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'First Encounters' - a Giles/Ethan Ficlet (15? - Some swearing and drug use)

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  • 'First Encounters' - a Giles/Ethan Ficlet (15? - Some swearing and drug use)

    Giles rested his head on the soft velvet cushions that served as pillows on the double futon and sighed in comfort. Though, based on the dull edges digging into his body, there were scratched LPs, broken plates and quite possibly a hookah buried under the sweat-ridden mass of sheets and discarded clothes. He breathed out a cloud of smoke that copulated mid-air with the citrus scent of a joss stick and the sparse melody of the ?Comfortably Numb' solo. The futon was a lone boat in the Camden flat, bobbing on an ocean of crushed beer cans and lit candles; the horizon the damp, UV-paint stained walls and the curtains, keeping away the curse of headache-inducing sunlight.
    A voice carried through from the kitchen. "You want anything else, Ripper?"
    "Ethan, I'm ****ing starving." Giles announced. "What you got?"
    A slight pause. Then-"There's some chips."
    "Chuck ?em on then!"
    "Mate, with what? The only pot I've got in here is the kind you smoke. Which I see ?"-Ethan walked into the front room clutching an empty baggie and a large leather-bound book- "You already have."
    "Sorry about that." Giles grinned. "Let me make it up to you."
    Giles pulled Ethan in and gave him a sweet kiss on the lips, which promptly turned into an aggressive snog. Ethan pulled back. "Again?" he questioned mockingly. "We won't have energy enough for this." Squatting next to Giles, Ethan produced the large book, placing it between his legs. He looked up at Giles, and they shared a look of excitement neither would ever forget, despite the now-hazy memories of the last two nights. Ethan opened the volume at random, and read the page title aloud. "Incantation to Summon Objects."