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  • The Destroyer 1.02 Old Regime

    The camera opens up on an abandoned alley. The camera pan around to see two people fighting in the alley and the camera zooms in on the two people and it reveals Sofia fighting a vampire. Sofia punches and then kicks the vamp. It recovers by backhanding her and kicking her.

    Guy O.S.: Okay maybe you should just hurry up and stake him this is getting boring.

    The camera swerves around to show Connor and Gregory watching Sofia getting beat up by the vamp. Sofia turns around and glares.

    Connor: Yeah Greg is right just stake him.

    Sofia kicks the vamp then punches and the finally stakes him when she notices his chest is open to stake. She dusts her hands off and turns and walks to the boys.

    Sofia: So how did I do?

    Connor and Gregory look at each other.

    Connor: Well-

    Gregory: That was just terrible. You need to perfect your form.

    Sofia looks shocked and so does Connor. Sofia glares at Gregory and then walks away. Gregory looks after her confused.

    Gregory: (to Connor) is it something I said?

    Connor sighs and starts walking away

    End of teaser

    Opening Credits:
    Vincent Kartheiser as Connor Riley Angel
    Ernest Waddell as Marty Jackson
    Thomas Dekker as Casey Parker
    Emily Browning as Sofia Romero
    Bradley Cooper as Gregory Pierce

    Guest Stars:
    Romola Garai as Clarice
    Adam Brody as Gord Siegel
    Jeffery Dean Morgan as John
    Special Guest Stars:
    Julie Benz as Darla

    Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy/Angel or any of the other characters that are affiliated with Joss Whedon. I do however own the characters that have never been or mentioned on the show before.

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    Act 1

    We open up on the Hyperion. The camera pans inside towards the lobby. We see Connor eating a bowl of cereal while Marty is on his phone. Sofia is putting some weapons away and Gregory is reading a text.

    Connor: So G what's the word on the new hellmouth? Should I worry?

    Gregory: I don't know. But I'm sure this situation will only get worse if we don't find a way to destroy it.

    Sofia: Well maybe we should concentrate on vampira. The one who kidnapped me and stole my blood remember?

    Connor: How could we forget? Besides my dad said when he went back to the area there was no one there.

    Marty walks over to the group looking disheartened.

    Marty: Well as it turns out the council had nothing and we're officially screwed.

    Connor: What do you mean they had nothing?

    Sofia: Yeah they have to have something on my kidnapper.

    Marty: No nothing. It's like she didn't exists.

    Sofia turns to look away

    Sofia: Well whatever I just think this is?.a?waste?.of ?.time

    The camera pans around to show what Sofia was looking at. It's Casey and he is shirtless only wearing blue stripped boxers and walking down the stairs. Connor and Marty look over and roll there eyes. Gregory just looks shocked and walks away. Casey stops rubbing his eyes and sees the gang staring at him.

    Casey: What are you guys looking at?

    Sofia blushes and looks away. Connor picks up his bowl and walks into his office while Marty starts laughing. Casey looks confused and goes to the counter.

    Casey: So what's up?

    Marty: Nothing discussing battle plans. God its boring.

    Connor walks next to Marty.

    Connor: Well then let's go scope out the new campus I'm itching to get my schedule.

    With that Connor runs out the door. Marty and the rest of them look after him.

    Marty: (sighs) what a dork.

    Marty jumps off the counter and follows. Casey and Sofia walk up to Greg.

    Gregory: Don't you two have school?

    Casey: Yeah in a couple of days which means I can scope out the school and hopefully see what evils lurking. (Turns to Sofia) you interested?

    Sofia: Hell yeah. Let's go. (Looks at Casey) But first put some clothes on.

    Gregory: Wait we arre supposed to be training not running off to see what evil is at the school.

    Sofia scowls

    Sofia: This is my training. God it's like I'm living with my parents again.

    With that Sofia walks out the door. Casey turns and runs up the stairs to his room. Gregory only groans as he hits his head on his desk.

    Cut to the basement. Clarice is just sitting there waiting. She looks extremely bored. She turns her head to see Darla/ The First stood next to the hellmouth.

    Clarice: You know this is getting ridiculous. Why cant we just open the hellmouth now.

    Darla/The First: Because we need the blood of the Slayer and the Destroyer to open it. Plus there is no seal so nothing is going to open unless we do the ritual.

    Clarice scowls. She gets up off the box and walks to the hellmouth.

    Clarice: Well even if we do get the seal its not like the Destroyer is going to help us.

    Voice O.S.: What makes you so sure?

    Clarice turns around to see Connor standing there holding a stake. She smiles.

    Clarice: Well you just made this to easy. I mean why come back to the bad guys lair and alone I might add?

    Connor: Oh you know just for kicks. Come on you know you want my blood. Come and get it.

    Clarice vamps out and smiles.

    Clarice: With pleasure.

    She jumps at Connor only to go through him and hits the floor. She looks utterly confused. She turns to see Connor laughing.

    Clarice: How did you do that?

    Connor/ The First: Oh come on. Isn't it obvious? I died a while back when I was crazy. Angel slit my throat and now I'm one of the dead. It's a shame but I'm over it.

    Clarice: God this is so unnecessary. (sits down) So when do we attack the stupid kid and his friends?

    The First: Soon. But first I want you to go on a little trip.

    Cut to the high school campus. The camera pans around to show nobody is there. There are banners that read: "Welcome Back" in giant black letters. The camera pans around to show Casey and Sofia standing at the entrance.

    Casey: Okay?.. Where the hell is everybody?

    Sofia: School doesn't start for two days maybe the teachers are at home.

    Casey doesn't look convinced so he walks into the school. Sofia follows. Cut to the school quad. Casey and Sofia are still walking and looking around. Casey stops when he notices something down a hallway and starts walking away. Sofia walks ahead and suddenly gets jumped by a demon with giant black horns. Sofia hits the ground. The demon picks her up and throws her against a wall. She crumples to the floor as the demon walks to her. Just then Casey kicks the demon from behind and punches him. But it does nothing. The demon swats him back and he hits the ground. The demon picks Sofia up by the throat and starts chocking her. Casey looks up and his eyes are black.

    Casey: Separate

    With that Sofia and the demon fly apart from each other and they both hit the floor. Casey then runs to Sofia and helps her up as the demon gets up as well. Casey turns to see the demon approaching them.

    Casey: Incendiaries globus

    With that a fireball appeared in Casey's hand and he threw it at the demon and it reduces to ash.

    Casey: Are you okay?

    Sofia: Yeah I am. Nice spell.

    Casey: Thanks. Lets go tell Greg about this.

    The two heroes leave. The camera pans around to show the ash on the ground reforming itself into a man. He is wearing a brown jacket and blue jeans with black boots. He looks around and smiles while his eyes turn red.

    Fade to Black- End of Act 1


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      Act 2

      We open up on the college campus. The camera pans around to show the various students walking around with there school supplies and chatting with friends. The camera then moves to the campus library where Connor and Marty are browsing the shelves looking for the books.

      Marty: So Riley do you know what your major is going to be?

      Connor: Of course computer science. What about you?

      Marty: Art. I was always fond of it even when I was growing up.

      Connor walks up to Marty

      Connor: Yeah well I hope all the evil doesn't distract me from school. I still have that Internship set up so-

      Just then Connor bumps into somebody and drops his books.

      Connor: I'm so sorry. I'm a total clutz.

      Connor bends down and picks up his books and the guy helps aswell. Connor takes the last book and stands up.

      Connor: Hi. I'm Connor Riley and you are?

      Guy: OH I'm Gordon Siegel. I also go by Gordy or Gord.

      Connor: Nice to meet you (points to Marty) and this is Martin Jackson my best friend.

      Marty and Gord shake hands.

      Marty: But I prefer Marty more. So you look a little young to be starting college don't you think?

      Gord starts laughing.

      Gord: I'm not. I am still in high school. I'm just here to check the campus out since I am going to be a senior this year.

      Marty: Oh my bad.

      Connor: Well it was nice meeting you but we have to go pay for these disgusting books.

      Gord: You to.

      With that Gord walks away. Connor and Marty walk towards the line to pay for books when all of a sudden the demon that attacked Casey and Sofia shows up in the library. Marty and Connor look shocked.

      Marty: Yeah and who said demons don't need educations.

      Cut to the Hyperion. Gregory is sitting there reading a text when Casey and Sofia come busting through the front door. Greg looks up and sees Sofia hurt. He rushes to help Casey put her down on the sofa.

      Gregory: What happened?

      Casey: A demon. It totally kicked our asses but don't worry I blew it up. You should probably get back while I heal her.

      Greg stands back. Casey puts his hands over her. His eyes go black

      Casey: Resarcio

      Casey's hands start glowing and all the wounds on her body start disappearing until the last one finally disappears and Sofia wakes up. She sits up and sees Casey sitting breathing heavily and Greg staring at her with concern.

      Sofia: What happened? Did you kill the demon?

      Casey: (breathing hard) of?.course?..I did.

      Gregory: So what did this demon look like?
      Sofia: Ugly, really tall, had long black horns, and very ugly red skin. Oh and had a really giant fist.

      Gregory walks away and looks at his texts. While Sofia helps Casey off the floor. They both walk to Gregory.

      Sofia: So anything on the demon yet?

      Gregory turns to them both.

      Gregory: Well it turns out that the demon you fought is called a Devomuncio.

      Sofia: I'm sorry a devo what?

      Gregory: A Devomuncio demon is a type of demon that has superhuman strength and near invulnerability. Oh crap.

      Casey and Sofia: What?

      Gregory: Well it says here that they also have the ability to regenerate and also has the ability to turn human and demon.

      Sofia: Okay that is just messed-

      Just then the camera turns to show Connor and Marty running into the hotel with two bags and there clothes are all torn up and they have cuts on there bodies. They drop there books on the floor and start running towards the weapons.

      Casey: What the hell happened to you guys?

      Connor: We were attacked by some ugly looking demon.

      Marty: Yeah and every time I stabbed it the thing would just get up and keep attacking.

      Sofia: So he attacked you both in the library?

      Marty: Yeah. So the school is shut down until they can rebuild the library.

      Sofia sighs and starts walking in circles.

      Sofia: Well we fought the same thing and it happened the same way. So now we have to figure out a way to destroy it.

      Voice O.S.: I couldn't agree more.

      The gang turns to see a man standing there with an ax. He is wearing a brown leather jacket with black jeans and black boots. He starts walking towards the gang. Casey puts his hand out and the man flies backwards. He drops his ax which Sofia picks up and puts to his neck.

      Casey: Who are you?

      Man: I'm John. John Abrams and I am the only one who can help you.

      The gang looks at each other with confusion.

      Fade to Black- End Act 2


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        Act 3

        We open up to John sitting on the cushion in the middle of the lobby while the gang stands in front and behind the counter watching John.

        Connor: So wait you're a demon hunter?

        John nods

        Sofia: And you have been hunting this thing for how many months?

        John: 6 months. I tracked it all over and I have fought it twice and survived both times.

        Casey: Obviously. Look I just think we should not waste our time staying here talking about stopping this demon when it's out there killing innocents.

        Gregory: Case is right. Maybe we should just gather weapons and just start a manhunt. I mean the sun is going down.

        Sofia: Fine (picks up a sword) then lets go hunting.

        Connor: Okay here are the teams. Me, Marty and John go to the college to check there while Casey, Sofia and Gregory go to the high school.

        Sofia: I don't know if that is a good idea.

        Casey: Why?

        Sofia: Because I don't want Greg on my team we should get John and you should have Greg.

        Gregory: Um?. I'm the watcher and I will make the teams.

        Sofia: Well I don't want you on my team so John comes with us.

        With that Sofia, Casey and John walk out of the Hyperion while Gregory walks back to his desk. He looks up to see Connor and Marty still standing there.

        Gregory: Just have your cells on I will be here.

        Connor and Marty look at each other and walk out of the Hyperion

        Cut to LA High School. The camera pans to show John, Casey and Sofia walking around the quad of the school.

        Casey: (to Sofia) why do you think the demon is here?

        Sofia: Well if he was here before then he has to be here now. Why else would he be at a local high school.

        Casey: Yeah that is a good question.(To John) why would it go to a high school?

        John: I guess for this.

        John punches Casey. Sofia is shocked but recovers to kick him in the face. John blocks it and throws her away. Casey gets up and punches John but he grabs Casey's fist and throws him into Sofia who tries getting up. John walks over to them and reaches down and picks them up.

        Cut to Connor and Marty at the campus. Marty and Connor are looking around and then look at the damaged library. Marty starts laughing and keeps walking.

        Connor: What?

        Marty: Nothing except the fact that the library is destroyed when we first show up at the school.

        Connor chuckles

        Connor: Yeah I guess we attract evil this way. So-

        Before Connor could say anything his phone started ringing. The screen then splits to a split screen with Connor and Gregory.

        Connor: Yeah Greg

        Gregory: Um? I found some info on our demon hunter John. Turns out he is dead.

        Connor looked shocked. Marty turns to see Connor on the phone.
        Connor: How the hell is that possible?

        Gregory: Turns out that the real John Abrams died a couple of months ago. Coroners report states that he was punctured through the chest with what would be horns.

        Connor thinks for a moment until it finally dawns on him.

        Connor: So the demon is this fake John Abrams in disguise. So Greg how do we kill it?

        Gregory: By chopping its head off and smashing it to pieces.

        Connor: Got it.

        Connor hangs up the phone.

        Marty: So wait if this guy is the demon that means we left him alone with Casey and Sofia and he could be killing them.

        Connor: Okay lets go.

        Connor and Marty start running back to the car.

        Cut to Casey and Sofia who are tied to chairs in the middle of the football field. They start waking up and realize that they can't move.

        Casey: So I guess we need to figure our way out of this.

        Sofia: You think. So do you think you can do a spell to get us free?

        Casey: No and I don't know why.

        John O.S.: Because I made the rope magic proof.

        John walks up from the shadows and approaches the two of them.

        Casey: So what do you want with us?

        John: Well I always wanted to kill a slayer. But now I can kill a slayer and a warlock.

        John pulls out a knife

        Sofia: Oh please like I haven't been in a situation like this before.

        Casey: Shut up Sofia the guy is holding a knife.

        John: Yeah listen to him. But since you want to be miss tough girl
        He pulls Sofia's head back and puts the knife to her throat.

        John: Let's get tough.

        Fade to Black- End Act 3


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          Act 4

          We open up on Casey and Sofia who are sitting in there chairs still and are waiting while John is circling the two of them.

          Sofia: You know if you keep circling us why don't you kill us?

          John: Just waiting for the right moment.

          Casey: What right moment?

          John: This one

          John plunges the knife into Casey's stomach and pulls it out. Sofia looks shocked and tries to get out of her chair but can't. John walks to Sofia's chair and is about to stab her when Connor jumps John and knocks the knife away. Marty runs over and starts cutting at the ropes. Connor starts punching John and tries to take a swing at him with his ax but misses and gets knocked down. Sofia does a cartwheel and starts punching him. She tries a jump kick but gets knocked down. Marty swings his sword and misses John by an inch and in return John back hands him. Marty gets back up to fight back but John kicks him away. He then walks toward Sofia and stands over her.

          John: Wow this is really pathetic. I heard slayer's possessed great strength and speed. But this is all you are a little girl who thinks she can fight.

          John turns and picks up the ax and goes over to Connor.

          Cut to Casey's eyes turning black

          John: And you. The Destroyer. I heard that you are the strongest thing. Just as strong as a slayer. Well I guess the legends aren't always true.

          John brings down the ax but stops inches from Connor's face when he gets a sharp pain in his back. He turns to see Casey standing there with his hand out. Casey runs forward and knees John then punches him twice. Casey then kicks him in the face.

          John: How the hell are you this strong?

          Casey: (with a voice of many) I am the one with power you can not comprehend you insignificant speck. Kneel before me.

          John laughs and stands up

          John: How about you kneel for me

          Casey's expression grows dark and he extends his hands and the weapons start flying at John slicing him. Connor and the gang look up to see Casey floating off the ground eyes extremely black and full of hatred.

          Casey: Now I want you to pay for your actions for all eternity.

          John: How?

          Casey: Simple.

          Casey picks up the sword off the ground and chops Johns head off. The demons true form appears and Casey shoves the sword into the head of the demon. The demons body dissipates. Casey notices his demonic soul is flying away.

          Casey: Casses anima

          With that a blue light goes to the soul and traps it inside of the light. The light then flies to Casey's hand where he destroys it with Telekinesis from the inside. Connor gets up and goes to Casey and notices his wound is completely healed and that all his wounds are gone. Casey's eyes are still black though.

          Connor: Um?.Casey are you okay?

          Casey turns to look at him and his eyes return to normal. Casey falls forward and Connor catches him before he hits the floor. Marty and Sofia walk over and see Connor holding Casey.

          Cut to the Hyperion. It is daytime and the sun is shining. Gregory is coming down the stairs and sees Sofia sitting at the counter looking straight ahead. He walks in front of her and sits in the seat.

          Gregory: So?

          Sofia: Let me spare you the dramatic speech I messed up and I realized that your authority is way more important than mine and I am so totally sorry.

          Gregory: Um?.actually I have to apologize to. I mean if we are going to work together then we can't act like total losers and keep on thinking attitudes toward each other is going to fly.

          Sofia: You're right. Friends?
          Sofia puts her hand out for a handshake. Gregory takes her hand and shakes it

          Gregory: Friends. So how is Casey?

          Sofia: Man you should have seen him last night. I mean he was totally in the magic zone and he couldn't be stopped. Connor was even scared.

          Gregory: So what does this mean?

          Sofia: Well?.it means we may have to be careful around Casey and keep our eyes on him.

          Gregory: I agree

          Cut to the dingy basement. Clarice is seen walking through the door and towards the hellmouth. She looks around and sees no one. In her left hand there is a dagger.

          Darla O.S.: So did you get what I asked for?

          Clarice turns to see the First standing behind her with a smile. She smiles herself and walks toward the First and shows it the dagger. The First smiles.

          Darla/The First: Good work phase one is complete.

          Clarice: So when is phase two?

          Darla/the First: Soon.

          The First smiles

          Fade to Black- End Act 4
          End of Episode


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            The Destroyer 1.02 Trivia
            * This episode shows Casey's starting to use magic a little more than he should
            * The weapon that Clarice has at the end of the episode will be explained more in later episodes
            * Yes after the end of the third and fourth episode there will be a two part episode stemming off of the events off this episode