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  • Act 1

    Opening Credits:
    Vincent Kartheiser as Connor Riley Angel
    Ernest Waddell as Marty Jackson
    Thomas Dekker as Casey Parker
    Emily Browning as Sofia Romero
    Bradley Cooper as Gregory Pierce

    Special Guest Stars:
    Anthony Stewart Head as Giles
    Alyson Hannigan as Willow Rosenburg
    Julie Benz as Darla
    Guest Starring:
    Romola Garai as Clarice
    David Boreanaz as Angel

    Act 1
    The camera pans out on the highway to show its raining out side. It comes in on a van that is driving along the highway to and we look inside and see Marty behind the wheel while Connor stares out the window absentmindedly.

    Marty: So wonder why it is a hectic storm today forecasters said clear skies all week.

    Connor: Well it is the apocalypse.

    Marty: Wait what apocalypse? You mean the one where you were helping your dad in?

    Connor: Yup that same one. I wonder what happened.

    Marty: Well whatever happens Riley I'm sure your dad and his friends are okay. Besides we have bigger things to worry about like where are we going to live. I mean we don't even have enough money to keep a place.

    Connor: What happened to your job?

    Marty: I had to quit

    Connor (Yelling): You did what?

    Marty looks at Connor and smiles and looks forward again.

    Marty: Hey look we're in LA.

    The camera pans to show the ?Welcome to LA' sign. Connor tenses up when he sees the sign knowing that something bad is going to happen.
    Cut to the inside of the city where we see the van Connor and Marty are driving in still driving around.

    Marty: So where are we going again? I mean all this driving around is making me sick.

    Connor looks out the window and sees a building. Connor starts to smile.

    Marty: Riley why are you smiling?

    Connor: Stop the car. I found a place for us to live.

    Marty looks confused and kind of scared.

    Cut to a giant building. The caption reads "Oxford, England". We go inside the giant building where we see young girls walking around talking. The camera pans to see a girl with red hair addressing a group of girls sitting in a room full of weapons

    Girl: I know doing this business is hard work but in the end I know you will all do a wonderful job. Yes I know that its hard doing this job but it will get easier.

    The camera pans around so we see the face of the girl. The girl is Willow.

    Willow: So?. any questions?

    Girl #1: So wait us being slayers is a gift?

    Willow: Yes it is but?

    Girl #2: So why do slayers end up dying?

    Willow: Well not all?..

    Girl#3: I did not sign up for this

    Girl#4: Me neither

    Willow: Wait I can explain?..

    Soon all the girls start talking all at once and soon start yelling and shouting and going crazy. Willow looks on in despair and confusion as she doesn't know how to handle this.

    Man O.S.: Okay now that is quite enough of yelling

    The Camera pans around to show Rupert Giles standing there with two books in his arms. All the girls look at him and stare in awe. Willow turns around as well with a grin on her face.

    Willow: Thank you Giles I was totally over-whelmed.

    Giles: Oh no problem. So Willow I need to speak to you about an urgent matter.

    Willow: Okay you got it.

    Willow looks back to the girls

    Willow: Okay look I am going to have a little chat with Mr. Giles so in the meantime you girls work on your techniques. I will have Rona come check up on you in a little while.

    With that Willow and Giles walk away.

    Cut to a giant room with book in shelves up against a wall. In the middle of the room is a giant table with a giant chair at the head of it. Sitting ion one of the chairs is a young guy who looks like a younger version of Giles. He is wearing glasses, and the same suit Giles is wearing only black. Books are spread out in front of him and he seems to be writing in a notepad sitting next to him. The camera pans around to show Willow and Giles coming through the door having a conversation.

    Willow: Well Giles I'm sure this is going to be a very good mission we just need a watcher?

    Willow notices the guy sitting at the table. She looks toward Giles who notices the guy to.

    Willow: Um?Giles who is this.

    Guy: Oh I'm sorry Gregory Pierce. I'm one of the new Watchers that have been brought in.

    Willow: Oh?hi. I'm sorry I didn't know. So do you like the new and improved council?

    Gregory: I like it the last one was full of stiffs and old people. I mean sure of course I wasn't referring to you as old Mr. Giles.

    Giles chokes on his coffee while Willow starts laughing. But stops when she sees Giles look.

    Giles: Anyways I called you both here to discuss that the coven has discovered another slayer.

    Gregory: Where?

    Willow: In LA. Oh crap.

    Gregory: What?

    Giles: Well?That is Angel's old turf and now it's got an inexperienced slayer running around things might get ugly and I need someone to go and train the new slayer.

    Willow: Well I can go ask-

    Gregory: I'll do it.

    Willow and Giles looked shocked.

    Gregory: Trust me I am good at this and I will personally train that slayer myself.

    Giles: Well I don't know if-

    Willow: Okay you can do it.

    Giles and Gregory look up in shock.

    Giles: Willow

    Willow: Relax Giles he will make sure she is safe so relax.

    Willow turns to Gregory and smiles.

    Gregory: I will go pack.

    With that Gregory leaves the room and Giles gets up and looks out the window.

    Willow: Giles relax it will go well it will go fine.

    Giles: It's not Gregory I am worried about it's the slayer he is going to train that is worrying me.

    Willow looks at Giles confused and starts looking at the girls file.

    Cut to Downtown LA. A young boy is running away from somebody and tries to ditch them down an alley but it turns out that it is a dead end.. The boy starts looking around and doesn't notice the person behind him.

    Man O.S.: So you gave me quite a run kid.

    The camera pans around to show that it's a Vampire that was chasing the boy. The boy looks scared and tries to run but the vampire blocks him and punches him in the face. The boy falls and tries getting back up but the vamp pounces on him.

    Boy: Please don't hurt me. What did I ever do to you?

    Vampire: Oh trust me its something you're going to do. To bad I have to kill you.

    Girl O.S.: Yeah it's not really a shame for me.

    The Vampire turns around to see a girl dressed in Black boots, a black shirt and jacket, and her hair is tied in a ponytail. The vampire looks at the girl and starts to laugh. The boy looks utterly confused.

    Girl: What's so funny?

    Vampire: The fact that a little girl thinks she can take me.

    Girl: Okay then show me what you got.

    The vampire chuckles then punches the girl across the face. He tries kicking her but she grabs his foot and twists it. While the Vamp is on the ground she kicks him in the stomach and knees him in the face. She tries punching him but the Vamp is to quick and he grabs her fist and punches her in the face and throws her through a wall.

    Vampire: Well I guess this is your end kid. I'm going to enjoy every minute of this.

    The Vampire reaches down for the boy and tries to take a bite when he stops and looks down and sees something wooden in his chest.

    Vampire: Oh crap

    With that the vampire is slayed and the girl appears behind him holding a wooden stake and wearing a huge smile. The boy looks in horror but then gets up and starts walking towards the girl. The girl was dusting herself off and putting the stake in her pocket.

    Boy: Thank you I don't know how to thank you.

    Girl: Don't. Just stay out of dark alleys and go home.

    The Girl starts walking away.

    Boy: How where you able to do that?

    Girl: It's what I do.

    Boy: But you're just a girl.

    The girl stops walking and turns around.

    Girl: That's what I keep saying.

    Fade to Black-End Act 1