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    I haven't really been keeping up with the S8 comics, and I haven't read "Fray", but I know a little about each... No real spoilers, but there are hints.

    Disclaimer: The people trying to save the world aren't mine. And I'd be a cad to accept money for telling their story.

    Rating: PG

    Characters: Buffy

    Summary: If you have prophetic dreams...try paying attention.

    Monsters or no monsters, apocalypse or no apocalypse, it isn't even that scary. Until the end, when the portal won't close. It just keeps getting bigger, and stronger, and it's not just grabbing the monsters anymore--she sees a car hurtle by and vanish into the big swirly thing.

    Maybe this wasn't such a good idea after all.

    Buffy hides behind the couch and peers through pudgy six-year-old fingers as the monster's hands slip free of the park bench, finger by finger. It's not fair, she thinks. Frankenstein's monster's one of the good guys, even if he's not too smart. He proved it; he helped save the world. It's not fair.

    As the monster catches the teddy bear and waves good-bye, Buffy begins to cry.

    "I told you we shouldn't have let her watch it," Mommy says

    She's learned her lesson, though. A monster isn't what someone does. It's what something is.
    She knows the difference between prophetic dreams and normal ones by now. "The Monster Squad" doesn't feature in prophesy, and it's not as if she's got any monsters on her squad. Nothing's going to go wrong.

    Buffy's new begins today.
    DeadWar: Burden of Proof
    Out Now.
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