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East Wick 1.03 "Black Blossom" Pt. 1

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  • East Wick 1.03 "Black Blossom" Pt. 1

    East Wick: 1.03 "Black Blossom" Pt. 1 of 2


    CUT TO:


    In the distance, we can see five figures standing in a circle, holding their hands out towards the middle of the circle. In the middle of the circle, hovering over the ground is a large black energy ball. As the camera gets closer, everything comes into focus. We can see lighting bolts, swishing around inside of the black energy ball. The five figures are the five members of Black Blossom. The camera focuses on a tall beautiful woman; she stares ahead with her cat like eyes, which are black. Her long black hair is being blown around from the force of the energy ball. She has a sexy, evil grin across her face. (Woman played by: Famke Janssen) She wears a long, blood-red fitted dress, under a black leather jacket.

    WOMAN: How do you feel, Prudence?

    YOUNG TEENAGE GIRL/PRUDENCE: (O/S) God, I love this, Selma!

    The camera follows the voice of the next member. A young teenage girl. She has black eyes, also. She resembles the woman (Selma) that has just been introduced and October. Her dark hair is blowing around. (Teenage girl played by: Mandy Musgrave) She wears a fitted black vest that pushes her assets up, under a vintage jean jacket; she also wears fitted black jeans, with black stiletto boots. The camera moves over to the third member, a male. He looks like a scruffy male model. He has dirty blonde spiky hair, and a scruffy mustache and beard. (Male Played by: Chad Michael Murray) He wears a black button down shirt, which is unbuttoned at the top, exposing his chest. He has on vintage blue jeans. His eyes are also black.

    MALE: How you doin, Quinn?

    The camera moves over to the fourth member. A very skinny woman with a thin face. She wears sheik eyeglasses on her face. She has high cheek bones and a strong jaw line. Her black eyes glare into the energy ball. Her dark shoulder length hair blows around. (Woman played by: Gina Holden) She wears a white shirt, under a black fitted blazer and blue jeans.

    WOMAN/QUINN: What can I say? Power is one hell of a drug. (looks to the left) Danika?

    The camera moves over to the fifth and final member, completing the circle. A young beautiful, sexy woman in her early twenties. She has long black hair and heavy makeup on her face. A naughty smile is stretched across her face. She licks her lips in a sexually way.

    YOUNG WOMAN/DANIKA: Magic makes me horny.

    (Danika played by: Megan Fox) She wears a black, skin tight top, pushing up her assist a little too much. She wears a white jacket over it and a black mini skirt, with black stilettos.

    MALE: (laughing) You’re a slut!

    Selma gets upset.

    SELMA: (yells) Stop fooling around and focus!

    DANKIA: (scared) Sorry, Selma.

    Selma closes her eyes, taking in a deep breath.

    SELMA: Take it into you all.

    All five of them drop their hands to their sides, looking up at the sky. The large black ball of energy begins to break itself into little balls. Suddenly, several small energy balls begin to shoot into each member of Black Blossom. Everyone’s head flies back and they begin to yell. The lighting bolts and the magic shooting through their bodies. They all yell in ecstasy. The energy ball empties the last of itself inside of Selma. All five members breathe heavy as they all bring their heads down, looking at one another. They’re high on magic’s.

    SELMA: Oh god! That was amazing!

    Selma’s smiles as a lighting bolt runs across her face. The camera zooms in on her face, focusing on her pitch black eyes.

    SELMA: Next stop is East Wick.

    The camera swiftly pans back, showing the rest of Black Blossom. They all couch down to the ground. All of a sudden all five of them shoot up into the air, flying off, leaving the large field empty. We hear crickets in the back ground and see a barn in the distance. Purple, dingy letters that spell: EAST WICK stretches across the screen.





    Holly Marie Combs - Maureen Cromwell
    Sophia Bush - October Eastwick
    Shane West - Asher Armstrong
    Mary Elizabeth Winstead - Rorri Cromwell
    Dominic Purcell - Carter Michaels
    Danneel Harris - Katarina “Kat” Sherwood
    Matt Dallas - Darwin Eastwick
    And Adam Brody as Spencer Cromwell


    Courtney Cox- Arquette - Genevieve “Geni” Eastwick
    Famke Janssen as Selma Eastwick


    AnnaLynne McCord - Melanie
    Mandy Musgrave - Prudence Eastwick
    Gina Holden - Quinn
    Chad Michael Murray - Carmichael
    Megan Fox - Danika
    Texas Battle - James
    Minka Kelly - Rachel
    Jared Padalecki - Parker Doven
    Jordana Brewster as Delilah Caravonni




    SONGS FEATURED IN THIS EPISODE: ‘Light Years Away’ By: Mozella, ‘Someday’ By: Nickleback & ‘Hide and Seek’ By: Imogen Heap.



    DISCLAIMER: This is a spin off of the Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy televisions series, Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I do not make any money off of this FanFic, it’s for fun and fun only. East Wick is affiliated with Riley the Series by BlasterBoy (Ben)
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    East Wick Season Two -Coming Soon-

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    ACT I

    CUT TO:


    The front door opens and October enters. She's still soaked of blood from the previous episode, indicating it's the same night. She looks disgusted as she closes the door behind her.

    OCTOBER: (to self) Shower it is.

    She feels her clumpy blood stained hair.

    OCTOBER: (disgusted) Yuck!

    CUT TO:


    October stares into the foggy mirror. We can hear the shower running behind her. She stares deep into the mirror like she's in a trance.

    MAN: (V/O) Baby, you're all bloody.

    The camera goes fuzzy, turning into another image, a fancy restaurant.


    CUT TO:



    We see October and a young African American man sitting at a table, drinking wine. They're both dressed up. October wears a long strapless, black dress. Her hair is pulled back into a tight ponytail, and she has straight bangs stretched across her forehead. The young man is wearing a black suit with a white tie. (Man played by: Texas Battle) They're holding hands across the table.

    OCTOBER: (laughing) That was great, babe, it wasn't boring.

    YOUNG MAN: I took my twenty one year old fianc?e to the opera. When I should've taken you to a Counting Crows concert.

    OCTOBER: (laughs) Very true, but I loved it, James. You tried.

    YOUNG MAN/JAMES : Not hard enough. You're turning twenty one, and I ?

    James's face lightness up with an idea.

    OCTOBER: What?

    JAMES: You're twenty one now.

    OCTOBER: (smirks) Yeah. Get to the point.

    JAMES: The point is you're twenty one, and we're sitting here at a stuffy high class restaurant. When we should be dancing in a over sexed, sweaty night club with drinks.

    A smile grows over October's face.

    OCTOBER: I like that.

    JAMES: Good, then let's go.

    OCTOBER: Okay! But I'm gonna run to the ladies room.

    JAMES: Okay, I'll just have the valet pull the car around.

    OCTOBER: Great.

    October stands up, grabbing her clutch. She leans over the table, giving James a kiss on the lips. October then makes her way to the restroom.

    CUT TO:


    October enters the fancy looking bathrooms, with black marble floor and counter tops. She walks over to the mirror, looking into it, fixing her hair. October opens her clutch, taking out mascara. As October is opening the mascara it slips from her hands, falling onto the marble floor.

    OCTOBER: Damn!

    October kneels down, picking it up. When she stands back to her feat, Selma is revealed standing behind her.

    SELMA: Hey, honey.

    October and Selma lock eyes. Fear instantly grows on October's face.

    The screen goes fuzzy as the image turns back into October staring in the mirror in her bathroom.


    CUT TO:


    October's staring into the mirror. She shakes her head, clearing her thoughts. A tear runs down her blood stained cheek. October begins to take off her clothes until she's naked. October slides the curtain back, climbing into the steamy shower.

    CUT TO:


    October steps under the running shower head. Water beats onto her face and head, cleaning the blood off of her body. The camera moves down October's wet body, down to her lower back, where a black rose is tattooed on her back.

    CUT TO:


    Maureen walks into her room, exhausted and sore. She walks over to the bed, taking a seat. Carter enters the bedroom. He has a busted lip and a swollen eye. Music begins to play. 'LIGHT YEARS AWAY' by MOZELLA.

    It's almost like you had it planned
    It's like you smiled and shook my hand and said
    "Hey, I'm about to screw you over big time"
    And what was I supposed to do?
    I was stuck in between you and hard place.

    Maureen runs her finger's through her hair, stressed. Carter takes a seat next to Maureen on the bed.

    CARTER: You, okay?

    MAUREEN: My head hurts from hanging upside down so long.

    CARTER: Here, let me rub your head.

    Maureen pulls her legs up onto the bed, Indian style, shifting herself, facing Carter.

    It's almost like you had it planned
    It's like you smiled and shook my hand and said
    "Hey, I'm about to screw you over big time"
    And what was I supposed to do?
    I was stuck in between you and hard place.

    Carter takes his fingers and gently begins to rub Maureen's temples. Maureen closes her eyes, she begins to relax.

    MAUREEN: (soft) Thanks for tonight.

    CARTER: Don't thank me. I'm your husband. It's my job to protect you.

    And boy, looking back I see
    I'm not the girl I used to be
    When I lost my mind
    It saved my life.

    Maureen opens her eyes, looking into Carter's eyes. Maureen grabs Carter's hands, pulling them away from her head, slowly.

    CARTER: What?

    MAUREEN: Shhh.

    Maureen leans towards Carter, grabbing his head, kissing him on the lips.

    It's how you wanted it to be
    It's like you played a joke on me
    And I lost a friend
    In the end.

    CARTER: About time you've come around.

    Carter grabs Maureen by the wait, bringing her on top of him. Maureen is now straddling him.

    MAUREEN: Shut up, don't ruin this.

    And I think that I cried for days
    But now that seems light years away
    And I'm never going back
    To who I was.

    Carter and Maureen continue to passionately kiss. Maureen pulls Carter's jacket off, then his shirt, exposing his very muscular upper body. Maureen pulls away from the heavy kissing. She grabs his face, looking into his eyes.

    Cause I don't blame you anymore
    That's too much pain to store
    It left me half dead
    Inside my head.

    MAUREEN: Carter, I love you.

    CARTER: I love you.

    Maureen softly kisses Carter's swollen eye.

    MAUREEN: (flirtatious) And I'm your wife, and I'm suppose to take care of you.

    And boy, looking back I see
    I'm not the girl I used to be
    When I lost my mind
    It saved my life.

    CARTER: (smirk) Yes, you are.

    Carter pulls Maureen close to his body as they begin to kiss again.

    The camera fades to black.

    OPEN TO:


    Spencer and Rorri enter the dorm room. They both are holding up an unconscious Rachel.

    SPENCER: Where do we put her?

    RORRI: On her bed!

    SPENCER: Which one is it?

    RORRI: The one on the left side!

    They take her to the bed that's on the left side of the room. They carefully lie her onto the bed. They stand over her, looking down at her.

    SPENCER: What are you gonna tell her about the two week gap that's missing in her head?

    RORRI: I don't know. I'm just thankful we got the demon out of her.

    SPENCER: Yeah, me too.

    RORRI: She'll be fine.

    SPENCER: Well, I'm gonna go to my dorm room. (turn to Rorri) You okay?

    RORRI: Yeah.

    They walk over to the door.

    SPENCER: You sure, sis?

    RORRI: I'm fine, Spence.

    SPENCER: Okay. Put some ice on your shiner.

    RORRI: I will.

    Spencer leans in, hugging his sister.

    SPENCER: If you need me.

    RORRI: (smile) I will, Spence.

    They break apart from each other.

    SPENCER: Bye.

    RORRI: See ya.

    Spencer turns, leaving the dorm. Rorri turns, looking at Rachel.

    RORRI: (to self) What the hell am I going to tell her?

    CUT TO:


    Spencer enters his empty dorm. Two beds sit on each side of the room. The left side is junkie and cluttered (Spencer's side) The right side is clean and kept up (roommate's side)

    SPENCER: (calls out) Parker!

    Spencer hears the toilet flush from the bathroom, which is on the left side of the room, closer to Spencer's bed. The bathroom door opens and Spencer's roommate, Parker walks out the bathroom. (Parker Played by: Jared Padalecki) He wears a gray EWU (East Wick University) t-shirts and flannel pajama pants. Parker walks over to his bed.

    PARKER: Hey, Spencer. Where ya been?

    SPENCER: (lying) My sisters and I went to dinner. What you do today?

    Parker pulls his covers back on his bed, climbing into the bed, pulling the covers over himself.

    PARKER: Went out on a blind date.

    SPENCER: How'd that go?

    PARKER: Bad! Won't do that crap again.

    Spencer walks over to his bed, sitting on it.

    PARKER: Well, I'm gonna get some sleep, mind if I turn the light off?

    SPENCER: No, it's cool.

    Spencer lies down. Parker reaches for the lamp that sits on the end table, in-between the beds. Parker turns the light off.


    CUT TO:


    October steps out of her bathroom. She has a towel wrapped around her naked body. She is now fresh and clean. She's combing her long wet hair. She looks up and notices her white cat is sitting on the countertop in the kitchen.

    OCTOBER: Hey, little lady!

    October gently pets the cat. She then leans down giving the cat a kiss on the head.

    OCTOBER: I still need to name you.

    A knock on the door breaks through her apartment.

    OCTOBER: (annoyed; to self) Can I get anything done around this place without the damn door getting banged on?

    October turns, walking over to the door.

    OCTOBER: (yells) Who is it?

    October opens the door. Geni, Delilah, and Darwin stand in the hallway. October's mouth drops in shock.

    OCTOBER: (shocked; happy) Oh my god! Aunt Geni!

    October drops her comb. Geni steps into the apartment, giving October a big hug.

    GENI: (excited) October, honey!

    Geni and October break away from one another. Geni gently grabs October by the face, looking into her eyes. Geni has tears in her eyes, so does October.

    OCTOBER: (crying) God! I didn't know if you guys made it or not.

    GENI: (crying) We did, honey. She didn't stop us.

    Geni wipes October's tears from her face.

    OCTOBER: How'd you guys get out?

    GENI: The Watcher's Council helped us.

    OCTOBER: Good. Wait, Darwin?

    Geni steps aside, revealing Darwin.

    OCTOBER: Dar!

    October and Darwin throw their arms around each other, giving each other a warm hung.

    OCTOBER: Hey, cuz!

    DARWIN: (smiling) Hey, October, you okay?

    They break apart. October wipes the tears from her eyes.

    OCTOBER: Now that I know you guys are okay, I'm okay.

    DARWIN: I'm happy to see you too!

    October looks over Darwin's shoulder at Delilah. Darwin steps aside.

    OCTOBER: You are?

    DELILAH: Delilah Caravonni. I work for the Watcher's Council.

    Delilah sticks out her hand. October shakes it.

    GENI: She transported us here. She did a great job; she's a slayer.

    OCTOBER: Cool. (to Delilah) Thanks for helping my family.

    DELILAH: No biggy. It's my job.

    OCTOBER: All you guys come in.

    They all enter the apartment. October shuts the door behind them. Darwin looks around with glee.

    DARWIN: Nice pad.

    OCTOBER: Thanks. You three just make yourselves at home. I'm gonna go put some clothes on.

    GENI: (smile) Okay.

    October walks off to the back of the studio apartment, where a large black curtain surrounds a certain amount of space. October pulls back the curtain, it's her bedroom. She steps into it, pulling the curtain closed behind her. Geni walks over to the two glass doors that lead to the balcony. She stares out the doors at the large moon that hangs over the town.

    GENI: (smile; whisper) We're going to be fine.

    CUT TO:


    Black Blossom marches through the woods. Selma leads them.

    DANIKA: (complaining) Why are we walking through the woods? We came here to get ?The Book of Encrypted Souls' (rolls eyes) Not to count how many oak trees is in an acre.

    The male member begins to laugh.

    SELMA: (annoyed) Danika, shut up. (curt; to male member) Carmichael, stop laughing or I'll break your neck.

    The laughing and giggling stops instantly. Prudence, the youngest member, is walking aside Selma.

    PRUDENCE: (to Selma) Selma, did you ever get any word from the demons you sent?

    SELMA: (upset) No, which means they failed. So did Melanie and Stu. That's why we're here to finish the jobs those dumb asses couldn't handle. (angered) It was simple! Get the book, raise Eleo from the dead, and kill October!

    PRUDENCE: But you sent lackeys after October. Do you not remember she's a witch and a vampire slayer? And she's smart.

    Angrily, Selma narrows her eyes at Prudence as she maintains the speed of her walking. Instant fear grows across Prudence's face. She puts head down, indicating defeat.

    SELMA: (pissed off) Don't try to play me like a fool, you little bitch! Your sister is a god damn traitor, and a snake in the grass! I know what I'm supposed to do! I know how to handle this! You stay in your place!

    PRUDENCE: (intimidated) M-Mom, I --

    SELMA: (powerful scream) Shut up, Prudence Marie Eastwick!

    Everyone stops and stares, uncomfortably. We can hear the birds in the trees fly away in a frantic.

    SELMA: (to Prudence) Say another word, dammit, and I'll kill you where you stand! I don't want to hear your worthless excuses!

    Selma's eyes grow black with furry. Prudence cowardly takes a step back, away from Selma.

    SELMA: (furious) Do you know what sucks?

    Prudence doesn't respond. She takes another step back. Selma violently snatches Prudence by her hair, pulling her close.

    SELMA: (yells) Do you know what sucks!? You worthless bitch!

    PRUDENCE: (terrified; trembling) What?

    SELMA: That you didn't betray me! You're worthless in this covenant! At least your sister had something to bring to the table, and not sit on her ass!
    Prudence lips begin to tremble and her eyes are filling with tears.

    SELMA: (disgusted) Stop, crying.

    Selma pushes Prudence away. Carmichael, Danika, and Quinn stare, not knowing what to do. They look scared themselves. Selma's eyes go back to their hazel state. Selma turns away from Prudence.

    SELMA: Let's go.

    QUINN: (nervous) I think we're here.

    Quinn points. The camera pans over, following what Quinn's pointing at. It's Drexton Cemetery. A rusted gate wraps around a rundown, crappy, very small cemetery. It's the same Drexton cemetery from the pilot episode. The camera zooms in on Selma's smiling face.

    CUT TO:


    The fog hovers over the rundown cemetery. Selma, Prudence, Danika, Quinn and Carmichael enter.

    SELMA: (smiling) We're staying here the remainder of our time here in East Wick.

    DANIKA: (disgusted) Why ar--

    SELMA: (stern) Danika!

    Danika doesn't say anything else.

    SELMA: We're staying in there.

    Selma gestures at a mausoleum that sits in the corner of the cemetery.

    SELMA: I know what you guys are thinking. It's not that bad once we get inside.

    CUT TO:


    Black Blossom stands at the entrance of mausoleum. Selma's the only one that's smiling at the condition of the place.

    SELMA: It's fixable.

    The camera scans the mausoleum. The mausoleum resembles a small, one floor house. Everything in the mausoleum looks like it's from the sixteenth century. Spider webs infest every inch of the place. In the den area sit's a sixteenth century couch and near the fireplace is a chair. In the corner sit's a large caldron. On the right side of the room, towards the back, is a kitchen. In the back of the mausoleum are two wooded doors, leading into two separate rooms; one on the left and one on the right.

    DANIKA: (disgusted; surprised) Is that a caldron? They really used those!?

    CARMICHAEL: (complaining) And only two bedrooms?

    SELMA: (devious smiling) You two should watch what you say. The great Natalya Eastwick lived here.

    East Wick Season Two -Coming Soon-

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      ACT II



      October and Geni stand on the balcony, looking over the empty town. The sun rises over the mountains in the distance. The thick fog is cloaked over East Wick. October and Geni both wear a sweat shirt and pajama pants. They have coffee mugs in their hands. Their long dark hair blows in the wind.

      GENI: It's so beautiful out here.

      OCTOBER: Sure it is, but when the moon sets over this town, it's not so beautiful anymore.


      GENI: October, honey, I'm so proud of you. You were the strongest out of all of us. That's why you were the first one to leave.

      OCTOBER: (takes a sip of coffee) Aunt Geni, there's no strongest out of us. You're out now, and that's what matters.

      GENI: I'm 39 years old. My big sister had a grasp on me that I couldn't get free from. (beat) October, your mother scares me so much. (holds back tears) What makes me so sick is that I kept my son in that screwed up situation, ruining his life ?

      Geni pauses for a moment. Her eyes begin to water and her lips begin to quiver. October gently rubs Geni's back, comforting her.

      OCTOBER: You don't have to talk about this.

      GENI: (continuing) I-I kept my son in that screwed up situation. All the pain she caused Darwin, all the pain Carmichael caused Darwin. I just sat there and watched it all go down. I didn't leave or attempt to leave because the fear just took over me. I - I'm weak. (begins to breakdown) I didn't protect him! I didn't fight for my son! What kind of mother am I?

      October's eyes are filling up with tears. October grabs Geni's coffee mug. October turns around, sitting Geni's and her own coffee mug on a small table that sits in the corner of the balcony. October turns around to her aunt, embracing her with a warm hug.

      OCTOBER: (comforting) Aunt Geni, it's not your fault! She forced you into this shit!

      Geni hugs October tight, still sobbing.

      OCTOBER: It's not your fault at all. That bitch threatened your son's life, and took your husband from you.




      CUT TO:


      Geni enters the front door with a purse hanging from one shoulder and she carries a large, brown paper grocery bag in the other arm. As soon as she enters the house she hears loud music coming from upstairs. A large crystal chandelier hangs from the ceiling. Wrapping around the chandelier is a spiral staircase, leading up to the second story of the large house.

      GENI: (yells up the stairs) Darwin, turn that crap off, and help me with the groceries!

      Geni waits for a response, but doesn't get one. Geni places the grocery bag and her purse onto the perfect wooden floor. She makes her way up the spiral staircase.

      GENI: (yelling; stressed) Victor, where are you? Tell our son to turn that music down!

      CUT TO:


      Geni makes her way down the long hallway. She walks with force and anger. The closer she gets to Darwin's room the louder the music gets. The song is 'SOMEDAY' by NICKLEBACK blares through the upstairs level of the house.

      Someday, somehow
      gonna make it all right but not right now
      I know you're wondering when
      (You're the only one who knows that)

      Geni reaches Darwin's bedroom door, which is at the end of the hallway. She opens Darwin's bedroom door. His bedroom is empty.

      Someday, somehow
      gonna make it all right but not right now
      I know you're wondering when.

      GENI: (calling out; yelling over music) Darwin, where are you?

      She walks into the room, looking around suspiciously.

      CUT TO:


      GENI: (yelling over the music) Darwin!

      Well I hoped that since we're here anyway
      We could end up saying
      Things we've always needed to say
      So we could end up stringing - - -

      Geni makes her way over to the stereo that sits on top of his end table, next to his bed. She turns the stereo off. Suddenly, down the hall she hears yelling. Swiftly, Geni spins around, running out of the room and down the hallway.

      CUT TO:


      Geni runs into her room. Selma has her arm rapped around Darwin's neck and with her free hand she has a knife pressed against his chest.

      GENI: (terrified) Selma, what are you doing?!

      SELMA: (crazed) Since you won't join, I'll make you!

      GENI: You're holding a knife to my son's chest because you want me to join your stupid cult!?

      SELMA: It's not a cult! It's our family history, and you just don't care!

      GENI: Our family history! Natalya killed thousands of innocent people! I don't want my name to be imbedded in history with that! You need to understand I'm not into the magic's like you are. I haven't used magic since college, and I don't plan on using it anymore in my lifetime!

      Selma presses the knife against Darwin's chest.

      DARWIN: (crying) OUCH!

      GENI: (teary eyed) Darwin, it's going to be okay.

      SELMA: (angered) You're the only one I have, Geni. You're the one that can help me reanimate Black Blossom! You and me together as sisters, again. We can be bad asses in the magic world.

      GENI: I don't want too!

      SELMA: Why?! You think your better than me don't you?! Just because you have this nice house, and a doctor as a husband.

      Selma grips Darwin tighter.

      SELMA: And this brat of a kid!

      GENI: (cautious) Please, don't hurt him.

      SELMA: If you don't come with me I'll kill Darwin right here and know. Then when your husband comes home, I'll kill him too. And that'll leave you with squat.

      Geni begins to crying.

      GENI: (screaming; cries) Why are you doing this? You can't force me into your life!

      Selma raises her knife, getting ready to stab Darwin. She swings the knife down.

      GENI: (screams) NO!

      Selma stops. The knife is inches away from Darwin's chest. Darwin breathes heavily in panic.

      SELMA: (yells) Are you coming or not!?

      GENI: (crying; yells) Yes!

      DARWIN: Then I'm coming too!

      GENI: No, you stay here!

      DARWIN: No, mom! You think I'm leaving you alone with this crazy bitch!

      A devious smile stretches across Selma's face.

      SELMA: (to Darwin) I should kill you for that, kid, but you have balls. He's coming with us.

      GENI: No! Don't get him involved!

      SELMA: He can be useful.

      GENI: But he has no powers, you don't need him!

      SELMA: Has no powers?

      GENI: His father.

      SELMA: (disgusted) Oh, yeah, you married a human, didn't you? I forgot. Your magic gene didn't pass to him?

      GENI: No.

      SELMA: Oh, well! He's coming anyways. Besides, if you act out I'll just slit his throat in front of you.

      Geni wipes the tears from her face.

      GENI: (sniffles) What about my husband? We can't just leave, and not tell him.

      SELMA: Yeah, we can. Let's go!



      Geni and October break apart from the hug. Geni wipes the tears from her face.

      GENI: What is he going to think or say when I see him? He thinks we're missing, it's been a year. (sighs) God, I miss him so much.

      OCTOBER: I know. When this is all over you and Darwin will see Victor again.

      GENI: (smile) And I can't wait.

      Geni's smile disappears from her face.

      GENI: But first we have to get ?The Book of Encrypted Souls' to the council. Where is it?

      OCTOBER: I found it, but I don't have it.

      GENI: (worried) What?! Who has it?

      OCTOBER: Maureen Cromwell. She hid it in a secret location. She hasn't told anyone

      GENI: Well, we need to get it back from Maureen. Delilah needs to transport that book back to the council, and fast.

      OCTOBER: Well, let's go then.

      Geni wipes her face, drying it from the tears. October and Geni step into the apartment.

      CUT TO:


      October and Geni enter the apartment from the balcony. They see Delilah is already dressed and ready to go. She wears a white tank-top, underneath a black leather jacket, and blue jeans. She's standing over her bag of weapons that sits on the coffee table. She slips a stake into her jacket pocket.

      OCTOBER: (to Delilah) What are you doing?

      DELILAH: Getting ready to go get that book. You two get dressed. It needs to be at the council by tonight.

      October looks over at Darwin who sits in the kitchen at the counter/island, eating a bowl of cereal.

      OCTOBER: Yeah, let's go. (to Darwin) You coming?

      DARWIN: (smile) No, I'm gonna stay here. Is that cool?

      OCTOBER: Yeah, for sure.

      GENI: Just us ladies.

      CUT TO:


      Maureen stands near the display window. Her arms are crossed over her chest. She has a smile on her face, she looks refreshed and happy. She wears a fitted white button down shirt and black slacks. Her hair is pulled back in a ponytail. Maureen stares out of the display window at the foggy downtown street.

      MAUREEN: It's really foggy today.

      The camera expands and we can see Carter standing in the distance, behind the checkout counter, he's carrying a notepad and writing on it. He wears a grey t-shirt and faded blue jeans. Carter doesn't look up from the notepad.

      CARTER: Yeah, I know.

      Maureen turns around, towards Carter.

      MAUREEN: (smile) Watcha doin?

      CARTER: Writing a letter.

      MAUREEN: To who?

      CARTER: The council. I want my job back.

      MAUREEN: (smile) Really?

      Carter looks up from the notepad.

      CARTER: (smile) Yup!

      MAUREEN: That's good!

      Carter sets the notepad down and walks from behind the checkout counter. He walks over to Maureen, grabbing her by her waist, pulling her close, kissing her softly on the lips.

      MAUREEN: I'm happy you're getting back to work. I think it's sexy when you train those slayers. I love you in that white tanks-top and sweat pants.

      CARTER: (smiles) I like it when you watch me.

      Maureen wraps her hands around Carter's neck, giving him another peck on the lips.

      RORRI: (O/S) Are you guys hugging?

      Maureen and Carter break apart, turning towards Rorri, who has just entered the store. She has sunglasses on.

      CARTER: (smiling) Yeah.

      RORRI: You guys must have had sex. (to Maureen) I guess that whole saving your life thing made you hot and horny.

      MAUREEN: (laughs) Shut up, Rorri.

      RORRI: Just saying.

      MAUREEN: Why are you here?

      RORRI: I work today.

      MAUREEN: (concerned) How's the face?

      RORRI: Did the Sharon Stone shades give it up?

      MAUREEN: Yeah.

      Rorri takes her sunglasses off, revealing the side of her face, which is still bruised pretty badly.

      MAUREEN: (sympathetic) Ror, I'm sorry.

      RORRI: It's cool! The only thing that sucked was trying to explain everything to Rachel this morning.

      Rorri walks past the two love birds. She goes behind the checkout counter. She takes her jacket off, putting it on the back of the chair. Rorri wears a black, long sleeve shirt and low-cut blue jeans. Her hair is down.

      MAUREEN: What'd you tell her?

      RORRI: We got drunk last night, and fell down a flight of stairs. (sighs) She bought it. She went to the doctor today to see if she has any brain damage. The whole memory lost thing scared her.

      CARTER: (sighs) Only if she knew.

      RORRI: Yeah, but it'll all pass. (beat) You guys can take the day off if you want? I'll take over the store.

      MAUREEN: No, we can't. I have to much work to do, and I'm not leaving you alone.

      RORRI: I'm fine.

      CARTER: Rorri, we're not leaving you, so stop asking.

      RORRI: Fine.

      Rorri looks down on the desk. She picks up the notepad.

      RORRI: What's this?

      CARTER: A letter.

      RORRI: Letter?

      MAUREEN: (smiling) He's going to try to get his job back as a watcher.

      RORRI: Ooh! That's great! Now you don't have to sit on your ass all day, getting drunk!

      MAUREEN: Rorri!

      RORRI: What?

      CARTER: She's right, Maureen.

      The front door to the store opens. October, Geni and Delilah walk in.

      MAUREEN: (confused) October, who are they?

      CUT TO:


      Selma stands in the middle of the mausoleum. No one else is in there with her. She scans the room.

      SELMA: Permissum incommutabilis exsisto. Change!

      The room around her begins to change slowly. The spider webs dissipate, so does the old furniture. The old furniture is replaced with new, updated furniture. A black leather couch and two black leather chairs that sit across from the couch, appear. The hard concrete floor turns into a wooden floor. A large black rug appears onto the wooden floor, under the furniture. Bookshelves with books in them appear along the empty wall. Next to the bookshelves is a large shelf. It's filled with positions and such. Suddenly a large chandelier appears above Selma's head.

      SELMA: (smug) I always wanted a chandelier. It's better than my sisters.

      A bar wraps around the now modernized kitchen. The two fragile wooden, bedroom doors turn into solid, sturdier wooden doors. The camera moves onto Selma.

      SELMA: Perfect.

      One of the bedroom doors opens and Quinn steps out. She looks at the bedroom door then scans the mausoleum in shock.

      QUINN: (smiling) Selma, I like it.

      SELMA: I had to do something with it, it looked like a dump.

      QUINN: You kinda scared me there. I was in the room, and all the furniture begin to change.

      SELMA: You got scared cause of that? (rolls eyes) You're pathetic. Where are the others?

      QUINN: (intimidated) They went to get some food.

      The front door to the mausoleum opens. Carmichael, Danika, and Prudence enter. They all hold a grocery bag. They stop in shock, looking around the mausoleum.

      PRUDENCE: (surprised) Mom, good job!

      SELMA: (stern; to Prudence) What did I tell you about that!?

      PRUDENCE: (quickly) Sorry, Selma.

      SELMA: We're having a meeting. Put the food up.

      Prudence, Carmichael, and Danika walk over to the kitchen, placing the grocery bags on the counter-top of the bar. Selma walks over to the living room area, sitting on one of the black leather chairs. The rest of Black Blossom gathers around the living room area. Quinn and Prudence sit on the couch across from Selma. Danika sits on the arm of the couch. Carmichael leans against the fireplace wall.

      SELMA: First and foremost. We're here for three reasons and three reasons only. To get ?The Book of Encrypted Souls', to kill October, Geni, and Darwin Eastwick, and to kill the Cromwell's.

      A uncomfortable look grows over Carmichael's face.

      SELMA: (to Carmichael) I'm going to have you take care of him.

      CARMICHAEL: Who, Darwin?

      SELMA: Yes!

      CARMICHAEL: Why me?

      SELMA: (raises voice) Because you've screwed him! And I'm pretty sure out of all of us, he'll let you get close to him!

      Carmichael holds in his anger, not saying anything. Selma looks over at Quinn and Danika.

      SELMA: (to Quinn and Danika) You two are going to give the Cromwell's a visit. Try to see if they know where the book is. Don't kill them!

      SELMA: Prudence and I will visit October. We go tonight.

      Selma gets up from the chair; she flips her long black hair out of her face, and struts out of the living room area. She walks and disappears into her bedroom. The living room is silent for a moment.

      CARMICHAEL: I can't do it.

      PRUDENCE: You have to.

      CARMICHAEL: I know, but why? Why does she want me to take out Darwin?

      QUINN: Because she knows she has control over us. Just do it, and don't ask any questions. She has our best interests.

      Quinn stands up from the couch.

      QUINN: I'm going to read.

      Quinn walks out, disappearing into the second bedroom.

      CARMICHEAL: (under breath) Best interest my ass.

      Prudence stands to her feet.

      PRUDENCE: (cold) You better watch what you say about my mother.

      Prudence walks off, leaving Danika and Carmichael together. Carmichael rolls his eyes. He looks at Danika, who smells the sleeve of her jacket.

      DANIKA: We need clothes. We wore these yesterday.

      CARMICHAEL: (annoyed) I'm going out for a smoke.

      Carmichael heads for the door, leaving Danika sitting on the couch sniffing her jacket.

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        ACT III

        OPEN TO:


        Darwin is standing in the middle of the living room area. He holds a stake in his right hand. He’s punching the air, like he’s fighting with someone. Darwin jumps in the air, doing a sloppy spin kick. He then extends his arm with the stake in it, which flies out of his hand. Darwin jumps, cringing as the stake imbeds itself into the wall.

        DARWIN: Damn!

        Darwin runs over to the wall, pulling the stake out, which leaves a hole.

        DARWIN: Oops!

        Darwin hears purring down below him. He looks down to see the white cat rubbing against his leg.

        DARWIN: (to cat) You won’t tell, will you?

        Darwin then throws the stake behind the couch, which is placed against the wall.

        DARWIN: God, I’m bored.

        Darwin stands in the middle of the living room area, not knowing what to do.

        DARWIN: (to self) Hmm. A walk! I’ll go on a walk.

        Darwin walks over to the kitchen area. He grabs his jacket that lies across a barstool. The barstool sits under the counter/island. He throws the coat on, walking out the door.

        CUT TO:


        Maureen stands in front of October, Geni and Delilah. Behind Maureen stands Carter.

        MAUREEN: (angered) Absolutely not! I’m not telling you where the book is.

        OCTOBER: Why!?

        MAUREEN: I can’t give you the one thing that’s keeping my family safe!

        Rorri comes from behind the checkout counter.

        RORRI: Maybe we should sit and talk about this, guys?

        MAUREEN: (angered) No! There’s nothing to talk about! They’re not getting the book!

        Geni steps in front of October, getting in Maureen’s face.

        GENI: What about my family? We’re in danger, too!

        MAUREEN: (yells) Look! I’ve only known you for two seconds, so you need to back up!

        Geni puts her hands in the air, indicating she’s backing up. Geni takes a few steps back. She takes in a deep breath, calming herself.

        GENI: Look. We really need that book to stop Black Blossom. We’re going to give it to Delilah…

        She gesture to Delilah who is standing behind her.

        GENI: She’s going to transport it to The Watcher’s Council, where it won’t be touched.

        MAUREEN: I don’t care if you’re sending it into space! You’re not getting it, and that’s that.

        CARTER: (to Maureen) Babe, maybe we should hear them out.

        MAUREEN: (snaps) Shut up, Carter!

        Carter throws Maureen a dirty look.

        OCTOBER: (begging) Maureen, look. Both of our families are in the same boat. I know it’s hard, but we can work together to stop Black Blossom.

        MAUREEN: (cold) No. We aren’t in the same boat.

        October’s eyes widen and she realizes what Maureen means.

        OCTOBER: Oh! You don’t trust me. You think we’re going to give Selma the book.

        MAUREEN: (not believable) I never said that.

        OCTOBER: Yeah, but you were thinking it.

        RORRI: October, I don’t think she meant that.

        OCTOBER: Rorri, don’t speak for your sister. She has her own mouth.

        October narrows her eyes back at Maureen. Maureen doesn’t look October in the eyes.

        OCTOBER: That’s it, right? You don’t trust me. Even though I’ve helped you guys these past two weeks. I’m still an enemy?

        Maureen looks up at October.

        MAUREEN: I can’t help how I feel. You’re right, I don’t trust you, and I haven’t since you’ve arrived.

        OCTOBER: (hurt) Thanks for telling me the truth, finally.

        GENI: How can you not trust her? What has she done for you not to trust her?

        MAUREEN: (sharp; angered) Your family is trying to kill my family. That’s why I don’t trust her, that’s my reason. Our families have been battling for ages, and I’ll be damned if I lose because a snake has crept its way inside of my circle.

        Rorri’s mouths drop, so does Carter‘s. Maureen turns around, walking off.

        DELILAH: (calling out) Maureen.

        Maureen turns around, looking at Delilah.

        DELILAH: We’re getting that book, bitch.

        Delilah ****s her head to the side, smiling. Maureen rolls her eyes, disappears into the door at the back of the store that leads up to the apartment. Anger grows over October’s face.

        RORRI: (sympathetic) October, I’m sorry.

        OCTOBER: (cold) I’m fine.

        CARTER: October.

        October looks over at Carter. They stare into each others eyes for a moment. At that second Carter knows he can trust her.

        CARTER: I’ll get you that book.

        RORRI: Carter, I don’t know if that’s a good idea.

        CARTER: (annoyed) It’ll be fine, Rorri, I’m a big boy.

        RORRI: I still think you need to talk to Maureen.

        CARTER: (snaps) I will! (to October) Go, I’ll call you.

        OCTOBER: Okay.

        October, Geni and Delilah turn, leaving Cromwell’s.

        CUT TO:


        Darwin walks through the empty playground. Each time he walks you can hear the crunching of the leaves beneath his tennis shoes. He’s surrounded by fog. He walks up to the swing sets, sitting on a swing. He rests his head on the chain that holds the swing up. He slowly looks ahead at the Black Woods that are about two hundred feet away from him.

        DARWIN: (to self) Those woods are creepy.

        A yawn escapes Darwin’s mouth and his eyes get droopy. Darwin’s eyes roll to the back of his head, he’s out. His body goes limp and his arms and legs hang lifelessly. A few seconds later, Carmichael emerges from the fog. He walks up to Darwin, looking down at him with warmth in his eyes. Carmichael touches Darwin’s face, softly.

        CARMICHAEL: (whisper) I need to kill you.

        CUT TO:


        October, Geni and Delilah enter.

        OCTOBER: (angered) She’s such a bitch! She doesn’t understand that this book can save both of us!

        GENI: She does understand. She just doesn’t want it to save us. We need a plan.

        DEILAH Yeah, we need one fast. Black Blossom is on our tales.

        GENI: (annoyed) We know that, Delilah.

        DELILAH: Don’t get upset with me. I’m just telling the truth. We need to get that book by end of tonight.

        GENI: We will. That Carter guy said he’ll help us.

        October walks into the kitchen, to the refrigerator.

        OCTOBER: I think he’ll come through.

        October opens the refrigerator, pulling out a beer.

        GENI: (worried) Where’s Darwin?!

        October sits the beer down on the counter.

        OCTOBER: I don’t know.

        October walks over to the bathroom, opening the door, looking into it.

        OCTOBER: Nothing.

        DELILAH: I’ll look in your bedroom.

        Delilah hurries over to the curtain that hangs around October’s bedroom area. Delilah pulls the curtain back.

        DELILAH: He’s not in here.

        GENI: (worried) Where the hell is my son!?

        OCTOBER: I’m gonna go ask Kat and Asher!

        GENI: (holding back tears) Okay.

        October hurries out of the apartment.

        CUT TO:


        The bright moon is set over the campus. People are walking through the courtyard.

        CUT TO:


        Spencer is lying down on his bed, looking up at the ceiling. He has headphones in his ears, which is hooked into his iPod. Parker walks into the dorm room. Parker is wearing a white button down dress shirt, under a maroon leather jacket and blue jeans.

        PARKER: Spencer!

        Spencer takes his headphone off.

        SPENCER: Yeah, Parker?

        PARKER: I’m gonna go to Praise, you coming?

        SPENCER: No. Just go. I’m gonna stay in.

        PARKER: Okay. Don’t wait up.

        SPENCER: I won’t.

        Parker walks out of the dorm room. Spencer lies there for a moment.

        SPENCER: (to self) Shower time!

        Spencer gets up off the bed, standing to his feet. He then pulls his black t-shirt off, throwing it on the floor. He then kicks his tennis shoes off, and throws them across the room. He begins to unbutton his jeans. Suddenly a knock on the door startles Spencer, making him jump.

        SPENCER: Who is it?

        No answer.

        SPENCER: (raises voice) Who is it?!

        Still no answer.

        SPENCER: (annoyed) God, just come in!

        The dorm room door opens and Melanie steps in. Fear grows across Spencer’s face.

        SPENCER: (terrified) Melanie.

        MELANIE: (southern accent) Why thank you for inviting me in, sir.

        She ****s her head to the side and smirks. Spencer steps back as he buttons his pants back up. He kneels down to the floor, not taking his eyes off of Melanie. He grabs his shirt and quickly slips it back over his head. He stands up straight.

        MELANIE: You could’ve kept your clothes off. (smile) We would’ve had more fun!

        SPENCER: (frighten) Melanie, what do you want?

        MELANIE: What do you think, dumb ass? I want the book of Encrypted Souls, and I can’t find it. Your bitch of a sister hid it from me! Obviously, magically hid it from me, because I’ve been to every shaman to see if they can find it, and they can’t! The book is cloaked. Selma is in town, and that makes me uneasy. I want to have that book in her hands. I’m going to finish the job I came here for.

        Melanie takes a step towards Spencer.

        MELANIE: And you know where it is.

        SPENCER: No, I don’t.

        Melanie holds back anger.

        MELANIE: (through grinded teeth) Don’t lie to me, honey.

        She pulls a knife out from her jacket. It‘s the same knife she used to kill Vera.

        MELANIE: (angered) Or I’ll get a little knife happy.

        SPENCER: You crazy bitch!

        Melanie begins to walk towards Spencer, gripping the knife firm in her hand.

        MELANIE: Spencer, don’t tempt me with a knife in my hand.

        SPENCER: (yells) Dislovo!

        Quickly, Spencer raises his hand and whips a blue energy ball at Melanie. The blue energy ball ricochets off of Melanie like she has force field around her. The energy ball flies back, hitting Spencer in the chest. Spencer flies back, smashing into his end table and the wall. He falls to the floor, unconscious.

        MELANIE: (evil grin) Works like a charm.

        END OF ACT III
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          ACT IV

          CUT TO:


          Angrily, Maureen is putting the dishes into the dishwasher. Behind her Carter is sitting at the kitchen table. He glares at the back of Maureen.

          MAUREEN: (annoyed) Carter, leave me alone.

          CARTER: No! You disrespected me down there today! What’s your problem?

          Maureen slams the dishwasher’s door shut.

          MAUREEN: (raises voice) My problem is that book is the only thing that’s keeping my family alive! I’ve already tried everything to destroy that book! Pages can’t even be ripped out! So I’m hiding it, and I’m not giving it to anyone!

          CARTER: Well, I just got off the phone with the council. They really do need the book.

          MAUREEN: (angered) Do you not get what I’m saying?! I don’t care who wants the book, I’m not giving it to anybody!

          CARTER: Maureen, I understand where you’re coming from, but –

          MAUREEN: Obviously, you don’t!

          CARTER: (raises voice) I do! But you’re not the only one that the book is affecting!

          Carter takes in a breath, calming down.

          CARTER: I know that you don’t trust October. I didn’t either when she first came, but she’s proven herself around here countless of times.

          MAUREEN: Killing a couple of demons doesn’t mean she’s proven herself, Carter! What about that vampire Melanie? She didn’t kill her! Now the bitch could still be roaming the town!

          CARTER: That was a mistake, Maureen. And when did a vampire become a threat?

          MAUREEN: (yells) When they try to kill us!

          CARTER: Lower your voice, Maureen. No need to yell!

          MAUREEN: (sighs; calming down) I can’t believe your agreeing with her! You of all people; a watcher. Well… an ex-watcher.

          CARTER: I believe her because I can see it in her eyes, she’s not evil. Her and her family are under the Watcher’s Council protection. The council wouldn’t protect evil people. (beat) I do work for the council.

          MAUREEN: What?

          CARTER: Since October’s staying here in East Wick. I’ve been assigned as her watcher. They took me back.

          MAUREEN: (upset) Oh! So, you weren’t going to talk to me about this?

          CARTER: Don’t do that! Don’t say anything about me becoming her watcher. You were the one begging me to get my job back!

          Maureen lets out a stressful sigh.

          CARTER: (takes in a breath) I’ve been ordered to get the book from you.

          Hurt grows over Maureen’s face.

          MAUREEN: (disbelief) What?!

          CARTER: You heard me.

          MAUREEN: (hurt) I can’t believe you.

          CARTER: It’s my job.

          MAUREEN: And I don’t come before your job?

          CARTER: I never said that.

          MAUREEN: (teary eyed) You don’t have to, Carter.

          CARTER: Maureen, I don’t want to argue. Are you gonna give me the book or am I gonna have to take it?

          MAUREEN: (in shock) I can’t believe you’re doing this?

          CARTER: (sympathetic) I’m sorry.

          MAUREEN: (holding back tears; cold) Your not getting the book!

          Maureen crosses her hands over her chest, firmly. She storms out of the kitchen. Carter sits at the table, angry. Carter slams his fist on the table, releasing his anger.

          CUT TO:


          Rorri is standing in-between a isle of bookshelves. She carries a handful of books. She’s putting the books on onto the bookshelves. She then hears the door to the store open.

          RORRI: I’ll help you in one second.

          Rorri sets the books down onto the floor and walks quickly out of the isle. Rorri exits the aisle and as she turns, we see Danika and Quinn. There standing in front of Rorri. Rorri stops.

          RORRI: (smile) May I help you?

          Danika and Quinn glare at Rorri with no expression on their faces.

          RORRI: Can I help you ladies?

          An evil grin slowly creeps across Danika’s face.

          DANIKA: Hi, Rorri.
          RORRI: (uneasy) How do you know my name?

          Quinn adjusts her sheik eyeglasses that sit on her face.

          QUINN: Don’t be surprised. You know who we are.

          RORRI: No, I don’t! If you’re not going to buy anything then leave!

          Rorri attempts to walk past them, but Danika blocks her path. Danika looks Rorri up and down with pleasure.

          RORRI: (impertinent; annoyed) Get of my way!

          DANIKA: (sensual) Honey, we don’t want to hurt you.

          Danika slowly licks her lips in a sexual way. Rorri looks disgusted.

          RORRI: (disgusted) Get out!

          Danika violently snatches Rorri by the hair, pulling her close. Danika leans close to Rorri‘s face, brushing up against her cheek, whispering into Rorri’s ear. Rorri tenses up in pain and fear.

          DANKIA: (whisper; stern) If you don’t tell me where the book is, honey… I’ll mess up the other side of your face.

          Danika licks Rorri’s cheek. Rorri pushes Danika away.

          RORRI: (fear) Oh my god! Black Blossom?

          QUINN: (grin) Well, we’re not Black Blossom, but we’re apart of it.

          Rorri steps way from them.

          DANIKA: (taunting) Are you scared now?

          Rorri suddenly punches Danika across the face. Danika falls to the floor. Rorri turns to run, but is pulled back by Quinn.

          QUINN: (angered) Come here, you little bitch!

          Rorri spins around, punching Quinn in the face, Quinn releases Rorri.

          RORRI: (screams) Maureen! Carter!

          Quinn and Danika attempt to stand to their feet. Rorri holds one of her hands out at Danika and Quinn.

          RORRI: (demanding) Sit!

          Quinn and Danika fall back to the floor.

          RORRI: Obviously you guys aren’t that strong!

          Quinn and Danika lift their head’s up, exposing their black eyes. Quinn rips her broken eyeglasses off her face, throwing them across the room. Quinn and Danika stand up again.

          RORRI: Sit!

          They ignore Rorri’s command. Danika licks the blood from busted lip.

          DANIKA: That was a good punch.

          Behind Rorri we can see the weapon case opening by itself. The weapons case stands in the back of the store, against the wall, next to where the bookshelves start. Rorri is unaware of this. A knife hovers out of the weapons case. The knife’s blade turns directly at Rorri. The knife quickly flies across the room. Rorri holds her hand out towards Danika and Quinn, doing a spell.

          RORRI: Licentia quod --

          Shock and pain grows across Rorri’s face.

          RORRI: AHHH!!!!

          DANIKA: Did that hurt?

          Rorri falls to the floor with a thump. The knife is embedded into Rorri’s back. The back door opens and Maureen and Carter come spilling out. Maureen notices Rorri lying on the floor.

          MAUREEN: (screams) Rorri!

          She runs over to Rorri.

          Carter looks up at Quinn and Danika. Furry immediately takes over his face.

          CARTER: Bitches! (infuriated; yells) Did you do this?!

          QUINN: We’re standing here, aren’t we?

          Carter walks over to the weapons case, pulling a sword out. The camera zooms in on his face.

          CARTER: I’m killing you both!

          CUT TO:


          The display window shatters as Carter emerges from it, slamming onto the pavement.

          CUT TO:


          October leads, Geni, Delilah, Asher and Kat through the foggy infested playground. It’s quiet and you can barley see anything.

          DELILAH: Are you sure he’s here?

          GENI: This is where the locator spell brought us.

          ASHER: Yeah, but locator spells aren’t always one-hundred percent reliable.

          OCTOBER: Do you guys see anything?

          KAT: It’s too foggy.

          Ahead they hear a swing screeching, like someone is swinging on a swing. They also hear laughter, like a young girl. They all turn in the direction of the laughter.

          OCTOBER: This way.

          They make their way across the playground, passing the slides and jungle gyms. They approach the swing set. Someone is swinging on the swing. As they walk through the fog the image gets clearer. It’s Prudence. October stops in shock, the others stop behind her.

          OCTOBER: (shocked) Oh my god!

          PRUDENCE: (smile) Hey, Sis.

          GENI: (fear) Oh, no!

          KAT: Who is she?

          OCTOBER: She’s my sister. If she’s here…

          SELMA: (O/S) Then I’m here.

          October’s face tenses in fear. The camera whirls around to Selma who is standing to the group’s left, a few feet away. Music begins to play. ‘HIDE AND SEEK’ by IMOGEN HEAP.

          Where are we? What the hell is going on?
          The dust has only just begun to form,
          Crop circles in the carpet, sinking, feeling.
          Spin me round again and rub my eyes.

          SELMA: (to October; cold) October Roxanne Eastwick.

          October turns, facing her mother. Her body trembles in fear.

          Spin me round again and rub my eyes.
          This can't be happening.

          October and Selma stare into each other’s eyes. The camera zooms in on October’s hazel eyes. The screen contorts.




          October and James exit the nightclub, laughing. They step onto the city sidewalk, walking. October is still wearing her long strapless black dress, but her hair is down now. James still wears his suit, which his shirt is unbutton and the jacket of the suit is draped over his arm.

          When busy streets a mess with people
          would stop to hold their heads heavy.

          OCTOBER: (laughing) God, baby, that was fun!

          JAMES: (smiling) Well, your welcome, sugar butt.

          OCTOBER: (playful) Ew, don’t call me that!

          JAMES: But you are.

          Hide and seek.
          Trains and sewing machines.
          All those years they were here first.

          James wraps his arm around October‘s waist, they stop. He pulls her close, giving her a kiss on the mouth. October wraps her arms around James’s neck, looking into his eyes.

          OCTOBER: I love you.

          JAMES: (smiling) I love you, too.

          Oily marks appear on walls
          Where pleasure moments hung before.
          The takeover, the sweeping insensitivity of this
          still life.

          James gives October a kiss on the lips. They turn, holding hands, continuing down the sidewalk.

          JAMES: So, where do you want to go next?

          OCTOBER: Home and take a hot shower… with you.

          JAMES: (grin) I’m liking this already.

          OCTOBER: I know!

          Hide and seek.
          Trains and sewing machines. (Oh, you won't catch me around here)
          Blood and tears,
          They were here first.

          Suddenly four figures run from an alleyway that October and James are crossing. Figure#1 has a metal pipe in its hand. Figure#1 whacks October over the head. October collapses to the pavement, out cold.

          Mmm, what you say?
          Mm, that you only meant well? Well, of course you did.
          Mmm, what you say?

          All four figures violently grab James, dragging him into the alleyway. We hear his loud yells coming from the alleyway.

          Mm, that it's all for the best? Ah of course it is.
          Mmm, what you say?

          CUT TO:


          October stumbles to her feet, dazed and confused. Blood rushes from her head, covering half of her eyes. She wipes the blood from her face and staggers into the alleyway.

          CUT TO:


          October staggers over to James’s body, that lies facedown on the pavement.

          OCTOBER: (mumbles; worried) James!

          Mm, that it's just what we need? And you decided this.
          Mmm what you say?
          What did she say?

          October reaches James, sitting down next to him, on the pavement. She grabs his body, flipping him over onto her lap. James is looking up at the sky, lifeless. He has several puncture wounds on his neck. October begins to crying, cradling James’s lifeless body in her arms.

          Ransom notes keep falling out your mouth.
          Mid-sweet talk, newspaper word cut-outs.
          Speak no feeling, no I dont believe you.

          OCTOBER: (crying) Oh my god! James, baby, wake up!

          October grabs his limp hand, holding it tight.

          OCTOBER: (screams; crying) Wake up! James wake up!

          WOMAN: (O/S) What happened?

          Ransom notes keep falling out your mouth.
          Mid-sweet talk, newspaper word cut-outs.
          Speak no feeling, no I dont believe you.

          Furry grows across October’s face. October carefully slides from under James and carefully places his head onto the pavement. October stands to her feet, turning around, facing Selma. October’s mascara runs down her face, as she continues to cry. She stares at her mother with hatred.

          You don't care a bit.
          You don't care a bit.
          You don't care a bit….

          The music stops. It’s silent for a few seconds as October stares at her mother with hatred.

          OCTOBER: (crying) You did this!

          SELMA: No, you did. So, how does my deal sound now? (evil grin) If it doesn’t sound great, I can always kill Prudence.

          Tears pour from October’s eyes.

          OCTOBER: (breaking down; crying) Why?

          SELMA: Because, I love you.

          CUT TO BLACK


          END OF ACT IV

          ROLL CREDITS

          END OF EPISODE
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            East Wick: 1.03 "Black Blossom" Trivia

            - This is the Third episode to my new series, East Wick!
            - I know some of you are excited that Melanie appeared in this episode. She’ll also be in episode 4.
            - Black Blossom is finally here!
            - October’s sister, Prudence. We will see a lot of sister cat fights this season!
            - I put some October flashback and I like them… I hope you guys do too!
            - Rorri getting stabbed in the back. I didn’t want to do that at first, but I did because I have some plans for her!
            - Darwin and Carmichael use to date.
            - Jared Padalecki’s character (Parker Doven) he has joined as a recurring character. Actually Parker is the twin of John Doven who is a character on Riley: The series by: BENGY!! (Blasterboy)
            - Carter works for The Watcher’s Council now. It might stir some trouble up between Carter and Maureen. You'll guys will have to wait and see.

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