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East Wick: 1.02 "The Blackest Souls We Carry"

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  • East Wick: 1.02 "The Blackest Souls We Carry"

    East Wick: 1.02 "The Blackest Souls We Carry"


    OPEN TO:


    Draken Hill is an empty field that it looks over the small town of East Wick. Stars light up the night sky. A red sports car sits in the empty parking lot. As the camera pans in on the car, you notice that the windows of the car are foggy.

    CUT TO:


    A young couple is lying in the backseat, making out with one another. A young blonde woman (Young Woman played by: Kaley Cuoco) is straddling a dark haired young man. (Young Man Played By: Al Santos) They continue to make out. The guy’s hand wraps around the young woman’s waist. His hands slides up, into her shirt, they stop kissing. Amber pushes herself up, looking down at Scott, still straddles him. The guy/Scott begins to unbutton Amber’s top, exposing her pink Victoria’s Secret bra. Scott places his hand on one of her breast. Amber quickly pulls his hand off.

    AMBER: Do you have any condoms?

    SCOTT: Um, no.

    AMBER: (disgusted) Then we aren’t having sex, you sicko.

    Amber climbs off of Scott, opening the back door, climbing out.

    SCOTT: Amber, wait!

    CUT TO:


    Amber stands outside of the car, buttoning her shirt back up. Scott emerges from the back seat of the car, throwing his t-shirt over his head.

    SCOTT: (begging) Babe, c’mon. Just this once?

    AMBER: No, Scott, you’re disgusting. It would go against everything I stand for!

    SCOTT: You sound silly, babe. I’m clean, no diseases.

    AMBER: (rolls eyes) You’ve slept with seven of my sorority sister. And I think two of them have been treated for Chlamydia.

    SCOTT: (sighs) God, you’re ridiculous. I have not.

    AMBER: Can you just take me back to campus.

    SCOTT: (annoyed; sighs) Fine.

    Amber adjusts her brown mini skirt, and runs her fingers through her blonde hair, fixing it.

    AMBER: Okay, I’m ready. Let’s go.

    Amber turns around, to Scott. Scott stands stiff with a surprised expression on his face.

    AMBER: (worried) Scott, what’s wrong?

    Suddenly, Scott’s head slides off his shoulder, hitting the ground. Amber jumps back, gasping. His headless body collapses to the pavement, revealing a figure in a dark red hooded cloak.

    AMBER: (screams) Scott!

    Amber turns around, and runs away from the cloaked figure.

    AMBER: Help!

    The cloaked figure leaps in the air, over Amber, landing in front, blacking her path. Amber comes to a stop.

    AMBER: (screams) What do you want?

    The cloaked figure pulls a long syringe from the inside of his cloak; it’s filled with a white liquid.

    AMBER: (crying) Oh, my god!

    Amber turns to run the opposite way, but the cloaked figure lunges forward, violently grabbing Amber.
    AMBER: God, someone help! Please!

    The cloaked figure grabs Amber’s hair, pulling her head sideways, exposing her neck. The cloaked figure jams the syringe into Amber’s neck, emptying the white liquid inside her. Amber’s eyes roll to the back of her head. She drops to the ground, unconscious. The cloaked figure stands over Amber’s body. The camera pans out, ands moves up to the star lit sky, focusing on the moon. Purple, dingy letters that spell: EAST WICK stretches across the screen.




    THEME SONG: ‘Creep Show’ by: Kerli

    Holly Marie Combs - Maureen Cromwell
    Sophia Bush - October Eastwick
    Shane West - Asher Armstrong
    Mary Elizabeth Winstead - Rorri Cromwell
    Dominic Purcell - Carter Michaels
    Danneel Harris - Katarina “Kat” Sherwood
    Matt Dallas - Darwin Eastwick
    And Adam Brody as Spencer Cromwell

    Courtney Cox - Arquette as Genevieve “Geni” Eastwick

    Kaley Cuoco - Amber Forester
    Laura Vandervoort - Sonny
    Minka Kelly - Rachel
    Chace Crawford - Danny
    Matt Cohen - Austin
    Al Santos - Scott
    as Jordana Brewster as Delilah Caravonni






    DISCLAIMER: This is a spin off of the Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy televisions series, Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I do not make any money off of this FanFic, it’s for fun and fun only. East Wick is affiliated with Riley the Series by BlasterBoy (Ben).
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    East Wick Season Two -Coming Soon-

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    ACT I

    OPEN TO:

    The camera soars over the small, gothic town. The sun has just risen over the mountains in the distance.

    Caption: “Next Morning”


    Spencer sits behind the checkout. He’s staring down at a notepad that he’s drawing in. Next to his notepad sits a mug of hot coffee.

    SPENCER: (frustrated) Damn! Her nose doesn’t look like that.

    The camera briefly cuts to the notepad; it’s a perfect drawing of October. Suddenly, the company phone begins to ring, which startles Spencer, causing him to elbow his coffee mug. The coffee mug topples over. Coffee spills onto his notepad, ruining the drawing of October. Spencer jumps off the stool before the coffee spills onto his lap.

    SPENCER: (angered) Shoot!

    The company phone continues to ring. Spencer picks the reliever up.

    SPENCER: (into the phone; upset) Cromwell’s, this is Spencer speaking. How may I help you?


    SPENCER: Hey, Margo!


    SPENCER: No, she’s not here, sis.


    SPENCER: Yeah, I’ll tell her you called.


    SPENCER: Where are you?


    SPENCER: (surprised) Las Angeles!? Margo, that place is a wasteland, full of demons.


    SPENCER: Why are you in such a rush?


    SPENCER: (annoyed) Okay, love ya, bye.

    Spencer hangs the receiver back on the base. As he does, Rorri enters the store. She’s wearing a fitted white top, under a red jacket, low-cut blue jeans with brown boots. A book bag is hanging from her shoulder. She carries a box of donuts.

    RORRI: Who was that, little brother?

    SPENCER: We’re twins, stupid.

    RORRI: But I came out first. Who was on the phone?

    Spencer takes his shirt off, exposing the white tank top he has on underneath. He uses his shirt as a towel, and begins to wipe the coffee up from the checkout counter.

    SPENCER: It was our big sister.

    Rorri approaches the checkout counter.

    RORRI: Why would you use your shirt, you nasty freak. (disgusted) What did Margo want?

    SPENCER: To talk to you. When are you two gonna make up?

    Spencer tosses his notepad in the trashcan, behind the checkout counter.

    RORRI: When she stops acting like a bitch.

    SPENCER: Well, I’m pretty sure her calling here once a week is her trying apologize, but your dumb ass never accepts her calls.

    RORRI: I’m just letting her sweat it out for a minute.

    SPENCER: That’s stupid.

    Rorri walks over to the table that sits in the middle of the store, setting her book bags in one of the chairs. Then she places the box of donuts on top of the table.

    RORRI: So, where is she? Where did the Watcher’s Council ship her off to this time?


    RORRI: Why? It’s a dump, and full of demons.

    SPENCER: I don’t know, some kind of rescue mission, or some crap like that.

    Spencer finishes cleaning the coffee up. He throws his t-shirt into the trashcan.

    RORRI: (snotty) Isn’t she living the fancy life.

    SPENCER: That’s not fancy, that’s boring. Kemper is another story.

    RORRI: Kemper’s an ass. It just makes me mad that, you, Maureen, and I stayed here in East Wick, running mom and dad’s store. Then, the other two siblings just got up and left.

    SPENCER: At least Margo is helping the magical world in some way; you just said that because you’re mad at her. It’s Kemper who turned his back on us. All Donald Trump, in New York City, with his girl and penthouse. That’s ridiculous.

    Rorri opens the box of donuts, and picks up a bear claw.

    RORRI: Can we stop talking about our back stabbing siblings?

    SPENCER: Yeah, whatever. Gimme a donut.

    RORRI: Come get one. I’m not your slave.

    Rorri pulls herself up onto the table, sitting on top of it, Indian style. Spencer walks over to the table, and grabs a cream filled donut. He pulls himself up onto the table, sitting next to Rorri. Rorri takes another bite out of her bear claw.

    RORRI: So, watcha wanna do today?

    SPENCER: Don’t you have classes?

    RORRI: Nope! It’s end of semester one, no one has classes.

    SPENCER: I do! I have one more exam.

    Spencer glances at his watch.

    SPENCER: Actually, right now.

    Spencer hops off the table; he begins to walk towards the door.

    RORRI: Spence!

    Spencer stops, and turns around to his sister.

    SPENCER: Yes, your majesty?

    RORRI: Shirt.

    Spencer looks down at his white tank top he’s sporting.

    RORRI: It’s in the middle of October. (smirk) No pun intended.

    SPENCER: God, that girl is one sexy corn muffin!

    RORRI: Did you just call October a corn muffin?

    SPECNER: Yeah, and I love to eat them.

    RORRI: (disgusted) Eww!

    SPENCER: (smirk) I’ll just stop by my dorm room, and grab a shirt and some corn muffins.

    Spencer continues out the door. As he exits, Carter enters, holding pink roses. He walks over to the tables that Rorri is sitting on.

    CARTER: Rorri, where’s Maureen?

    RORRI: (smirk) She’s upstairs. (points to pink roses) Those for her?

    CARTER: (annoyed) Yes, Rorri. Shut up, and don’t say anything.

    RORRI: (smirk) What!?

    Carter walks past Rorri, and into the door that leads up to Maureen’s apartment.

    Rorri takes a bite out of her donut.

    RORRI: She doesn’t even like pink roses.

    CUT TO:


    October pushes a large black, leather sofa in place.

    OCTOBER: Done!

    The camera pans back to see that October’s studio apartment is furnished with furniture.

    OCTOBER: God, that took me forever.

    October turns around, flopping down on the couch, exhausted. She rest her feet on top of the coffee table. She’s wearing black sweat pants and a black tank-top. October looks up at the clock that hangs above the two glass doors that lead to the balcony. The clock reads 10:15 A.M. Her white cat then jumps on the couch. The cat slowly climbs onto October’s lap.

    OCTOBER: (petting cat) Hey, girly. (beat) I need to give you a name. (beat) After I get some coffee.

    October picks the cat up and sets it aside, on the couch. October gets to her feet and walks over into the kitchen.

    CUT TO:

    October is standing over the island/counter, drinking a mug of coffee. She’s looking down at a newspaper that’s lying on the countertop. The front page reads: 'LOCAL COLLEGE STUDENT MISSING AND BOY FOUND DEAD.' It has a picture of Amber, the girl from the teaser.

    OCTOBER: (sipping coffee; to self) That sucks.

    Someone begins to knock on her apartment door.

    OCTOBER: Coming!

    October places her coffee mug down on the countertop, and runs over to the door. October opens it to see Kat, standing on the other side. Kat runs her fingers through her long red hair. She’s wearing a brown fitted top under a grey jacket, and fitted low-cut blue jeans.

    OCTOBER: Hey, Kat.

    KAT: (worried) Hey, I need your help.

    OCTOBER: Come in.

    October invites Kat into her apartment with a gesture.

    CUT TO:


    October and Kat stands at the island/counter.

    KAT: So, this morning a college student named Sonny contacted Asher and I for a job. Last night, Sonny’s roommate, Amber, went missing at Draken Hill, and the guy she was with was decapitated.

    OCTOBER: Yeah, I just read that in this morning’s newspaper.

    Camera briefly cuts down to the newspaper, sitting on the countertop.

    OCTOBER: But why would Sonny contact a supernatural investigation group? There’s nothing mystical about the case.

    KAT: Yes, there is. Amber was a witch, and in the past week, five other witches have gone missing across the U.S.

    OCTOBER: You think they’re here taking witches?

    KAT: Yeah. We‘re going to stop who ever it is. So, are you in?

    OCTOBER: For sure, but what can I do?

    KAT: You’re a witch, and a slayer, right?

    OCTOBER: Yeah.

    KAT: Well, that’s help.

    OCTOBER: Okay, well, I’ll get dressed.

    KAT: Okay, knock on my door when you’re done.

    OCTOBER: Will do.

    KAT: Thanks again, October.

    OCTOBER: Yup.

    Kat turns, leaving the apartment.

    CUT TO:


    CUT TO:


    Maureen stands in front of a full length mirror that hangs from her bedroom wall. She’s wearing an orange top, black slacks, and black sandal pumps. She’s brushing her long, brown, silky hair. The bedroom door opens, and Carter enters. He’s wearing a flannel shirt with a brown heavy jacket over it, and faded blue jeans. In the reflection of the mirror, Maureen notices him. She rolls her eyes. Carter stands with a smile on his face. He stares at his wife; he’s holding the pink roses in his hands.

    CARTER: (smile) You look beautiful.

    Maureen turns around, facing Carter.

    MAUREEN: What are you doing here?

    CARTER: I wanted to talk to you.

    MAUREEN: (sighs) Carter, we’ve already talked, yelled, and fought. What else is there to do?

    CARTER: I wanna come back home. It’s been a week, and I miss you.

    Maureen rolls her eyes and walks pass him, to the closet. She opens the closet door, and pulls a black leather jacket out.

    CARTER: We can make it work.

    Maureen slips her jacket on.

    CARTER: Where are you going?

    MAUREEN: Leaving! Something you need to be doing. (sighs) I’m going to the grocery store. I’m making Rorri and Spencer dinner tomorrow for passing all their classes this semester.

    CARTER: Would you mind if I joined?

    MAUREEN: Yes!

    Maureen looks at the roses that he carries in his hand.

    MAUREEN: Those for me?

    CARTER: Yeah.

    Carter hands them to Maureen. Maureen takes them, and then tosses them on the bed.

    MAUREEN: I don’t like pink roses.

    CARTER: (angered) God, you’re a bitch!

    MAUREEN: (raises voice) Carter, leave my home!

    CARTER: Do you know what? This place is just as much as mine as it’s yours.

    MAUREEN: And how is that, Carter? I’m pretty sure my parents left me the store!

    CARTER: (yells) I help, Maureen! Don’t give me that bullshit! I pay half of the mortgage in this place, and give you the money to restock your shelves with the “good supplies” you would say!

    MAUREEN: (raises voice) Money doesn’t mean everything, Carter! Just because you pay for a lot of things around here doesn’t mean you get a round of applause. What about being a husband? Do you think about investing your time in that instead of the bottom of a beer bottle!?

    Carter doesn’t say anything, he holds back his anger.

    MAUREEN: You’re drunk all the time! You’re not yourself anymore.

    Maureen lets out a stressful sigh, calming herself down.

    MAUREEN: Carter… I’m sorry about Ariel, but you grieving by getting drunk every night is ruining your life, and marriage. Turning your back on the Watcher’s Council, loosing your job. (sighs) I’m just trying to say… it’s not your fault that she died.

    CARTER: Why did you bring her into this?

    MAUREEN: Because, this is what’s causing you to be the way you are. (sighs) I’m sorry, but I’m still standing my ground. Carter, we’re done.



    We see a short montage of Carter training a beautiful, African American girl. (African American girl played by: Nicole Fiscella ) She’s skinny and has short curly hair.

    CUT TO:


    Carter and the African American girl (Ariel) make their way through the graveyard. Both of them are carrying stakes.

    ARIEL: So, what time do we train tomorrow?

    Carter looks nervous.

    CARTER: Ariel, I have to tell you something.

    ARIEL: What is it?

    CARTER: It’s about Maureen.

    ARIEL: What about her? Is she okay?!

    CARTER: (down) She’s fine, Ariel, but I have something to tell you.

    Ariel stops Carter, she faces him.

    ARIEL: Wow, Carter, you sound like you’re about to tell me someone died. What is it?

    CARTER: I’m leaving Seattle.

    ARIEL: (worried) Are you coming back?

    CARTER: No, I’m moving with Maureen to East Wick, Ohio. Her parents moved to Africa and they left their store to her, and her siblings.

    Ariel’s mouth drops in shock.

    CARTER: (sympathetic) Ariel, I’m sorry.

    ARIEL: (hurt; angered) You’re moving across the country with a woman who you’ve known for four months?

    CARTER: (consoling) Ariel, I’m sorry. I - I wanted to tell you sooner, but –

    ARIEL: Shut up, Carter!

    CARTER: Ariel!

    ARIEL: (yell) What the hell am I suppose to do?! What about the two years we’ve spent training, fighting vampires, killing demons, teaching me about life, and my goals? You’re more than a watcher to me! Does that mean anything to you?!

    Carter grabs Ariel by her shoulders, and looks in her eyes.

    CARTER: Ariel, of course it does! I’ll never forget those two years as your watcher. (sighs) But, I have to go.

    Ariel pulls herself away from Carter. She angrily throws her stake to the ground.

    ARIEL: No, no, you don’t have to go! You want to!

    CARTER: Yes, I wanna go, but you’re thinking of the wrong reasons! (sighs) Ariel, I don’t want to leave you, but it’s life! This is the path I’ve chosen… besides, you’ll be assigned a new watcher.

    ARIEL: Are you not getting the point!? He or she is not going to be you! I can’t talk to you.

    She turns, storming off, walking out of the graveyard.

    CARTER: (calling after) Ariel!

    Carter goes after her.

    Ariel steps off the curb, and onto the street.

    CARTER: (yells) Ariel, wait!

    Ariel stops and turns around.

    ARIEL: (yells) What, Carter!?

    CARTER: Can you stop? I want to talk to you?

    ARIEL: Carter, I hate you! Go to hell –

    Suddenly a speeding car bashes into Ariel.


    CUT TO:


    Carter and Maureen glare at one another.

    CARTER: Fine, Maureen, I’m leaving.

    Carter storms out, slamming the door behind him. Maureen jumps at the sound of the door slamming.

    MAUREEN: (sighs) Dammit!


    East Wick Season Two -Coming Soon-

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      ACT II

      OPEN TO:


      Caption: New York City

      A good looking young man in his late teens steps off the train onto the boarding dock. He's holding a duffle bag. (Young Man played by: Matt Dallas) He wears a white t-shirt under a brown jacket, with faded blue jeans, and tennis shoes. A few seconds later a beautiful woman steps off the train. She has long flowing black air. The woman is in her late thirties, early forties. She carries a large duffle bag (woman played by: Courtney Cox-Arquette) She's wearing a purple blows, under a black leather jacket, with low-cut blue jeans, and black heels.

      CUT TO:


      The young man and the woman quickly make their way across the parking lot. They look worried and paranoid. They approach a black SUV. A young woman is leaning against the SUV. (Young Woman played by: Jordana Brewster) She wears a black fitted top under a black jacket, with black pinstriped pants, and black stiletto boots.

      YOUNG WOMAN: Genevieve and Darwin Eastwick?

      THE WOMAN/GENEVIEVE: Yup, you Delilah Caravonni?

      YOUNG WOMAN/DELILAH: Yes, that's me! Guys, hop in. You weren't followed, were you?

      YOUNG MAN/DARWIN: No, we're clear.

      DELILAH: Good.

      Delilah climbs into the driver seat of the SUV. Darwin climbs in the backseat. Genevieve walks around the SUV, climbing into the passenger seat.

      CUT TO:

      INT. SUV - DAY

      GENEVIEVE: We're headed to East Wick next, right?

      DELILAH: You bet, Genevieve.

      GENEVIEVE: Call me Geni.

      Delilah looks in the rearview mirror at Darwin in the backseat.

      DELILAH: (to Geni) That's your kid?

      GENI: (smiles) Yes.

      DELILAH: Hey, cutie.

      DARWIN: (smile) Hey.

      Delilah presses on the gas.

      CUT TO:


      The black SUV speeds out of the parking lot.

      CUT TO:


      October's 1965 Black Mustang comes to a stop in front of a small house. October opens the door, climbing out of the driver seat, closing the door behind her. She wears a purple vintage ACDC shirt, under a black leather jacket, with black low-cut jeans, and black heeled boots. Kat climbs out of the passenger seat, shutting the door behind her. A few seconds later a black pickup truck pulls up behind October's car. The pickup truck door opens, and Asher climbs out of the driver's side. He wears a gray t-shirt with a white skull imprinted on it, under an army jacket, with faded blue jeans, and black army boots.

      KAT: Hey, babe!

      Asher steps onto the sidewalk. He walks over to Kat, giving her a kiss on the lips.

      ASHER: (to Kat) Hey.

      Asher looks over at October.

      ASHER: Hey, October.
      Asher turns to the small house.

      ASHER: This is our destination?

      OCTOBER: Yes.

      CUT TO:


      The living room is small and homey. Candles are lit around the room. Asher, Kat and October sit on the couch. The couch sits across from the fireplace that's burning wood. Directly in front of them is a coffee table. To the left of the couch is a large lounging chair. Then a beautiful young woman exit's a swinging door that leads to the kitchen. She has long curly blonde hair. She looks to be in her early twenties. (Young Woman Played by: Laura Vandervoort) She carries a tray with three hot mugs sitting on it. She carefully sets the tray onto the coffee table.

      YOUNG WOMAN: Thanks for coming guys. I made you tea.

      KAT: Thanks, Sonny.

      YOUNG WOMAN/SONNY: It's no problem.

      Sonny walks over, and takes a seat in the large lounge chair, next to the couch. Kat picks up one of the mugs of tea, taking a sip.

      ASHER: So, tell us about Amber before she was abducted. Was there anything strange that happened before she was taken? Like, days before? Did you see anything?or hear anything?

      SONNY: No, I don't think so. Everything seemed pretty normal, she seemed normal.

      OCTOBER: When did you find out she was a witch?

      SONNY: Forever, we've grown up together. Plus, I'm a witch too. I wasn't born one like she was, but I tamper.

      ASHER: So, you have no idea who could've taken her?

      SONNY: Not at all. Amber was loved by everyone.

      OCTOBER: Everyone isn't loved by everyone, everyone has enemies.

      SONNY: (stressed) I know that, but I don't think she has any enemies that would kill her boyfriend, and take her.

      ASHER: (soft) We understand. We're just here to help.

      The camera zooms in on Sonny's face

      SONNY: Then what do you guys plan to do? Where could she be?

      CUT TO:


      The room is dark, and is in the shape of a large circle. Candles hang from the walls, and various symbols are carved into the concrete wall. Sitting in the middle of the room is a large, concrete tomb. The tomb is almost filled up to the rim with blood. Three unknown people are standing around the tomb, chanting. They all wear black hooded cloaks. Hanging above the tomb is a deceased young man. He's chained upside-down, his throat slit open. He's been drained of his blood. The chanting from the four mystery people get louder and louder. All four of them raise their hands in the air, above their head.

      FOUR MYSTERY PEOPLE: You will arise, Eleo!

      CUT TO:


      Rorri is sitting behind the checkout counter, ringing up a costumer.

      RORRI: (to Costumer) That'll be twelve dollars, please.

      The customer pays for the items. Rorri puts the items in the bag, giving it to the costumers.

      RORRI: (smile) There you go. Have a nice day.

      COSTUMER: You too.

      The customer exit's the store.

      RORRI: I hate smiling every time a costumer walks in.

      The camera pans over to Maureen. She is standing in-between the bookshelves, holding a clipboard. She's doing inventory. She doesn't respond to Rorri's comment. Rorri walks from behind the checkout counter, and over to her sister. Rorri leans against the bookshelf, crossing her arms over her chest.

      RORRI: What happened upstairs with you, and Carter?

      MAUREEN: What do you think? Another argument.

      RORRI: Do you want him to come back or are you one hundred percent sure you want him out of your life. Because I'm thinking you don't.

      Maureen continues to do inventory, she doesn't face her sister.

      MAUREEN: I don't want to get a divorce and be a statistic. It's just he takes me for granted, and I want him to be afraid of loosing me, ya know?

      RORRI: Yeah, I understand. (sighs) Carter can be a drunk, worthless, bitch but he always means well. He cares about all of us, and he knows that we're important to you, so he puts us first before anyone. I don't think you'll find better than that. Both of you guys need to find a happy medium with one another. Just fix what you guys need to fix, and call it a day. If you ask me, your arguing is really petty.

      Maureen turns, facing Rorri.

      MAUREEN: (stressful sigh) I don't know, Rorri, I just don't ?

      Maureen looks over Rorri's shoulder.

      MAUREEN: (to Rorri) Your roommate is behind you.

      Rorri turns around to see a very pretty young woman, with long brown wavy hair. (Young Woman Played by: Minka Kelly)

      RORRI: (surprised) Rachel!

      YOUNG WOMAN/RACHEL: (smile) Hey, am I interrupting something?

      MAUREEN: (curt) No.

      Maureen walks past them, heading over to another aisle of books.

      RORRI: What are you doing here?

      RACHEL: Remember? You borrowed my Arts and Foundation book.
      RORRI: Oh, yeah, totally forgot! It slipped my mind.

      Rorri walks over to the table that sits in the middle of the store. Rachel follows behind her. Rorri opens her book bag that sits on top of the table. She pulls out a large text book.

      RORRI: There you go.

      She hands the book to Rachel.

      RACHEL: Thanks!

      RORRI: Yeah, no prob.

      RACHEL: Well, I gotta go.

      RORRI: Okay.

      RACHEL: See you back at the dorm.

      RORRI: Okay.

      Rachel exits Cromwell's.

      CUT TO:


      Rachel stops walking and pulls a cell phone from her purse. She dials some numbers, and then puts the phone to her ear.

      RACHEL: (onto the phone) They're alone.

      Rachel hangs the phone up, and slips it into her purse. An evil grin grows across her face, and her eyes go black.

      CUT TO:


      Sonny stands in the threshold of the front door of her home, as October, Kat and Asher are leaving.

      SONNY: Thanks guys. Call me if you find anything.

      ASHER: We will.

      Sonny goes into her house, shutting the door behind her. October, Kat and Asher walk to the side walk.

      OCTOBER: I think I know the pattern of the kidnappings.

      They all stop walking, and congregate on the sidewalk.

      ASHER: What do you think?

      OCTOBER: What if all the victims are full blooded witches and warlocks.

      KAT: What do you mean full blooded?

      OCTOBER: Both of their parents are magical. They?re witches and warlocks. Maybe that's what connects the victims to each other?

      ASHER: Maybe, we have to check into this more. I'll go to Draken Hill, and see if I can scavenge up some evidence. You two go back to the apartment, and see if you can get anything on the other missing victims.

      OCTOBER: Hell no! I'm coming with you. I don't want to be cooped up in an apartment.

      ASHER: I don't care.

      Asher looks at Kat for approval.

      KAT: Go ahead, it's cool. I like being cooped up in an apartment with my laptop.

      OCTOBER: Cool, okay, let's go. We're taking my car.

      Asher gives his pickup keys to Kat. He then gives her a kiss. October walks over to her car, climbing into the driver seat. Asher gets into the passenger seat.

      CUT TO:


      Maureen is still doing inventory. Suddenly the company phone begins to ring.

      RORRI: I'll get it.

      Rorri hurries over to the checkout counter; she reaches over the counter, answering the phone.

      RORRI: Cromwell's, this is Rorri speaking. How may I help you?


      RORRI: (disgusted) Margo?

      Suddenly the power goes out and the phone is disconnected. The whole store is black; the only light coming through is from the moon, shining through the display window.

      RORRI: (confused) What the ?

      Maureen walks from the bookshelves, over to Rorri.

      MAUREEN: What the hell happened?

      RORRI: I don't know. Did you pay the bill?

      MAUREEN: Yeah, yesterday.

      Rorri hangs the receiver back on the base.

      RORRI: Then what's going on?

      The entrance door flies open. Three figures in dark, red hooded cloaks run in.

      RORRI: Oh my god!

      They charge at the girls, full speed. The girls have no time to react. Cloaked Figure #1 punches Rorri across the face, sending her across the store, flying over the checkout counter, smashing into the shelves.

      MAUREEN: (yells) Rorri!

      Maureen attempts to run to her sister's aid, but Cloaked Fingure #2 grabs Maureen by her arm.

      MAUREEN: Get off of me!

      Maureen punches Cloaked Figure#2 with her free hand. Cloaked Figure#2 stumbles back. Maureen holds her hand out towards him.
      MAUREEN: (yells) Tergum, rursus!

      A green stream of energy shoots from her hand, hitting Cloaked Figure #2 in the chest. From behind, Cloaked Figure#1 pulls a syringe from it's cloak. The syringe is filled with the same white liquid from the teaser. Cloaked Figure #1 quickly grabs Maureen by the hair, pulling her head back, exposing her neck. It slams the needle into the side of her neck. Cloaked Figure #1 pushes the white liquid into Maureen's neck.

      MAUREEN: AH!

      Cloaked Figure #1 pulls the needle out of Maureen's neck. Maureen's eyes roll to the back of her head, and she collapses. Cloaked Figure #1 stands over Maureen's body. The cloaked figure takes it's hood off. It's Rachel.

      RACHEL: (to Cloaked Figure #2) Danny, get up.

      Cloaked Figure #2 stands to it's feet. It takes off it's hood. It's an athletic built guy with light brown hair that's slicked back. (Danny played by: Chace Crawford)

      CLAOKED FIGURE#2/DANNY: I should kill the bitch.

      He rubs his chest in pain.

      DANNY: That hurt like hell.

      RACHEL: Well, if we don't get this job done, we'll being going back to hell.

      A tall, muscular guy with dark brown hair walks in. He's wearing the same cloak, but his hood is off. (Man played by: Matt Cohan)

      DANNY: (pissed) Austin, next time, get here faster!

      AUSTIN: Sorry, Danny.

      DANNY: Don't be sorry, do it next time. Take the bitch to the cages.

      Austin throws Maureen over his shoulder like a rag doll.

      RACHEL: (to Austin) Make sure no one sees you, okay?

      AUSTIN: Yup.

      Austin turns and disappears out of the store, carrying Maureen.

      RACHEL: What do you want to do with Rorri?

      DANNY: Leave her.

      Danny turns and walks out of Cromwell's, Rachel follows.

      East Wick Season Two -Coming Soon-

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        ACT III

        OPEN TO:


        The camera pans around a large dungeon-like room. Water trickles from the pipes on the ceiling. The walls around the room are concrete, so is the floor. On each side of the walls are a row of several large, bar metal cages. At the end of the room is an archway, leading into a dark room. The camera pans into a cage.

        CUT TO:


        Maureen lies face down on the wet pavement, unconscious. She begins to slowly move, coming to. She rolls over onto her back, and slowly sits up in a sitting position.

        MAUREEN: (confused; slurred) What the hell?

        Maureen runs her finger through her long hair and looks around her surroundings.

        MAUREEN: (to self) Where am I?

        She stumbles to her feet. She looks down at her feet, realizing she’s barefoot.

        WOMAN: (O/S) They took my shoes, too.

        Maureen looks up at the cage across from hers. It’s Amber, from the teaser. Amber is sitting in the corner in her cage, balled up like a child.

        MAUREEN: Who are you?

        AMBER: I’m Amber, you?

        MAUREEN: Maureen.

        Maureen walks up to the metal bars that surround her. She pulls and pushes at them, no budge.

        AMBER: We’re trapped. There’s no way out.

        MAUREEN: I beg to differ.

        Maureen sticks her hand out, towards the lock on the cage.

        MAUREEN: (to Amber) What I’m about to do will surprise you.

        Maureen focuses her attention on the lock.

        MAUREEN: Patefacio, obvius, obviam, expositus, directus, aperio.

        Nothing happens. Confusion grows across Maureen’s face.

        AMBER: You don’t have any powers.

        Maureen looks up at Amber, surprised. Amber stands up out of her corner and walks to the bars.

        MAUREEN: How’d you know I have powers?

        AMBER: Because, I’m a witch too.

        MAUREEN: What?!

        AMBER: All these cages…they’re to hold witches like us. They take them in that room.

        She points to the archway at the end of the room, leading into a dark room.

        AMBER: They never come out; they kill them. They need us for some reason, witches. They killed a girl just before you got here.

        MAUREEN: What about our powers?

        AMBER: You know the syringe they stabbed us with?

        MAUREEN: Vaguely.

        Maureen feels her neck.

        AMBER: The fluid in the syringe binds our powers.

        MAUREEN: (stressful sigh) Shit.

        RACHEL: (O/S) Hi, ladies.

        Rachel emerges from the dark archway, wearing a long black cloak.

        MAUREEN: (yells) You, bitch! You stabbed me with that needle!

        Rachel walks down the aisle. She walks past the empty cages that are on each side of her. She stops and turns, facing Maureen’s cage.

        MAUREEN: (angered; to Rachel) If these bars weren’t separating us, I’d rip your god damn throat out!

        RACHEL: (smirk) Sure, you would.

        AMBER: (O/S) Why are you killing us?

        Rachel looks back at Amber’s cage, which is across from Maureen’s cage.

        RACHEL: You’ll soon find out.

        Quickly, Maureen’s hand shoots through the bars, grabbing Rachel by the neck.

        MAUREEN: (yells) What the hell is going on?!

        Rachel doesn’t react. Her face remains blank as she pries Maureen’s hand off her neck. Rachel’s eyes go black.

        RACHEL: (deep powerful voice) Don’t touch me again.

        Maureen staggers back, in her cage, shocked.

        MAUREEN: (surprised) Oh, my god! You’re a demon!

        RACHEL: (smile) Yeah, I know.

        MAUREEN: Selma sent you, didn’t she?

        RACHEL: Aren’t you the clever one.

        MAUREEN: (angered) How long have you been living with my sister as a demon, you bitch!?

        RACHEL: For about two weeks. I almost killed her once, when she was sleeping. (sighs) But I didn’t want to get blood all over the dorm room. Yuck! Too messy.

        MAUREEN: If you ever lay a hand on my sister, I will destroy you!

        RACHEL: (annoyed) Blah, blah, blah. Save it for someone who cares.

        Rachel exit’s the room, disappearing into the archway.

        CUT TO:


        We see the black SUV moving along the disserted road.

        CUT TO:

        INT. SUV - NIGHT

        Delilah stares ahead at the road. The camera pans over to Geni, who is looking ahead also. The camera then pans in the backseat, where Darwin is listening to his iPod. The camera moves back to the front, where Delilah and Geni sit.

        DELILAH: We’ll be there soon.

        CUT TO:


        The black SUV passes a sign that read: ‘EAST WICK: 15 MILES’

        CUT TO:

        INT. SUV – NIGHT

        GENI: (smile) Good, I’m so excited to see my niece.

        DELILAH: She’s the half witch, half vampire slayer, right?

        GENI: (proud; smile) Yup.

        DELILAH: The council filled in all the blanks. How did that happened?

        GENI: I don’t know, but when her mother found out, she was disgusted. She couldn’t believe she’d birthed a vampire slayer. She tried to make October use her powers for evil, but she didn’t. October’s a very strong young woman. She talked me into leaving Black Blossom. If it wasn’t for her I’d still be trapped under my sister’s hand, and Darwin would be miserable…I’m just worried.

        DELILAH: Why?

        GENI: My sister never gives up on anything. If she wants someone dead, it will happen. She would go to the extreme to get what she wants. That’s why all the other members of Black Blossom wouldn’t dare to leave the covenant. Once a witch or a warlock leaves their covenant, the covenant kills them.

        DELILAH: So, that’s you, Darwin, and October?

        GENI: Yeah. (beat) I’m surprised she hasn’t stopped us by now.

        DELILAH: Well, that’s why the council put me on the job to protect you guys. Both of you are under the Watcher’s Council belt, you and your son will be fine.

        GENI: (smiles) Thanks, but –

        Suddenly a dark figure runs across the road, then a brick smashes into the window shield.

        DELILAH: (sudden shock; yells) What the --

        GENI: It’s Selma!

        DARWIN: Mom!

        Delilah slams down on the breaks. The SUV slides violently off the road into the woods. Delilah grips the stirring wheel in fear, as the SUV speeds down a hill, heading towards a tree.

        DELILAH: (yells) Hold on guys!

        Geni grips the door handle with one hand, and covers her face with the other. Darwin fidgets with his seatbelt, attempting to put it on.

        DARWIN: (yells) Oh, shit!

        The SUV smashes into the tree, head on. Everyone in the SUV lunges forward, glass shatters.

        CUT TO BLACK

        CUT TO:

        EXT - WOODS - NIGHT

        The SUV is smashed against the tree. The camera pans back and we see two figures run quickly across the screen.

        INT - CAR - NIGHT

        Delilah is slumped over the steering wheel, unconscious. Shattered glass is spread everywhere in the SUV. The camera pans to Geni. She’s lying against the passenger side window, unconscious. The camera pans in the backseat. Darwin is stretched across the backseat, out cold. He begins to come to, and he quickly sits up in a sitting position. He looks around, bewildered. Blood is coming from his nose, and his bottom lip is cut.

        DARWIN: (worried) Mom!

        Darwin leans forward, into the front seat. He shakes his mother, gently.

        DARWIN: (worried) Mom, wake up.

        No response.

        DARWIN: Hold on, mom.

        Darwin leans back into the backseat. He grabs the door handle, ready to open it.

        DELILAH: (whisper) Darwin, don’t open the door.

        Darwin stops and looks at Delilah. She looks alert. She has a cut across her forehead.

        DARWIN: Why!?

        DELILAH: (whisper) Because…something’s out there.

        DARWIN: How’d you know?

        DELILAH: I just do.

        Geni comes to. She quickly realizes what just happened. She quickly turns around in her seat, looking in the backseat.

        GENI: Darwin!

        DELILAH: Shhh!

        Geni grabs Darwin by the face and kisses him on the forehead.

        GENI: (whisper) You okay, honey?

        DARWIN: Yeah, I’m fine, mom.

        Geni turns to Delilah.

        GENI: (whisper) There’s something outside isn’t there?

        DELILAH: (whisper) Yeah.

        GENI: It’s Selma. I told you she won’t let us get to East Wick alive.

        DELILAH: We’re getting to East Wick, all of us. Darwin, grab the bag in the cargo trunk.

        DARWIN: (whisper) Okay, what’s in the bag?

        DELILAH: Weapons.

        DARWIN: Oh!

        Darwin climbs over the seat into the cargo trunk.

        GENI: Darwin, be careful.

        DARWIN: I’m fine.

        He picks up the heavy black duffle bag.

        DELILAH: Toss it here.

        DARWIN: Okay.

        Darwin throws the duffle bag, with both of his hands, indicating it’s heavy. Delilah catches the duffle bag with one hand. She sits it in her lap, opening it. She pulls out a battleaxe.
        GENI: Hand me something.

        Delilah hands Geni a stake.

        DARWIN: I want something.

        DELILAH: You guys stay in the car, I’ll fight them off.

        Suddenly they hear crunching leaves outside, like someone is running.

        DARWIN: Did you hear that?

        Delilah and Geni look back at Darwin, who’s still in the cargo trunk.

        DELILAH: Yeah.

        GENI: C’mon, Darwin, come back up here.

        The back window of the cargo trunk is shattered from the outside. Arms come bursting in, grabbing Darwin, and violently snatching him though the window.

        GENI: (screams) Darwin!

        CUT TO:


        Spencer slowly enters the store, the entrance door is wide open. The lights are back on, but the store is a mess.

        SPENCER: (cautious) Maureen? Rorri? What happened?

        RORRI: (moaning; pain) Spencer!

        Quickly, Spencer runs behind the checkout counter. Rorri is trying to stand to her feet.

        SPENCER: (shocked) Rorri! What happen!?

        He helps her to her feet. She has a large bruise stretched across the side of her face.

        SPENCER: (worried) Rorri, what the hell happened to you? Where’s Maureen?

        RORRI: (dazed and confused) I don’t know! They came in here, and attacked us!

        SPENCER: Who!

        RORRI: People in hooded robes! Maureen’s not here?

        SPENCER: (panic) No, did you see them take her?

        RORRI: (angered) No, I was unconscious, Spencer!

        Rorri’s eyes starts to get watery.

        RORRI: (crying) They came in so fast. I didn’t have time to use my powers. I could’ve saved her.

        SPENCER: Rorri, it’s not your fault.

        Spencer grabs his sister, hugging her.

        SPENCER: We’re gonna get her back. We need to call Carter!

        CUT TO:


        Maureen paces back and forth in her cage. We can hear her bare feet smacking the pavement, each time she takes a step.

        AMBER: (O/S) Do you have any plans to get us out of here?

        Maureen looks up at Amber’s cage. Amber is leaning up against the bars, with her arms folded across her chest.

        MAUREEN: (annoyed) No, Amber, stop asking me that. I’m just as trapped as you are.

        AMBER: Sorry, Maureen. I’m just scared.

        MAUREEN: We’ll be fine.


        AMBER: Maureen?

        MAUREEN: (annoyed) What, Amber?

        AMBER: What did you mean when you called her a demon?

        MAUREEN: Do you not know anything about the magical world?

        AMBER: Actually, I don’t. I don’t embrace my powers. Never have, never will. This is where it leads me…in a cage, ready to be sacrificed.

        MAUREEN: You should embrace it, it’s who you are. (beat) She’s possessed by a demon’s spirit. There’s only two things that can cause a magical beings to have black eyes. One: Too much power flowing through their body. Two: A demon’s spirit possession. She’s not a witch, she was too strong.

        AMBER: Demon’s spirit?

        MAUREEN: You know how we have demons and vampires?

        AMBER: Yeah.

        MAUREEN: A lot of people say demons and vampires don’t have souls. They have souls, but their black, dead. When you kill a demon or vampire their spirits go to any of the several hell dimensions. The spirits can escape from the underworlds, and can enter any human, causing havoc.

        AMBER: How can we kill them?

        MAUREEN: We can hurt them real bad, but they won’t die unless an exorcism is performed. If you mortally hurt the host, then perform an exorcism, taking the demon out of the host. The damage toe the host's body can kill them. A demon possession is very rare, I don’t know how in the hell Selma got them out of the underworld.

        DANNY: Aren’t you the smarty pants.

        Danny and Rachel walk out of the dark archway.

        MAUREEN: Oh, god, she brought her boyfriend.

        RACHEL: He’s not my boyfriend, bitch.

        MAUREEN: (angered) What do you want with us, and why are you here? Why did Selma send you?

        Rachel and Danny stop walking when they get in front of Maureen’s cage.

        RACHEL: Wouldn’t you like to know?

        MAUREEN: Yeah, I would. Can you hear well or are you deaf?

        DANNY: We’re here to make Selma’s dreams come true.

        MAUREEN: And what might that be?

        Rachel slides a long, sharp dagger from the inside of her cloak. Rachel leans in close to the bars, looking Maureen in the eyes.

        RACHEL: (whisper) To spread her glory.

        Swiftly, Rachel spins around, throwing the dagger at Amber’s cage. The dagger flies in-between the bars, impaling itself into Amber’s chest.

        MAUREEN: (yells) Amber, no!

        CUT TO:


        Amber stands stiff. Her mouth hangs with shock, horror, and disbelief. She looks down at the dagger imbedded into her chest. Amber looks up at Maureen, with tears building up in her eyes.

        MAUREEN: (yelling; crying) Amber, stay with me! Don’t die!

        Amber drops to the pavement, dead.

        END OF ACT III
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          ACT IV

          OPEN TO:


          Maureen looks at Danny and Rachel through her bars. Hatred and furry fills her face. Danny looks into Maureen’s eyes.

          DANNY: (smile) Bull’s-eye.

          MAUREEN: (crying; furious) You sick bastards!

          Danny lays his head on Rachel’s shoulder, still smiling.

          DANNY: We’re demons.

          RACHEL: (to Danny) Take her to the alter room, and string her up.

          DANNY: Will do.

          Danny turns around, and unlocks Amber’s cage. He opens it, walking in.

          RACHEL: (to Maureen) We’ll be back soon.

          Rachel winks at Maureen

          RACHEL: For you.

          She spins around, strutting out of the room, walking into the archway. Maureen looks over at Amber’s cage. Danny snatches the dagger out of her chest, dropping it on the ground. He throws Amber over is shoulder. He walks out of the cage, and disappears into the archway.

          MAUREEN: (crying) Oh, my god.

          Maureen realizes Danny has left the keys in lock on Amber’s cage.

          MAUREEN: Thank you.

          Maureen presses her body against the bars, and slides her hands in-between the bars. She reaches for the keys that hang from Amber’s cage door.

          MAUREEN: (whisper) C’mon, Maureen.

          CUT TO:


          Kat is sitting on the couch, her legs pulled under her, Indian style. She has a laptop sitting on her lap. She has black framed eyeglasses on. She looks intrigued as she stares at the screen of the laptop.

          KAT: (surprised) Oh, god!

          Kat quickly breaks her stare from the laptop screen. She leans over, grabbing her jacket that is draped over the arm of the couch. She shuffles in her pocket, pulling her cell phone out. She flips it open, dialing numbers. She put the phone to her ear.

          KAT: Asher, I got some good stuff here!


          KAT: All the victims that have gone missing, they are full blooded witches, but they’re also the eldest child from their families. The first born.


          KAT: Yeah, that’s the connection they all have.


          KAT: You found a syringe? That’s strange.

          We hear a beep, indicating someone is calling from the other line.

          KAT: Hold on.

          Kat clicks over.

          KAT: Hello?


          KAT: Spencer, calm down!


          KAT: What!? Maureen taken by who?


          KAT: Okay, sit tight! We’ll be there soon! Did you call Carter?


          KAT: Okay, good.

          Kat clicks back over to Asher as she stands to her feet, sliding her jacket on.

          KAT: (into the phone) They’ve got Maureen! Meet me at Cromwell’s.

          CUT TO:

          INT. SUV - NIGHT

          GENI: (screams) Darwin!

          Delilah and Geni force their doors open, quickly climbing out of the wrecked SUV.

          CUT TO:

          EXT. WOODS - NIGHT

          Delilah and Geni run to the back of the of the SUV to see Darwin struggling with two male vampires.

          GENI: Darwin!

          DARWIN: Mom, stake ’em!

          Darwin pushes Vampire #1 off of him, towards Geni. Vampire #1 stumbles towards Geni, who extends her arm, plunging the stake into Vampire #1’s chest, dust. Darwin spins around punching Vampire #2 with his free hand.

          DARWIN: Delilah, behind you!

          Vampire #3 charges at Delilah from behind. Delilah spins around, swinging her battleaxe, chopping Vampire #3’s head off, dust. She swiftly takes a stake from the inside of her jacket, spins around, whipping the stake at Vampire #2, who’s standing next to Darwin. The stake imbeds itself into the Vampire #2’s rib cage, it dust. She grips her battleaxe; she has her game face on.

          DELILAH: Grab your bags; we’re walking the rest of the way!

          GENI: More of them will come.

          DELILAH: I know. That’s why we need to hurry. (to Geni) And by the way, your sister is a bitch!

          CUT TO:


          Carter stands near the table that sits in the middle of the store. Across from him sits Rorri and Spencer at the table. Spencer has his arms around Rorri. Rorri has her head on Spencer’s shoulder. Carter begins to pace back and forth.

          CARTER: Rorri, are you sure you didn’t see anything?

          RORRI: (snaps) I’m positive, Carter! Stop asking me that!

          Rorri raises her head from Spencer’s shoulder.

          CARTER: (powerful yell) Well, I just wanna know what the hell happened to my wife!

          RORRI: (yells) And we don’t!?

          SPENCER: She’s our sister, Carter.

          Carter takes in a breath and remains to pace. His hands form a tight fist of anger.

          CARTER: (holds back anger) I know that!

          The front door opens. October, Asher and Kat enter. They walk over to the table.

          OCTOBER: (worried) What the hell happened?

          RORRI: (begins to cry) Someone took Maureen, and I couldn’t help her.

          Kat approaches Rorri. She kneels down, giving Rorri a hug.

          KAT: Honey, it’s not your fault.

          OCTOBER: What did you see, Rorri?

          Rorri wipes the tears from her eyes.

          RORRI: We were here, and then Margo called.


          RORRI: The lights cut off. Two people with long robes rushed in, and that’s all I remember.

          OCTOBER: Did you guys find anything after?

          SPENCER: I did.

          OCTOBER: What?!

          Spencer pulls a clump of paper towel from his jacket pocket. He places it on the table and opens it. On the paper towel sits a syringe. October’s eyes get wide and she looks over at Asher.

          ASHER: (to October) It’s the same.

          CARTER: What is!?

          OCTOBER: This.

          October pulls a similar syringe from her jacket pocket.

          OCTOBER: We found it at Draken Hill…where a young witch was taken last night.

          RORRI: What was in it?

          ASHER: I called my dad. He said they used to use it when they interrogated crazed witches at the Watcher Council. It’s a herbal substance that binds a witch’s powers for seventy two hours.

          SPENCER: She has no power to fight back!?

          KAT: For the past two weeks, six witches and warlock, including Maureen, which makes it seven, have gone missing, all of them full blooded witches, and they’re the first born in their families.

          RORRI: Is it a cult thing?

          KAT: We don’t know, but they’re here in East Wick, and they want Maureen for something.

          SPENCER: What was the girl’s name that was taken at Draken Hill?

          KAT: Amber Forester.

          RORRI: Her last name is Forester?

          KAT: (confused) Yeah.

          RORRI: (to Kat; panic) Did you get the other victim’s names?

          KAT: Yeah. What’s wrong with you?

          RORRI: What are they?

          KAT: Hold on. I wrote them on a sheet of paper.

          Kat stands back to her feet.

          Kat pulls a folded paper out of her pocket. She unfolds it.

          KAT: (reading off the paper) Shawn McGrim, Maryland Treiger, Ellen Thorn, Jasmine Vixster, then Amber Forester, now Maureen Cromwell.

          RORRI: (shocked) Oh, my god!

          CARTER: What is it?

          RORRI: Elizabeth Cromwell…

          OCTOBER: (confused) What? What are you talking about?

          RORRI: Their ancestors were in the covenant that Elizabeth Cromwell created. The same covenant that killed Black Blossom.

          ASHER: They’re the descents of the members of Elizabeth Cromwell’s covenant.

          RORRI: Yes!

          SPENCER: Their being taken, and drugged, but by who?
          OCTOBER: My mother is behind this. I know it!

          CARTER: (angered) You’re probably right. (sighs) Why would she need them?

          OCTOBER: I don’t know. But if my mother is behind this, we need to get Maureen, now!

          SPENCER: Where is she? That’s the question.

          ASHER: Just do a locater spell.

          SPENCER: Duh! I don’t know why we didn’t think of that before.

          RORRI: I’ll do it.

          CUT TO:


          Maureen has the keys in her hand. Her arm is in-between the bars, she sticks the key in the lock of her cage door.

          MAUREEN: (eager) C’mon, c’mon!

          Maureen twists the key, opening her cage door.

          MAUREEN: Yes!

          Maureen cautiously steps out of the cage. She looks around, looking for a way out.

          AUSTIN: (V/O) Don’t think so.

          Maureen turns around. Austin stands, looking down at her. He punches her in the face.

          CUT TO:


          Carter, October, Rorri, Kat, Spencer, and Asher are making their way down an alleyway. They follow a small, floating, white energy ball.

          OCTOBER: I’ve never tried this before. Are you sure it works?

          RORRI: Yeah, as long as a magical cloak isn’t covering the spot she’s at.
          CUT TO:


          Rachel, Danny, and Austin are dressed in the dark, red cloaks. They look up at the ceiling. Hanging upside down above the tomb full of blood is Maureen and Amber. Maureen’s unconscious and Amber’s throat is slit, she’s dead.

          AUSTIN: (impatient) Can we start?

          DANNY: Yes.

          Above them, Maureen begins to come to. Maureen looks down at the three or them.

          MAUREEN: You asses!

          RACHEL: (annoyed; to Austin) Why didn’t you kill her? She’s annoying.

          Maureen looks down at the tomb full of blood.

          MAUREEN: (scared) Oh, god!

          Something brushes up against Maureen’s arm. She looks to the side to see Amber’s lifeless face is staring back at her.

          MAUREEN: AH!

          RACHEL: (to Maureen) Shut up!

          DANNY: Let’s start.

          The three of them put their hoods on. They stand around the tomb. They begin to chant in another language.

          MAUREEN: Help!

          CUT TO:


          The group follows the energy ball between two abandon buildings.

          CARTER: I think we’re getting close.

          Suddenly they here screams coming from the abandon building to the right of them. They stop and listen for a second.

          KAT: You guys hear that?

          CARTER: Maureen!

          Another scream echoes from the abandon building on their right.

          CARTER: This way!

          Carter turns, kicking the door open, leading them into the building.

          CUT TO:


          Rachel, Danny and Austin have their hands up in the air. Their chanting gets louder and louder. Suddenly a cut begins to magically stretch across Maureen’s neck.

          MAUREEN: Oh, god! Someone help me!

          Blood begins to run down onto Maureen’s face.

          MAUREEN: Please!

          Carter spills into the alter room. He looks up at Maureen, who’s screaming for her life, hanging upside down, under a tomb full with blood. His eyes shift to the three people performing the ritual. Instant anger grows across his face.

          MAUREEN: Oh my god! Carter, help!

          Danny stops doing the ritual, turning to Carter. Carter rushes at Danny, punching him in the face. Danny recovers. He glares at Carter with hate, and anger. Danny’s eyes grow black.

          CARTER: What the –

          MAUREEN: Carter, they’re all possessed with demons.

          CARTER: Oh, shit!

          Danny uppercuts Carter, sending him flying back, over the tomb, and slamming into the ground. Danny leaps over the tomb, landing next to Carter. He grabs Carter by his jacket, pulling him up to his feet.

          DANNY: You’re pathetic!

          Danny slams Carter into the pavement surface wall.

          October, Asher, Kat, Spencer and Rorri stumble into the alter room. They look up at Maureen hanging from the ceiling.

          RORRI: Maureen!

          Rachel and Austin turn around towards them, taking their hoods off. Their eyes are black too.

          RORRI: Rachel! You bitch!

          MAUREEN: Rorri, that’s not Rachel. Rachel’s possessed by a demon!

          RORRI: Oh!

          RACHEL: (to Rorri) The real name is Heidi, but Rachel sounds cuter, since I got her body and all.

          Rachel focuses her attention on October.

          RACHEL: (to October) Hello, traitor.

          OCTOBER: (annoyed) Why can’t my mother come and do this shit by herself? She has so many lackeys.

          RACHEL: We aren’t lackeys.

          OCTOBER: Yes, you are. Just one of her many toys. (to Rorri and Spencer) Get your sister down.

          They run off to do that.

          OCTOBER: (to Asher and Kat) You two get the big one.

          October gesture towards Austin.

          ASHER: (to Austin) Let’s go, big daddy.

          OCTOBER: (to Asher) Don’t hurt him; we still have to get that demon out of the body.

          AUSTIN: (to Asher and Kat) I’m gonna smash you!

          Austin charges at Asher and Kat, tackling them. They stumble through the archway, into the room with the cages.

          OCTOBER: (blinks at Rachel) I’ll take you.

          October smirks.

          RACHEL: We’re staying in these bodies.

          October takes a few steps towards Rachel, standing a few feet away from her.

          OCTOBER: (smirk) No, I don’t think so, honey.

          October extends her arm, punching Rachel in the face. Rachel stumbles back, stunned for a moment.


          Kat, Asher and Austin fall into the aisle with the cages on each side of them. Kat and Asher stumble to their feet. Austin leaps to his feet and throws a punch at Asher. Asher ducks, coming back up with a right hook, punching Austin in the face. Kat runs around Austin, leaping onto his back. Her hand begins to brighten up, and sizzle. Austin tries to throw Kat off, but he’s failing. Kat presses her hands onto Austin’s neck. Her hand sinks into his skin, burning it.

          AUSTIN: (screaming) Ooouch!!

          KAT: I hope it feels good!

          Austin brings his hand back, grabbing Kat by the hair.

          AUSTIN: (yells) And I hope you like to fly!

          Violently, Austin yanks her off, throwing her across the room. Kat slams into a cage door that’s open. She drops to the ground, moaning in pain.

          ASHER: (yells) Kat!

          Angrily, Asher begins to throw a series of punches at Austin, who’s blocking every blow with his arms.
          CUT TO:


          October leaps in the air, kicking Rachel across the face. Rachel collapses to her knees.

          OCOTBER: (yells) What’s your plan, bitch!?

          Rachel stands to her feet, glaring at October. October throws a punch, but Rachel catches October’s hand.

          RACHEL: To bring forth Eleo! And you can be the last sacrifice!

          Rachel extends her leg, kicking October in the chest. October stumbles back, flipping into the tomb, disappearing under the blood.

          Camera moves over to Spencer and Rorri, who are turning a lever that is built into the wall of the room. As they turn the lever, Maureen begins to slowly come down from the ceiling. The camera moves over to Danny and Carter, who are still battling it out. Carter punches Danny across the face. Carter has a busted lip, now.

          CARTER: You, son of a bitch.

          Danny head butts Carter. Carter stumbles back against the pavement wall. Danny grabs Carter by the neck, pinning him against the wall. Danny’s eyes are still black as night.

          DANNY: I think I like your body.

          Danny opens his mouth, and black mist begins to flow from his mouth, going up Carter’s nostrils. Suddenly, Danny falls to the ground, unconscious. Standing behind him is Maureen, holding a large rock. Carter catches his breath, smiling at Maureen.

          CARTER: (coughing) Hi.

          Maureen smiles, dropping the rock. She throws her arms around Carter, hugging him.

          The camera moves over to Rachel, who’s glaring at the large tomb full of blood. October emerges from the large pool of blood. The blood stops at her waist, she’s drenched in it.

          OCTOBER: (yells; disgusted) Oh my god, you bitch! You just kicked me in blood! That’s so unsanitary!

          October wipes blood from her eyes.

          OCTOBER: Why are you trying to revive Natalya’s husband, you stupid prick!

          RACHEL: Your mother wanted us to raise Eleo for one reason. Power, and power only. When Natalya’s soul inhabits your mother’s body, she will have her husband back on her arm. They will rule this world together. That’s why we need their blood. Their ancestors were the closest to Eleo. (twisted smile) When they killed him. He was the most powerful warlock of all time.

          OCTOBER: Well, you failed, it didn’t work.

          RACHEL: Don’t hold you’re your breath.

          October is yanked under the blood, disappearing.

          RACHEL: (smirk) Like I said, don’t hold your breath.

          RORRI: October!

          A fireball impacts Rachel in the chest, sending her flying back hitting her head on the edge tomb. She’s out cold. The camera pans over to Asher and Kat who are standing in the archway. Asher holds up Kat, who’s weak and hurt.

          KAT: Bitch. She’s not dead, the fireball was hollow.

          The camera moves over to Carter, Maureen and Spencer, who are on the other side of the alter room. They’re looking down into the blood.

          SPENCER: (worried) She’s not coming up!

          Spencer, Carter, and Maureen run up to the tomb, sticking their hands into the blood, attempting to grab October.

          SPENCER: Do you feel her?!

          MAUREEN: No!

          October emerges from the blood; she’s holding a knife in her hand. She’s breathing heavily.

          ASHER: You, okay?

          OCTOBER: (out of breath) Yes. Eleo isn’t.

          October slips the knife back into her holster that hangs from her hip. Carter, Maureen and, Spencer take their hands out of the blood.

          MAUREEN: Disgusting!

          SPENCER: (to October) I’ll help you out.

          Spencer helps October out of the tomb.

          OCTOBER: Thanks, Spencer.

          SPENCER: Yep!

          October grabs her hair, straining it out. Blood splatters on the ground.

          OCTOBER: This is never going to wash out of my hair.(to Asher and Kat) What did you do to the other one?

          ASHER: We locked him in one of the cages.

          OCTOBER: Good.

          MAUREEN: We have to get those demons out of them.

          RORRI: We will.

          Kat looks up at Amber hanging from the ceiling.

          KAT: (sad) We have to tell Sonny her friend didn’t make it.

          MAUREEN: (sad; looking up at Amber) She was a good person.

          ASHER: Let’s get her down. She doesn’t deserve to be like that.

          MAUREEN: Carter, Rorri, and I will do the exorcisms.

          OCTOBER: I’ll help gather them up in one area.

          MAUREEN: Okay.

          They all stand for a moment in silence, glaring at one another.

          OCTOBER: Okay, let’s do this.

          FADE OUT:


          OPEN TO:

          Delilah, Geni, and Darwin are walking on an empty road. They pass a sign that reads: ‘WELCOME TO EAST WICK’ The camera moves into the sky, up at the moon.

          FADES TO BLACK

          END OF EPISODE
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            East Wick: 1.02 "The Blackest Souls We Carry" Trivia

            - This is the second episode to my new series, East Wick!
            - This episode was more character friendly. It was to get to know the characters and their past.
            - Sorry for all you people who wanted to see October flashbacks, but I’ll have them in the next episode!
            - The other two Cromwell’s mentioned in this episode (Kemper & Margo) They will be guest starring on an episode this season. Margo will be in more than one episode.
            - We will find out why Rorri is upset with Margo.
            - Delilah, Geni and Darwin appear in this episode. Delilah will be in a couple more episodes, so will Geni. Darwin is the new character added. He has joined the series as a regular.
            - Rorri’s roommate, Rachel, will be appearing in other episodes.
            - For all you Melanie fans!!! She’ll be back next episode.
            - Don’t think I forgot about ‘The Book of Encrypted Souls’ It’ll be mentioned and appear in the next episode.
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