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    Look Im sorry about the last two posts. I kinda messed up but I think I got it now so hopefully this goes well.

    1.01-Welcome to LA

    Start of Episode

    The camera shows legs of a boy. The caption reads Palo Alto, California. It follows him as he takes shallow steps. The camera moves up to show it's a boy carrying a box. The boy walks to the car and puts the box in the vehicle. The camera finally moves up to show its Connor. He walks back to the door and the camera pans out to show a much destroyed apartment. The couch is split in half and the rest of the house has been burned. As he stare around with a look of despair.

    Boy O.S.: You know I think the apartment looks a lot better this way. Although I knew killing that Chinese fire demon was very stupid.

    Connor turns around and sees a tall African American who is wearing faded blue jeans a white t-shirt under a gray hooded jacket smiling at him.

    Connor: What are you saying Marty?

    Marty: You know damn well that demon would have killed us and make us its bitch or something. Do you want me to pinch you to let it all sink in? Cause? can happen.

    Connor rolls his eyes

    Connor: No I'm good. I mean it is a lot harder paying for this apartment although I did get money from my?

    Marty: Well whatever we aren't staying here. College can start anew in LA.

    Connor: My parents seem to think so. Although I am worried that something bad might happen.

    Marty (Laughing): Okay Destroyer whatever you say. I will get the rest of the boxes you just go sit in the car.

    Connor rolls his eyes again and starts walking towards the van. He turns around to look at the apartment and gets in the car.
    End of teaser

    Opening Credits:
    Vincent Kartheiser as Connor Riley Angel
    Ernest Waddell as Marty Jackson
    Thomas Dekker as Casey Parker
    Emily Browning as Sofia Romero
    Bradley Cooper as Gregory Pierce

    Special Guest Stars:
    Anthony Stewart Head as Giles
    Alyson Hannigan as Willow Rosenburg
    Julie Benz as Darla
    Guest Starring:
    Romola Garai as Clarice
    David Boreanaz as Angel

    Disclaimer: I dont own any of the Buffyverse characters created by Joss Whedon. But I do own all the other characters

    Act 1

    The camera pans out on the highway to show its raining out side. It comes in on a van that is driving along the highway to and we look inside and see Marty behind the wheel while Connor stares out the window absentmindedly.

    Marty: So wonder why it is a hectic storm today forecasters said clear skies all week.

    Connor: Well it is the apocalypse.

    Marty: Wait what apocalypse? You mean the one where you were helping your dad in?

    Connor: Yup that same one. I wonder what happened.

    Marty: Well whatever happens Riley I'm sure your dad and his friends are okay. Besides we have bigger things to worry about like where are we going
    to live. I mean we don't even have enough money to keep a place.

    Connor: What happened to your job?

    Marty: I had to quit

    Connor (Yelling): You did what?

    Marty looks at Connor and smiles and looks forward again.

    Marty: Hey look we're in LA.

    The camera pans to show the ?Welcome to LA' sign. Connor tenses up when he sees the sign knowing that something bad is going to happen.

    Cut to the inside of the city where we see the van Connor and Marty are driving in still driving around.

    Marty: So where are we going again? I mean all this driving around is making me sick.

    Connor looks out the window and sees a building. Connor starts to smile.

    Marty: Riley why are you smiling?

    Connor: Stop the car. I found a place for us to live.

    Marty looks confused and kind of scared.

    Cut to a giant building. The caption reads "Oxford, England". We go inside the giant building where we see young girls walking around talking. The camera pans to see a girl with red hair addressing a group of girls sitting in a room full of weapons

    Girl: I know doing this business is hard work but in the end I know you will all do a wonderful job. Yes I know that its hard doing this job but it will get easier.

    The camera pans around so we see the face of the girl. The girl is Willow.
    Willow: So?. any questions?

    Girl #1: So wait us being slayers is a gift?

    Willow: Yes it is but?

    Girl #2: So why do slayers end up dying?

    Willow: Well not all?..

    Girl#3: I did not sign up for this

    Girl#4: Me neither

    Willow: Wait I can explain?..

    Soon all the girls start talking all at once and soon start yelling and shouting and going crazy. Willow looks on in despair and confusion as she doesn't
    know how to handle this.

    Man O.S.: Okay now that is quite enough of yelling

    The Camera pans around to show Rupert Giles standing there with two books in his arms. All the girls look at him and stare in awe. Willow turns around as well with a grin on her face.

    Willow: Thank you Giles I was totally over-whelmed.

    Giles: Oh no problem. So Willow I need to speak to you about an urgent matter.

    Willow: Okay you got it.

    Willow looks back to the girls

    Willow: Okay look I am going to have a little chat with Mr. Giles so in the meantime you girls work on your techniques. I will have Rona come check up on you in a little while.

    With that Willow and Giles walk away.

    Cut to a giant room with book in shelves up against a wall. In the middle of the room is a giant table with a giant chair at the head of it. Sitting in one of the chairs is a young guy who looks like a younger version of Giles. He is wearing glasses, and the same suit Giles is wearing only black. Books are spread out in front of him and he seems to be writing in a notepad sitting next to him. The camera pans around to show Willow and Giles coming through the door having a conversation.

    Willow: Well Giles I'm sure this is going to be a very good mission we just need a watcher?

    Willow notices the guy sitting at the table. She looks toward Giles who notices the guy to.

    Willow: Um?Giles who is this.

    Guy: Oh I'm sorry Gregory Pierce. I'm one of the new Watchers that have been brought in.

    Willow: Oh?hi. I'm sorry I didn't know. So do you like the new and improved council?

    Gregory: I like it the last one was full of stiffs and old people. I mean sure of course I wasn't referring to you as old Mr. Giles.

    Giles chokes on his coffee while Willow starts laughing. But stops when she sees Giles look.

    Giles: Anyways I called you both here to discuss that the coven has discovered another slayer.

    Gregory: Where?

    Willow: In LA. Oh crap.

    Gregory: What?

    Giles: Well?That is Angel's old turf and now it's got an inexperienced slayer running around things might get ugly and I need someone to go and train the new slayer.

    Willow: Well I can go ask-

    Gregory: I'll do it.

    Willow and Giles looked shocked.

    Gregory: Trust me I am good at this and I will personally train that slayer myself.

    Giles: Well I don't know if-

    Willow: Okay you can do it.

    Giles and Gregory look up in shock.

    Giles: Willow

    Willow: Relax Giles he will make sure she is safe so relax.

    Willow turns to Gregory and smiles.

    Gregory: I will go pack.

    With that Gregory leaves the room and Giles gets up and looks out the window.

    Willow: Giles relax it will go well it will go fine.

    Giles: It's not Gregory I am worried about it's the slayer he is going to train that is worrying me.

    Willow looks at Giles confused and starts looking at the girls file.

    Cut to Downtown LA. A young boy is running away from somebody and tries to ditch them down an alley but it turns out that it is a dead end.. The boy starts looking around and doesn't notice the person behind him.

    Man O.S.: So you gave me quite a run kid.

    The camera pans around to show that it's a Vampire that was chasing the boy. The boy looks scared and tries to run but the vampire blocks him and punches him in the face. The boy falls and tries getting back up but the vamp pounces on him.

    Boy: Please don't hurt me. What did I ever do to you?

    Vampire: Oh trust me its something you're going to do. To bad I have to kill you.

    Girl O.S.: Yeah it's not really a shame for me.

    The Vampire turns around to see a girl dressed in Black boots, a black shirt and jacket, and her hair is tied in a ponytail. The vampire looks at the girl and starts to laugh. The boy looks utterly confused.

    Girl: What's so funny?

    Vampire: The fact that a little girl thinks she can take me.

    Girl: Okay then show me what you got.

    The vampire chuckles then punches the girl across the face. He tries kicking her but she grabs his foot and twists it. While the Vamp is on the ground she kicks him in the stomach and knees him in the face. She tries punching him but the Vamp is to quick and he grabs her fist and punches her in the face and throws her through a wall.

    Vampire: Well I guess this is your end kid. I'm going to enjoy every minute of this.

    The Vampire reaches down for the boy and tries to take a bite when he stops and looks down and sees something wooden in his chest.

    Vampire: Oh crap

    With that the vampire is slayed and the girl appears behind him holding a wooden stake and wearing a huge smile. The boy looks in horror but then gets up and starts walking towards the girl. The girl was dusting herself off and putting the stake in her pocket.

    Boy: Thank you I don't know how to thank you.

    Girl: Don't. Just stay out of dark alleys and go home.

    The Girl starts walking away.

    Boy: How where you able to do that?

    Girl: It's what I do.

    Boy: But you're just a girl.

    The girl stops walking and turns around.

    Girl: That's what I keep saying.
    Fade to Black-End Act 1
    Act 2

    Connor and Marty are walking around the Hyperion Lobby trying to put stuff away. When Marty reaches to put some books up in Angel's old office a picture falls out of the shelf. Marty picks it up and looks at it. The picture shows Angel, Cordelia, and Wesley. Marty Smiles and puts the picture in his pocket. He walks back out to the lobby and goes to the weapon case. He pulls at a sword and starts swinging it around. Connor puts down the box and looks at him and starts laughing.

    Marty: What?

    Connor: It's just you aren't going to get any vamps by standing here swinging that sword.

    Marty: Yeah well I say we go out and patrol like we used to in Palo Alto.

    Connor looks at his shoes and walks away

    Marty: What?

    Connor: Its nothing.

    Marty: What is it Riley? I know when you're lying to me. You get all avoidy and you start fidgeting and that gets quite annoying.

    Connor: It's just that I didn't think I would have to demon fight and go to school it sounds like to much work. Plus I haven't really talked to Tracey since I came here. I mean we broke up and I have all these feelings and it hurts you know. I just don't know what to do anymore. Plus I don't even know if my father is okay. I haven't talked to him since we took out that Hamilton Guy.

    Marty: Okay Riley breath. Look I don't know what you're going through but trust me in the end everything will go a lot smoother for you okay? So stop worrying I'm sure you will be okay in the end.

    Connor just smiles and goes back to taking the box upstairs.

    Cut to the Hyperion Hallway. Connor is carrying the box to his room and starts putting stuff away and looks around and smiles. Connor leaves his room and starts going through the other rooms on the top levels and starts seeing how vacant the rooms are. He goes back down the stairs and sees

    Marty looking through a folder and writing stuff down.

    Connor: Hey what are you doing?

    Marty: Looking through some of your dad's old case files. Did you know they dealt with a ghost and a giant squid in the sewers?

    Connor: Okay these are some weird cases my dad did back in his day. Do you think we should re-open this place?

    Marty: Um?.not right now. So we have a situation.

    Connor: What?

    Marty: Well, For starters we have no money so we need that and the fact that school is starting soon and we need to pay for textbooks and stuff like that.

    Connor sighs and walks to the cushion in the middle of the lobby. Connor is about to say something when four vampires bust through the door and start attacking. Connor is shocked while Marty looks pissed.

    Marty: Okay we are not paying for that.

    Cut to LA Airport. The camera pans around to show people sitting and waiting. Some are talking and calling others. The camera then moves over to the plane showing people getting off the plane. We see Gregory walking off the plane with a look of amazement on his face. He is wearing something different from his usual attire: A black jacket over a black shirt and blue jeans. He is carrying a satchel and is walking around the airport. Gregory walks out of the Airport and hails a cab.

    Cut back to the Hyperion where Connor and Marty are fighting the vampires. Marty is punching the vampires left and right while Connor is punching and getting punched. Connor swings at the Vampire but it ducks and punches him in the stomach and throws him away. The two vampires gang up on Connor and start kicking him. Meanwhile Marty is staking the last vamp and looks over at Connor who is having troubles. Connor finally kicks the two vamps and starts pounding on one while Marty stakes the other. Connor gets punched over the cushion and grabs the sword lying on the floor and turns and chops the vamp's head off. Connor stands up and looks around.

    Marty starts laughing and Connor looks at him.

    Connor (annoyed): What the hell is so funny?

    Marty (laughing): The fact that we kicked vamp ass and I did better than you, and I'm the one without powers.

    Connor smiles and then starts laughing to. The boys then start putting the weapons away and start cleaning. Connor starts cleaning when he notices something on the floor. A necklace with a weird symbol on it. Connor looks at it strangely and tosses it to Marty.

    Marty: What the hell is it?

    Connor: I have no idea. Think it's important?

    Marty: I have no idea. I will research it.

    Connor looks amused

    Marty: What?

    Connor looks around and smiles

    Connor: Nothing

    As Connor is sweeping and Marty is dusting someone comes through the front door. Both boys look up to see none other than Angel standing in the doorway. Angel looks shocked to see Connor and Marty in the hotel.

    Connor: Dad

    Angel: Connor

    Cut to Downtown LA where the Gregory is seen walking down the street on the phone with someone. He continues walking and still talking on the phone when he turns and sees two guys following him. He hangs up and breaks out into a run and ends up in an alley. He looks around for an exit but can't find one. The camera swirls around and we see the two vampires standing there blocking the other exit.

    Gregory: Hey lads how are you? Seems to me you're lost.

    Vampire 1: No I don't think so. But you seem lost to me what you think Dan?

    Dan: I think so Steve. Maybe we should take him to the boss.

    Gregory: I don't think so.

    Gregory Starts running towards the vamps but gets punched in the face by Dan. The Steve picks him up and kicks him in the stomach and punches him. Gregory goes for a punch but misses and gets shoved to the ground. Steve picks him up and throws him against the wall and starts punching him. Steve goes to bite him when all of a sudden the Girl from earlier jumps on top of
    Steve and starts punching him and then stakes him. She turns around but Dan is already gone. The Girl stands up and starts walking away.

    Gregory: Wait you're a slayer aren't you?

    Girl: How do you know that?

    Gregory: Because I'm your watcher. My name's Gregory. What's yours?

    Girl: My name is Sofia.
    Fade to Black-End of Act 2
    Act 3

    Cut to: Connor and Marty sitting in Angel's ex office while Angel is sat in one of the free chairs. Connor is looking really confused while Marty is looking perplexed. Angel on the other hand is really calm and looking anywhere but Connor's eyes.

    Marty looks amused

    Marty: So Mr??Angel, What are you doing back here in LA?

    Angel: I'm here for a couple of reasons but mainly I heard about your apartment on the news and decided to come look for you. Then I saw the vamps attack the hotel and saw you and your friend fighting and I wanted to see if you still got it.

    Connor: Oh okay. So where have you been? I haven't heard from you since you were in Wolf Ram and Hart.

    Marty: Yeah we drove past the Law Firm and it looks brand new did you win? Or did you lose but survived?

    Angel: Well it happened like this

    Cut to Angel, Gunn, Spike and Illyria standing in the rain. The demons approach. Angel rushes forward about to attack the first demon. It hits him in the face. Gunn swings his axe to hit a demon but gets pushed back in the wall. Illyria jumps to dodge a demon's sword. She decapitates it. The dragon swoops down and smashes her with its wing. She flies back. Angel looks around. Spike punches a demon. Another throws him to the ground. The gang is surrounded and then a blast of energy went right past them and to the demons. Angel turned around to see Willow, Faith, and Buffy with an army of girls running past them fighting off the demons. Spike and Illyria help Gunn to his feet and see the Calvary helping them out. Angel smiles and so does Buffy.

    Flashback end

    Connor and Marty look at each other and laugh. Angel looks at them both and frowns and gets up. Marty and Connor notice and stop laughing but they
    do giggle for a little bit.

    Angel: What is so funny Connor?

    Connor (giggling): Which part the one where you had a gushy moment with Buffy or the fact that you were saved by a bunch of girls?

    Angel frowns

    Marty: It's okay Angel even though you were saved by girls I'm sure you and your friends are going to be okay. Right?

    Angel: yeah they are we had Gunn rushed to the hospital. They said he would be okay.

    Connor stands and walks past his father out of the office. Marty and Angel curious follow him.

    Cut to Gregory and Sofia walking and talking. The duo continues walking until they reach the end of the street and they continue walking while Sofia gets a confused look on her face.

    Sofia: Okay let me get this straight, In 2003 a witch named Willow cast a spell on an ancient weapon that turned every girl in the world into slayers. Then Buffy the original slayer took over the council and renamed it the "Slayer Council" and are recruiting slayers around the world to stay at the academy located in Respect Shores.

    Gregory: Yes that is basically it in a nutshell. Look I know we barely know each other but um look if anything were to happen to me go to the Hyperion Hotel and ask for Angel.

    Sofia: I know where that is. Its just nobody has been there in years so that is kind of pointless but whatever you're the watcher. So if your going to be my watcher where are we going to train because my mom would flip if I bring an older man home.

    Gregory smiles and starts thinking of a place to train when all of a sudden 5 vamps come out of nowhere and start surrounding Sofia and Gregory.

    Cut to: Angel and Marty walking after Connor.

    Marty: Riley look maybe we should have stayed in the other city if you can't handle this.

    Connor: I can it's just that I don't know if I'm good enough to be a champion like you are dad. I mean I remember all the stuff I did back then and I don't think I deserve any type of praise for being a hero.

    Angel: Connor wait-

    Just then Marty grabs his head in pain and hits the floor he starts screaming in agony. Connor and Angel recognize this pretty well and rush to his aid. In the vision we see Sofia and Gregory fighting until Gregory is punched away and Sofia is captured by the other vamps. Then as soon as the vision is over Marty pops out of it. Connor and Angel look at him.

    Angel: Are you okay?

    Connor: How the hell is this possible?

    Marty: I have no idea but there are two people in trouble in an alley on Market Street. They're surrounded by vamps 10 of them. Oh and the girl I think she might be a slayer.

    Connor and Angel look at each other and start getting weapons. Marty looks at the two of them and joins them in the weapon gathering.

    Cut to Sofia and Gregory they are both holding up well they slayed about 5 vamps and 5 vamps left. Sofia is taking on 3 vamps all at once while Gregory is finishing staking his last vamp. All of a sudden a vamp jumps out and punches Gregory and hits Sofia over the head and they drag her away. Gregory gets up and jumps one vamp and stakes him but is side swiped and thrown against a wall.

    Cut to Angel, Marty and Connor walking down the street. The boys aren't speaking but have serious looks on there face. Connor runs ahead towards the street name and sees the alley from Marty's vision and spots a guy on the floor. He runs up and checks his pulse. Connor feels the pulse and starts lifting the guy off the ground when Marty and Angel show up.

    Marty: Damn this guy looks like hell. Maybe we should take him back to the hotel. I mean we can't take him to a hospital since they would question how he got this way.

    Angel: Good idea.

    Angel looks at Gregory and realization comes across his face. Connor notices this and pulls Angel aside.

    Connor: Dad what is it?

    Angel: I recognize him. He is a watcher for the Slayer Council I met him before. Oh crap.

    Connor: What?

    Angel: Well for starters he knows you're my son and second I heard Giles and Willow talking and I think the girl from your vision is the slayer he was sent here to meet. Hopefully we find her. How many vamps were in your vision?

    Marty looks up and doesn't respond and starts walking away from Connor and Angel. He had one arm around Gregory's waist and put Gregory's arm around his shoulders. Connor looked at Angel and shrugged. Soon Angel and Connor followed the two retreating figured and headed back to the hotel.

    Cut to the hotel lobby. Marty comes through the door carrying Gregory and sets him down on the cushion and goes into the office and gets the first aid kit. Angel and Connor come through the door and see that Marty is dressing his wounds.

    Connor: So do you think he will come to?

    Marty: Hard to say he is badly beaten.

    Just then Gregory opens his eyes and stares around. He sees Marty and Connor and looks around the hotel. He gets up off the cushion and starts limping towards the sword on the counter. He picks it up and a start walking towards the door until Angel puts his hand on Gregory shoulder to stop him.

    Angel: Greg?..Stop moving you're hurt.

    Gregory (weakly): I don't care. I have to save Sofia before something bad happens to her.

    Marty and Connor look at each other and shrug.

    Marty: Wait I thought she was a slayer. So how is she in danger she should be fine?

    Gregory: The vamps jumped us. They beat me up and kidnapped her. But I don't know where they took her.

    Angel: I'm sure she is fine.

    Cut to a dark basement. Sofia is seen chained against a wall. Several vampires are walking around. Two giant vampires are placed next to her holding shiny axes. Sofia finally opens her eyes and sees all the vampires around her and she freaks out. While she is grabbing at her chains a woman with red hair wearing a low cut black skirt with a black tank top and black boots walks from the shadows.

    Woman: You know I'm impressed. I finally get to meet the infamous slayer of LA. God you have been a thorn in my side.

    Sofia: Yeah well I love being a thorn. Now who should I thank for these nice accommodations?

    The Woman just laughs and then back hands Sofia and starts pacing

    Woman: My name is Clarice and I have come to LA to make this city hell. To bad you wont be alive long enough to see the end.

    Clarice walks to the center of the room. Sofia looks past Clarice and sees a
    giant hole. Sofia gets a confusing look on her face until it finally hits her.

    Sofia: Oh My God that's a hellmouth.

    Clarice turns and giggles.

    Clarice: Yup and I need certain items to create a hellmouth in this retched town. The Senior Partners may have been the biggest evil but not as big as the first evil. Don't worry this will all be over and you can die peacefully.

    Sofia: Oh please like I would help you create a hellmouth.

    Clarice pulls out a knife.

    Clarice: Oh you are so going to help me in a big way.

    Clarice brings the knife down

    Fade to Black- End Act 3

    Act 4

    Cut to the Hyperion. We see Marty helping Gregory with his wounds while Connor is practicing his sword technique in the lobby. Angel is nowhere to be seen.

    Marty: So where did your dad go?

    Connor stops swinging his sword and shrugs. The door to the Hyperion open and in walks Angel with a boy. He is wearing black jeans with a black shirt under a gray hoodie and he is wearing black converse. The boy looks around and goes to the counter and takes off his backpack.

    Connor: Who is he?

    Angel: This is Casey Parker. He's a warlock.

    Marty: Okay. That still doesn't answer why he is here.

    Angel: He can heal those wounds of Gregory's and help us find Sofia.

    Casey turns around and walks towards Gregory and puts his hand over his chest and mutters an incantation and soon all of his wounds disappear. Marty and Connor look shocked while Angel smiles. Casey helps Gregory up and walks back to the counter.

    Casey: So where was she taken?

    Gregory: Um near an alley on Market Street. Why?

    Casey: I know where she is. Get weapons.

    With that Casey walks out the door. Connor follows while Angel, Marty and Gregory gather weapons.

    Cut to the hideous room. Clarice is standing over the incomplete hellmouth. Sofia is bleeding from the wound on her stomach and is watching Clarice dip her blood on the hellmouth.

    Clarice: Well looks like the First is going to make a comeback here in this wretched city.

    Sofia: (panting) N?Never. You won't have this city. You tramp.

    Clarice scowls and kicks her in the face. She then kneels down next to Sofia and puts a knife to her throat.

    Clarice: Well don't worry you won't be around to see it. So any last words?

    Sofia looks up and smiles

    Sofia: (smug) Yeah bitch. You might want to move.

    Just then Connor jumps off the landing and lands next to the seal while Casey, Gregory, Marty, and Angel join him.

    Clarice turns around and smiles.

    Clarice: Oh this is delicious a bunch of hero rejects think that they can stop me. Boys get them.

    The vampires run towards the 5 heroes and start attacking. Marty has two vamps to deal with he swings his sword and the vampire catches it and punches him and kicks him. Marty drops on the floor. He looks over and sees his sword and rolls over picks it up and decapitates the first vamp while the second kicks him in the face. Marty falls and doesn't get up. Gregory just dusts two vamps when he sees Marty on the floor about to get bitten he picks up the crossbow and fires it the vampire gets hit. He dusts. Gregory goes over to Marty and wakes him up. Marty jumps up, picks up his sword and goes back to the action. Angel and Connor are fighting side by side. Angel punches two vamps and dusts them both. While Connor decapitates his last vamp and goes to help Sofia. Angel looks over and sees Casey surrounded and almost goes to help but sees Casey's eyes are pitch black.

    Casey: Lux lucis

    Suddenly a ball of yellow light comes out of his hand and destroys all the vamps. Angel sees it and jumps out of the way just in time. Clarice sees the light to and jumps out of the way. She looks down to see that Connor has freed Sofia and Angel is on his way to her. She looks scared and runs away. Angel looks to where she fled and doesn't see her. He looks back towards the ground and sees Casey healing Sofia. He smiles and jumps down.

    Cut to Hyperion Lobby. The Sun is out. Angel is standing there with luggage and Connor is seen standing there as well. They both look away and then look back at each other.

    Connor: So?where are you going to go now?

    Angel: Back to the Council. Willow and Giles said Spike and the rest of them are getting out of the medical ward soon and they want me to teach some slayers at the new academy.

    Connor: That's good still helping the helpless. So I guess I will see you sometime soon?

    Angel: Yeah I might drop by. But you have your own team now so I wont be around as much.

    Connor: Okay thank god. Well I guess this is the team now. So how are you going to get out of here since the suns out?

    Angel digs in his pocket and brings out an amulet. Connor looks at it and doesn't think its anything special.

    Angel: (off Connor's look) Trust me this helpful. It protects me from the sun. Besides Casey got it for me.

    Connor: Yeah?.Casey seems like a nice person?.I guess.

    Angel starts laughing and soon so does Connor. They both stop and look at each other and Angel puts the amulet on. He picks up his luggage and walks to the door.

    Angel: So I will see you around?

    Connor: Yeah you will.

    With that Angel smiles and walks out the door. Connor smiles and walks to the stairs. He walks down the hallway and sees Casey standing there.

    Casey: You know your dad is very cool in the I drink blood type way.

    Connor: Yeah. So do you like it here?

    Casey: Yeah. But don't worry Mr. Riley I won't jeopardize your mission. So what do you think that vampire wanted?

    Connor: I don't know but whatever she wanted she will try to get it at any cost. So are you on the team?

    Casey turns and looks at Connor. He smiles and walks towards his room. He reaches for the handle opens the door but stops to close the door.

    Casey: Of course I am. Good Night.

    With that he shuts the door and Connor is left alone. He looks over the balcony and goes back to his room.

    Cut to the eerie basement. Clarice is standing next to the hellmouth with her vamp face on looking really angry.

    Clarice: Damn it. I couldn't create the seal my master.

    Suddenly there is a woman walking into the picture the camera pans up to show she is wearing a white dress with a matching jacket. The camera pans a little farther up to show its Darla. But we all know it's the First.

    Darla/First: Yeah I know but don't worry the destroyer will help us with the hellmouth its only a matter of time.

    Off Darla's smile we
    Fade to Black
    End of Episode
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    The Destroyer 1.01 Trivia

    * There will be 22 episodes this season
    * One of the main characters has a secret to tell
    * One of the main characters will die this season
    * The First will meet the gang face to face this season and later on in the series