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    Dave looked out the window,
    "God what a boring night." he said to himself. "Sixteen petrol bowsers and just two customers in three hours. Had I been on the day shift at least there'd be something to look at. But oh no, I have to try and be clever, and be on the night shift, I can't see further than the other side of the road."
    "Ooh good, something to do," he said excitedly. "There's a ruddy plane to watch!"
    Then his curiosity was aroused, the planes fuselage appeared to light up. Suddenly the whole night sky became as day, Dave's first thoughts were that a meteor had hit the earth just before the thought that the light was white.

    Having been called by the Goddess, the eight demon hunters rose from the stone circle known as the Merry Maidens.
    "Goddess, why is Hope like us again?" asked Anne.
    "Because evil is on the world, only when there is no evil will Hope be a Goddess again."
    Led by Hope, the demon hunters were taken to a house on the lazily cascading hills of Dartmoor. One of them, Anne turned to Andrea and Sandy.
    "What is that sound?" she asked.
    "It's like hearing a hundred people whispering." Something doesn't want us here.
    Carefully they moved forward, Hope made them look towards her,
    there was deceit in her actions, she could see a human skull in the tree, burning.
    Knowing the evil wanted them gone, knowing that the evil could see them she led the hunters slowly forward. Silently they moved through the bushes, eyes on the ground blinked a recognition of them, towards the lawn. Hope had only taken two steps into the open when Saffron held her shoulder, turning.
    "What is it Saffron?"
    "I don't like the look of those foot prints." Hope searched the lawn in front of her.
    "Where?, the only ones I can see are the horses hoof prints." Saffron shook her head.
    "No, those are not from a horse, those prints are evenly spaced ahead of the last." Hope studied them, she knelt down and felt the ground, "Oh no, the grounds warm." she faced the others, "at least it isn't the devil, but we're still gonna have to be careful."
    "What is it with those prints, ok they're hoofed, but why do you think they are a devils?" Hope stared at Fiona, "the ground is warm and the spaces aren't a horses, only a two legged animal would have even spaced prints. There's only one kind I know of, the devils kind. We are going to have to be careful."
    "Why's that?" asked Fiona.
    "This is whole part of Britain if known as the Devils Country."
    "I've heard of that, but these prints, weren't they last seen near Teignmouth in 1855."
    "Yeah?, so why here?"
    Hope felt Anne's hand pulling her backwards, to the safety of the bushes "Look, top floor, the window in the middle, there's a pair of green eyes looking this way."
    "Your not surprised are you, I'm not. The Goddess called us from our rest to be here. She wouldn't have done that just for a slight problem, get ready to die," said Hope.
    "No, your missing the point, I can see other eyes watching, but they aren't watching us!"
    Hope scanned the building, seeing many eyes at the windows, "Pass the word, we need to go silent," Hope thought to Anne. "Let the Goddess know, we need our armour now," thought Anne. "Agreed take four that way, we'll go this way. See if there's a way in."

    As the girls readied themselves to move, Anne saw Andrea tighten her top. "Leave it Andrea, we'll be in our battle dress soon."
    Hope called to her four to carefully move, occasionally she stopped to observe the house, they silently went to the back of the house, meeting Anne's group.
    "You see any way in?" asked Hope.
    "None as good as what's here. Where we came in, that was near the road, there's a big lawn all along the side," said Anne.
    "There's the drive way, the garages just back there and there the parking at the front as well," said Hope.
    "Any idea what we should look for inside Hope?"
    "Well the Goddess just said to do our best here, there was a devil's prints, the eyes in the windows. I wonder, in one of the garages was one of them horse drawn carriages, but there's no horses anywhere, uh oh."
    "What is it?" asked Anne.
    "Hang on, I'm it's ok I told the Goddess what I'm thinking. We need to get away from the house, right back."
    As they were moving away from the house.
    "What is it Hope?" asked Anne.
    "If I'm right and I really hope I'm not, but they could be bringing a few things here."
    "Well there's no cars here, and a carriage with no horses. It might be the devil itself or the king of demon's and the devil dogs to pull the carriage."
    "Oh, how do we stop them?" asked Anne.
    "We don't, we let them go, mind you when they have gone we go into the house and kill anything we can," said Hope.
    "I don't see why we don't try and stop it," said Anne.
    "Simple really, we are demon hunters not devil hunters."
    "So, what do we do?" asked Anne. "When the carriage leaves, let it go, the Goddess will have a trap for it, then we go in the house." Anne passed the words to the others.
    They waited, seeing the Devils Dogs appear, they were fitted to the carriage.
    "Anne, those dogs make the coach look small," said Andrea.
    The carriage pulled away from the house, then along the drive way.
    As it faded into the distance and out of sight the night sky shone white. The demon hunters ran into the house, systematically removing the life from anything that was in the room they went in.
    Room by room and demon by demon the girls moved through the house.
    "Anne, I saw a demon go into this room," whispered Hope. Anne signalled for Andrea and Saffron to join them.
    In the room the hunters scoured the walls. "Here it is!" shouted Saffron. Suddenly the demon fell to the floor having been attacked by the demon hunters.
    "How will we know when all of the demons have been ended?" asked Saffron.
    Anne heard the demon utter a last gasp, it looked to Hope, seeing the red glow around her body. "It's you."
    "Cover your eyes girls," called Anne.
    Red light began to pour from Hope?s body, every nook in the house was invaded by the red light. The Goddess looked to the sky, saw the red and smiled to herself. "I hope the humans realise that the saying 'red sky at night, shepherds delight' refers to Hope as their shepherd."
    Angel liked to sing 'Oh Mandy', using the Angelus method.

    Look at it, play with it, then torture it.