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The Destroyer 1.03 Conflicts Arise

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  • The Destroyer 1.03 Conflicts Arise

    1.03- Conflicts Arise


    The camera opens up on the front door to the Hyperion opens up to reveal Connor, Sofia, and Marty walking in. All three of them have tattered clothes and are in massive amounts of pain.

    Connor: Well that is the last time we go up against a demon that huge without Casey.

    Sofia scowls and walks to the weapons cabinet.

    Marty: Well I have a question where is our fearless watcher and Warlock?

    Sofia: Well Gregory went to the council and Casey is out somewhere doing god knows what.

    Connor walks to the stairs

    Connor: Well I’m going to bed because I have a class in the morning and so does Marty if I am not mistaken.

    Marty looks at Connor and rolls his eyes

    Marty: Good night Riley.

    Connor Walks up the stairs and heads towards his room he goes in and shuts the door. Connor takes off his shirt and pants and gets in his bed. He closes his eyes and goes to sleep.

    Dream Sequence
    Connor is laying in his be. When there is a knock at the door. He gets p and goes to the door to see Cordelia standing there. She pushes him back and he falls onto the bed. Soon Cordy gets on top of Connor and takes off her night gown and starts making love to Connor. While the two of them are shagging Connor looks over and sees Darla standing next to the bed. He looks shocked and confused. Darla smiles.

    Darla: It’s okay Connor you are still my little boy.

    Voice O.S.: Yes you will always be my boy Steven.

    Out of the shadows walks Holtz. Connor pushes Cordelia off of him and he looks at all three of them. Cordelia gets off the floor and is wearing the outfit from the episode You’re Welcome.

    Connor: What are you all doing here?
    Cordelia, Darla, and Holtz: We care about you Connor we are only trying to help you.

    Soon Cordy goes back to getting on top of Connor and they go back to making love as Darla and Holtz disappear from the room.

    Dream Sequence ends

    Connor sits up quickly breathing heavily. He looks around and he doesn’t see Cordy or Holtz or Darla. But when he looks down he sees the night gown Cordy was wearing on the floor. He picks it up and looks confused.

    End of teaser

    Opening Credits:
    Vincent Kartheiser as Connor Riley Angel
    Ernest Waddell as Marty Jackson
    Thomas Dekker as Casey Parker
    Emily Browning as Sofia Romero
    Bradley Cooper as Gregory Pierce

    Guest Stars:
    Romola Garai as Clarice
    Adam Brody as Gord Siegel
    Rachael Leigh Cook as Tracy Morgan
    Milo Ventimiglia as Jody Ashton

    Special Guest Stars:
    Charisma Carpenter as Cordelia Chase
    Julie Benz as Darla
    Keith Szarabajka as Daniel Holtz
    Nicholas Brendon as Xander Harris

    Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters from Buffy or Angel. i do however own the characters who were not seen or mentioned on the shows
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    Act 1

    We open up on Casey’s room. The camera pans around to show books and other various items all over the floor. The camera pans up to the bed to see Casey in his bed with a familiar face. They both are in boxers and t-shirts. Casey stirs and starts to wake up. He sits up and looks back down at the bed to see the guy laying there with his eyes closed. Casey gets out of the bed and grabs his clothes and leaves the room. He walks down the hall and bumps into Marty.

    Marty: Where’s the fire?

    Casey: No fire. I just really need to get to the bathroom.

    Marty looks behind Casey to see the same person that was lying in Casey’s bed coming out of his room. He smiles and looks at Casey. Casey just blushes and looks at his feet.
    The guy comes strolling up to them and puts an arm around Casey and smiles. Marty chuckles.

    Marty: So who are you?

    Casey: Marty this is Xander Harris. He works with Buffy and the rest of them at the council.

    Marty shakes Xander’s hand

    Xander: Yeah I work at the council. Though I needed a break from the life at the council so I stopped by hear in LA last night and visited my good friend Casey.

    Marty: Oh. So how long have you guys been…..?

    Casey and Xander look at each other and laugh. Marty looks at them both confused

    Casey: we aren’t dating. He had no place to sleep so I decided he stay in my room so he doesn’t get lost in this maze of a hotel.

    Xander: Yeah and besides I was sent by the council anyways since you guys are short a watcher.

    Xander moves away from Casey and walks toward the bathroom.

    Xander: Now if you will excuse me I have to shower and pee.

    With that Xander shuts the door. Cut to the lobby of the Hyperion. Sofia and Casey walk out the front door of the hotel to head to school while Xander, Marty and Connor are sitting in the lobby looking at the night gown Connor had from before.

    Marty: Are you sure this wasn’t in your room to begin with?

    Connor: I’m sure. Besides I didn’t have anybody in my room last night besides myself.

    Xander: Well how were you sure it was Cordy’s?

    Connor looks sullen and looks down at his feet.

    Connor: It has her scent.

    Xander and Marty look sullen as well.

    Marty stands and starts picking up texts. Xander and Connor follow as well. They start sitting at the counter looking through the texts.

    Marty: (not looking up) so Xander how did you meet Casey?

    Connor looks up from his book and looks at Xander. Xander sighs and put his “Mmm Hamburgers” grin on.

    Xander: Well we both met a while ago. See it happened like this…..

    The caption on the screen reads August 2003. We see a giant building. The camera pans inside to show it’s the Slayer’s Council. The camera moves along and pans around inside a giant room. There is a giant table in the middle of the room and there are chairs around that table. In the chairs sit Xander, Willow, and Giles.

    Giles: Well we got our base of operations up and running. So let’s locate the slayers.

    Willow: Well I have the coven working on it. They will look and scour the world for the new slayers but….

    Xander: But what Will?

    Willow: Well there is one thing. How are we supposed to go to there exact locations when it’s just you, me, Giles, Buffy, Robin, Faith, Dawn and the others?

    Voice O.S.: Maybe I can help.

    Willow, Giles and Xander look to the door to see Casey standing there. He walks over to the table and sets down his backpack. Giles and Willow look at each other. Xander smiles.

    Willow: Who are you?

    Casey: Well the coven sent me to assist you in your mission to gather the slayers from around the world.

    Giles: Well how did you get here? The coven’s in Devon and we are in Oxford?

    Casey just smiles. He walks over to Xander and puts his hand over Xander’s eye patch and it starts to glow. Casey takes it off Xander’s face. Willow and Giles are shocked that Xander has a new eye.

    Casey: Trust me. I’m one of the good guys.

    Flashback ends.

    We cut back to the Hyperion Lobby where Connor and Marty are sitting there shocked by Xander’s story and Xander is looking at the two of them with confusion.

    Xander: What?

    Cut to LA high school. The camera pans around to show that the school is a buzz with students. The camera pans to show Sofia and Casey talking to Gord and another guy. The guy has short black hair that is flat. He is wearing a black shirt and blue jeans he is talking to Casey.

    Casey: So….Jody. What’s up?

    Jody: Nothing. I’ve just been really bored. So sexy….how about I come over to your place and we finish this homework.

    Casey gulps and looks down while blushing. Sofia and Gord stop talking to look over to see the conversation and they start smiling.

    Casey: Okay. That will work. Besides I want you to meet someone.

    Jody gets a look of shock

    Casey: (off Jody’s look) oh waits that’s not what I meant

    Jody: Never mind. See you later.

    With that Jody walks away and Gord says goodbye to the two and walks away. Casey looks down at the ground and a tear slides down his face. Sofia walks over to him and puts an arm around him.

    Cut to the Hyperion. The guys are still researching and look exhausted. Xander is still reading a text and keeps dosing off while Marty is meditating and Connor is looking at a picture of Cordelia his dad left. He gets up and is about to walk up the stairs when the front door opens and a girl with brown hair wearing a blue blouse and black jeans with black high heels walks through the door. Connor looks over and drops the picture. Marty gets up and Xander looks over. The girl smiles.

    Girl: What I don’t get a hello.

    Connor gulps and frowns.

    Connor: Hello Tracy

    Fade to black-End of Act 1
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      Act 2

      We open up on Sofia and Casey as they are in there class. Sofia is sitting down opposite Casey and writing notes while he is looking out the window. Soon the bell rings and the two get up and leave the class. Casey and Sofia are walking back to the Hyperion when they notice a wild polgara running in the streets. Casey and Sofia look at each other and run towards the demon. Sofia punches the demon and gives an uppercut. The demon swats her two the ground. Casey kicks the demon in the stomach and punches him. The demon pushes Casey back and he hits a wall. Sofia gets up and kicks the demon then flips over it and shoves her fist through its chest. The demon falls over and dies. Sofia grabs Casey and picks him up and starts to run.

      Cut to the Hyperion Connor is standing next to Marty and Xander looking at Tracy. Tracy has a grin on her face that slowly starts to fade. She sits down in a chair and looks at Connor.

      Tracy: So….Marty how have you been?

      Marty: I have been good. What about you?

      Tracy smiles

      Tracy: Well I’m starting up here at UCLA. Isn’t that great?

      Marty and Connor look at each other and frown. Tracy notices the look and frowns herself.

      Tracy: What are those looks for?

      Connor: You shouldn’t be here. It’s too dangerous.

      Tracy: Why because of the vampires and demons in the city? I think I can handle myself.

      Xander: How do you know about….?

      Tracy: Connor told me a couple of months ago. (Looks to Connor) but of course he thought I would forget about it

      Connor looks guilty and starts turning towards the stairs. He goes to the stairs and climbs up them and walks to his room. Tracy looks after him concerned. She sees the picture that is on the floor and sees the woman on it.

      Tracy: Hey who is this?

      Xander takes the picture and looks down.

      Xander: That’s Cordy. She…..used to work with Angel and Connor.

      Tracy: Oh okay. So need any help researching?

      Marty: Well….

      Just then front door opens and Casey and Sofia come through it. They are both limping and come over to the couch out of breath. They look up and see Tracy standing there and Xander and Marty looking scared.

      Sofia: Don’t worry we’re both fine. (Looks at Tracy) Besides we have a demonstration to work on.

      Xander: Oh she knows already. (Points at Tracy) That’s Connor’s ex.

      Marty: This is Tracy. Don’t worry she will make a good addition to the team.

      Sofia looks at her and smiles

      Sofia: Okay. (Looks at Casey) are you okay?

      Casey: I’m fine. Just don’t worry about it.

      With that Casey walks up the stairs to his room and slams his door. Xander looks after him and follows. Sofia looks at Marty and Tracy and walks to the counter and starts looking through the texts.

      Cut to Casey’s room. He is laying on his bed with the radio blasted up loud drowning out all the noise. You pan around to see Xander standing in the room. He reaches out and turns off the radio. Casey sits up and turns around to see Xander. He looks down and lays back down again.

      Xander: Okay. That look has got to mean something here.

      Casey: Yeah it does. What do you want?

      Xander sighs and goes to sit on the bed with Casey.

      Xander: Well I just wanted to say that maybe when you’re done sulking we can go watch cartoons.

      Casey looks at Xander and glares.

      Xander: Okay not the best joke. Look I am your friend tell me what’s wrong.

      Casey: Well it’s this guy Jody. He is really sweet and nice. He was supposed to be here today but….

      Xander: But what?

      Casey sits up and looks Xander in the eyes.

      Casey: I told him I wanted him to meet you he freaked out and left. Now I don’t know what to do.

      Xander: Wow that’s a first time a guy gets jealous of the ol’ Xand man.

      Casey: Xander this is serious.

      Xander takes Casey’s hands and smiles

      Xander: Yeah I know its serious but first off. You don’t need to beat yourself up over this guy. He isn’t worth the pain. Second if he likes you trust me he will come running back to you and apologize to you.

      Casey: Really?

      Xander: Really. Besides you have me if things get ugly.

      Casey smiles and gives Xander a hug.

      Casey: God how do you do it?

      Xander releases Casey and stares into his eyes

      Xander: Do what?

      Casey: Make me feel better. I mean nobody has ever made me feel better ever.

      Xander: (laughs) well I guess I’m doing my job then if you are really happy.

      Xander takes Casey by the hand and helps him up.

      Xander: Come on we have boring old research to do.

      Casey smiles and follows Xander out of the room.

      Cut to Connor in his room sitting on the bed mopping. He gets up off his bed and starts walking to the door when he sniffs something and turns around to see Cordelia sitting on his bed. She is smiling. Connor looks at her shock.

      Connor: How….?

      Cordelia: (gets off the bed) It doesn’t matter. What matters it that we deal with this little problem.

      Connor looks at her weird and sees the dagger in her hand. She stabs him with it and he gasps and hits the floor. She crouches down next to him and looks at him and smiles.

      Cordelia: I told you Connor. You are a very special boy you just don’t know how special you are.

      She pulls the knife out of him and as she stands up she turns into Darla. Darla walks around Connor and smirks.

      Darla: Well my sweet boy. I’m shocked that I found you in this compromising situation. (Kneels down) I stabbed you and yet you look at me like I’m trying to kill you. As I said before you are very special to my plans so they can reach fruition. But I can’t have your pesky friends to get in the middle of plans. (Looks at Connor’s wound) Well…..they will have enough to deal with and I really hope that you survive long enough to see the end.

      With that Darla turns and sprouts wings from her back and flies out Connor’s window. Xander and Casey walk to the bottom step when they hear a crash and head up the stairs to Connor’s room. They bust through the door to see Connor bleeding on the floor and the window busted open. The camera pans to show the two looking horror.

      Fade to Black-End of Act 2
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        Act 3

        We open up to Xander and Casey bringing Connor down the stairs. The rest of the gang looks up to see Connor’s bloody body. Tracy puts a hand over her mouth while Sofia puts her in Marty’s shoulder and he holds her. Xander sets the body down on the couch while Casey sits next to it.

        Tracy: (crying) what happened?

        Casey: We don’t know. We found him like this.

        Sofia looks back.

        Sofia: Wait Casey….can’t you heal him?

        Casey looks at her then at Connor. He sighs

        Casey: I can. It’s just that I might go over the edge. You know black eyes and hair. Maybe some vein’s popping up.

        Marty and Xander: I don’t think so Case.

        Everybody looks at Marty and Xander. They both shrug and stared at Casey.

        Casey: I have to. So you guys are going to have to brace yourselves.

        Casey puts his hand over Connor’s wound and closes eyes and concentrates. His eyes open and they are jet black.

        Casey: Resarcio

        Soon Casey’s hand starts to glow and the wound starts to close. Soon the wound is completely closed and Casey drops onto the floor severely weakened while Connor opens his eyes and sits up. He looks down to see the blood on his shirt and then looks down to see Casey passed out on the ground. Connor jumps off the couch and checks Casey and sees that he is okay. Xander moves passed Connor and picks up Casey and puts him on the couch. Xander then turns and walks over to the weapons cabinet and pulls out a sword.

        Xander: (off the others looks) what?

        Sofia: Where are you going?

        Xander: Where do you think? After that thing that attacked Connor.

        Connor: No you can’t.

        Xander: And why the hell not?

        Connor: Because it was Cordelia.

        Xander drops the sword and looks down. Marty and Sofia look confused. Tracy bits her lip and kneels down to Casey’s level.

        Connor: Look it was Cordelia who stabbed me. Then she turned into Darla. I guess whatever the hell that thing was had me when it turned into Cordy and wanted to finish me off as Darla.

        Tracy: Well can’t we just track it?

        Marty: No. Casey is the only one who knows how to do a locator spell. Plus we don’t know what to look for.

        Sofia goes to the counter and picks up the nightgown.

        Sofia: I know where to start.

        Cut to the hellmouth. Clarice is standing next to it and looking down on it. The First who is posed as Darla again is standing with her arms folded.

        Darla/ The First: God what the hell is taking your assassin so long to get here?

        Clarice: Well it does have to complete its mission with that dagger you gave it. Besides the Destroyer won’t be able to stop us.

        The First scoffs and walks around the hellmouth until the assassin come crashing in through a window. Clarice looks annoyed while The First just scoffs and walks up to the demon. The demon has now changed shape and is gray all over with clawed feet and hands. He gets up and throws the dagger to Clarice at her feet. She picks it up and sees the blood.

        Clarice: So is this really the blood of the Destroyer?

        The Demon: Of course. I posed as his dead mother and as his dead girlfriend.

        Clarice: Well that’s good. So were you followed here?

        Demon: No I wasn’t followed her why would I be follow-

        Before the demon could say anything he falls over and we see an ax sticking out from his back and the camera pans around to show Connor and the gang standing at the entrance to the basement.

        Connor: So can I join the fun or is this a secluded party.

        Clarice: No. Come play Destroyer the fun is about to begin. Kill them.

        Then a bunch of vamps pop up out of various places all holding weapons and start surrounding the gang.

        Marty: So do we have a plan?

        Xander: We don’t die

        Sofia: Okay that plan sounds about accurate. But can you be more specific

        Tracy: Well we could kick ass and leave here happy. (To Connor) What do you think Connor?

        Connor smirks and pulls out a stake.

        Connor: Personally I want to take out Clarice. Let’s go to work.

        Connor swings his fist out.

        Fade to black- End of Act 3
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          Act 4

          We open up back on Connor's fist connecting with a vamps face. He elbows another one and flips one over him. He plunges the stake down and stakes the vamp. He stands up and flips over 3 vamps and kicks Clarice in the face. Cut to Xander who is swinging his sword and decapitates two vamps. He kicks one but gets backhanded by another. Xander drops his sword and tries to get it but gets thrown into a wall. The two vampires advance on him but stop when they see two arrows sticking out of there chests.

          Both Vamps: Oh sh-

          They then dust. The camera pans to show Tracy with Xander's sword in one hand and her crossbow in another. He smiles and gets up. Tracy hands Xander the sword and they both run back into the fighting. Sofia and Marty are fighting back to back. Marty jump kicks two vamps then stakes them both. Sofia cartwheels and kicks a vamp into a piece of wood protruding out and it dusts. Connor and Clarice are fighting to a stand still. Connor punches her but Clarice grabs his fist and throws him into Marty and Xander. Sofia charges her and kicks her. She then tries to swing her sword at her but Clarice catches it and throws her into Tracy and they both hit a wall. Connor gets up and kicks her in the jaw and then punches her. He sees the dagger in her hand and kicks it out of her hand and punches her into a bunch of boxes. Connor picks up the dagger and runs to Sofia and Tracy and grabs them and runs with Xander and Marty right behind them.

          Cut to the Hyperion. Its morning and the gang are in the lobby with a sleeping Casey on the couch. Connor is holding the dagger in his hands and looks at it. Marty walks over and looks at it.

          Marty: So what type of dagger is it?

          Connor looks it over and shrugs.

          Tracy: Maybe it's a magic dagger that is supposed to activate the hellmouth.

          Connor: I guess. Well what ever it does Clarice doesn't have it anymore and that's all good.

          Xander: So?.go team?

          Sofia: Yeah I guess it is go-

          She stops abruptly to see the front door open and in walks Gregory. He looks a bit flustered and shocked to see everyone. The gang jump up to give Gregory hugs while Casey finally wakes up. He sits up and see's Gregory looking in his direction. He smiles and goes to Gregory and gives him a hug. Gregory pry's his way from the others and walks to Connor.

          Connor: So how was your trip?

          Gregory: Resourceful. How where you guys in my absence?

          Connor looks at the others and smiles

          Connor: Oh?.well we were just fine.

          Gregory: Yeah well I'm happy to be home to my family.

          Connor looks up and smiles.

          Connor: Yeah it is good to be home to family.

          Cut to LA High School where Casey is talking to Sofia when Jody walks up to him and taps him on the shoulder.

          Jody: Hey can we talk?

          Casey turns and nods. They both walk away from Sofia and stop near a tree. Sofia is watching with interest.

          Casey and Jody: Look I'm sorry.

          They both look up at each other. They both laugh. Meanwhile Gord has joined Sofia in watching them and they both smile.

          Jody: Look maybe I shouldn't have reacted the way I did. I must have looked like a big joke.

          Casey: (smiling) No you are just a guy who wants his boy.

          Jody smiles. He reaches out and grabs Casey's hands.

          Jody: So do you forgive me?

          Casey: Yes I do.
          Jody: So I guess this makes us boyfriends. Huh.

          Casey: (smiling) Yeah I guess it does. So is there something you're forgetting?

          Jody: Oh yeah I am come here.

          Jody pulls Casey to him and kisses him passionately and the camera pans out to show them still kissing.

          Fade to black- End of Act 4
          End of Episode