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Challenge #10: Bad Magic-Hates the World-Ticking Timebomb Guy

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  • Challenge #10: Bad Magic-Hates the World-Ticking Timebomb Guy

    Hey Guys, here's my first true attempt at Buffyverse fiction. I don't own any of the Buffyverse charachter's and I borrowed some lines from the series to enrich the story. Anyways, hope you like it and all feedback is welcome

    Bad Magic-Hates the World-Ticking Timebomb Guy
    Written By
    Austin Ross

    Rupert Giles couldn’t believe his eyes, as the one true love of his life suddenly appeared before him. The beautiful techno-pagan with her soft, shoulder-length hair of ebony, that swept her lovely face, was smiling back at the watcher. As Rupert stared back into her eyes, he instantly knew that the woman kneeling in front of him was indeed that of Jennifer Calendar.

    “Jenny! I thought I had lost you.” Giles smiled as Jenny moved in closer toward him.

    “Ssh…I’ll never leave you.” Jenny whispered.

    “We have to get out of here.” Giles said, as he struggled to get up with his body both bound by rope to a chair as well as being racked with pain from Angelus’ earlier sessions of pure and unadulterated torture.

    “No-no-no-no-no…Slowly…”Jenny trailed off as she gently brushed her hand over his temple, down to his cheek and over his lips.

    “It can’t be you…”Giles said as he stared deeper into Jenny’s soft eyes.

    “Did you tell Angel…About the Ritual?” Jenny asked.

    “No. We have to get…him away from Acathla.” Giles replied as he started to breath at an erratic pace with desperation lacing his voice.

    “Why, is he close to figuring it out?” Jenny asked.

    “Later.” Giles nodded with anxiety filling his body and wanted to attempt to leave this house of terror.

    “Tell me what to do…” Jenny implored. The watcher in return, focused directly onto her with his face conveying a sense of helplessness and confusion.

    “It’s all right. We’ll be together…finally. We’ll have everything we never got to have…Never go to fell…Just tell me what to do.” Jenny said.

    “We have to get Angel away from Acathla.” Giles desperately replied.

    “Angel Himself…He’s the key?” Jenny asked.

    “H-h-his, his blood…H-he mustn’t…”Giles weakly trailed off, as Jenny put her finger onto his dry lips. She then smiled as she removed her finger and then moved in to press her own soft lips onto Giles’ own. Such passion arose from the two as they continued to kiss each other, wanting more and more.

    Unknown to Giles, was the fact that several feet away two vampires were watching from behind as the watcher and his “Jenny” continued to kiss each other rather passionately. Angelus dressed almost head to toe in the black that encompassed his entire being, couldn’t help but smile at his sire’s successful attempt to gain knowledge from the watcher. The other vampire seemingly confined to a wheelchair, with his signature platinum-blonde hair contrasting his pale skin, snarled in disgust as his Drusilla continued to show her affection toward the slayer’s watcher.

    “Blood…Of course. The blood on my hands has to be my own. I am the key that will open the door…My blood…My Life…Okay…Kill Him.” Angelus said, almost as if a light bulb turned on in his head. He then turns to walk back through the doorway, with a new sense of pride and satisfaction filling his own ego.

    “Uh…But what if he’s lying?” Spike asked, his voice hinting a possible different ulterior motive for wanting to keep the watcher alive.

    “Yeah, Good Point…Alright, don’t kill him…However it doesn’t mean we can’t use him to make the slayer suffer…In case this whole Acathla doesn’t turn out like planned…Dru I think it’s time to welcome Rupert into our little family…” Angelus smiled at his own genius and at Spike as he kneeled down to even himself with the wheel-chair bound vampire.

    “Oh, Bloody Hell! You can’t be serious Angelus; I mean he’s got to be over forty years old…” Spike said

    “Don’t Worry Spike…There’s enough Drusilla for all of us to enjoy!” Angelus laughed as he roughly grabbed the handles on the back of Spike’s wheelchair and walked both himself and his grandsire out of the room.

    Giles was completely caught up in the moment with what he thought was the woman born Janna of the Kalderash tribe. Jenny soon parted her lips with the watcher and gently rose his head to back toward hers, with the two locked in each other’s gaze.

    “Jenny, we don’t have much time…We have to get to Buffy…” Giles said as he continued to try to free himself from his bondage. Jenny simply shook her head and placed her finger back onto his lips.

    “Hush now… Hmm, my Rupert…I said we were going to be together forever right?” Jenny asked.

    “Yes…” Giles said.

    “Good…That’s all I needed to hear.” Jenny smiled as she continued to assault Giles with more kisses. The watcher hardly even noticed as the kisses seemed to get rougher and rougher as the techno pagan moved from his lips down to his neck until he could feel her sucking on his pulse points.

    Suddenly, Jenny with her fingers traversing through Giles’ mattered hair forcefully moved his head to the side, allowing his neck to be fully exposed. Giles’ could only widen his eye’s in terror, as the beautiful face of his Jenny Calendar morphed into that of the deep facial ridges, yellow eyes, and elongated white fangs of Drusilla. She roared as she sunk her fangs deep within that of Rupert Giles’ neck and pain coursed through his body.

    Giles could feel with every drop of his blood being drained out of him by Drusilla his synapses, twinkling like stars, began disappearing one by one till he was almost swallowed by the darkness. Drusilla however after seconds upon drinking, removed her fangs from her neck, and brushed her own hair over to the side, revealing her own pale neck. She slowly raised her own clawed hand and inflicted a gash deep enough on herself to draw blood.

    “Drink Dearie.” Drusilla whispered as she pressed Giles’ almost limp body closer to her own neck.

    “No…” Giles trailed off as he felt Drusilla’s cold blood fill into his mouth. He at first attempted to fight it but then the metallic taste of it became unnaturally delicious. The more he drank, the more he could feel the stars in his mind flicker out until everything faded to black.


    Alexander Harris smiled at the fact on how he was able slink past Angelus’ guards into the main hall. He watched in awe as his friend, Buffy, kicked one of Angelus’ boys directly in the face, sending the vampire crashing down onto the hard floor. The Slayer quickly noticed a pile of various shards of wood on the ground and dove toward,in search of a weapon. Xander although strictly told by Buffy that this was only to be a rescue mission to retrieve her watcher, the Zeppo couldn’t help himself as he saw the vampire rise back to his feet and move toward the Slayer. With one surprise punch, he sent the vampire back to the ground but soon sunk back into the shadows as Buffy with a makeshift stake in hand went back in to the fray.

    He smiled back at the Slayer as she moved toward her former lover in Angelus…In truth, he didn’t care if Willow was able to restore Angel’s soul or not. All he truly wanted to see is Angelus get every square inch of his ass kicked by the slayer for all that he put her and his friends through during the last six months. However, he refocused his mind on the task of finding Giles and stepped through another large set of curtains into another room of the mansion.

    The Seventeen year olds’ body was soon racked with horror as he found the unconscious body of Rupert Giles tethered to a chair. His clothes’ stained with blood and sweat from hours of what Xander could infer, of torture by Angelus.

    “Giles!” Xander shouted as he raced toward the bound watcher. After waiting for a response back from the limp body, Alexander Harris feared the worst as he pushed Giles’ head to the side to check for his pulse.

    “Oh God no…Those bastards.” Xander sighed as two lines of dried blood on the Watcher’s neck lead him to the twin puncture wounds that one could only get from being bitten by a vampire. Mr. Harris fought back hard against the tears that began to roll down his cheeks, he still however checked for Giles’ pulse to find it although very faint but still there.

    “Come on Giles stay with me…I’m going to get you to a Hospital.” Xander said as he crouched behind Giles’s chair franticly untied the ropes that held the Watcher’s limp body, which slumped forward after being freed.

    Once all the ropes were untied Xander quickly grabbed the limp body of the Watcher in his arms. He then soon found it would be easier to carry the body of a full grown man on his shoulders and then proceeded out of the “torture” room. Xander using all of his body’s strength to carry the extra weight ran out of the main hall and out through the mansion’s door.

    Xander prayed that he could make it back to the Sunnydale Hospital in time, in hopes of saving Rupert Giles’ life. He also wondered if Buffy could handle Angelus by herself and that the world wouldn’t come to a fiery end at the hands of Acathla. But deep down Xander knew that the Slayer would somehow pull through, because if it is one thing she knew how to do is survive…


    Los Angeles…Three Months Later

    Buffy Summers awoke from her sleep, panting heavily and to the sounds of sirens blaring outside of her tiny apartment in her rundown neighborhood in the city of Angels. After she checked her surroundings, the slayer let out a deep sigh and slowly rose out of her bed. She soon reached her apartment’s sole window and looked outside down upon the dark streets below to find a LAPD patrol car race through an Intersection. Her dreams were getting worse night after night, one more vivid after the next. It had been over three months since Buffy sacrificed her rensouled lover to Hell, last seen her mother or her best friends. Not only was it Angel who continued to haunt her dreams but also memories of her second watcher, who had grown to be like a father to her, the Ghost of Rupert Giles plagued them as well. Buffy found out that Giles didn’t survive Angelus’ torture sessions and was killed by either him, Spike or Drusilla, from eavesdropping on her friends at school after the defeating Acathla.

    The Slayer simply shook her head, as she walked from the window and turned on her mini television set. The blurry color image soon turned on, to a news station with a Male and Female co-anchors on the screen. She shrugged at the thought of watching the news, and walked to her dresser to grab her stuffed duck, and plopped back down onto her bed. As she sat with her legs folded Indian-style, her ears and her eyes refocused on the story at which the reporters began to tell.

    “And now for other news, in the town of Sunnydale, today police have received another chilling letter from the serial killer who is known simply as Ripper. Although SPD Police Chief did not reveal the contents of the letter to the public it is however thought to include information on the whereabouts of missing person Joyce Summers.” The Female Reporter said, as a picture of the middle-aged mother of the Slayer shot up on the screen.

    Buffy’s eye’s widened in horror at the mention of her mother’s name on the television. Thoughts began to flood her mind about what kind of state her mother could be in. Without hesitation, she jumped up and ran to turn off her tiny TV set. The mission was simple she was to return to Sunnydale…find her mother…and make whoever this “Ripper” person pay dearly for even thinking about harming her family.

    “Ok…Anne, It’s time to go Home.” Buffy said, as she changed clothes, grabbed her weapons, and scraped together some of her extra tip money from working as waitress at Helens’ Kitchen for bus fare. She was now prepared for the long way home.


    Buffy soon found herself outside the place that she had recently called home for over the last year or so. Dressed head to toe in all black, the Slayer almost blended in perfectly to the darkness of the night, except for her blonde locks which bounced on her shoulders as she slowly crept up the porch to her front door. With a large overnight bag, filled with various weapons in one hand, she reached into her pants pocket to retrieve a small set of keys to put into the locked door.

    The Slayer let out a deep sigh of relief as she prayed that her mother hadn’t changed the locks upon her leaving. Buffy tiptoed slowly into the house as she cautiously watched for any sudden movements inside the house. It was unnaturally cold in the dwelling as if no one had been inside for days. The Slayer also found it strange however that almost every light was on inside the house.

    “Mom…Are you here?” Buffy asked, as her voice softly echoed through the non occupied residence. After walking a few more steps through the living room and into the kitchen, Buffy stopped dead in her tracks as she could feel the cold touch of slender fingers touch the back of her neck.

    With her enhanced reflexes, the Slayer spun around only to face that of her mother who stood with a smile on her face. Joyce with her blonde locks that tightly hugged her face was dressed in a striking black evening gown with a distinct floral pattern on it. She towered over her daughter in her black stilettos, and her deep red lipstick bore a deep contrast with her unnatural pale skin.

    “Can I get you something baby…How bout some tea?” Joyce asked as she moved closer to her daughter, revealing two bite wounds on her lightly perfumed neck. Buffy gasped in horror as she saw the scar as she suddenly dropped her overnight bag.

    “No…this can’t be real.” Buffy replied, as the idea of her mom actually being a vampire slowly began to creep into her mind.

    “OK, is that, uh, slang, like you’re not for real, or…” Joyce trailed off as she noticed her daughter slowly backing away from her.

    “You’re not my Mother!” Buffy shouted as she continued to back deeper into her kitchen.

    “Oh, baby, you’re so tired, you’re not making sense. Maybe you should get some sleep.” Joyce suggested to her visibly shaken daughter. The Slayer without her bag looked around for a weapon of some kind in the kitchen, and quickly grabbed a large butcher knife from out of the kitchen sink.

    “Tell me who did this to you.” Buffy roared as she gathered the strength to walk up to the demon that inhabited the dead corpse of her mother. Without hesitation or remorse, Buffy placed the blade of the knife up to Joyce’s neck.

    “It doesn’t matter, you can’t beat him…not if you don’t rest first…and I am the only one who can help you with that!” Joyce smiled as her face morphed into her true appearance…complete with her rugged brow ridges, golden eyes, elongated upper canines and pointed upper incisors.

    With her newfound vampire strength, Joyce raised her leg against her daughter’s abdomen and kicked her into the kitchen back door. Buffy’s back slammed hard against the door, and struggled to breathe as the force of the hit knocked the wind out of her lungs. Vampire Joyce laughed at the physical distress of her daughter and slowly walked toward the slayer, yet not before she picked up the dropped knife that Buffy had planned to use against her.

    “Do you remember the last words I said to you…If you walked out of the house, don’t ever think about coming back. But know that you are back, I’m never letting you walk out of this house again!” Joyce screamed as she raised the knife into the air and lunged at her daughter.

    Buffy’s face tightened with resolve, as she forcefully kicked her mother’s legs from under her and watched as the vampire fell back hard on to floor by the kitchen’s island. The Slayer swiftly jumped on top of her mother, who hysterically screamed as the cross on Buffy’s neck dangled in front of her face. Buffy soon reclaimed the knife that the vampire had taken from her and placed the blade back to her mother’s neck.

    “Oh Buffy, I had no idea you don’t drive stick anymore…Come on, give your mommy a kiss.” Joyce taunted, as she slowly licked her fangs at the sight of her daughter’s neck.

    “Please…Tell me who did this to you.” Buffy said as she placed more pressure onto the vampire’s neck.

    “Ha…My Ripper will make you pay dearly for this slayer…He's going to open the mouth of Hell just to watch it swallow you whole.” Joyce laughed.

    “I’m so sorry mom.” Buffy sighed as she closed her eyes and tears began to stream down her face as she began to cut deep into her mother’s flesh. The slayer kept sawing away until she sat in a pool of dust. She slowly opened her eyes, inhaled deeply and rose to her feet.

    As she grabbed her overnight bag full of weapons, Buffy turned off the kitchen lights and headed out of her house. Buffy could fell her heart as it slowly broke into pieces as the realization that she was truly all she had left in this cold world. Yet only one word pulsed through her mind encompassing all the emotions of hate, confusion, sorrow and fear… Giles


    The Slayer couldn’t believe she would have to walk down the hallowed halls of Sunnydale High School ever again. Moonlight provided her with some type of lumination as she headed firmly toward the library. Yet as she approached the twin doors, she stopped dead in her tracks as she heard footsteps behind her. Buffy quickly grabbed a wooden stake out of her bag and pivoted around only two find what she originally thought to her best friends Willow Rosenberg and Alexander Harris. She could barely make out their faces in the darkness.

    “Will and Xander…Thank god you’re alright…Look we’ve got to stop Giles, he’s planning on reopening the hellmouth…”Buffy trailed off, as her slayer instinct sensed that something wasn’t right with them.

    “Well, Whadaya know…Guess who finally decided to show up.” Xander said with a sense of malice in his voice.

    “Xander listen to me…we don’t have much time.” Buffy pleaded, as the two stepped fully into the sliver of light provided from the moon, to where Buffy could seem the clearly.

    Xander Harris was only wearing a white t-shirt complete with a heavy leather jacket and jeans. His skin was pale, much like her mothers and that off Willow who slunk from behind Xander. The Wicca was adorned in tight, black leather, with the bodice of her strange outfit trimmed in red lace. Their curled lips revealed a set of gleaming fangs, as their faces shifted into that of vampires.

    “Bored now…This is the part that’s less fun…Daddy will be disappointed if there’s no screaming.” Willow said, as Buffy clutched her stake and raised it to both of the vampires.

    “If you leave now…I promise I won’t stake you…But If I ever catch you around me and mine again, you’ll wish I dusted you tonight.” Buffy said sternly.

    “Come on Buffy…Daddy will make you young and strong forever and ever…then we can be a family again.” Willow suggested.

    “Let’s go Will…I’m sure Ripper will be able to take care of her himself…Catch you on the flip side Slayer. “ Xander said, as he roughly grabbed his female companion and took the Slayer’s offer. After watching the two turn around and walk away as they disappeared in to the shadows, Buffy used all her might to kick her way into the schools library.

    The Library looked exactly as she remembered it, full of musty old books on shelves, with a few desktop computer scattered about the place. After she cautiously walked a few steps, she placed her overnight bad down onto one of the tables, that her and her friends spent a many a night researching various demons. She placed the wooden stake that she had used to threaten vampire Willow and Xander back inside the bag only to replace it with a medieval Battle-Axe as it gleamed in the moonlight.

    “Come on out Giles… I promise ill make it quick.” Buffy said, as she encircled herself looking up at the library’s second floor.

    Buffy was caught of guard as she continued to scan her perimeters by a huge blast of pure dark energy as it slammed into her side. The Slayer soon found herself flying an incredibly long distance across the room before her body collided in to several large bookcases, causing them to collapse on top of her. Buffy soon emerged from the pile of broken wood and books, her nose bleeding and her body rocked with so much pain that she could barely lift her head up. Her lips curled in disgust at the origin of the blast, as Rupert Giles or as the demon inside him which preferred to be called “Ripper” stood. He was clad in a simple white t-shirt and jeans, with a carton of cigarettes rolled up in his sleeves much like that of James Dean in Rebel without a Cause. With the way his hair was slicked backed, Buffy noticed that something else was wrong with Giles’ appearance as his eyes were like black saucers and the fact that he wasn't wearing any of his trademark glasses. Even more disturbing were the numerous black veins clearly visible across his face, as they seemed to pulsate with power. The former Watcher took one deep inhale of his cigarette only to exhale the smoke as a signal of satisfaction of the hit.

    “I’d like to test that theory.” Ripper said coldly with a grim expression on his face. Buffy slowly gathered the strength to sit up amongst the wreckage. As the blood from her nose ran down to her lips, Buffy wiped the red stuff off her face only to look at the blood, then wipe again.

    “Giles…No…I’m dealing with big bad Ripper now aren’t I?” Buffy asked with her voice in a sarcastic tone.

    “You are correct Buffy…It seems there is a brain inside that lovely blonde dome of yours after all.” Ripper replied, as he slowly crept to her and took another puff of his cigarette.

    “I’m so going to kick your ass for that…”Buffy said, as she tried to get up with the remaining strength that she could muster.

    “No you’re not, Stay Down.” Ripper ordered as he gestured toward Buffy with one hand, forcing the Slayer back down as she winced in pain.

    “Willow…Xander…My Mother, why would you hurt them…was it only for the satisfaction of turning everyone I ever loved against me?” Buffy asked.

    “Because you are the Slayer…Into each Generation a Slayer is born, one girl in all the world, a chosen one, one born with the strength and skills…blah, blah, blah…I was never one for long Introductions.” Ripper laughed as he stepped further toward the Slayer.

    “So who was it…Angelus…Spike…Drusilla?” Buffy asked, as she formed a new strategy in her mind, try to buy as much time as possible to regain her strength.

    “Does it really matter…I mean, my sire was stark, raving mad and look how I turned out…I’m about to do what that useless ponce Angelus’ could never do, because I’m going to send this baby on a one way ticket to hell.” Ripper said his tone and verbal usage more similar to that of a modern teenager not a middle-aged scholar.

    “Ok…I’m done playing games with you Ripper…So let’s put your little magic tricks aside and come show me what you got…It’s time for you to see what a Slayer really is.” Buffy said, as she used all her might to resist the dark magicks as the pinned her down to the ground. A wave of relief as she was able to beat the spell, as she and her former Watcher stood face to face.

    “Oooo…I’m scared now, Slayer can stand all by herself.” Ripper taunted as the two began to encircle one another in a predatory like manner.

    “Stop It…You’re acting like a child.” Buffy ordered not taking her eyes off the magic induced vampire. Ripper smiled back at the Slayer for the comment, as magic crackled all around the former Watcher. The Vampire bowed his head down while he softly muttered something into Latin which almost instantaneously caused the magic around Ripper to grow into a miniature storm of black clouds and lightening. Dark Magicks and all is soon absorbed into Ripper’s body, who raised his head soon after with his lips curled into a smile revealing his fangs and his true vampire face.

    “Alright Slayer…Let’s ride.” Ripper said as he reached down to one of the table that stood between then and in one effortless move, tossed the piece of furniture across the room.

    Not wasting any time, Ripper smiled as he backhanded the Slayer and sent her flying across room into a magazine rack. Buffy ignored her body’s intense pain, recovered quickly from the move and ran back toward the Vampire and in one swift move sent an uppercut right into Ripper’s chin. The Vampire is sent flying through the air and roared out in pain as his back his against the floor. Using his newfound reflexes, Ripper curled up into a ball to propel himself back into his fighting stance. The two soon grapple, with Ripper and the Slayer both finding an equal match in their strength. Ripper then head butt’s Buffy in the face knocking her out of the stance, he followed with a swift jab into Buffy’s abdomen and follows with a smooth roundhouse kick to the Slayer’s head.

    The Vampire tried come around with a swift hook, but is caught by Buffy’s hand. The Slayer with Ripper’s arm still in hand managed to drive her knee into the Vampire’s genital area, which caused Ripper to cry out in pain and drop to his knees. Buffy quickly jabbed her former Watcher in the face several times, before Ripper managed to grab both her arms and flip her over his head. Upon landing on both her feet, Buffy jumped up and sent both her feet into the back of Ripper and watched as he slid across the room until he stopped himself.

    “Come on Giles…I’m just getting warmed up.” Buffy taunted as the magic induced Vampire was slow to pick himself backup. Ripper soon held out his hand toward the Slayer. Assortments of books and even a bookcase ladder are telekinetically thrown at Buffy by Ripper which managed to pin the Slayer to the opposite wall.

    “What’s wrong Slayer…It’ doesn’t seem you fancy my little magic tricks anymore.” Ripper asked, until he noticed the Slayer pushed the ladder off herself and as she ran toward him.

    Buffy jumped into the air in a manner not to unlike a linebacker as she tackled the Vampire unto the ground. Once again, Buffy struggled as she attempted to pin Ripper to the ground much like she did to her mother earlier. However, the Vampire wouldn’t have it as he drove his knee into Buffy, which allowed him to switch places…with him on top of Buffy. Ripper quickly ripped off Buffy’s cross on her neck and cast the jewelry aside.

    “Don’t you see Buffy…I am connected to the deepest most primal force in the universe. Join me in the Darkness, and together I’ll always be your Watcher to your Slayer.” Ripper said as he proceeded to outstretch his fangs and plunge them into his Slayer’s neck. Buffy yelled out in pain as the Vampire began to drain the very life out of her. She struggled with his weight as it pinned her down to the ground but with her arm she is able to catch a fragment of wood possibly from one of the broken book cases. In one swift motion, Buffy sent the piece of wood directly into the Vampire’s heart, and almost instantaneously the undead form of Rupert Giles exploded into Dust

    “I’m so sorry, Giles.” Buffy whispered as she slowly picked herself off the ground and dusted the Vampire’s remains off her body. Without any emotion the Slayer walked out of the library and never looked back.

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