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Grit: A Rose Tyler ficlet

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  • Grit: A Rose Tyler ficlet

    Sometimes pain is good for you. Helps you grow stronger, Mum says. It's like grit in an oyster, that turns into a pearl.

    I hope this is that kind of pain. I better make it that kind, or else?what's my other option? Curl up, give up, spend the rest of my life dabbing mascara trails off my cheeks, waiting for something that's never going to happen?

    Sod that. I'm not pathetic. But? yeah. Maybe I am a bit pathetic. Just a little. Just for now. I'll be moving on any day now. You just watch me.

    A bloke who was never even my boyfriend, not really, and I miss him with every single cell of my body. It's been two years and I miss him like?oh, you know. Deserts, rain, all that Magic FM crap.

    Does he miss me? Wonder if he'd let himself feel that? Wonder if there's someone else he's?If some cow's kissing him right now, I'm gonna rip down those dimensional walls and sock her one, so help me?

    But I'm moving on. Got a date tonight, for a club opening, somewhere super-swanky. It's a blind date, actually, mate of a girl at work. She says he's a teacher ? someone nice and normal, she said that'd be good for me. . Everyone's so full of advice. S'not like they've ever been in my situation exactly, but?She said he's fit. That always helps.

    Time to pull yourself together, Rose. Slip into that little black number, put on some slap, he'll be picking you up in half an hour.

    He's got a bit of a boring name. John Smith. Still. Anything to forget HIS face. Here's hoping Mr Smith'll distract me, eh?
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