed at Graham for that.

    Casey smiles and hugs Riley who hugs him back. They both sit down at the table.

    Casey: So?Riley how have you been? Is the married life all its cracked up to be?

    Riley: (smirks) No it's really not. Um Sam and I got a divorce.

    Casey looks shocked and his smile fades.

    Casey: I'm sorry Riley I didn't know about that. Why did it happen?

    Riley: Well she was more gung ho into the demon fighting than I was and so we got a divorce.

    Casey grabs Riley's hand and sighs.

    Casey: Well hey now you're a single man. So any idea who is going to be Mrs. Riley Finn?

    Riley: No not yet. Though I still have my options, Do you remember the first time we met?

    Casey: How could I not.


    Cut to a giant building. There is a caption on the bottom of the screen that says Oxford, England: 2003. Cut to the inside of the building. There are girls sitting and reading, some running to classes and others are using weapons. The camera moves all he way down the hall to a giant oak door. Cut to what's behind the doors. There is a giant table and we see Casey sitting there with papers strewn all over the table. The camera pans around to show Willow standing next to the window with a cup of coffee. She turns when she sees the front doors opening and in walks Riley and Giles, with a young boy with black hair, blue jeans and a black shirt that says: ?Yeah I know you like my Body'. The trio stops and looks up and sees Willow and Casey.

    Giles: Ah Willow, Casey. Just the people I was talking about.

    Willow: (smiling) Hi Giles. Casey and I were just going through the recent slayers that have started up here at the academy.

    Willow goes over to the trio and gives Giles a hug and then moves to stand of Riley with a smirk.

    Willow: Well the illustrious agent Finn returns. What brings you to our parts?

    Riley: (Giggled) hello to you to Will.

    They both hug. Willow then goes to the guy behind her two friends. She smiles.

    Willow: So how is my favorite cousin?

    Boy: (Smirking) Hi cuz. You know you didn't have to send sergeant commando and his friends out to get me from my house. I would have just taken the private jet with Mr. Giles.

    Willow: (skeptical) yeah you would have really sat on that jet. Besides Giles is cool.

    Boy: Oh to hell with Giles.

    Giles: (shocked) I'm standing right here Artemis.

    Artemis: Yeah whatever.

    While the three argue, Riley walks over to the table and sees Casey looking through documents. Riley takes a seat next to him. Casey looks over at him and smiles.

    Casey: (shyly) Hi.

    Riley: It's okay. I don't bite.

    Casey: Yeah I know. I have heard of you before.

    Riley: Really?

    Casey: Yeah. Willow doesn't stop talking about you and of course Buffy brings you up when she talks about you with the slayers.

    Riley: (Shocked) Really? I guess her and I need to have a chat.

    Casey: Oh it's fine. All she said was that you were a big influence in her slaying. Besides I don't think you want to interrupt her right now.

    Riley: Why?

    Casey: In a class with other slayers. I tried interrupting I had a stake thrown at me. So no way should you go.

    Riley: (chuckles) I will keep that in mind. Oh where are my manners. (Holds out hand) I'm Riley Finn.

    Casey takes his hand and shakes it.

    Casey: Hi. I'm Casey. Casey Parker.

    Flashback Ends.

    Cut back to the caf?. Casey and Riley are sitting there staring at each other. Riley smirks.

    Riley: It was nice seeing you again you know.

    Casey: You too. So have I missed anything important while I have been away from the council?

    Riley shrugs and takes a sip of his coffee.

    Riley: I haven't been around there lately. I usually get calls from Will or Giles and just go to check up on them.

    Casey: So where have you been staying?

    Riley: In my hometown. In Iowa, I still keep up the fight against evil though.

    Casey: That's good. So have you talked to Graham?

    Riley: Last time I heard from him, he was in Hawaii taking a vacay. So I'm sorry. If you wanted to talk to him?..

    Casey: (shaking his head) No, no it's fine. I just wish he would have called before going to Hawaii.

    Riley: Look I know what happened in Iowa wasn't the best thing for you but I swear Graham wants to see you more than you know.

    Casey smirks and looks away.

    Cut to Connor and Marty's apartment. Marty and Sofia are sat looking through texts while Connor is in the kitchen eating a sandwich. The camera pans away from them to show Gregory searching through the bookcase. He picks up and tosses it backwards onto the table. Marty and Sofia look annoyed and stop reading.

    Sofia: Gregory. What the hell are you doing?

    Gregory: (annoyed) I'm looking for a certain text but I can't seem to find it.

    Marty: Yeah well this is getting annoying. (To Connor) Hey do you want to go patrolling?

    Connor: Um?.no.

    Sofia: Are you kidding? (Yelling) We need to. It's our job. Grab your coat we are going now.

    Sofia grabs her jacket off the back of the couch. She grabs Connor by his collar and drags him out the door. Marty sighs and goes back to reading his book. Gregory turns to Marty and stares at him. Marty looks up and frowns.

    Marty: What? I need to study for my art history exam.

    Gregory: No that's not what is important. I'm just wondering something that is intriguing me.

    Marty: (confused) what?

    Gregory: (serious) When are you going to tell Connor your secret?

    Cut to the NYC cemetery. Connor and Sofia are walking through it. They both are holding stakes. Connor looks bored while Sofia looks excited.

    Sofia: This is going to be fun.

    Connor: Not really. I mean why are we doing this?

    Sofia stops walking and turns to Connor. She frowns

    Sofia: We do it because it's our destiny. It's our job.

    Connor: Yeah, well if this was my job the people I care about wouldn't die now would they.

    Sofia: This isn't about the Destroyer thing this is about Cordelia.

    Connor looks up at her and pushes her out of the way as a vampire comes running at him. Connor side steps the vamp and stakes it in the back. Sofia gets off the ground and brushes dirt off her jacket.

    Sofia: You could have warned me.

    Connor: (Sarcastic) now where is the fun in that.

    Cut to the Mermaid Inn. Casey and Riley are lying in the bed looking at the ceiling. Casey is lying on Riley's chest. Riley is stroking Casey's hair.

    Casey: So when are you leaving for the council?

    Riley: (sighs) Well I leave the here in two days. What about you? Will you come with me?

    Casey gets off of Riley's chest and looks at him.

    Casey: I can't and you know that. I was assigned here by the council. You were there remember?


    Cut to the giant room again. The caption on the screen says September 1, 2004. Casey is sat in a chair next to Riley. On the opposite side of Riley is Artemis. At the head of the table is Giles and on his left is Willow and on his right is Kennedy.

    Giles: So the seers in the coven in Devon have sensed that a great power is rising in New York City. It looks like a dark presence is rising there and we need to stop it.

    Casey: Do you know what this evil presence is?

    Willow: No but that's why we need you to go to New York to investigate. It will be rough. But you will have back up.

    Casey: Oh so Riley and Artemis are coming with me?

    Kennedy: No. They have there own assignments.

    Giles: Yes we will send a slayer and a watcher to help you in your efforts. Hopefully you solve this crisis with the slayers help.
    Giles picks up a bunch of papers but one falls out and Casey catches it. He looks it over and reads it.

    Casey: What the hell is this?

    Willow notices and so does Artemis and they smile. Riley looks over Casey's shoulder and tries to read the paper. He looks shocked.

    Riley: This isn't real is it?

    Willow: It will be when Giles and I start building it.

    Kennedy: I think it's pretty ingenious really.

    Casey: Okay. You know what I'm just going to go and I will call when I get there.

    Casey puts down the paper and walks out the door. He is walking down the hallway when all of a sudden Riley runs up behind him. Riley grabs his shoulder and turns him around.

    Casey: What is it Riley?

    Riley: Um.....Good luck. And also watch your back.

    Casey: (confused) Um?Thanks. I will see you later. Just make sure to stay in contact.

    Riley smiles and so does Casey. He turns and leaves.

    Flashback ends.

    Cut back to the room. Casey and Riley are stood staring at each other. Casey looks at his hands and gulps. Riley walks over to him and tries to embrace him but Casey moves out of his reach and walks out the door. While he is walking through the parking lot he bumps into someone.

    Casey: Sorry.

    Girl: It's fine.

    Casey stops when he recognizes the voice and he turns to see that its Krista standing in front of him. She smiles. Casey frowns.

    Krista: What aren't you glad to see me?

    Casey: Not really. Why are you here?

    Krista smirks and walks toward Casey some more.
    Krista: I need to talk to you about something.

    Casey: Well I'm sure it can wait.

    Casey walks around her and starts to walk to the street.

    Krista: It's about your friends Connor and Marty.

    Casey stops and turns towards her.

    Casey: What's going on? Are they okay?

    Krista: Just come with me and you will find out.

    Casey looks serious. He nods his head and is about to follow when three shots ring out and Krista falls forward. The camera pans up to show Riley standing there with a gun. Casey looks shocked.

    Fade to Black- End of Act 1


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      Act 2

      Cut to Marty and Gregory staring at each other. Marty smiles and picks his cup off the table and goes to the kitchen.

      Marty: I don't know what you are talking about?

      Gregory: (Stern) Oh come off it. You know what the hell I'm talking about. You are a demon and you know it.

      Marty: (worried) how did you know?

      Gregory: I have known for some weeks now. Every since I saw you fight Clarice; the crazy bitch stabbed you and didn't so much as bat an eye. When were you going to tell us?

      Marty: (sighing) I was going to tell you guys eventually. But I just don't know how to bring it up.

      Gregory: When are you going to tell Connor? Cause he would want to know about this?

      Marty: I will think about it. I just hope it doesn't get to bad for him.

      Cut to the cemetery. Connor and Sofia are fighting off 3 vampires and 2 giant gray horned demons. Connor kicks two vampires in the face and punches the last one. Sofia stakes Vampire #1 in the back and goes to stake Vampire #2 but is backhanded by Demon # 1. She rolls over and tries to get up but is kicked into a headstone. Connor jumps on top of Demon #2 and grabs it by the neck and snaps it. Connor then jumps the two vamps. He punches one in the face and drives the stake into its heart. He turns to the other one but its already running away. He turns to the final demon and kicks it in the back. Sofia gets up ax in hand and runs to the demon and decapitates him. Sofia smirks and walks up to Connor.

      Sofia: That was a fun fight. Don't you think?

      Connor: (Skeptical) Yeah?.I guess. So who do you think sent these guys?

      Sofia: I don't know but we have to find out. Let's head back to the apartment.

      Connor and Sofia walk away. The camera pans around to show the vampire from before watching them. He glares and follows.

      Cut to Riley and Casey standing in the parking lot with Krista on the ground bleeding. Casey is looking at Riley with shock.

      Casey: Riley why did you shoot her?

      Riley: She was a demon. She wasn't what you think.

      Casey: Yeah. I kinda figured she was a demon. But she had information that I needed.

      Riley: Well I'm sure she was going to lie anyways.

      Krista O.S.: That's okay Case. He is just a moron who doesn't know any better.

      Casey and Riley turn to see Krista standing a couple of feet away smirking. She starts walking towards them. Riley points his gun at her and she laughs.

      Krista: If you think that's going to kill me well you have another thing coming.

      Riley: We'll see.

      He fires three rounds at her and they hit her dead on. She just stands there bleeding. Then the bullets start falling off her body. She looks up and her eyes are pitch black. Casey and Riley both look shocked.

      Krista: (pissed off) that wasn't nice.

      Casey: Okay look. Riley put the gun down. That is not helping. (To Krista) and you take the black eyes off. I just want to talk.

      Krista eyes return to normal and Riley puts down the gun slowly.
      Casey: Thank you. So what did you mean by Marty and Connor is in danger?

      Krista: Well the fact that Clarice is making more vampires to kill your boy and that slayer. Oh and the fact that Marty is a demon or at least a half demon, who hasn't learned his power yet.

      Casey and Riley both look shocked by this. Casey sighs and looks at the ground.

      Casey: How do you know this is true?

      Riley: Yeah. I mean that is a pretty big claim coming from a demon.

      Krista: Trust me. He is. I'm sure even you sensed Casey when you met him. His powers are only not showing themselves because he is a mere half demon with no real power.

      Casey: So what do you want me to do?

      Krista: You have to kill Marty, before he betrays you.

      Cut to the apartment. Marty is reading a text and Gregory is typing away on a laptop. The front door opens and Connor and Sofia come through looking tired and dirty.

      Marty: What the hell happened to you two?

      Sofia: Vampires and weird demons. What about you guys? Get any research done?

      Marty and Gregory look at each other worried. Connor notices and frowns

      Connor: Are you guys okay?

      Marty: Yeah we are. Why do you ask?

      Sofia: Um?because you both are looking at each other like you are both freakin crazy.

      Marty: (Angry) Yeah well you know what Velma. We are fine god if it's so important to know why don't you gather the Scooby gang and start gathering clues and figuring out what's wrong with me.

      The others look at Marty shocked. But before anybody can say anything, Marty picks up his jacket and leaves the apartment. Gregory sighs and picks up the fallen text. Connor and Sofia look at each other then at Gregory and fold there arms.

      Gregory: (off there looks) what? What's wrong?

      Connor: What the hell is going on?

      Sofia: Yeah. What's wrong with Marty?

      Gregory gulps and looks at them intently.

      Cut to Riley, Krista, and Casey back in that parking lot. Casey is pacing while Riley is sat on the hood of a car and Krista is leaned against a truck.

      Casey: This is way too much information for me to digest right now.

      Krista: Yeah I figured. So what are you going to do?

      Riley: What does it matter? He isn't going to kill him like you told him to.

      Krista: Obviously. Well he needs to do something and soon.

      Casey: You know what. I'm really tired of this. I'm going home. I will see you both around.

      While Casey is walking away two vampires show up and jump in front of him. Krista and Riley notice and are about to hop into the fight but they turn to see more advancing vampires. Riley pulls out a stake while Krista pulls out a knife and Casey forms energy in his hands. The vampires waste no time and jump them from all sides.

      Cut to Marty walking down the street. He has his hands in his pockets. He continues to not notice the vampire from before following him. Marty walks down a dark alley and the vampire follows. The vampire lunges at Marty. Marty moves out the way and extends his arm. He grabs the vamp around the throat and throws him into the wall. He picks him up and starts punching him over and over. He then picks up a stake and stakes the vampire in the heart it turns to dust. He gets up and dusts off his pants.

      Woman O.S.: Wow that was pretty impressive. I guess I should try harder when I try to kill you. Huh?

      Marty freezes and turns to see Clarice standing there with an evil smirk on her face. Marty pulls out his stake and gets into a fighting stance. Clarice giggles.

      Clarice: Oh that is impressive. (Sarcastic) Oh but of course I'm so scared of you and your wooden contraption. (Serious) That little wooden stake isn't going to help you. I will kill you and then kill the Destroyer.

      Marty: Clarice. I thought I smelled something rank. What do you want now? I mean besides being a bigger pain in my ass.

      Clarice: I want your blood.

      Marty: You want it. Come and get it then.

      Clarice smirks and lunges towards Marty and Marty jumps up and kicks her in the face. Clarice hits the ground hard and Marty stands over her smirking. The camera pans closer to his face to show that his eyes are pitch black. Clarice sees this and smiles.

      Clarice: Well isn't that interesting. The boy has a little power in him after all. That's pretty impressive.

      Marty: Thanks. Although you should be scared I am pretty powerful. So you better stay back bitch.

      Clarice smirks and kicks upwards and kicks him in the face. Marty flies back and hits the wall. Clarice gets up and pops her shoulder back into place. She smirks and picks Marty up by the throat. She throws him down the alley. She picks up his stake and goes over to him.

      Cut to Krista, Riley, and Casey in the parking lot. Casey blasts two energy bolts towards two vamps and they catch fire. Krista decapitates two vampires and kicks one into Riley's stake. Riley punches one and throws another one on top of a car and stakes it.

      Riley: Man just like the good old days.

      Two vampires jump out of nowhere and tackle Riley. Cut to Casey who is kicking and punching his way through the vampires. Casey notices the five vampires surrounding him. He puts his hands together. His eyes turn black. Cut to Krista who notices his eyes changed and she looks confused.

      Casey: Flammifer sphaera

      A giant sphere of fire appeared above Casey and sent out beams of fire to each and every vampire that was in the vicinity. Krista and Riley both looked shocked at this amazing feat. Casey puts his arms down, his eyes return to normal, and he ends up falling over. Riley and Krista run over to him and check to see if he is okay.

      Krista: Is he okay?

      Riley checks his pulse and sighs.

      Riley: He is fine. Just knocked out for a while, we should get him home.

      Krista: (Nodding) I agree. Follow me I know where he lives.

      Riley picks up Casey bridal style and follows Krista down the street away from the parking lot.

      Cut to the apartment. Connor is in the kitchen making a sandwich while Gregory is sitting on the couch looking through his laptop. Sofia is painting her nails. They all turn there heads when the front door bursts open and Krista walks in followed by Riley caring Casey. The others look shocked and Sofia helps Riley put Casey on the couch.

      Sofia: what happened? (To Riley) who are you?

      Gregory: Riley Finn. An ally of the Slayer Council, I though you were in Iowa?

      Riley: Well I decided to quit the farm life and come here and visit a friend. I might be heading to Cleveland when this is over.

      Connor: It's nice to meet you. So can you tell me what happened to Casey?

      Krista: I can tell you what happened.

      Everyone looks to Krista who is cleaning blood off of her knife.

      Krista: your boy delved into the dark magic's and used a spell that is very dangerous. I wouldn't be surprised if he didn't wake up right now.

      Gregory: Well what was the spell that was cast?

      Krista: A pretty powerful one. I think it was called?.

      Connor: See this is why I hate magic. It always has deadly consequences for when it's used.

      Riley: (Confused) Um? why would you need to research a vampire? I mean there is ways to kill her.

      Everyone stares at Riley and then look at each other.

      Connor: Its not that we can't kill her, it's just that she is to freaking strong for a normal vampire. And I just find that strangely odd.

      Krista: Alrighty. Well I'm tired of the team thing. (To Connor) Destroyer lets go patrolling. You can take Barbie with you if you're scared.

      Sofia clenches her fist and is about to strike Krista until Connor puts a hand on her shoulder to calm her down.

      Sofia: As much as I would love to come patrolling with you morons. I have a test in the morning so that means I have to go study for a while. (To Connor) Just watch your back when you're with her. I don't trust her.

      Connor: (sighs) neither do I, Which is why I am taking weapons just in case.

      Krista: I can hear you, you know.

      Sofia: Don't care bitch. Just be careful.

      Connor nods and picks up his sword and jacket and walks to the door. Krista is right behind him. Connor opens the door to see Gordy standing there with flowers.

      Connor: Um?..Can I help you?

      Krista: Yeah dweeb. You need to like hurry up and tell us what the hell you want.

      Gord: (scared) Um?.I'm?.here?t-to?see...C-Casey.

      Connor gets shocked when he hears this and stands aside and lest Gordy in the apartment. Gordy looks around to see Sofia is making a stake and Gregory is going through the weapons chest behind the couch.

      Sofia: Who the hell is this?

      Connor: This is Gordy. The one Casey likes.

      Sofia and Gregory share a look and stare at the newcomer.

      Gordy: Look I only came to see him. If he doesn't want to see me, that's fine.

      Gordy puts the flowers down and is about to leave when Connor stops him and directs him towards Casey's room. Sofia smiles and goes back to cutting her stake.

      Cut to Casey's room. Casey is lying on the bed still unconscious while Riley is sitting next to the bed waiting for him to wake up. Connor walks through the door and Gordy follows and sees that Casey is laying there bruised and beaten. Gordy looks shocked and is on the verge of tears.

      Gordy: (voice cracking) How did this happen?

      Connor: A spell. (To Riley) Hey um there two need some time alone.

      Riley nods and walks out the room and Connor follows behind and closes the door. Gordy sighs and goes over to the bed and sits down in the chair Riley just left. He grabs Casey's hand.

      Gordy: Casey. I am so sorry that this happened. I knew I shouldn't have ignored you when I did at school for the last two weeks. It's just a lot to take in when I see a person I care about attacked by?.vampires. I just wish you had told me before. I always cared for you. (Crying) But please you have to wake up right now. Please. I can't do this without you. I can't go on with out you.

      The camera pans over to Casey's left hand that starts to twitch. Then it moves over to his face where his eyes open and he smirks. Gordy notices and smiles himself. The two embrace each other.

      Casey: Oh I know you care about me. I missed you to.

      Gordy: Oh God I love you so much. Don't ever scare me like that again. Okay?

      Casey lets go of Gordy and smirks.

      Casey: Okay.

      The two lean in and kiss each other passionately. Casey Grabs Gordy's head and the two fall backwards on the bed.

      Cut to the NYC graveyard. Connor and Krista are walking through it and are both being cautious. Connor looks to the right and the left. He doesn't see anything to suspicious. Krista looks towards a mausoleum and notices lights are flickering on inside. She runs over to it. Connor comes up behind her and the two look through the window to see robed figures and candles are around everywhere. Krista lifts her knife and Connor lifts his axe and they both jump through the window.

      Cut to Connor and Marty's apartment. Everyone besides Gordy, Casey, Connor, and Krista are there. They are looking through texts and looking through weapons.

      Sofia: (Annoyed) There has to be a way to kill Clarice. What does it say about super vamps in that giant book over there Riley?

      Riley doesn't respond. Sofia looks up and sees Riley is sitting next to the window staring out at the street. Sofia sighs and puts the stake down. Gregory gives an aggravated sigh and throws a book which hits a wall.

      Sofia: Um?Gregory. Did that book hurt you or something?

      Gregory: No.

      Sofia: Then explain the hulking out please. Cause if you continue that I'm going to call the mental institution.

      Gregory: There is nothing on super vampires or vampires that are stronger than an average slayer. I called the council and all Rupert Giles told me is that this situation should have been dealt with and maybe we are looking at it from the wrong angle. (Sighs) god he is a piece of sh-

      Riley: What the hell is that outside?

      Sofia and Gregory go over to the window to see two people fighting. Sofia looks closer and recognizes it as Marty and Clarice. She grabs her jacket and stake and runs to the door. She runs into the hallway and gets to the elevator. It opens and the vampire from earlier is standing there smirking. Sofia looks shocked.

      Vampire: Hey baby. Missed me?

      He punches Sofia who falls backwards.

      Cut to Gordy and Casey. They are both lying on Casey's bed staring at the ceiling. Casey's head is on Gordy's chest and he is smirking while Gordy is stroking his head softly.

      Casey: Wow. I haven't made out with anybody for a while now.

      Gordy: (Smug) Well they say I'm the best there is.

      Casey sits up and turns to Gordy.

      Casey: God where have you been all my life?

      Gordy: Well I was lost in the world of DDR before I met you so yeah I'm guessing that's where I have been. (Puts his hand on Casey's face) Do you still want me to be your boyfriend?

      Casey: Yes I do. (Picks up his watch and looks at the time) Wow. Okay now we seriously have to leave this room. We have been in here for two and a half hours.

      Gordy: Yeah. (Looks out window) Its night time, I think we need to help your friends.

      Casey: yeah I guess.

      Casey and Gordy leave the room to see the living room empty. Casey notices the front door is open. He goes to it and sees Gregory on the floor along with Riley. He runs to them both. Gordy walks outside to see Casey shaking Gregory.

      Casey: Gregory. Wake the hell up.

      Gregory stirs and opens his eyes to see Casey sitting next to him with a stern look. He sees Riley on the floor across from him and he looks shocked.

      Gregory: What happened?

      Casey: You tell me.

      Gordy: Um?quick question. Where is your friend Sofia?

      Riley: She was taken.

      The others turn to see Riley with his eyes open and lying against the wall.

      Gregory: Well before we figure out what happened to Sofia. We have to save Marty.

      Casey: Okay. Riley lets go. Gordy take Gregory into the apartment and lock the door.

      Gordy nods and helps up Gregory. Riley and Casey run to the elevator and step inside.

      Cut to Marty and Clarice still fighting. They are both bleeding and have cuts. Marty does a roundhouse kick and Clarice get's on her knees. Marty is about to punch her but Clarice elbows him in the stomach. She gets up and grabs him by the throat and throws him out of the alley. Clarice grabs him by the face and sees his eyes are normal.

      Clarice: You are getting terribly weak. Don't quit now.

      Marty spits in her face. Clarice glares and let's goes of Marty's face and drags him by the wrist. She picks up his stake and slams him against the wall.

      Clarice: You know what the used to do to us demons honey?

      Clarice raises the stake.

      Clarice: Stab them till they bleed.

      Clarice brings the stake down but a hand grabs her wrist. The camera pans to show its Riley holding her wrist.

      Riley: Yeah and they also used to pray to false gods.

      Clarice laughs. Riley kicks her in the stomach and throws her away from Marty, who falls to the ground.

      Riley: Things change.

      Riley does a round house kick which Clarice evades and punches him in the face. Casey shows up and goes over to Marty.

      Marty: What the hell are you doing here?

      Casey: Saving your ass.

      Riley punches Clarice in the stomach and then elbows her in the face. He tries to punch her again but she grabs his fist and throws him into a parked car. Casey gets Marty up, while Riley flips off the car towards them. The trio starts to run towards the apartments. Clarice starts to follow. Casey stops and turns back.

      Casey: Thicken

      An invisible shield appears and Clarice slams into it. She looks pissed.

      Clarice: (Shouting) this isn't over. Do you hear me?

      Casey and the gang continue to run away.

      Fade to Black- End of Act 2


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        Act 3

        Open up on Marty sitting on the couch wincing. The camera pans out to show that Casey is applying alcohol to the cut on his forehead. Riley is busy searching through the weapons chest while Gregory is on the phone trying to reach Connor. Gordy is stood in the corner looking confused.

        Casey: You are such a big wuss you know that?

        Marty: Whatever. So how did Sofia get kidnapped?

        Riley: Vampire surprised us. We will get her back?.Hopefully.

        Gordy: Hey Casey cant you do a spell to find her or something.

        Casey: I already tried. I got zero joy on that end.

        Gregory: well when you get this call me back.

        Gregory hangs up the phone and sighs. He walks over to the couch and plops right down next to Marty.

        Casey: No luck with him?

        Gregory shakes his head. Casey sighs and walks to the weapon chest and pulls out a crossbow. Riley pulls out a giant sword.

        Casey: Okay. Well we are going to look for Sofia now.

        Gordy: Are you sure you don't need help?

        Casey smiles and walks over to Gordy and kisses him on the lips. Riley notices and looks away. Casey and Gordy separate.

        Casey: Don't worry. We will be fine. Besides I'm sure Sofia is fine.

        Cut to a body flying into the frame. The camera pans around to show Sofia kicking two vamps in the face. The vampire that grabbed her before grabs her by the shoulders and throws her down. Sofia rolls and hits a wall. The vampires descend upon her and grab her upright.

        Sofia: Wow I didn't know you guys were such rough guys.

        Vampire leader: Well what can I say? We are just that good.

        Sofia: So what do you want with me?

        Vampire Leader: We want you to meet our master. She has been anxious to meet you.

        Sofia smirks and then starts to laugh.

        Sofia: Let me guess. She's tall, red head and third world ugly when she vamps out?

        Woman O.S.: Well someone is being a total bitch.

        Everyone in the room turn to see Clarice standing there with her arms crossed smirking. Sofia rolls her eyes. Clarice walks over to them and smiles.

        Clarice: Wow. A vampire slayer getting kidnapped and beaten by vampires, this is something to laugh about.

        Sofia: hey bitch why don't you shut the hell up and let's settle this. Woman to?..what ever the hell you are.

        Clarice nods and the vampires release Sofia. Sofia cracks her knuckles and punches Clarice. When Clarice brings her face back up she is fully vamped out. Clarice uppercuts Sofia and she flies into a box of crates.

        Clarice: This should be fun.

        Cut to Casey and Riley walking down the street. They are both looking side to side. Riley stops and Casey continues walking. Casey stops and turn to see Riley standing there staring at him.

        Casey: What?

        Riley: What was with that back there?

        Casey: Um?I have no idea what you are talking about.

        Riley: Oh don't play dumb with me. I know you and that boy are together. You don't have to lie to me Case. Why didn't you tell me?

        Casey: (Scoffs) I'm sorry I didn't know that I was supposed to tell you every detail of my life. Look don't you remember you are still single and for that matter straight. Riley I can't love you the way you want me to. (Sighs) Look I know that you are worried but he cares about me.

        Riley: Well I love-

        Casey: You say those three words to me and I will punch you in the jaw. Riley we can't have this conversation right now. A friend of mine is in trouble and I don't have time to stand here and listen to you go on and on about my boyfriend and how he is wrong for me.

        Riley: Look I said the same thing to Buffy-

        Casey: Oh. Now we are getting somewhere with this. This isn't about me. It's about how you got stuck with Sam and Buffy had two vampires and you always wanted to know what they had.

        Riley doesn't say anything and looks at the ground.

        Casey: See I was right. It is all about Buffy. See I knew this would happen. I can't believe after all this time she is still racking through your mind. (Angry) You know Riley let me explain something to you; she is gone from your life. You gave that up when you left with Sam from Sunnydale for the last time. You lost Sam when she cared more about her job. And you lost me when you told me you were leaving.

        With that Casey continues walking away from Riley. Riley looks down and follows behind Casey.

        Cut to Sofia and Clarice. Clarice kicks Sofia in the stomach and throws her into a wall. Sofia gets back up and punches Clarice, then kicks her in the stomach and flips her into the wall. Sofia pulls out a stake and is about to go for the finishing move when all of a sudden Clarice grabs her wrist and throws her into a wall. Sofia tries to stand but Clarice kicks her in the stomach and she sails through the air into a wall out onto the street right in front of Casey. Casey stops and sees Sofia. He turns to see Clarice walking towards the hole in the wall. Casey jumps in front of Sofia and blasts energy at Clarice who goes flying backwards. Riley runs up and sees Casey standing there hands glowing. He looks down and sees Sofia lying there bleeding and hurt.

        Casey: Come on we have to get her out of here.

        Riley helps her up and starts to run. Casey stays behind for a second and runs after Riley. Cut back to the building. Clarice punches her way out of the rubble and glares angrily at Riley and Casey's retreating forms.

        Clarice: (to the other vampires) go after them and bring the slayer to me.

        The vampires nod and chase after Riley and Casey. Clarice smirks and goes back inside the building.

        Cut to Casey and Riley busting through the front door of Connor and Marty's apartment. Gordy, Gregory, and Marty notice Sofia bleeding and go to help her out.

        Gregory: (shocked) Oh my god what happened to her?

        Riley: Clarice happened to her. (Looks around) Connor's not back yet?

        Gordy: No. We have been waiting for over 3 hours now.

        Casey: Dammit. So what are we going to do?

        Marty: Well we could head over to Gregory's apartment and hold up there.

        Gregory: Don't forget she is able to get through the protection I have.

        Casey: No she won't be able to. (Smug) The bitch can't get in since Sofia smashed her necklace thing.

        Gordy: (Confused) that's a good thing?.right?

        Casey: (smiles) Yes that is.

        Riley: Casey I need to speak to you. (Serious) Like now and in private

        Casey sighs and walks with Riley into his room. Casey walks past Riley and sits on his bed while Riley starts pacing the bedroom and Casey watches him with an annoyed look on his face.

        Casey: So, what did you want to talk about?
        Riley: You and that guy Gody, Goy

        Casey: (angry) His name is Gordy. See I knew you couldn't handle it Riley. Why are you doing this to me?

        Riley: (angry) Well I don't mean to upset you about your?..boyfriend. But you need to face reality that normal people can't live in our world.

        Casey looks shocked and starts laughing.

        Casey: That is rich coming from you. Besides Xander, Giles and Andrew you are the only other normal person in the council. (Thinking) Do watchers count as normal?

        Riley: It's still not safe for you to have a relationship when there are things like this popping up.

        Casey: Riley. I know you care about me and everything but I am a big boy. I think I can take care off myself. Plus Gordy loves me and wouldn't do anything bad to hurt me. (Quietly) Not like what you or Graham did to me.

        Riley looks shocked and shakes his head. He sighs and walks out of the room without another word to Casey. Casey sighs and follows. When he gets to the living room he notices Riley isn't there and notices Marty walking back into the apartment and shutting the door.

        Marty: Okay. What the hell was that about?

        Casey: History. (To Gregory) So has Sofia woken up yet?

        Gregory: No not yet. What we need to do is find a way to stop Clarice without getting killed.

        Gordy: Well cant you like stake her? I mean that is the way you kill vampire's right?

        Marty: Yeah. But the last time one of us tried to stake her she threw him out the window.

        Gordy looks shocked. Casey smirks while Gregory scowls.

        Gregory: Well with your new demon powers Marty do you think that you could beat Clarice? I mean you were able to keep her on the ropes.

        Marty: I don't know. But I think I might be able to hold her off while Casey does something to kill her.

        Casey: Well I don't know. But here is a situation that is going to get worse. How are we going to tell Connor and Sofia that Marty is a demon?
        Marty: Um?correction half demon.

        Sofia O.S.: Well you don't have to tell me, although you might have to tell Connor.

        Everyone turns to Sofia, who is sitting up on the couch staring at the guys. She smirks and stands up but wobbles a bit.

        Sofia: (smug) so you're a half demon huh?

        Marty: Yeah. But Sofia listen?

        Sofia holds up his hand to silence him. Marty and the others look scared.

        Sofia: Look I don't care that you are a demon. Hello I grew up in the supernatural. So I'm used to it. Besides at least I'm not the one who is telling Connor.

        The others smile as well. Sofia looks around and notices that Riley is missing.

        Sofia: Hey where did the tall sexy army guy go?

        Gordy: Um?h-he l-l-left. I think he was pissed.

        Sofia turns and notices that Gordy is still in the house.

        Sofia: Hey kiddo what's up? So did you and twiggy make up yet?

        Casey blushes and so does Gordy. Sofia notices and starts laughing.

        Sofia: Awwww. That is so cute, I'm happy for you guys.

        Gregory: Yeah I hate to break this up but your friend is out there where Clarice and maybe a lot of vampires are. We need to find him immediately.

        Casey: Agreed. (To everyone) Alright let's get weapons.

        Gordy goes over to the trunk and is about to pick up a mace when Casey puts a hand on his arm to stop him.

        Gordy: What?

        Casey: No. I don't want you in this.

        Gordy: Well it's a little too late for that isn't it?

        Casey: I won't be there to protect?

        Gordy: Casey. I can handle myself out there. Don't worry. I'm flexible. And besides I'm not going to stay here for crazy psycho vamp to eat me alive.

        Casey: (sighs) Fine. But if you get killed I will hate you.

        Gordy: Same.

        They kiss.

        Casey picks up his sword and Gordy pick up there mace and walk out the door together, followed by Sofia, Gregory, and Marty.

        Cut to the city streets night. Riley is walking with his hands in his jacket pockets and looks somber. He continues walking on; he doesn't realize that there is someone following him. Riley continues on his way and he walks down an alley. When the mysterious figure gets to the opening of the alley she doesn't see anything. A hand shoots out of the darkness and throws her against the wall. Riley steps out of the darkness to see his follower. He grabs them by the shoulder and slams them into the wall he removes the hood to reveal it as Clarice.

        Riley: So you're Clarice?

        Clarice: Wow. I'm surprised my name travels around here fast. I must be doing a good job then.

        Riley: So what the hell do you want?

        Clarice: Oh I just want to see if I can beat you with out the Destroyer and his wacky pals showing up.

        Riley throws her to the ground and draws out his stake. Clarice smirks and kicks Riley in the shins. Riley hits the ground and Clarice jumps on top of him. She bends down and is about to bite him when he head butts her and throws her into the wall. Riley rolls back and flips back up.

        Clarice: (angry) that really hurt you jerk.

        Riley: (smug) Well what the hell can I say. I love to beat the crap out of vampiric whores.

        Clarice glares and puts her game face on. She charges foreword and crashes into Riley and they both hit a rusty door and land inside of a deserted bar. Riley rolls over and kicks her in the face. He gets back up and punches her, but she ducks. Clarice kicks him in the chest and grabs his head and puts him in a headlock. She spins around and throws him over the bar. Clarice walks towards the bar and picks up Riley's fallen stake. She goes around it to see him gone.

        Riley O.S.: Boo bitch.

        Clarice turns to see Riley behind her. He uppercuts her and kicks her into a wall. Clarice slams into the wall and falls to the floor. Riley walks over and kicks her in the face.

        Riley: So have you had enough?

        Clarice starts to laugh.

        Clarice: No?

        Clarice kicks Riley in the shins again and he hits the floor. He tries to get up but Clarice is holding him tight. He tries to break out of her grip but cant.

        Clarice: I have only just started.

        Clarice clamps down on his neck and starts to suck his blood. Riley gasps and pants before passing out. Clarice gets up and wipes her mouth off and de-vamps. She looks to the door and two vampires come in and take Riley by the arms.

        Clarice: Take him to the factory and make sure that no one gets inside.

        Vampire #1: Where are you going?

        Clarice walks towards the exit and turns around.

        ?Clarice: I have unfinished business.

        With that Clarice walks out the door and it slams behind her.

        Fade to Black-End of Act 3


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          Act 4

          We open up on the gang minus Connor walking down the street looking for Riley. Casey is in the front of the group his hand is glowing a bright light.

          Marty: Okay so Captain Moron better not have gotten captured, because I remember the last time we got captured it was not pretty

          Casey: I seem to remember it was none of us. But it was Connor who got captured and got his ass kicked

          Sofia: Uh guys can we reminisce later. We have to find Riley and pronto.

          Everyone stops and looks at Sofia. Sofia notices and looks back.

          Sofia: What? Okay so I got a peek at him while he was taking his shirt off. It wasn’t anything epic.

          Casey shakes his head and turns back to his locator spell. Gregory and Marty are straying a little bit behind Sofia and they both are staring at Casey.

          Gregory: I don’t know what to tell you Marty.

          Marty: It’s simple. (To Casey) Hey Case are you sure you should be doing this spell after what happened to you earlier?

          Casey: I’m fine. I just have a headache.

          Sofia: Yeah. You guys worry that he might flip out and pull a “Dark Casey” on us.

          Gregory: (serious) that has happened once before.

          Sofia: Yeah to Willow. But everyone knows she got better. So stop sweating Casey so much.

          Casey: Thanks Sofia.

          Casey turns down an alley and the glow gets brighter. He looks to his left to see the same door Riley and Clarice went through and decides to go through it. Casey looks around and sees the place looks like crap. He notices a stake on the floor. He reaches down and picks it up. He closes his eyes and the stake begins to glow. Marty, Gordy, Gregory, and Sofia come in through the hole where Casey came in and see him glowing.

          Gordy: (whispering; to Gregory) Um is he supposed to glow like that?

          Gregory: I have no idea. But it does look positive.

          Sofia: See I told you.

          Casey stops glowing and turns to the others. They all look at him wide eyed, while Casey just gives them all weird looks.

          Casey: (confused) what?

          Gregory: Nothing. So did you find Riley?

          Casey: He was here. (Holds up stake) This is his stake.

          Gordy: Um Casey, I’m not an expert at the supernatural but there is blood on the floor.

          Casey looks down under his foot to see blood leading from that spot to the whole in the wall. Casey crouched down and touches it. Gordy knows something is wrong and walks a little towards him.

          Gordy: Casey? Are you okay?

          Gordy reaches out his hand to put on Casey’s shoulder but he is blasted back as Casey lifts his head. His eyes are completely pitch black. Before the others could get to Casey he disappears in a shroud of black energy. Gregory looks at Sofia with a furious expression.

          Gregory: (sarcastic) Oh yeah he won’t turn evil. You have my word. That is a load of sh-

          Gordy: (Scared) what the hell was that?

          Marty crouches down and helps Gordy up.

          Marty: That was Dark Casey, and I’m guessing he found Riley.

          Sofia: really? How do you know?

          Marty: The fact that they were arguing 2 hours ago and now he finds blood on the ground of the last place Riley was.

          Gregory: Oh god. This is really bad now. (Worried) Do any of you know what this means?

          Gordy: I don’t care. The boy I care about the most is out there getting ready to fight against an army of the undead alone. I will not let that happen.

          Marty: That is a nice speech kid. But uh…how do you intend to find him?

          Gordy: Well where is the last place you fought Clarice?

          Marty: In some abandoned warehouse……Oh My God.

          Sofia: We have to stop him.

          Gordy: Let’s go.

          With that the gang runs out of there towards the warehouse where Clarice was last seen.

          Cut to the warehouse. Riley is tied to the wall where Connor was tied to in 1.01. He looks beaten up and there is a bandage on his neck. Clarice is pacing in front of him with an evil smirk on her face. While she is pacing two Vampires appear and are watching Clarice.
          Vampire #1: Um….mistress. What are you planning on doing with this mortal, because we are famished?

          Clarice: No harm comes to him until the destroyer gets here. I want to kill him and make the Destroyer and his friends watch.

          Vampire #2: What if they stop us? I mean they are formidable. Plus they have a slayer on there team.

          Clarice: Well then. We have to make sure nothing bad happens to any of us. Make sure to have a perimeter. I don’t want anything-

          Before Clarice can finish a large crash is heard. The camera pans around to show a vampire flying through the window. It lands at Clarice’s feet. She is not amused whatsoever. Clarice looks up to see Casey standing there. Casey is in all black and his hair has black streaks in it. Energy is crackling around his hands.

          Clarice: (shocked) Okay. Now things start to get interesting.

          Casey: (serious) where is he?

          Clarice: I have no idea what you are talking about.

          Casey holds out his hand in a choking gesture and Clarice falls to her knees grasping at her neck. Casey walks foreword a little bit. The two vampires that were with Clarice rush him. Casey holds out his other hand and a stream of fire leaves his hand and engulfs both the vampires. They both dust. Casey lowers his hand and turns his attention back to Clarice.

          Casey: (dark voice) now where is he?

          Casey looks up and sees Riley chained to the wall. He lowers his hand and walks over to him.

          Riley: (weak) C-Casey?

          Casey: I’m here. (Sarcastic) So is bondage the new age thing because I got to tell you, it’s not hot.

          Riley: Can we save the comedy until after I am freed from the wall?

          Casey: Sure.

          Clarice slowly rises off the floor and turns to face Casey. She vamps out and lunges at Casey. She grabs him by the shoulder and throws him away from Riley.

          Casey: (getting up) that was freaking rude you bitch.

          Clarice: Well then, what are you going to do about it?

          Casey charges Clarice and kicks her in the stomach. She punches him in the face twice and tries to punch him a third but he catches her fist and throws her aside.

          Casey: Wow I like this fight. It’s interesting.

          Clarice: Oh it is going to get even better.

          Clarice gets back up and lunges at Casey. Casey back flips out of the way and punches her in the face.

          Casey: You know, you’re kinda stuck up


          Casey: And stupid


          Casey: Oh and a total bitch

          Casey tries to punch her one last time but Clarice catches his fist and kicks him in the chest and twists his arm and breaks it and throws him into a wall. Casey tries to get up but Clarice is already next to him kicking him in the stomach. Clarice grabs Casey by the neck and pulls a knife from inside her boot. She holds the knife to his neck.

          Clarice: (smug) well I guess your little power boost wasn’t able to help you. Not one bit.

          Clarice licks the side of his face. Casey looks disgusted. Cut to Riley looking sick.

          Clarice: So any last words?

          Casey spits in her face. Clarice back hands him. She kneels over him and is about to stab him when all of a sudden an arrow comes whizzing through the air and hits Clarice in the hand. She drops the knife and looks around to see Sofia standing there with her crossbow drawn and pointing at Clarice. Clarice smirks and stands up.

          Clarice: So the slutty slayer is back. (Sees the gang behind her) Oh I’m guessing you had to get your wacky pack huh?

          Sofia: Well yeah. But the pleasure of kicking ass stays with me.

          Clarice: Bring it bitch.
          Clarice snaps her fingers and about 20 vampires show up and stand between the gang and Clarice. Sofia smirks and pulls out two daggers.

          Sofia: (To Gregory) you get Riley and Casey. I got vampira.

          Gregory nods but then looks at the vampires.

          Gregory: (worried) um. How are we supposed to get to them?

          Sofia rolls her eyes and sighs. She runs foreword and then does a cartwheel and then it turns into triple back flips and on the final one she turns and kicks the first two vampires in the face and they go flying into the others. Sofia lands and then turns back to the others.

          Sofia: Okay go.

          Sofia turns back around and runs straight into Clarice and tackles her into a wall and they both go through it. Gregory runs past the fallen vamps to Riley. He raises his ax and cuts the chains. Riley slumps foreword but Gregory catches him before he hits the ground. Marty and Gordy both back up towards them helping Casey stand up.

          Gordy: Okay do you have a plan?

          Marty: No not really. How about you Gregory?

          Gregory: Nope. Riley do you have anything?

          Riley scowls

          Gordy: I take that as a no.

          Gordy looks to his left and notices a lever. He snatches Gregory’s ax away from him and throws it successfully hitting the lever which lowers a steel cage onto the unsuspecting vampires. The others smile. They run towards the exit.

          Cut to Clarice and Sofia. They are both kicking and punching and blocking each others punches. Clarice punches Sofia but she ducks and back hands Clarice. Clarice spins around and kicks Sofia in the face. Sofia falls on the floor. Clarice picks up Sofia’s fallen daggers and twirls them in her hand.

          Clarice: (smug) aw the little slayer is nothing without her little sidekicks, well I’m sure they wont miss you much because I sure in the hell wont

          Clarice brings down the daggers but Sofia grabs a fallen piece of wood and holds it up and the daggers get stuck in it. Clarice tries pulling them out but cant. Sofia extends her feet out and kicks Clarice across the room. Sofia throws the wood aside and flip upwards.
          Sofia: Oh sorry honey. I guess you aren’t having a meal today. Well time for round two bitch. You ready?

          Clarice flips up as well and puts her game face on.

          Clarice: I was born ready.

          Sofia and Clarice run at each other and both collide into each other.

          Cut to the outside of the warehouse. Casey and the gang are standing there staring back at the building. Gregory is pacing while Gordy is rapping bandages around Casey’s torso. Marty finishes wrapping Riley up and walks over to Gregory.

          Marty: So. Are you worried?

          Gregory: Of course. My slayer has been in there for over an hour. We have to go in.

          Gregory tries to run to the door but hits a barrier. Gregory and Marty turn to see Casey with his hand held out.

          Casey: Don’t do something stupid. There are 20 vampires in there. You would have to get passed them to get to Sofia.

          Marty: But I thought Gordy trapped them in the cage?

          Casey: (smirks) No offense to my boyfriend here, those vampires probably escaped and are trying to figure a way to get to us.

          Riley: well I saw we grab these nice ass weapons and start hacking away at them.

          Gordy: (Sarcastic) Yeah and then we can go stick our fingers in an electrical outlet. (Serious) Let’s think out of the box army boy.

          Riley: Whatever loser.

          Gregory: Anyways. How do we save Sofia?

          Marty: I say we find

          Casey: Connor.

          Marty: Well yeah that’s what I was going to say how do you know?

          Casey: Because he is coming up behind you. And he is with that bitch.

          Connor and Krista come running up and see the others on the street.
          Connor: Hey. Um quick question how come you are all on the street?

          Casey: (Sarcastic) Well we wanted to stop and see the scenery. (Serious) What the hell do you think we are doing? And where the hell have you been?

          Krista: Busy. We will explain later.

          Connor: So. Where is Sofia?

          The others point towards the warehouse. Connor sighs.

          Connor: Oh okay. So do we have a plan?

          Casey: We are working-

          Riley: Um where is Gordy?

          Everyone looks around and they don’t see Gordy.

          Cut to a vampire flying through a window towards the gang. Connor picks up his ax and decapitates the vampire. Connor and Marty run up to the window to see Gordy fighting the vamps.

          Connor: Oh My….

          Marty: God

          Gordy ducks a punch and kicks out. He picks up his stake and dusts four different vamps at once. He pulls one into a headlock and throws it into a wall. He cartwheels into two vampires and kicks them in the face. He picks up the fallen ax and decapitates the two vamps. He throws the ax and it decapitates the final one. He stands and drops the ax and the stake. He smiles and walks back to the door he opens it and smiles at the gang who look shocked.

          Gordy: (confused) what? Are we not going to find Sofia?

          Cut to Sofia and Clarice still fighting. Clarice kicks Sofia in the chest, but Sofia has her foot and twists it so Clarice spins in the air. Clarice hits the ground with a thud. She kicks Sofia in the shins and kicks her in the stomach. Sofia falls into a crate and tries to get up but Clarice kicks her across the room. Clarice picks up the fallen daggers and twirls them. She smirks and is about to stab Sofia when somebody grabs her arms. She looks up to see Connor smirking down at her.

          Connor: Wow this is impressive. Now lest dance.

          He throws Clarice back and into the wall. She tries to punch Connor but misses and gets socked in the face and stomach. Connor throws her into a wall and she goes straight through it. Connor is about to follow but goes back to Sofia and helps her up.

          Connor: So did you have fun today?

          Sofia: Shut up.

          Connor puts Sofia’s arm around his shoulder while holding on to her waist. They both walk out of the warehouse.

          Cut to Connor and Marty’s apartment it is morning. Connor is sitting on the couch watching TV while Marty and Sofia are sitting next to him. Sofia has her arm in a sling and a bandage around her head while Marty has a bandage on his face and a cast on his arm. The camera pans around to show that they are watching Xmen.

          Sofia: God Rouge totally doesn’t deserve Bobby.

          Connor: I don’t know. I mean she is a girl who cant touch people without absorbing there gifts. Sex must really suck for her.

          Marty and Sofia start laughing. They all turn when the front door opens and Gregory is walking through the door with texts. He drops them on the table with a huff.

          Marty: Um…Gregory. What’s with all the texts? I mean are we having a research party? Because if we are can I go get some snacks.

          Gregory: (annoyed) No we aren’t having a research party. I just need to get these texts and go through them and figure out what the hell Clarice is.

          Connor: I’m telling you. She has to be a super vampire because if she is able to beat a slayer then yeah she must be pretty tough.

          Sofia: Mmm.

          Sofia turns back to the TV to see Wolverine shirtless. She smirks.

          Sofia: God Hugh Jackman is hot.

          The others turn to look at her. She just smirks at them and goes back to the movie.

          Cut to Riley’s hotel room. Casey is sitting on his bed watching Riley put stuff into his bags. Casey is sporting bandages on his face and around his head. He also has his arm in a sling.

          Casey: So you have to go back?
          Riley: Yeah. I just got a call from Giles. I am needed.

          Casey: Okay. Well have a safe trip.

          Casey gets off the bed and goes towards the door. Riley grabs his non hurt arm and turns him to face him.

          Riley: Look….I’m sorry about what I said about Gordy. I didn’t mean it. I was just angry.

          Casey: Yeah I know. You don’t-

          Riley: Yes I do. I have been a total jerk. I hope you forgive me.

          Casey smiles and kisses Riley on the forehead.

          Casey: Don’t worry I always do.

          Casey smiles and opens the door and walks out. Riley smiles after him. But his smile fades a little bit and he shuts the door.

          Cut to Oxford terminal. Riley is walking along he notices a blond girl standing and waiting for him. The girl is wearing black boots to go with an orange dress and her hair is in a bun. Riley goes up to her and they hug.

          Woman: So how was your trip?

          Riley: It was…very entertaining.

          Woman: (chuckles) is that why you are sporting bandages?

          Riley: Yeah I guess. So how have you been?

          Woman: Well. Giles has been a real pain about training the new girls while Willow has been out bringing in new slayers all over the place and Xander is rebuilding the weapons room after what happened last week.

          Riley smiles.

          Woman: So did you do what you had to do in New York?

          Riley: Yeah. Casey and I got closure. So everything is good now between the two of us. So what’s the new assignment?

          Woman: That’s the agent Finn I know. We have an active hellmouth in Cleveland. I would send one of the slayers but some aren’t ready for that. So I was wondering….?

          Riley: Consider it done. I will call Graham and Oz when we arrive at the council.

          Woman: Okay got it.

          Riley stops walking and stares at the Woman. The woman stops and turns to look at Riley.

          Woman: What?

          Riley: Nothing. Oh.

          Woman: Yeah.

          Riley: Thanks Buffy.

          Buffy: (smiling) No problem

          Buffy and Riley walk out of the airport together.

          Cut back to the warehouse. Clarice is seen bandaging her arm. She senses someone behind her and she turns to see a man in his mid thirties wearing a brown leather jacket, a black shirt and blue jeans along with black boots. He is in the shadows so you can’t see his face. Clarice smirks.

          Clarice: Well it’s about time you shown up. I was beginning to worry.

          Man: Don’t worry about me. I can handle myself. So I see the Destroyer and his friends have made frequent visits here.

          Clarice: Yes. I have tried to kill the others, but it just isn’t working out so much.

          Man: Well thankfully I’m here to keep you in line and on the mission.

          The man walks to the windows out of the shadows. His back is still to the camera.

          Clarice: So what do we do now?

          The man turns around to reveal Wesley.

          Wesley: We begin phase three.

          Fade to Black-End of Act 4
          End of Episode

          Special Guest Stars:
          Sarah Michelle Gellar as Buffy Summers
          Alexis Denisof as Wesley Wyndam-Pryce
          Hellmouth Tourist
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