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    Disclaimer: Joss, Mutant Enemy owns all Buffy/Angel characters. Recap is from Buffyworld.

    A/N: This is what I had posted on BW, I'll update soon.

    Feedback: Yes, please, does anyone really turn it down?

    Couples: Buffy/Angel, later possibly Cordy/Xander

    Recap:Buffy and the gang had won and Spike destroyed the

    Willow Says"Yeah The First is scrunched so... what do you think
    we should do, Buffy?"

    Faith "Yeah, you're not the one and only chosen anymore. Just
    got to live like a person. How's that feel?"

    Dawn "Yeah,Buffy what are we gonna do now."

    As the others chatter around her, Buffy just stares straight ahead
    at the hole formarly known as Sunnydale. As she contemplates
    what's next, she smiles.

    Giles says "Buffy we need to change the spell where only
    those who were here are the slayers or I fear that if those who
    are slayers now, which includes young children die there
    will be no more slayers."

    "Okay but we should do some research and let Willow rest, " Buffy
    yells "Rona get Robin in a seat and everyone help the wounded
    get pached up Kennedy you drive we're going to L.A."
    Buffy then gets out her cell from the glove department as
    everyone else is getting on the bus to call Angel.

    Angel answers "Angel Investagations we help the helpless."

    Buffy simply says "Hey"

    "Thank God you listened" Angel says.

    Buffy replies "Yeah I did for a change, actully I was calling to
    tell you that we're coming to L.A."

    "Buffy you guys can stay in the hotel, how many rooms should we

    "Are you sure?"

    "Yes, how many rooms do you need"

    "Eleven rooms will be enough, Thank you Angel."

    "Buffy you don't need to thank me, how many people did you loose?"

    "Angel we lost so many people," Buffy starts to sob, "We lost
    Anya, Spike, and twenty-two slayers."

    "What? Twenty-two slayers?" Angel asks

    "I'll explain why I used slayers when we get there. Thanks Angel"

    "We'll start getting the rooms ready and see you in a bit."

    "Bye Angel"

    Buffy gets on the bus and sets down in the back without
    letting Dawn see her injury then Giles sets down next to her and
    starts to clean and bandage the wound. Dawn looks over and sees
    it she gets a worried look on her face and Buffy says that she
    is fine. They get to Los Angeles without trouble.

    When Buffy, Xander, Willow, Giles, Dawn, and Faith walked
    into the Hyperion everyone but Angel looked surprised.

    "Buffy what are you doing here I thought you had to go agianst
    The First Monster or whatever." Cordy said, Cordelia had woken up from her coma while Angel was in Sunnydale, giving Buffy the necklace.

    Giles automaticlly corrects her, "The First Evil was-"

    Buffy interrupts "-Scrunched, Angel did you tell them we were

    Angel looks around"No, Cordy had a vision right after I got off
    the phone."

    "Are you okay Cordelia, do you need to take care of it" Willow
    says in a rush.

    "Yeah I'm fine and we already took care of it"

    "So what are you guys doing here and who are you, I assume-,"Gunn
    points at Buffy "-Are Buffy, I'm Gunn and thats Lorne."he points
    toward Lorne "and I think we're the only ones you guys don't
    know, Hey Faith, Willow."

    "This is Xander, my little sister Dawn, Giles, you know
    Faith and Willow, and I'm Buffy" Buffy waves at each as she says
    their names."The slayers are still outside"

    Dawn pipes up "Angel can we borrow the car we need to get Robbin
    to the hospital,he is Nikki's son, Nikki was the last slayer
    Spike killed, "she looks at both Buffy and Angel's faces both sad
    for different reasons Angel for feeling it was his fault Spike
    was turned because he sired Drusilla and Dru is Spike's sire and
    Buffy because she cared about Spike. "I'll send the others in."

    Angel says "Take the car who's driving" He looks over at Buffy

    "Hey I can Drive but I'd rather stay here and fill you guys in."
    Buffy says defensivly because of the look.

    Angel says "You should go get patched up"

    "No I Will be fine"

    "I hate to cut in but we are going to need clothes, I can pay for
    them scince I'm one of only watchers left I have access to the
    funds Dawn, Xander, Kennedy, and I can get everyones sizes and go
    get some clothes and we can drop Faith and Robbin off at the
    hospital, Xander can drive if its okay with Angel, it will be a
    little cramped but scince there is a middle seat we'll fit also
    Robin will probably have to stay at the hospital."

    "Sounds fine to me and you can drop clothes off for Faith on the
    way back." Angel says

    "Hey thats five-by-five with me but Dawn I'm trusting you to make
    sure they don't get me some little girl frilly stuff."

    "Check.Get stuff that Buffy will never let me wear." Dawn says glaring at her sister.

    "That will do, are you guys ready to go?"Faith replies.

    The new slayers went with Willow and Fred in Wesley's car to
    get food and other supplies. Gunn, Cordy, and Wes went to patrol
    and Lorne went out to do a reading. Everyone had packed an extra
    set of clothes and had took a shower before they left. So only
    Buffy and Angel were at the hotel.

    "So Buffy what happened in Sunnydale?"

    "Well Boca Del Inferino is no more I'm sure it has been on the
    news but you weren't here."

    "Really, so Sunnydale was destroyed?"

    "Yeah"Buffy then fills him on what happened in Sunnydale after he
    had left.

    "Buffy I'm so sorry about the people that were lost."Buffy looks
    at him and she must have saw that he felt guilty about Spike.

    "Angel don't blame yourself you couldn't have known."

    "See thats the thing Buffy, I didn't know what would happen so I
    should have stayed, it should have been me."

    Buffy looks at him with pleading eyes not wanting him to blame
    himself. Angel just simply looks back at her. Then a bunch of
    vampires came in from each of the entrances to the lobby from the
    outside attacked. Buffy ran over to the desk and reached behind
    it to get the scythe which was on her side of the room and got
    three feet a way from the counter then spun into a roundhouse kick
    that broke the vampire's nose. By that time Angel had went the
    opposite side of the room and got a short sword. Both Angel and
    Buffy started to go towards the middle ofthe room then stood back
    to back. Buffy delivered a right hook to a vampire in 8o's outfit
    then snaped kicked one from the side at the same time Angel kicked
    one in the thigh then punched the another in th throat. In a matter of minutes all were dusted but two. The vampire Buffy was fighting was in a red lacey dress, Buffy grabed the vamp by the throat and drove her back against the wall.

    "What are you doing here Drusilla." Buffy asks annoyed

    Angel spun around from where he had just staked the other vamp
    and said "Dru?" he then reconizes her.

    "Daddy you have been bad working for and with the enemy you
    should be staked."

    "Dru, don't call me that, what are you doing here,"Angel says
    maybe a little too gently.

    "Oh, you know just checking in on my family, but I don't like it
    here I can't see the stars."

    "What. Are. You. Doing. Here?" Buffy says at Dru's look,
    "Angel may have been nicer about it but he wants to know the
    same thing."

    "Buffy isn't very nice rip her to shreads rip her to shreads."

    "Dru, you know I won't kill Buffy."

    "Daddy you still love her don't you?"

    At that Buffy looks directly at Angel and Willow came in unknown to Buffy, Angel, and Dru.

    "Yes , Dru I still do love Buffy."

    "And I love him." Buffy as Buffy and Angel look at each other and Dru takes that distraction as her cue to run off.

    Buffy relizes that the others are there and starts to walk
    towards them with Angel not far behind. Scince everyone is there
    Buffy starts to tell them a plan.
    "Okay we should get slayers to Cleavland, from whats on the news there have been multiple sightings of "strange people" so I wanna send Kennedy, Chao-ahn, Vi, and Rona. Kennedy if you wanna stay here with Willow let me know. I want to get you guys there as soon as possible, its about six so you can still get a flight. The rest of us need to figure out how to change the spell where only you guys who were in Sunnydale and the rest will go back to being potentals and some of us need to see if we can find out what Drusilla wanted. Andrew you go with Kennedy."

    "I think I should go with the newbies and the Dweeb." Faith says

    "I think thats a wounderful idea, Faith we'll keep you updated on
    Robin and I will call and reserve some tickets using the founds."
    Giles replies.

    "Wait a minute who do you think you are who do you think you are,
    Buffy coming here and trying to take charge when Wesley is in
    charge?" Cordelia says

    "Actually Angel is in charge." Wesley says

    "Sorry last I checked Buffy was the slayer." Xander says with an

    "No, Xander they're right. The slayers, Faith, and Andrew are
    still going to Cleavland but the rest of us need to listen to
    Angel." Buffy says

    "Everyone listen to Buffy, shes the slayer after all." Angel says.

    "Angel are you sure you don't care? I mean we come here in your
    city and I try to take over." Buffy says

    "Buffy its fine." A few minutes pass and Buffy finally says "Okay so we will go
    along as planed but first we need to get the clothes sorted out and get the six going to Cleaveland to the airport."

    After they had sorted the clothes and the Cleavland group was packed and sent off Wes, Lorne, and Gunn went to see if they could figure out what Dru was doing in here. Cordy and Fred were finishing up the rooms. Willow took Buffy and Angel to the side where others couldn't hear.

    "You guys I might be able to make your soul, Angel perminent," at Angel and Buffy's look, "Come on it's obivious that you still love each other. Plus I kinda walked in when Drusilla asked. Then everyone came in and I thought about it and desided that if I can make a bunch of potentials slayer I should be able to make a soul preminent. I desided to ask you guys about it, you two deserve to be with who you love. Which is each other right,"

    "Right." Buffy and Angel say at the same time.

    "I'll go research and let you guys talk." Willow says then walks away.

    "Angel I never really stoped loving you, I thought I did with Riley but I was only kidding myself and him. I started to love Spike after he got his soul but not like with you."

    "Buffy I never stopped loving you, I loved Cordy but it was, isn't the same as with you." He pulled her to him and into a hug knowing that later she'd ask about him and Cordy. "I think we should let Willow try and I know you want to know what I'm talking about Cordy and I'll tell you later."

    "I think so too." Buffy was confused with the Cordy stuff but would wait.
    Dawn, Xander, Willow, and Giles were researching in the office when Willow stands up and says she was going to reseach on the computer. Willow typed in "spells/gods/goddess capiable of giving souls" into her favorite search engine. After about an hour the only one she thought might work was contacting Aphrodite but just then Giles says "Willow have you found anything?"

    "Not, but that spell written, I made it up so I'll have to do the same with changing it."


    The Cleavland crew had gotten some hotel rooms and had rented a van with the money Giles gave them and still had a lot left over. The hellmouth wasn't open but it was as populated with demons as Sunnydale was. It had gotten this populated in the nine hours since Sunnydale was destroyed.

    "So Faith are we gonna patrol tonight?" asks Andrew

    "No, your not, I'm gonna call B then the slayers and me are gonna patrol. You'll stay to let us know what's going on in L.A. and listen to the news to tell us the hotspots, we'll just look around for now and you can call me on my cell and tell me what's up."

    "Sounds good to me, it's dark so I wanna head out." says Kennedy.

    So with that they headed out. As soon as they walked out of the hotel they were attacked by three vampires. The three were dust in seconds, Faith had killed one, Kennedy killed another, and Vi got the last one. Then they started towards up town.

    "I wonder if the next hotspot will be in a school," says Rona, "That would make sense being a school."

    "Nah, doubt it, it'll be a place that specializes in frilly, girly dresses with bright colors." Faith remarks.

    Just the Faith's cell phjone rings, it's Andrew. He tells them that the local hellmouth is in fact at the local collage. As they went to the collage they were attacked by a group of vampires. In the fight Kennedy is stabbed in the stomach.

    "Ouch Kennedy that looks bad, maybe we should take you to the hospital." Vi says.

    "No, it's not that bad plus we heal fast now. I'll just keep preasure on it." Kennedy says not willing to go back.

    "Vi you and Kennedy head back. Vi give Kennedy the scarf to stop the bleeding." Faith commands.

    "Oh, uh sure here Kennedy." Vi says handing Kennedy her long black scarf.

    Kennedy takes the scarf and pulls it tight tieing it at the side which causes her to grimace and stumble. Vi hurries up and helps her get her balance.
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    Los Angeles

    A/N: I'm really not sure about Buffy and Xander's talk in this. Is it in character, stuff they would say?

    Xander and Dawn were still in the office when Willow, Giles, Buffy, and Angel came in. They all sat down in the chairs.

    "Guys I think I might be able to redo the spell, changing it by making an incantation, Angel will you and Giles help me? Buffy will you, Dawn, and Xander set up the circle?" Willow asks.

    They all say yes but Buffy says she wants to talk to Xander first. The others go to prepare while the two talk.

    "Xander I am so sorry about Anya. I know dumb question but how are you holding up?" Buffy says sympythetically.

    "God, Buffy we were just starting to work things out and she was starting to trust me again. Why did she have to go and be a hero?" Xander answers.

    "Xander, she fought for the good of the world and saved Andrew and who knows who else. If the bringers or Turok-han had gotten out who knows how many would have died. Anya died a hero, a good person." Buffy says, knowing how Xander felt, losing someone he loved.

    "Buff we can't even give her or the slayers a burial. I'm sorry about Spike, I know you cared for him."

    Buffy blinked back tears, "I loved him and told him that but he didn't beleive me."

    Dawn comes in before Xander can say anything, "Okay Buffy, I got the circle set up, what do I do now?" Dawn asks not noticing their expressions.

    Buffy sighs before answering, "Well lets go see what Willow says. You coming Xander?" Buffy asks pulling herself together.

    "Yeah, lets go see." Xander replies.
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      A/N: I didn't write the spells. Dark Ages wrote the slayer spell for me. The protection Spell isn't mine either.

      When they walked by the desk Buffy caught a glimpse of the circle of candels, behind the desk with plenty of room.

      "Hey Willow, we're ready when you are." Dawn calls.

      "Okay. Go ahead and gather behind a candle." Willow says as she finishes up the writing of the spell.

      Buffy went and got the scythe, then handed it to Willow. Before getting behind a candle like the others.

      "Okay, we need to start with a protection spell," States the wica before begininng the spell. "By the light and the heart of the mother earth,
      I forbid all evil spirits: My bedstead and couch, My house and my home,
      My flesh, blood, body and soul. I irrevocabably forbid you entrance to:
      My mind and my thoughts, My fears and my strengths,
      Until you have travelled over every hill and vale, Forged every stream and river, Counted every grain of sand on all the shores,
      And all the stars in the sky. I forbid you!" Willow takes a deep breath before starting the spell. First she says it in Latin then in english for the best result, "Isthay alluay urrdsay usway. Atthay eepshay weway oundedyray, agay eyondbay esethay allsway andway aywsslay ebay oundedsoy ofway ethay, eghsayhsay. Essipteetuy eirthay oweray andway, endway itway allway amfray outway idesay ethay altway. These walls that surround us keep us grounded, go beyond these walls and slayers be bounded. Let this assents of the spell dissipate their power and end it all from outside the walls of Sunnydale." Willow blows out her candle and the others do the same in a clockwise order.

      "Willow, how do we know if it worked?" Xander wonders.

      "Well I'll need a map and I'll do a locator spell and see if there are any slayers outside of Cleavland and L.A. Then we'll know if it worked." Willow answers.

      Willow does the spell and finds the only slayers are the slayers in Cleveland and Buffy in L.A.

      "There it worked. Buffy and Angel can you come here?" Willow says going into Angel's office. Buffy and Angel followed Willow.
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        Once in the office Willow shut the door. "I found out some things. It can be done. But it'll be kind of difficult."

        Willow wasn't going to contact Aphrodite, she was going to keep working and figure it out. She planned to look over the The Ritual of Restoration to see is she can find a way to take out the clause.

        Angel nodded, "It's probably best we wait and see what Dru is up to first. Just incase something goes wrong. Besides, I have somethings I should tell Buffy first anyhow."

        Willow nods, then head back out to the computer, to research more.

        Giles walks up to Willow, "Willow, maybe you should get some rest. I can take over whatever the research is you are doing."

        Willow frowns, "No, it's fine. I got." Willow wasn't sure how the others would react so she wanted to wait until after she found out more. Before she told anyone but Buffy and Angel.
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          Angel sighs, "Well you know the law firm Wolfram and Hart? I made a deal with them, for the amulet and I had hoped to help Cordelia. I'm going to be running L.A.'s branch soon."

          Buffy frowned, she'd heard of Wolfram and Hart. They were supposedly evil.

          Giles frowned as Willow said she'd handle the research. Why did this remind him of back when she was practicing magic and sneaking into the spell he'd hidden? Back when he was a libraian. Giles was worried that Willow was going to have a magical overload with the two powerful spells Willow had already performed earlier that day.

          Giles walked into the office, maybe Buffy would know and could help. "Buffy may I have a word?"

          Buffy sighs, she was just about to say something to Angel instead she turns to face Giles, "Sure, Giles, what's up?"

          Giles looked between the vampire and the slayer, it looked like they had been having an argument, "I was wondering if you knew how Willow was."

          Buffy shrugged, "I think she's okay, why wouldn't she be?"

          Giles sighs, Buffy obviously knew something and she wasn't going to tell. He wondered what was going on this time?
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