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    Title: Someone Special
    Description: "A simple tale of boy meets Sunnydale" Set just prior to BTVS season 1
    Disclamer:I have no rights whatsoever on anything Joss & co came up with first
    Feedback: Yes puhleeease!

    Even the moon seemed to smile down on Simon as they made their way back from The Bronze and it was all he could do stop himself from grinning right back up at it.

    It had been a wonderful night, a night like no other he had ever had and right now he felt like the happiest guy in the whole wide world.

    Beside him walked the reason for his euphoria, humming softly to herself in an easy, unselfconscious way.

    She was a slight girl and stood perhaps 5.3 or 5.4 at most (in fact the heels might even add a little) but then he had always liked them petite. Her hair was a wonderfully pale blonde cut into a bob that framed her delicate, pale features perfectly and her eyes deep pools of the lightest brown that seemed to sparkle with a kind of secret amusement.

    Becoming conscious of his scrutiny she looked up at him and favoured him with a slight, sardonic smile. Simon smiled back down at her and, as he shyly reached for her hand, they continued on into the night.

    It was strange to think that if it wasn't for Jack he would never have been in The Bronze tonight. "You'll never meet someone special just hanging round here, bro" he had told him "if you want to meet girls you've got to go where they go". He was right of course but as usual Jack had come up with an idea that Simon would never even have considered.

    Simon had never been a cool kid, had never even aspired to it. He was the sort of quiet, self contained guy that even the geeks and misfits ignored. To the jocks and the in crowd he probably wasn't even a blip on the radar. None of that had ever mattered to him though. He was happy enough as long as he had his books, his solitude and his imagination; he didn't need anything else, or at least that's what he had thought.

    Meeting Jack had been a revelation.

    It had been in a local comic book store that the two had first fallen into conversation, comparing prized purchases and long dreamed of additions to their collections.

    Even though on the face of it they couldn't be more different, Simon, shy and introverted; Jack, brash and somewhat crude; Jack had somehow recognised something in the younger man that was reflected in himself and had declared right there and then his intention to take him under his wing.

    Since that night the two had become fast friends; sometimes seeming almost inseparable and Jacks influence had given him a new confidence, a new desire to experience the world. Knowing Jack had changed Simon.

    Even with that new found confidence tonight had been hard on his nerves though.

    The Bronze was completely unfamiliar territory to Simon and he had taken quite some time in the dark street outside before steeling himself sufficiently to even approach the door, the intimidating doorman not helping with his all too knowing grin.

    He had made it inside though and he remembered the sense of slight disappointment at how much smaller and plainer it had been compared to the pictures his mind had painted.

    The d?cor was basic at best with industrial touches and furniture that wouldn't look out of place in a college rec room.

    It was also far too crowded for him, people jostled about; chatting in loose groups; spinning off like stray comets from one to another as they spotted someone else they knew.

    It had been to meet girls that he had come here though and girls there were aplenty. Short girls, tall girls, blondes, brunettes and even one shy looking redhead sitting uncomfortably at the bar nursing her drink, watching the door as if waiting for someone who should already be there.

    He had recognised some of the faces from Sunnydale High of course and he could even put a name to a few, like Cordelia Chase and her pack of sycophantic gigglers, others were total strangers though and looked to him to be a little older than the rest of the milling throng.

    It was as Simon was scanning the crowded club that he had spotted her for the first time, sitting alone at a small table, and it was if the spot lights had picked her out especially for him.

    The crowd disappeared, the noise of their conversation faded and blurred into the music, everything stilled. If he could have taken that single moment and frozen it he would have lived there for eternity, just drinking in that first sight of her.

    Then she had raised her eyes, their gazes met; and he knew, just knew that she was the one. He had found that special someone.

    How he had managed the distance between them he didn't know, what he had first said to her he had no idea. All he remembered was the growing feeling of awkwardness trying to take over his body. His throat dry, his palms wet with sweat, his mind running though a thousand embarrassments.

    His shirt was too tight, his jeans too neat, his hair was just plain laughable. Panic had gripped him and it had been all he could do not to turn and run. Yet somehow he hadn't. Somehow they had struck up a conversation, he had sat down alongside her, she had laughed at his feeble jokes, they had shared drinks and it had all been so natural, so easy.

    This was another new experience for Simon it had never, even in his wildest dreams, been easy to talk to a girl, especially a girl like this who seemed so at home here, so sure of herself Yet here he was getting dry knowing smiles and coy looks from underneath long dark lashes in response to his desperate attempts to fascinate and amuse.

    Coming out of his reverie he realised that she had just spoken to him "Sorry" he apologised "I was miles away"

    "Miles away huh" she drawled, flashing him that half smile again "what's wrong don't you want to be here with me?"

    She was only teasing he knew but he still hesitated to reply, feeling the embarrassment rise once more within him. She spotted his discomfort and let out a small laugh.

    "I was saying it's getting late dreamer, we're gonna have to hurry if you want to get me home before I turn into a pumpkin or something" They had stopped walking and she now leant casually against the black railings that bordered the sidewalk.

    Simon glanced up at the night sky where the stars twinkled joyously. If he was honest he never wanted this night to end.

    "Well in that case I guess we'd better hurry" he replied trying to sound as confident as her.

    She cocked her head slightly, dangerous amusement still twinkling in her eyes "Or we could take a shortcut through here" She said in a quiet voice that carried hint of challenge. With her head she indicated the enclosed space behind her.

    "But erm, isn't that the graveyard?" Simon asked trying with difficulty to keep the tremor from his voice

    She pushed away from the railings coming close enough for Simon to catch the scent of her perfume. "You're not scared are you?" She whispered through a smile, her eyes gently mocking.

    "No!" he said hurriedly "I'm just worried about you"

    "Oh trust me, I'm old enough and bad enough to look after myself" she said. Then leaning up towards him, she kissed him and was away.

    He quickly followed her as she rounded the entrance to the graveyard, desperate to catch her up before she got too far.

    He saw her rounding a small tomb just ahead, the plaid of her skirt an easily recognizable splash of colour in the bleak surroundings.

    Simon had never liked the idea of graveyards, of so much death, so much finality, all concentrated in one place. The spectre of it hung over every single edifice; it permeated the air, clinging to the few mournful trees that dotted the grounds.

    He looked ahead and saw her just as she rounded an imposing mausoleum. She covered the ground quickly, surely, as if she made the journey every day.

    He almost cried out for her to stop but something about his surroundings stopped the sound in his throat. Then, as he reached the tombs corner, he saw that his words would not have been needed.

    She had stopped on the grass before what looked like a recently dug grave. Her back turned to him, her head bowed, apparently studying the headstones inscription intently. He could tell by her stillness that this grave meant something to her

    "Someone you knew?" he asked softly moving up behind her.

    "Briefly" she replied, not turning, her attention focused on the sombre mound before her.

    Simon moved a little closer, he felt an urge to put his arms around her, to offer her comfort but he was still too wary, too nervous.

    "But that's all that life is really isn't it?" She said "People moving briefly in and out of each others lives, relying on each other to find some shelter from it all, just wanting to find someone to share their joy and their grief and their stupid human pain"

    There was a hard, bitter edge to her words, and something more, a quality he had not heard before.

    "Sometimes, you know, I look at people, and I actually pity them" she continued staring straight ahead "they think they're so aware, so alive but they don't know what there lives mean, they don't know what they're for. Its like they're alive but they don't know how to live.

    He face was a mystery, shaded as it was by her short hair but he could not help but see how the muscles at the side of her neck tightened and how her hands curled at her side. He wanted to tell her that it was alright, that he was here for her but stunned by the passion in her sudden outburst all he could do was stare at her

    "I never knew" he said at last in a low, hesitant voice, choosing his words carefully "I used to dream that my life had purpose, that I could find something, somebody to devote it to."

    He was right behind her now so close that he could almost feel the buzzing tension in her shoulders.

    "I used to think that it would never happen, that I would drift on, day after endless day, without ever really knowing what life was. Then a friend helped me, showed me how different it could be, how I could stop waiting for things to happen to me and go out and make them happen. He showed me the value of life"

    "And now you want to show me?" She asked with wry amusement, her voice sounding strangely harsh.

    "From the moment I saw you" he replied simply

    She gave a small derisive snort

    "I know it sound stupid" he admitted reaching tentatively for her "but it's like I've always been waiting for you, always needed you and now I want to share forever with you"

    He was touching her now his hand restting lightly on her shoulder, his index finger lightly stroking her hair; her own hand came up and covered his.

    "Forever?" she asked.

    "Forever" he replied; and gently, tenderly, he turned her towards him, holding her in a loving embrace as his fangs sank deep into her throat.

    ~THE END~

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