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The Slayer Years - 1.02 "River"

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  • The Slayer Years - 1.02 "River"

    The Slayer Years
    A whole new playground... A whole new destiny...

    Previously on The Slayer Years:


    RAINE: [voice over] "Once upon a time there was a girl that dreamt of a normal life; doing all things regular teenagers do. Like shopping at the mall and hanging out with her friends. All that she ever wanted was to love and be loved." [beat] "But fate had chosen her to fight the forces of evil and so she did. She became a true warrior. She might have been the greatest warrior of all time. Her name was Buffy and she was a slayer just like me." [beat] "But I am nothing like her."

    FADE IN-

    A SHOT of RAINE dodging a fist.


    A SHOT of RAINE facing a vampire that has a hold on DREW.

    VAMPIRE: "Back off, bitch, or I make him my next snack."

    RAINE: "You know what? Just kill him. I can easily get another Watcher."

    FOCUS on the vampire's stunned face. It's obvious that it hadn't counted on a response such as that. This shows as his grip around Drew's throat loosens. And as soon as it does, Raine whips out a stake and throws it with lethal accuracy. It hits its target and Drew is left swatting away the dust particles on his clothes.

    DREW: "I almost believed you for a second there."

    A WIDE SHOT of the scene as Raine walks toward the edge of the roof ? looking down at the dark alley bellow.

    RAINE: "I meant every word I said."


    RAINE: [v.o] "To be a slayer is to be alone. Or it used to anyway. Then Buffy decided to share her power with all the Potentials ? creating an army of slayers."

    A SHOT of a long stretched corridor as people scurries off in different direction. Most of them are young girls with backpacks and piles and piles of books.

    FOCUS on a brown haired timid girl walking by the CAMERA. In her hands is a thick book with the title ?Demonology'

    RAINE: [v.o] "Today there's only a few hundred slayers left in the world. Seventy-six of them have been located."


    A WIDE SHOT of the room to reveal a huge round table, which is slowly filled with all kinds of people. There's two young girls, a middle-aged woman, five men in suits and ? with her back against the CAMERA, a young slender girl with brown curls and a lab coat. As she turns around we can see that it's FRED.

    FRED: [looking around] "Is everyone here?"

    RAINE: [v.o] "That's Fred. Former all powerful demon king Illyria and now the head of the science and research apartment."



    RAINE: [v.o] "Spike; the vampire with a soul and supposed Champion of the Powers That Be." [as he takes a seat] "And the love interest of Fred."


    A SHOT of FRED.

    FRED: [seriously] "We have a new threat to deal with."


    A WIDE SHOT of the scene as Spike kicks down a gravestone, silently cursing and letting out a deep sigh.

    RAINE: [v.o] "Then the happily ever after went bye bye."

    The CAMERA FOLLOWS Spike as he walks out of the graveyard and heading down a dark street, coat billowing behind him.

    A WIDE SHOT of the laboratory; FRED is standing by an examine table, flipping through the pages of a thick journal while she's absently scratching her nose.

    RAINE: [v.o] "Fred is like the smartest person of all time. And one of the strongest."

    FOCUS on Fred as she reaches for a glass of water and breaks the glass in her hand. She turns her head to look down at the pieces of the glass on the floor, and then she shrugs and continues reading.

    RAINE: [v.o] "When Illyria withdrew she left some residual powers; making Fred stronger than the average human." [beat] "A hell lot stronger than your average slayer as well."


    RAINE: [v.o] "Giles High isn't just a school."

    To the right; a FYARL DEMON holds the bars and roars out into the corridor, clearly unhappy with his place.

    RAINE: [v.o] "It's also the headquarters of the ?New Watcher's Council'."

    PANNING FORWARD to the end of the corridor, past the occupied cells and ZOOMING IN on a thick iron door with the sign: CAUTION DO NOT ENTER. AUTHORIZED PERSONAL ONLY.


    PANNING OUT as the SPIKE and RAINE turn in surprise TO stare at a portal with different degrees of dread.

    RAINE: "What the??"

    FOCUS on the portal as a petite young woman steps out off it. She's dressed in a bluish kind of dress and boots. She's quite lovely. And we recognize her as RIVER!


    RAINE: [staring] "Who the ****, are you?"

    RIVER: "River."


    A WIDE SHOT as Raine makes a move as if to attack River. Only that River moves incredible fast and takes a hold on Spike, pressing a knife to his throat.

    RIVER: "This might not kill him, but it sure will leave a mark."

    RAINE: [coming to a halt] "Release him."

    RIVER: [tilting her head] "No."

    And with that she renders Spike unconscious with a blow to the head, and with him in a safe grip she backs against the edge of the roof and leaps.

    FOCUS on Raine as she runs to the edge and looks down. And from her POV:
    The street down bellow is empty. No sign of either River or Spike.

    RAINE: "Damn?"

    RAINE: [v.o] "How the hell am I gonna explain this?"


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    FADE IN-


    SPOTLIGHT on SPIKE sitting tied to a chair, seemingly out off it. But then he begins to stir and his head snaps up in a quick movement.

    RIVER: [o.c] "I see you have awakened."

    PANNING OUT as RIVER steps out of the shadows and approaches the irritated vampire that watches her every move carefully.

    SPIKE: "Really? I was sort of hoping this was just a nightmare."

    River stops in front of him and places her hands on her hips as she studies him intently. She tilts her head and seems confused.

    RIVER: [silently] "Not like them."

    SPIKE: "Huh?"

    RIVER: "Dead you are." [moving her head from side to side] "But not like them."

    SPIKE: "Okay?" [seemingly agitated] "Who are you, and why should I care?"

    ANGLE on River as she lifts a finger and points to her chest.

    RIVER: "I'm River."

    SPIKE: "Already covered that, pet. But what do you want with me?"

    RIVER: "You know what I am." [narrowing eyes] "Know a lot of things."

    FOCUS on her as she suddenly gives him a warm smile.

    RIVER: "We will be friends."

    SPIKE: [flabbergasted] "You kidnapped me!!"

    RIVER: [shaking her head] "No, I didn't."

    SPIKE: "Okay." [beat] "You borrowed me against my will!"

    A WIDE SHOT as River starts circling Spike's chair, a playful smile tugging at the corners of her mouth as she scrutinizes the vampire.

    SPIKE: [warily watching her] "Okay, let's have it then; what are you going to do with me?" [beat] "I can assure you that I'm not much of a prisoner. I complain a lot. I'll constantly be hungry and I will start thirsting after blood?" [at this she frowns slightly] "And I get very annoyed when I miss my daily dosage of ?Freedom'."

    ANGLE on River as she comes to a halt in front of the babbling vampire, yet again placing her hands on her hips.

    RIVER: "Stop talking."

    SPIKE: "Okay, you know what? Make me."

    ZOOMING IN as River takes a step forward and smacks him right on the nose.

    SPIKE: [muffled] "'s always the nose!"

    SPIKE POV: River's fist comes flying once again and everything becomes black.



    James Marsters as Spike
    Amy Acker as Fred Burkle/Illyria
    Jessica Biel as Raine Harris
    Michael Weatherly as Drew Giles


    Summer Glau as River Tam


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      ACT ONE

      FADE IN-


      A WIDE SHOT of the room to reveal FRED, DREW and RAINE standing in the middle of the room, while TATUM GILES is sitting behind his desk.

      TATUM: "What's the plan?"

      RAINE: "Rescue the vampire in distress, kill the baddie, save the day."

      DREW: [through his teeth] "Good plan."

      TATUM: [focusing on Raine] "I would really like to know how this could happen? Didn't you pay attention to her intentions?"

      RAINE: [plain face] "She was too fast, sir."

      TATUM: [raised eyebrow] "Too fast?"

      RAINE: [nodding] "Spike seemed to believe that she was a slayer."

      TATUM: "Hmm." [looking contemplative] "Spike isn't usually wrong about that kind of stuff." [looking at Fred] "Can it be true, Ms Burkle? Can a person actually travel back in time?"

      FRED: "I believe that it is a possibility. After all, we know that there are different dimensions and alternative realities out there. So, why not a portal through time?"

      TATUM: "Very well." [looking at them all] "Then you'll go out there and bring Spike back." [as they turn their backs against him] "Oh, and I will not take failure lightly."

      The door closes behind the three and Tatum spins his chair so that he's facing the window.

      TATUM: [out of the blue] "What? No, I'll make sure of that."

      FOCUS on the elderly man as he tilts his head, as listening to someone/ something that we can't see.

      TATUM: "Spike will be found, I promise."

      FADE OUT-

      FADE IN-


      A WIDE SHOT of the warehouse room as RIVER approaches SPIKE ? who's still tied to the chair. The young woman bends down and releases the vampire from the ropes.

      RIVER: "Move."

      SPIKE: "Where are we movin' to?"

      ANGLE on River as she simply stares at the defiant vampire.

      SPIKE: [cont.] "I'm not moving an inch ?til you tell me why you..."

      River hits him right in the face.

      SPIKE: "Ow!"

      RIVER: "I insist."

      SPIKE: [raised eyebrow] "Oh, you insist? Well, why didn't you just say so?"

      The CAMERA FOLLOWS them as they begin to move towards the door; Spike a few steps ahead of River. The vampire casts furtive glances over his shoulder at the young woman, as if he's curious about her. Very curious.

      SPIKE: "You didn't know you were a slayer, huh?"

      RIVER: "What's a slayer?"

      Just as she asks the question the door leading in to the warehouse opens with a bang and a bunch of demons runs in, all holding axes in their hands.

      SPIKE: "Oh, you've got to be shittin' me!"

      FOCUS on River as she pushes Spike out of the way and charge at the first demon that comes at them. With beautiful grace she dodges out of the way from the swinging axe coming at her head, and places herself behind the demon. While it has its back against her, she takes its head between her hands and twits it effortlessly.

      SPIKE: [dryly] "That's a slayer."

      PANNING OUT as Spike and River backs further into the dark room, as more and more demons cascade into the warehouse.
      The FOCUS is on Spike as he moves incredible fast and intervenes when a demon is about to knock down the petite River with its meaty fist. He blocks the fist with his hand and pushes the demon away, then follows up with a series of blows and kicks that renders the opponent confused and disoriented. And then, with one powerful kick, Spike finishes off the demon.

      A WIDE SHOT of the room as Spike and River takes on the horde of demons. They move beautifully together; it's almost like a choreographed dance, fast and graceful and lethal in its simplicity. Attacks, countermoves and lines that is sharp, soft and predatory.

      ANGLE on the door as it suddenly is ripped off its hinges and a huge, ogre- looking beast bursts through ? taking a whole chunk of the wall with it. Its vicious, red eyes zeroes in on Spike and River and it lets out an ear deafening roar.

      RIVER: [knocking down a demon] "What is that thing?"

      FOCUS on the new demon as it swaps away the littler demons that stand in the way between it and Spike and River. As it reaches the two, it brushes Spike away like a tiny bug ? and the vampire propels through the room and hits a wall. Hard.

      SPIKE: [dazedly] "I don't know, but whatever it is, it's winning."

      ANGLE on River as she turns her head from the giant to Spike and back to the giant again ? a grim expression in her face.

      RIVER: "My turn."

      And with that she charges at the giant, taking advantage of its outstretched knee by jumping up on it and then doing a flip over its head ? landing behind the ugly creature and grabbing a pole from the debris on the floor.
      As the demon turns around she runs the pole through its midsection, which makes it scream in pain and fury and flick her away as well with its huge fist.

      FOCUS on Spike and the wall as River comes flying and lands next to him with a definite thud.

      SPIKE: [lopsided grin] "He's a Big Bad Pushover, right?"


      SPIKE: [cont.] "Painful, innit?"

      RIVER: [aloof] "I bleed, may" [A/N: Beautiful.]"Blood?" [studying a cut in her hand] "Red?"

      SPIKE: "Right."

      RIVER: [focusing on Spike] "The dead don't bleed. You do. Shouldn't tough. It's all very wrong." [blinking] "I should probably kill you."

      SPIKE:[to River] "We can kill each other when this is over."

      ZOOMING OUT as the vampire gets up on gingerly legs and approaches the giant demon, picking up the pole lying on the ground on the way. Reaching the huge beast, Spike drives the spear through its neck ? paralyzing it. And as the ogre demon stand still, the vampire picks up a blunt object from the floor and with one slick move slices its throat.

      As the huge creature falls to the floor, making the building shudder from the impact, Spike turns around and walks over to River ? helping her up with one hand.

      RIVER: "xi? xi?." [A/N: Thank you.]

      SPIKE: [tilting his head] "Sorry, luv. I don't speak Chinese."

      FADE OUT-

      FADE IN-


      LONG SHOT of the alley as three people walk towards the CAMERA; RAINE, DREW and FRED.

      DREW: "So, how was she like?"

      RAINE: "Huh?"

      DREW: "This future slayer ? how was she?"

      RAINE: "I didn't pay much notice."

      DREW: [raised eyebrow] "That hot, huh?"

      RAINE: "Drew," [sweet smile] "shut up."

      DREW: "Is just typical, ya know. When Spike gets captured it's by some hot slayer, whereas I always end up with the ugly demons that want to eat me or make me their sacrificial goat."

      RAINE: "Yeah." [reminiscent smile] "Remember that Zakhtat demon that wanted you to fertilize her eggs? Good times."

      DREW: "Indeed." [high-pitched voice] "It almost cost me my life!!"

      RAINE: "Ah, what could've been."

      [Sulking silence]

      DREW: "I wished for a calm and mature slayer and what did I get? A pigheaded suicidal bitch."

      RAINE: "Stop with the compliments. Or you'll make me blush."

      DREW: "Argh!!"

      The CAMERA PANS FORWARD to a CLOSE SHOT of the three of them as they come to a stop.

      FRED: "How on Earth do you two restrain yourself from killing each other?"

      RAINE: "The Council has rules about that."

      DREW: "It's tuff work but we manage."

      RAINE: "Barely."


      RAINE: "Speaking about death? wonder how Dead Boy's doing?"

      DREW: "Lord knows."

      FADE OUT-

      FADE IN-


      A CLOSE SHOT of RIVER and SPIKE; the two of them standing face to face in the wrecked warehouse, sunshine filtering through the busted door and illuminating her features as she stares at the vampire that stands back in the shadows.

      RIVER: "You burnt up."

      SPIKE: "Huh?"

      RIVER: "Dead should stay dead, you know. Ashes to ashes?" [shaking her head] "Dust to dust?"

      FOCUS on River as she reaches out a hand to caress his cheek ? his eyes following her every move very carefully.

      RIVER: [slowly] "You killed those girls?" [beat] "They were slayers, I think." [blinking] "But the pixies in my head tells me also what it's like to lie in your arms? feeling safe. There's images flashing by?" [meeting his glare] "I'm holding your hand telling you how much I love you?"

      A TIGHT SHOT of Spike as he draws back, a peeved expression marring his beautiful features.
      SPIKE: "You are beyond insane!"

      ANGLE on River as she drops her hand - smiling that secret smile of hers, her hair falling forward to hide her face.

      RIVER: "She echoes in your head and heart. Dancing around in circles."

      SPIKE: [twitching] "Stop it."

      RIVER: "All you ever did was dance." [distant gaze] "Memories and echoes of lives I don't know?" [shaking her head] "My mind is full of pictures, full of so many flashes of other people's memories?"

      River turns a wild glare towards the aghast vampire.

      RIVER: "You told her that she didn't love you," [beat] "?but she did."

      SPIKE: "Stop it!"

      RIVER: "When you went away all she ever wanted was to have you back. Yet she couldn't find away." [pause] "She searched for one tough. But you kept eluding her. And then she gave up." [bringing her hand to her forehead] "I can't breathe ? there's to much screaming!!" [shallow breaths] "'s all wrong and the sun went away!!"


      FOCUS on River as she lifts a weary gaze to look at the aloof vampire. Her eyes brims with so many emotions; anger, sadness, hope and disillusion.

      RIVER: [frowning] "You don't understand."

      SPIKE: "I'm afraid I'm not fluent in crazy talk, no."

      RIVER: [tilting her head as if hearing something] "We must go."

      SPIKE: "What? No!!"

      RIVER: [snatching a piece of wood] "Now."

      SPIKE: [beginning to move forward] "If you insist."

      FADE OUT-


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        ACT TWO

        FADE IN ?


        A CLOSE UP on FRED as she turns her head from side to side, as if she's picking up on something.

        RAINE: [o.c] "What is it?"

        PANNING OUT to a WIDER SHOT to reveal RAINE and DREW standing next to Fred and looking at her with expectation.

        DREW: "Can you feel him, Fred?"

        FOCUS on Fred as her eyes shifts colour.

        FRED: "Fred is not here, human."


        RAINE: [carefully] "Illyria..?"

        FRED/ILLYRIA: [cold glare] "Someone has taken Spike."

        RAINE: "Yes."

        FRED/ILLYRIA: [coldly] "Someone will pay."

        ANGLE on FRED/ILLYRIA as her body is racked with a shiver and her eyes return to their usual colouring.

        FRED: [blinking rapidly] "What happened?"

        RAINE: "Nothing happened. You just zoned out for a while."

        FRED: "OK."

        A WIDE SHOT as Fred begins to walk down the street, the other two slowly following behind.

        DREW: [whispering] "Wow, I must admit that I've never seen Fred when Illyria makes a pop-up visit." [holding his breath] "It was pretty unnerving."

        RAINE: "Yes." [sad smile] "Just be happy that she was in one of her good moods. One could only imagine what she would have done either wise."


        DREW: [still whispering] "Just how dangerous is she?"

        RAINE: "Compared to what? The ketirian virus?"

        FRED: [over her shoulder] "We gotta go faster! Or I'll lose the track of his scent."

        DREW: "She can do that?" [marvelled look] "Sniff him out?"

        RAINE: [nodding] "Yeah."

        FRED: "Raine, Drew! Hurry up!"

        RAINE: [sighing] "We need to find the Deep Thought."

        FRED: "Deep Thought?"

        RAINE: "Yes. Spike always says that it's the only thing that can calculate the answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything. He or whatever it is can help us find Spike."

        FRED: "Er?yeah, there's something I need to tell you, Raine."

        RAINE: [resigned] "Don't tell me it's extinct too?"

        FRED: "It's a computer."

        RAINE: [big smile] "Oh, good."

        FRED: "A fictional computer."

        A TIGHT SHOT of how the smile in Raine's face slowly disappears.

        FADE OUT-

        FADE IN-


        A LONG SHOT of the street and two figures walking towards the CAMERA, shielded by the dark knight. But although the screen is somewhat fuzzy we still can make out the form of SPIKE'S billowing coat.

        SPIKE: [calmly] "You know; the others will find us eventually."

        RIVER: [clipped tone] "Silent."

        SPIKE: "'n I can tell you right now that they won't be happy."

        RIVER: "Silent!"

        PANNING IN on the two of them as River comes to a stop behind Spike; her body starting to rock back and forth as she brings her hands to her head.
        Spike turns around and looks at her with a raised eyebrow.

        SPIKE: "Er? Hey, nut job, Whatta ya doing?"

        RIVER: [incoherently] "I took you away from there. I know I did?"

        SPIKE: "Bloody right you did!"

        RIVER: [shaking her head] "This is not my place to be." [meeting his eyes] "Can't be controlled. Can't be trusted?"

        SPIKE: "Hey now? You can't be wigging out, okay?" [pause] "Do you understand?"

        RIVER: [sneering] "She understands. She doesn't comprehend."

        SPIKE: [muttering] "Talking of herself as in third person? not of the good." [sigh] "Why do I always end up with the crazy bints?" [beat] "Ah, hell? As to quote Angel here; ?I must be cursed.'"

        ANGLE on River as she drops to her knees on the pavement and wrapping her arms around herself.

        SPIKE: "Why does the Universe hate me?"

        RIVER: "You think I cannot see? But you're wrong." [looking up] "I see everything." [beat] "All those people. Screaming for their lives. For mercy. Yet there are none. There never was."

        SPIKE: "U'huh."

        RIVER: "Little girls in coal bins crying for their mums."

        FOCUS on the shocked expression in Spike's face as he stares down at the trembling girl at his feet.

        SPIKE: "Wha?"

        RIVER: [whispering] "William the Bloody."

        SPIKE: "River?"

        RIVER: "Heart and head." [shaking her head] "Stop the heart. Cut off the head. It's the only way to be sure. Keep cutting ?til you see dust."

        SPIKE: [uncomfortably] "Uhm?"

        RIVER: "It doesn't hurt if you hold still."

        ZOOMING IN on River as she close her eyes briefly before looking up again, eyes focused on the confused vampire.

        SPIKE: "That's all the slayers talking, luv. Your memories of them."

        RIVER: [staring at his hands] "I cut off your hands." [frown] "I know I did."

        SPIKE: [flexing his fingers] "No, you didn't."

        RIVER: "Not me? Another slayer." [beat] "And you killed her."

        SPIKE: "No, I didn't."

        RIVER: [another frown] "Not her?" [blinking] "I can't see clearly ? there's too much screaming!!"

        FOCUS on River as she lets out a piercing scream and crash down to the pavement to end up in a lifeless heap.

        ZOOMING OUT as Spike steps forward to crouch besides the unconscious girl ? a weary expression in his face as he reaches out a hand to caress her hair.

        SPIKE: [sighing] "You're a little slayer lost, aren't you? Fortunately for you that's my specialty."

        The vampire easily picks her up in his arms and then he begins walking down the street, carefully carrying his burden.

        FADE OUT-

        FADE IN-


        The CAMERA FOLLOWS RAINE, DREW and FRED as they walk down the dark street, passing under the flickering light from the street lamps. Drew walks in the middle with one girl on both his sides. [His personal bodyguards, eh?]

        DREW: [contemplating] "I wouldn't miss him all that much if he's dead."

        RAINE: "Drew?"

        DREW: "What?!" [flapping his arms out] "I mean; he's rude and arrogant. And he doesn't like me." [beat] "As a matter of fact; there's not many he does like."

        RAINE: "He likes me!" [beat] "Sort off? And he likes Fred."

        DREW: "Okay. There's not many guys that he likes."

        FRED: "If you want him to like you, you have to gain his respect first, Drew."

        DREW: [raised eyebrow] "And how do I do that exactly?"

        FRED: "You prove yourself through loyalty, strength and commitment over and over ?til he knows that he can trust you."

        DREW: "Sounds exhausting."

        RAINE: [smiling] "You get exhausted by buttering your toast, Drew."

        DREW: "Well, it's hard work!!"

        [Shared laughter]

        The CAMERA FOLLOWS the three of them as they cross the street, heading for a graveyard on the other side. The sign over the gate reads: LOS ANGELES NATIONAL CEMETERY.

        FRED: [hesitating] "I can sense Spike close."

        RAINE: "How close?"

        FRED: [closing her eyes] "Really close." [opening her eyes] "He's in there. In the cemetery."

        [They look at the gate]

        DREW: [deep breath] "Then let's go and save the vampire in distress."

        ZOOMING IN on Fred as she exhales and then opens the gate.

        FRED: [over her shoulder] "No heroics, okay? I don't want Spike in the crossfire. If there will be any. Understood?"

        RAINE: [nodding] "Understood."

        DREW: [nodding] "Understood."

        FRED: "Let's go."

        And with that she enters the dark cemetery, with the other two close behind. And we have a WIDE SHOT of the surroundings as they begin to walk over the grass towards the graves.

        RAINE: "That's them!" [pointing] "There's Spike and that girl!"

        The WIDE SHOT reveals SPIKE coming into view ? supporting RIVER. She's obviously not unconscious anymore, but she stills seems a bit? wobbly.

        DREW: [squinting] "That's the girl working for the First?"

        RAINE: "Yeah."

        DREW: [whistle] "Wow... She's hot! I mean seriously hot!"

        RAINE: [snorting] "Drew, you're drooling over a minion of the First!"

        DREW: "I know." [sheepish smile] "I... disgust myself sometimes."

        FRED: "Spike!!"

        FOCUS on the blond vampire as his head whips up at the sound of Fred's voice. He waves at his oncoming friends.

        SPIKE: "So nice of you to finally join us!"

        DREW: [muttering] "Hurray!"

        FADE OUT-


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          ACT THREE

          FADE IN-


          A WIDE SHOT of the room to show us SPIKE, DREW, RAINE and FRED standing in front of TATUM GILES where he sits behind his massive desk ? looking at them with furrowed brows.

          TATUM: [calmly] "And is this ?future-slayer' under strict surveillance now?"

          FRED: "She's monitored, sir."

          DREW: [nodding] "And she appears cooperative, sir."

          RAINE: "I still don't like her."

          TATUM: [putting his fingers together] "Er, yes. Ms Harris, you need to control that temper of yours and also see to the whole picture before jumping into conclusions. Whatever kind they are."

          RAINE: [muffled] "What temper?"

          ANGLE on Spike as he apparently represses a smile.

          FRED: "Sir, if you allow me??"

          TATUM: [eyes softening] "Yes, Ms Burkle?"

          FRED: "If Spike's correct in his assumptions ? this young woman is a slayer. Shouldn't we make sure that she's treated well if we want her as an possible ally?"

          TATUM: "You're absolutely correct, Ms Burkle."

          RAINE: "She is?"

          TATUM: "Yes." [nodding] "But she usually is."

          RAINE: [to Fred] "Have you ever been wrong?"

          FRED: "I thought so once, but I was wrong."

          DREW: [to Spike] "Isn't she the best?"

          SPIKE: [cold glare] "Yeah."

          FOCUS ON Fred as she smiles sweetly at Spike. Then she turns her attention to the elder Watcher behind the desk.

          FRED: "Even tough we know practically nothing about this River, she seems strong and cunning. Maybe we can use that to our advantage. She could very well be our next team leader. Given enough time that is."

          SPIKE: [smirk] "Always finding good in every situation, Fred?"

          FRED: "Absolutely. If I didn't, I might end up like you."

          SPIKE: [indignantly] "Hey, what's that supposed to mean? Did anybody else hear that?"

          TATUM: [sighing] "Kids?" [focusing on Spike] "You need to be more careful from now and on, Spike. No more getting abducted by strange women." [turning to Raine] "And you, young miss; you really oughta be more perceptive on things. If you had only acted quicker none of this would've happened." [beat] "And please make sure to behave more like a woman and not a man, Ms Harris." [dismissive wave] "You can go now."

          The CAMERA FOLLOWS the group as they turn in unison and heads out from the office. Fred first and then followed by Drew, Raine and Spike.
          They enter the lobby and we can see DIANE sitting behind her workstation.

          RAINE: [to Spike] "What the hell did he mean? I'm feminine. I oughta kick his ass for that..."

          SPIKE: [grinning] "I would love to see that."

          DREW: "He wasn't all wrong, you know. You really need to look over how you portray yourself to other. For one; you can come off a little big strong. Not to mention that you're really rude sometimes."

          A TIGHT SHOT of the hurt expression in Raine's face.

          SPIKE: [furrowed eyebrow] "Hey now." [evil glare at Drew] "That sounds more like just the qualities a great slayer should have."

          RAINE: "Really?"

          SPIKE: [nodding] "Abso-bloody-lutley."

          The sad expression slowly changes into that of a happy smile.

          RAINE: "Thank you."

          FADE OUT-

          FADE IN-


          SPOTLIGHT on RIVER lying under the covers [blue silk] on a bed. She appears to be sleeping ? but if so it's a restless sleep. The young woman twist and turns and lets out small murmurs and sometimes tiny whimpering sounds. As if she in her sleep is put through some terrible ordeal.

          RIVER: "No?Simon? Wrong? Transfer? No?!"

          ZOOMING OUT as the door into the room suddenly opens carefully and Fred steps in with a concerned look in her face as she gazes over at the stirring girl. She walks over to the bedside and stops to look down at River.

          RIVER: "Ghosts? Mission? Simon?" [screaming] "Reavers!!"

          FOCUS on River as she suddenly sits upright in the bed, pressing herself against the headboard with a terrified expression in her sweat blank face.

          FRED: [silently] "It is okay, River. It was just a nightmare."

          [River looks wildly at Fred]

          RIVER: "Nightmare?"

          FRED: "Yes."

          RIVER: [blinking] "Once nightmares walked among us, walked and danced, skewering victims in plain sight, laying their fears and worst desires out for everyone to see. This to make us laugh."

          FRED: [peeved] "What?"

          RIVER: [shaking her head] "'m sorry. My head? I don't feel right inside my own skin?!"

          FRED: "You see things don't you?"

          RIVER: [nodding] "Yes? All the time. Echoes of everything and nothing. Little busy bees flying around in circles?"

          FRED: "I think you need help."

          RIVER: "She thinks so, too."

          FRED: [frown] "She?"

          RIVER: [another nod] "The other one. She who resides in the deep dark spaces in between."

          FRED: [slowly] "Illyria."

          RIVER: [deep breath] "Old One."

          ANGLE on Fred as she reach out a hand t touch River's forehead, gently letting her fingers glide over the white skin.

          FRED: [tilting her head] "You can see her, River, but you can't see her."

          RIVER: "No, I can't. Hidden like a gorram trader she is. Sneaking around in there where she doesn't belong. Drawing life from where there shouldn't be." [blinking] "You're like him, ya know; shouldn't be here. Shouldn't exist?"

          FRED: [calmly] "You're right." [sigh] "If there where any justice in the world I should've been dead a long time ago."

          RIVER: "A rotten carcass bound to bones?"

          SPIKE: [o.c] "Well, isn't that poetry if anything."

          ZOOMING OUT to reveal SPIKE, DREW and RAINE entering the bedroom. The vampire clothed in black leather pants and a black shirt, the Watcher in jeans and a grey turtleneck and the slayer in black leather pants and a red shirt.

          DREW: "How are things going in here?"

          RIVER: "Shiny."

          FRED: "She had bad dreams."

          SPIKE: [raised eyebrow] "Don't we all?"

          DREW: [loud whisper to Fred] "Is she lucid?"

          RIVER: "He is gorram rude." [focus on Drew] "She hears you, ya know."

          RAINE: "Ah. About that. Not many people like my Watcher."

          RIVER: [sneer] "Small wonder."

          SPIKE: [to Drew] "She doesn't like you."

          DREW: "I'm sorry."

          SPIKE: "I don't like you either." [to River] "You know; you catch more flies with honey than vinegar."

          RIVER: "What's honey?"

          SPIKE: "Oh, pet, you have a lot to learn."


          RIVER: [beaming smile] "I guess I do?"

          FADE OUT-


          • #6
            ACT FOUR

            FADE IN-


            A WIDE SHOT of the training room to show us SPIKE and RAINE sparring while DREW stands at the side watching them.

            SPIKE: “She’s pretty alright, but a bit of a loony if you ask me.”

            RAINE: [panting] “I would have thought that you guys would be drooling all over her.”

            SPIKE: “I can’t see why. Yes, she has good looks. Yes, she’s powerful. But she’s also nuttier than a macadamia nut.” [beat] “Now, Aeryn Sun – that was a hot space babe if any.”

            [Raine dodges a powerful blow]

            RAINE: “Aeryn Sun?”

            [Spike throws a jab]

            SPIKE: “Nobody you know.”

            [Raine executes a roundhouse kick]

            RAINE: “Oh, okay.”

            [Spike blocks a punch]

            DREW: “You’re looking a little bit sloppy there, Raine. Aim for his nose!”

            SPIKE: “Hey!!”

            RAINE: “Good advice. Thanks, Drew.”

            DREW: “You’re welcome.”

            [Raine goes for the nose]

            SPIKE: “Bugger hell…”

            [Spike leans to the side, avoids getting hit on the nose]

            RAINE: [concentrated] “Hold still…”

            SPIKE: “You know what? No!!”

            DREW: “Oh, come on, Spike! Take on for the team!!”

            SPIKE: “No!”

            DREW: “You’re supposed to teach her how to fight properly. Then teach her!”

            SPIKE: “Hey, I’m not Yoda! First of all; I’m not green and tiny. And second… I don’t feel the force!”

            RAINE: [frowning] “What’s the force?”

            DREW: “Who’s Yoda?”

            SPIKE: [shrugging] “Oh, just a guy who trains warriors.”

            RAINE: [raised eyebrow] “A tiny green guy?”

            DREW: “We could use someone like him on our team.”

            SPIKE: “Yes, well, his kind is extinct now.”


            RAINE and DREW: “Oh…”

            FOCUS ON Spike as he rolls his eyes.

            SPIKE: [muttering] “Morons.”

            FADE OUT-

            FADE IN-


            A WIDE SHOT of the room [living room] to show us SPIKE standing in front of the window, illuminated by the sunlight shining in. [Special kind of glass]

            RIVER: [o.c] “You burned up.”

            RIVER steps gracefully into the room as Spike turns around to face her. The young woman is clothed in a grey sweat suit and has her hair pulled back into a ponytail. [A very different look for her indeed.]

            SPIKE: “What?”

            RIVER: “You went away in ashes. Sunlight playing with your soul and burning all the way through.”

            SPIKE: [warily] “Right.”

            RIVER: “You came back tough.” [shaking her head] “Shouldn’t have. But others wanted to play also. Move you around like a puppet. Playing little games with the man who shouldn’t be there. Merry parties all in their fantasies.”

            SPIKE: “U’huh…”

            River starts skulking around the room, drifting around the edges, trailing her hand along the walls as she hums on some tune.

            SPIKE: [deep breath] “Now listen…”

            RIVER: “You walk in worlds others can’t even imagine.”

            SPIKE: “River…”

            RIVER: [focusing on him] “You’re so close but still a world away…”


            SPIKE: “I don’t…” [beat] “Okay, then… tell me. What do you see?”

            RIVER: [tilting her head] “Everything and nothing. Itty bitty flashes of lives and fates not of my own. Echoes and fleeing images of what’s lost and what will be.” [shaking her head] “I see you.” [beat] “All of your deaths.”


            SPIKE: [slowly] “What else do you see?”

            [River smiles]

            RIVER: “I see glorious death and mayhem.”

            A CLOSE UP on the baffled expression in Spike’s face.

            FADE OUT-

            FADE IN-


            SPOTLIGHT on DREW as he sits on the edge of the bed, starring down at a book in his hands. The title reads; TIME TRAVEL; MYTH OR TRUTH.

            CUT TO-


            A CLOSE SHOT of RAINE as she pummels on a sandbag, a set face as she throes punch after punch.

            CUT TO-


            A TIGHT SHOT of FRED as she stands under the hot cascading water. She leans her head back as she shampoos her hair with slow, methodical moves – her eyes closed against the water. Then her head falls forward and her eyes snaps open to reveal them shifting in different blue colours. She reaches up a hand and flexes the fingers as she studies them with a tilt of her head.

            FADE OUT-

            FADE IN-


            SPOTLIGHT ON TATUM sitting behind his desk – his chair facing the window and his back against the CAMERA.

            TATUM: “He’s been retrieved.” [beat] “I see. No, he has not been compromised.” [another pause] “I’m certain of it.”

            The CAMERA CIRCLES AROUND to a FRONT SHOT of the elder man. He appears to be talking out into thin air. [What’s going on?!!]

            TATUM: “The girl has no idea whatsoever. Yes, I know.” [nodding] “She seems lucid enough.” [beat] “Yes, he has taken an interest in her. As predicted.” [tiny smile] “And Ms Burkle too.”

            FAMILIAR VOICE: “Good.”


            THE FIRST: [smiling] “Let the death and mayhem begin.”

            BLACK OUT-

            END OF EPISODE.

            Special Guest Star: Alexis Denishof as The First