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Left Behind: A Donna Noble Fic

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  • Left Behind: A Donna Noble Fic

    Title: Left Behind.
    Description: A fic featuring Donna Noble.
    Setting: After Journey's end.
    Disclaimer: Not mine, no dosh.


    Donna Noble stood before the columned entrance to the office building, her lips pursed thoughtfully as she struggled to come to a decision. She glanced down at the card in her hand for what felt like the thousandth time, turning it over to read the message on its reverse one more time.

    It had been three weeks now since this whole thing had started. A small white envelope had fallen through the letter box, the address hand written, the lack of a stamp declaring it to be hand delivered. Donna, who rarely received letters that weren’t bills and certainly didn’t receive hand delivered mail, had been intrigued. After a few moments of lazy speculation she had ripped open the envelope and quiicly extracted the contents. To her surprise the envelope had proven to be empty except for a small business card, cream coloured, tastefully thick in texture, the few words embossed on its surface appearing in an impeccably elegant font, neither too utilitarian nor too florid in style.

    It had been these words that troubled Donna. They seemed innocuous enough but something about them nudged at her subconscious, giving her a nagging feeling that she should recognise their meaning. She had turned the card over, looking for some explanation but the rest of the card was immaculately blank, just those two embossed words stared up at her.


    It had taken her mother to move her from staring at the cryptic message, reminding her that she was going to be late for her latest new job as she cleared up around her, launching into the well worn script of Donna’s need to get her life in order, find a proper job, a man, some purpose in life. Unable to filter the nagging out any longer Donna had left the card on the table and left the house.

    And that perhaps should have been the end of it, but over the next few days more of the mysterious envelopes had arrived, each hand delivered each containing just the single identical business card, none supplying any possible explanation as to their meaning or purpose. She had even tried rising early to try and catch her tormentor in the act of posting, but whatever time she rose no-one presented themselves and the envelopes still arrived. Then one Monday morning, as Donna sipped on her milky coffee, the pattern had changed.

    The same small envelope sat provocatively amongst the morning’s collection of bills and circulars and although Donna found it hard to keep her eyes from it she resolved that she would ignore it. Her mother however had other ideas.

    “Another 'Left Behind' card by the looks.” She said tearing open the envelope.

    Donna rolled her eyes. “Mum, that’s my post you’re opening there.” She said with a resigned sigh “Might be anything you know. Could be personal.”

    “Rubbish, we both know what it is. Well you might be happy to ignore them my lady, but I’m going to keep each and every one of these things. There’s something funny going on here and I don’t like it one little bit!”

    “Mum! This is nothing but some stupid joke. It’s probably just Brian from work getting what he probably think is his ‘revenge’… just because I accidentally stapled his tie to the desk.”


    “He’s lucky it was only his tie; spreading stories like that! Sonja can’t even look me in the eyes any more without smirking. Snooty cow.”

    “Well, whatever. I still think there’s something more going on here and I’m going to keep hold of these things,” She brandished the card “till we get to the bottom of it.”

    Donna was about to reply when her eyes caught the card her mother was holding. It was only the reverse of the card, but this one was different from the rest. This one had something written on it.

    “Let me have a look at that.” She said with a frown, holding out her hand.

    “Oh, now she’s interested.” Her mother complained, handing the card over “you want to start knowing your own mind my girl.”

    Donna ignored the comment and took the card, examining the single word that someone had written on its back. ‘Friday’ was all that it said

    And so it had continued throughout the week. The messages that appeared on the back of the business cards continued to countdown the days towards the end of the week. Donna had taken to hiding them from her mother and granddad, who seemed strangely agitated by this new turn of events. She had even heard her granddad mention something about a doctor, perhaps worried that Donna might be getting a little too obsessed by the strange messages. Yesterday's card had simply said ‘tomorrow, be ready’, and ready she had been, her alarm clock braying harshly a full half hour before the time she knew her mother rose. She had made her way downstairs as quickly and quietly as she could, cringing as one creaky step sung out, certain it would bring enquiring voices from above, relieved as the only noises that broke the silence were the chainsaw snores of her dear old granddad.

    She had continued down the stairs, feeling a small quiver of excited trepidation as she caught her first sight of a small white rectangle lying on the doormat. She had picked it up, pausing slightly before opening it and extracting the expected card. Turning it over, and taking a deep breath she had read the hand written message

    119 Commercial road, one pm, come alone.

    Slipping the card into her pocket Donna had grabbed her coat and left the house.
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    And so it was that Donna found herself standing uncertainly outside the old office building that had the number 119 carved above its door. It was an ordinary looking building; old, but nondescript, with pale vertical blinds blocking any view inside, the slats left open by only the merest fraction to let in the daylight. Donna took a step towards the tall imposing door before pausing once more. She could be walking into anything here, she mused. It wasn't like you didn't hear stories about people going missing and turning up as part of some cult or other. Not that some set of tambourine playing wierdos could ever brainwash Donna Noble. Oh no, not this girl; there was no way she'd be surrendering her will to some bunch of happy-clappy nutters. Still, there were dangers here, potentially, and as she'd snuck out on her disapproving family there was no-one who knew where she was.

    She began to turn away and paused again. The thing was; she wanted to know what all this was about. In fact, she didn't just want to know, she needed to know. Something about this whole thing seemed so strangely familiar to her, so tantalisingly close to something on the edge of her consciousness. It was if it reminded her of some forgotten dream and that strange sense of familiarity meant that she would never rest if her curiosity went unfulfilled. Turning on her heel she marched resolutely to the door and pushed straight into the building's interior.

    Inside the building was a lot more modern in style. There were still signs of the dated architecture but most of it had been hidden behind neutral colours and minimalist art work with the remainder highlighted for what Donna assumed was contrast. She made her way across the smoothly tiled floor to the sinuously curved desk that served as a reception point and smiled at the bored looking blonde girl, ensconced behind it.

    "'Scuse me" Donna said. "But I think I might have an appointment or something."

    "Name?" The young girl asked without looking up.

    "Donna Noble." Said Donna "look, can you tell me what this place is, it's just that, well, I got this card?"

    "Down the corridor, third door on the left." The receptionist interrupted, her voice flat and uninterested.

    Donna placed a hand on the desk, directly in front of the young girls face and took a deep breath.

    "Look? Barbie, I've been dragged right across town by some mysterious invites to god knows what sent by god knows who and now you just ? OI, LOOK AT ME WHEN I'M TALKING TO YOU? expect me to just go wandering in without a single word of explanation? Well I don't flamin' well think so. No, I think you're going to tell me what this is all about RIGHT. NOW."

    The girl stared up at Donna, fear clearly present in her overly made up eyes as she took in the full horror of Donna's righteous anger. Moving back a little from the baleful creature before her she smiled a small smile of reconciliation.

    "Sorry," She said "really I am sorry, but I really don't know. I'm just temping here, just for the day, and all they told me when I got here was that I had to check people off on the list and tell them to go to the third room on the left. There's not even anyone about to ask" She lifted the wire that trailed from her headset. "This thing's not even connected."

    Donna's anger melted as she realised the young girl's situation. She'd done more than her share of temping in her time and knew full well the kind of cavalier attitude to staff members who were ultimately seen as disposable.

    "Well, I suppose that's alright then." She said with a sniff, not quite ready to let go of her indignation completely "Now, where's this corridor."

    The girl looked a t her in surprise "You mean you're still going in there even though you don't know what any of this is about?"

    Donna raised an eyebrow at her "Do you know a better way to find out?"
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      The door of the room flew open with a heavy bang, dislodging a small piece of plaster from the wall behind it as it made hard contact and rebounded slightly from the sheer force of the impact. In the rectangle of light it revealed stood Donna Noble, a vengeful valkyrie face resolute, chest heaving.

      “Right!” She began and quickly fell silent.

      Because the room was empty. Donna didn’t really know what she had expected, but she had expected something. She had thought somebodywould be waiting for her and now instead she was faced by a room that, although fully furnished, held not one sign of life.

      Carefully she made her way further into the room, glancing round warily as if expecting someone to jump out at her any second. The room was small, it’s decorations dated, with a truly horrible cream wallpaper decorated with a pattern of hexagons which in turn contained circles and a moth eaten carpet that had seen many, many better days. The whole effect left Donna slightly nauseous, although that same something else still nagged steadily at the back of her mind. Just a few pieces of furniture blocked out the horrible colour scheme, to her left was a squat two seater couch upholstered in slightly shabby material sitting beside a small bookcase, whilst to her right stood a hat and coat rack next to a large cupboard. What caught Donna’s immediate attention though was a small round table immediately in front of her upon which stood a vase containing a single rose, because leaning against this vase was an all too familiar small white envelope.

      Donna picked the envelope up somewhat apprehensively and turned it over in her hand. There was no address on it this time, obviously there was no need, instead the single word ‘Donna’ was written in a familiar hand, underlined with a flourish. Donna wasted no time in opening the envelope but instead of the expected business card she found only a single sheet of neatly folded paper. Flattening the sheet out on the table Donna read the note’s contents.

      Dear Donna.

      Please accept our apologies for bringing you here like this. Ideally, this is not the way we would have liked to have worked but please understand that it was entirely necessary. We fully understand that you must have many questions and we assure you that these will be answered in full very shortly but for now, though we must ask that you tolerate the secrecy we must work in. In the meantime please make yourself as comfortable as possible and someone will be with you shortly.


      Left Behind.

      Dona read the note again, and then a third time, trying to find some hidden meaning in the few short lines. Frustration took hold of her though, as she realised that despite the note’s polite tone and content it told her nothing except to sit tight and shut up.

      Well sod that!

      She turned abruptly on her heel, determined to find someone she could intimidate answers out of but stopped almost before she had started. The door to the room was closed, but Donna certainly hadn’t closed it behind her when she entered the room. She looked round the silent room again, frowning, and made her way over to the door. Gingerly she reached for the handle, a feeling of foreboding welling up inside her, turned and pushed, not entirely surprised when she felt the resistance of a securely locked door.
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        Taking a seat on the small couch, Donna thought through her situation. It certainly didn't look too good, but despite the fact that she had been lured here by some unknown entity and locked in a small room Donna found herself strangely calm.

        Whatever ?Left Behind' was, whatever it wanted with her, it seemed to want her alive. If it had wanted her dead it certainly wouldn't have needed to go to the huge lengths it had, and would probably have been able to get the job done ten times over by now. No whatever it was ?Left Behind' needed Donna alive for something.

        That didn't mean that she had to sit and wait to find out what that something was though.

        She glanced around the small room looking for something that might help her out of her predicament. The cupboard was padlocked, so no help there and there appeared to be nothing obvious lying around on any of the surfaces, like for instance a key. The hat stand held some potential; if Donna could lift it perhaps she might be able to use it as a battering ram and force the door open. She gave the door another appraising glance, trying to gauge its solidity, to work out the practicality of her plan. Finally, with a sigh, she rejected the idea. The hat stand was just too cumbersome to manoeuvre in the confined space and even if she could get it into place the force needed to use it to break the door down would likely be beyond her.

        The hat stand did hold other options though as hanging from it was a long brown overcoat. Donna quickly rose and grabbed the coat and began to rummage through its pockets. As she emptied the contents of the coat onto the small sofa Donna found herself more and more perplexed. Out of one pocket came a banana, a pair of 3-D glasses, a cricket ball and a clockwork mouse?

        A clockwork mouse! I offer to use my womanly wiles and he gets all ?We'll save your wiles for later' on me and digs out a flippin' clockwork mouse. I mean the cheek of it!

        Donna blinked, trying to clear her head. She had no idea from where the thought had risen, nor what it meant; although she was sure it meant something. The ridiculous toy she held in her hand seemed familiar to her in the strangest way and the, what? Thought? Memory? Fantasy? That it had awoken carried the same feeling; a nagging sensation in the back of her mind as if there was something she was forgetting. She shook off the strange sensation, tossing the mouse on to the growing pile of objects on the couch and tried the other pockets. The miscellany continued, with a stethoscope, a water pistol; a wallet containing a piece of blank paper and a yoyo all joining the small heap on the couch.

        With each new discovery Donna found herself becoming more and more disoriented as Images of ancient Rome (No, Pompeii, it was Pompeii!) blended with strange alien landscapes, a man flashing the wallet to an armed guard, a blue box, and all the time a feeling of running, desperately running, frantically trying to get away from the chasing menace of?

        ... And then it would fade, leaving Donna sitting with her mouth open as the rush of emotions and sensations left her and the cold reality of her own lonely humdrum life came crashing back in. Eventually she sat back sniffing away a stray tear or two that escaped he for some unknown reason. Taking a deep breath she looked again at the collection of items beside her. They didn't belong together, shouldn't belong together but something about them seemed right. It was if they somehow summed something up, something intangible but very real.

        Donna brought a hand up to her face and wiped her eyes. It was more important than ever now that she got out of this room that held so many new memories for her. She turned her attention to the small bookcase pulling out the few books collected on its shelves, searching behind them for something, anything to help her out of her predicament but once again there was nothing. She turned her attention to the books themselves, speculating about hidden recesses, or secreted messages concealed in their pages and received yet another shock. Where any normal bookcase might contain a varied collection of books on a wide selection of subjects; this one contained but a single title: Death in the Clouds by Agatha Christie. There must have been more than a dozen copies of this one book, each identical right down to the cover illustration and dog eared pages and the sight of each and every copy burned into Donna's fragile mind.

        It was this book that... the man had given her after they had rescued Agatha herself from the, the? Wasp? Yes, the wasp that was it a?giant?wasp. Donna sunk to the floor amongst the scattered books, vivid images coming at her thick and fast now. The mouse had been on Messaline. Martha had been there and Jenny, his daughter. The stethoscope, she had used the stethoscope to prove she was his daughter, letting him listen for himself to her two hearts beat. All of this and more started to dredge up from the forgotten corners of her subconscious. The Ood, the Sontarans, the Adipose, the Vashta Nerada, the T.A.R.D.I.S and everywhere the image of a tall lean figure with a shock of brown hair, the figure she could now name as...

        Hearing a click Donna looked up just in time to see the padlocked doors of the cupboard swing open and a familiar figure step out.

        "It's you!" She whispered, weakly. "It's really you."

        "Hello Donna." Said Rose Tyler.
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          It was about ten minutes later, although Donna would have been reluctant in the extreme to swear by that knowing what she did about these people.

          Rose had been kindness itself, lifting her gently from the floor and leading her through the doors of what she had thought had been an innocent wardrobe and into the… space, that lay beyond.

          C.S Lewis had nothing on this, though. There was no snow, no forest but what there was, was a cavernous room, much larger than could possibly be contained in a simple wardrobe. A chandelier containing scores of candles hung from the incredibly high ceiling, trestle tables laden with glasses of champagne and other more exotic drinks were set out at its periphery and in the centre of the room, a wildly varied collection of characters conversed easily in loose groups.

          “Bigger on the inside.” Donna said, more to herself than anyone else.

          “And you know what that means don’t you?” Said Rose as she came up behind her. “You… do know?”

          Donna took a deep breath and turned to face the young blonde girl “It means Timelord technology,” she said “It means the Doctor, and it means I’m remembering things I shouldn’t be.”

          “Ye-es. About that.” Rose said with a small grimace. “I’m sorry about all the cloak and dagger stuff but even with the Synaptic suppressers we had to go gently otherwise it might have been too much and, well you know.”

          Donna just looked at the young girl “What the hell are you talking about?” she asked with more than a hint of impatience.

          Rose flashed an apologetic smile. “Sorry it comes from being with John - my version of the Doctor, he’s calling himself John smith, say’s it’s more normal - too much you sort of start talking like him and that leads to developing a tendency to start babbling a bit when you really...”

          “Right.” Said Donna holding up a hand “Deep breath. Good, now I want you to tell me everything, and I mean everything.”

          “Yes, sorry you’re right.”

          Rose paused for a moment and then, choosing her words carefully she explained how her work alongside Pete Tyler at her world’s version of Torchwood had carried on apace, how they had kept working to make Torchwood an institution that the Doctor would be proud of. It had been almost by accident that they had stumbled upon the technology that allowed them to communicate across the realities. An experiment that had been designed for completely different reasons had led to Martha Jones appearing right in front of them. After a little confused explanation it had turned out that it was only a projection, an echo of another reality reflected across the void in some unknown way and that whilst Rose could see Martha, Martha could just as clearly see Rose standing before her.

          Experiments had continued with understandable caution, both women aware of what could happen when the borders between worlds were broken down, but it soon transpired that communication was only possible between certain individuals.

          “I could talk to Martha.” Rose explained “and Jack was no problem, but anyone else there couldn’t see me and the only people at our Torchwood who could see them were my mum and John. After we scratched our heads for a bit we figured it out. It was only people that had travelled with the Doctor that could use the thing to talk to each other; anyone else basically didn’t exist to it!”

          And so, together the three of them had gathered the children of time back together across the void. Mickey, Sarah-Jane, Rose, Martha, Jack; they had all talked, passing on their love, remembering their past adventures together, keeping each updated with their lives.

          “And it was nice, you know, getting together. We all had this thing that linked us, that we couldn’t share with anyone one else and then we had each other again.”

          “Yeah, all of you together, must have been nice that.”

          “Well it’s not like we didn’t want you there” Rose said “but there was just no way to get round the, you know, side effects”


          “Coming to that,” Rose interjected “First you have to know about the rest.”

          It had been Sarah-Jane that had come up with the idea, wondering if it might be possible to use the device to track down other people that had travelled with the Timelord, suggesting the name of Harry Sullivan. After some adjustments the machine had brought up the image of the now respectfully elderly Harry and the two had conversed, Sarah-Jane leaving the conversation with a small smile and tear filled eyes.

          After that they had searched for as many companions as they could.

          “It was Romana over there that made the real difference” Rose explained, pointing to a young looking woman talking to a man in a kilt. “She’s a Timelady herself, a female Timelord. She avoided the war by using a chameleon arch but the machine found her all the same and once we had a Timelord on our side of the void and one on the other, things became very interesting."

          Together they had worked out a way to track nearly all the Doctor's old companions through both time and space, Susan Foreman probably the most noticeable of the few exceptions. They had developed this room too .A space that existed between the dimensions, somewhere where they could bring all those that had been left in the Doctor's wake together. It stretched even Timelord science to its very limits and it couldn’t exist for very long but they had done it. All of which left just one problem.

          “Me.” Donna said.

          “You,” Rose agreed “We couldn’t risk the whole DoctorDonna thing, not knowing what it would do to you but it just didn’t seem, you know, right to leave you out of this. It took the combined resources of two Torchwoods and two Timelords to come up with the idea.”

          “Which was?”

          “We sent you the cards for a reason. Each and every one was soaked in a ****tail of synaptic suppressers that acted on the part of your mind that had absorbed the Doctors knowledge and each one was ever so slightly psychic, embedded with a hidden message to help you keep the knowledge buried whilst preparing you to remember your time with the Doctor. It took a steady and regular exposure to the cards though, before you were ready to step in to that room out there.”

          “So, what? The room was was specially set up; just for me?”

          Rose smiled broadly. “Yes Donna, it was all just for you; everything from the d?cor, to the books to the objects in the coat. All of it was specifically targeted to help wake up that part of you that remembered your time travelling with the Doctor.”


          “There’s just one thing though, the suppressors won’t last forever. I'n the end the DoctorDonna is too powerful to stay buried for too long, so we're gonna have wipe this whole experience from your mnd again before you can go back to your life. I'm sorry Donna, I'm so sorry but tonight is all we can give you. I'm afraid you haven’t got long here either, so make the best of it.

          “How long?” Donna asked, suddenly all business.

          “About two hours “Rose replied. “Maybe three. If you want to mingle, Mickey and my parents are over there talking to Peri and Tegan, Martha’s in the corner with Adric and Romana, and Jack is… Well he was talking to Ace just a few seconds ago, can’t actually seem to see either of them now though which is.. Worrying.”

          “Right!” Said Donna, visibly gathering herself together, shoulders back, chin up. “Two hours, eh? Well you just watch me go kiddo; I’m gonna mingle alright. I'm gonna mingle like you’ve never seen anyone mingle before. If this is all I’ve got then I’m bloody well making the best of it. First though, I'm having a couple of those drinks!"

          As she wandered off towards the drinks table, bumping into Nyssa as she went, Rose smiled to herself. It had all been so worth it. All of the people here had been touched by the Doctor, all of them had been left behind and all of them had their story to tell. Each and every individual in this room had risked life and limb fending off some alien menace; saving the earth or the galaxy or even the universe in the process.

          Donna though, Donna had done more than any of them. For a short glorious time Donna had been as close to the Doctor as any individual had ever been. She had shared his mind, known what he had known, thought like he had thought. For that brief time Donna had been the Doctor and it had been her actions that had saved - not a planet, not a dimension - but the whole of reality. Everything that was and would ever be owed its existence to this woman and most of them would never know. Worst of all after tonight Donna herself wouldn’t remember just how vital she had been to every living things existence. No, they had moved heaven and earth to get Donna here and Rose would make sure that she was the star of this bizarre little gathering. She could already see glances being shot in the redhead’s direction and hear the murmured whispers as the gathered companions recognised the woman they had heard so much about from Rose and Martha

          She rescued her own glass from a nearby table and lifted it in her own private salute “To Donna Noble,” she said “Chiswick temp, one hundred words a minute and the most important woman that ever lived.”

          The End.
          Lonely God
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