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Oh brother, who am I?

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  • Wolfie Gilmore
    The goblin market: a Supernatural poem

    The goblin market: a Supernatural poem

    It's as sure as hell
    As certain as a dirt-nap
    It's the one rule of the game
    The trick of the trade
    I've known this
    Since before I could shave
    Hell, since before I could drive ?

    You deal with demons
    They'll stiff you
    You trade with the devil
    He'll give you a lemon

    And not the kind that
    Pollyannas turn to lemonade

    It's a simple fact: you will lose everything
    In this sale
    Everything must go.

    I always thought til now
    That only morons made the trade
    Put their face in a tin at the crossroads
    Threw their lives away
    For girls, for cash, for the greatest solo, for the perfect score.

    But when you want that thing so bad
    That you'd die without it anyhow
    When you know that the empty road ahead
    Is going to be worse than whatever eternal smoke
    They can blow up your ass
    Then you sign in your blood so fast that your wrist hurts

    You buy now, pay later
    You'd pay far more
    If you had a life to give
    That was worth a crap
    You'd pay with hell on earth
    Just to have him back

    So you plead like a little bitch
    And you give them your life
    Like it was nothing
    Because it would be nothing
    If you had to watch him burn.

    It's a seller's market in hell today
    And everything including me
    Must go.

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  • Wolfie Gilmore
    How dare you think
    I'm worth that much?
    I should be six feet under
    You should be with Sam
    Who's going to lead us now?
    I can't
    I'm not a man.

    I'm not a retard either
    Know that you can't really hear
    Know that I should shut my mouth
    But, blame it on your other son
    He always wants to girlie-share
    To open up
    and speaking of? I caught him?
    never mind
    Let's have a beer in hell
    And rag him about
    "College Girls Gone Wild"

    So I told him
    What you did
    Told him
    That you swapped yourself
    For me ? a crappy deal
    The world's been screwed
    It gets the second-hand, the second-best
    You dealt the devil's hand
    And we all lose.

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  • Wolfie Gilmore
    started a topic Oh brother, who am I?

    Oh brother, who am I?

    A Supernatural poem

    Driving in our metal-fuelled car
    I realize I'm lost, totally
    But I bite my lip to keep the words in
    Bite and think:
    That's what our blood tastes like

    Parts of you are part of me
    You're in my bones
    Dude, that's sinister
    So I move us on
    In silence, tapping the wheel
    Hugging the road.

    We're hunters,
    You (and him) and me
    This is how we operate
    Silent, no second guessing
    It's not dysfunctional
    It's just our job.

    I move us on
    And I keep you safe
    Holding you at arm's length
    A punch's distance
    I'm glad you're strong enough
    to punch me back
    I'm glad you're back with me,
    We're bitterly cosy,
    As a schoolyard fight

    But underneath it all
    Behind the flak
    Of noisy guns
    Little brother, listen
    To the gasps between my cheesy lines
    To the hollow echo when the music and the fighting's done
    Listen, and I'll whisper it.

    I'm just a shadow, little prodigal
    I'm just your shady guardian angel
    I'm fake, it's true
    I only know myself
    When I'm protecting you.