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The Destroyer 1.01 Welcome to New York

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  • The Destroyer 1.01 Welcome to New York

    1.01 Welcome to New York


    The camera shows legs of a boy. The caption reads Palo Alto, California. It follows him as he takes shallow steps. The camera moves up to show it's a boy carrying a box. The boy walks to the car and puts the box in the vehicle. The camera finally moves up to show its Connor. He walks back to the door and the camera pans out to show a much destroyed apartment. The couch is split in half and the rest of the house has been burned. As he stare around with a look of despair.

    Boy O.S.: You know I think the apartment looks a lot better this way. Although I knew killing that Chinese fire demon was very stupid.
    Connor turns around and sees a tall African American who is wearing faded blue jeans a white t-shirt under a gray hooded jacket smiling at him.

    Connor: What are you saying Marty?

    Marty: You know damn well that demon would have killed us and make us its bitch or something. Do you want me to pinch you to let it all sink in? Cause? can happen.

    Connor rolls his eyes

    Connor: No I'm good. I mean it is a lot harder paying for this apartment although I did get money from my?

    Marty: Well whatever we aren't staying here. College can start anew in LA.

    Connor: My parents seem to think so. Although I am worried that something bad might happen.

    Marty (Laughing): Okay Destroyer whatever you say. I will get the rest of the boxes you just go sit in the car.

    Connor rolls his eyes again and starts walking towards the van. He turns around to look at the apartment and gets in the car.

    Cut to Palo Alto Airport. Connor and Marty are walking through the terminal towards there respected plane. They showed the woman at desk there tickets and boarded the plane. Marty and Connor were sitting in there seats when the pilot started to talk over the intercom.

    Pilot: This is your captain speaking we are nearing the New York City airport. Please fasten your seatbelts and put your chairs in there upright positions.

    Connor and Marty take out there headphones and look over when a stewardess walks over.

    Stewardess: Would you like something before we reach the airport?

    Connor: No thank you. (To Marty) what about you?

    Marty: No I'm good.

    The camera stays on Connor and Marty as the stewardess continues to talk.

    Stewardess V.O.: Are you sure you don't want anything to drink?

    Connor and Marty look up to see the stewardess has vamped out and they both look shocked. There is a low growl from all around them and the boys look around to see the four rows in front of them vampires are getting up out of there seats and coming towards them. Connor picks up a stake from his bag and passes it to Marty.

    Connor: Man how did I not smell them up here?

    Marty: (shrugging) don't know don't care. Let's just kick there asses and get off of this plane.

    Connor just smiles and lunges forward and kicks two vamps in the face. Marty punches one and flips one over his shoulder and stakes another. But as soon as he pulls the stake back to more jump him. Connor stakes two at the same time and punches another. He jumps over two seats and kicks the two vamps off of Marty. He helps Marty up and kicks the vampire behind him. He then throws the stake at the last vampire and whips his fist around and punches a vamp straight into Mary's stake.

    Cut to the airport terminal. Several passengers start exiting the tunnel leading to the plane. Some chatter amongst themselves, while others are greeting people in the waiting area giving them hugs and kisses. Connor and Marty are walking out of the airplane tunnel dusty looking and there clothes are ripped. The receptionist notices them and walks up to them in shock.

    Receptionist: Oh my goodness are you both okay?

    Connor: Yeah we're both good.

    Marty: Although you should probably get a vacuum cleaner though.

    They both walk away shaking loose dust off there clothes and hair. The receptionist watches them, quite confused.

    Cut to the airplane at the same time. We track through the empty plane and it is immaculate. We go through the curtains to coach and the front area looks fine. When we get to the wing we see a pile of dust in the aisle. The camera pans around to show piles of dust in most of the chairs. The camera moves towards Connor and Marty's seats where there are piles of dust there. Cup holders and arm rests are scattered on the floor.

    That was one hell of a fight.

    Fade to Black-End of Teaser.

    Opening Credits

    Theme Song: Quutamo by Apocalyptica

    Vincent Kartheiser as Connor Riley Angel
    Sam Jones III as Marty Jackson
    Thomas Dekker as Casey Parker
    Emily Browning as Sofia Romero
    Bradley Cooper as Gregory Pierce

    Guest Stars:
    Romola Garai as Clarice
    David Boreanaz as Angel
    Julie Benz as Darla
    Willa Holland as Lily
    Adam Brody as Gord Siegel
    Genevieve Cortese as Krista

    Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters that have appeared or have been mentioned on Angel or Buffy. I do however own the characters that haven't been mentioned or shown on the shows.

    Created by: khurd15 (Karl)

    Written by: khurd15 (Karl)

    Story by: khurd15 (Karl)

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    Act 1

    Cut to an apartment complex. Cut to the inside of an apartment. We see Connor is on the floor sitting Indian style. He has a map of the local NYU College and lets out a stressful sigh.

    Connor: (to self; stressed) where the hell are you?

    Marty walks into the living room with two cups of tea and plops down on the ground and looks to see the map that Connor is looking at.

    Marty: So what are you looking for again?

    Connor looks up and Marty hands him the other cup.

    Connor: Well I’m trying to find the lecture hall for my psychology class, (Sighs) but no such luck.

    Marty stifles his laughter. Connor looks up and glares.

    Marty: (off Connor’s look) I’m sorry its just that you are to hyped up on finding the class and you haven’t even gotten your schedule yet.

    Connor: Yeah I know. (Sighs) I’m sorry its just that I haven’t heard from my dad since I left California.

    Marty: (confused) wait I though you called your dad before we left.

    Connor looks at Marty and gives him an “are you kidding look” and Marty finally gets it.

    Marty: Oh you are talking about Angel?

    Connor nods

    Marty: Don’t worry the guys a champion like you. I’m sure he is fine.

    Connor stands up and starts pacing the room

    Connor: If he was alright, then he would have called me and made sure that I was okay and let me know that he was okay.

    Marty gets up and puts his cup on the table and pulls Connor into a hug and they just stand there for a minute. Marty leads Connor to the couch and sits him down and looks at him in the eyes.

    Marty: Look Connor, Angel is fine and he and his friends are probably out looking for you right now and when they find out you’re here in New York City then they will come a running and will give you the biggest hug in the world. Okay?

    Connor: Okay. Hey come on lets go patrolling.

    Connor picks up his jacket off the coat rack and so does Marty and they both walk out the door.

    Cut to the Central park at night. A vampire flies into view and the camera pans around to show Connor kicking to vampires away from him while 2 feet away Marty is flipping one over his shoulder and staking it. Connor somersault’s towards the vampire he threw earlier and stakes it. Marty gets jumped by a group of vampires. Connor turns in time to see Marty get pounced on but before he can do anything two vampires fly backwards along with two more and Marty does a front flip he kicks one in the face, then punches one and grabs a stake from his pocket and stabs another with it. He ducks a punch to the face and stakes another vamp and sidesteps a kick to the back and stakes another vamp. The last vampire left runs away before Marty and Connor can reach it.

    Cut to the hallway of the apartment complex. Connor and Marty walk out of the elevator and start walking towards there apartment.

    Connor: I can’t believe you killed that many vamps. How the hell did you do that?

    Marty: Something I picked up at the karate class I went to last summer. Besides you weren’t so bad yourself.

    Connor laughs while digging in his pockets for his keys. He pulls them out and opens the door to there apartment. The two boys step inside and put there jackets back on the rack. Marty walks over to the couch and turns on the TV. Connor joins him on the couch and they both sit there and watch the TV.

    Cut to Central Park. A young couple is walking in the park where Connor and Marty were. The couple continues to walk totally oblivious to the creature staring at them through the bushes. The creature jumps from out of the bushes and jumps on the guy and takes a bit out of him. The girl screams and the beast turns and splits in half and another one of him appears. While one is killing the guy the other one jumps the screaming girl and eats her as well.

    Cut to the sun rising the next day. Connor sits up in his bed and looks out the window and sees the tall buildings and smiles. He gets out of bed and see’s Marty sitting at the table already reading from a book while eating a bowl of cereal. Connor smirks and tries to sneak up on him but don’t succeed when a water balloon falls on his head from under the door to his room. Connor doesn’t look pleased he looks over to Marty who has turned to grin and smile at him.

    Marty: (grinning) so……did you like the shower?

    Connor: (sarcastic) ha-ha. You are so funny. So what’s on the agenda for today?

    Marty stands up from the table and walks his bowl to the kitchen sink. He turns and looks at Connor thinking.

    Marty: Well we kinda have to sign up for our classes and buy more food. (Sighs) and that leave us no time to train except tonight when we deal with those brutal killings.

    Connor: (curious) what killings?

    Marty goes to the living room table and picks up the newspaper and shows Connor the front page. The camera pans around to show the front of the newspaper. In giant bold letters it says: “Brutal Killings Happening in Central Park”. Connor looks concerned and throws the newspaper on the couch.

    Connor: Okay look you go out and shop. I’m going to the scene to stake it out. Find some clues. I will be back soon.

    Marty: Got it.

    Cut to the apartment hallway. Marty has already left and Connor pulls his key out and is locking the door. He turns in time to bump into a young female (Played by: Emily Browning). Connor helps her off the ground and starts helping to pick her stuff up.

    Connor: I am so sorry about that. I really didn’t mean to bump into you.

    Girl: (smiles) oh no it’s fine. I’m a bit of a klutz myself. (Extends her hand) hi I’m Sofia, and you are?

    Connor: Oh. (Extends his hand) I’m Connor.

    Sofia looks around. She smiles and takes her stuff back from Connor.

    Sofia: So….thank you for helping me with my things.

    Connor: (smiles) no problem. (Looks down at watch) Damn I’m late. Um… I will see you around?

    Sofia: Yeah. (Looks back down towards the ground) oh hold on you forgot you’re……stake.

    Sofia looks shocked at what she is holding and runs back to her apartment and shuts the door. She walks through the door and the camera pans around to show books on the dining room table. The camera then swerves around to show weapons on the wall. Sofia keeps walking into a study. There is a young man sitting in the seat. He is wearing a beige suit with a white button up shirt and black loafers (Played by Bradley Cooper). The man looks up to see Sofia holding a stake.

    Man: Sofia why do you have that stake? Were you attacked? Are you hurt?

    Sofia: No I’m fine. This isn’t mine.

    The Man looks shocked and gets up from his desk and walks over to Sofia and looks at her and holds his hand out. Sofia hands him the stake and sits down in the chair in front of the desk.

    The Man: Who does this belong to?

    Sofia: Some guy I met outside the apartment. Why?

    The Man: Well whoever he is he must know about vampires and the demon world entirely. You have to follow him.

    Sofia: Um… Gregory are you crazy I cant just follow him. That’s called stalking.

    Gregory: Not unless he doesn’t see you. (Sighs) Looks just follow him and maybe you might find out who he is.

    Sofia: Fine but if I get caught and I don’t come back then I’m coming back from the dead to haunt your ass.

    Gregory chuckles. Sofia smiles and gets out of the chair and leaves the study.

    Cut to New York streets. Marty is walking along, caring two bags of groceries. He continues to walk until he bumps into a teen who is wearing headphones, a blue hooded jacket over a white t-shirt and wearing black jeans (Played by Thomas Dekker). Marty groans and crouches down and starts collecting the fallen groceries. The guy crouches down and helps to.

    Guy: Hey I’m sorry this happened. I should have been paying attention more.

    Marty: No no it’s fine. I should have been watching were I was going. (Gets back up and takes the bags from the Guy) besides I’m not really good with the whole paying attention. Oh I’m sorry my name is Marty.

    Marty extends his hand and the Guy takes it.

    Guy: Casey

    Marty retracts his hand and starts walking away. Casey runs after him to catch up.
    Marty: Wow that was quick. So how long have you been living in NYC?

    Casey: Well I just moved here from LA. My parents didn’t want me anywhere near that city after the so called riots. (Sighs) at least that’s what everyone is saying.

    Marty stops and looks at Casey. Casey stops himself and looks at Marty and looks confused.

    Casey: (confused) what?

    Marty: (serious) how do you know what really happened in LA?

    Casey: I was there genius. (Sighs) look this isn’t the place to have this type of conversation. Let’s go back to your place and we can talk there. Does that sound fair?

    Marty thinks then nods his head. With that the two boys head back towards the apartments.

    Cut to Central Park. Cop cars are everywhere. People have gathered around to see what is going on. The camera pans around to show that there is an ambulance loading the bodies inside it. Cut back to the crowd. At the head of the crowd Connor is standing there with a grim look on his face. He walks away from the scene and starts sniffing around. Literally. He keeps walking and notices something fishy. He turns around to see Sofia standing there.

    Sofia: Hi!

    Connor: Hi. What are you doing here?

    Sofia: I wanted to see if what they are saying in the paper is true. So what are you doing here?

    Connor: I’m doing the same. Just wanted to see if the paper was telling the truth as well.

    Sofia nods and then punches Connor across the face. Connor hits the ground and looks back up and Sofia is in a fighting stance. Connor gets off the ground and looks pissed. He charges towards Sofia and tries to tackle her but gets kicked down. He does a kick at her ankles and she hits the ground. He flips up and gets into a fighting stance.

    Connor: (angry) what the hell was that for?

    Sofia: (amazement) wow… did you do that?

    Connor: (calm) wait….that’s something I want to know. How are you able to do that?

    Sofia laughs and then smiles

    Sofia: Well I’m a vampire slayer. What about you?
    Connor: I’m the Destroyer. (Shocked) Wait how are you the slayer?

    Sofia: (sighs) Well giant battle, evil people, Red head witch powered up a mystic scythe type weapon, yadda yadda. One flash show later every girl in the world is a slayer. So what’s the Destroyer?

    Connor: To be honest, I don’t even know. Hey lets go back to my apartment and talk about this.

    Sofia: Okay.

    With that Connor and Sofia start walking towards the apartments.

    Cut to Marty and Connor’s living room. Casey and Marty are sitting opposite each other. Casey is smiling while Marty looks confused.

    Marty: So what are you? Who are you? And how do you know about LA?

    Casey: (chuckles) well to answer your first question: I’m a warlock.

    Marty: So you do magic?

    Casey: Yes I do. I can do all sorts of things. I’m pretty powerful.

    Marty scoffs and rolls his eyes. Casey just stares and smiles.

    Marty: So what else do you do besides cast magic spells?

    Casey: I’m a black belt in the martial arts and I’m skilled in Math. Oh and to answer your second question: My name is Casey Maxwell Edward Parker.

    Marty just looks shocked and sighs.

    Marty: Okay thanks. So what’s with the middle name?

    Casey: (angry) they come from my two favorite uncles who I miss a whole lot. Jerk.

    Marty: Oh….sorry.

    Casey: (calm) Oh its okay. So I guess you want to know how I know about LA huh.

    Marty: Yeah I do.

    Casey: Well for starters I used to live there. Of course your friend who lives here with you used to live in LA too. (Sighs) well I guess I left LA after the whole demon army thing. But I’m sure it was all sorted out by the council.
    Marty: Yeah I guess…Wait what council?

    Cut to the apartment complex elevator. Connor is talking to Sofia

    Sofia: Yeah the slayer council. It was made by Buffy and her friends around the time the slayer spell happened. The council has rounded up many slayers and are training them as we speak. Besides the sent my watcher and I to this city because a seer in a coven in Devon sensed an evil power rising here.

    They both get out of the elevator and start walking towards Connor’s apartment when all of a sudden Gregory comes flying out of his apartment down the hall. Out of the apartment is a giant gray demon with giant horns. Connor and Sofia runs towards the demon and start throwing punches. The demon swats Sofia back down the hall. Connor kicks the demon and then punches it. He grabs it by the arm and twists it until it snaps then he shoves his fist through the demon’s head and it comes out the other side. Marty and Casey come running out of the apartment and see Connor with his fist in the demons head.

    Marty and Casey: (disgusted) EW that is totally sick.

    Connor looks up and sees Marty and Casey. He pulls his fist out of the demon and looks back over to Gregory who is totally shocked and disgusted as well.

    Sofia: (shocked) so….that was weird.

    Gregory: Yeah….who are you again?

    Connor: (grim) that’s what I want to know.

    Casey: Maybe I can help with that. But first…

    Casey and the others look at the dead demon. Casey holds out his hand and a green energy comes out and destroys the demon. Casey lowers his hand and smiles.

    Casey: So are we going to have that talk yet?

    Connor: Um…yeah.

    Cut to Gregory’s apartment. Connor, Casey, Sofia, and Marty are sitting on the couch. Gregory is standing in front of them pacing back and forth. Marty looks annoyed while Sofia and Casey giggle. Connor is worried. Gregory stops pacing and turns to the four of them.

    Gregory: So let me get this straight, (to Connor) you are the Destroyer?

    Connor: Yes. Although I don’t know what that means.

    Gregory: (to Marty) you are his best friend who helps him?

    Marty: Yeah. (Attitude) Is that a problem?

    Gregory: No no. Its really good. Thank you. (To Casey) and you are the warlock I presume?

    Casey: Yup. I am Obviously.

    Gregory: Okay well hello gang. I am Gregory Pierce. I am a watcher, and that girl sitting next to you is Sofia Romero. She is a vampire slayer.

    Gregory starts pacing again.

    Gregory: Incase you didn’t know the Slayer is one girl chosen in all the world to fight the vampires, demons and-

    Casey: (holding up hand) yes we all know the slayer mythology. Why don’t you skip ahead to the Sunnydale Hellmouth May 2003?

    Gregory: (shocked) of course. So anyways in 2003, Willow Rosenburg did a spell that sent the essence of the slayer to every girl in the world. So now the council is on a man hunt to find the girls and train them.

    Connor: So it’s like Xmen only minus the crappy third act?

    Everyone looks at Connor for that comment.

    Connor: (off everyone’s looks) what?

    Sofia: He is telling the truth it is like Xmen. Oh Andrew will love this.

    Gregory: (sighs) Can we move on?

    Sofia nods.

    Gregory: Anyways point is slayers were created and now things are starting to look up for the council. They have now an estimated amount of 1800 slayers. Which I might say is impressive.

    Connor: Yeah that’s great and all but what about LA?

    Gregory looks shocked about this and looks down at his feet. Connor and the others catch up on the look and are worried.

    Connor: What? What happened?

    Gregory: (sighs) well LA was saved. But….

    Connor: (angry) But what? What happened to my father Angel?

    Casey, Sofia, and Gregory are shocked by this information.

    Casey: Wait your Angel’s son?

    Gregory: How does a vampire have kids?

    Connor: (furious) Look I don’t have time for 20 questions. Just answer my question. Where is he?

    Gregory: Well…..Angel and his friends are dead.

    Connor and the others just look shocked. Close up on Connor’s face. A single tear rolls down his face.

    Connor: (quietly) No

    Fade to Black- End of Act 1
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      Act 2

      We pick up right where we left off. Connor is sitting shocked about hearing about Angel’s demise. Marty goes over to comfort Connor, Casey has gotten up from the couch and is looking out the window, and Sofia is holding back tears and is standing next to Gregory. Gregory is still upset about giving out this news.

      Gregory: (sad) I’m sorry. I didn’t know this would have happened to Angel.

      Casey: (looking out window) how do you know?

      Gregory: How do I know what?

      Casey: How do you know they are dead? (Turns towards the gang) I mean the council probably didn’t know that was Angel who died in that battle.

      Gregory: No. The council sent a team and found that Angel and his friends didn’t survive the fight with the senior partners.

      Connor O.S.: Did he at least go out fighting?

      The camera pans around to show Connor sat on the couch with his knees to his chest while his chin is resting on his knees. Sofia is sitting next to him patting his back. Marty is sitting with his head in his hands.

      Gregory: From what I heard there were a lot of dead demons. So yeah I would have to guess that your dad put up one hell of a fight before they could ever take him out.

      Connor stands up and wipes the tears from his face with the back of his sleeve. He starts walking towards the door to Gregory’s apartment. He opens the door and leaves. Marty tries to follow but Casey puts a hand on his shoulder and shakes his head. Marty sighs and turns to Gregory.

      Marty: (angry) so any other secrets you want to tell us?

      Gregory looks upset.

      Cut to New York streets. It is nighttime and Connor is walking along without a care in the world. He walks over to central park and decides to do a little patrolling. He realizes that he is totally lost right now. Connor walks over to a park bench and sits down. While Connor is sitting and contemplating, his phone starts to ring. He looks at it and sees Marty is on the caller ID. He sighs and puts the phone back into his pocket.

      Woman V.O.: Hey are you okay?

      Connor looks up to see a red headed woman wearing a black tank top under a leather jacket and black jeans with black heels (Played by Romola Garai). Connor sighs and smiles a little.

      Connor: I guess depends on how you put it.

      Woman: Well maybe you need something to distract you.

      Connor: (looks up) like what?

      Just then the woman punches him in the face and he hits the floor. Connor grabs his jaw and looks up to see the woman is a vampire. Connor smirks.

      Connor: (stands up) you know its creatures like you that make me crazy.

      Woman: Yeah well I guess we will see if you are all powerful Destroyer.

      Connor goes wide eyed and ducks from a punch that is thrown his way.

      Cut to Sofia and Gregory’s apartment. Gregory is at his desk talking on the phone to someone, while Casey is in the middle of the room meditating, Sofia is looking over the weapons, and Marty is pacing with a cell phone in his hands.

      Gregory: (to phone) what the hell do you mean Artemis that Willow is unavailable? (Beat) Well I don’t care. Where is she? (Beat) What do you mean she is astral projecting in the Himalayas? Well when will she be back? 4 weeks? I don’t have time for that. Where is Rupert Giles? Oh and he is where? (Beat) He’s in Respect Shores? Great well let them both know I need to have a chat with them about a situation in New York. Thanks Arty.

      Gregory puts the phone down and sighs. He looks up to see the others looking at him. Sofia walks over to where Casey and Marty are.

      Sofia: So is the council going to help?

      Gregory: Unfortunately everyone who I need to contact is either busy with a hellmouth or out training slayers. So I guess we are on our own.

      Sofia: Perfect we definitely don’t need anymore slayers around here besides me.

      Casey: (sarcastically) well that would be bad now wouldn’t it?

      Sofia: (angry) what is that supposed to mean?

      Casey: (casual) nothing. (Sighs) look can we go look for Connor? I mean he has been out there by himself for sometime now.

      Marty: Yeah I agree. Let’s go find him.

      Sofia: Fine I will go with you guys. (To Gregory) Hey can you stay here in case he comes back before we do?

      Gregory: Sure.

      With that Casey, Marty, and Sofia go out the front door.

      Cut to central park. Connor flies into a tree and hits the ground. The vampire descends onto him. She grabs him by the front of his jacket, picks him up and slams him into the tree.

      Vampire: You know….this is kinda hot. I have always wanted to taste the blood of the Destroyer.

      Connor: Well keep dreaming bitch.

      With that he head butts her and knees her in the stomach and throws her away from him. Connor starts to limp away from the area and keeps trying to escape from her. He trips and rolls down one of the hills and hit his head. The vampire catches up and sees Connor laying down and not moving. She starts walking towards him and reaches down to bite him but is thrown back by an invisible force. She looks up to see Casey and Marty running towards her. She turns to leave but bumps into Sofia.

      Sofia: Say now that’s not nice.

      Sofia punches the Vampire and then kicks her. The vampire gets back up and kicks Sofia in the face and throws her into a tree. Sofia gets up and pulls out a stake. The vampire recognizes it and smiles.

      Sofia: (confused) what are you smiling at?

      Vampire: (smiles) the fact that you are a slayer. This should get interesting.

      Sofia: Why should it matter if I’m a slayer? Who are you?

      Vampire: The name is Clarice. Huh. In my time slayers were a lot more durable. Oh well. I got to go. See ya around.

      With that she runs off into the shadows. Sofia sighs and runs over to Casey and Marty who are squatting next to Connor. Sofia drops down to her knees and puts Connor’s head in her lap.

      Casey: Oh god he is bleeding everywhere. We need to get him someplace safe.

      Sofia: Okay Marty grab his legs, Casey his arms. We can go back to my place.

      The others nod and start taking Connor towards the apartments.

      Cut to Gregory and Sofia’s apartment. Gregory is sitting at his desk reading texts when the front door bursts open and Casey and the others come through. Gregory gets up and sees Connor and gasps.

      Gregory: What the hell happened?

      Sofia: Vampire. A very nasty Vamp. (To Marty and Casey) Place him on the couch gently.

      Gregory grabs Sofia’s arm and pulls her away from the others.

      Gregory: (serious) Sofia I need you to focus and tell me exactly what happened.

      Sofia: Well we went to the park, because we thought that he would love to blow off some steam and kill a few vamps and we saw him getting beaten up by a vampire that’s when we saw him trip down a hill and hit his head. Of course we chased after him and saw vampire bitch trying to bite him. But thank god for Casey’s telekinesis.

      Gregory: (sighs) yeah thank goodness indeed. Anything else happened?

      Sofia: yeah she said her name was Clarice. Oh and what else is weird is that she knows about slayers.

      Gregory: Well of course she knows about slayers. I mean she is a vampire.

      Sofia: No I meant when I first hit her she knew. It was like some look in her eye that gave her away.

      Gregory thinks on this but something with Casey catches his eye. He sees Connor glowing and Casey with his hands over Connor’s chest. Sofia turns around to see what Casey is doing and is wide eyed. Marty is also shocked and is putting down the bandages. After the glow fades Casey falls back and hits the floor. Marty goes over to Casey and checks to see if he is okay.

      Cut to a close up on Connor’s eyes. They start moving and shifting.

      Cut to a black space. Casey walks into the frame and looks around.

      Casey: Great Casey. What the hell did you get yourself into?

      Casey looks around and sees a bright light. He walks towards the light and walks straight into it. When he reappears he notices he is not inside Gregory and Sofia’s apartment. He looks around and notices a house in front of him. He walks towards the house and literally walks through the front door.

      Casey: Okay that was just weird. (Looks around) Where the hell am I?

      Casey starts walking through the house when he notices a blonde woman near a stove he looks at her weirdly. The woman turns around and it reveals to be Darla. Casey has shock on his face and backs up and turns around and sees Angel standing behind him. Casey looks even more shocked than normal. Angel just walks right through him and up to Darla and kisses her. Casey walks out of the room and into the living room and sees a teen sitting on the couch watching Star Wars. The teen turns around to show it is Connor.

      Connor: Hello Casey.

      Casey: Hi Connor.

      Cut to the apartment. Casey and Connor are lying on Gregory’s bed. Marty, Sofia, and Gregory are staring at the two intently.

      Gregory: So does anybody know what the hell happened?

      Sofia: You got me. Marty what about you?

      Marty: Well…I’m guessing when Casey tried healing him he must have entered his subconscious and I guess they both are trapped there until at least one of them wakes up.

      Sofia: So maybe we should leave them be and not disturb them at all. In the meantime the three of us need to find a way to beat Vampire bitch.

      Gregory: Well maybe we should research a way to help them. (Off Marty and Sofia’s looks) or we could stop the “vampire bitch”.

      The trio returns to the living room and start looking through books. But before the gang could get any farther a flaming arrow flies in through the window. Sofia runs over to the window to see vampires entering the building and shooting arrows. Gregory joins her at the window and sees Clarice looking up at them.

      Gregory: Let me guess the red head’s the “Vampire Bitch” that you were talking about?

      Sofia: yeah and she must have an army of vamps at her beck and call. (Turns to Marty) time to load up on weapons. Can you fight?

      Marty picks up a sword and turns to the duo.

      Marty: Of course. Let’s do this already.

      Sofia: Okay. (To Gregory) Okay you need to stay and guard and watch those two. Make sure the vamps never get to them. Okay?

      Gregory nods and picks up the ax. Sofia and Marty run out of the living room and out the door. Sofia closes the door behind her. They both turn to see vampires running down the hall towards them. They both hold up there weapons and start swinging at the close’s vampires near them.

      Cut to Connor and Casey. Casey is now sitting next to Connor and the two are staring at each other.

      Casey: Connor, what the hell is going on?

      Connor: (sighs) I don’t know why don’t you tell me.

      Casey: Well you obviously brought me here for a reason. (Looks over and sees Angel and Darla laughing) well I think I understand this now. I guess.

      Connor: Well what took you so long? I mean I was beginning to think that you wouldn’t get it.

      Casey: (sighs) its okay to hate him. I mean its fine to hate them.

      Connor looks up and stares at Casey.

      Connor: I don’t hate them. I….just want a perfect life with them in it.

      Casey: I understand Connor but locking yourself up in your subconscious is not the way to go. You need to face the facts that Angel and Darla are gone.

      Just as Casey says that Angel comes through the door

      Angel: Hey kiddo. Dinner’s ready. You better hurry though your sister and Mother are getting pretty angry.

      Connor: Okay dad. (Turns to Casey) See I can live my life with my family forever and ever.

      With that Connor walks out of the room towards the dining room. Casey frowns and follows him but stops when he sees demons outside the house. He then turns and then sees Angel behind him.

      Casey: Um….can you see me?

      Angel: (stern) Yeah I can. Now tell me, what the hell are you doing here?

      Casey gulps and looks at his feet

      Cut to the hallway. Marty and Sofia are fighting left and right against the vampires. Marty kicks two down and chops another one in half. Sofia does a spin kick and shoots two arrows at two vampires. The last vampire there tries to jump Sofia but she kicks him down and stakes him. After the last one turns to dust Clarice appears at the end of the hallway smirking.

      Sofia: What is so funny bitch?

      Clarice: The fact that you think you can beat me. (Starts to clap) I have to admit I didn’t think slayers were this strong.

      Marty: Okay for one I’m not a slayer and two you wouldn’t be able to win against a slayer even if you tried.
      Clarice: Oh that is where you are wrong.

      With that Clarice appears behind them. She grabs Marty by the shoulders and throws him through the door that leads into Sofia and Gregory’s apartment. Sofia turns and a tries to elbow her but Clarice catches her elbow and throws her through the door too. She smiles and walks through the door.

      Cut to Angel and Casey. Casey is still looking a little shocked, while Angel is just staring at him intently.

      Angel: Well I’m waiting.

      Casey: Waiting for what?

      Angel: Why are you here? You don’t fit here

      Casey: Actually I’m here for Connor. But the real thing here is that you need to let him go.

      Angel: Why should I? He is my son.

      Casey: Yeah but the thing is, your dead in the real world, and right now Connor needs a real family.

      Lily V.O.: But you can’t give him a real family. Only we can.

      Casey and Angel turn to see Darla and Lily standing there. Casey looks pissed.

      Darla: We can give him a real family. Why won’t you let him be happy? Aren’t you his friend?

      Casey: Yeah I am. (Angry) but you guys aren’t real and it’s killing him. (Looks to Lily) Especially you, you aren’t even real and yet you still in his life. Look I’m not saying that neither one of you is not essential in his life…

      Cut to Connor walking out of the kitchen. He stops when he hears the conversation.

      Casey V.O.: But personally Connor has a real family that loves and cares for him and would die before they see him get hurt.

      Connor looks shocked.

      Cut to Clarice towering over Sofia and Marty. Clarice picks up Sofia and Marty by the necks and pin them to the wall. Gregory sneaks out of the room and holds the crossbow. He fires it and it hits Clarice in the left shoulder. She drops Sofia and throws Marty into Gregory. She rips the arrow out and throws it over her shoulder. She kicks Sofia in the stomach and she goes flying into the bookcase.

      Clarice: Well this is starting to get boring. I think I will just kill you three and get this over with.

      Clarice walks over to the weapons cabinet and picks up a sword. She smiles and walks towards the gang and has an evil Angelus grin on her face.

      Cut to Connor’s subconscious. Casey is in front of the whole entire family. He looks back out the window at the demons and turns to back to the family.

      Casey: Look let Connor go there is not a lot of time left.

      Angel: He is my son Damnit. I don’t care what is going on out there; I will not lose him again.

      Lily: Yeah so go away you dork. Before I kick your ass, and then kill you.

      Casey laughs and holds his hand out a blast of energy emits from his hand and blasts all three of them back. Connor comes running into the room and jumps Casey and starts punching him.

      Connor: Don’t (punch) touch (punch) my (punch) family again.

      Casey: (weak) well….look…at them, (coughs) and tell me if they are your family.

      Connor turns to see Angel, Darla and Lily are all demons. Connor looks shocked and confused. Casey gets up and summons a sword. He places the sword next to Connor and stares at him. Connor sees the sword and looks at Casey.

      Connor: (sad) what is this for?

      Casey: You know exactly what this is for. (Kneels down next to Connor) look I know it’s hard for you to lose your parents but hiding away is not going to help you as much. (Stands up) so whenever you’re ready, I will see you back home then.

      With that Casey walks out of the living room and out the front door. Connor looks back at his “family” and starts to cry. He picks up the sword and walks over to them and raises it.

      Cut to the apartment Sofia’s bedroom. Casey bolts up and sighs. He looks over and sees Connor still laying there. He hears a crash from the other room and runs out to see Clarice with a sword to Sofia’s neck. Casey holds out his hand and a green energy engulfs Clarice and throws her to the other side of the room. He rushes over to Sofia and helps her up. Clarice gets up and looks over to see Casey awake. She vamps out and jumps over the couch and throws Casey into the weapons cabinet. Gregory and Marty rush her get knocked down by two right hooks. Clarice grabs Sofia but is punched into a wall. Sofia and Clarice look up to see Connor looking menacing. He is holding the sword Casey gave him and it has blood all over it.

      Connor: Oh I’m sorry. Did I interrupt?

      Fade to Black- End of Act 2


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        Act 3

        Open back up to see Connor standing with the bloody sword. He is frowning and slowly walks towards Clarice and Sofia.

        Connor: So?.what did I miss?

        Casey sits up to see Connor and smiles. Marty and Gregory sit up as well and smile to.

        Connor: Well from the looks of things it seems Clarice here has become a right foul bitch.

        Sofia: (irritated) yeah well it would have been a lot better if you were here.

        Connor: Well excuse me I was busy. But it seems a slayer can't defeat one lousy vampire. Now that is pathetic. (Looks to Casey) thank you.

        Casey: (smirks) you're welcome. So are you going to kill her?

        Connor: (Turns back to Clarice) I'm thinking about it. Though there are a lot of things I can do to her for hurting you guys.

        Clarice: Well get on with it Destroyer. You know you can't beat me.

        Connor: True. But I can find out who you work for.

        Clarice: (shocked) what are you talking about?

        Connor: Oh come off of it. No 2-bit vampire is able to pull off attacking a slayer, a warlock, and 2 humans without help. So who sent you?

        Clarice smirks and extends her foot and kicks Connor back. Connor stumbles a little while Clarice flips up and punches Connor who punches her back. Sofia jumps up to and Kicks Clarice in the back. Connor swipes at Clarice with his sword and punches her. Sofia flips over Clarice kicks her in the chest. Clarice stumbles back. Connor does a spin kick and kicks Clarice out of the window. The gang runs over to the window and looks to see Clarice running down the street. Connor sighs and turns to the others. He smiles and grabs the others into a giant group hug.

        Cut to Marty and Connor's apartment. Connor is sitting on his bed. He is looking out the window towards the rising sun. He smiles. There is a slight knock at his door and he looks over to see Casey standing there. He smiles and walks over to Connor's bed and sits down.

        Casey: So how are you holding up?

        Connor: Oh you know same old same old. I just couldn't really fathom how that vampire is still on the loose.

        Casey: That's not what I was talking about.

        Connor: I know. It was just weird seeing my mom and dad happy like that. (Sighs) I just wish that is what it was like here.

        Casey smiles and takes Connor's hands

        Casey: Look don't worry, you have a family here that loves you. Besides I think we need to patrol for Ms. Vampire bitch.

        Connor chuckles and gets out of the bed. Casey smiles as well and leaves the room.

        Cut to Gregory and Sofia's apartment. Marty and Sofia are picking up weapons that are strewn across the floor and books all over the place. Gregory walks into the living room to see them cleaning and smiles.

        Gregory: God it's like I got my own cleaning service. (Sarcastic) Hey next can you guys clean the chimney its looking a little dusty?

        Marty and Sofia both frown at him. Gregory goes over to his desk and sits in the chair and it falls apart. Sofia and Marty turn and look to see Gregory on the floor. They both laugh.

        Gregory: Hahaha very funny. Now can someone help me up?

        Before Sofia could go to help Gregory the door opened and in walked Connor and Casey. Sofia smiles and walks away from Gregory.

        Sofia: So did you have a good's night sleep?

        Connor: Yeah I did. It was pretty relaxing.

        Casey: Same here.

        Sofia: Excellent. Now all we have to do is find Clarice and stake her. Which shouldn't be too hard?

        Marty: Yeah for you it was. I mean you couldn't even land a punch.

        Sofia turns and glares and Marty who smirks and goes to pick up the rest of the weapons. Connor smirks and goes over to the couch and sits down.

        Casey: Well as much fun as this has been I have to head to school.

        Connor and Marty look up confused.

        Connor: Wait?.school?

        Casey: Um yeah school, the place where you learn.

        Marty: wait what school do you go to?

        Casey: Stuyvesant High school. (Off Connor and Marty's looks) Relax I'm just a high school student who is gay and happens to be good at magic. So I will see you all later. Okay?

        Casey picks up his bag and walks out the door. Sofia shrugs and starts putting books back into shelves.

        Cut to Stuyvesant High. Casey is walking through the front door and towards his locker. He opens it and takes out some textbooks. He closes his locker and turns and bumps into a guy. They both drop there books and mutter sorry. Casey starts grabbing his books up him and the guy reach for the same book and there hands touch. They both blush and pull there hands away. They both stand. The Guy is wearing a stripped blue and white shirt, black jeans and black converse (Played by Adam Brody).

        Guy: I am so sorry about that.

        Casey: Oh it's fine. I mean it's my fault for not looking where I was walking.

        Guy: Oh my name is Gordon by the way, Gord for short.

        Casey extends his hand

        Casey: I'm Casey

        Gord reaches out and takes his hand. They both smile and realize they are still holding hands. They let go and smile.

        Gord: So I haven't seen you around these halls lately.

        Casey: Same with you. What grade are you in?

        Gord: I'm a senior. What about you?

        Casey: Same. I guess we both have something in common. So what class are you headed to?

        Gord: Well I'm heading to Psychology next. What about you?

        Casey: (shrugs) well I have to head to Marine science. But will I see you around?

        Gord smiles and leans down and kiss Casey on the cheek

        Gord: Definitely.

        Casey smiles and walks to class. Gord looks after Casey and smiles as well.

        Cut to New York University. Connor, Marty and Sofia are walking around the campus and are looking at schedules in there hands.

        Sofia: Wow who knew being a psychology major was so much hard work.

        Marty: Well being an art major is even harder. I was lucky to even get into this school. That football scholarship really helped though.

        Connor: Yeah it sure did. (To Sofia) so do you want to go patrolling?

        Sofia: Sure I might get some high fly training in while I'm patrolling. (To Marty) what about you? Do you want to come?

        Marty: No thank you. I think the slayer and Destroyer tag team will be more efficient than the Destroyer, Slayer, and Human triple whammy. Count me out. I was going to hang out with Casey and Gregory and try to find more dirt on that bitch Clarice. (Looks at watch) well hey I have to head to my next class so I will catch you guys later.

        With that Marty runs off to his next class. Sofia and Connor keep walking towards the campus library. When the two get inside they notice that no one is in there. They keep walking around and Sofia looks down and notices red droplets near her shoe. Connor turns and sees what Sofia is looking at. They both follow the droplets and find the body of the librarian lying in a pool of her own blood. Sofia stands in shock while Connor pulls out his cell phone and dials 911.

        Cut to Gregory and Sofia's apartment. Gregory is searching through texts on Clarice when all of a sudden Clarice comes crashing through the window. Gregory jumps up from his seat and pulls the crossbow off the wall and shoots two bolts at her. Clarice dodges out the way and kicks the crossbow out of his hands. Gregory tries to punch her but she blocks his punch and kicks him in the chest. Gregory falls backwards and grabs the sword from under the couch and swings up ward at Clarice. Clarice back flips out of the way and grabs a sword off the wall herself.

        Gregory: How are you here? It's sunny outside.

        Clarice: Well hey I can do whatever I want with this.

        Clarice holds up the pendant around her neck and shows it off to Gregory. He looks shocked and tries to go for it but Clarice kicks him down. In the background Gregory's cell phone is ringing and he can't hear it.

        Cut to the School Library. Connor and Sofia are standing around. The paramedics have shown up to take the woman's body. Sofia is still trying to reach Gregory but he won't answer or pick up. Connor notices Sofia's distress and walks over to her.

        Connor: (worried) what's wrong?

        Sofia: Gregory isn't answering his cell. I have to go back.

        Connor: Okay I will meet you there. I'm going to go find Marty and we will meet you there.

        Sofia: Got it

        With that they both run in opposite directions.

        Cut to the apartment. Gregory is still fighting off Clarice's attacks. Soon the front door burst open and other vampires start invading the living room. Two vampires jump Gregory and hold him by his arms so he doesn't escape. Clarice starts walking over to him and smiles.

        Clarice: I have to admit for a watcher you put up one hell of a fight. I'm really impressed.
        Though it's too bad I have to kill you.

        Gregory: Yeah well screw you bitch. Sofia and the others won't stand for this. They will hunt you down and cut you to pieces. Besides I don't think you will kill me, I am too valuable and besides you don't have the guts.

        Clarice looks angry and slaps Gregory across the face hard. She lifts the sword up and is about to bring it down when all of a sudden the front door bursts open and a girl comes through the threshold. Gregory, Clarice and vampires look over to see the girl. The Girl is wearing a black jacket over a blue shirt, black jeans and black heels (Played by Genevieve Cortese).

        Gregory: (shocked) okay?..this just got weird.

        The Girl smirks and pulls out a stake. The vampires growl at her and run towards her. The Girl throws the stake at one vampire and it dusts, she then turns to the next vampire and dusts it to. Then the third vampire kicks her and punches her, but the Girl kicks it back and stakes it as well. She turns to Clarice who is also staring in shock. Clarice decides to leave so she jumps out the window she came in. Gregory gets off the ground and looks at the Girl.

        Gregory: Who are you?

        The Girl turns to look at Gregory and smirks

        Girl: I'm the girl that just saved your ass.

        With that she walks out of the apartment in a great hurry with Gregory looking after her with confusion. Gregory goes over to the couch to sit down but before he even has a chance to sit down, Connor, Marty, and Sofia come rushing through the front door all jumping Gregory.

        Gregory: Okay this is totally not necessary.

        Sofia: Oh My God Gregory are you okay?

        Marty: Yeah because Sofia was saying you were in trouble. (Looks around) What the hell happened?

        Connor: Clarice was here. Wasn't she?

        Gregory: Yeah she was. I'm still a little confused about that.

        Marty: Yeah that is kind of weird. How the hell did she get in here and the sun is still out?

        Gregory: She had some sort of talisman. I wasn't able to get it. But I thought I was going to die here.

        Sofia: Well it's a good thing you didn't. Although that is a good question, how did you survive? Not that I'm not happy you are alive?

        Gregory: well I was about to get sliced up by Clarice when all of a sudden some girl showed up and saved my ass.

        The others just look at him and then each other and break out laughing. Gregory glares at them and decides to ignore there laughs. He gets up and goes to his phone.

        Sofia: Who are you calling?

        Gregory: The council.

        Marty: Why? Do you think she was sent by them?

        Gregory: Probably. I don't know. But she was just as strong as a slayer. I think you may have some competition Sofia.

        Connor: Besides all that. Did she tell you her name?

        Gregory: No. She didn't stop to chat. She just killed the vampires and scared Clarice away. I think this girl could make a great ally.

        Marty: Yeah well that will have to wait. Because this apartment looks like crap and we just had finished cleaning it earlier this morning.

        Connor: Look I don't know who this Girl is but whatever. For now we focus on finding Clarice and stopping her. Okay here is the deal. I will call Casey and tell him to stay here with you Marty and Gregory and start finding out everything you can about Clarice. Meanwhile Sofia and I will hunt down Clarice and make the bitch talk.

        Sofia: Wow. That's a good plan you got there. Okay I'm in.

        Marty and Gregory: Same here.

        Connor: Okay. (Starts walking towards the door) Let's go to work.

        Cut to Stuyvesant High school. Casey and Gord are sitting together at a lunch table talking. The camera pans out to show the Girl from earlier watching Casey. Casey and Gord get up and walk towards one of the hallways.

        Casey: So what college are you applying to? I mean there are so many to choose from.

        Gord: Well maybe NYU, or Harvard, or Stanford. I haven't really decided. What about you?

        Casey: Well hey I happen to like New York City, so I decided to start my college years here in the city.

        Gord: Oh that's cool.

        Gord and Casey keep walking and don't notice someone is following them. Casey and Gord round a corner and bump into Clarice, Casey gets a shocked look while Gord just stands there confused. Clarice just grins and snaps her fingers. Next all whole bunches of vampires start coming out of the classrooms and surround the two.

        Casey: So is this your plan? Bore me to death with useless vampires?

        Clarice: Oh no not really. I just want to kill the little warlock that is ruining my plans. Don't worry it wont take long just to kill you, although your little boyfriend here is kind of cute.

        Casey: Touch him and I will end you.

        Clarice: You are really touchy today. Listen why don't you and my boys start fighting.

        Clarice snaps her fingers again and the vampires lunge at the two. Casey's eyes go black and he holds his hand up in the air.

        Casey: Gord get down.

        Gord doesn't hesitate and drops to the floor.

        Casey: Lux lucis

        With that a ball of light appeared in Casey's hand and flashes the whole entire room and dusts all the vamps except Clarice. Clarice glares at Casey and kicks him backwards. Clarice is about to bite Casey when all of a sudden she is thrown backwards. Casey sits up and turns to see the Girl from earlier standing there.

        Casey: Okay. This is just getting weird.

        Girl: Run you idiot. I will hold her off.

        Casey gets up and grabs Gord by the arm and drags him along with him. The two run out of the school and down the street. The two keep on running until they are in central park. Gord yanks his arm away from Casey, Casey turns to see Gord is angry.

        Casey: Gord we have to keep running.

        Gord: No. Not until I get some answers. What the hell were those things? Who the hell was that lady? And why what was that light that came out of your hand?

        Casey sighs and goes to sit on a park bench.

        Casey: Okay Gord. I guess I should tell you the truth.

        Cut to the park. Connor and Sofia are walking around turning there heads left and right. They both stop when they see Casey sitting on a park bench all by himself. They both walk up to him and notice that he is crying and they both go to comfort him.

        Cut to Gregory and Sofia's apartment. Marty and Gregory are reading texts. The front door opens and Casey comes walking through the door with his head down. Marty notices and goes to talk to him but Casey walks right past him into the bathroom.

        Marty: Do you think I should talk to him?

        Gregory: No. I think he needs some time alone.

        Cut to the inside of the bathroom. Casey is lying on the floor crying. Marty and Gregory's conversation continues.

        Marty V.O.: I wonder what the hell happened.

        Gregory V.O.: Well what ever happened. I'm sure Casey is strong enough to handle it and fight on. He is pretty strong.

        Marty V.O: Yeah he is.

        Cut to Central Park. Connor and Sofia are still walking.

        Connor: God that has to suck for Casey.

        Sofia: Yeah I know. But hopefully that Gord guy can get over it eventually and can come running back to Casey.

        Connor: Yeah. (Looks around) Damn I can't believe we can't find Clarice. This is just going to piss me off even more when we can't find her.

        Sofia: Yeah well?. (Looks over to a clearing) Who the hell is that?

        Cut to the clearing she was looking at. The Girl from earlier is standing there holding flowers. The camera pans around to show a gravestone. The Girl kneels down and puts the flowers on the grave. She wipes tears from her eyes and walks away. Connor and Sofia look at each other and go over to the grave. They both look down and see the tombstone reads: R.I.P Jack "I always loved you". Connor and Sofia look confused. But before they can ponder this, Clarice appears and kicks Connor and Sofia away from each other.

        Clarice: Well Well. If it isn't Thelma and Louise, what are you two brats up to?

        Connor: Oh nothing. Just waiting for a little payback and a chance to stake your ass.

        Connor jumps up and kicks her back. Clarice punches him in the face and kicks him down. Sofia kicks Clarice in the shins and trips her. All three get up and starts fighting. Connor punches Clarice, who punches him back. Sofia tries to get into the fight but gets backhanded by Clarice. She lands on her back and hits her head. Connor continues to trade blows with Clarice until he gets hit over the head and slumps to the floor. Clarice looks up to see a vampire minion standing there.

        Clarice: Excellent. Grab his body and take him to the lair.

        Vampire: What about the slayer?

        Clarice: Oh just leave her. She won't find us anyways.

        Clarice and the vampire walk away with Connor

        Black Out-End of Act 3


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          Act 4

          We open up on Gregory's apartment. Casey is asleep on the couch, while Marty and Gregory are reading texts. They all jump up when the front door opens and Sofia walks in. Marty runs over to her and helps her to the armchair.

          Marty: Sofia. What the hell happened? And where is Connor?

          Sofia: He was captured by Clarice. I couldn't stop her. She was to strong.

          Gregory: Well there may be a reason behind why she is so strong. It's the talisman she is wearing. It absorbs some of the power of any warrior.

          Sofia: Well no wonder she was so strong. She had absorbed some of me and Connor's strength. Now the only question is how we find her and Connor.

          Marty: Well maybe we can start from where you guys were and start there.

          Casey: No. I can do a locator spell. Do you have anything of Connor's?

          Marty: I have this dollar he gave me.

          Casey: Okay that's good enough.

          Marty gives Casey the dollar. Casey sits cross legged on the floor and closes his eyes. The dollar starts to glow and lifts off the ground. The others look at Casey in shock. When the dollar stops glowing Casey opens his eyes and looks at the gang.

          Casey: Connor is at some abandoned factory off Euclid and River drive.

          Marty: Alright let's head out and?.

          Marty stops talking and looks to see the Girl from before standing there with her arms crossed.

          Girl: Oh this has got to be rich.

          Sofia gets out of the chair and pulls the sword off Gregory's desk. She walks over to the girl and hold's the sword to her throat.

          Sofia: Who the hell are you?

          Girl: Just somebody who can do your job a hell of a lot better. (Looks to Casey) I'm sorry about your boyfriend.

          Casey just frowns and looks away.

          Marty: So what's your name?

          Girl: My name is Krista. I can help you find the Destroyer.

          Sofia: So what makes you think we can trust you?

          Gregory and Casey: Because she saved our life that's why.

          Sofia looks shocked while Krista looks bored.

          Krista: So can we speed this up, because your friend is not going to last long with vampire bitch holding him hostage.

          Marty: Fine. Just take us to him.

          Krista: Actually your boy here can do it. He is the one who has the location.

          Casey: Fine let's just go already.

          With that the gang plus Krista leave the apartment.

          Cut to the abandon factory. The camera pans around the inside and it looks disgusting and old. There are cobwebs everywhere. The camera pans to show Connor chained to the wall. He is staring around at the ugly factory and sighs with disgust. Clarice walks out of the shadows toward him and stares at him, smiling.

          Connor: So this is your plan. Chain me to a wall and piss me off even more than you already have?

          Clarice: Actually no. But I just love the fact that I'm pissing you off. That means I'm doing my job. So do you want to know my evil plan?

          Connor: Sorry I don't care for the plans of evil bitches.

          Clarice growls and back hands Connor.

          Connor: Oh I'm sorry I forgot Psycho to as well.

          Clarice punches him again.

          Connor: Wait I got it. An evil psycho bitch, who can't get any.

          Clarice does a tornado kick to Connor.

          Clarice: Well you just love getting a punishment don't you?

          Connor: Eh?It's something I can deal with. So is that the best you can do?

          Clarice growls and starts punching Connor in the face repeatedly.

          Cut to the streets. The gang plus Krista are walking along.

          Sofia: How much further is it Casey?

          Casey: We are almost there.

          Marty: So do we have a plan?

          Gregory: Yeah not get killed. That would be a big no for getting killed.

          Krista: Look lets discuss strategy later. Right now we are about to jump into the hornet's nest. So if you guys are done with this goody crap.

          Casey: Well maybe if we have a plan we can save Connor without killing the rest of us.

          Marty: Yeah I agree. I mean we can't bum rush the front door. What if she is expecting that?

          Sofia: Well I want that rematch so I can't wait to kick her ass.

          Krista: Fine. So what's the plan?

          Cut to the inside of the factory. Connor is still chained to the wall only his nose is bleeding and his face is bruised. Clarice is wiping the blood off her knuckles and is smiling.

          Clarice: So did you enjoy that beating? If you want I can give you another one.

          Connor: Nah. But I'm sure you and your friends aren't going to make it through this.

          Clarice: Oh please. Look at you, you can barely stand. What makes you think you can beat me?

          Connor: Oh I think it's going to be a lot more interesting than you think.

          With that the windows of the factory smash open and the gang comes swinging in on ropes. Krista and Sofia land first and start slaying the vampires all around the place. Casey, Marty and Gregory land next and start slaying as well. Krista and Casey run over to Connor and take his shackles off.

          Connor: What the hell took you guys so long?

          Casey: Traffic.

          Krista: Look lets save the gushy reunion for later.

          Connor: Who the hell are you?

          Krista: The girl who saved your ass. Now let's go.

          The two of them take Connor and start to leave the factory. Sofia and Marty start decapitating vampire after vampire. Sofia looks up to see Clarice escaping to the roof. Sofia jumps up and grabs onto a railing and flips herself up onto the walkway and chases after her.

          Cut to the roof. Clarice walks through a door and ends up on the roof. She looks through the skylight in the room down in the factory to the vampire overpowering the gang. She smiles.

          Cut to the inside of the factory Marty and Gregory are back against the wall, surrounded by countless vampires.

          Cut to Connor, Krista, and Casey. The trio is leaving the factory. But Connor stops them from leaving and runs back into the factory. Krista and Casey follow him back inside. Connor is kicking three vamps away from him while two more jump him from behind. Krista grabs a vampire and throws it into a wall, while Casey kicks two and stakes them both.

          Cut to the roof. Clarice does not look amused. She starts cursing her bad luck.

          Sofia O.S.: Oh that's not nice to be cussing like that.

          Clarice turns to see Sofia and looks shocked.

          Clarice: I though you were dead.

          Sofia: I may have been dead but I am still pretty, which is more than I can say for you ugly.

          Clarice: Oh the witty banter portion of this fight. It's good to have that.

          Sofia: Yeah I know. So do you want to throw down now?

          Clarice: Yeah.

          Sofia rushes towards Clarice and kicks her. She double punches her and kicks her back. Clarice scratches her on the chest, but Sofia punches her in the face. Clarice punches her and pushes her back into a wall.

          Cut to the inside of the factory. Connor is slaying vampire after vampire. Krista dusts the last vampire and turns to the others. They all stand around waiting.

          Krista: So? that it?

          Connor: It's got to be.

          Casey: (Looking around) where is Sofia?

          The others look around to. Marty looks up and sees Sofia and Clarice fighting.

          Marty: They're on the roof. We have to hurry.

          Cut to the roof. Sofia is kicking Clarice in the face and punching her. She flips over Clarice and kicks her in the back. Clarice turns and grabs her by the neck and lifts her off the ground.

          Clarice: Where are your jives now? Will you laugh when my hell is brought on this earth?

          Sofia looks down and sees the talisman around her neck and reaches out and rips it off her neck. Clarice gasps and drops Sofia. Sofia gets back up and grabs Clarice by the throat.

          Sofia: Now who is the bitch?
          Sofia flips Clarice over her and into the skylight. Clarice falls through it and hits the factory floor hard. Connor and the gang come rushing through the door and see Sofia standing there. Sofia turns and sees the others.

          Sofia: Hey guys. What's up?

          Connor: So is Clarice dead?

          Sofia turns and looks through the hole and doesn't see Clarice at the bottom.

          Sofia: No. But she isn't going to last long with out this piece of junk.

          Sofia drops it and steps on it with her heel. She looks up and smiles. She walks over to the gang and walks out the door. Soon the gang follows her.

          Cut to Connor and Marty's apartment. Connor is sitting on the couch and Krista is sat next to him.

          Connor: So what are you?

          Krista: Someone who can help you if you let her.

          Connor: How can I trust you?

          Krista: (Shrugs) you don't. (Sighs) Well I have to get going now.

          Krista walks to the door and is about to open it but turns to Connor.

          Connor: What is it?

          Krista: Well?.nothing never minds. I will see you around kid.

          With that Krista opens the door and walks out. Connor looks after her and smiles. Marty walks into the room from his bedroom and sees Connor.

          Marty: So is she gone?

          Connor: Yeah. But we will see her again. I can assure you of that.

          Marty: Well Oh well. I can handle that. So what do you want to do today?

          Connor: Um?.lets go see the rest of the?..gang.

          Marty: So wait. We have our own group now?

          Connor laughs and walks out of the apartment. Marty smiles and follows.
          Cut to Sofia and Gregory's apartment

          Sofia and Gregory are sweeping up all the broken glass and all the destroyed wood. Casey is putting all the weapons back and putting pictures up. The camera pans out to show pictures of Angel, Gunn, Cordelia, Spike, Wesley, Fred, Lorne, and Doyle. Casey stands back and smiles. Sofia and Gregory come up behind him and see the photos and smile as well. The front door opens and Connor and Marty walk through it. They walk into the living room and smile at the others.

          Connor: So what's up gang? Any luck locating Clarice?

          Sofia: no not yet. But don't worry we will find her. If it's the last thing we do.

          Connor: Good.

          Marty notices the pictures on the wall and looks confused.

          Marty: What's that?

          Casey: Oh these are the pictures of those who we lost fighting the good fight. Also it's a reminder that we are champions and we can do anything if we fight are hardest.

          Sofia: So Connor what do you think?

          Connor: It's really awesome thanks Case.

          Casey: No problem.

          Gregory: So what do we do now? I mean patrolling is not going to happen until later.

          Marty: Well I was thinking we should make toast and have breakfast.

          Casey and Sofia: Yay breakfast.

          With that those two grab Gregory and run into the kitchen. Marty follows laughing. Connor gets up and follows but looks at the wall and smiles at the pictures.

          Voice O.S.: Man you're father was pretty cool.

          Connor turns and sees Cordelia standing there smiling. She is wearing the same outfit she wore in "You're Welcome". Connor smiles and walks towards her.

          Connor: So. You were watching me this whole time?

          Cordelia: Yeah pretty much. Besides I'm proud of you.

          Connor: (confused) why?

          Cordelia: Wow. I really do have the hots for the dumb ones.

          Cordelia sighs and leads Connor towards the couch and sits him down.

          Cordelia: Look the thing is, you were able to have a good life. Angel would have anted you to live peacefully with out all this demon stuff. But I guess you really are your father's son.

          Connor smiles and then sighs.

          Connor: So what are you now?

          Cordelia: I'm a higher power now. I guess you could say I have a higher goal in life.

          Connor: Man it's not the same without you hear Cordy. I need you.

          Cordelia: Yeah I know. But don't worry. I will always be around. You don't have to worry. Just remember that everything happens for a reason and your father loves you and so do I.

          Connor: Thank you. Will I see you again though?

          Cordelia stands up and walks away.

          Cordelia: Obviously. Something this good could never leave your mind.

          Cordelia and Connor share a laugh and hug.

          Just then the phone rings. Connor and Cordelia turn towards it.

          Cordelia: I guess you have to get that.

          Connor: Yeah I guess.

          Connor walks towards the phone

          Cordelia: Oh?and You're Welcome.

          Cordelia smiles sadly. Connor picks up the phone.

          Connor: Hello? Hey mom. No, I was just hanging out with friends. Can you hold on for one second?

          Connor turns and sees Cordy isn't there anymore. He looks sad.
          Connor: Yeah mom. No, I promise to visit soon. I love you. Bye.

          Connor hangs up the phone and looks to where Cordelia was standing.

          Connor: Thank you.

          Fade to Black-End of Act 4
          End of Episode.

          Special Guest Star
          Charisma Carpenter as Cordelia Chase
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            The Destroyer 1.01 Welcome to New York: Trivia

            • I changed the city from LA to New York
            • You will see the character Krista later on in the series
            • Gord and Casey are not over
            • There are 22 episodes this season
            • You will see Cordelia again this season
            • The death of Angel and his friends will be explained later on in the season
            • Clarice isnt the only big bad in New York
            • Oh and Somebody dies by the end of the season
            • Oh and there is a reason for all those vamps on the plane. It will be explained soon
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