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  • Blink

    Title: Blink
    Disclamer:I have no rights whatsoever on any of the characters mentioned below and am not making any money from this
    Feedback: Yes puhleeease
    Description: Neighbours meets The O.C, Ugly Betty, Lost and 24 by way of Quantum Leap - sorta.

    Many thanks to wolfie for the inspiration

    For those that don't follow the discussions in the monkey pants thread or don't remember jim robinson it might be an idea to look up Alan Dale on wikipedia.


    Jim Robinson lay on the floor of his Ramsay Street house gasping desperately for air.
    A heavy pain sat inside his chest pinning him to the ground, his left arm was filled with a dull, constant ache.
    He tried to cry out for help but the words seemed to die in his throat becoming nothing more than hoarse frantic whispers. There was no one to hear him anyway he was all alone, alone and dying.
    His vision hazed, the familiar surroundings swimming in and out of focus, becoming darker, less defined. He shut his eyes against the nauseous sensation and tried to hang on to the things of life.

    Memories rose in his fevered mind of friends and neighbours and loving family: Paul the successful businessman, a good man despite his many faults; Lucy so very far away; brave Glen, so full of dignity, and of course Scott. How proud he had been at Scott's wedding, watching as his son and his beautiful bride kissed for the first time as man and wife. He lay back as the strange waves of nausea ran through him again, recalling the heady mix of emotions he had felt as he watched them leave the church and?


    He sat back, letting the limos expensive leather seat enfold him in its luxurious softness. The man was so damnably stubborn! His offer had been excellent, much more than it should have taken to get him to back off but that stupid arrogant Scot had refused him, had turned him down flat. Well he would make sure that he lived to regret that. Desmond didn't realise just who he was messing with, just how many resources he could bring to bear down on him.
    No, he had tried to be nice, to handle the matter civilly but one way or another Desmond Hume would not remain a problem for long, He leaned forward, tapping on the glass divider to instruct the driver to set off and?


    Staring out of the window he drank in the magnificent view it afforded of the bustling city below. Behind him his son and his creative editor were arguing again in that curiously polite yet vicious manner, but he had more pressing issues on his mind than the petty power struggles of the magazine.
    Fey; he knew that she must still be alive that somehow she had outwitted them all. She had faked her death and lain in hiding, just waiting for her chance at revenge. It was she who was behind his torments, she who was causing him to doubt his own mind, to doubt his very sanity.
    The squabbling between Daniel and Wilhelmina broke into his thoughts once more. It seemed now to be reaching a frosty crescendo, the comments becoming almost sharp enough to draw blood. He turned and fixed them with a hard stare, stopping them in their tracks, choking their words in their throats "Alright this is what we're going to do?"


    The conference call had been set up; all he could do now was wait. He straightened his tie for the third time and shrugged the expensive jacket into a more comfortable position on his weary shoulders. He was arguably the second most powerful man in the country but within a few minutes he would give it all up to satisfy his battered honour. It had been worth it though. No one remembered vice presidents, so when the chance to gain the oval office had shown itself he had to act, had to take the chance. That he had failed was down to luck and of course the actions of that CTU agent, Bauer. He had no complaints; he would tender his resignation with dignity knowing he had acted as he must. His assistant gave him a silent nod signalling the link was active "Mr President?"


    As the Lear jet levelled from its steep ascent he relaxed a little and thought through his visit. Newport never changed all that much but just maybe his daughter was. Taking in the kid had been a brash and probably unwise move but not totally out of character. Now that he thought back on it though perhaps it should have served as a warning to him that things were not quite right in the Cohen house. He gazed over at his strangely silent travelling partner but his thoughts remained with his daughter. Of course none of this really came from Kiki herself; it was that lawyer she had married that had made her confront him like that, that had made her challenge his authority. Well just maybe it was time for Sandy to be taken down a peg or two. He unbuckled his safety belt and gazed out at the clear blue skies. Yes it would be something that he would need to spend a little time thinking about?


    The strange visions vanished as he opened his eyes and saw the familiar surrounding of the Robinson kitchen. The pain seemed to be fading now or maybe it was the pain that remained and he that was fading. He felt an almost comical sense of bemusement at what had just occurred. Surely it was your own life that was supposed to flash before your eyes in these final moments not the lives of random strangers. Yet each of those strangers had seemed at the same time to be in some way connected to him, to share something of him, some part of his soul. It was a puzzle that would need to wait for another time though, he was too tired now for such bizzare riddles. He found his eyes slowly closing. Shadows raced in from the corners of the room, melting together, as darkness descended and the comforting peace of death enveloped him.

    The End
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