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The Slayer Years - 1.03 "There's No 'I' In Team"

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  • The Slayer Years - 1.03 "There's No 'I' In Team"

    The Slayer Years
    A whole new playground... A whole new destiny


    FADE IN-


    SPOTLIGHT ON SPIKE and DREW standing under a great oak tree. The vampire is dressed in black leather pants and a black shirt. And the Watcher is wearing jeans and a black shirt.

    DREW: "How do you think they're doing?"

    ZOOMING OUT to reveal three young girls fighting against two vampires. The first girl [a petite redhead in a black outfit] dodges a blow and tackles one of the vampires. The second one [a tall slender raven haired in jeans and a blue shirt] hold the other in a tight grip while the third girl [a curvy brunette in jeans and grey blouse] pummels on his face.

    RAVEN HAIRED GIRL: "Stake him, Maya!"

    Maya: "Then hold him still, Milla!"

    ANGLE on the two of them as MILLA takes a stronger hold on the struggling demon and MAYA whips out a take ? which she drives into the vampire's heart. As the dust settles they look over at their sister slayer who's still rolling around on the ground with her opponent.

    MAYA: "Need any help, Chloe?!"

    CHLOE: [muffled] "Kind'a."

    The CAMERA FOLLOWS the two girls as they run over to their friend and joins in on the fight against the remaining demon.
    Then PANNING OUT and FOCUSING on Spike and Drew as they stare at the spot where the girls are struggling with the vampire.

    MILLA: "Grab his legs!"

    MAYA: "I got him!"

    CHLOE: "Who has a stake?"

    MILLA: "Watch it!"

    CHLOE: "Owww!"


    A CLOSE UP on Spike's expression. He looks positively amazed.

    SPIKE: "I'm strongly suspicious that we're dealing with fools."



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      ACT ONE

      FADE IN-


      A CIRCULAR SHOT of the room to reveal FRED standing in front of the table, eying the group sitting behind it. There's DREW, RAINE, SPIKE, LILY ROSENBERG and RIVER.

      SPIKE: [to Raine] "You seem unhappy. I like that."

      RAINE: "Well, what did you expect? I hate meetings!"

      DREW: "'s not like you're the only one. I was supposed to be playing golf now!"

      RAINE: [sarcastically] "Oh, my God; I care so little, I almost passed out."

      FRED: "Ahem."

      RAINE: "This place sucks - and not in a good way."

      SPIKE: "Totally agree."

      FRED: "Ahem."

      DREW: "It's a perfect day for golf?"

      RAINE: "Oh, shut up about the golf, will ya?!"

      FRED: "Ahem!!"

      DREW: [focusing on Fred] "Can I get you a glass of water? Or antibiotics?"

      ANGLE on Fred as she rolls her eyes.

      FRED: [patiently] "Do any of you have the slightest idea why you're here?"

      RAINE: [furrowed brow] "I thought it was a meeting about some new threat."

      DREW: "No, Raine. I think it was about the itinerary."

      RAINE: [frown] "What the hell do we have to do with that?"

      LILY: "Wasn't it something regarding magic?"

      SPIKE: [snort] "None of the above you nitwits."

      DREW: "Hey!!"

      FRED: "Ahem."

      RAINE: "Who're you calling a nitwit, you?"

      [Incoherent bickering]

      FRED: [harsh voice] "Shut the **** up!"


      WIDE SHOT of the room as all heads turn in unison to look at Fred ? each and one of them with different degrees of shock and awe.

      FRED: [deep breath] "This is why I asked for this meeting; you don't function as a team." [hard glare] "None of you do." [beat] "And that's gotta change."

      SPIKE: "How?"

      FRED: "You have to work things out."


      SPIKE: [raised eyebrow] "This isn't like Mad Max; we do not enter a cage and fight it out."

      RAINE: [grinning] "Sounds dandy to me."

      FRED: [sighing] "Now listen: I need you to find away to get along." [beat] "And while you're at it you should also know that there's an unclassified demon running around L.A setting people on fire."

      ANGLE on River as she blows out her breath.

      RIVER: "Hot, hot, hot."

      [Spike rolls his eyes]

      DREW: "Back to the being able to get along? Do we really have to?"

      FRED: "Yes."

      RAINE: "I think this is the stupidest idea since? I don't know? the Council voted Drew senior Watcher."

      SPIKE: "Ah, don't know about that. Their worst mistake was assigning you as senior Slayer."

      [Raine grits her teeth]

      RAINE: "That demon that goes around and incinerates people... Maybe Spike can kill it."

      SPIKE: "Oh, maybe I can kill it! Place the pressure squarely on my shoulders for a change!"

      FRED: [patiently] "You will all work as a team and take out the demon together."

      SPIKE: "And how do we know which the right demon is? Or should we just kill every demon at sight?"

      RAINE: [incredibly] "That is the stupidest plan I have ever heard."

      SPIKE: [shrugging] "I don't know, killing a bunch of demons always seems like a good idea to me."

      RAINE: "But then again; you're pretty stupid."

      SPIKE: [sneer] "Look who's talking."

      RAINE: [cold glare] "Bastard."

      SPIKE: "Trollop."

      RAINE: "Pighead."

      SPIKE: "Bit?"

      FRED: "Argh!!" [stomping her foot] "Stop it right now!! You're acting like two spoiled children. I mean seriously!!"

      FOCUS on Fred as she throws her hands up in the air ? before she heads for the door.

      SPIKE: [under his breath] "And there she goes?"

      DREW: [furrowed brow] "I don't like to see her upset."

      SPIKE: [snickering] "If I was you, I'd invest in blindfolds."

      RAINE: "Hey, Fred, wait for me!!"

      [Raine runs after the scientist.]

      ANGLE on the door as it closes behind the two girls.

      FADE OUT-

      FADE IN-


      A WIDE SHOT of the room as FRED walks in. The young woman is dressed in jeans and a red tank top. Her long hair is pulled back into a tight ponytail.
      She heads for a locked cabinet and when she opens the door we can see that it contains a variety of jars and syringes. Undoubtedly the ?cure' for her ?schizophrenic' condition.

      SPIKE: [o.c] "'m sorry."

      SPIKE appears in front of the CAMERA ? clothed in black cargos and a black shirt. Looking mouth-watering to say the least.

      FRED: "For what?"

      SPIKE: "For the whole scenario back there. At the meeting." [beat] "It upset you, dinnit?"

      FRED: [choosing a syringe] "You know it did."

      SPIKE: [inching closer] "How are you?"

      FRED: [injecting herself] "As good as I can be."


      SPIKE: [carefully] "Is she??"

      ANGLE on Fred as she turns around to look at him with a solemn expression.

      FRED: "She's under control. For now."

      SPIKE: "Oh."

      FRED: [hushed voice] "I am sorry."

      SPIKE: "For what?"

      FRED: [silently] "I know what she means to you." [beat] "You loved her." [beat] "And in your eyes I'm the one who killed her."


      SPIKE: [deep breath] "God, no. No, Fred. I don't blame you." [eyes downcast] "If there's someone to blame it would rightfully be me." [meeting her gaze] "I wasn't enough to save you." [beat] "You died and there was nothing that I could do?"

      FRED: [tears in her eyes] "I never blamed you. Not once. You did everything in your power to save me. That's all that matters."

      A CLOSE UP on the distraught expression in Spike's face.

      FADE OUT-


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        ACT TWO

        FADE IN-


        River is lying underneath the couch Spike is currently lying on. He apparently hasn't noticed her. Her eyes are wide and she is staring around the room, as though watching for some approaching predator. CLOSE UP of River's face.

        RIVER: "Somewhere? somewhere, someone's burning."

        TILTED MEDIUM-RANGE SHOT of Spike, mumbling in his sleep and turning over.

        RIVER: "Burning?"

        [The elevator ?ding's.]

        RIVER: "Wei, Winifred?"

        The elevator doors open, revealing Fred, just as River said. She looks around the room, carrying a small box. She walks slowly, looking for someone, and sees Spike on the couch. She looks biter sweetly at him, her hand moving slightly as though she would touch his face, but she doesn't do anything. Fred shakes her head and turns around before an idea strikes her: she kneels down on the floor and looks under the couch, seeing River.

        RIVER: [whispering angrily] "Cheat ? you're supposed to close your eyes and count to ten?"

        FRED: [quietly so as not to wake Spike] "River, you want to get better, right? You know we can barely understand you as it is?"

        RIVER: [sarcastically] "Tsway-niou? I didn't know."

        FRED: [gives her a stern look] "River, I'm just trying to help you."

        Fred opens the small box on the floor, revealing two needles, a syringe, a small vial of liquid and a bottle of small pills?

        ?River screams bloody murder. Fred jumps back, startled. Spike shouts in surprise as he is woken, River screams some more and clambers out from under the couch and runs up to the stairs where she holds onto the banister as thought for dear life.

        RIVER: "Jian ta de gui! I won't let you ? you get away from me ? you get away!"

        FRED: [standing up] "River, I jus ?"

        RIVER: "Bizue, gorram liars!"

        Spike is now standing, rubbing his head from the sudden awakening. He glares at River.

        SPIKE: "Hey, now, that's just enough right there! You don't talk to her like that ?"

        RIVER: "Tsai boo shr ? Girl just wants to stay safe! Stay away from you gorram liars!"

        SPIKE: "Girl ?"

        RIVER: "No!"

        SPIKE: "Bloody bint!"

        RIVER: "Bizue!"

        SPIKE: [to himself] "Fang-tzong feng-kwong de jieh!"

        FRED: [surprised; to Spike] "You speak Chinese?"

        SPIKE: "Only a bit ? I was ?round during the Boxer Rebellion, so I think I know a bloody bag of self-indulgent crazies if I see one."

        RIVER: [correcting Spike, still upset and frightened] "It's a knot of self-indulgent lunacy. Concept, not a person. I'm not a gorram concept ? not a

        gorram test! I'm a person! I'm a girl! And you can't just stick needles in my eyes and ask me what I see!"

        She hides her head now, pouting behind her tensed arms and legs as she's curled on the stairs. Spike and Fred just look at each other, both confused and both significantly weirded out.

        FRED: "Um? okay? no more needles. No more needles today, River, is that okay?"

        SPIKE: "Won't she be all loony without it?"

        Fred just gives him a ?are you stupid' look. Like River isn't crazy already? Spike shrugs and looks back at the girl.

        SPIKE" Wha'dya say, bit?"

        RIVER: [her face still covered] "Bit of what?"

        SPIKE: [Thrown for a loop] "Bit of? um? candy!" [looks at Fred] "Dru liked candy? girls still like candy, right?"

        FRED: "Uh, I guess?"

        SPIKE: "Good! Bit of candy, right bit?"

        He smiles and looks at River again? but she's not there. He turns to look at Fred, but River is between them now.

        RIVER: [Significantly calmer, though she's talking fast.] "Haven't had any since Osiris. Like it. Candy's good and nice and though the monosaccharides found in fruit and such are typically healthier, the parts of the brain triggered by danger or adventure or sexual behavior can occasionally be stimulated by the common disaccharides found in candy?"

        The two adults stand quiet and stunned.

        SPIKE: "?sounds like someone's been listening to "Sex and Candy"."

        RIVER: "I don't like ice planets."

        FRED: [to Spike] "Do ya think she just likes all the non-sequitur talk or ?"

        RIVER: "Not a non-sequitur. Ice planets: disaccharides implanted into fruit-flavored water, protein packages are added for texture and then they are frozen in large chambers with thread in each of the bobbins so they can hang off of a stick like a mobile of a planet in ancient earth-that-was." [Beat.] "They're cumbersome ? quite problematic to eat. I don't like ice planets."

        FRED: "So? they're like a popsicle shaped like a planet?"

        RIVER: "On a string."

        FRED: "On a? string?"

        River walks away. Fred looks at Spike, a bit more frightened of this little girl than she usually is of vampires and demons, which is odd. Spike chuckles.

        SPIKE: "I'm startin' to like her?"

        Spike walks away as well. A CLOSE UP of Fred, looking confused, dejected, and a little lonely.

        FADE OUT-

        FADE IN-


        A LONG SHOT of a group of people approaching the CAMERA. It's dark and rather difficult to make out who they are ? but we can recognize SPIKE'S voice without any trouble.

        SPIKE: [muffled] "Bloody brilliant this is; getting lost in a park."

        FRED: [muffled] "We are not lost."

        PANNING FORWARD to show us a CLOSER SHOT of the group, which consists of; Spike, FRED, RAINE, DREW and RIVER. [Spike is dressed in black jeans and a black shirt. Fred is clothed in jeans and a white shirt. Raine wears jeans and a red blouse and both Drew and River is dresses in an all black outfit.]

        FRED: "We're?" [looking around] "We're?"

        RAINE: [sighing] "You have no idea which way to go, do you?"

        FRED: "Just trying to get my bearings."

        SPIKE: "Translation: I'm lost."

        DREW: "I'm perfectly sure that Fred knows exactly where we are. After all, she's the brightest person we know- right?"

        [Drew receives a cold glare from Spike]

        DREW: "Raine, he's giving me that look again."

        RAINE: "Spike, don't. Let me get you a plate first."

        FADE OUT-

        FADE IN-


        A CLOSE SHOT of SPIKE and FRED as they walk ahead of the others- seemingly in deep conversation.

        FRED: [gingerly] "Spike, about before? I need you to understand that I don't blame you for my death. You had no role in Illyria's resurrection."


        FRED: [continuing] "I know that you tried your hardest to save me ? but it was just not meant to be." [beat] "And although Illyria took over my body I was never really gone ? like you all thought. Some part of me remained inside of her, watching everything with her eyes." [eyes downcast] "And a pert of me was actually glad that I wasn't there? when everything got wrong. When Wesley died? When Gunn went down?" [looking up] "I was relieved that I didn't have to be there as Angel went up in flames?"

        SPIKE: [hoarse voice] "Fred?"

        FRED: "No, Spike, let me finish." [meeting his gaze] "I may have been dead in your eyes ? but I'd never felt as alive as when you and Illyria became lovers."

        A TIGHT SHOT of the bewildered expression in Spike's handsome face. The vampire looks like he has no idea what to say or how to act.


        FRED: "You never told me how she managed to find you after Buffy's death."

        SPIKE: "No."

        FRED: "I must admit that it has been killing me not knowing?"

        SPIKE: [raised eyebrow] "You could have just asked."

        FRED: [thin smile] "You would have lied."

        SPIKE: "And you would have believed me. Which would have kept us both happy."

        FRED: "Spike?"

        RAINE: [in the background] "Vampires ahead!!"

        PANNING OUT into a WIDE SHOT of the park to reveal a gang of vampires approaching our team.

        FADE OUT-

        FADE IN-


        FOCUS on SPIKE as he's engaged in a close to close combat with three of the vampires. [There seem to be a lot of them]
        Spike jumps up, brings both legs into the air and wrapping them around on of the vampires neck. With a quick jerk of his legs, our blond hero, snap the neck of his opponent.

        The CAMERA stays with Spike as he brings his arms over his head to catch himself before his head hit the ground. Then tucking himself into a roll as he hits the ground, Spike stands up.

        VAMPIRE No2: "Hey, that was my cousin!"

        SPIKE: "Really? Would you like to join him?"

        VAMPIRE: "Ah, arrogance and stupidity all in the same package. How efficient of you!"

        SPIKE: [shrugging] "Well, I try."

        PANNING OUT as the two other vampires comes running towards Spike screaming a battle cry. The smallest of them reaches him first.
        Grabbing the vampire's hand, Spike spins around with his back to the attacker. He jerks the arm down and let the momentum take the stake he suddenly has produced into his attacker's stomach. And another one bites the dust?
        The third and final vampire is on Spike before he could catch his breath. His arm

        is around Spike's throat, and we see how he instantly began to tighten his grip.
        Then Spike - using his own body, flips the vampire over his shoulder, automatically causing his throat to be released. Then by digging his knee into his opponent's stomach, Spike grabs its head and with a quick twist, we hear the snap once again.

        DREW: [muffled] "Help!!"

        ANGLE on the WATCHER as he's struggling in a vampire's tight grip ? clearly distressed and in need of assistance.
        RAINE runs over to them and rips the vampire off Drew ? who gasps for air.

        RAINE: [whipping out a stake] "You know, this is not a good way to make new friends!"

        FOCUS on Raine as she prepares to strike the vampire with her stake ? only to be tackled by another before she could finish the job.

        DREW: "Oh oh?"

        VAMPIRE: [wicked grin] "Well, look at that?"

        A CLOSE UP on the demon as his face express sudden shock and then when he quickly dissolves into ashes ? to reveal Spike standing there with a stake in his hand.
        The blond vampire doesn't linger behind to make sure that Drew's safe. Instead he turns in Raine's direction and rips her opponent of her.

        VAMPIRE: [squeaking] "Please, don't kill me!"

        SPIKE: [tilting his head] "Why not?"

        VAMPIRE: [dumbfounded] "Well, uh..."

        SPIKE: "Sorry, time's up!"

        [Spike dusts the vampire]

        RAINE: [getting up on her feet] "Thanks."

        SPIKE: "You're welcome." [turning his head to the right] "Hey, look at that."

        RAINE: "What?"

        A WIDE SHOT of the scene to show us what Spike's focus is on: FRED and RIVER fighting a gang of vampires with their backs to each other. The two women look like they've been fighting together for decades; every single move carefully choreographed for optimal deadly beauty. A violent yet graceful dance that is mesmerizing and intriguing in its deceiving simplicity.

        DREW: [gaping] "Wow?"

        RAINE: "What, that?" [black stare] "That's nothing."

        DREW: "She's? They? The both of them, they're like goddesses. I've never seen?"

        SPIKE: "Close you mouth, junior, you're drooling."

        RAINE: "It's disgusting."

        ANGLE on River and Fred as River dodges a vicious blow and then brings her knee up to connect it with her opponents jaw ? making the vampire fly several

        feet away. And in the next second she spins around and executes an amazing roundhouse kick that snaps the neck of another vampire.
        At her side, Fred takes a vampire's head between her hands and effortlessly twists his head so the neck snaps.

        SPIKE: [admiringly] "They're pretty good."

        RAINE: [rolling her eyes] "Please?"

        UNKNOWN VOICE [o.c] "I have to agree with the vampire."

        PANNING OUT to reveal a HUGE demon standing behind Raine, Spike and Drew. The three of them turn around in unison.

        DEMON: "But that isn't going to stop me from incinerating you all."

        DREW: [big eyes] "Oh, shit?"

        FADE OUT-


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          ACT THREE

          FADE IN-


          A CLOSE UP on DREW’S face.

          DREW: “Oh, shit…”

          ZOOMING OUT into a WIDE SHOT of the scene as FRED and RIVER dusts the last vampires and turn around to the others.

          SPIKE: [to the demon] “You’re one ugly mother ****er.”

          [A/N: And this particular demon is really ugly; 6 feet tall, at least, and with a grey skin tone. His skin is wrinkly and it appears as if moist is dripping off from it. His feet are big and adorned with long talons – as is his fingers. The head is a part human part dragon shape story with fierily red eyes.]

          DEMON: “Thank you.”

          RIVER: [silently] “All that fire…”

          RAINE: [impassive glare] “This is so not the moment to go psycho slayer on us!”

          DEMON: “Who of you would like to die first?”

          ANGLE on the demon as it takes a step towards the group. It opens its mouth and lets out a stream of fire – that misses the team with mere inches.

          SPIKE: [charging the demon] “Take cover!”

          A WIDE SHOT as the most part of the team scatters in different directions. Only Fred seems to remain – but Drew takes a fast grip under her elbow and starts dragging her with him.

          FRED: [protesting] “We gotta wait for Spike!!”

          DREW: “No screw him!” [beat] “I mean he'll be fine.”

          FRED: “No!”

          FOCUS on Fred as she easily breaks free from Drew’s hold and turn around to the scene behind her.
          Fred POV: Spike is clinging on the huge demon’s back and hammers with his free fist on its head. The vampire has his game-face on and we can see that he actually enjoys this fight.

          RAINE: [o.c] “Always the hero, huh?”

          PANNING OUT into a WIDER SHOT to reveal that Raine has joined Fred and now stands by the brunette’s side.

          RAINE: “He should have run like the rest of us.”

          FRED: “Let’s just say we have different ways of solving problems.”

          RAINE: “Yes. You take the smart way and he takes the violent one.”

          ANGLE on Spike and the demon as Spike is pushed off his opponent with incredible force and lands on the ground several feet away.

          RAINE: [yelling] “Need any help?”

          SPIKE: “No! I’ll manage.”

          RAINE: “Always playing solo.” [to Fred] “What happens if we never will be able to work as a team?”

          FRED: “In that case we're all going to die slow, agonizing deaths.”

          RAINE: [deep breath] “Thank you, I feel so much better now.”

          Suddenly Spike comes flying and lands in a heap in front of the two women. He groans as if in pain.

          FADE OUT-

          FADE IN –


          A TIGHT SHOT of SPIKE as he groans in pain.

          RAINE: [grimacing] “That seems to hurt.”

          ZOOMING OUT as FRED reaches down a hand and drags the vampire up to his feet, a concerned expression in her face.

          FRED: “How are you?”

          SPIKE: “Look up!”

          The vampire pushes Fred out of the way just as a huge fist comes swinging down – and instead of hitting the young woman it hits Spike with incredible force and make him fly through the air.

          FOCUS on the vampire as he lands on the grass – in front of RIVER.
          The future slayer gazes down at the fallen hero with a solemn expression before she lifts her head and focus on the demon.

          RIVER: [tilting her head] “Now you die.”

          And with that she charges at the demon; slamming into him and sending him to the ground. When she has him in that position, she starts raining punches down at his face. But it only takes a moment before the demon casts her off of him with an angry roar.

          SPIKE: [getting up] “Okay… Now it’s personal!”

          DREW: “You are crazy if you think you can overpower that thing!”

          SPIKE: “Don’t worry – I know what I’m doing!”

          ANGLE on the demon as Spike comes flying through the air and tackles it. But instead of falling to the ground once again the demon remains steadily in his place.

          The blond vampire backs a few steps and then he executes a remarkable roundhouse kick that hits his opponent squarely in the jaw. This makes the head twist almost completely 180 degrees – but not enough to snap the neck, apparently, as the demon let’s out another roar and swings his fist at Spike.

          RAINE: “Watch out!”

          Spike gracefully ducks the incoming blow and sweeps out his legs to trip the now very agitated demon – which falls heavily to the ground.
          Spike bends down and drives his fist through his opponent’s chest case with amazing strength. When his hands withdraw its holding what appears to be a gem like stone.
          Below him the demon draws one final breath as it closes its eyes.

          SPIKE: “I can't believe that worked!”

          DREW: [astonished] “What? You said that you knew exactly what you were doing!”

          SPIKE: [shrugging] “I lied.”

          A WIDE SHOT of the scene as the others group around Spike and the dead demon.

          RAINE: [hands on her hips] “I could so have taken him down.”

          SPIKE: ”I never figured you as a sore loser.”

          RAINE: [sneering] ”Keep talking and I'll show you what sore really means.”

          SPIKE: ”Oh, that sounds like a threat.”

          RAINE: “I’m just saying that if you had given me a chance I would defiantly taken him down on my own.”

          SPIKE: “Oh, cry me a river!”

          [River looks strangely at him]

          RAINE: “I don’t know what that means.”

          SPIKE: [to Fred] “You know what I mean?”

          FRED: “Hardly ever.”

          [Spike shrugs]

          SPIKE: “Doesn’t matter.” [smiling] “At least I have managed to dispose of the threat this time.”

          UNKNOWN VOICE: [o.c] “And that will be the last thing you’ll ever do, vampire.”

          SPIKE: “What the hell…?”

          PANNING OUT to show us another demon – just as the previous one, looking at the team with furious eyes.

          DEMON: “You killed my mate!”

          A SHOT of the stunned faces amongst our team of heroes.

          FADE OUT-

          FADE IN-


          A SHOT of the DEMON.

          DEMON: “You killed my mate!”

          A WIDE SHOT of the scene, with FOCUS on SPIKE.

          SPIKE: [looking down at the dead demon] “Your mate?” [looking up] “Doesn’t seem to be a huge lost there.”

          DEMON: “I will kill you!”

          The demon charges forward – pushing DREW out of the way, making the young Watcher fall heavily to the ground with a cry of pain.

          FRED: “Drew!!”

          FOCUS on Spike and the demon as they engage in a battle. The demon swings a fist in the vampire’s direction but hits only air as Spike quickly ducks the incoming blow.

          RAINE: [o.c] “What are the odds that he could beat two of them in a short time?”

          ANGLE on the others as RAINE stands with her full attention towards the fight, while FRED and RIVER attends to the fallen Drew. The Watcher seems to be lucid – yet his expression talks of great pain.

          DREW: [moaning] “Kill me now.”

          FRED: “You’re gonna be fine.”

          DREW: “Fine?!” [grimacing] “I think I broke my back!!”

          RIVER: [under her breath] “Weak species.”

          [Fred’s head snaps up and she gives the other woman a shocked look]

          FRED: “What did you say?”

          RIVER: [blinking] “Nothing.”

          [Drew moans again and draws Fred’s attention]

          FRED: “How are you doing, Drew?”

          DREW: “I need medical attention.” [beat] “And a lot of morphine.” [emphasising] “A lot.”

          RAINE: [o.c] “Spike killed the other one also.”

          PANNING OUT to reveal Spike standing victorious over the twp dead bodies of the demons.

          DREW: “Now can we get medical?”

          FADE OUT-


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            ACT FOUR

            FADE IN-


            SPOTLIGHT on DREW lying safely tucked under the covers of a hospital bed.
            Then ZOOMING OUT to reveal FRED standing by the bed with a chart in her hands, wearing her lab coat.

            DREW: [jabbering] “What happened to Spike?” [wrinkled forehead] “Did he kill the beast? Did he… No, wait… He died, didn’t he?” [peeved expression] “Did the blond man die…?!”

            FRED: [calmly] “Drew…”

            DREW: “What happened with the fire?” [distant look] “All the pretty fie flies…”

            SPIKE: [entering the room] “What's he talking about?”

            FRED: [over her shoulder] “I gave him some morphine for the pain.”

            ANGLE on the young Watcher as he smiles up at Fred with a goofy expression in his pale face. Then the smiles fade away and he looks insecure once again.

            DREW: [gazing up at Fred] “Have you seen a guy around? He looks like you… except he’s a guy… And he got white hair. I think I lost him somewhere. Where did he go?”


            FRED: “I may have given him a wee bit too much.”

            A CLOSE UP as Spike raises an eyebrow.

            FADE OUT-

            FADE IN-


            A WIDE SHOT of the room to reveal FRED standing in front of a examine table, reading through some charts as RAINE carefully enters.

            FRED: [without looking up] “Hey, Raine.”

            RAINE: [frowning] “How did you know it was me?”

            FRED: “Your heartbeat.” [turning around] “Each person has a distinguished heart beat.”

            RAINE: [whistling] “Wow.”

            [Fred gives the other woman a quick smile]

            FRED: “Did you want something?”

            RAINE: “Fred…” [shaking her head] “I know how much you want all of us to work as a team… But I don’t think that’s ever gonna be possible. Just look at how we acted tonight; none of us really helped Spike.” [beat] “Well, except for River…”

            FRED: “You’re wrong, Raine.” [warm eyes] “River may have been the one that helped Spike in the fight, but the rest of us had other things to occupy us. Like Drew for example.”

            RAINE: “Yeah…” [frown] “But yet…”

            FRED: “If I for one second would have thought that Spike was in any danger I would have done anything to protect him – and you know that.”

            RAINE: [nodding] “Yeah.”


            RAINE: “There’s one more thing.”

            FRED: “What?”

            RAINE: “If I’m ever in that position that I may be turned… Don’t hesitate to kill me okay?”

            FRED: “Huh?”

            RAINE: “I don't want to be one of those things. Walking around without a soul.”

            FRED: “I wouldn’t let that happen. I’ll kill you before that happens.”

            RAINE: [smiling] “Thank you.”

            FRED: “You’re welcome.”

            FADE OUT-

            FADE IN-


            ALL LIGHTS on SPIKE as he stands in front of the mirror –starring at the empty reflection. [A/N: Spike is clothed in brown chinos and a black shirt.]

            SPIKE: [silently] “To be a team mate you need to learn how to handle other people.”

            RIVER: [o.c] “How?”

            PANNING OUT into a FULL SHOT of the scene to show us RIVER standing in the shadows at the other side of the room. [A/N: The young woman is clothes in a blue summer dress and combat boots. She makes a lovely – yet disturbing, picture with her long hair falling down to frame her face and with her eyes steadily directed at the blond vampire.]

            SPIKE: “Lay off the crazy act for starters.”

            RIVER: [frowning] “I’m not the one standing in front of a mirror and having no reflection.” [beat] “Dead have no reflections, you see. Not your kind of dead anyway…”

            SPIKE: “See!” [turning around] “Now you’re doing it again.”

            RIVER: [innocent look] “Doing what?”

            ANGLE on the patient look in Spike’s face.

            SPIKE: “Look, I get it; you see things.” [beat] “Big deal. You’re not the only one.” [distant gaze] “I have had my fair share of seers – both crazy and sane ones. And I have even met crazy slayers.”

            RIVER: [tilting her head] “Dana.”

            SPIKE: [nodding] “Yeah.”

            RIVER: “Ancestor.”

            SPIKE: “Huh?”

            RIVER: “My ancestor.” [quick smile] “Her blood floats in my veins.”


            SPIKE: [mumbling] “That explains a lot.”

            RIVER: “Would you like me to be a normal girl?”

            SPIKE: [sighing] “I don’t think you could ever be normal, River.”

            WIDE SHOT as River steps out of the shadows and inches closer to the vampire, her eyes never wavering from him. And Spike simply watches her come closer and closer without a twitch in his face.

            RIVER: [tilting her head] “I could be the One for you, Spike.”

            A SHOT of the shocked expression in Spike’s face.


            SPIKE: “You really are a sack of hammers, aren’t you?”

            FADE OUT-

            FADE IN-


            A WIDE SHOT of a big room [recreation area]. There’s SPIKE and FRED sitting together on a sofa, RAINE, RIVER, LILY ROSENBERG sitting around a table and DREW lying sprawled out on a huge couch.

            FRED: “How are you feeling, Drew?”

            DREW: “Beginning to get the feeling in my legs back.” [frowning] “Exactly how much morphine did you give me?”

            FRED: [innocent look] “Very little. You must be more perceptive than most.”

            DREW: [unconvinced] “U’huh.”

            SPIKE: “You certainly look a lot better.” [giving the Watcher a cold glare] “Unfortunately.”

            DREW: “Bloody ha ha.”

            LILY: “At least you guys found the demon that incinerated all those people.”

            DREW: [snorting] “Yeah.”

            LILY: “And you worked as a team. Just like Fred wanted.”

            RAINE: [snorting] “Yeah.”

            LILY: “And you will beat back the First.”

            SPIKE: [snorting] “Yeah.”

            RIVER: “The First?”

            SPIKE: “Your worst nightmare.”

            RAINE: [raised eyebrow] “I thought that would be Drew.”

            DREW: [cold glare] “Evil hag.”

            [Raine smiles wickedly]

            RAINE: “Ah, the complements…”


            FOCUS on the table [there’s an empty plate with some sort of crumbs on it] and the ones sitting there.

            RIVER: [tilting her head] “What happened to the lovely frosted thing?”

            LILY: “It’s gone.”

            RAINE: “People can be so cruel. I mean; who eats the whole cake and leaves nothing to the rest?”

            SPIKE: [o.c] “Tell me about it.”

            PANNING OUT to a WIDER SHOT.

            DREW: [lifting a weary head] “Spike, you ate the whole cake.”

            SPIKE: “So?”

            BLACK OUT-

            END OF EPISODE

            DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of the characters from Btvs and Ats - they all belong to almight Joss. But the original characters and the concept of 'The Slayer Years' is mine to do as I please. This is strictly for fun and not for profit!!
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