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A pair of Drabblesongs...

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  • A pair of Drabblesongs...

    A couple of silly gems that came to me in the shower--one in the era of the Fanged Four, the other contemporary.

    Disclaimer: All these characters belong to Joss. We use them well. We use them in peace.

    Video Killed the Cabaret Star

    "How long has she been doing this?" Darla's tone was absently concerned. The mad girl was annoying at times, but quite useful, and sometimes fasinating.

    "I read her a Gothic novel!" Spike attempted again to stop Drusilla's bizarre dance, flow and sway one moment, spastic the next. "She's hasn't stopped since!"

    "What the hell is a 'phone'?" Angelus tried stepping into her path. "And what does she mean, 'break lights'?"

    "It can creep up inside you and consume you," Dru sang, laughing, nipping at his shoulder. "A disease of the mind, it can control you. I-feel-like a monster!"

    Sunshine Girl

    "Too creepy for me," the vampire finished, dashing out of the club. Buffy followed him a bit, listening intently. Anything that could creep out a vampire sounded pretty dangerous. "I mean, seriously, just summon an Old One or something if you want mayhem that bad!"

    Buffy slipped up behind him, staked him and his pair of buddies, and hurried back toward the double doors. Sounded like something that had to be dealt with, and fast.

    It was appalling, all right. "I got a pocket, got a pocket full of sunshine," Harmony was cheerfully singing along--to use the term loosely.
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