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The Immortal in Question: a drabble

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  • The Immortal in Question: a drabble

    They tracked him to a villa outside Milan. Angelus battered the door with his fists. "Come out and face your nemesis, Immortal!"

    "Yeah. And your? other nemesis!"

    Spike splintered the door with a kick. They bounded up the sweeping staircase.

    "Come and face us like a man."

    "Or whatever you are!"

    "Hello boys!"

    They turned. A handsome figure was standing on the landing behind them. He wore a silk robe, wrapped tight around his muscular body.

    "Immortal!" snarled Angelus.

    "Name's Captain Jack Harkness, actually." Jack smiled. "How about we settle this?in my chamber?"

    And settle it they did. For days.

    -- Robofrakkinawesome BANNER BY FRANCY --