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East Wick 1.04 "I'm My Mother's Daughter" Pt. 2

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  • East Wick 1.04 "I'm My Mother's Daughter" Pt. 2

    East Wick: 1.04 "I'm My Mother's Daughter" Pt. 2 of 2


    CUT TO:


    Maureen is pinned against the wall in midair; she’s crying. The camera pans out. Quinn and Danika stand before her. Quinn holds out her hand, indicating she’s the one holding Maureen up.

    MAUREEN: (crying; scream) Let me go!

    QUINN: We will. First, tell us where the book is!

    MAUREEN: I don’t know!

    DANIKA: You’re lying!

    MAUREEN: (screams) She needs help!

    The camera briefly moves over to Rorri, lying on the floor, face down, with a knife impaled into her back.

    DANIKA: You can help her once you tell us where the book is!

    MAUREEN: I don’t know!

    QUINN: (glances over at Rorri) Tick, tock. Your time is running out, Maureen. (beat) Where’s the damn book!?

    Maureen looks over at Rorri then back at Quinn and Danika. She continues to cry.

    DANIKA: Where’s the book!?

    MAUREEN: (crying) The church! In the basement of the church!

    QUINN: (cert) What church?

    MAUREEN: EdisonChurch. The abandoned one on Kinsley road.

    DANIKA: (smile) Thanks!

    Quinn puts her hands down, releasing Maureen, who falls to the floor.

    QUINN: (to Maureen; nonchalant) Hurry up and get her help. We weren’t supposed to hurt you guys yet.

    DANIKA: Bye, baby cakes.

    Danika and Quinn turn around, leaving the store. Maureen crawls over to Rorri in a hurry. She’s afraid to touch her so Maureen just stares down at Rorri, crying.

    MAUREEN: (crying) Oh my god, Rorri, I didn’t mean to leave you alone. I’m sorry.

    Maureen stumbles to her feet, pulling her cell phone from her pocket. She dials 911.

    MAUREEN: (into the phone; yelling; crying) My sister! She’s dying! Help her!

    Carter stumbles into the store, holding his side in pain. He walks over to Rorri, kneeling beside her. He checks her pulse.

    CARTER: (looks up at Maureen) She still has a pulse, but it’s weak.

    Maureen closes her cell phone, slipping it back into her pocket. Her hands are shaking.

    MAUREEN: (crying; panicked) The ambulance is coming, but they’re gonna take too long. We have to take you.

    Maureen bends down, attempting to pick Rorri up. Carter stops her.

    CARTER: Maureen, no! Don’t touch her. She has a knife in her back; if we move her wrong we can paralyze her or kill her.

    MAUREEN: But she’s going to die!

    CARTER: No, she won’t!

    Carter grabs the sobbing Maureen, pulling her close to him.

    CARTER: (sympathetic) She’ll be fine.


    Purple, dingy letters that spell: EAST WICK stretches across the screen.





    Holly Marie Combs - Maureen Cromwell
    Sophia Bush - October Eastwick
    Shane West - Asher Armstrong
    Mary Elizabeth Winstead - Rorri Cromwell
    Dominic Purcell - Carter Michaels
    Danneel Harris - Katarina “Kat” Sherwood
    Matt Dallas - Darwin Eastwick
    And Adam Brody as Spencer Cromwell


    Courtney Cox- Arquette - Genevieve “Geni” Eastwick
    Jeffery Dean Morgan - Man in Drexton Cemetery
    Famke Janssen as Selma Eastwick


    AnnaLynne McCord - Melanie
    Jordana Brewster as Delilah Caravonni


    Mandy Musgrave - Prudence Eastwick
    Gina Holden - Quinn
    Chad Michael Murray - Carmichael
    Megan Fox - Danika
    Jarred Padalecki as Parker Doven




    SONGS FEATURED IN THIS EPISODE: 'Colorblind' by: Counting Crows



    DISCLAIMER: This is a spin off of the Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy televisions series, Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I do not make any money off of this FanFic, it’s for fun and fun only. East Wick is affiliated with Riley the Series by BlasterBoy (Ben)
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    ACT I



    October and Selma stare into each other’s eyes. Geni, Delilah, Kat, and Asher stand behind October.

    SELMA: October! How is my traitor of a daughter?

    Geni steps in front of October, in a protective way.

    GENI: You won’t hurt her again.

    SELMA: Oh my god, it’s my pathetic sister. Shouldn’t you be helping your son?

    Geni’s eyes widen.

    GENI: Where is he?!

    SELMA: (smirk) Carmichael paid him a visit.

    OCTOBER: Guys go...go find Darwin.

    ASHER: What about you?

    OCTOBER: I can handle myself. All of you go, now! Go save my cousin.

    Geni looks at October.

    GENI: Be careful.

    Geni, Delilah, Kat and Asher hurry out of the park, leaving October with Selma and Prudence. Prudence still swings on the swing. As the swing is in midair she jumps off, hovering to the ground. Selma is in front of October and Prudence is behind October. October’s stuck in the middle as her mother and sister walk closer.

    PRUDENCE: Looks like we have a family reunion.

    SELMA: (smirk) I like family reunions. Do you, October?

    OCTOBER: (nervous) Not really.

    October is cautious with each step Selma and Prudence take.

    PRUDENCE: (taunting) Are you scared, traitor?

    OCTOBER: No, Prudence.

    SELMA: (angered) I can’t believe you turned your back on me, your own mother.

    OCTOBER: I told you I didn’t want to be apart of your life! You forced it on me! (raises voice) And you killed my fianc?! You really think that I wouldn’t turn on you one day? If not, you’re one stupid lady!

    PRUDENCE: (to October) I see you’ve grown a pair.

    OCTOBER: (to Prudence) I see you haven’t!

    Prudence tenses in anger.

    OCTOBER: Still trapped under mommies wings.

    PRUDENCE: Shut up, October!

    SELMA: (yells) Girls, shut up! (to Prudence) Can I talk to your sister without you interrupting?

    PRUDENCE: (timid) Sorry.

    Selma turns her head back at October.

    SELMA: Did you just insult me?!

    OCTOBER: Can you hear? I said you’re a stupid lady!

    SELMA: (holding back anger) Your getting a little beside yourself there, honey.

    October is still shaking as Selma steps up to October, standing inches away from her face.

    OCTOBER: Because I’m not afraid of you anymore.

    SELMA: You’re lying. You’re shaking.

    Behind October, Prudence stands inches away. Prudence leans in, getting close to October’s ear.

    PRUDENCE: (whispering) I hope she kills you the worst way possible.

    Prudence steps back.

    Selma’s hand shoots out, grabbing October violently by the neck. October tries to pry Selma’s hands off, but can’t. Selma’s eyes go black as she squeezes October’s neck tightly. October goes to her knees, trying to breathe. Prudence stands in the background watching in glee. Black veins stretches across Selma’s face. They stretch down her chest, then down her arms. The veins creep to Selma’s fingertips and into October’s neck. October’s face goes pale and begins to harden.

    OCTOBER: (gasp) Mother –

    The black veins stretches across October’s face. October’s mouth opens in horror as her hazel eyes gloss over with a think white, thick coding.

    SELMA: (tensed) You end here.

    PRUDENCE: (evil smile) Bye, sister.


    CUT TO:


    Caption: New York City, Central Park

    The camera scans the playground filled with children, running around, and playing. The camera stops at a younger looking Geni. She has her hair pulled up into a ponytail and she wears a pink button down shirt and white jeans. She’s sitting on a bench, reading a magazine.

    LITTLE GIRL: (O/S) Aunt Geni! Aunt Geni!

    Geni looks up from her magazine as a little girl about six years old with dark hair comes running at her. Geni closes the magazine, placing it down next to her.

    GENI: What is it, October?

    YOUNGER OCTOBER: My mommy’s back!

    GENI: (worried) What?! Where is she?

    Younger October turns around, pointing to where she just ran from.

    YOUNGER OCTOBER: Over there! She’s with Darwin and Prudence!

    Geni looks up. Across the playground in the sandbox, Selma is kneeling, talking to a Young Darwin who’s about three years old, and a Young Prudence about two years old. Geni stands up quickly, grabbing Young October’s hands. They quickly walk across the play ground to the sandbox.

    GENI: (to Selma; angered) What are you doing here!?

    Selma stands straight up, looking at her sister. Selma’s hair is shorter and messy. She looks sick, doped up on magic’s. She has bags under her eyes. She wears blue jeans and an oversized black sweater that hangs off her shoulders.

    SELMA: I’m here to get my kids.

    GENI: (angered) No! You’re not taking them. Not in this condition! Selma, you’re still doped up on magic’s!

    SELMA: (curt) You’re giving me my kids.

    Selma bends down and sweeps up Young Prudence who is sitting next to Young Darwin. She stands straight, looking at her with a glare that could kill. Young Prudence is resting on her hip.

    GENI: Give me Prudence.

    SELMA: (screams) NO! They are my kids!

    Everyone in the playground stops what they’re doing, staring at them.

    GENI: You’re drawing attention.

    SELMA: (holding back anger) You think you can just take my kid? They’re mine, not yours! You have Darwin!

    Young October wraps her small arms around Geni’s leg, looking up at Selma in fear.

    GENI: Look! She’s scared of you. Look what you’re doing to your children.

    Selma looks down at Young October, hurt.

    SELMA: (denial) She isn’t scared of me.

    GENI: Yes, she is! They can’t live place to place! They can’t be apart of your messed up, unstable lifestyle. They need a home and safe place to sleep at night. You can’t provide that for them, but I can. (beat) If you really love your kids you would let me take them. Just get back on your feet and you can have them back. But for now they’re coming with me.

    SELMA: (crying) No! They’re the only things I have and love! They don’t walk over me or use me, they love me!

    GENI: If you don’t want people to walk over you or use you, then get out! You take these dangerous jobs for these creators and demons and they give you magic for it. Magic that makes you crazy and irrational.

    SELMA: (furious; through clinched teeth) You’re not taking them, bitch!

    GENI: You dropped them off to me! You wanted me to take care of them, and I’m doing that. Now you want me to stop? No, I won’t!

    Selma grabs October by the hand with her free hand, pulling her away from Geni.

    SELMA: Honey, lets go.

    YOUNG OCTOBER: No! Aunt Geni!

    Selma turns to walk away, but Geni grabs Selma’s arm, stopping her.

    GENI: No!

    Selma releases October’s hand. She swiftly turns around, looking at Geni with pitch black eyes.

    SELMA: Touch me again and you’re dead!

    A purple stream of energy flies from Selma’s hand, hitting Geni in the chest. Geni flies into the air, crashing to the ground tumbling to a stop. Screams around the park are heard. Selma grabs Young October’s hand, walking off. Young Darwin sits in the sandbox, crying. Geni stands to her feet. Selma and the girls are gone. Geni holds her chest in pain; her pink shirt is blackened where Selma just zapped her. Geni runs over to Darwin, sweeping him up off the ground. She gives him a kiss on the forehead, comforting him. Everyone stares at her in shock and disbelief. Geni quickly walks off, holding her son close to her.


    CUT TO:


    Selma still has October gripped by the neck and to her knees. The black veins are still stretched across October’s pale and harden face.

    PRUDENCE: (to Selma) Is she dead yet?

    SELMA: (cold) Shut up!

    Out of nowhere a high heeled boot violently impacts Prudence’s head. Prudence flies to the ground, unconscious before she even hits the ground. Delilah is revealed.

    DELILAH: (to Selma) Get off of her!

    Delilah punches Selma across the face. Selma falls to the ground, letting go of October. October falls to the ground. The veins dissipate from her face and body. Her skin tone flushes back to normal and softens. Her glossed over eyes fade away to her hazel ones. October takes in a deep breath, then coughing uncontrollably. Delilah pulls October to her feet, throwing October’s arm over her shoulder, holding her up.

    DELILAH: I wasn’t going to leave you here.

    Delilah and October quickly run out of the playground. Selma stands to her feet as the girls quickly exit the playground. Selma’s eyes are pitch black.

    SELMA: (smile) Run. I like a chase.

    CUT TO:


    Darwin lies on the cold, wet pavement, unconscious, next to a dumpster. Darwin begins to come to. Darwin looks confused.

    MAN: (O/S) Hey, babe.

    The camera pans over to Carmichael who’s standing across from Darwin, leaning against a brick wall. Carmichael holds a dagger in his hand. He looks relaxed and calm. Darwin staggers to his feet, he rubs his head.

    DARWIN: (angered) What the hell did you do to me?!

    CARMICHAEL: Just a little sleeping spell. You sleep well?

    Darwin glares at the dagger in Carmichael’s hand.

    DARWIN: (nervous) When did you guys get here?

    CARMICHAEL: Just before you did.

    DARWIN: (shaky) What’s up with the dagger? You gonna kill me?

    Carmichael looks down at the dagger that he holds in his hand.

    CARMICAHEL: I’m supposing to, and I don’t want to, but I have to.

    DARWIN: You don’t have to do anything! You’re just listening to Selma.

    CARMICHAEL: Yeah, I am. She’s my boss.

    DARWIN: You mean your master.

    CARICHAEL: (irritated) It’s not like that.

    DARWIN: That’s what you think!


    CARMICHAEL: Why? Why did you and your mom have to follow behind that stupid bitch October. We could’ve still been together. You guys were fine where you were.

    DARWIN: No, we weren’t! I was miserable and so was my mother.

    CARMICHAEL: (hurt) What about me? You didn’t think about how it was going to affect me?

    DARWIN: Yes! I thought about you...a lot, I just had to do what I had to do. Selma Eastwick is an evil, cold, and spiteful woman. She will kill anyone that gets in her way. Being in Black Blossom felt like I was in hell! Living day by day in fear, not knowing if she was going to kill me because I sighed or rolled my eyes. That’s not the way I want to live, and I won’t live like that!

    CARMICHAEL: If you just would’ve followed the rules you would’ve been fine.

    DARWIN: (angered) She took me from my home! She took me away from my dad! I’m not a slave to that crazed bitch! I will never let her rule my life! She’s pure evil. She’s killed so many innocent people to get where’s she’s at today. And the power she’s seeking...Selma is going to wipeout a family and kill thousands...And I can’t believe you want to be a part of that.

    CARMICHAEL: Black Blossom is the only thing I can call family. They care for me and want the best for me.

    DARWIN: Yeah. Maybe Quinn, Danika, and Prudence, but Selma doesn’t care about you! You’re going to realize that sooner or later.

    Darwin tries to walk away but Carmichael step away from the wall, blacking his path. He grips the dagger.

    CARMICHAEL: Darwin, step back!

    DARWIN: (scared) You’re really gonna kill me?

    Carmichael stares into Darwin’s eyes.

    CARMICHAEL: Did you really love me?

    DARWIN: Yes.

    Carmichael grabs Darwin by the back of the head, gripping his hair, yanking him close. He begins to kiss Darwin roughly. Darwin doesn’t resist. Darwin grabs Carmichael’s face, giving into the rough make out session.

    CUT TO:


    Delilah and October walk down the empty sidewalk of downtown. October looks weak and tired. Her eyes are droopy and she’s dragging her feet. Delilah walks a few paces ahead of October.

    OCTOBER: (winded) Delilah, slow down.

    Delilah stops and turns around. October stops, trying to catch her breath. Delilah walks over to October.

    DELILAH: (worried) You okay?

    OCTOBER: No. That bitch did something to me.

    DELILAH: She almost killed you!

    October begins to cough. She covers her mouth. October pulls her hand away from her mouth. Blood is in the palm of her hand.

    DELILAH: Holy shit!

    OCTOBER: (yells) Damn! What did she do to me!?

    DEILIAH: I don’t know, but we need to get you to a hospital or something.

    OCTOBER: (cert) I’m fine, Delilah.

    October looks over Delilah’s shoulder. Across the street and a few stores down sits an ambulance in front of Cromwell’s. The medics are loading Rorri into the back ambulance. She lies on a stretcher. A hysteric Maureen climbs into the ambulance, behind Rorri’s stretcher. Carter closes the back doors of the ambulance.

    OCTOBER: What the hell’s going on?

    Delilah turns around, looking also.

    DELILAH: C’mon, let’s go!

    October and Delilah cross the empty street and make their way down the sidewalk. October and Delilah approach the store. Carter stands outside as the ambulance drives away. The sirens echo through the downtown area.

    OCTOBER: (worried) Carter, what happened!? What’s wrong with Rorri!?

    Carter turns to the girls as they approach him. Carter has several cuts on his face he looks furious.

    CARTER: (tensed; angered) They attacked us.

    October looks down at the pavement and notices the glass that they are stepping on. She then looks up at the now glassless display window.

    OCTOBER: Black Blossom?

    CARTER: Yeah.

    OCTOBER: My mother?

    Carter turns and walks into Cromwell’s. Delilah and October follow him.

    CUT TO:


    CARTER: No. Two bitches named Quinn and Danika.

    Carter grabs his brown leather jacket that hangs from the coat rack. The coat rack stands by the door entrance. He throws his coat on as he walks over to the weapons case, opening it.

    OCTOBER: What did they do to Rorri?

    CARTER: Stuck a knife in her back.

    DELILAH: (shock) Damn.

    OCTOBER: (angered) Damn! Carter, I’m sorry.

    CARTER: I’m fine.

    Carter pulls a large shotgun out of the weapons case. He loads it.

    DELILAH: (smirk) That’s what I’m talking about.

    CARTER: I’m gonna shoot these sons of a bitches. Obviously stakes and swords don’t work. I’m just gonna blow their asses to kingdom come.

    OCTOBER: Did they find out where the book is?

    CARTER: Yeah, and so did I. You two hurry and go to EdisonChurch. The abandoned one on Kinsley road. That’s where the book is. It’s in the seventh confessional on the right, under the bench. Maureen lied to Quinn and Danika. She told them it was in the basement of the church, so be careful.

    OCTOBER: Quinn and Danika know where the book is?

    CARTER: Yeah! Now hurry!

    DELILAH: Where are you going?

    CARTER: If they attacked us, they attacked Spencer. I’m going to get him.

    OCTOBER: Delilah, lets go!

    October and Delilah turn, running out of Cromwell’s. Cater loads the shotgun.

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      ACT II

      OPEN TO:


      Melanie is lying on Spencer’s bed, stomach down with her legs up in the air. She’s reading a magazine. The camera moves over to Spencer who is tied up to his computer chair in the middle of the dorm room. He begins to come to. Melanie looks up at Spencer with a smile on her face.

      MELANIE: (smile) Wake up, sunshine.

      Spencer looks up at Melanie, dazed and confused.

      SPENCER: (in pain) What happened?

      MELANIE: (smiling) You’re energy ball bounced off of me and hit you instead.

      SPENCER: (in pain; annoyed) I know, but how?

      MELANIE: The thing about seeing shamans all week is that you get cool gadgets.

      Melanie shows him a necklace she is wearing. It looks old and vintage; it’s copper and has a medallion hanging from it.

      MELANIE: It protects me from any magic that comes my way.

      Melanie throws the magazine at Spencer, hitting him in the head.

      SPENCER: (pissed; yells) Ouch!

      Melanie hops off the bed.

      MELANIE: Shh, you don’t want the neighbors to hear you yelp like a girl?

      SPENCER: Matter of fact… (yells) HELP!

      Melanie quickly runs over to him, and does a spin kick, kicking Spencer in the face. Sending him, and the computer chair, rolling across the room.

      MELANIE: (angered) Spencer, shut the hell up! Do you have a death wish, you son of a bitch!?

      Spencer moans in pain as blood pours from his mouth. He spits blood out, then a tooth. Melanie cringes.

      MELANIE: (laughing) Sorry about that. I’ll call the tooth fairy tomorrow so you can get a dollar under your pillow.

      SPENCER: (in pain and agony; muffled) Not funny, bitch!

      Melanie pulls her knife out, again. She storms over to Spencer, grabs him by his hair, pulling his head back, exposing his neck. She presses the blade of the knife to his neck.

      MELANIE: (angered) Where’s the book!?

      SPENCER: Up your ass, you crazy bitch!

      Melanie’s face contorts into furry.

      MELANIE: (furious; screams) Call me crazy one more time and you’ll be licking your intestines off the floor!

      Melanie turns away from Spencer as she licks the blood off of the blade.

      MELANIE: Are you going to tell me or not? If you say no, I’m wasting my precious time with you, and I can go torture on of your sisters.

      SPENCER: Kiss my pale ass.

      MELANIE: You ask for it.

      Melanie’s face contorts into the signature vamp face. She runs her tongue over her sharp teeth, sensually. Melanie spins around, facing Spencer.

      MELANIE: (smile) Don’t scream, honey.

      She covers Spencer’s mouth with her hand; She leans into his neck, sinking her teeth into him. Spencer’s eyes grow large with pain and fear. His screams are muffled from Melanie covering his mouth.

      CUT TO:


      Darwin and Carmichael continue to make out. They break apart, breathing heavy. They stare into each other’s eyes.

      CARMICHAEL: (whisper) Black Blossom comes first, Darwin, I’m sorry.

      Carmichael raises the dagger, behind Darwin, ready to stab him.

      DARWIN: I’m sorry, too.

      Darwin head butts Carmichael, pushing him away. Carmichael grabs his head.

      CARMICHAEL: (yell; in pain) Ouch!

      Darwin kicks the dagger out of Carmichael’s hand. The dagger hits the wet pavement. Darwin runs over to it, picking it up.

      DARWIN: Jackass!

      Carmichael charges at Darwin. Darwin swings the dagger, slicing Carmichael across the face. Carmichael grabs his face as blood pours from his gash.

      CARMICHAEL: (screams) Jesus Christ! Shit! Darwin I’m gonna kill you!

      Darwin drops the dagger and runs past Carmichael then out of the alleyway.

      CUT TO:


      Melanie sucks the warm blood from Spencer’s neck. Spencer is still trying to get free. He pulls at the rope that has his hands tied down. The dorm room door opens and Parker walks in.

      PARKER: Spencer, I forgot my –

      Parker looks over to see Melanie feeding off of Spencer. Parker stops and his body tenses up.

      PARKER: Step back!

      Melanie turns around, snarling at Parker. Spencer falls in and out of consciousness. Melanie has blood running from her mouth.

      PARKER: Melanie?

      MELANIE: Parker? Parker Doven?

      Melanie smiles and wipes the blood from her mouth.

      MELANIE: Isn’t this a crazy coincidence? Us running into each other again.

      PARKER: Melanie, step away from Spencer.

      MELANIE: No.

      PARKER: (stern) Don’t let me ask you again.

      Parker pulls a stake from his pocket.

      MELANIE: You G.I. Bitches never change. Always for the kill or testing my kind in those damn labs.

      PARKER: You used to be one of us.

      MELANIE: (disgusted) Don’t remind me. You can always join my side. I wouldn’t mind making you my bitch.

      PARKER: (demanding) You can kiss my ass; get away from him!

      MELANIE: You’re still the same. You’ve gotten taller; that’s about it. I wonder if that’s gotten bigger.

      Melanie points down to his crotch.

      PARKER: Nice, still a slut I see. You would never know how big it is. I wouldn’t want you to bite it off.

      MELANIE: Tempting.

      PARKER: (disgusted) God, you’re disgusting.

      Melanie quickly walks over to Parker. Melanie extends her leg, kicking Parker in the chest. Melanie punches Parker in the face and he stumbles back, slamming into the wall. She throws another punch, but Parker blocks it. Parker grabs Melanie’s hand and punches her in the face. She stumbles away from him, holding her nose. Parker kicks her in the stomach. Melanie yells in pain, grabbing her stomach. Parker brings his knee up, kneeing Melanie in the face. Melanie falls back to the ground.

      PARKER: Get up, bitch!

      Melanie looks up at Parker. She has a bloody nose.

      MELANIE: (smirk) You’ve gotten good.

      Melanie leaps to her feet. She throws a series of punches at Parker. Parker blocks a few of them, but he gets hit a couple of times. Parker violently grabs her by her sandy blonde, curly hair and throws her against the wall, face first. He pins her against the wall.

      PARKER: (yells) I’m gonna enjoying staking you!

      Melanie extends her elbow backwards, elbowing Parker in the chest.

      MELANIE: You –

      She turns around, punching him in the face.

      MELANIE: Ass!

      Parker extends his leg, kicking at Melanie. She catches his leg.

      MELANIE: Goodnight, Parker.

      Melanie kicks his one leg that’s holding him up. Parker falls to the ground, smacking his head on the wooden floor, he’s out cold. Melanie begins to laugh hysterically.

      MELANIE: (smirk) Stupid Initiative boys.

      Behind Melanie we can see a figure entering the dorm room.

      MAN: (O/S) Hey!

      Melanie turns around. Carter is standing by the door, pointing a shotgun at her. Melanie sighs in annoyance as she moves away from Parker. She walks cautiously over towards the bathroom. Carter follows her, still pointing the shotgun at her.

      MELANIE: (rolls eyes; annoyed) Like you’re really going to use –

      Carter pulls the trigger, BOOM! Blood splatters from Melanie’s chest as she flies back from the blast. She flies into the bathroom.

      CUT TO:


      The gothic looking church is made out of a black brick. A large statue of a cross stands on top of the church. A rusted metal gate wraps around the church. A cracked, broken concrete path leads up to two large wooden entrance doors of the church.

      CUT TO:


      October and Delilah walk down the aisle. Pews are on both sides of them. The inside of the church is massive and looks rundown. Spider webs fill the church.

      DELILAH: What did Carter say?

      OCTOBER: Seventh confessional on the right, under the bench.

      The girls stop simultaneously and turn to the right to see the confessionals lined up against the wall. The girls run in-between the pews and over to the confessionals. They run over to the seventh one. October opens the door, walking in. Delilah is posted outside of the confessional, watching for danger. A few seconds later October steps out of the confessional, holding the book.

      OCTOBER: Got it. I can’t believe it!

      DELILAH: Okay, let’s go.

      October and Delilah walk back, hurrying in-between the pews, back into the aisle. They walk down the isle towards the doors, leaving the church. October and Delilah suddenly stop. Quinn stands at the end of the isle, blocking their path to the door. October and Delilah turn the opposite way, but Danika stands at the other end of the aisle, blocking their path.

      DANIKA: Where do you think you two are going?

      OCTOBER: (demanding) Move!

      DANIKA: Don’t think so.

      QUINN: Give us the book, October.

      OCTOBER: No.

      October clutches the book tighter in her arm.

      QUINN: (impatient) I’m gonna ask you one more time!

      DELILAH: What do you silly bitches not get about the word no?

      QUINN: Were we talking to you?

      Danika looks Delilah up and down with pleasure.

      DANIKA: (sensual; to Delilah) I like you.

      DELILAH: I don’t like you.

      DANIKA: Man, that sucks. You look like you would be a champ at the lip lock.

      DELILAH: Bite me.

      DANIKA: (devious smile) Later.

      Danika swings her arm, using her telekinesis, throwing Delilah out of the aisle. Delilah slams onto the pews.

      OCTOBER: Leave her alone! This is our vendetta!

      QUINN: It wouldn’t be a vendetta if you would’ve just stuck on our side.

      OCTOBER: And kill innocent people. No thanks.

      QUINN: You have to do what you have to do to get what you want.

      OCTOBER: (sighs) Just trapped under Selma’s wishes. You guys are pathetic.

      DANKIA: (angered) You’re an ungrateful little bitch! Yeah, sometimes your mother is mean, bitter and a little psychotic, but we all can be those things. Your mother cares about us, and she cared about you. You destroyed her trust in you. How can you do that to your mother?

      OCTOBER: Don’t preach to me about betrayal! My mother doesn’t care about you people. See how fast she turned on me? Her own daughter! What makes you guys so different?

      QUINN: We didn’t stab a knife in her back.

      DANIKA: (childish; laughs) Oh! But we did that to Rorri.

      October rolls her eyes, ignoring the comment.

      OCTOBER: (shaking head) The things you two don’t know.

      QUINN: Enlighten us.

      OCTOBER: It’s none of your business. All you need to know is that she’s not a good woman.

      QUINN: And we’re supposed to just go off your word.

      DANIKA: No matter what you say, October, your mother is a great woman.

      OCTOBER: Coming from the stripper.

      DANIKA: (angered) Ex-stripper!

      OCTOBER: Whatever.

      QUINN: (impatient) Enough with the worthless small talk. October, give me the book.

      OCTOBER: (smile) Okay.

      October throws the book up into the air. Quinn and Danika follow the book as it rises into the air. Slow-motion: October leaps into the air as the book begins to fall back down. She swings her leg, kicking the book with force. The slow motion ends. The book hurls itself down the aisle at Quinn, hitting her in the face. Quinn falls to the floor.

      DANIKA: (angered) Bitch!

      Danika sprints down the aisle, charging at October from behind. Slow-motion: October spins around, holding her hand out. Her eyes are black. The slow motion ends.

      OCTOBER: Back, bitch!

      A green energy bolt shoots from October’s hand. It impacts Danika in the shoulder, sending her flying back into the air, spinning. Danika slams into the wooden podium that stands on the alter. The podium shatters into many pieces. October turns around, walking down the aisle. Delilah stands at the end of the aisle next to Quinn’s unconscious body. Delilah has the book in her possession.

      DELILAH: We got what we came for.

      OCTOBER: Good. You okay?

      DELILAH: I’m fine.

      Delilah hands the book over to October. October passes Delilah and exit the church. Delilah follows behind her.

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        ACT III

        OPEN TO:


        CUT TO:


        Rorri lies in the hospital bed, unconscious. She’s very pale. Maureen sits in a chair next to Rorri’s bed. She’s holding Rorri’s hand, rubbing it. Maureen’s eyes are puffy from crying. We can hear the beeping to the machines that are hooked up to Rorri.

        MAUREEN: (to self) I hate that noise.

        The door opens and a male doctor steps in, holding a silver clipboard.

        Maureen looks up at the doctor, eager to know the news.

        MAUREEN: So, what’s wrong?

        DOCTOR: Well, we have some good news and bad news.

        MAUREEN: (impatient; annoyed) Just give me the news, Doctor.

        DOCTOR: Okay. The good news is that the blade of the knife missed every major organ and artery. The bad new is that she lost a lot of blood and needs a transplant.

        MAUREEN: I’ll do it!

        DOCTOR: You sure?

        MAUREEN: Yeah! We’re the same blood type. I’m doing it!

        DOCTOR: Okay, then. I’ll get the nurse in here to start the process.

        MAUREEN: Okay.

        DOCTOR: Make sure you drink some water, okay?

        Maureen nods. The Doctor leaves the room.

        MAUREEN: Oh, thank god!

        Maureen kisses Rorri’s hand.

        CUT TO:


        Spencer is lying on his bed, unconscious. Parker is sitting next to him on the bed, holding a cloth up to Spencer’s neck wound.

        MAN: (O/S) The bitch got away!

        Parker turns. Carter is standing in the threshold of the door. He still carries the shotgun. He walks over to the bed.

        CARTER: (to Parker) How is he?

        PARKER: I don’t know, Carter, can you check him?

        Parker stands up from the bed and Carter sits down, taking the spot Parker just got up from. Carter begins to examine Spencer. Parker begins to pace the floor in a stressful manner.

        PARKER: (stressed) How did she get away? Did you even try to stop her?

        Cater looks at Parker, annoyed with his questions.

        CARTER: (angered) Yes, dumbass. She jumped out the bathroom window. When I ran down stairs to stop her, she was gone.

        PARKER: Sorry, I was just asking.

        Carter stands from the bed. He turns to Parker.

        CARTER: I don’t think he lost that much blood. His pulse is still strong, but keep the cloth pressed against the neck wound.

        PARKER: Okay.

        Carter bends down, grabbing his shotgun.

        CARTER: If he doesn’t wake up in ten minutes take him to the hospital. Lock the door behind me.

        PARKER: Where are you going?

        CARTER: I just have to go. You gonna be alright, kid?

        PARKER: Yeah, I’m cool.

        Carter walks past Parker, towards the door. He grabs the door handle, and then stops. He turns back at Parker.

        CARTER: (curious) Did she say anything to you?

        PARKER: No, we didn’t even talk. I didn’t even see her. I walked in and she hit me over my head. I was out. Who is she?

        CARTER: Stay away from her. Oh, Campus Security will be stopping by. I bet you guys got a lot of noise complaints. Just make up a good lie.

        Parker nods. Carter turns back around, opening the door.

        PARKER: Carter.

        CARTER: Yeah, Parker?

        PARKER: You shot her in the chest. Why isn’t she dead?

        CARTER: This is East Wick.

        Carter leaves the dorm room, shutting the door behind him. Parker walks over to his dresser that sits on his side of the room. He opens one of the drawers, digging in it, pulling out a handgun. He slips it inside of his jacket pocket. He then pulls a cell phone from his jean pocket. He dials some numbers and puts the cell phone to his ear.

        PARKER: (into cell phone) Something happened. My cover was almost blown.


        PARKER: It’s Melanie McKinley.


        PARKER: Yes, the vampire.


        PARKER: I don’t know how she found me.


        PARKER: I’ll take her out.

        CUT TO:


        Geni, Kat and Asher make their way down the sidewalk, still looking for Darwin.

        GENI: (worried; panic) Where is my son?

        KAT: I’m sure he’s okay, Geni.

        GENI: God, I hope so.

        DARWIN: (O/S; yells) Mom!

        Geni, Kat and Asher stop and all turn around as Darwin runs towards them.

        GENI: Darwin!

        KAT: (relieved) Darwin!

        Darwin runs into Geni’s arms, hugging her. They break away from the hug. Geni grabs Darwin by the face, kissing him on the forehead, then looking into his eyes.

        GENI: What the hell happened to you?

        DARWIN: (winded) Carmichael took me.

        GENI: You, okay?

        DARWIN: (winded) Yeah, I’m fine. He’s not.

        GENI: What did you do?

        DARWIN: (cold) Sliced his face open with a dagger.

        A shocking look grows across Kat’s face. Asher begins to snicker.

        ASHER: You killed him?

        GENI: Is he dead?

        DARWIN: No, he bled profusely from his face. He’ll be fine.


        DARWIN: (to Geni) At first I didn’t think he was going to kill me.

        KAT: Why wouldn’t he?

        DARWIN: He’s my ex.

        Kat’s eyebrows raise, so does Asher’s.

        KAT: As in boyfriend?

        DARWIN: (smirk) Yes, I’m gay.

        KAT: Oh! Okay! No prob here, I’m gay friendly.

        ASHER: So, am I. I’m very gay friendly.

        Everyone looks at Asher.

        KAT: (to Asher) Babe, please rephrase that sentence.

        ASHER: OH, NO! Not like that! I mean I don’t care!

        DARWIN: (smirk) Oh, okay.

        Asher looks over at Kat who is holding back laughter.

        ASHER: Not funny.

        KAT: (holding back laughter) Yeah it is.

        Asher’s eyes wonder off, looking around their surroundings.

        ASHER: Guys.

        Kat looks around and her face tenses up as she scans the area around them.

        GENI: What is it?

        Geni breaks away from Darwin and the both of them look around. Six vampires emerge from in-between the houses in the neighborhood.

        ASHER: Get in the street. We have more room.

        The group moves into the middle of the empty street. They form a circle, looking out at all the vampires approaching. Kat and Asher are in their fighting stances. The vampires make a circle around Asher, Kat, Geni and Darwin. The seven vampires stop, still standing in a circle around the group.

        KAT: What are they doing?

        The circle of the vampires divide and Carmichael steps in. He’s holding his face, which is still bleeding. He looks furious and crazed.

        DARWIN: Holy shit!

        CARMICHAEL: (angered; to Darwin) I’ll take you.

        Carmichael holds his hand out. Darwin’s body goes stiff, like a wooden bored. Darwin begins to slide across the pavement, towards Carmichael.

        DARWIN: (yells) No!

        GENI: Darwin!

        Geni tries to grab him, but at this time all six of the vampires rush in at Geni, Kat, and Asher, separating them from Darwin and Carmichael. Carmichael is gripping Darwin by the neck, staring into his eyes. Carmichael breathes heavily, in furry. Darwin tries to pry Carmichael’s hands off his neck, but can’t. Darwin looks terrified as he looks into Carmichael’s eyes.

        DARWIN: (grunts) Please...

        Darwin’s face is now turning a light bluish, purple.

        END OF ACT III
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          ACT IV

          OPEN TO:


          A sky view over the small gothic town.

          CUT TO:


          October and Delilah hurry through the town’s square. October still has ‘The Book of Encrypted Souls’ clutched in her arm. The Town Square is located in the center of downtown East Wick. A large, gray brick clock tower stands in the center of the Town’s Square. Benches sit in various spots around the town’s square. As the two girls walk through The Town’s square, the clock tower strikes twelve A.M. A loud dinging breaks through the town.

          OCTOBER: (to Delilah) I’m going with you to take the book to the council.

          DELILAH: Okay, I don’t have a problem with it. We have to be at the airport in an half in hour. A jet will be waiting for us.

          Suddenly, Delilah stops in mid walk. It’s like she’s stuck to the ground. October stops and turns, looking at Delilah.

          OCTOBER: (confused) You okay? What’s wrong?

          DELILAH: I don’t know! I can’t moves! It’s like my feet are superglued to the damn ground!

          Delilah tries to move, but can’t.

          OCTOBER: It’s her!

          DELILAH: (angered) Who? Your bitch of a mother?

          SELMA: (O/S) That’s not nice.

          Delilah looks ahead and October looks over at Selma, who is standing a couple feet away from them. She holds a small wooden box.

          OCTOBER: (defensive) I’m not giving you the book!

          SELMA: (smirk) I’m not asking you to.

          October senses something is wrong.

          OCTOBER: (worried) What are you up to?

          October looks around for any threats. No one is around. She looks back at her mother. Selma rubs the small wooden box with a smile stretched across her face.

          DELILAH: (angered; to Selma) Let me go, you bitch!

          SELMA: Delilah, I like you. That’s why I chose you for this exact reason.

          DELILAH: (to Selma) What the hell are you gonna do!

          OCTOBER: (worried) What are you doing, Selma?!

          SELMA: What happened to calling me mom?

          OCTOBER: (angered) You’re not a mom!

          Selma’s face suddenly turns cold.

          SELMA: (cold) I’m going to enjoying killing you. But first I need the book, and I have someone to help me get it. (rolls eyes and smirks) Well...I can get the book if I wanted, but I need to twist things up a bit.

          DELILAH: (worried; panicked) October, what is she talking about?

          OCTOBER: Selma, what are you doing? (yells) What’s in the box!?

          SELMA: Just a family member.

          October’s eyes grow large.

          OCTOBER: Delilah!

          October tries to grab Delilah. Selma waves her hand, sending October flying across the Town’s Square, smacking the pavement, tumbling to a stop. The book slips from her hands, sliding off the curb, into the street. Delilah stands in shock, trying to move, but cant.

          DELILAH: (yells) October, get up!

          Selma rubs the small wooden box, as she approaches Delilah.

          SELMA: (smiling) It wont hurt.

          Quickly, October jumps to her feet, running towards them. Selma stares into Delilah’s eyes.

          OCTOBER: (to Selma; yells) Get away from her!

          DELILAH: (yells) What is it, October!?

          OCTOBER: (yells) A demon’s spirit!

          Selma turns around to October, who’s running towards them. Selma’s eyes are black.

          SELMA: (deep; sub-human) Lucus!

          October runs two more paces, and then she bounces off an invisible force field, which throws her back. Selma turns back around to Delilah. Delilah is trying her hardest to get free.

          DELILAH: (angered) Put that demon in me, bitch, and I’m gonna kill you.

          SELMA: (quiet) Shhh.

          Selma looks down at the small box that she holds in her hand.

          SELMA: (soft) Bye, Delilah.

          October gets up running towards them again. She begins to beat on the force field that surrounds Selma and Delilah.

          OCTOBER: (screaming) Selma, don’t do it!

          October begins to punch the force field, repeatedly. Selma opens the box. Black, thick mist, spills out of the small wooden box. The black mist begins to flow upward, towards Delilah’s face.

          DELILAH: (screams) No! October, help!

          October beats on the force field.

          OCTOBER: Delilah!

          The black mist seeps up Delilah’s nostrils. She screams in pain.

          DELILAH: HELP!

          The black, thick mist empties itself into Delilah’s body. Delilah collapses to the ground. Selma closes the box. October continues to beat on the force field. Suddenly, Delilah stands to her feet, her eyes are pitch black. She examines her body with pleasure. She looks up at Selma who’s smiling at her.

          DELILAH: (confident) Selma, thank you.

          SELMA: You’re welcome. I had to get my sister back.

          October stops beating on the force field. She realizes that Delilah is possessed.

          OCTOBER: (sadden) No.

          DELILAH: The plan worked, we’re on schedule?

          SELMA: Yes. But first kick the hell out of my daughter.

          Selma steps aside, revealing October on the other side of the force field. Delilah stares at October with a devilish smirk on her face. October stares back at Delilah with her game face. The force field dissipates.

          DELILAH: Hey, October, honey. Give your aunt a hug.

          OCTOBER: Aunt Adele?

          Adele nods

          OCTOBER: (angered; demanding) Get out of her body!

          ADELE: No.

          Adele quickly approaches October. October plants her feet, getting ready for the first blow. Adele does a spin kick up to October’s face. October’s catches Adele’s leg.

          OCTOBER: I’m getting sick of people like you kicking my ass.

          October pushes Adele’s leg up, throwing her into several uncontrolled back flip. Adele slams to the pavement. She begins to get up, she’s on her hands and knees. October walks up to Adele, kicking her in the ribs. Adele goes flying into the air, in a spiral, slamming onto the pavement once again.

          CUT TO:


          Asher is taking on three vampires. Kat is defending herself from two vampires and one is harassing Geni. Asher kicks Vamp#1 across the face, then spins around punching Vamp#2 in the face. Asher pulls a stake from the inside of his jacket as Vamp#3 charges towards him. Asher extends his arm, staking Vamp#3, dust. The camera moves over to Kat and the three vampires that she is fighting. Kat leaps into the air, windmill kicking Vamp#4. As Kat lands to the pavement she pulls out two, shiny, daggers from the holsters that hang from her hips. Vamp#5 runs at her from behind. Kat spins around, chopping it’s head off. Vamp#4 grabs her from behind in a bear hug. He then slams her onto the pavement. The camera moves over to Geni and Vamp#6 who has her by the arm.

          GENI: (yelling) Let me go!

          Geni tries to pull away, but Vamp#6 backhands her across the face. Geni falls to the ground. The camera moves over to Carmichael who’s still strangling Darwin. Darwin falls to his knees, Carmichael stares down at Darwin with a devilish grin.

          CARMCHAEL: I’m going to end you.

          The camera moves back over to Kat, who chops Vamp#4’s head off, dust. Kat looks over at Carmichael and he’s strangling Darwin. She twirls both daggers in each of her hands and throws them directly at Carmichael. Slow-motion: The camera follows the shiny daggers as they rip through the air, imbedding themselves into Carmichael’s chest:end slow motion. Shock and pain grows over Carmichael’s face. He releases his grasp on Darwin’s neck. Darwin falls to the ground, coughing uncontrollably. Carmichael staggers back, looking down at the daggers that are imbedded into his chest. Blood pours from his mouth and he collapses to the pavement, dead.

          Vamp#6 pulls Geni back up to her feet, then slapping her across the face, again.

          KAT: (O/S) Hey.

          Vamp#6 turns around. Kat stands a few feet away, she holding her hand up. Hovering above her hand is a fireball.

          VAMP#6: What the hell are you!?

          Kat throws the fireball with so much force that it rips through Vamp#6‘s chest. Vamp#6 dusts. Geni looks up at Kat. Geni has a cut on her lip.

          GENI: (breathing heavily) Thanks.

          KAT: No, prob.

          Asher stakes Vamp#1, then spins, staking Vamp#2. There are no more vampires left. They’ve been all slayed. Asher, Kat, and Geni look over at Darwin, who is sitting next to Carmichael’s deceased body. Darwin stares down at Carmichael, crying. Asher, Kat, and Geni begin to approach Darwin.

          KAT: (sympathetic) Darwin, I’m sorry.

          DARWIN: (crying) It’s not your fault.

          They stop a couple feet away from Darwin.

          Darwin stands to his feet. He looks up at the group. His eyes are filled with tears.

          DARWIN: (crying) He did this to himself.

          GENI: (sympathetic) Darwin, honey...

          DARWIN: Mom, don’t. I - I have to be alone.

          Darwin turns around, walking down the street, away from the others. Geni begins to cry. Kat rubs her back, comforting her.

          CUT TO:


          Adele stumbles to her feet. She holds her side.

          ADELE: You’re a good fighter.

          OCTOBER: I know.

          October walks up to Adele, punching her across the face. Adele recovers, looking up at October. Adele wipes the blood from her bottom lip.

          OCTOBER: God, you suck at fighting! Try!

          ADELE: You took the bait, October.

          OCTOBER: (confused) What?

          ADELE: Look around you. Your mother is gone, so is the book.

          October’s eyes widen as she looks around franticly for Selma, who is nowhere to be found. The book is gone too.

          OCTOBER: (panicked) Oh god!

          October looks back where Adele was standing, but she’s gone.

          OCTOBER: (in shock) Damn!

          The camera pans out, looking down October, standing alone.

          CUT TO:


          Maureen paces back and forth at the end of Rorri’s hospital bed. Rorri is still unconscious. The room door opens and The Doctor enters, holding his clipboard. Maureen stops pacing, giving all her attention to the doctor.

          MAUREEN: (eager) What is it?

          DOCTOR: We just got done running test, and all the tests came back positive. The blood transfusion worked.

          Maureen lets out a sigh of relief.

          MAUREEN: Oh, thank god!

          The Doctor smiles. Maureen then stops, holding her head, she looks faint.

          DOCTOR: Mrs. Cromwelle, you want to sit?

          The Doctor walks over to Maureen, helping her to the chair that sits next to Rorri’s hospital bed.

          DOCTOR: You need to sit; you just got a lot of blood taken from your body.

          MAUREEN: (weak) I know. I’ve just been worried.

          DOCTOOR: I understand, but you need to sit for awhile, okay?

          MAUREEN: So, my sister’s fine?

          DOCTOR: Yes, she’s going to live, but…

          MAUREEN: (worried) What?

          DOCTOR: You know how we told you that Rorri will be fine. The blade missed every major thing?

          Maureen nods.

          DOCTOR: We did some more tests and we discovered that the blade did damage something. Her spinal cord. Rorri has to learn how to walk again.

          MAUREEN: (worried) What?!

          Maureen’s face drops in sadness.

          MAUREEN: (taken back) No!

          DOCTOR: (sympathetic) I’m sorry.

          Maureen looks over at Rorri’s unconscious body. She places her hand on Rorri’s arm.

          MAUREEN: (holding back tears) Oh, Rorri.

          The camera begins to slowly back away, out of the hospital room. Music begins to play. “Colorblind” by Counting Crow begins.

          I am colorblind
          Coffee black and egg white
          Pull me out from inside

          The camera fades into a different scene.


          The music continues. Darwin makes his way through the empty, foggy playground, he’s crying. His hands are shaking violently as he wipes the tears from his face.

          I am ready (Repeat 3 times)
          I am taffy stuck and tongue tied
          Stutter-shook and uptight --

          Darwin walks over to the swing set, sitting down on a swing. He continues to cry.

          Pull me out from inside
          I am ready (Repeat 3 times)
          I am fine –

          CUT TO:


          Carmichael lies facedown in the middle of the street, dead. He’s alone, no one is around. Blood is sprawled out around him from the stab wounds.

          I am covered in skin
          No one gets to come in
          Pull me out from inside.

          Danika and Quinn approaches Carmichael’s body. Danika breaks down crying and Quinn holds back tears. They stare down at the corpse.

          DANIKA: (crying) They killed him.

          I am folded and unfolded and unfolding
          I am colorblind.

          Quinn tenses in anger and wipes the tears from her face. Quinn holds out her hand, down at Carmichael’s corpse.

          QUINN: (angered) Exuro, extermino, aduro, exussum, ardeo.

          Carmichael burst into flames.

          Coffee black and egg white
          Pull me out from inside

          CUT TO:


          Selma walks through the abandon, foggy, graveyard, holding ‘The Book of Encrypted Souls’ in her hands. She walks towards the mausoleum.

          I am ready (Repeat 3 times)
          I am fine (Repeat 3 times)

          The music fades away.

          MAN: (O/S) Selma, baby.

          Selma stops and her face suddenly turns cold. She recognizes the voice. She takes in a breath, turning around. A rough looking Italian man is leaning up against a large gravestone. He’s played by (Jeffery Dean Morgan) He wears blue jeans and a grey flannel shirt, under a black leather jacket.

          SELMA: (annoyed) You would choose that body.

          The man examines himself.

          MAN: (grin) Well, I like looking like your husband. He wears cool clothes.

          SELMA: (annoyed) He was never my husband.

          MAN: (sarcastic) I’m sorry...your babies's daddy.

          Selma rolls her eyes.

          The man glances down at the book in Selma’s hand.

          MAN: I see you got the book.

          SELMA: Yeah. Now our plan can go forward.

          MAN: Yes, it can. (beat) This would be the part where I shake your hand and call it a day. But the whole incorporeal form thing.

          SELMA: That’s the sucky part for working with The First. (evil grin) No touchy.

          CUT TO BLACK

          END OF ACT IV

          ROLL CREDITS

          END OF EPISODE
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