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    Ok, I've never posted anything I've written on the net before and I'm not sure if It's any good so oh well only one way to find out. Excuse any spelling or gramma mistakes this is kind of a rough copy sort of a muck around thing let me know what you guys think. Oh it has no name btw lol can't think of anything.. any idea's would be great.

    She walked aimlessly along the beach staring at the water a deep longing in her eyes.
    She watched as the waves over and over crashed against the sand each one bigger then the last.
    ?why didn't I bring my board'
    She thought cursing under her breath. This seemed to get her mothers attention.
    "Did you say something Jo?"
    Her mother asked glancing at her quickly. Jo shook her head.
    "No, I was just admiring the water and wishing I'd brought my board that's all"
    Her mother gave her a disapproving look.
    "I really wish you would give up that surfing nonsense you are going to get yourself hurt one of these days what will you do then, hmm?"
    Jo rolled her eyes she was used to these lectures.
    "Then I'll move onto the next ?dangerous' sport like snowboarding, ooh even bungee jumping has potential"
    She replied laying the sarcasm on thick. Her mother just shook her head.
    "Honestly Joanne"
    Jo winced, she hated being called by her full name and her mother knew it.
    "Don't you have any idea how dangerous it is what if you get hurt?"
    ?what'll you care'
    Jo thought to herself. She knew her mother didn't really care about Jo's safety she was only really thinking about the effect it would have on her she always was it didn't matter about other people her mum was always looking out for one person. Herself.
    Jo finally caved, taking the bait completely.
    "What do you care? Your only worried about how much it'll cost for the medical bills and how badly it's going to make you look"
    Her mother didn't respond.
    Jo sighed taking a deep breath she tried to calm herself down. She knew that getting angry and upset wasn't the best way to deal with this but she just couldn't help it that woman pushed her buttons.

    There was silence for a minute then her mother spoke again.
    "you've been to Melbourne haven't you? what's the weather like down there?"
    Jo thought this to be a very odd not to mention random question but didn't mention that out loud it would only lead to more arguments.
    "It's pretty much four seasons in one day"
    She replied wondering what her mother was getting at.
    "Hmm, I noticed that when I went there last"
    It took all of Jo's willpower not to cringe at the memory her mother had brought forth, the pain from it still haunted her even after four years the memory refused to go away.
    Jo shuddered at the memory then forced herself to focus on the water. She didn't know what her mothers purpose was for bringing her on this walk, sure she wanted one, but not with her.
    Her mother once again interrupted her thoughts.
    "When do you work again honey?"
    Jo winced at the pet name then answered.
    Her mother nodded
    ?So that gives me a whole day away from you'
    Jo thought to herself happily.
    "Your birthday's next month"
    Jo winced again she really didn't want to have this conversation.
    "Yeah, I know"
    "figured out what you want yet?"
    Her mother asked.
    ?Yeah, to get as far away from you as possible'
    Jo thought to herself, to bad she couldn't say it out loud. She sighed.
    "No, not yet"
    Her mother nodded but made no reply. Thinking that she'd finally shut her mother up Jo went back to studying the water. Her eyes lit up as she saw the dolphins appear jumping and splashing around in the waves.
    Jo smiled thinking about how good it would be to splash and jump and swim in the waves all day she once again found herself wishing she'd brought her surfboard.
    Jo was 17 years old, short, blonde with blue eyes and no matter how many times her mother claimed it Jo knew deep down she was nothing like her which in Jo's opinion was a very good thing.
    Her thoughts were suddenly interrupted by the familiar ring of her phone. Her mother frowned disapprovingly but Jo ignored her and answered it.
    "Hiya, you up for a coffee babe?"
    Jo smiled her friend Heather had only recently become a coffee addict not that Jo could blame her she loved the stuff too.
    "Hey Heather, Yeah you know me where you want to meet?"
    "hmm, pick me up?"
    Jo smiled. She had her P's but heather was too young and relied on her to pick her up and take her everywhere Jo didn't really mind.

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