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  • Dark Becomes Light (Buffy/Xena/Garg X-Over) Xan/G

    Hi. First of all, I want to introduce myself. My name is Jonathan and I am an avid fanfic writer. I've been writing for 8 yrs plus and was looking for a new avenue to post my work. I primarily write with Xander being my focus. I am a avid Buffy/Xander writer, but I do like to write different relationships on occasion. Such as this one. This is a Gabrielle/Xander fanfic series and I admit that I find it enjoyable. I This fic is done, and it will be posted in full. I hope that you enjoy it, and please leave a comment to let me know if you like it. Thank you. It's appreciated.

    Title: Dark Becomes Light
    Author: White Werewolf
    Rating: Nothing worse than the tv shows. Think people around the age of 15 are mature enough to read this.
    Category: Gabrielle/Xander
    Spoilers: In Buffy, post: "Living Conditions," In Gargoyles: Post "Journey" If Greg isn't counting season 3 as canon, I'm not either. In Xena, post:
    "Key to the Kingdom"
    Summery: Xander finds a mystical artifact. Demona calls upon it and takes Xander along for the ride. When there, he and a gargoyle meet. Together the two of them end up in Ancient Greece.
    Disclaimer: Buffy: the Vampire Slayer is owned by Whedon, Fox, and UPN. Gargoyles is owned by Bueana Vista and Disney. Xena: the Warrior Princess is owned by Renaissance Pictures, Tapert, and Raimi.
    Author Notes: This fic is not BX. I love the ship, but I want to try something different. This is also a
    ship that isn't soley in the Buffyverse. So, many new things are with this fic.
    Crossovers Planned:
    Buffy: the Vampire Slayer
    Xena: Warrior Princess
    Special Thanks:Nick, William, and Cyclone

    Streets of Sunnydale

    Xander sighed as he drove down the street. He just got fired from another job. What was this? The third or fourth job he got fired from? Maybe the fourth. Damn Sunnydale and it's Hellmouth activity.

    The roads were pretty calm at this point, probably because it was late. He worked at Double Meat Palace until 10 o'clock when his boss fired him. Not much activity was around. He didn't know what to do.

    Taking his left turn from Main Street, he headed down the street. Stores lined the street. One of which was the Espresso Pump. Willow and Oz were there. He didn't want to interrupt. They needed alone time.

    Giles and Buffy were training. That he knew, and he didn't want to interrupt that either.

    He needed more friends. The four of them were lately at crossroads. The timing was never right for them to be social. Buffy, Willow, and Oz were at class, Giles was with Olivia, and he was alone.

    Cordelia moved to LA and hooked up with Angel and their mission with the Powers that Be. He was alone, and he hadn't had a date since?well?since Prom Night. That night with Anya was something that he didn't want to revisit. She went with him because she didn't know anybody else and wanted to try the mortal thing.

    Now, he didn't know where she was.

    Coming to Restful Cemetery, he decided to park his car. He wanted to let out his anger from his firing, so he decided to vent it out on vampires. That was always a good way to deal with personal problems. One of his new mottos was, "When in doubt, stake a vamp." There would be no repercussions and they'd die with no mess to clean up.

    Turning off his car, he opened the door. Walking over to the trunk, he opened it, and pulled out his trusty crossbow. He smiled remembering the many vampires who met their fateful end because of this weapon. It was also a gift from Buffy. Being his birthday and all,
    she wanted him to have a personal weapon-something that wasn't a gun.

    So, he took his quiver, which was full of bolts. Clipping it to his belt, he closed the trunk, walked
    back to the door, and locked it. Reaching the front gate, he opened it, and went inside.

    The cemetery was its usual calming atmosphere. The wind chilled a little, so he tightened his jacket
    around him a little.

    Thanks to his military brain due to Ethan's spell, he knew how to walk without causing a sound. Walk first with the ball of your foot, and then the rest of the foot. It only made your steps quieter.

    He heard a sudden rustle. Twisting around, he spotted a shadow moving across the grave stones. Using his footing procedure, he followed the shadow. He soon heard two voices. One masculine, and one feminine

    The young man heard them talking about something.

    "Did you see Xena yesterday?"

    Xander showed a confused look. "What?" He asked himself in a whisper.

    "I mean, c'mon." The masculine voice said, "where did they find these guys? And what's with all the lesbo action? At least on Hercules, Herc and Ioulas are straight."

    The feminine voice asked, "Lesbo action? Please. The term is lesbian. And they aren't gay? Xena always had a thing for guys. And why would they allow Joxer to be in love with Gabrielle if they were trying to go the lesbian route."

    The masculine voice suggested, "Maybe because they didn't know what to do when it first started. I mean, Gabrielle was married at one point. Granted, he was later killed by Callisto, but she was in fact married. Too many what ifs."

    Xander approached the two sources, his crossbow raised toward the midsection of the female shadow. "Come on out."

    The two shadows stopped their movement as they turned around. Soon, two bodies approached him. "Gee, look It's Joxer!" Said the male voice.

    Xander knew it was an insult, but he shook it off. Aiming his crossbow at the vampire, he pressed his finger on the trigger and gave it a squeeze. The bolts soared through the air and landed into the
    vamp's heart. "Lay off, Joxer. He's misunderstood."

    "Crap," the demon said as he turned to dust.

    "You killed him!" The female said as she launched herself toward him. She kicked Xander's weapon out of his hands forcing him to quickly bend down to get it. The vampire took her chance and elbowed Xander in the back with a hard blow.

    "Dammit," Xander uttered under his breath as he started to get back.

    "You killed Kyle!" She yelled as she kicked him down again. Making sure he stayed down.

    Xander didn't have that much time to act, he was pretty much at a stand-still. Taking a breath, so he wouldn't have a chance to lose it, he swung his right leg out from under him and swept it at the bottom of the vampire's feet.

    This caused her to fall down allowing him to get back to his feet. With his crossbow in his hand, he aimedi t at the vampire's foredhead, "That was a cheap shot."

    Pressing his finger on the trigger again, he watched as new bolts shot from the weapon. Ripping through the air, it tore into her forehead. He smirked, "That's the way the vampire crumbles." Then she turned to dust.

    His eyes widened, "That's the way the vampire crumbles? What the hell's that?"

    Picking up his bolts, he placed one on the crossbow, and the other back on in the quiver. Sighing, he
    walked around the graveyard. One thing kept going on in his vampirs. Xena. Why in the world would
    vampires talk about that?

    Because it was a show. A show that everybody had a right to watch. And not a bad one either. Although, he preferred Hercules himself. A better show, he thought.

    Suddenly something blue caught his eye. He walked down to closest gravestone and bent down. He found a small pendent shaped object. It was blue with a yellow outer coloring. A bird appeared to be in the middle of it.

    "Weird." Xander said to himself.

    "This wasn't here a second ago." Xander remarked as he looked at it.

    "Better ask Giles." With that statement, he headed for the former librarian's apartment. Knowing full
    well Buffy would be there too.

    Atop of a Building in Manhattan

    Damn Oberon and his children.

    His children always caused trouble. Whether it be Coyote, Puck, Zeus, or someone else. Even people tried to become a god and there become a child of Oberon.

    There was one human that interested her tremendously. She became a god, and then was killed by the true Xena. She knew the show was based on Gabrielle's scrolls. But working with Callisto would be something unique. Goliath would have a hard time dealing with both of them. All he had was his clan and Elisa. But with Callisto? She could help create some damage.

    The problem though was that Callisto was dead. So, she couldn't get her help that way. She needed the phoenix gate. Another problem was that it was lost somewhere in time. It kept appearing and disappearing at random.

    But lucky for her, she had a spell. Casting it would allow the phoenix gate to come to her.

    Opening up the book she had in her hands, Demona went to the destined page. Reading it once, she made sure it was the right spell. Grinning that it was, the blue gargoyle uttered the words, ?Abiungo antiquitas addo absilii phoenix porta.'

    Soon white light emerged from her book and floated into the sky. After moving away for a few seconds, it circled around itself and turned to a bright yellow?

    Sky Above Manhattan

    Brooklyn and Lexington were gliding through the sky. They just finished their section of Manhattan in a patrol. Things were quiet at this time. Weird, they knew, but it was a quite day. The reason being the streets were covered in snow, and people didn't want to go outside in this weather.

    Lucky for them, the snow stopped earlier, and it allowed them to glide still.

    "Easy night, huh?"

    The red gargoyle nodded, "Sure was, Lex. Thanks for coming with me."

    He smiled, "No problem. Broadway and Angela were doing their own thing. Same with Goliath and Eliza. I was happy to get away."

    He chuckled, "Don't I know it, Lex." Looking at the ground, he saw the streets covered in snow. "It
    really looks beautiful this time of year, doesn't it?"

    Lexington nodded, "Yeah, it does, Brooklyn."

    Soon they spotted a white light on top of a building.

    "Lex, c'mon. We better check it out."

    He nodded as the two of them headed for the building.

    They watched as the white light turned to yellow?

    Restful Cemetery Parking Lot

    Xander was on his way to the car when a white light surrounded him.

    "What the?"

    He looked down at his hand as he saw the pendent glowing. Soon, yellow surround him and it, and they both disappeared.

    Atop of a Building in Manhattan

    ?the yellow dissolved into a duller version of the color and then dissipated.

    "What the [censored!] just happened?" He yelled in anguish.

    His eyes widened as he got to his feet. In front of him was something?something?something he never saw.

    He immediately lifted his crossbow and aimed it at the creature. "Stay back."

    Demona rushed forward and knocked Xander over. She grabbed the gate from his hands. "How did you get the Phoenix Gate?"

    He got back to his feet. "I gotta stop landing on my chest." He said to himself as he got back to his
    feet. Grabbing his crossbow again, he aimed it at his opponent. "Drop it."

    She glared at him, "You fool! Do you realize what you had!?"

    Xander glared at her, "Do you realize you sound like Troi from Star Trek?"

    "Demona." Lexington said as he and Brooklyn landed on the building.

    The boy looked at the three creatures in front of him, "What the hell is going on?"

    Brooklyn turned to his rookery brother, "Lex, go get help."

    The bald gargoyle nodded as he headed for the sky. "I'm on it." He then glided away.

    "Put the Phoenix Gate down, Demona." Brooklyn said.

    She said, "You're going to be sorry when I get back, Brooklyn."

    Closing her eyes, and picutuing a place in her mind, the red headed gargoyle said, ?Deflagrate muri tempi et intervalia!'

    Brooklyn knew what was happening, "Don't Demona!"

    It was too late, fire started to emerge around her. Turning to the boy, he said, "We have to stop her!"

    Nodding, Xander sprung into action. He charged the gargoyle and grabbed the Phoenix Gate away from her. Turning his head slightly, he saw the red creature pushed Demona away.

    The fire engulphed them and soon they disappeared.


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    Title: Dark Becomes Light
    Author: White Werewolf
    Chapter Number: 2
    Rating: Nothing worse than the tv shows. Think people around the age of 15 are mature enough to read this.
    Category: Gabrielle/Xander
    Spoilers: In Buffy, post: "Living Conditions," In Gargoyles: Post "Journey" If Greg isn't counting season 3 as canon, I'm not either. In Xena, post: "Crusader"
    Summery: Xander finds a mystical artifact. Demona calls upon it and takes Xander along for the ride. When there, he and a gargoyle meet. Together the two of them end up in Ancient Greece.
    Disclaimer: Buffy: the Vampire Slayer is owned by Whedon, Fox, and UPN. Gargoyles is owned by Bueana Vista and Disney. Xena: the Warrior Princess is owned by Renaissance Pictures, Tapert, and Raimi.
    Author Notes: This fic is not BX. I love the ship, but I want to try something different. This is also a ship that isn't soley in the Buffyverse. So, many new things are with this fic.
    Crossovers Planned:
    Buffy: the Vampire Slayer
    Xena: Warrior Princess
    Special Thanks:Nick, William, and Cyclone

    Road to Athens-Night

    A loud thunderclap was sounded as a small fire appeared. When it dissipated, two beings appeared.

    Getting to their feet, Xander asked, "Will somebody tell me what's going on?"

    Brooklyn surveyed his surroundings, nothing looked familiar. He wasn't in Manhattan, which was for sure.

    The scenery appeared to be green. Tall green trees surround them as he and this boy landed on a dirt path. Lucky for the gargoyle, it was night. So, that meant obviously he wasn't in stone.

    Looking at the boy's hand, he realized he didn't have the phoenix gate. "Where's the phoenix gate?"

    He showed a confused look, "What?"

    Brooklyn sighed, "The thing you took from Demona. Where is it?"

    Xander looked at the ground and saw the gate appeared to be broken in half. Picking up one half, he said, "You mean this?"

    "Where's the other half?" Brooklyn asked.

    He said, "I don't have it." Xander looked at this creature finally, for the fist time in full body status. Taking his crossbow, he aimed it at the creature. "Will you tell me what's going on? And what are you?"

    Brooklyn raised his hands to his new companion. "We're somewhere in the past. That gate Demona used is called the Phoenix Gate. It allows whoever has it to travel in time. Demona had a place in mind and this must be it. But because I shoved her out of the way, the Phoenix Gate took us instead of her."

    Xander said slowly, "So we're in the past?"

    Brooklyn nodded as he outstretched his hand to the boy, "Seeing as we're stuck, I might as well introduce myself. I'm Brooklyn."

    Xander nodded as he kept his crossbow at level, "Xander."

    "Listen, Xander. Mind lowering your weapon. We're going to need to work together to get out of here."

    He nodded. Brooklyn didn't act like a demon he knew. Brooklyn obviously was of the good side from what he heard from the conversation Brooklyn, Demona, and that other creature had. Taking a breath, he lowered his weapon. "Mind telling me what you are? I never saw a demon like you before."

    The gargoyle answered, "Well, I'm not a demon. I'm a gargoyle. Demona and Lexington are gargoyles too. How did you get involved anyway?"

    Xander replied, "I was in Sunnydale after patrol when I found the Phoenix Gate." He said that as he raised the broken half into view. "The next thing I know I find myself somewhere that isn't California and find myself wherever we were before."

    "That would be Manhattan." He then remembered the first part of his last statement, "You patrol?"

    Xander responded, "Yeah, I've been fighting vampires and demons for the last three years. It happened when I first met Buffy."

    "Buffy?" Brooklyn asked skeptically.

    He clarified, "She's a vampire slayer. We've been best friends for years now." Changing the subject, he asked, "aren't gargoyles just stone statues that are on rooftops. You know, to allow rain to drain off."

    The red gargoyle answered, "Humans have built those. But gargoyles are actually another race. We turn stone during the day so we can sleep. And when we wake, we're just as you see me now."

    Looking at the moon that hung in the sky, "So I guess it's around 11:00 right now. So you have what, six hours before you turn to stone?"

    Brooklyn nodded, "Yeah. What we need to do though is find the other half of the Phoenix Gate. We find that, then we can go back home."

    "I'm behind that plan." Xander said looking around. "So where do we start? I'm also interested in finding out where and when we are?"

    Brooklyn continued to look around his surroundings, "Well, judging by what we see now, I really can't pin-point where we are. I say we try to look for civilization. Maybe other gargoyles around here too. They could tell us where we are."

    He nodded, "And the other half of the Phoenix Gate?"

    "Judging that we fell on top of it, it could've broken in two. And since it keeps appearing and disappearing at random now, we might never find it."

    Xander sighed, "Great. So we're stranded."

    The gargoyle remarked, "At the moment, we are."

    Glancing at his wings, he asked, "Can you fly and see how far we are from a city or something?"

    He shook his head, "Gargoyles can't fly. We can glide, but we can't fly. I could climb a tree and see if I can find anything close."

    Xander looked to his right, "Climb that one. It looks strong enough."

    Brooklyn nodded, "I'll be right back."

    He then walked to the tree and placed one of his talons on the bark. Placing the other above it, and folding his wings around himself, he started to climb, hoping he'd find something useful.


    Xander watched Brooklyn climb the tree. As soon as he disappeared from sight, the boy walked over to the next tree.

    Taking a breath, he let it out and relaxed for a send. Why am I always getting myself screwed over? Now because he found the Phoenix Gate, and it was broken, meant he was stuck in the past. Where, he didn't know. Hopefully Brooklyn will have some insight when he climbs back down.

    Other than Brooklyn, he didn't have any source for help. All his friends were back in Sunnydale. He wondered if they were worried about him. Did they know he was lost in time? He never experienced time travel before. He didn't even know it existed.

    Remembering Back to the Future, he wondered if he could write a letter to Giles and it be sent to him in the future. The problem though was he didn't know if a post office existed yet in this timeframe. He didn't know anything about this location.

    "Great." He muttered to himself. "I'm always the Buttmonkey."

    Glancing back up the tree, he didn't see Brooklyn yet. Another question he asked himself was why was he so accepting of Brooklyn's side of things.

    Probably because he was used to dealing with supernatural creatures. Realizing that some gargoyles were in fact alive made him wonder if the gargoyles he saw in Sunnydale were really alive too. Maybe his friends weren't the only team of people fighting the supernatural.

    He'd like to tell them, if he ever got back. Shoving his hands in his pockets, he wondered if he had anything that could help. Pulling out one item at a time, he said to himself, "Wallet, change, keys with a mini flashlight, cellphone?"

    His eyes widened, "Cellphone?" Turing it on, he dialed Giles' number. Realizing that there was no dial tone meant that no satellites were built yet. So that meant no phone use here.

    Placing his change, keys, and cellphone back in his pocket, he opened his wallet. Thirty dollars, Driver's License, School ID, Medical Insurance card, Visa, and a condom.

    He chuckled slightly, "At least I can have one time of safe sex."

    Placing the wallet in his other pocket, he checked his inside jacket pocket. There was a miniature med-kit. That was always helpful. He opened it, there were some band-aids, Neosporin, some rubbing alcohol, and some gauze patches.

    Closing it, he scanned the area again. Numerous strong, tall, and sturdy trees scattered the landscape. He could hear the chirping of crickets.

    "Hey, Xander."


    Brooklyn reached close to the top of the tree, seeing a branch near by, he stepped onto it. Using his talons and feet, he gripped onto the branch, wrapped his tail around it to-making sure he had good balance.

    Looking down at the landscape, he spotted small fires within the trees-meaning that people were camping out for the night. They could help, hopefully if they didn't fear or try to attack him.

    Damn prejudice. He hated, but maybe this time people were more tolerable. He'd have to wait until he met someone.

    Brooklyn sighed. He was alone. He didn't have his clan with him. This was going to be a true test-a test of survival. At least he had Xander with him, and he wasn't that bad. He didn't seem to mind that he was a gargoyle. Brooklyn was lucky enough to be with a human that didn't hate gargoyles. That was a plus-a very good plus.

    Looking down at the ground, he could see how peaceful it looked. He hoped that he'd be all right when he was stone in the morning. He was sure Xander would watch over him, and make sure nothing happens. He was easily vulnerable during the day. So, having a friend that was human was good in that department.

    They'd have to create a system. Even though Brooklyn was out a sleep during the day, Xander was awake and so were other people during the day. If they were going to get out of this time, they'd have to make friends with other people and perhaps other gargoyles. He only wished that he knew what time period he was in.

    Glancing down at the ground below, he decided to climb back down. Nothing was really able to help them with Brooklyn climbing the tree, it just gave him a view of the area. He did notice that the path they were on led to a city. Maybe they'd get there in a few days. Gliding for him might make a difference in speed, but Xander would be stuck walking. They'd probably be better off walking together to watch each other's backs.

    Taking his hands off the branch as well as unwraveling his tail, Brooklyn turned around and grabbed hold of the tree. Placing his talons below the branch, he started to climb down.

    Reaching the bottom, he said, "Hey, Xander."

    Xander turned around as the red gargoyle appeared out of the shadows. "Find anything?"

    Brooklyn got off the tree and walked over to him. "Not much. There's a city about a few days walk from here. People are camping out. So if we get going now we might be able to find someone who can help us."

    "There's a problem though." Xander said. "I can't see that well in the dark. You can. I can see in the day, but your stone. So what are we going to do?"

    The gargoyle suggested, "We're going to have to make friends here, Xander. We don't know anybody and all we know is just a little about each other and how do we find the other half of the Phoenix Gate."

    "I still like to know where and when we are." He said.

    "So would I. So would I. C'mon, we better get going."

    That being said, Xander and Brooklyn started walking.

    "Lucky for me, I got a mini flashlight." He them took his keys out and pressed the button. "See." A small while bright blue light shined forward. "And its everlasting."

    Random Camp on route to Athens

    "So Joxer and Meg?"

    Her best friend nodded, "Apparently, Gabrielle. Why are you asking?" She smiled getting an idea, "Jealous?"

    She immediately shook her head, "No, of course not. I just find it weird that he wants to hook up with Meg. Does that mean he likes you too?"

    The Warrior princess raised her eyebrow, "He loves us, Gabrielle. He is our best friend. Part of our family. We're meeting up with him again in a few days."

    She lowered her head on her pack that was used as a pillow. "I just wanted to know what was going on between him, her, and Autolycus. Is that so wrong?"

    Xena lay down next to her, "Not at all. C'mon, we got to get some sleep. We're going to Athens tomorrow."

    Gabrielle twisted her head until she faced the sky, "Alright, Xena. Let's get some sleep." She closed her eyes-awaiting sleep to overcome.

    A few hours passed when she heard, "Gabrielle, wake up."

    Her eyes snapped open tiredly, "What is it, Xena?"

    She whispered, "Somebody's coming. They're nearby. It sounds like two people."

    "Great." She said with sarcasm, "Maybe you can go bother them. I want to sleep."

    "Not that long ago, you wanted to talk your head off. Now you want to sleep?" Xena said under her breath.

    "Xena, c'mon. It's late. Go check it out yourself." Gabrielle said tiredly.

    She smiled getting an idea, "Fine. You're going to miss the play writing competition."

    The mention of her hobby made her wake up fully. "Play writing competition?"

    Xena grinned, "Good. You're up. C'mon."

    She sighed as she pulled herself into a sitting position. "You evil evil woman."

    Gabrielle got to her feet and grabbed her staff. Xena grabbed her sword. Walking toward the end of the clearing that they set up, Xena said to her friend, "Watch out?"

    She listened to the two sets of footsteps coming, and head the grass rustling. Placing both her hands at the handle, she pointed the sword forward. "Didn't your mother tell you it's not polite to sneak up on people?"

    Gabrielle got into her fighting stance as the two people started to emerge from the dark.

    The light from the fire shined on the faces of trespassers.

    "My mother died when I was young."

    Gabrielle's eyes widened as she saw his face, "What in Tartarus is that?"

    Xena sneered, "He's a gargoyle."



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      Title: Dark Becomes Light
      Author: White Werewolf
      Chapter Number: 3
      Rating: Nothing worse than the tv shows. Think people around the age of 15 are mature enough to read this.
      Category: Gabrielle/Xander
      Spoilers: In Buffy, post: "Living Conditions," In Gargoyles: Post "Journey" If Greg isn't counting season 3 as canon, I'm not either. In Xena, post: "Key to the Kingdome"
      Summery: Xander finds a mystical artifact. Demona calls upon it and takes Xander along for the ride. When there, he and a gargoyle meet. Together the two of them end up in Ancient Greece.
      Disclaimer: Buffy: the Vampire Slayer is owned by Whedon, Fox, and UPN. Gargoyles is owned by Bueana Vista and Disney. Xena: the Warrior Princess is owned by Renaissance Pictures, Tapert, and Raimi.
      Author Notes: This fic is not BX. I love the ship, but I want to try something different. This is also a ship that isn't soley in the Buffyverse. So, many new
      things are with this fic.
      Crossovers Planned:
      Buffy: the Vampire Slayer
      Xena: Warrior Princess
      Special Thanks:Nick, William, and Cyclone


      Xander sidestepped his friend as he came into view to the brunette and blond. "Take it easy. We're not here to hurt you."

      Xena glared at him, "I'll be the one to judge that."

      Gabrielle walked over to them, still holding her staff tightly in her grasp. "Xena, what's a gargoyle?"

      The young man's eyes widened, "Xena?"

      She nodded, "That's my name."

      Xander then looked at the blond next to her and wondered something. Remembering the show from back home, he took a guess, "And you're Gabrielle?"

      Xena twisted her sword quickly along her wrist, getting ready for action. "How do you know our names?"

      Gabrielle said, "Knowing our names is nothing special, Xena. People come to us all the time asking for our help."

      He shook his head, "This can't be true. I've entered the Twilight Zone."

      Xena glared at him, "What do you mean this can't be true?" She then looked at his clothes, and asked, "What type of clothes are those?"

      "Maybe I can help." Brooklyn said trying to help. "We're not from around here."

      "I can see that." The Warrior Princess said. "You're definitely not from Sparta or any other city that I've come across." Glancing at the gargoyle, "and where
      did you come from?"

      Brooklyn said, "If you lower your weapon, we'll be more than willing to co-operate. We're just looking for help."

      Xena addressed him, "Helping gargoyles is something that I don't tend to do anymore. Ever since my time with Ares."

      Gabrielle asked, "What exactly is a gargoyle?"

      Brooklyn said, "We're another race. The two others being humans and Oberon's children. Xander and I came here from the future through the Phoenix Gate, and now we're just trying to go home."

      "Phoenix Gate? You mean the Cronos Stone?" Gabrielle asked.

      He shook his head, "No, I mean Phoenix Gate."

      Xena said, "Makes sense. Hercules destroyed it anyway."

      Xander's mind was reeling, "And he wouldn't be hanging around with a guy named Ioulas."

      Gabrielle stated, "Hercules and Ioulas always work together. Well, most of the time anyway."

      Brooklyn said, "Can you guys please calm down. We'll be willing to talk if you lower your weapons. Plus, if we wanted to hurt you or even kill you, we'd would've of already done it."

      Xena smiled, "I'd like to see you try."

      Taking a breath, Gabrielle lowered her staff, "These guys don't seem too threatening."

      Judging by the way these characters were acting, Xena could see that weren't looking for trouble. It was late anyway, and she was a little tired. Seeing that
      Gabrielle was beginning to accept them, made her think that they weren't so bad. After all Gabrielle was a good judge of character.

      Sheathing her sword, she cleared the way, "Alright. If you want to talk. Talk. But be warned. My hand is itching to use my sword there."

      Gabrielle went back to her sleeping bag and sat down on the log that was by the fire. "Where are you from anyway?"

      Xander grinned, "First maybe you can help us. Where are we? Are we in Greece?"

      Xena nodded, "Yes, you are."

      He nodded, "And guessing by the fact that I'm actually talking to Xena and Gabrielle must mean we're around what...2 AD?"

      She showed a confused look, "AD?"

      Xander nodded, "Didn't Ioulas take a present to a baby not to long ago? He was one of three others. That baby was Jesus." His eyes widened remembering something, "Nevermind. I shouldn't say anything else."

      "How do you know that?" Gabrielle said. "Why can't you say anything else?"

      He sighed, "Because I don't want jeopardize the future. Thank Back to the Future for that lesson. Either that or Star Trek's prime directive."

      "Back to the Future?" the bard asked, "What are you talking about?"

      Realizing this was getting confusing, Xena said. "Alright, enough is enough. How do you know these things?"

      He sighed, "Let's just say I'm an oracle."

      Xena asked, "So now you're an oracle? Let me guess, and you're from Delphi."

      "Maybe we can check there for some answers, Xander." Brooklyn suggested.

      He nodded, "Not a bad idea." Looking at the confused looks on Xena and Gabrielle, "Let's forget everything that just happened. My name's Xander. This is Brooklyn. We just came here from the future with the Phoenix Gate, and now we just have to find the other half and we can go home."

      Brooklyn added, "And we were hoping that you might be willing to help us."

      Xena sat down as well as Xander and Brooklyn, "Say we are willing to help you and find the other half of the Phoenix Gate, how do we know you won't make the timeline more difficult."

      Xander sighed, "I assure you. All we want to do is go home. We came here by accident. We already have lives back in the future. We just want to get back to them."

      Gabrielle noticed the way things were going on, "Xena, we're all tired. Why don't we sleep, and go over this in the morning."

      Brooklyn got to his feet, "You three can sleep, all I'll do is keep watch. That and find a place for me to sleep in the morning when I turn to stone. And in case you're wondering," he said turning to the women, "a gargoyle's purpose in life is to protect."

      The bard asked, "You turn to stone?"

      The gargoyle nodded, "Gargoyles are nocturnal. We move during the night, and sleep in stone during the day. It's also how we heal ourselves."

      Xena clarified, "Gargoyles are solar creatures. They absorb energy during the day through their slumber and that allows them to heal themselves."

      He went over to Xander, "I'll see you tomorrow night."

      Xander showed a confused look, "What am I going to do?"

      Gabrielle got an idea, "Can I talk to you for a second, Xena?"


      She nodded, "Alright, fine. But, I'm going to keep an eye on you two."

      That being said, the two women headed to the other side of the campsite.

      "Xena, why don't we let him sleep here tonight?"

      Xena looked down at her friend, "Gabrielle, we don't know anything about these people. For all we know they could making it up."

      "You heard what they said, Xena. They're from the future apparently and don't have anywhere to go."

      "I don't trust them. When I was evil, Ares had gargoyles always around him. They're longer lives made them great warriors. Not to mention their stone sleep during the day. Gargoyles are warriors by nature."

      Gabrielle looked at the two visitors, "and they seem to be protectors. Just give them a chance, Xena. Something tells me we should at least give them that."

      She sighed, "Alright, Gabrielle. We let Xander stay for the night. But we're going to have to talk some more in the morning."

      The blond smiled, "Good." Turning around, she asked, "Xander?"


      Xander and Brooklyn watched them go to the other side of the campground.

      "What do you think?" Xander asked.

      The gargoyle said, "Xena's the one to worry about, Xander. She seems to have some issues with gargoyles. At least it isn't the type of prejudice I've experienced back in Manhattan. Gabrielle on the other hand seems to be warming up to us a little."

      Xander nodded, "I just hope they let me stay the night, Brooklyn. Maybe things will get better tomorrow. Gabrielle was right; we all seem to be tired. Maybe a good night's rest is what we need."

      "You're probably right." He said rubbing his cheek with his talon.

      "And I find it extremely weird that Xena and Gabrielle actually exist. Or I mean, actually, existed."

      He nodded, "I can see that they actually existed. Hercules is still around today."

      He showed a confused look, "He is?"

      The gargoyle nodded, "Back in Scotland, my clan ran into him a few times. He actually places Hercules on TV."

      "So Kevin Sorbo is actually Hercules?" He asked surprisingly.

      "Yeah, he is. We haven't talked much. But, he's helped a few times deal with Xanatose and Demona."

      Xander grinned, "That's intense. To think, Kevin Sorbo is really Hercules."

      "But I wouldn't broadcast the news, Xander."

      He immediately shook his head, "Don't worry about it. His secret is safe with me."

      "Good. By the way, good call on stopping on future knowledge. We don't want to jeopardize too much future history."

      The young man nodded, "Who knows what would happen if I told them about future stories the show had, it might not of happened here yet, and then total paranoia could occur."

      Brooklyn said, "That might be too extreme. But, you do make a good point."


      The two males turned around as the two females walked forward. "Xena and I talked about it. You can spend the night. We're going to Athens tomorrow. Might want to look into some clothing, Xander."

      He smiled, "I like that, Gabrielle. Thank you."

      Brooklyn remarked, "Thanks for letting him stay, Xena and Gabrielle. I'll see you tomorrow night. Light a fire so I know where to find you. Something symbolic maybe." He waved his final goodbye and walked out of the clearing.

      Xander watched his friend leave the area. After a moment's pause, he turned around to face his hopefully new friends. "Thanks again."

      Gabrielle grinned, "Not a problem."

      Xena said, "We'll wake you up in the morning." She went her sleeping place, and released her sword from her waist. Keeping it close to her body, she lay down and closed her eyes-bringing the animal pelt she had closer as a blanket.

      Xander looked down at the ground and found an open spot. He cleared leaves and removed his jacket. Folding it into a bundle, he decided to use it as a pillow. "I'll see you in morning." He lay down and closed his eyes.

      Gabrielle watched as her friend fell asleep and watched Xander do the same.

      She watched this young man. Seeing him shiver, she went to her bag and brought out a spare animal pelt. Unrolling it, she covered Xander's still form-so he wouldn't be cold during the night.

      Laying down herself, she covered herself with her own animal pelt, and placed her staff by her body. Tired from the previous conversation, she quickly fell asleep.

      Outside of Gabrielle and Xena's Campground

      Brooklyn watched his friend and hopefully new friends fall asleep.

      He began searching through the grass for any kind of cave or dark area that would serve as a good rest place during the day.

      The gargoyle could tell tough times were ahead. Xena kept popping in his mind. She was going to be tough to get close too. Something gargoyles did made her a little sour toward him. But, he was certainly glad it wasn't like Manhattan. A few nights of getting to know her would help there.

      He wondered what his clan was up to. Maybe they got to Demona and she told them what happened. The gargoyle hoped that they'd be able to help him somehow.

      But seeing how the Phoenix Gate was broken, he didn't see how they could get to the past. So, strike that. He was right the first time, this was going to be test of survival, and with Xander with him, things looked better.

      Maybe he'd meet other gargoyles. They might know something. Walking further down south, he noticed a cave. Walking towards it, he saw how big it looked.

      Hoping that maybe it was empty, he went inside. Lucky for him, his eyes were adjusted to the dark.

      Looking around, he couldn't see anyone. "Anybody here?"

      No answer.

      He took a breath of release as he searched further down the cave. It seemed calm. No one was around. And a smile appeared on his face, "Good. This place is vacant."

      "No, it isn't."



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        Title: Dark Becomes Light
        Author: White Werewolf
        Chapter: 4
        Rating: Nothing worse than the tv shows. Think people around the age
        of 15 are mature enough to read this.
        Category: Gabrielle/Xander
        Spoilers: In Buffy, post: "Living Conditions," In Gargoyles: Post "Journey" If Greg isn't counting season 3 as canon, I'm not either. In Xena, post: "Key to the Kingdom"
        Summery: Xander finds a mystical artifact. Demona calls upon it and takes Xander along for the ride. When there, he and a gargoyle meet. Together the two of them end up in Ancient Greece.
        Disclaimer: Buffy: the Vampire Slayer is owned by Whedon, Fox, and UPN. Gargoyles is owned by Bueana Vista and Disney. Xena: the Warrior
        Princess is owned by Renaissance Pictures, Tapert, and Raimi.
        Author Notes: This fic is not BX. I love the ship, but I want to try something different. This is also a ship that isn't soley in the Buffyverse. So, many new things are with this fic.
        Crossovers Planned:
        Buffy: the Vampire Slayer
        Xena: Warrior Princess
        Special Thanks:Nick, William, and Cyclone


        Brooklyn's eyes widened, "Who's there?"

        A creature from behind a rock stepped into view. He appeared to be six-feet-tall. His cold black eyes narrowed as his breath began to get heated. "Get out."

        Brooklyn looked at this tall being. His night vision truly came to use when he saw the occupant of this cave. His green scales reflected perfectly against the lankness of the full moon. "All I want to do is spend the day while I turn to stone."

        The creature yelled, "You're not welcome here, gargoyle." He then balled his claw into a fist and punched the gargoyle across the cheek.

        Brooklyn took a step back, "I don't want to fight you."

        He smiled, "Then that makes it more of a victory for me." The monster grabbed Brooklyn by the sides as he was about to throw him against the wall.

        Reasoning with this creature was not going to happen, anger rising in his blood, Brooklyn's eyes glowed white as he used his tail to whack his opponent across
        the arms. "You left me no choice."

        He then did a back flip and landed on his feet. Running forward, he grabbed his opponent's right arm and tried to throw him using his own weight against him. But there was no such luck. This guy was strong and heavy-Brooklyn's incredible strength did nothing against it.

        Sighing, he knew muscle wasn't going to win this match. Taking a quick look around, he noticed boulders by the west wall. With a wide smile creeping on his face, he started getting an idea. Looking up at the ceiling, he could see how loose it was. His smile turned into a big grin.

        Walking toward the west wall, he grabbed a boulder. Turning to his opponent, he growled, "Catch."

        The gargoyle then heaved one boulder, and sure enough he caught it. "What's that supposed to prove gargoyle?"

        Brooklyn said, "You'll see."

        He then grabbed another and threw it to him. The creature dropped the first boulder and caught it. Brooklyn kept throwing boulders. One by one, the boulders started to block his opponent. When satisfied, Brooklyn leapt onto the wall and climbed to the ceiling. Grabbing a beam that was supporting the roof, he released it, and the ceiling started to cave down.

        Brooklyn did an upside-down somersault and landed in front of the already fallen boulders.

        The boulders from the ceiling fell onto his opponent who was too busy trying to get rid of the rocks that Booklyn threw at him. Pretty soon, the ceiling's boulder's crushed his enemy.

        The gargoyle smiled, "Brains are bigger than brawn, I guess."

        He took a few steps and went to the opening of the cave for safety. Looking back at where the cave in happened and saw how it met with the boulders he threw. They came together and blocked off the end of the cave.

        Brooklyn smiled, "At least I got a place to stay during the day. That is, if nobody tries to destroy me during the day." Looking at the new boulder wall, and realized something, "Actually, that's perfect camouflage."

        Xena and Gabrielle's Campsite-Morning

        Xena was the first to get up just as usual. Pulling herself into a sitting position, she quickly rubbed the sleep out of her eyes. Turning to her left, she saw Gabrielle still asleep.

        Getting to her feet, she walked over to wake her. They had to get to Athens anyway. As soon as she approached her best friend, she saw their supposed visitor from the future.

        Stepping over the bard, she walked toward Xander. Kneeling down, she removed the animal pelt that she obviously knew came from Gabrielle's pack. Smacking his cheek, he said, "It's time to get up."

        Xander immediately pulled himself into a sitting position, "I'm up. I'm up."

        Blinking the sleep from his eyes, he saw Xena in front of him. "Good. You can go catch breakfast."

        He gulped, "Breakfast?"

        Xena tossed him his crossbow, "Interesting weapon. Go kill some breakfast."

        He nodded slowly, "I never killed anything before. Well, nothing animal."

        She looked at him, "So you killed people?"

        He immediately shook his head, "No. I stake vampires."

        She showed a confused look, "Vampires?"

        The boy answered, "Think a deadlier form of baccae."

        Xena stared at him, "Is that all? If you see them in the daylight, by all means kill them."

        The young man looked at her with confusion, "That's all you have to say?"

        "Isn't that enough? Listen, Xander. If you see a vampire or baccae, by all means?kill them. But that isn't going to change my mind on making you go find some breakfast. If you do see them, chase them into somewhere dark and let them stay there. They wouldn't be stupid enough to come out in the day."

        Sighing, he got to his feet, and knew from the show not to cross her when things got like this. He nodded, "Fine. I'll kill a rabbit or something."

        With that said, he snapped on his quiver and kept the crossbow in his right hand. "Be back soon."

        Then he left.

        Field Outside of Xena and Gabrielle's Camp

        Xander thanked god that he had his military training still?even though it was fading at times. He walked carefully down the dirt path and turned swiftly into an open field.

        Placing a bolt in his crossbow, he raised it, trying to keep it at a moment's ready for when he came cross some kind of small animal.

        He never thought of himself as a killer, but he did learn a few things from history class. Even though he wasn't that much of a studier, some things did interest him. He could basically classify himself as a nomad now.

        And when you need food to survive, killing is something that he'd have to do. He just hoped that he didn't have to find a diseased or half-way mauled animal.

        Taking a left, he wandered the field-the whole time remembering where he was so he wouldn't get lost. He heard birds chirp and the fullness of the sun that was beginning to rise. Looking at his watch, he uttered, "Dammit." It broke earlier when he was fighting those vamps back in Sunnydale.

        He wondered how he was going to warm up to Xena. He could tell she didn't like him that much. If she was anything like the show, it took Joxer to try to stand up to what he thought was Callisto in order to save Argo.

        So, it was going to have to be something he'd do. Action did speak louder then words.

        Gabrielle on the other hand seemed to be warming up to him. He remembered falling asleep with nothing on top of him to keep him warm. When he woke up, he found the pelt lying next to him. Since Xena fell asleep first, he could confirm that Gabrielle had something to do with it.

        He had to admit. Both women were quite stunning. He'd be an idiot not to find Xena attractive. But, there was also something cute about Gabrielle. Sighing, he knew he couldn't get too involved with these people. He didn't want things to happen between anyone and him when he was going to go back home.

        Xander wondered if Brooklyn was safe. Where would he fall asleep during the day? If he turned to stone, he'd probably find a place where he could he either blend in or somewhere that was hidden away from sight.

        A sudden movement caught his eye. Turning to his right, he noticed a small chipmunk picking up a walnut. Probably taking it home to his family. He sighed as realized he didn't want to disrupt a family thing.

        But, he was in a time where it was survival of the fittest. He couldn't keep letting animals go so they could live when he denied himself nourishment. There wasn't going to be a Burger King for another few thousand years.

        Xander aimed his crossbow at the chipmunk, "Sorry, Chip. Since its between me and you, I'm going with me." His finger pressed the trigger, and the bolt release. It shot out of the crossbow and impacted ?Chip' in the skull.

        Walking over to the now deceased chipmunk, he picked it up, and asked, "Alright, Chip. So where's Dale?"

        Xena and Gabrielle's Campsite

        Xena watched Xander leave the ground. A smug grin appeared on her face with anticipiation. She couldn't wait to see the face of his when he came back foodless.

        But he did surprise her in a matter of speaking. How strong are these vampires he talked about, she wondered. Baccae did cause problems and she had her experience with them. Not to mention the fact that she was one for a short time. So was Gabrielle for that matter.

        With that last thought, she remembered Gabrielle was still a sleep. Turning back to her friends resting place. The tall woman said, "Gabrielle, it's time to wake up."

        She rolled away so her face wasn't facing Xena. Grabbing the pelt that laid on top of her, she covered her face.

        "It's time to wake up."

        "Just a few more minutes, mother." Gabrielle said tiredly.

        "Don't make me do what I had to do last night." Xena said with pride.

        Fluttering her eyes open, she turned back to face Xena, "Don't worry, Xena. I'll get breakfast."

        Xena grinned, "Don't worry about breakfast."

        She sat up with a smile on her face, "You did breakfast for a change?"

        She shook her head, "Nope. Sent Xander to get breakfast."

        In confusion, the bard asked, "Why would you send him to do that? He doesn't know how to do that, does he?"

        Xena shrugged, "Don't know about that. But according to him, he can stake vampires."

        With the same look still on her face, "Vampires?"

        "In his words, more deadlier then baccae."

        "Uh huh," Gabrielle said as she scratched the back of her head. "When did he leave?"

        "Not too long ago. He probably won't be able to catch anything. You still want to take him clothe shopping?"

        "Xena," Gabrielle began as she got out of her sleeping area. Standing to her feet, she was shortly joined by the now standing Warrior Princess, "he can't go around Greece dressed like that. He has no protection except that crossbow. We need to watch out for him."

        "Gabrielle, we don't know anything about him. How do we even know if there are such things as vampires? He and Brooklyn were talking non-sense. There's no such thing as a Phoenix Gate. The only way to travel through time is with the Cronos Stone, and like I said last night. Hercules destroyed it."

        Gabrielle said, "Xena, there's more to this world then Greece. You know that. Maybe the Phoenix Gate is another pantheon's way to time travel. Look at the way he dresses, in all your time, have you seen anything like that?"

        She sighed, "Maybe your right, Gabrielle. I just don't really trust Brooklyn. Gargoyles are usually in service to Ares. And Ares has a habit of trying to get me back to the side of evil. He'd probably send a gargoyle saying he was from the future in order to try and trick me."

        She nodded, "I can understand while you might feel that way, but remember something. Gargoyles also protect. And if what Xander and Brooklyn say is true, they're all alone and stranded. We turn them away, and they're back to being alone."

        Xena said, "I just don't know what to do."

        Gabrielle asked, "Can you just give them a chance?"

        "I got breakfast."

        The two women turned around to see Xander standing there with a fist full of three chipmunks. "I hope you like chipmunk?"

        Gabrielle smiled, "Chipmunk is fine, isn't it, Xena?"

        She nodded, surprised that Xander actually did catch some food. "Chipmunk is fine."

        The bard smiled, "Good. You can cook it then." With that said, she took Xander's chipmunks and handed it to Xena. "I'm just going to talk to Xander before breakfast."

        Xander and Gabrielle walked to the log that was by the edge of the campsite. Gabrielle turned around, "Oh, and Xena?try and make it edible this time. we got company!"




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          Title: Dark Becomes Light
          Author: White Werewolf
          Chapter: 5
          Rating: Nothing worse than the tv shows. Think people around the age
          of 15 are mature enough to read this. Just as the shows which tend to get dark at times, this might get there too.
          Category: Gabrielle/Xander
          Spoilers: In Buffy, post: "Living Conditions," In Gargoyles: Post "Journey" If Greg isn't counting season 3 as canon, I'm not either. In Xena, post: "Key to the Kingdom"
          Summery: Xander finds a mystical artifact. Demona calls upon it and takes Xander along for the ride. When there, he and a gargoyle meet. Together the two of them end up in Ancient Greece.
          Disclaimer: Buffy: the Vampire Slayer is owned by Whedon, Fox, and UPN. Gargoyles is owned by Bueana Vista and Disney. Xena: the Warrior
          Princess is owned by Renaissance Pictures, Tapert, and Raimi.
          Author Notes: This fic is not BX. I love the ship, but I want to try something different. This is also a ship that isn't soley in the Buffyverse. So, many new things are with this fic.
          Crossovers Planned:
          Buffy: the Vampire Slayer
          Xena: Warrior Princess
          Special Thanks:Nick, William, and Cyclone


          The bard watched as her friend huffed and went to Gabrielle’s pack. She couldn’t help the smile that was forming on her lips. Turning to the young man that sat across from her, she said, “Thanks for getting breakfast.”

          He shrugged, “Just doing my part.”

          The blond watched him as he was sitting pretty uncomfortably, “Well, you saved me from doing it. So, I do appreciate it.”

          Xander grinned his thanks, “No problem.”

          “Very simple talker I see.”

          He chuckled, “Not if I’m Oz, which by the way I’m not.”

          She showed a confused look, “Who’s Oz?”

          He answered honestly, “My best friend’s boyfriend in the future. He talks like that.”

          The future. Again. What was it like? How far in the future was he from? So many questions she wanted to ask him. “Can you tell me about the future?”

          He sighed, “I can’t.”

          She wanted to know, “Why?”

          Xander got to his feet and stared at the bard, “Because, Gabrielle. I know things that could happen and if I end up telling you and Xena, things could end up worse.”

          The blond stood up too, “But if you do tell us, we can prevent the things that happen and make it better.”

          Xander admitted, “Makes sense. I’ve seen and read things in the future that makes time travel very complicated. I remember reading something that when someone from the future went back to the time of the dinosaurs and stepped on a butterfly, the person changed the entire future.”

          Thinking it over for a second, she said, “Then you also have to realize that everything you do has a consequence. Even if you don’t tell us what you know, something we do will change the effects of the future. People have free will. There’s no way to determine what can and would happen.”

          He sighed as he sat back down, “I just don’t want things to get more messed up then they already are. If I say something now to you, you could tell Xena, Ares could find out, some of the big bads I fight in the future will find out and then my friends will pay the consequences. And it will all be because I couldn’t keep my mouth shut.”

          The blond sat back down too, “Xander, no matter what you try to do to prevent things from happening, something else could happen in its place. Everything has an equal or opposite reaction.”

          He snorted, “Where have I heard that before? Damn Newton. He’s right. Gabrielle, let me ask you something. Say you know something that would alter Xena’s life if you didn’t tell her what you knew, it could save her life. But if you told her, she’d end up dying. Then you’d be face with a difficult decision. Do you let your best friend die so the world could be saved, or do you save your best friend, and let the world suffer?”

          She sighed as her eyes cascaded down the ground, “I already had that experience.”

          His mind suddenly remembered that exact episode, “You mean with Hope?”

          Her eyes widened, “How do you know about Hope?”

          Xander said silently, “Shit.”

          Gabrielle looked at Xena who was still trying to build the fire for their chipmunks, and then returned her gaze at the young man before, “How do you know about Hope? I mean, I never told you about her. And neither did Xena.”

          He scratched the back of his head, trying to figure anyway to cover his accidental slip of tongue. Sighing, Xander knew he couldn’t. So, he decided to tell the truth. “Gabrielle, if you calm down. I’ll tell you what I know I can.”

          She let out of breath that she was holding in. Taking a head nod, she said, “Go on.”

          Xander said, “In the future, there are television sets. A television set is what people in my time use as entertainment—one form anyway. Anyway, they have shows that provide this entertainment.”

          Showing a confused look, he tried another route.

          “Alright, think of it this way. A television show is a lot like a play. Only this play can be shown to a wide range of people at a time. Someone found your scrolls in the future and decided that it would make a great television series…or a series of plays. At one year’s run, the person decided to perform the Dahok story. So, they used your scrolls and wrote out another story that was based off it to show on the television.”

          She said slowly, “So, my writing is used in the future for everyone to enjoy?”

          He nodded, “Pretty much, yeah. Personally, I always loved the shows that dealt with your friendship with Xena. Very mind blowing stuff. I could tell you two were close. And now, I can’t believe I’m seeing it in real life.”

          Remembering the conversation from last night, she asked, “And another show deals with Hercules and Ioulas?”

          Again, he nodded, “First, someone made a show dealing with Hercules. The show is called, Hercules: the Legendary Journeys. Then in the next year, a new show came on called Xena: Warrior Princess. Both shows deal with this time period.”

          Gabrielle sighed, “Why couldn’t it be called: Gabrielle: Bard of Potedia. Or maybe, Gabrielle: Amazon Princess?”

          He chuckled, “Or why couldn’t it be called, Joxer: the Mighty? The reason I believe is because the show deal’s with Xena as a main character. Your scrolls often reflected that, right?” Gabrielle nodded, “Well, if they based the shows off your scrolls, then that means the shows would focus on her mostly. And since you’re her best friend, you’d get second billing.”

          She giggled, “So, Joxer is in the show too?”

          Xander answered, “Yeah, he is. Same with Autolycus, Salmoneus, Lila, and others. The shows are very popular in the future. So, that’s how I know about Hope. I know some other things, but I that’s not important at the moment. Gabrielle, I’ve seen shows that deal with the future of this time period. If I tell you what I know, then you two would try to prevent it and then you’d never write them down in the first place which means they’d never become stories for television. So, I ask you. Don’t write me into your work. Same with Brooklyn. Imagine what people would think if all of a sudden a character named Xander Harris came onto the series. People in my time wouldn’t know what to think.”

          To clarify, Gabrielle asked with a pout, “So you want to deny the future your impact on my and Xena’s lives?”



          Xena, Xander, and Gabrielle entered the front gate.

          “Woah.” Xander said with awe. “This is Athens?”

          Gabrielle grinned, “Welcome to the capital of Greece.”

          Xander’s eyes widened as he saw how busy this city really was. Shops and markets were all over the place. People were selling fruits and vegetables. Clothe stores were everywhere too.

          Children were playing in the streets. Families were walking down the streets as well. A very congested area, Athens was.

          Weird train of thought, he realized. Too damn Yoda-like.

          “And I thought Washington DC was a busy capital.”

          Gabrielle asked, “Washington DC?”

          He answered, knowing nothing really could happen to effect this conversation, “The capital of my country in the future.”

          “Do you have any kind of money on you?” Xena asked her friend of the future.

          Xander went into his pocket and pulled out his change, “The paper money I have won’t do any good. As for change, I got quarters, dimes, and pennies. I don’t have any dinars though.”

          Gabrielle looked at the quarter. “Who’s on the quarter?”

          He answered, “That would be George Washington. First president of the United States.”

          Xena looked at it, “What’s up with his teeth?”

          Xander showed a confused look, “You can see his teeth?”

          “No.” The tall woman replied, “But look at his mouth. His teeth obviously had something to do with its proportion.”

          He grinned, “Well, it was rumored he had wooden teeth.”

          Xena said, “That proves it. Wood would do that.”

          The young man chuckled, “So Washington really did have wooden teeth. In the words of Johnny Carson. That’s weird wild stuff.”

          The Warrior Princess asked, “Who’s Johnny Carson?”

          The male of the trio answered, “Former famous person in my time. Known from being a talk show host.”

          Gabrielle sighed, “Shows again. Xander, when we find that other half of the Phoenix Gate, can you take us to the future so I can finally see what you were talking about.”

          He sighed, “I dunno, Gabrielle. Talking about the future is one thing, but visiting it is something else.”

          She looked at him, “Xander…”

          Xena looked at them, “He has a point, Gabrielle. Talking about it allows the imagination to wonder the possibilities. Seeing it, would be too overwhelming for anyone from our time to understand.”

          Gabrielle sighed, “Oh, alright.”

          The three of them continued to walk down the dirt path. Xander looked at the stores lining the streets, “So, where am I going to get some decent clothes.”

          Xena said, “There’s a place not too far from here that has suitable clothing for you.”

          He grinned, “Works for me.”

          Looking at the change in his hand, he said, “I’m going to need to get some dinars at some point.”

          Gabrielle asked, “How do you feel about working for it?”

          The young man sighed, “Work and me tend not too do well. Damn Hellmouth.”

          “Hellmouth?” Gabrielle asked.

          Xena answered, “The Earth has windows the demonic dimensions, Gabrielle. There are numerous of these windows or as Xander calls them, Hellmouths. He must come from a place that has a Hellmouth near it.”

          Xander looked at her strangely, “Why are acting all nice toward me? Before, you couldn’t even look at me without getting a bad taste in your mouth. Same with Brooklyn.”

          The tall woman replied, “A good friend talked to me earlier. She reminded me how people sometimes get the wrong first impression. I took another look at you during breakfast, and for a guy who hasn’t hunted animals before, you did pretty well.”

          The Scooby grinned, “Thanks.”

          “Don’t let it go to your head though. You still have some proving to do.”

          He chuckled, “I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

          “This is the place.” Xena said to them turned to the right.

          Entering a small shop, numerous vests and pants were hanging on hooks.

          ”Take a look around. See if there’s anything you like.” Xena told Xander.

          He nodded as he started to search through the clothes. “Help him, Gabrielle. I’m going to go talk to the owner. See if I can go work something out.”

          She left the two of them and went forward.

          = = = =

          Xena walked to a redheaded man. “Calustus.”

          The man turned around and saw Xena. A wide smile appeared on his lips, “Xena.” He then raised his arm forward.

          Xena grabbed his forearm with her hand and smiled, “You look well.”

          Klinus nodded, “You do too.” Releasing his grasp of her arm, he said, “What can I do for you?”

          Xena asked, “Gabrielle and I met a young man yesterday. I was wondering if you could help us chose some clothing for him.”

          He looked around the store to where Gabrielle stood. “You mean that tall man with Gabrielle?”

          The Warrior Princess nodded, “Yes that would be him. His name’s Xander.”

          “I can see why you need my help. Whoever dressed him like that should be impaled.”

          Xena laughed a little, “I agree with that. Listen, Xander isn’t from around here. He doesn’t have any money that would help him. Could you let him take an outfit? I’ll pay you.”

          Klinus smiled, “Seeing as he is a friend of yours, Xena. You can pay half.”

          The brunette grinned, “Thanks, Klinus.”

          She turned around to face Xander and Gabrielle, “Come over here when you find something.”

          = = = =

          Xander and Gabrielle were searching the vests that were hanging by the far wall.

          He picked out a tan vest. “What do you think?”

          She shook her head, “Too bland.” Her eyes scanned the vests and tunics that were hanging from the wall. Looking at Xander, and then back at the shirts, she picked up an off-white vest. “What do you think? White works for you.”

          He chuckled slightly, “Maybe. It’s possible.” The young man sighed, “I hate clothe shopping.”

          Gabrielle said, “It’s not my fault your male.”

          He glared at her, “On behalf of all males in my time, I take offense to that.”

          “So you’re saying men in your time finally have some fashion sense?”

          His eyes glanced downward, “No. But on behalf of my gender, I still say, ‘Hey!’”

          She rolled her eyes, “Whatever. C’mon, we need to pick something.” Returning to the wall, she picked an off-red version of the vest. “What about this?”

          Taking a white tunic and the vest Gabrielle was holding, “How about the white underneath the red?”

          “Come over here when you find something.”

          Sighing, Gabrielle turned to her friend, “We’re going to need help.”

          Xander grimaced, “Great. I’m Malibu Ken.”



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            Title: Dark Becomes Light
            Author: White Werewolf
            Chapter: 6
            Rating: Nothing worse than the tv shows. Think people around the age of 15 are mature enough to read this. Just as the shows which tend to get dark at times, this might get there too.
            Category: Gabrielle/Xander
            Spoilers: In Buffy, post: "Living Conditions," In Gargoyles: Post "Journey" If Greg isn't counting season 3 as canon, I'm not either. In Xena, post: "Key to the Kingdom"
            Summery: Xander finds a mystical artifact. Demona calls upon it and takes Xander along for the ride. When there, he and a gargoyle meet. Together the two of them end up in Ancient Greece.
            Disclaimer: Buffy: the Vampire Slayer is owned by Whedon, Fox, and UPN. Gargoyles is owned by Bueana Vista and Disney. Xena: the Warrior Princess is owned by Renaissance Pictures, Tapert, and Raimi.
            Author Notes: This fic is not BX. I love the ship, but I want to try something different. This is also a ship that isn't soley in the Buffyverse. So, many new things are with this fic.
            Crossovers Planned:
            Buffy: the Vampire Slayer
            Xena: Warrior Princess
            Special Thanks:Nick, William, and Cyclone

            Cave Outside Athens--Night

            A sudden roaring filled the cave as the stone skin of the gargoyle exploited off of him.

            Yawning after he woke up, Brooklyn’s eyes went white, and then suddenly cleared. He looked around, forgetting where he was. Brooklyn thought for a second he was back in Manhattan.

            But, then he remembered he was in Greece. Walking toward the opening of the cave, he glanced back to his roust. No seemed to have moved, only meaning one thing. His opponent from the night prior was in fact dead.

            “What a waist.” Brooklyn uttered realizing that the creature had to die simply because Brooklyn needed a day’s rest.

            Xander, Xena, and Gabrielle’s Camp

            Xander sighed as he sat down at the log. He looked into the night sky and wondered where Brooklyn was.

            “Dinar for your thoughts?”

            Xander turned to see Gabrielle approaching him. He grinned, “Thinking about Brooklyn.”

            The bard asked, “May I?”

            He nodded as he moved himself further down the log. “Please, sit.”

            She grinned her thanks as she sat down next to him. Looking at the ground, she saw a weird language spelled out in fire. “What type of language is that?”

            The young man answered, “That’s my native language...english.”

            She showed a confused look, “I’ve seen English before, and that isn’t it.”

            Xander remembered from his English class, “Old English never was written like this. This is how I write, ‘Brooklyn.’” I hope he finds it.”

            Gabrielle looked at his face, and could see the emotion on his face…very still, but she could hear the concern in his voice, “You worried about him, huh?”

            The young man nodded, “Brooklyn is all I have, Gabrielle. Everything we know is gone and in the future, and now because of some insane gargoyle in the future, we’re stuck here. That’s pure Xander Harris luck for you.”

            She placed her hand on his, trying to give him some comfort, “Xena and I are going to help you, Xander. You also have us.”

            Xander smiled, “Thanks. But, what has me wondering is, when are all four of us going to travel. Xena, you, and I can walk during the day, but Brooklyn is stuck in stone somewhere. There’s not much we can do there.”

            She suggested, “Maybe some kind of magic can help?”

            He sighed, “Magic and me don’t work well together. The last time I cast a spell, the entire female population of Sunnydale found me attractive. Granted, that doesn’t sound that bad, but when every female thinks they’re in love with you, they can get pretty insane.”

            Gabrielle looked at him strangely, “So the whole female population was in love with you?”

            Xander defended himself, “It’s not so impossible to find women attracted to me.”

            “Good point. But the whole female population? I find that hard to be true.”

            He sighed, “Well, you’re right. They actually tried to kill me because I couldn’t become there boyfriend. I learned my lesson though. No magic for me.”

            She had to agree, “And one time Aphrodite cast a spell that made Xena, Joxer, and me obsess about something.”

            Xander chuckled, “I remember that story. You were in love with yourself, Xena couldn’t get over fishing, and Joxer became a version of Tarzan.”

            Gabrielle showed a confused look, “Tarzan? You mean Atta, right?”

            “Um…yeah.” He admitted. “Both are stories of a man being raised by apes, so both of them work.”

            “Hi guys.”

            = = = =
            Field Outside of Athens

            Walking out of the cave, he turned to the wall and started to climb up. Wrapping his wrings around his chest, he continued to climb.

            Reaching the top, he scanned the field. He tried to fine any source of Xander, Xena, and Gabrielle. Sighing, he couldn’t find anything. He looked around and chose north as his best direction. Considering he fact that they were South the previous night.

            He knew he was going to hate this. Xander, Gabrielle, and Xena wouldn’t travel during the night, because they worked best during the day. On the other hand, he was the opposite. He worked best during the night, and during the day, he was stone. They’d be stuck and going around in circles. Well, maybe not circles…but something of that same effect.

            What were they going to do? Back in Manhattan, he was lucky. Everything that happened on that island was always around his location. But, now in Greece? He was in a time where people traveled all the time, and remembering past conversations with Hercules, Xena and Gabrielle traveled everywhere. They went supposedly from England, Rome, Greece, India, China, and a few other places including Egypt.

            He was surprised that they were able to speak all the same language. Well, he remembered a story that Goliath told him. Many centuries ago, people did
            speak the same language. But, a group of people decided to build a tower…the Tower of Babble, if Brooklyn remembered correctly, and as a punishment for their actions, a titan by the name of Coeus, sentenced the universal language to be no more. So, numerous other languages were born.

            However, later on after the Tower of Babble story, an ancient mage with the Grimorum cast a spell and the universal language returned. Then Athena wanted the separate languages to return, but the other children of Oberon thought otherwise. So, a spell was cast on the Grimorum, so Athena couldn’t separate the one universal language. After all, after the fall of titans, Athena took over Coeus’ work, But, some countries still practiced their natural language, and preferred to speak and write them. So, modern English is the universal language, but people around the world today still speak the language that Coeus cursed them with.

            Glancing at the landscape below, Brooklyn opened his wings and jumped off the ledge. Soon, wind caught his wings and he started to glide. His mission now, was to try and find Xander and the others—the whole time hoping that Xander did leave a signal for him to look out for.

            A few hours passed as Brooklyn landed atop a tree branch. Taking a breath, he admitted, “We have to find an answer here. This is too much work.” Leaping from the branch, he landed on another. He continued to do this, taking a break from gliding when he turned his head. The gargoyle saw fire and his eyes widened as he realized it spelled out a word…a word he knew.

            Climbing further up a tree that he just landed on and leapt off the top branch and glided down to the area that had the fire.

            Landing with a thud, he smiled when he realized who was standing before him.

            “Hi, guys!”

            Xander and Gabrielle smiled at the entrance of their friend.

            Brooklyn looked at Xander’s new clothes. “Nice duds.” He referred to a white sleeveless shirt with a pair of brown tight leather pants. “Looking good.”

            Xander sighed, “Gabrielle and Xena picked it out for me.”

            “It’s better than what you wore for sure.” The gargoyle told his friend.

            “I’m glad you found us.” Gabrielle told him.

            “You three weren’t easy to find. I’m glad you wrote my name in fire though, Xander.”

            He shrugged, “I couldn’t think of anything else.”

            Brooklyn said, “We’re going to have to find an answer here. I can’t keep sleeping during the day while you travel. It takes too long to find you.”

            “We thought about magic.” Xander added, “But Gabrielle and I don’t have the best history with it.” He suddenly thought of something, “We could ask a god.”

            “Think about what your asking, Xander.” Xena asked Xander as she wandered into the area. “The gods aren’t known to help us out.”

            “Depends on the right goddess.” Soon golden sparks erupted out of nowhere as a goddess appeared.

            Gabrielle said under her breath, “Aphrodite.”

            “Hey, Honey.” The goddess greeted as she spotted the two new friends of theirs. “Who are your friends?”

            Xander stared at her, over taken by her appearance. “I’m a, I’m a.”

            Gabrielle elbowed him, “This bumbling idiot is Xander.”

            Straightening out his composure, he said, “I’m not an idiot.”

            Xena said, “That remains to be proven.”

            Xander interrupted, “Again, not an idiot.”

            “And who’s this?” Aphrodite asked referring to the gargoyle. “Or do you not have a name?”

            The bard asked, “Why wouldn’t he have a name?”

            “Because,” Brooklyn began, “gargoyles by nature don’t have names. It’s a human custom. But, my name’s Brooklyn.”

            “Nice to meet you.” The blond goddess told them. “I haven’t see you before though.”

            Xander admitted, “We’re from the future.”

            “That makes sense.” Aphrodite agreed.

            “What do you want, Aphrodite?” Xena asked.

            “What? A goddess can’t abandon a friend of hers in need.”

            Gabrielle sighed, “I’m not in need.”

            “Chill, Honey. Calm down. Just trying to help you out. Your friend here suggested you ask a goddess. I couldn’t help overhearing.”

            The bard reminded her, “Whenever you’re around, things tend to get complicated.”

            She crossed her arms, “I’m hurt. Here, I am trying to help you out, but you won’t have it. I’ll go see what Hephy’s doing.”

            Aphrodite was about to leave, when Xander asked, “Wait. You do mean, Hephaestus, right?”

            The Love Goddess looked at him, “Do you know any other Hephy’s?”

            Xander reminded her, “Man from the future here. Still getting used to life here. Although, I do know a Hephy. Hugh Heffner to be exact. But, that’s beside the point.”

            “Good point.” Aphrodite admitted.

            Xander walked up to her, “I know your married to Hephaestus. And we were hoping that we could solve a problem for Brooklyn here.”

            Gabrielle looked at him, “Think about what your asking, Xander. The last time you did magic you had the whole female population in love with you.”

            Xena raised her eyebrow, “What?”

            The young man nodded, “I know my history with magic. But this is for Brooklyn. The thing is, Xena, Gabrielle, and I travel Greece trying to find the other half of the Phoenix Gate. And Brooklyn is asleep during the day. He can’t keep up with us, and gliding took a while tonight for him to find us anyway.”

            “What are you getting at?” Aphrodite asked.

            Gabrielle sighed. She knew what he was asking, and it was a big deal. Not a good thing to do when you first meet a goddess. Against her better judgment, she asked herself, “Aphrodite, could Hephaestus forge something for Brooklyn. Give some kind of artifact that would allow him to travel with us during the day.”

            Aphrodite looked at the short blond, “I dunno, Honey. You’re dealing with Hephaestus here. It’s going to take some work or right wording for him to help you.”

            “I don’t want to cause too much of a problem.” Brooklyn added.

            Xander said, “You yourself said it took a lot of time to find us tonight.”

            He stated, “I know. But, I don’t want to give Hephaestus more work to do.”

            Aphrodite said, “Brooklyn, Sudmuffin, if I can talk to Hephy, I’m sure I can help you out.”

            Xena asked, “Now, what’s this about making every women fall in love with you?”

            Xander looked at Aphrodite who responded with, “Don’t look at me, Sweet Cheeks.”



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              Title: Dark Becomes Light
              Author: White Werewolf
              Chapter: 7
              Rating: Nothing worse than the tv shows. Think people around the age of 15 are mature enough to read this. Just as the shows which tend to get dark at times, this might get there too.
              Category: Gabrielle/Xander
              Spoilers: In Buffy, post: "Living Conditions," In Gargoyles: Post "Journey" If Greg isn't counting season 3 as canon, I'm not either. In Xena, post: "Key to the Kingdom"
              Summery: Xander finds a mystical artifact. Demona calls upon it and takes Xander along for the ride. When there, he and a gargoyle meet. Together the two
              of them end up in Ancient Greece.
              Disclaimer: Buffy: the Vampire Slayer is owned by Whedon, Fox, and UPN. Gargoyles is owned by Bueana Vista and Disney. Xena: the Warrior Princess is owned by Renaissance Pictures, Tapert, and Raimi.
              Author Notes: This fic is not BX. I love the ship, but I want to try something different. This is also a ship that isn't soley in the Buffyverse. So, many new things are with this fic.
              Crossovers Planned:
              Buffy: the Vampire Slayer
              Xena: Warrior Princess
              Special Thanks:Nick, William, and Cyclone

              He sighed, "A few years ago my now ex-girlfriend broke up with me, and I wanted to get her back. So, I blackmailed a witch into casting a love spell. Originally, the spell was going to make her fall in love with me again, and I was going to dump her sorry ass. But it backfired, and all women in Sunnydale fell in love with me."

              The Warrior Princess asked, "So, to make things even you blackmailed someone to cast a love spell?"

              The Love Goddess pouted, "You could've asked me. I would've helped."

              He looked at her, "Didn't know the gods actually existed." Looking at the tall woman, he said in his defense, "And anyway, what kind of girl breaks up with you on Valentine's Day?"


              The young man turned to his friend, "Yeah, Brooklyn?"

              He answered, "Valentine's Day hasn't been invented yet."

              Gabrielle asked, "What's Valentine's Day?"

              Xander answered, "It's a holiday dedicated to love."

              Aphrodite squealed, "Tubular. A holiday devoted to love?" Then it hit her, "That's only going to be more work for me?"

              The young man answered, "Not if you get Cupid involved."

              She beamed, "Not a bad idea, Sweet Cheeks."

              "As much as we're having talking about a future holiday," Xena said, "we need to help Brooklyn. It's not that long from dawn."

              "So not a problem." And before anyone could say something, the five of them disappeared.

              Forge of Hephaestus

              The forge god limped over to his pit. Turning his hand, he watched as he continued to make a sword that Achilles requested from him.

              "Hi, Hephy."

              The god smiled when he heard that voice. No matter how demanding the gods were at his work, he always welcomed the sweet voice of his beloved. Turning
              around, he grinned, "Hello, ?Dite."

              She walked over to him and kissed him on the cheek, "How's my smith god doing tonight?"

              He placed his sword down as he wrapped his arm around her. "Much better now that you're here."

              A sudden cough was heard.

              Glancing up from his Aphrodite, the smith god looked to see three people and a gargoyle.

              "You brought company?" He reluctantly let go of her as he saw the Warrior Princess and Amazon Princess.

              Aphrodite sighed and frowned from the loss of contact. But replied with, "They need your help."

              The Smith God questioned, "They do, do they?"

              Xena approached them, "Hephaestus, we were hoping you could help Brooklyn."
              He showed a confused look, "Brooklyn?"

              The gargoyle spoke up, "That would be me. We were hoping that you could help us. My friend, Xander, and I are in quite a problem."

              Xander and Brooklyn told Hephaestus their story from the beginning. They told him about Demona, the Phoenix Gate, them landing in Greece, and how they were trying to find the other half of the Phoenix Gate.

              "You two are in quite the pickle."

              The young man grinned, "You could say that."

              "So can you help them?" Gabrielle asked as she came forward.

              He looked back at his work and could see many things he had to do. "I am pretty busy at the moment."

              Aphrodite reached up her hand and caressed his cheek, "Please, Hephy."

              Her husband commented, "I still don't know." Gabrielle added, "Xena did stop Ares from using your metal when he gave Agathon that special suit of armor."

              Hephaestus sighed, "Seeing as you did stop Ares, Xena. I guess if I can re-work my schedule. It will take a few days though. Then we have to enchant the amulet I'll forge that will allow Brooklyn to be awake during the day."

              The gargoyle asked skeptically, "I'll be able to see the sun?"

              "Exactly," Hephaestus said with certainty. "It's going to take some time to make." Glancing around, he said, "You can stay here during the day. You'd be protected."

              A question came to him, "When do I sleep?"

              "With the right spell, we can flip your biological clock?meaning that you'd sleep during the night and move during the day. Since you're solar based, you're going to receive less energy during stone sleep. You're going to have to make that up with eating three meals a day."

              Xena asked, "What if we have to move during the night?"

              Xander clarified, "Meaning they use the element of surprise."

              Hephaestus said, "Remove the necklace. Doing so would revert Brooklyn to his natural state."

              The gargoyle grinned, "Thanks for doing this."

              "You are quite welcome, Brooklyn. But be advised, I might come to you in the future and ask for a favor in return."

              Brooklyn said with a sigh, "I wouldn't think they're be a catch."

              Xander chuckled, "There's always a catch."

              Xander, Xena, and Gabrielle's Campsite-Morning

              "I can't believe Aphrodite brought us back here." Gabrielle said as she started to clean the dishes from breakfast.

              Xander rolled up his new animal pelt. "Well, we obviously caught her in a good mood. Which to say is rare."

              Xena admitted, "But who knows what it's going to cost Brooklyn?"

              Xander sat down on his now rolled pelt, "It's going to cost nothing if I have anything to do with it."

              Gabrielle said as she walked to her pack, "We're dealing with the gods remember, Xander. Nothing is free." She started to put the plates and pan away.

              The young man yawned, "What are we going to do today?" Xena said, "I wanted to head for Epirus. That's where we're going to meet up with Joxer later. The
              Gabrielle, you, Brooklyn, and I were going to head to India. I sent a scroll to Joxer saying we were going to be a little late."

              He grinned, "We're going to India? Great. Never saw the episodes. So this will be new to me."

              Gabrielle grinned, "Well, that means we're in the same boat for once."

              The young man said, "If I remember correctly, you both don't work well together."

              She stared at him, "It's not my fault I get sea sickness."

              He grinned, "Just like it isn't my fault that I don't have any fashion sense?"

              Xena said, "He has a point, Gabrielle. So, stop complaining."

              The bard shook her head, "I'm not complaining. I'm simply saying that it's not my fault I get sea sickness."

              Xander chuckled, "Sure sounds like complaining."

              The Warrior Princess admitted, "This coming from the guy who bragged he can stake vampires."

              He stared at the tall woman, "I was only trying to defend myself. I don't brag. Vampires like Spike do that. He keeps saying that he killed two vampire slayers."

              "Who's Spike?" Gabrielle asked.

              Her new friend said, "A vampire from the future who keeps trying to kill Buffy who by the way is a vampire slayer. Either that, or he moans about his undead girlfriend leaving him."

              The blond asked, "What kind of future do you live in?"

              Xander grinned, "A very complicated one."

              "I can see that," Xena commented.

              The mention of vampires made him think back to Sunnydale. Something he recently decided to try not to think too much on, but it did happen at some occasions.

              His friends started to come back to his mind?the Scooby Gang?his family?well maybe family of the future. If he ever got back to the future anyway.
              But, when he did, he wanted to be ready.

              He wanted to be ready in the full sense of the word. Living in Greece could prepare him. Xander remembered the episodes he saw of both Xena and Hercules, and was amazed on well they fought. Especially Xena.

              Glancing at the true Xena made him wonder. Could he really ask her to train him? If he remembered correctly, Xena trained Gabrielle. They were incredible fighters. Seeing that made him think was it possible? Taking a breath, he looked at Xena and decided to ask her, "Xena?"

              She looked at him, "Yes?"

              Standing up from his position, he walked over to her, "Seeing as I'm sorta stuck in Greece, I'm going to need some training. Don't get me wrong, fighting
              vampires in Sunnydale made somewhat of a decent fighter, but I'd like to be better."

              Xena sighed, "Xander, people who I end up training become killers and thieves. They end up becoming something that they aren't and I don't want that to happen to you."

              Gabrielle approached them, "Xena, you trained me."

              She nodded, "I know and I still think that was a bad decision."

              The bard responded with, "Xena, you got to stop doing this. I walk around with you and train with you because I want to. I don't want you to be alone doing this."

              She grinned, "I know, Gabrielle. It's just that sometimes I forget."

              Xander questioned, "So, will you do it?"

              Xena looked at the young man and admitted that he didn't look that bad for shape. He could use more training, and she didn't want to see him die. Especially when he was stuck in a time when he wasn't supposed to exist in. "Alright, Xander. I'll train you."

              Walking toward the crossbow that was resting next to his sack, "But I want you to handle a weapon better than this."

              Gabrielle asked, "What do you think will suit him, Xena?"

              Thinking back to her weapon skills and what would be best in a fight, "The crossbow is a great weapon for distance. He's going to need to train something for close combat. A good start would probably be a pair of sickles."

              He showed a confused look, "Aren't sickles used for farming?"

              Xena pointed out, "Yes, they are. But with the proper training, they can be quite lethal."

              Gabrielle said, "We can go back to town and buy you a set."

              He grinned, "Hey, I'm cool with that. Being trained by Xena is going to kick major ass."

              Late Afternoon

              "Xander, you better put those cushioned pouches on the blades." Xena said as she and him entered a cleared field.

              Xander nodded, and put on the pouches.

              "Good." She said with a smile. "Now stand in the previous pose Algamenom showed you at the store."

              Algamenom was the storeowner that the three of them went to in Athens.

              Xander was amazed on how much Xena knew about weapons. Well, actually really not too amazing, but still it was unbelievable. She knew the types of blades to use along with the stocks. Xena made sure he had the best type Algamenom had to offer.

              An attachment was made to his quiver belt so he could keep both weapons on his person at once. This allowed easy travel for all three of them. Actually all four of them once they got Brooklyn traveling with them.

              Raising his right hand with the weapon he lowered the other. The whole time both sickles were about three feet apart. Both legs were planted firmly on the ground.

              "Aiiiiiiiiiiii" Xena yelled as she came charging forward.

              Xander's eyes widened at the sudden running form of the Warrior Princess. She launched her fist forward and aimed it at Xander's cheek.

              He immediately blocked her fist with his right forearm. She retaliated with her roundhouse knocking Xander on the ground.

              The young man gritted his teeth as he sprung to his feet. His right hand tightened around the stalk of the sickle and lashed forward-the blade turned outward.

              Xena grinned as she grabbed hold of Xander's attacking arm and throw him over her shoulders and threw over her body and he landed on his back again.

              "Again with the back." Xander uttered as he rolled onto his stomach and tried a foot-sweep.

              Xena jumped over his leg and grabbed him by the back of his shirt. Pulling back, he quickly got to his feet. "Never let your back open to attack."

              He grunted, "Won't happen again."

              Xena gave him a half-smile, "Good." With that, the attack was on once again.




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                Title: Dark Becomes Light
                Author: White Werewolf
                Chapter: 8
                Rating: Nothing worse than the tv shows. Think people around the age of 15 are mature enough to read this. Just as the shows which tend to get dark at times, this might get there too.
                Category: Gabrielle/Xander
                Spoilers: In Buffy, post: "Living Conditions," In Gargoyles: Post "Journey" If Greg isn't counting season 3 as canon, I'm not either. In Xena, post: "Key to the Kingdom"
                Summery: Xander finds a mystical artifact. Demona calls upon it and takes Xander along for the ride. When there, he and a gargoyle meet. Together the two
                of them end up in Ancient Greece.
                Disclaimer: Buffy: the Vampire Slayer is owned by Whedon, Fox, and UPN. Gargoyles is owned by Bueana Vista and Disney. Xena: the Warrior Princess is owned by Renaissance Pictures, Tapert, and Raimi.
                Author Notes: This fic is not BX. I love the ship, but I want to try something different. This is also a ship that isn't soley in the Buffyverse. So, many new things are with this fic.
                Crossovers Planned:
                Buffy: the Vampire Slayer
                Xena: Warrior Princess
                Special Thanks:Nick, William, and Cyclone
                Xander, Xena, and Gabrielle’s Campsite—Late Afternoon/Early Evening

                Xander sat on his now familiar log, his right hand was toying with his sickle. He started to rotate it between his knuckles. He watched as the light from the disappearing sun was reflecting on the blade, bright oranges and pinks danced on the shimmering metal.

                He and Xena yet again finished another training session. They’ve spent that past two days training and talking. He was getting better, Xena herself said so, but allot of work was needed. Nothing worthwhile ever is easy.

                Pain was circulating around his shoulders. His arms were moving so fast and so tirelessly that pain was starting to surface. All the movements that his arms and hands were making caused tension in his muscles.

                Placing his free sickle back into his waist belt, he tried to massage the back of his shoulder. He couldn’t create much relief Letting out a breath, he asked, “When will this stop?”

                “After the first few weeks, it’ll get easier.” He let go of his shoulder and turned his head slightly to the right spying the tall brunette, “You did well this afternoon.”

                “Thanks.” He said under his breath as he started to try and massage himself again.

                Xena approached him, “Let go of your shoulder.”

                Letting go of himself, she placed her hands on shoulders. “Here. Relax.”

                He suddenly felt her hands flexing and kneading his skin. His muscles were starting to relax. Xander’s eyes closed as his sense of touch began to burn. The muscles started to feel better as Xena continued to knead.

                All the tension that the past four days Xander experienced started to slip away, all the confusion and feelings of loss were drifting.



                “Can I ask you a question?”

                Xander answered honestly, “Sure.”

                “It’s about Brooklyn. How long have you known him?”

                He answered honestly, “I already told you, Xena. We met just a few days ago.”

                She nodded, “And how long have you known about gargoyles?”

                Her friend sighed, “A few days. What are you getting at?”

                Xena replied, “Xander, I’m just wondering. You two just met and you’re already close friends?”

                Xander told her, “He saved my life.”

                She showed a confused look, “He what?”

                “He saved my life. The first night…”


                “Are you sure we came this way?” Xander asked.

                Brooklyn turned to him, “Yes.”

                “Are you sure?”

                In a tempered voice, he stated, “For the third time, yes.”

                He said in his defense, “Unlike you, I don’t have perfect night vision.”

                The gargoyle rolled his eyes, “Unlike you, I don’t have a mini flashlight.”

                Again, with his defense, “I was merely happy that I actually had something from the future that was useful. Again, we are in the past…as in past. You know, the three forms of time…past, present, and future.”

                Brooklyn said, “I know, Xander. I know.”

                Seeing the annoyance he was causing, he said, “Brooklyn, this is all new to me. Not only didn’t I think time travel was possible, but I’m away from everything that I know.”

                Brooklyn breathed, “I can understand how you feel, Xander, but relax. We will find the other half of the Phoenix Gate.”

                Looking up to the sky and rubbing the back of his neck, “I hope so.”

                The gargoyle reassured him, “We will.”

                “It’s a little late for night stroll, isn’t?”

                Xander and Brooklyn looked forward to see a new presence coming forward.

                The young man raised his already armed crossbow at the voice’s source. “Put the weapon down, and give me your money.”

                Xander couldn’t help but feel frightened, but he knew what he had to do. With a calm voice, he said, “I’m thinking no.”

                The voice came forward. “Wrong answer.” The presence came forward to reveal a tall man with that a huge muscular frame. His right hand grabbed hold of Xander’s neck and lifted him up. “Drop the weapon.”

                Nodding, he did as he was told, “There. Weapon’s gone.”

                Brooklyn growled, “Leave him alone.”

                The tall man turned to see a creature that he was already with familiar. “Go away.”

                The gargoyle’s eyes grew white as he grabbed his man off of Xander. “Big mistake!” He roared as he yanked the man off of him. He thrown him over his shoulder and he landed against the far tree.

                The man fell to the ground. After a few seconds, their opponent got back to his feet. He aimed his sword at the gargoyle, “That hurt, dammit.”

                Xander charged forward and tackled the man against the tree. “That’s the point.” Watching him fall to the ground. He did a roundhouse and whacked the man across the face.

                The sword fell out of his hand and he closed his eyes. Brooklyn walked over to him and grabbed him. Lifting him over his head, the gargoyle said, “Get the hell out of here.” Brooklyn then tossed his over his head and he flew away.

                The two heard a thud a few feet away and waited for him to come back.

                After some time passed, and realizing that he never was going to come back, Brooklyn said, “You okay?”

                Xander nodded, “Yeah, thanks to you.”

                Brooklyn smiled, “Right back at you. I gotta admit. Most humans from where I’m from wouldn’t help a gargoyle out.”

                The young man said, “Well, I’m not like most people.”

                (End of Flashback)

                “So Brooklyn did save your life.” Xena commented.

                The messaging had stopped during the conversation. She was now sitting next to him.

                He nodded, “He saved mine, and I saved his. We walked a little longer and then ran into you.”

                Xena sighed. That was a good reason why they were becoming friends fast. If Xander saved his life only or, if Brooklyn saved Xander’s life only would be something different. But, with them both saving each others’ lives, that would only mean that they were looking out for one another.

                And if they were stranded in a different time? Which they were, that is a great way to start a friendship.

                But Brooklyn was a gargoyle. The gargoyles of her time were usually in service to Ares and he was always trying to persuade her come back to the darkness. So, if a gargoyle said he was from the future, which would be perfect cover to try and get Xena to go back to Ares.

                “It’s time.”

                The two of them turned to face Gabrielle, Brooklyn, and Aphrodite.

                “Hephaestus finished the amulet.” Brooklyn said to them.

                “It’s totally beautiful. Hephy’s a genius when it comes to artwork. You should see the bust he made of me from a few years back.” Aphrodite said with pride.

                Xander grinned, “That’s great.” He leapt off his seat.

                Xena nodded, “You three go ahead. Xander and I’ll catch up.” Gabrielle and Brooklyn agreed.

                “Just call me when you two are ready.” Aphrodite said as she, Gabrielle, and Brooklyn teleported away.

                Xander turned around and asked, “Why’d you say that?”

                Xena said, “We have to get this straightened out.”

                He nodded as he sat back down. “Alright.”

                The Warrior Princess said, “I sometimes have a hard time admitting when I’m wrong. It’s just when I first saw Brooklyn, I didn’t want to get involved with any more gargoyles.”

                Xander sighed, “Because of Ares, right?”

                She nodded, “He always wanted them part of my army. At first, I thought adding gargoyles was a good idea, but I soon found out that they couldn’t be trusted.”

                Xander asked, “Why can’t they be trusted?”

                The tall woman said, “I never met a loyal gargoyle.”

                He showed a confused look, “What do you mean you never met a loyal gargoyle?”

                “Like Brooklyn said, a gargoyle’s nature is to protect. But they also are warrior who never gave me respect. They always claimed they were better then me in battle. But from what I’ve learned from Ares, is that he sent them that way to me because they had to learn the rules of the war god.

                “The gargoyles have told me that Ares had come to them and told them to join my army. I later found out that they often tried to take over. Either that, or they’d attack women and children. Attacking women and children is something that I’ve always been against, but the gargoyles weren’t.”

                Xander said slowly, “So you never met an honorable gargoyle?”

                She shook her head, “No. Don’t get me wrong, they are great fighters, but they can’t be trusted. But after hearing your story, I was surprised Brooklyn did that.”

                He responded, “From what I’ve learned these past few days, Xena. Brooklyn is a gargoyle who is a leader and a friend. He protected me when we first met and I him. Talking to him, I already know he isn’t the way you described. I think that through the centuries, gargoyles changed. Brooklyn was from Scotland before he came to my country. It was a stone spell that kept him asleep for a thousand years. He was cursed back in 994. That’s over 900 years from now, Xena. I’d think 900 years is enough time for gargoyles to change, don’t you?”

                She had to admit, he was right. “Maybe you’re right, Xander.”

                He grinned, “Just give him a chance like you gave me.”

                Xena nodded, “I’m actually leaning more to that decision now.”

                “Good.” Xander began, “We’re ready Aphrodite.”

                Within seconds, Xena and Xander disappeared from sight.

                Forge of Hephaestus

                Hephaestus limped over to his wife, Gabrielle, and Brooklyn. In his hands was a black amulet. A golden border surrounded with which linked to a chain forming the necessary necklace. “What do you think?”

                Aphrodite smiled, “It’s beautiful, Hephy.”

                He grinned his thanks as the god stared at his work. “All you have to do is wear it. I’ve already enchanted it.”

                Brooklyn brought his talon forward as Hephaestus dropped the amulet inside. Brooklyn said his thanks as he looked at it. “So all I have to do is wear it?”

                Hephaestus nodded, “Yes, and since you already slept during the day, you still have the energy stored in you enough to be mobile right now. Starting tomorrow night, you will sleep when you should awake.”

                The gargoyle placed his talons on the chain. Opening it, he slipped it over his head and allowed it to fall freely. The amulet dangled briefly against his chest, but soon settled down.

                Turning to Gabrielle, he said, “What do you think?”

                As she was about to answer. Aphrodite said, “One second, Studmuffin. Xander and Xena are calling me.” She snapped her fingers and the two appeared.

                Xander said, “This sure beats walking.”

                Aphrodite said, “It’s the only way to travel.”

                “Guys,” Brooklyn started, “Hephaestus finished the amulet.”

                Xena asked, “Is that the amulet you’re wearing?”

                Hephaestus nodded, “Yes, it is. I already told Brooklyn that it will start working now. Since, he already slept during the day, he’ll have the full night’s time move around. Starting tomorrow night, he’ll sleep.”

                The gargoyle said with excitement, “I can’t wait to see the sun.”

                Gabrielle added, “It’s beautiful. You’re going to love it.”

                Xena said, “Alright, tomorrow, we’ll head for Epirus.”

                Brooklyn said, “Tonight, I’ll take watch. You guys get your rest. We’re going to need it tomorrow.”

                Xander grinned, “Thanks for doing this, Hephaestus.”

                The Smith God said, “Remember though, Brooklyn. I’ll call upon you in the future when I need you as payment.”

                The gargoyle questioned, “Do you know when that will be?”

                He replied, “It could be now, a few moments from now, or days later. Maybe even years. Just concentrate on finding the other half of the Phoenix Gate.”

                Xena said, “And when Hephaestus calls you for something, we’ll help you out.”

                Brooklyn was surprised by her commented, “Thank you.”




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                  Title: Dark Becomes Light
                  Author: White Werewolf
                  Chapter: 9
                  Rating: Nothing worse than the tv shows. Think people around the age of 15 are mature enough to read this. Just as the shows which tend to get dark at times,
                  this might get there too.
                  Category: Gabrielle/Xander
                  Spoilers: In Buffy, post: "Living Conditions," In Gargoyles: Post "Journey" If Greg isn't counting season 3 as canon, I'm not either. In Xena, post: "Key to the Kingdom"
                  Summery: Xander finds a mystical artifact. Demona calls upon it and takes Xander along for the ride. When there, he and a gargoyle meet. Together the two
                  of them end up in Ancient Greece.
                  Disclaimer: Buffy: the Vampire Slayer is owned by Whedon, Fox, and UPN. Gargoyles is owned by Bueana Vista and Disney. Xena: the Warrior Princess is owned by Renaissance Pictures, Tapert, and Raimi.
                  Author Notes: This fic is not BX. I love the ship, but I want to try something different. This is also a ship that isn't soley in the Buffyverse. So, many new things are with this fic.
                  Crossovers Planned:
                  Buffy: the Vampire Slayer
                  Xena: Warrior Princess
                  Special Thanks:Nick, William, and Cyclone
                  Campsite—Early Morning

                  Brooklyn stared at the scene before him. Behind him, slept Xander, Xena, and Gabrielle. They were all sleeping comfortably. It had been a slow night. Nobody tried to make a move on them, and that was good.

                  But that wasn’t what Brooklyn kept thinking about. This was going to be a first for him. He never thought he’d be able to see the sun before. He was lucky enough to see the early rise of the sun for a brief time. Because as soon as the sun started to rise, he turned to stone.

                  But now? He was actually going to get the chance to see it. He knew this day was going to lead to many new things, especially for any gargoyle. The gargoyle couldn’t wait for the day to unfold.

                  Glancing at his new friends, he was amazed on how well things were moving. Well, with Xander anyway. He saved his life just as the gargoyle did for him. That only made Brooklyn realize that Xander could be trusted.

                  Trust was something he decided not to take lightly. Many people still felt that gargoyles were bad. Well, that was in the future anyway. And in Greece, he didn’t know. But it somehow effected Xena. Something in this time made her not like them too much.

                  He wondered what it was, but he didn’t know. Brooklyn was certainly surprised by Xena’s comment back at Hephaestus’ forge. He wasn’t going to led that slide, one way or another, he was going to find out what bothered her about gargoyles.

                  Staring at the scene in front of him again, he knew the sun was about to rise. He couldn’t wait for this moment. He remembered Goliath saying that he experienced the sun once. But that was back in South America with the Mayan gargoyles. They used their amulets to protect the jungle. And there were four of them.

                  But in this time, he was alone with three humans. Three humans that didn’t seem to threatened by him. Well, Gabrielle and Xander didn’t, that’s for sure. Xena was something else though. He already went over this a hundred times. He was going to have to talk to her at some point. The question though was when. He wanted this conversation to go right, and make her finally see that he wasn’t a threat to her.

                  He suddenly heard some rustling by the far bush that he sat a few feet from. Turning to his right, Brooklyn got off the stump and approached the bush. His nostrils picked up a familiar odor. Sighing to himself, it wasn’t anything to worry about.

                  But landing in a strange time only meant for him to be more cautious. Taking another step forward, he asked, “You alright?”

                  “I’m fine.”

                  “Good. I’m going back to my stump.” Then Brooklyn did just that.

                  Shortly after, he heard rustling again. With his eyes still forward, he heard the voice say, “Easy night?”

                  He nodded, “No one came, Gabrielle.” Brooklyn said with a smile. “Going back to bed?”

                  She knelt down beside him, as he stared off into the distance, “No. Thought about it, but I thought you might want to share this with someone.”

                  Brooklyn looked at her, and grinned, “Thanks.” He glanced at the sky, “Should be happening real soon.” He then rubbed his right arm with his left talon.

                  “Never saw the sun before. See a few moments every day, but never see it fully.”

                  The bard said, “Well, there’s a first time for everything.”

                  He chuckled, “That there is, Gabrielle. That there is.” He lowered his head so he could look at the amulet that hung there. “Better be careful with this.”

                  “I should hope so. I don’t think Hephaestus would be willing to make another.” The blond replied.

                  Letting go of the amulet, he could understand what she was saying. “This baby is going to stay around my neck.”

                  She grinned, “Good.”

                  He turned back to the view in front of him. The dark color of night, the blues and purples were turning into the early colors of yellow and orange.

                  A sudden brightness hit his eyes as the former night adjustment transformed into day-mode. Closing his eyes tightly—trying to keep the darkness within his view, he couldn’t help the colors of days shinning through his eyelids.

                  Blinking his eyes open, he stared in awe. He couldn’t move his face from, the now raising sun. He silently uttered, “I can’t believe this.”

                  Gabrielle glanced over to the awe-inspired gargoyle. She watched as he stared at the sky. It was almost like he was in a trance. Glancing back at what was Apollo’s daily chore truly made her think about how much se taken for granted life really was.

                  Allowing the sun to bath over her face and body, she said, “You know, there are so many things that people take for granted.”

                  Brooklyn nodded as he finally turned to her, “It’s the same with gargoyles, Gabrielle.”

                  “Well…” The bard started, “even so, I never really watched at something so simple. Then again, back in Potedia, I used to have to get up early to help my parents with the chores.”

                  He grinned, “I forgot you were a farm girl.”

                  Gabrielle looked at him, “You’ve seen the show too?”

                  The red gargoyle nodded, “A few episodes. Life in Manhattan keeps me busy.”

                  But looking at the sun again, he brought his eyes to the ground and smiled on how different the world was looking in the warmth of the sunrays. In a small voice, he said, “Humans and gargoyles have a habit to take the world for granted. We really don’t know what we have and how lucky we are to have it.”

                  Looking at her sleeping friends, she said, “We really don’t, do we?”

                  “A human by the name of Benjamin Franklin said it best. We don’t know the value of water until the well runs dry.” He glanced over to her who had a confused look on her face, “He was a person who did great things in American history. Goliath told me. He reads allot.”

                  She questioned, “You never told me anything about your life in Manhattan. What it’s like?”

                  He sighed, “I can’t tell you that much, Gabrielle. But, I’m from a clan of gargoyles originally from 994 Scotland. Due to some curse, we’ve slept for a thousand years and awoke in 1994. So much changed over those centuries, and I’m always eager to try new things. Telling you will what I know will only make things so much more confusing. Especially when I’m still trying to understand them myself.”

                  The blond sighed, “I can understand, I guess anyway.”

                  He grinned, “Good.”
                  Looking back at the sun, the gargoyle said, “But at this moment, this is something that I’ll never forget. The sun was never taken away from me, Gabrielle. It simply wasn’t available for me to enjoy. But, this is awesome.”

                  She giggled, “I guess I can understand the sun being awesome. Life on this world depends on it so much.”

                  Brooklyn agreed, “So does the moon, Gabrielle. The sun and moon are equally important.”

                  She chuckled, “Without any of them, we wouldn’t be able to see our hands in front of our face.”

                  He coughed, “Or talon for that matter.”

                  Gabrielle glanced over to her sleeping best friend. “We also tend to take for granted the friends we have in our life, Brooklyn. Xena and I’ve been though so much. We’re best friends. Without her, I’d probably still be in Potedia with Perdicus.”

                  He showed a confused look, “Perdicus?”

                  The bard answered, “My husband. Callisto murdered him.”

                  Brooklyn looked at her and said with a slight smile, “Sorry for your loss.”

                  Gabrielle returned, “It’s alright, Brooklyn. I’ve made my peace with it. But it hurts sometimes still.”

                  The gargoyle nodded, “I can understand. I lost my whole clan. Well, my clan from Scotland. Humans destroyed them all during the day. I only survived because I was down in the rookery at the time.”

                  She said with a small smile, “I guess you can understand how I feel.”

                  “We’ve all experienced loss. I can only imagine how much Xena and Xander experienced. Granted I don’t know much about them, but Xander’s from a time and place with vampires. I’m sure he lost people too.”

                  Gabrielle looked at Xena, “Xena loss some people too, Brooklyn. But we’re there for each other.”

                  He grinned, “That’s good, Gabrielle. I guess I am lucky like that with Xander. He saved my life the first night we came here.” Brooklyn then told her about what happened those few short hours before they ran into her and Xena. He added, “I haven’t met many humans, but I can tell you this. Xander is one person I’m lucky enough to know.”

                  Gabrielle looked at Xander, “Then I guess you’re special too.” Sending him a smile, she added, “Having too many friends is never a bad thing, Brooklyn.”

                  Extending her hand forward, she asked, “Friend?”

                  He grinned and grabbed her forearm, “Friend.”


                  Xander stirred slightly as he felt something land on his forehead. Subconsciously, his hand went up and tried to remove the object from his forehead.

                  Satisfied, his hand went back to his side and went back to sleep. A few moments later, the object landed on his forehead again. Sighing, he awoke to find a fern that was blowing in the wind.

                  It kept circulating around him, and landed at times on his forehead. “Stupid fern.” Pissed that he’d probably never get back to sleep, he pulled himself into a sitting position.

                  Looking to his right, he still saw Xena sleeping. But Gabrielle was nowhere to be seen. Rolling the animal pelt off him, he stood up and stretched his arms. After a few moments, he yawned taking in fresh oxygen and letting out the carbon dioxide.

                  Scratching the back of his head, he turned to his left to see Gabrielle and Brooklyn talking.

                  Placing his belt back on, he walked over to his friends, “Morning.”

                  Brooklyn looked at him, “Morning.”

                  Gabrielle added, “Thought you never say that, huh?”

                  He chuckled, “Guess not.”

                  Xander looked at the sun, “Right. Today is your first day in the sun. Sorry I missed it. Xena wore me out with training.”

                  The blond giggled, “Sounds like something Xena would do.”

                  He approached them and sat down. “This is a first. We’re up and Xena is the one to still be asleep.”

                  Brooklyn added, “So she isn’t a late sleeper?”

                  Gabrielle said, “Xena’s usually the one that wakes me up. Either that or Joxer. He always say, ‘Rise and shine, everybody. Rise and shine.’ And let me tell you, it can be really annoying.”

                  Xander contributed, “It just means he’s a morning person.” Kneeling down, he questioned, “We have any food left over from dinner for breakfast?”

                  The gargoyle asked, “What you have last night?”

                  “Rabbit. Xander caught it.”

                  He chuckled, “In the past few days, it’s either been me or Gabrielle to do the catching and cooking.”

                  “Xena doesn’t like to cook?”

                  The bard answered, “She doesn’t mind getting the food as long as it’s fishing. Other than that, Xander or I have to do the catching and cooking.”

                  The gargoyle asked, “Should I get the food? It’ll be another first for me.”

                  Gabrielle questioned, “Do you think you can do it?”

                  Brooklyn sighed, “I’m a gargoyle. How hard can catching something be? Besides, something fresh will be better than leftover rabbit.”

                  Xander said, “He has a point.” Sighing, he thought, (What I wouldn’t do for some pancakes?)

                  Gabrielle suggested, “Brooklyn will get breakfast. Xander can start a fire, and I’ll go wake up Xena. This should be fun.”

                  The young man snickered, “That is if you don’t mind the wrath of Xena.”

                  She shook her head, “That would happen if it was you, but if it was me…it would be different. You’ll see.” With that said, the three split up.

                  Field Surrounding Campsite

                  Brooklyn walked through the field. Everything was so bright to him, at times it hurt his eyes. But, he knew things like this were going to happen. He’s spent his entire life in the dark, this was the first time he actually existed in the day.

                  He wanted to cherish this. Make this something rememberable. The sun was absolutely beautiful this morning. Wrapping his wings around his chest, he searched the field for any source of food.

                  The Scotland Native wandered if this is how Xander felt when he had to search for breakfast that one time. If he could do it, Brooklyn was sure he could do it too.

                  He scanned the field. “Here chicken…chicken.”

                  Chicken was a good food to find. Since he was in a field, he thought wild chickens would be easy to find.

                  Wanting not to scare any off, he lowered himself until the wild grass covered him. Crawling around, he only lifted his head to see if there were any chicken around.

                  “Here chicky chicky.” Brooklyn unttered as he continued to search.

                  Suddenly hearing some movement behind him, he very carefully turned around. What he found wasn’t a chicken, but a pheasant. Good enough, he thought.

                  Breathing lightly, he leaped forward trying to land on his prey. His talons were inches away as the pheasant scurried off. “Dammit.” He missed the bird and landed on his chest.

                  Jumping to his feet and spotted the bird trying to fly away. Knowing he couldn’t let it go, he used his tail to try and swat it down. To no effect, it dodged Brooklyn’s effort.

                  Leaping to a nearby tree, he started to climb it. Reaching for the first branch, he climbed onto it. Opening his wings, he jumped off trying to glide over to it. “Gotcha now.” He landed on the ground, but missed the pheasant again.

                  “Great.” Brooklyn said with sarcasm. Seeing the bird run off, he leapt again. Rage was starting to build as his eyes grew white. “I’m a gargoyle, dammit.” The gargoyle said trying to reassure himself. Landing again a few centimeters this time.

                  “You’re going down, pheasant.”

                  Brooklyn raised his talon and tried to hit the bird. He missed it again. So, he tried to hit it with the other talon. Missing it again, he said, “Don’t move, dammit.”

                  Allowing his eyes to clear, he raised both talons in fury and clobbered them down in full force.

                  He heard a sudden scream. Looking down he realized that his left talon was holding onto the pheasant’s leg. “Gotcha now.”

                  Raising his free talon, he tried to hit it. But the pheasant escaped again. “Will you just stop moving!”

                  Getting to his feet, he tried to get a better perspective. Jumping to his feet too fast caused him to lose his balance and he tried opening his wings to gain momentum back, but it failed. He landed hard on his ass.

                  Hearing another scream, he got up and realized as he turned around…he squashed the pheasant. Brooklyn laughed slightly, “One bird down. Three to go.”


                  Xander successfully lit the fire using two sticks he found. He grinned realizing his Boy Scout training was actually coming to use.

                  Turning around he saw Gabrielle waking Xena up. Together, the two of them approached Xander. “I see you got the fire going.” Xena said.

                  He grinned, “Yeah, I knew what I had to do.”

                  She questioned, “Where’s Brooklyn?”

                  Gabrielle said, “He’s getting breakfast.”

                  Xena asked, “Leftover rabbit wasn’t good enough for him?”

                  Xander shrugged, “He wanted something fresh. Can’t say I don’t blame him.”

                  “I can understand that.” Xena said.

                  “It’ll be better than Joxer’s stu. That’s for sure.” Gabrielle reminded them.

                  Xander asked, “How far is Epirus?”

                  Xena replied, “A few days walk. After breakfast we should get going.”

                  He sighed, “Great. A day of walking. Wish I had my car with me.”

                  Xena asked, “What’s a car?”

                  He answered, “Think a carriage pulled by horses. But without the horses and much faster.”

                  Gabrielle questioned, “Without horses?”

                  Xander nodded, “In the future there are things called engines. They allow the car to drive. It doesn’t need to be pulled or pushed. It’s automatic. All you need is a key. Among other things.”

                  “I got breakfast.”

                  The three of them turned to see Brooklyn standing with two pheasants. “Sorry it took a while.”

                  Xander looked at the flattened one. “What happened to that one?”

                  He chuckled lightly, “I kinda fell on that one.”

                  Xena asked, “What do you mean you fell on it?”

                  Brooklyn answered, “Let’s just say that finding food isn’t as easy as I thought.”



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                    Title: Dark Becomes Light
                    Author: White Werewolf
                    Chapter: 10
                    Rating: Nothing worse than the tv shows. Think people around the age of 15 are mature enough to read this. Just as the shows which tend to get dark at times,
                    this might get there too.
                    Category: Gabrielle/Xander
                    Spoilers: In Buffy, post: "Living Conditions," In Gargoyles: Post "Journey" If Greg isn't counting season 3 as canon, I'm not either. In Xena, post: "Key to the Kingdom"
                    Summery: Xander finds a mystical artifact. Demona calls upon it and takes Xander along for the ride. When there, he and a gargoyle meet. Together the two
                    of them end up in Ancient Greece.
                    Disclaimer: Buffy: the Vampire Slayer is owned by Whedon, Fox, and UPN. Gargoyles is owned by Bueana Vista and Disney. Xena: the Warrior Princess is owned by Renaissance Pictures, Tapert, and Raimi.
                    Author Notes: This fic is not BX. I love the ship, but I want to try something different. This is also a ship that isn't soley in the Buffyverse. So, many new things are with this fic.
                    Crossovers Planned:
                    Buffy: the Vampire Slayer
                    Xena: Warrior Princess
                    Special Thanks:Nick, William, and Cyclone

                    A lone man circled around his newly acquired slave as he slept. The man sighed knowing that he paid an average wage for his shackled servant. He walked around his abandoned horse stable.

                    The stable was used as a housing solution to his slaves. They each had their own stall, and this young man was shackled around a post, so he couldn’t move.

                    Xander woke to find a blinding pain on his forehead. Using his hand, he raised it to try and lessen the pain. “What hit me?”

                    Looking at his hand, he noticed a shackle wrapped around his wrist. “What’s going on?”

                    “Good. You’re up.”

                    Xander confusingly looked up at the man in front of him. A smirk was plastered across his stone face. His blue eyes glared down at the shackled young man. “Took you long enough, boy.”

                    “What happened?”

                    He grunted, “You were knocked out. I bought you the auction.”

                    Xander uttered, “Auction?”

                    “You’re my property, boy. My name’s Doxin. I own this property and you’re my slave.”

                    He tried to take a step back, but couldn’t when he noticed his ankles were shackled together too. Looking at him again, he suddenly remembered, “We were jumped. I was separated from my friends and taken for slavery by Talos. I’m a free man.”

                    Doxin huffed, “Free man nothing. You’re my property, boy.” He pulled Xander up by the arm, and unshackled him. Going to a nearby shelf, he picked up a bowl with bread and fruit. Giving it to him, he said, “Eat. After that, you’re going to learn the laws here, boy. You’re going to be told what your jobs will be.”

                    The slave owner then went to the door of the stall. “And don’t try to escape. This door is going to be locked.” Doxin smiled smugly as he opened the door. Closing it behind him, he said behind the door. “Enjoy your dinner, boy. I’ll be back shortly.”


                    Xander heard Doxin say his comment followed by footsteps that led away from him.

                    He sighed, “I’m a slave?”

                    Looking at the food in front of him, he picked up the piece of bread. “I ****in hate my life sometimes.”

                    Disgusted with himself, he placed the bread back in the bowl and back on the shelf. Looking around the stall, he noticed a barred window. The stall itself seemed to be made of strong wood, the ground covered in his hay.

                    His hand went down to his belt to try and take his sickle. “Dammit.” He said realizing the truth, “Talos still has them.”

                    He walked to the window and grabbed the bars. “What the hell am I going to do?” Sighing, he rested his forehead against the bars. Xander grinned, “I bet Cordelia would love to see me behind bars.”

                    Mentioning his ex-girlfriend’s name only made his insides ache. He promised himself not to bring up his Sunnydale life. It hurt too much to think about it, especially when he knew he was likely never going to get back to the future.

                    From talks with Brooklyn, he remembered him saying that the Phoenix Gate appeared and disappeared at random now. He was glad the gargoyle had their half on him. Xander didn’t want to be responsible for losing it.

                    Walking back to the shelf, he took the bowl in one hand and grabbed the bread with the other. Taking a bite, he started to remember what happened this past week.

                    Since the first day of Brooklyn’s bio-chronological change, they traveled a few days. They were closing to Delphi when they got attacked.

                    Xena, Gabrielle, Brooklyn, and him were ambushed at one point. The four of them fought with all they had when Xander saw two of them retreat. They were carrying Gabrielle’s pack. He immediately ran after them.

                    He soon found himself in a fight for his life. Xander was still a novice when it came to human combat, but with Xena’s help, he was becoming a fast better fighter. The problem though was that they were still too much for him. But, with his unbelievable high spirit, he was able to take them out.

                    When satisfied, he took Gabrielle’s pack and started back when he heard a sudden ruckus. Turning back, his eyes widened seeing six more people. Two were free, and four were chained. The two men jumped Xander forcing him to drop the pack. Tightening his grasp on his sickles, he retaliated fast. But they were too much for him. Seeing his weapons drop, the young man went for his crossbow. The tallest man whipped a roundhouse across Xander’s face forcing him to the ground.

                    With another breath of urgency, Xander tried to fight back. A bald man with a scar over his right eye shackled him who was introduced as Talos. Talos hit Xander on the forehead knocking him out.

                    Now, he was owned by this Doxin character.

                    He didn’t know what to expect. Was this going to be like ‘Roots’ or the ‘Passover,’ story Willow told him when they were younger?

                    Slumping to the ground, he took another bit of his bread. Did Brooklyn, Gabrielle, and Xena know where he was? Did they know he was taken?

                    All he knew is that Talos had his weapons, Brooklyn had the half of the Phoenix Gate, and he was stuck being someone’s slave.

                    “How the hell am I going to get out of this!?”

                    Outside of Delphi

                    Gabrielle sighed as she glanced forward the mid-afternoon sun. The heat still draping over her skin. “Where can he be, Xena?”

                    Xena started to kneel down when she already saw Brooklyn doing the same procedure. His talon glazed over the broken ground. Sniffing the air, he uttered, “There most definitely was a battle.”

                    Xena nodded, “He’s right. There’s dry blood.”

                    Gabrielle knelt beside her, “How old?”

                    The gargoyle sniffed again, “Three days.” Brooklyn looked forward to the blond, “We’ll find him.”

                    She took out her staff and twirled it within her hands. “I just don’t see him as the type of guy to go run off.”

                    Brooklyn nodded, “He isn’t.” Glancing at Xena, he asked, “What type of things happen around Delphi?”

                    The Warrior Princess turned to him, “Judging by the slave pens we’ve seen around here, I’d say slavery isn’t that bad of a guess.”

                    The gargoyle asked, “Slavery?”

                    Gabrielle asked, “Slavery isn’t around in your time?”

                    He shook his head, “No, it is in some parts of the world. But, thinking somebody we know in slavery is hard for me.”

                    The blond pointed out, “We don’t even know if he was enslaved.”

                    Xena sighed, “But it is definitely a possibility.”

                    Xander’s Stall

                    He ate a date as he stared at the door. Xander was sitting down, back to the wall.

                    The door opened, and in walked Doxin. Carrying in a stood, he plopped it down on the hay. “Good. You ate your dinner.”

                    He sighed, “It’s not like I had a choice.”

                    Doxin growled, “Boy, you better show me some respect. I did not pay eight silver pieces for some disrespectful snob.”

                    Taking out a baton, he pointed it at him, “You’re new here, boy. So, this is what’s going to happen. Wake up is at sunrise. My wife, Verona, will come with breakfast. After that, chores will be handed out, fallowed by lunch, chores, dinner, chores, and bed. That’s the cycle. Get used to it, boy.

                    “Disobey me once, you get a beating. Twice, you get an even more severe beating. Three times, you the Hallow.”

                    Xander asked confusingly, “Hallow?”

                    Droxin replied, “It’s a holding cell. Like all emptiness, it leaves a void, abscense, isolated feeling. The space is hallow—hence the name, boy . My slaves spend time there when they disobey me. The amount of days depends on the ordered crime. First time in the Hallow is two days, second time, three, third time, five. After the fifth crime, you get death.”

                    He gulped, “Death?”

                    Doxin nodded, “You heard me, boy.” Glaring at the young man, he asked, “What’s your name, boy?”


                    The slave owner shook his head, “Xander? Not a good name for you. You’re name’s Zed.”

                    Xander glared at him, “But I’m Xander! I don’t belong here!”

                    Doxin smacked him across the face, “Stop your whinnying, Zed. I don’t care where you’re from. You’re my slave. That’s all you need to know.”

                    He grumbled his way to ‘Zed.’ Reaching him, he smacked his slave across the face, “Get some sleep, Zed. Verona will be here in the morning with breakfast.”

                    Droxin went to the door and opened it. Glancing back at the servent, he uttered, “Give up your idea of ‘freedom,’ Zed. It’s never going to happen.”

                    The slave owner then chuckled lightly as he closed the door.

                    Outside of Delphi

                    “Take a look at this!”

                    Xena and Brooklyn turned after comparing some notes.

                    “What did you find, Gabrielle?” Xena asked her best friend.

                    She walked over to them carrying something, “It’s my pack. Xander must’ve dropped it.” She opened it and looked inside, “Nothing seems to be missing.”

                    Brooklyn grinned slightly, “Good.” Remembering his just recent conversation with the Warrior Princess, he added, “Xena said she knew some of the people around here. Maybe, they knew what happened to Xander.”

                    The tall woman nodded, “Rufus works at a local bakery. He hears a lot about what happens around Delphi. I’m hoping he heard something about Xander. The bakery also has an Inn attached. We could use it to spend the night.”

                    Gabrielle asked, “How far is this place anyway?”

                    Xena replied, “Just down the road. We’ll reach it by nightfall.”

                    Brooklyn asked, “You think I can find a space to turn to stone during the night?”

                    The Amphipilis Native answered, “You can roust outside the Inn. Rufus is a good friend of mine, he wouldn’t mind if you stayed in the garden. People will just think you’re a new sculpture he bought.”

                    He grinned, “Good. Let’s get going.”

                    That being said, the three of them headed down the road.

                    Rufus’ Bakery/Inn
                    Short Time Later

                    “Alright, Clevus…you better go. This is a dry place. No alcohol allowed here.”

                    The man looked at him strangely, “Can’t I just spend the night? This is also an Inn, y’know?”

                    Rufus replied, “I know, Clevus. But this is a family place. What happens if a child walks down the hall when your in your drunken state? What happens if you do something that you later regret? I’ll tell you what would happen, the child’s family wouldn’t be happy. Then they’d tell their friends not to come here anymore, and I’d lose business.”

                    Clevus sighed, “The chances of that aren’t high?”

                    He rolled his eyes, “Sure.” Holding up his hand, the Inn Keeper asked, “How many fingers am I holding up?” He held up three.

                    “Uh…,” the drunk stammered, “Five?”

                    Rufus let out a breath he was holding in, “Close, but not right. You better get going.”

                    The man soon felt two hands clamp down on his shoulders, “You better listen to the man, Clevus.”

                    Clevus turned around to see a tall woman with dark hair, “You want to go see my guitar, Little Lady? Ever hear of Hendrus? I taught him myself.”

                    Xena brought his arm upright fast, and twisted him around. Holding his hands behind his back, she said with a heated voice, “Listen, Clevus. I’m not really in the mood for some cheesy come-ons. You better leave before I really get anxious.” She then shoved him forward just a few feet.

                    He turned around and was about to say something when Gabrielle shook her head, “I better go, Clevus. Xena isn’t really in the mood for this right now.”

                    Using what was remaining of his better judgment, he left.

                    Watching the man leave the bakery, Rufus grinned, “Sorry about that, Xena. Clevus came in looking for a place to spend the night. I didn’t want anyone drunk here tonight.”

                    She smiled, “That’s quite alright.”

                    Gabrielle asked, “Isn’t Hendrus the person who burns his lyre at the end of his concerts?”

                    Satisfied with her response, he asked, “What can I do for you tonight?”

                    She responded, “Hopefully, a couple things. What we really need to know is some information.”

                    He asked, “What kind of information?”

                    “Before we get into that, I was hoping we could resolve something.”

                    The three of them turned to the door as a gargoyle entered the Inn.

                    Before Rufus could say something, Brooklyn began, “My name’s Brooklyn and I was hoping I could find a place to roust for the night.”

                    Rufus showed a confused look, “Why’s a gargoyle moving around the day anyway?”

                    Gabrielle explained, “By magic.”


                    Xena elaborated, “Brooklyn wears the Midnight Amulet. It’s an amulet fordged by Hepheastus that allows him to move during the day and sleep at night.”

                    He looked at his friend, “Xena, this is a family place. Gargoyles go after children. I can’t have him here.”

                    She nodded, “Normally, you’re right. But Brooklyn is our friend. He needs a place to sleep and I was hoping he could stay in the garden. People would just think he’s a regular statue.”

                    Rufus smiled, “Seeing as he’s a friend of yours Xena, I’ll allow it.”

                    Brooklyn grinned, “Thank you.” In his mind though, he thought (What do gargoyles have to do with children?) He’d ask about it now, but the problem is the moon was about to rise. He needed to get going. “I’ll see you guys in the morning.”

                    He turned around and headed out the door.

                    “You’re letting a gargoyle hang around with you, Xena?” Rufus asked.

                    She nodded, “I know I usually don’t socialize with gargoyles, but Brooklyn’s different.”

                    Gabrielle agreed, “He’s a good friend to have. But, we were wondering if you heard anything about a recent slave auction.”

                    He asked, “You two interested in buying a slave?”