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  • challenge #10 "double trouble"

    Challenge: #10: "She Must Be Dying Without A Reflection"
    Title: double trouble
    Rating: pg mild blood and violent imagery
    Setting: between doomed and this years girl (buffy season 4)
    Word Count: 1295
    Disclaimer: all characters belong to mr whedon & co im merely borrowing them for the purpose of this fanfiction

    A shy young woman sat drinking her coffee with a far away looked etched on her face, she was no doubt in a world of her own on this college campus amidst the hustle and bustle of college life, hoards of students hurried past occasionally dropping notebooks and pages while they dashed into there next class , it was a busy day, exams were fast approaching.

    “Tara” ! the shy young woman looks around at the mention of her name, her eyes lock with a pretty red head running towards her “ willow” she responded “ what you doing here”? “looking for you actually” spoke the red head with a smile on her face and a twinkle in her eye, tara seen that sparkle before, she adored it, as she adored everything about this young wiccan, they had only known each other a short time yet the energy and the closeness between them was like nothing she had ever felt before, willow was special alright, she was lucky to have found her.

    Willow spoke quietly while still smiling at tara “ i i ...was hoping you would wanna maybe...come over to night ..we could do a spell”
    “id love to” responded Tara, “ i just have to pick a few things up after class and then il go straight to you”...”” spoke the red head as she hurried of..
    Tara watched her leave and smiled at the cuteness of her new found friend, she would quickly run to do her errands and rush to be with willow, she didn’t want to miss a moment with the powerful Wicca.

    Night time was fast approaching as tara walked at a fast speed towards the magic box, sunnydale was quiet tonight, recent events seemed to have made people a bit wary about been out after dark, even she herself was a little creeped out after her run in with the gentlemen or as she called them the creepy mr burns look alike smiling freaks. She walked thru the park across an ally way where she noticed a woman crying on the ground. "willow" she asked quietly and with a hesitation. Tara walked closely behind her, she reached her hand out over this woman’s shoulder and caressed her lightly as she asked “ are you alright”??....the woman stopped crying at the sound of Tara’ s voice and turned around quickly greeting Tara with an evil smile and a set of pure white obviously vamparic teeth...” fine honey” she responded as she sunk her teeth into Tara’s neck before she could even scream....

    Tara felt the life be drained out of her slowly and painfully as the vampire sucked at her neck as if her life depended on it, she felt her thoughts and feeling begin to fade away as the last shred of emotion she felt inside was the longing to be with willow.. as even memories of willow began to fade Tara found herself only slightly conscious but with a powerful desire and urge for blood, she seen the woman in front of her expose her arm as if it was an invitation and she went for it she bit down powerfully on the woman’s wrist and began to feel the surge of blood on her rising as she drank, she was becoming alive again only this time... she was alive in a different world now, in this world she wasn’t the shy innocent wicca college girl, in this world she was out for blood...

    Willow was walking around her room in circles checking her watch every five seconds and muttering to herself... Buffy entered the room she greeted her friend with a smile and proceeded to fall down onto her bed in exhaustion “ what a day# she began “ i mean fine, i get, they gotta make a living and bitch about not having this done and not having that done but hell you don’t see me going into the woods to hunt and pulling vampires outta there coffin and lecturing them saying hey i gotta stake u thru the heart while you lie still its my job i mean damn its there career i didn’t choose this yet I am stuck with it i mean......” Buffy stopped her rambling at the sight of her obviously distressed friend “ uhh will” she spoke " you ok".... "buff..." willow began " im.. im uhh well i met someone in wicca group and we have been hanging out together a lot and its just that she’s kinda late and I am worried I have this bad feeling" she looked at her friend with a fear in her eyes that made Buffy just want to wrap her arms around her and protect her which she did. " its ok will.. im sure she will be here, she probably just got help up with that thing the smart girls call study"....willow nodded silently.

    The clocks struck midnight as willow sat staring into the blank page in front of her and began tapping her pen lightly across the page.. her mind was filled with thoughts that over took her mind focusing on anything else, she saw terror, demons, vampires she could not help it, it was just that when you live in sunnydale you cant help but expect the worst, she was removed from her thoughts by a tapping at the door, the red head slowly got up to answer and smiled at the sight before her "Tara" she beamed " your here" she proceeded to hug her friend but was quickly pushed away..."you ok" she asked concern heavy in her tone of voice.
    "how could you?" Tara questioned.." how could i what" responded willow....

    "you know what.. i felt it willow i know what i am and its because of you"..she shouted. willow began to step away from her friend with a look of fear and concern in her eyes.. "don’t move away" Tara directed.. she proceeded to jump towards her friend and pressed her violently against the wall she bit down hard on her friends neck and proceeded to draw blood and spit it out at the mere taste of it, willow screamed and struggled to break free. "you're alive" said Tara.

    willow just stood helplessly in fear and shock as she put her hand over her wounded neck.. "your a vampire" she said..."who did this to you"...Tara looked at the Wicca with anger in her eyes and spoke one word before she ran "you"...
    willow began to feel weak with her injury and the shock of the situation and passed out in the corridor as the reality of the situation struck her mind like a bolt of lightning.

    Tara walked alone thru the streets of sunny dale with a thirst for blood, she forget her memories and had only one interest and desire now.." there you are" spoke a familiar voice in the distance. Tara looked around to meet eyes with the vampire that sired her, she could see her mistake now, she was willow alright but not the shy cute red head Wicca she had gotten to love, this willow was a soulless heartless demon. " i see you mistake me for your little friend.. im offended" vampire willow spoke with a pout. " I am sss.. sorry" answered tara " she doesn’t even compare to you". "i can see you and i are going to have a lot of good times together" spoke willow " lets start with turning that other me into something we can both find sexy" "I am all for that" smiled Tara with an evil glint in there eye as the vampire pair walked hand in hand thru sunny dale searching for the one woman they were both interested in......
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