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The end?s been a long time coming: a Doctor Who ficlet

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  • The end?s been a long time coming: a Doctor Who ficlet

    Cats have nine lives. Kalashnikan Dvorkovs from the Praetorian Sector have ten. I've had even more. But finally, here I am. Down to my last brief candle, and the snuffer's coming down.

    I can feel my body dying. My youngest body yet ? barely twenty, by human standards. They die of old age. Me, I died of youthful folly. I've had so much energy this time, lit up like a Christmas tree inside. Really shouldn't have jumped over that?the gap was bigger than I thought.

    I fell a long way. I turned over and over, down the space station shaft, with the air whistling past me. Think I may have even said "wheeeeeeee!" No point in going out miserably.

    As I lie here, probably just seconds left. Going?.going? I don't know where. I don't know if I'm going anywhere at all. But if everything I've been is just going to scatter, out into the universe, like leaves on the wind, spacejunk in the vacuum?

    I can't feel my face but I think I'm smiling. Because, if I scatter? that's where she is. Or if I'm moving on to somewhere else?that's where she'll be. The walls are falling down, they can't keep us apart any more.

    Wait up, Rose. I'm not far behind you.
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