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    Lyrics to Hurry On Sundown Written by David Brock of Hawkwind.
    Giles, Ripper, Quentin, are property of Joss Whedon
    Peanuts courtesy of the ground
    Bitter courtesy of Ansels Brewery. Billy Idol as himself.


    Leaving his rooms he flipped up the collar on his jacket, anything to try and keep the cold and the wet out. Walking the short distance to the club, he kept to the shop fronts in an effort to keep the rain off his side. The last thing he wanted was to get his money wet, nothing worse than going to pay for a beer and the flaming money ripping.

    He stopped, I could use that as a new name, he thought. Ripping, Ripped, Ripper, Rip Torn. Nah he didn't like the last one, nearly as bad as what that guy had said the other night, what was it, oh yeh. Billy Idol, yuk. So Ripped or Ripper, hmm, Ripper the guitar man!, it's got a nice sound to it. Maybe not suitable for the lead in Pink Floyd, mind you as a manager it'd be ok.

    He turned around, then wished he hadn't, 'cos all he got was a face full of rain. He started walking again then down the steps into the nightclub, he'd given the owner a couple of quid earlier that night so at least he'd have his guitar back. He would be able to play that tune he'd been humming throughout the day. Then he smiled to himself, the guy he'd met last week said he'd be in tonight, what was his name, oh that's it Dave Brock.

    The guy said he was putting some records together for an LP for some group he had, nice name but he'd never heard of them. He stopped by the door to the club, that is what their name is, Hawkwind. He pushed the door open, looked around the place, saw that guy and went over to him.

    "I'm just gonna get a beer, want one?"
    "Yeh, great, thanks man."
    Giles went to the bar, munched on a few peanuts while he waited for the barman. As the barman came to him, "Nice of the owner to have some peanuts for me."
    "You are joking aren't you?" asked the barman.
    "Have I got to pay for these?" asked Giles.
    "Salted peanuts make you thirsty, so instead of half a pint you get a pint, over a night he makes more money."

    "Speaking of which," he turns around, "hey Dave, what you drinking?"
    "Make it a bitter will ya?"
    He faces the barman, "two pints of bitter, ta," said Giles.
    Starting to pour the beers, "you'd better grab a handful of peanuts," said the barman. "You liable to run out? mind you, if your using those little packs you will," commented Giles.
    "Ere lean over the bar a bit." Giles leant over the bar as the barman knelt down, leaning a big bag of peanuts out for Giles to see.
    "Bloody hell! how big is that?." "A twelve pound bag," said the bar- man smiling.

    "Hang on, think I'll fill up my pockets."
    "So you gonna sing us something tonight, their might be a beer in it for you."
    "I gotta few to sing tonight," replied Giles, "Got a new name to try out tonight as well, it might be alright for a guitarist."
    "Yeah, what is it?" asked the barman.
    "Hmm yeh, sounds ok," said the barman.

    Giles took the beers over to where David was sitting chatting to some other guys.
    "Who are they?" asked Giles.
    "We are gonna start the band up, this is Nik, Dik Mik, he's a whizz at electronics, you ought to here him go. There's Terry, John and Huw. What's that song you've written called?."
    "I ain't sure yet, See What tomorrow Brings or Sundown, like I said I ain't to sure. You want me to play it now?" asked Giles.

    Walking to the bar, smiling to himself. He asked the barman for his guitar. Taking it to the chair on the stage, he plugged it in, made sure the notes were right then started playing a few riffs, slowly building adding a bass line then he started singing, using the words Dave had written, Well hurry on Sundown, see what tomorrow brings. Hurry on sundown, see what tomorrow brings, well it may bring war, any other day. Like to tear your minds out, see what you can see...............

    Giles finished the song, "Well what did it sound like? your lyrics David they seemed good to me."
    "I agree, but they need something else," said David Brock.
    "There's nuthing wrong with the words," said Giles, "maybe a harmonica over the last half, then add the groups sound, then it'll fit."
    Every-one around the table nodded in agreement.
    "Ok," said Dave, "hows about fifty quid, I may need to make a few changes though."
    "That's ok by me, go for it."

    "I've been working on another," continued Giles, "if you want it that is, I ain't sure about the lead line, master of the cosmos or some-thing," said Giles.
    "So play the tune, I'll see if I can make some words for it."
    Giles went back to the stage, within ten seconds he noticed they were tapping the table. Finishing the rest of the tune he went back to the table, "I need some more ointment for my fingers," said Giles.

    David looked as Giles downed some beer, flexed his fingers. "Ah thats better." Every-one at the table laughed, "You really ought to get a stage name," said Dik Mik.
    "I thought about using Ripper," said Giles.
    "Yeah, cool name man, right on," said Dik Mik, "go for it."
    "About what you said about a name, I thought of universe, centre of or creator of but they don't fit, unless the song is called a name but that name isn't used in the song," said David.
    "Could be done!, don't see why not," said Giles.
    "Good ?cos I've got loads of ideas, I like that sound. Hmm I think I'll call that one Master of the Universe, here's another fifty, any more ideas let me know, use the name Ripper and I'll know who it is."

    Giles happily went to the bar.
    "I really dig those lyrics man."
    Giles turned, a beautiful chick sidled up to him, "They yours?."
    "Not anymore I just sold them to that guy."
    "Who is he?"
    "David Brock, he's gonna do a bit of work to them and put them on a record."
    "Yeah? really? what's the groups name?"
    "Hawkwind," said Giles.
    "Cool, you got any more like the last one?." she asked.
    "There's a few floating around in here, why you like them?"
    "Oh yeah, tell you what, a few friends are going to their folks place at the week end."

    "There's a haunted house near there," she kept talking, "there will be a few guys there who are in a band, what is it called? cheese?, cottage cheese? oh that's right, Cream, there's gonna be some others there as well, they used to be in the Yardbirds they started another group a while ago something zeppelin I think."
    "Led?" asked Giles.
    "That's it, yeah. Anyway you want to come?"
    "Yeah sure, sounds fun. A haunted house, I know a bit about ghosts and the like, if they like scary stories I'm the one," said Giles.

    "My friend is gonna get some wheels tomorrow, she'll give us a lift down."
    "Where is this place?."
    "Dunno the name of the town, it's in Cornwall though. Here tomorrow night," she said, kissed him on the cheek, "see ya."
    Giles went back to his rooms, happy with the out come of the night, he was looking forward to the weekend.

    Back on his sofa, he put the cup of steaming tea on the table, he began strumming the guitar, his thoughts going back to his watcher training, closing his eyes for a minute.
    Daylight?, oh crap he thought. I fell asleep, looking on the table. Yep, cold tea!, oh well. Not wanting to waste it he drank it, then realised why he woke up.
    He ran to the toilet. He spent the rest of the day relaxing, in the evening he went to the club. Keeping to half a pint he waited for the girl to arrive. Sure enough, she came in, her friend was a bit of alright as well.
    "Hey, I've got the wheels if you are ready."
    Giles smiled, "Lead the way!"

    They had not long left the city behind before he was asked if he had a headache. "Why?" he asked.
    "Do you prefer some Uriah Heep or Led Zeppelin. We've got some sounds that one of the guys gave us, he'll be down there tomorrow, his group is doing some gig or other," she said.
    "Who is your friend, what's their name," asked Giles.
    "Now hang on, I think he's Alvin Lee, the group is........."
    "Ten Years After," interrupted Giles, "holy crap, there bloody good."
    "My friend here is Sammy, no doubt you'll get to know her better a bit later."

    "Still waiting to find out your name," said Giles.
    "If we work out ok, you get my name."
    Giles leant back, "Just let me listen to the sounds of Jimmy Page and John Baldwin, for now," said Giles.
    "Who?" asked Sammy.
    "Yeah, sorry, John Paul Jones."
    "He's got two names? why?" asked Sammy.
    "I guess he like's his privacy, pretty good stage name though," said Giles.

    The rest of the journey seemed to float by, the music passing through Giles's head was wonderful, he imagined the vivid colours of the rainbow following a violin bow as he climbed a rock face only to see the hermit on the peak was himself. Again he realised he'd been asleep, sitting up and looking around, "Where are we?"

    "Oh you've woken up, that's a shame. I was trying to write down what you were saying in your sleep, that's some radical words."
    "What was I saying?" asked Giles.
    "There was a girl looking at the stars during the day, but they were diamonds. Then there was another girl running, as she ran you said you could see the stars on the bottom of her shoes, not even sure if she was wearing shoes. And my favourite one, about a piece of a tree rapidly passing by, going to the apple of it's desire. Oh, and we're here."
    "What time is it?" "Giles isn't it? it's just after three in the morning."
    "Will any-one be awake in there Sammy?" asked Giles.

    "Doubt it, but they will be soon." she opened the two front doors, put her fingers to her lips. "After I close the doors, run up the stairs then to the left at the top, ready?." Giles quietly said he was. She rang the doorbell then hit the door with a lump of metal. As Giles cleared the top step the sound was still echoing around the entrance room. A man in his mid twenties, still three quarters asleep stumbled to the door, falling over twice, he opened the door to no-one, nothing!.
    "SAMMY! where the bloody hell are you!"
    The last thing Giles heard as he closed the door to the room was the sound of Sammy running down the corridor, laughing hysterically.

    Giles put his bag on the bed, pulled out a couple of books, went to the wash room, came back, then froze. That book! how did it get here, looking at his bag then the book, it was too big to fit in the bag!
    Going down stairs, he followed the sound of voices, to the kitchen!, "Makes sense, where better to be."
    "Where the food and the hot drinks are. So who are you?."
    "Giles, that's me." "Oh right!, yes, you're Ripper! yeah David Brock rang me last night to say about you, come on sit down. Your here with Sammy and that Hope chick, she's really strange, man. I mean r e a l l y strange. Things happen around her."

    "Well in that case it's already started," said Giles, "a book that I haven't read for ages was one of the books I brought here."
    "What's strange about that?"
    "It is too big to fit in the bag I've got." "What's it called?."
    "It's got no name, I just call it a bag."
    "The book!."
    "Oh right, it isn't called a specific name, it's about these...well, it's just one word or name."
    "Go on then, what's it called?"
    "Nah, you don't want to know," said Giles, "especially here, at this time of day."

    "Ooh is it ghosts, a big old book, gold with green overlay?" he asked.
    "Nearly, it's a big leather bound book, a green book with a gold overlay about, or it's about, it's the history of different vampyres."
    "You do mean different tales of vampires don't you?."
    "No, like I said, this isn't the time."
    "Oh come on man, read us some scary tales about the vampires."
    "It isn't that kind of book." he noticed Hope was in the room, dimming the lights. "They want it scary, so make it scary, how well do you know that book?"
    "I've studied it cover to cover, for my training. You see people I was once a respected watcher."
    "What's one of them?" they asked.

    "There are lots of us, but we are very secretive, usually. When we are given a charge, she only lives for a short time unfortunately, we are there to train her, to protect her as best we can." He leant forward, Hope put a cup of tea in front of him, he took a sip. Surprised, he looked at her, that's just how I like it? but how? "The story!, come on."
    "The book isn't about the tales of the vampires so much as a record of different vampires," said Giles. "What?, real vampires? but they're just a story."

    "No they aren't, I've met several of them. I've killed two and yes they do turn to dust," said Giles, "everything that you said couldn?t be true, is true," his voice gets quieter, "those things that go bump in the night are real, silence that fills a room, darkness that reaches out from the corners to grab you, it's all real. The one girl in all the world, that
    The door to the room slams shut, everybody jumps, girls scream. Giles looks to the door, "That was perfect timing," said Giles then he recognised who was in the doorway,

    "Quentin? what are you doing here?." "I could ask you the same thing! what are you doing here with two girls?." Giles turns back, the only people in the room now, was Sammy and Hope.
    "What's going on?" asked Giles.
    "Hope?" asked Quentin.
    "He is ready, Ripper is in there, Giles is in there but Giles the Ripper doesn't exist," said Hope.
    "Thank you Hope," said Sammy.
    "Quentin?" asked Giles.
    "I've no idea who or what Hope is but I can tell you about this girl, Giles meet Sammy, The Vampire Slayer."
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