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Challenge 9 RESULTS!!

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  • Challenge 9 RESULTS!!

    Well, better late than never, is what I say!

    First - thank you all for entering, this was incredibly difficult to judge because I really enjoyed each of your entries. Originally I was going to judge the two parts of the challenge separately, but since the entries were skewed toward the do-over part, I'm judging them all together. So, without further ado....

    Third place:
    The_Narrator: 'Seeing Red'

    I really enjoyed your take on this moment, and I felt like it was very well written, but it wasn't quite as much of its own story as I'd been hoping for when I wrote the challenge. Perhaps we could have seen a bit more of the changed repercussions, had this alternate scene taken place? Overall great job though!

    Second place:A Tie!
    KingofCretins, The Great Roofie Spirit
    I really enjoyed this story, and particularly enjoyed seeing Buffy and Xander getting together (because...with the yay!). the only thing was that I've seen this type of story before, the magic-or-demon aphrodisiac as catalyst thing. You get total props for your title, btw, and while I liked how you did it better than pretty much any other such story I've seen, I would have been more excited to see Buffy and Xander get together on their own, consciously. Overall I truly enjoyed reading it though, very well written and absorbing.

    and Tangent! Old School Ties

    You definitely picked my favorite scene to revisit - or should I say my least favorite scene? Boy do I wish you'd been on the writing staff in season seven! I felt like it was very well written, and absolutely on point in terms of what I wished would have happened in that scene. I think my only problem was that it wasn't quite different enough to feel like a new story. I know that's kind of crap criticism, especially considering what the challenge prompt was, but I can't quite figure out how to say it better! I'll try to come back to it at some point. I really enjoyed your fic though, wonderful job overall!

    And...drumroll please...except you can all do math and so you've figured out that First Place goes to...



    Well, I'm definitely glad I gave you the extension on the word count, because you used those words well! I really enjoyed the entire fic, start to finish. The opening was great, set a perfect tone, and the introduction of this strange new problem - starting with Buffy's hair and slowly creeping through Spike's heat and Tara's cold - was absolutely brilliant. I was drawn along with you, figuring it out slowly. I loved all the angel season 5 references, particularly the comment about the hands thing being random, I loved Future!Giles, and I found the characters' speculation of the future involving Tara and Anya absolutely heartbreaking. Overall, great job!

    Well I hope that you all enjoyed the challenge! I just have to say again how hard it was to judge - everyone's entries were wonderful and so much fun to read. Thank you all for entering, you rock!

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    Woohoo! better than I thought I'd do on that one for some reason.

    Thanks for the great challeng Litzie.

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      Fan-art reward?! *Squeals in delight*

      Thanks for the challenge! And congratulations to everyone who entered, I thought all the entries were exceptionally well written and compelling.


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        Only just noticed results were out.

        I'm thrilled!!! Thank you so much for the fun challenge, the brilliant feedback, and the lovely award!

        I really enjoyed the other entries too, I thought it wasn't an easy challenge but everyone did amazingly.

        Quick peeps, we need another one!
        "I'd like to keep Spike as my pet."
        "Get out of my temporal lobe, House!"