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So Giles, care to explain in 3 parts

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  • So Giles, care to explain in 3 parts

    Characters of Buffy The Vampire Slayer are owned by the holders of that copyright.
    Blackfeather, the Crow and Rebecca are of the TV series The Crow.
    The Demon Hunters and associated characters are copyright to me.
    Time-line. Before Joyce died, before Tara's birthday

    "Buffy, I'd like you to meet Sally, Sally is a natural Chimera," said Giles. "A Chimera? what's that?" asks Buffy.
    "Hey, don't look at me B, I missed school that year," said Faith.
    "Don't look at me either, hey Will?" asked Xander.

    "I suppose so, a Chimera, in Greek mythology, part creature part human." said Willow.
    "So Giles, care to explain?" asks Buffy.
    "As I said, Sally is a natural Chimera, born with the DNA of a snake, a tigress, a mosquito and a human."

    "Okay, but does that make her a chimera though?" asked Willow.
    "Allow me to explain, you'd better sit down. Another watcher, Robson, a good friend of mine. He knew about Sally, he asked her to come here, to help Buffy and Faith."
    "How would we need her?" asked Faith

    "Right, if either of you were to attack Sally, you'd lose."
    "But, they are slayers!, you're joking right," said Xander.
    "If they both attacked now, and together. I'd put a years wages on Sally winning, and in a few seconds. Buffy, Faith ever heard of the saying, know your attacker?. Sally is born with Tigress DNA, and she can be a Tigress at will, according to Robson, that's an adult four hundred pound Tigress, she also has female mosquito DNA, she only drinks blood to feed her young," said Giles.

    "She's a vampire?" asked Willow.
    "Hmm, yes Willow, but she isn't pregnant. Your not are you."
    "Wouldn't matter if I was, would it? any blood'll do," said Sally.

    "Sally also has the DNA of a snake, a king cobra to be precise, in the human form, as she is now she can disable any opponent with her spray, two king Cobra's have enough poisonous spray to kill a platoon of soldiers, so I'm guessing that Sally could do that and more, oh and she is immune to her poison, all poisons..

    Faith looks at Buffy then at Sally, they both greet Sally, hugging, vigorously shaking her hand.
    "I know," said Buffy, "Clothes, and ooh new shoes!".
    "Ooh yes, there's a new shop in the mall, could be worth a look," said Willow.

    "The mall!, let me walk you there, guided tours free of charge.
    Sally smiles at Giles as she is escorted from the magic shop.
    "I feel sorry for the evil, what-ever can it pit against them?"


    "Is my dear Spike here?"
    "Dru? what brings you back here."
    "You did."
    "There's two slayers here now."

    "Your worth it, Spike. Did you feel it, did you huh. Did you feel it."
    "Something, I felt something."
    "There a light in our tunnel, it's getting brighter. I know who can get rid of your chip."
    "You do?"
    "Mmmm, wave bye bye, send to never never come back land. And guess what."

    "What's that Dru."
    "Mummy is back!"
    "I brought back mummy," she smiles to Spike.
    "Hang on?" asked Spike.

    "I'm mummy to mummy, and she still wants him, she might bring daddy home soon, that's where that chip can go from."
    "Sounds like a plan then, ok."
    "If we hurry we might see daddy again."


    "Look who I found Mummy."
    "Is he like Angel?" asked Darla.
    "He's not a pretend daddy, but he is tamed, but I know how to make him better."

    "Then we can play happy family's again."
    "Yes mummy dear, and soon," said Drusilla.
    "Daddy will be back soon, shall we go and see him mummy," said Darla.
    "And they can give me my Spike back," said Drusilla.


    "Willow, Xander, Sally can you leave us alone please," said Giles.
    Buffy looked at Faith, then grins.
    "Don't grin Buffy, I've asked the council for help."
    "What is it?" asked Faith.
    "Bad news, it could be a problem Faith."

    "Guessed that when you said you'd asked the council for help."
    "They told me there is another slayer, she's coming here," said Giles.
    "Where is she from?" asked Faith.
    "England, not far from my house, hundred miles or so."
    "Who is she, what's she like?"

    "She has been taught by Miss Harkness. I didn't know it, but that slayer is a witch, but I don't know her name yet. I rang miss Harkness as soon as I found out, and she said this slayer is already here."
    "No, it couldn't be her," said Buffy.

    "Willow's friend is a witch," said Buffy.
    "You mean that Tara?" asked Faith, "I've been getting a feeling when she's around."
    "Willow? could you come back here please?" asked Giles.
    Willow wandered into the slayers training room, she looked at them.

    "This new friend you have, Tara, can you get her here," asked Giles.
    "Sure, why?"
    "Just tell her miss Harkness and I have been talking."
    "Is that all?, I'll ring her now," said Willow.
    Buffy waited until Willow had left the room.

    "So what is the bad news?"
    "I've had a few reports from certain people in LA."
    "Angels on the scene again is he?"
    "Sort of," said Giles
    "What do you mean sort off?" asked Buffy.

    "It isn't Angel, it's Angelus, he is with Darla, Drusilla and Spike."
    Willow walked back into the room, she caught Giles's attention
    "What is it Willow?"
    "We've got some visitors."
    "Who is it?"

    "There's Fred, Gunn, Wesley and Connor," replied Willow.
    "What do they want?" asked Buffy.
    "Somewhere safe, and to warn you," said Wesley.
    "Warn us? oh about them being back together, we know," said Faith.

    "Hi there Wes, how's things?" asked Buffy.
    "Not good, we've seen some rough things in the last two days."
    "We must be due for some good news soon," said Gunn.
    "Well if your going to stay here, we've got some. There's another slayer due soon," said Giles.

    "You mean Faith? we heard she'd gone bad," said Gunn.
    "No she hadn't, it was a plan that didn't work too well," said Giles
    "Not a perfect plan, but we got some good information," said Buffy.
    "Giles, look," said Xander.
    "Miss Harkness!, and Tara. It must be true then," said Giles.
    "Tara, Miss Harkness, welcome," said Willow, "what you looking up there for Buffy?"

    "Just looking to see if any lights are coming on."
    "The power of three, you know," said Buffy. (Charmed reference)
    "Not that far fetched, together we are stronger. Soon, each of us will be as powerful as all three of us, plus there is another three here," said Tara.

    "Yes, sorry. Wesley, Connor, Fred, Gunn, about that good news!, I'd like you to meet Tara, the Vampire Slayer," said Giles, " and Sally, who is a vampire."
    "Ah!, vampires!, Cordelia won't be coming here. Angel had this thing for her, Darla and Drusilla ended Cordelia, and what they did to her, I'm sorry, but Darla may have released the jealous side."
    "If this Darla tries to harm Buffy I will kill her," said Sally.
    "You won't stop Darla, she's got the strength of six vampires," said Fred.

    "One of the things I haven't told any-one here yet, when Robson first found Sally, he was trapped by fourteen vampires. Sally stopped them, then killed every-one of them, by herself. Sorry to ask this Sally, can you show them what you can become?" asked Giles.

    "I'm not really ready just yet," replied Sally.
    "What do you need?" asked Willow.
    "Some clothes, for when I return."
    "We've got a spare set of clothes in the cabinets, Faith?, yeah, any of the stuff that fits," said Buffy, "I'll have some towels ready."

    Sally became a Tigress then roared at Gunn, he Connor and Wesley were unable to do anything but stare.
    Fred got on her knees. "Oh, isn't she just gorgeous!"

    The Tigress looked at Fred, paced around Connor then went and sat next to Fred. Fred cuddled the Tigress then stood up.
    "Mr Giles, is there a room behind that wall, for Sally to get changed."
    "Yes, the store room is in there," said Giles.

    "When Wesley said about coming here, I wasn't keen on the idea, I don't like magic, it usually goes wrong," said Connor.
    "If Willow wanted to, she could make you be in England, mind you it might be best if your wearing a wet suit, just in case you go to far," said Tara.

    Connor looked puzzled as he stared at Tara, slowly he began to laugh..
    "Where's every-one going to stay?" asked Buffy.
    "Good point, I've got a couple of spare rooms," said Giles.
    "Best be careful then, tell you what, put Fred and Sally at Giles's place, they be looked after there, if Xander can take Gunn and Conner,

    I'll give a room to Faith and miss Harkness," said Buffy.
    "My mother's out of town for a while. So Wesley can have my room for two weeks, I'll stay at Tara's place, if that's ok with Tara," said

    "WILLOW! stop smiling like that!" exclaimed Buffy.

    Xander heard some one come in, he turned to see who it was.
    "Buff, it's your mum," said Xander.
    "Oh wow!, she's back!, great," said Buffy.
    "Where's the been?" asked Faith.

    "She went to Australia to have that thing in her head fixed."
    Buffy picked up the phone.
    "Hello Buffy, a friend of yours just called, from some place where you've met Angel before, I told her where you are, she said she'd call you," said Joyce.

    "Thanks mom, how did it go?"
    "It was a lot better, I had a CAT scan, they took me to hospital and I had an MRI, I was being operated the next morning. I've got it written down here, I had two types of tumour that was in the fourth ventricle, that impacted on the brain fluid and was stating to cause pressure on various parts of my brain.

    They took out the tumours completely, gave me a clean bill of health and here I am, ready to start nagging you again," said Joyce, smiling.
    "Glad your home, although Australia would have been safer."
    "Yet another threat to world safety is there?"

    "I've just arranged for some people to stay at our house, oh no, I forgot about Dawn, damn!," said Buffy.
    "That's ok, company for me, company for Dawn, it'll be ok," said Joyce, "if I can help I will, and let's face it, if it wasn't for the watchers council I wouldn't have got my brain fixed."

    "I'll wait for the call, but I'll send Faith and a miss Harkness to be with you and Dawn," said Buffy.
    "Who is Dawn?" asked miss Harkness.
    "It's her sister," said Tara.
    "So why didn't you tell me?"


    Joyce opened the front door.
    "Faith, and, oh you're miss Harkness, I got the impression that you'd be older, you look just like that other witch from Australia, oh what's her name, that's it, Fiona Horne."
    "What's that Faith?"

    "Buffy asked me to give you this bar of candy and she said to tell you that miss Harkness is Tara's watcher, she said you'd know what it meant?"
    "Can't think," replied Joyce, "Dawn!, your sister has sent some people to stay here. There you are dear, have you met Faith? and this is miss Harkness."

    "My name's Fiona," said Miss Harkness.
    "I'm writing a play for my dolls, er, female action figures. Will you help me?" asked Dawn.
    "Fiona will, Dawn. Joyce have you got a phone I can use, to let Buffy know we're here," said Faith.
    "In the dining room, thanks for asking, Faith," said Joyce.


    "Buffy, it's the phone, Faith," said Giles.
    "Hi, Buffy, can you come here, can you bring Willow and Tara, Giles, Fred and Sally, and quickly!," said Faith.
    "Ok, I'll be there after my friend has rung," said Buffy.
    "She'll only be telling you about the vampires, they're not coming, get here quick, there's a much bigger problem now," replied Faith


    Angelus picked his phone up from beside him
    "Yep, you got me, what is it."
    "Angelus, its Lilah. We've just had a message from the senior partners, their pulling out, seems there's other evil going to Sunnydale, they're leaving this dimension, best you keep away from there."

    "Guys!, pull over, Dru is pitching a fit back here," said Darla.
    "What is it love?, Dru, Dru?" asked Spike.
    "Don't go there, there's something else there," said Dru.
    "Get used to it Dru, we are going to Sunnydale," said Angelus.

    "Then let me out, I'd sooner die here than upset her," she looked at Spike, "Hell is going there."
    "Good," said Angelus.
    "Not good, hell is in the slayers domain, it's still going there."
    "Guys, if mummy says don't go there, we don't go there," said Darla

    Spike kept driving towards Sunnydale, if anything he went a little faster, Darla casually and quietly struck a match then lit the top of the bench seat. At first the flames were unnoticed but as soon as the foam caught on fire.

    "Bloody Jesus!, what the soddin' hell!" shouted Spike.
    Darla smiled, she held up the box of matches and smiled at Spike.
    "Mummy really doesn't want to go to Sunnydale."

    Spike was about to ask Darla a question, then he decided to see what Drusilla had to say, but she just smiled at him.

    "So, Angelus?, LA sound ok?" asked Spike.
    "Yep, good for starters," then looking at Spike, "at least I know where the evil streak in me comes from."
    He glanced at Darla. She smiled so innocently at him.


    "Hi, come in B, guys, there was a phone call for you B, some girl. She said that she saw Angels car heading back towards LA ."
    As they all settled into the front room.

    "Willow can you make them all a drink, use the back entrance to the kitchen, Buffy, Tara, Giles, Fiona, I'll need to speak to you in the dining room, sorry Joyce, but this is slayer / watcher stuff only," said Faith.

    Giles slid the doors across, waited till they were all in the room.
    "What is it Faith?" he asked.
    "There's no easy way to say this, Buffy let me finish first. I don't think Dawn is your sister, in fact I'm sure she isn't. I know what she is, but not why she's like she is. Tara, when you knew your watcher was coming here, did you tell her everything?" asked Faith.

    "Fiona, did Tara happen to mention that Buffy had a sister?" asked Faith.
    "No, she didn't even mention Dawn," replied Fiona.
    "Figured as much, I really don't want to do this, but, oh well. Giles, can you ask Willow to come in here?" asked Faith, "I'll want you three witches to link hands, then look into my past, as far back as you can."

    Say what you see and feel, Fiona, but no more."
    "What do we do then?" asked Buffy.
    "Then we go out into the garden, with the others. The three witches make a portal for the person, then we think of some-one for her to be in, then when she walks with us we ask her what Dawn is, or why she is here," said Faith.

    "Willow, hold Tara's hand. You and I will look into Faith's past and Tara will say what is seen and felt," said Fiona.
    The seconds ticked by then.
    "I see a massive creature," said Tara, "it is in front of me, it threw something. The creature, it sees me, it's now picking me up, it, it's Faith!, this isn't this world, it's, oh my, Faith is a demon!"

    Tara looks about the room, Buffy and Giles stare at her.
    "Faith?, that wasn't even in this dimension was it?" asked Tara.
    "I would have given anything not to do that," said Faith.
    "What has that got to do with Dawn?" asked Giles.

    "Tara, you saw me, that was along time ago, but I was as old as I am now. Dawn is not the problem, what created her was. Now we need to go into the garden, bring Joyce and Dawn there'll only be there purely so that they don't get scared watching us," said Faith.

    "I'll get Joyce and Dawn into the garden, anywhere special for them Faith?"
    "We'll set up between the seat and the house Giles," said Faith.
    "What is it that you'll want us to do?" asked Fiona.

    "Make a portal to where you last saw me," said Faith, "I'll call my friend, then ask her to appear like us. That's a thought Buffy, if you think about one of our enemies, my friend will be that enemy."
    The eight of them sat in the garden, the three witches made a portal, Faith asked for her friend, Buffy thought of an enemy then Darla appeared before them.

    "B?, I was trying to be subtle, I assumed you'd have thought of Angel," said Faith.
    "I tried , but I kept thinking of Darla standing on the pool table when she was gunning for me."

    "Er Faith!," said Giles, "is she Darla?"
    "No!, this is my friend. With her being in a vampire's body she might not have to contain her powers."
    "What powers Faith?" asked Willow.

    "The same powers I had to leave when I became a human."
    "What! so what powers does, er, your friend have, who is your friend? what should we refer to her as?" asked Giles.
    "She can stop time for every-one but her, if she wants to, she can be in three places at once, she can know what you are thinking and will think, Buffy."

    Faith sprang to Dawn, then held her tight.
    "It's ok Joyce, I'm not going to hurt your daughter," said Faith.
    "Thank you for not hurting her, but she isn't my daughter."
    "What?" asked Buffy, "What makes you say that?"

    "Guess they must have touched the wrong bit of my brain, I know things now."
    "What else do you know?" asked Giles.
    "I know who Faiths friend is, I know why Dawn is here, but like Faith, I don't know why, oh Faith, it is a problem having some-one who you know as some-one else, and call her by a different name. It'll confuse the heck out of three certain other people, er vampires."

    "This is all well and good, but who is she?" asked Giles.
    "Friends, this is my childhood friend, The Goddess Illyria, but we should refer to her as Illyria," said Faith.
    "Illyria, welcome. If you want to, then stay here. This is Dawn, she has been sent here, but I don't know who by. I know who created her but Buffy here, needs to hear about Dawn from some-one else and please tell us about her, what-ever else you know?" asked Faith.

    "You have done me a great favour Faith," said Illyria, "Baaliitus and I threw out Glorificus from our dimension, Dawn was energy for Glorificus to return, but she has been hidden as Dawn, now I can finish Glorificus. Dawn, do you wish to stay here, or be on my world?" asked Illyria.

    "I'd like to stay here, these people are all I know," replied Dawn.
    "Then stay here you will, I will protect you. Faith, there is another here who is she?"
    Sally appears with them. "Her, who is she?" asked Illyria
    "A friend, another who will protect Dawn," said Faith.


    The car screamed to a halt, Angelus turned to Drusilla.
    "Where did Darla just go?"
    "She was taken," said Drusilla, "a hell-god just took her."

    "Where, where is she?"
    "She is with the three slayers," said Drusilla.
    Angelus turned to Spike.
    "There's three slayers now!"


    "How can Sally help us?" asked Illyria.
    "When as a snake she can expel poison at her chosen victim, a paralysing spray," said Giles
    "Do not become a snake. Let me take her on alone," said Illyria

    "Do you know where she is?" asked Faith.
    "Yes, I think she has gone to a far shore, she must have help."
    "It is near to where I come from, there has been a rumour that a ghost has held the truth about evil," said Fiona.

    "Where is that?" asked Buffy.
    "The ghost appears in Warwickshire," said Fiona.
    "Then we go there, now," said Illyria.


    "This is the stretch of road that the ghost appears on," said Fiona.
    "What does the ghost take it's form as?" asked Giles.
    "It is said to be the ghost of a small truck," replied Fiona.
    "Why is the ghost truck thought to be special, what could it do?"
    "I've heard tales of a ghost that is as old as time, it's mean't to be in this area. It is rumoured that this ghost has appeared as many things through time. It is said to have caused many deaths," said Giles, "have you heard about this ghost Wesley?"

    "I seem to remember that there was a sighting of it once, but only once. It comes straight at you then vanishes just before it hits you."
    "How far is just before?" asked Buffy.
    "Part a millimetre, several times now vehicles have been found at the sides of the road, all having seemed to turn a corner," said Wesley

    "But this is a straight bit of road," said Fred.
    "That's what makes it scary," replied Giles
    "So how can we find out more about this ghost?" asked Fiona.
    "There was another thing that was said about the driver, he is meant to have red eyes!."

    "I can think of one way, it's a but risky though," said Gunn.
    "What is it?" asked Giles.
    "If another truck is made to appear, but it reverses as fast as the ghost goes forward, then Buffy or Tara are put with the ghost," said Gunn.
    "If you can put me in and get me out, I'm up for it," said Buffy

    "What does the truck carry?" asked Connor.
    "Lets hope Buffy remembers to ask," said Tara.
    "How long would it take to organise that?" asked Giles.
    "You tell me when you want it done, we'll do it," said Fiona.

    "How about now, there's the ghost."
    For ten minutes the ghost truck chased their truck before Buffy was transported into the cab.
    The driver gazed at her, then slowed the truck down to Buffy's friends.

    "First things first, who are you? and how long have you been killing the good guys?" asked Buffy.
    "My name is Epimetheus, I have always been here. I have to stop the evil from getting what is in the back."
    "What are you carrying and why?" asked Faith
    "Long story that, my brother stole fire and gave it to others to use."

    "Keep going, with a few more details," said Buffy.
    "My brother was Prometheus, he stole the fire from Zeus. Zeus had a box made with all the evil's in it, but to stop the box being damaged from the inside he put hope in there," said Epimetheus.
    "Just a minute, that's Greek Mythology," said Giles.

    "Is it? when my brother tried to steal the box the carrier opened it but closed it too soon."
    "According to mythology the evil escaped but the box was shut before all the hope was released," said Wesley.
    "That was about Pandora's box though," said Giles.

    "It is the vision of that box that I carry," said Epimetheus, "Zeus saw what had happened, the hope was meant to stop the evil now I have to stay awake to be ready to fight the evil doers. Zeus gave the box to a powerful wizard for his protection."

    "We can help you fight the evil. What was the wizards name?" asked Buffy.
    "I was told the name Myrddin," said Epimetheus.
    "If Myrddin was to protect the box, then I may know where it is. He is said to have lived in that place, I hope no-one here is claustrophobic, ?cos that place is a cave," said Wesley.

    "Where though?" asked Willow.
    "Epimetheus can you come with us?"
    "I don't see why not, can I take the truck there?"
    "I don't think so, but then again, it can be put somewhere hard to get to. As I'm sure we'll be looking in the right place, it won't matter if it's found."

    "But you haven't told us where the place is," said Fiona
    "Oh yes!, I know where you mean," exclaimed Giles, "you mean at Tintagel castle."
    "What made you think of that place?" asked Epimetheus.

    "The name of the wizard, he is known as Merlin. He is said to have lived in a cave under King Arthur's Castle," said Wesley.
    "Where can you put the truck."
    "At the entrance to the cave, then let it go backwards into the sea," said Giles.


    Carefully at first they all made their way into the depths of the cave. Two hours of tracing their way along floors of caves they came to a cavern. They spent another hour, feeling their way in the darkness. Giles found a fire already prepared, he was about to light it.

    "Is that going to give us enough light?" asked Connor.
    "Probably not, but we may be able to see where the smoke is going."
    "Normally I'd agree with you Giles, but what if the place that the air is coming from is halfway up the wall," commented Fred.

    "Either of you two notice that the air is fresher when you stand, than if you lay on the ground," said Giles.
    "So Connor, how much do you want to help us?" asked Fred.
    "As much as I can, why?"

    "Because if we could burn your denim jacket, it'd give us a lot of light and we'd be able to see where the air is coming from," said Giles.
    "Oh!, oh all right," said Connor.
    "Look at it this way, it could have been your denim jeans," said Giles.
    "I think my eyes are becoming accustomed to the dark," said Buffy,

    "cos I can see that there's something over there?"
    "Giles, get your lighter going. Tara, Faith, come here quickly," said Connor.
    "What is it?" asked Buffy.

    "The slayers, your said to have had a spirit of a demon put into you. Any-one know what sort of a demon? Buffy you just said you could see something," said Giles.
    "Nicely said, but I can't see to much."
    "So if the demon can see in the dark?" asked Giles.

    "Like a cat or a dog," said Faith.
    "Exactly, how-ever a werewolf seems more likely," said Giles, "Faith, if you can see better in ten minutes than you do now, then the watchers will add another component to the training, seeing in the dark," said Giles.

    "I must be in the dark, more than those two. Over the other side, there's a few stalactites," said Tara.
    Connor took his jacket off and lit it, he went to where the stalactites were.
    "There's something not right here, they should be narrower where the water had dripped down."

    "Well they could be columns then," observed Buffy.
    "The use of a column would indicate that something was being held up, is there anything that would have needed holding up?" asked Epimetheus.
    "A column could also mean a table a page, and as a page tells a story so could the column's be telling a story," said Willow .

    "But would that need a column to support it?" asked Wesley, "a local folklore said about a cave under the castle where the wizard Merlin used to live. What if we are in that cave, or maybe columns support that cave."

    "Maybe if we see them as columns, but as pages and supports, we should clean them to see the writing," said Willow.
    Their cleaning revealed several markings, the markings were found to be letters. Letters that were in the form of an anagram,
    "They're not in Latin, anyone heard of Occam's razor?" asked Willow.
    "Yes, where the simple answer the obvious answer is usually the right one," replied Wesley.

    "Go with that then, the letters were R-I, S-E-T, O-N-E, W, T-I, M-E. The most obvious to me is they are in English, join them to make one line and see what you see," said Giles
    "R-I-S-E-T-O-N-E-W-T-I-M-E," replied Tara.
    "Then pick out the words."
    "Yes, but there was six columns, shouldn't there be six words ?" asked Fred.

    "Why ?, if there's two hundred letters in a book the title, it doesn't have to be two hundred pages in the book.. Try, ?Rise To New Time?, that sounds alright' ish," said Willow.
    "Then we need to understand the meanings," said Faith.

    "One could be taken as a literal meaning of rising to a new time, another way of reading it would be rise, as in what's upwards. Then a new time, so some-thing that is up from here will take you to a new time," remarked Buffy.
    "Something is above the columns?" asked Gunn.

    "Why not ? a column is a support, several columns are supports for something bigger," replied Fred.
    Tara shines her torch above the columns. "There, look," she says, "it's like a joining of two rocks, they are long wide rocks."

    "If you look at the ground, it appears as though some-one has turned each of the columns, like this."
    Willow holds the first column and turns it, she continues to turn each column. Above the columns is hidden cave, Tara looks then see's what's in the new cave.

    Faith, Buffy, turn around, "Is that what we hope it is?, is it Pandora's Box."
    "I've seen it, I have actually seen it. How or why it's here is a good question, maybe we should see what's inside it," said Tara.
    As they walk around it, Fred looks at what is on the back with interest.
    "Recognize any of these markings on the panels?" asked Giles

    "These markings appear to be star signs," said Fred.
    They spent the next few hours trying to understand the markings,
    "I think I'll go for some food, I'm getting hungry, if I had the choice I'd have a turkey sandwich," said Fred.
    A panel at the side of the box opened, a piece of paper is revealed.

    Faith looks at the message on paper, she appears stunned by it.
    "Here, in this box is a part of hope, only he with hope may read it, should read it, then look into it".
    She looks up and sees two figures

    "I am one of it's protectors I am known as Myrddin, or Merlin though my friend is known to you as Guen. I am the protector, Guen will find he who should open the box."
    "Who, of all the males in here has the most hope?" asked Guen.
    They all looked around.

    "If I was asked that question I'd say that Epimetheus hopes for sleep much more than any-one else could want for anything," said Buffy.
    "Epimetheus, you were one of those present when the box was first opened, you have the first part of hope," said Guen.
    "How does that work?" asked Faith.

    "Hope is in the world, but it is hope with doubt. If the right person has all the hope then hope is in the world then the hope is alive and kicking," replied Guen.
    "How long before the hope rules?" asked Buffy.

    "Hope will never rule, but the meek will have the hope, so an end to the evil is possible," said Merlin.
    "If Epimetheus has the hope, how will that help the world?" asked Buffy.

    "I know," said Faith, "Epimetheus can sleep, but it'll be more than just a sleep. Now it's like he is sleepwalking in his death, soon he won't be sleepwalking, when that stops he'll die and hope can be in the world."
    Angel liked to sing 'Oh Mandy', using the Angelus method.

    Look at it, play with it, then torture it.

  • #2
    So Giles, care to explain pt 2


    "It's ok to return to Sunnydale now," said Drusilla.
    "Here we go again," said Angelus looking at Spike and trying not to grin.
    "To the bat mobile," replied Spike.
    "Bat mobile?" asked Angelus.

    "Sounds better than the Vamp van."
    "Lets just get in the car and go to Sunnydale."
    The journey to Sunnydale was, well boring. They only stopped for a refill once, that's a refill for them, not the car.


    They had been driving around for an hour and a half, and even visited The Bronze. Out of sheer boredom they had a group hug with Amy, but she soon became a redneck. So they dropped her, she fell like a sack of potatoes. Angelus became more and more fed up as the time went by, Spike and Drusilla kept pointing to places where they'd killed some-one.

    "Where are the bloody slayers Dru?" asked Angelus.
    "Still in England."
    "What? then why are we here?"
    "I dunno Dru," said Spike, "oh well, let's get a cuppa at Joyce's place."

    "We could wait there for the slayer to get back," suggested Dru.
    At Buffy's house.
    "Hi Joyce, I miss our cuppa's together," said Spike.
    Angelus parked the car around the back.

    "I just saw Buffy's little sister," remarked Dru, "with that Xander."
    "A chaser and the appetiser," said Angelus smiling..
    Joyce answered the door, she saw Spike standing in front of her.
    "Hello Joyce, I thought that I missed our little chat's together, alright to come in," said Spike.

    "I suppose so, as it's you. Just don't tell Buffy, come on in," said Joyce
    "That'll do me," said Angelus.
    "Ooh, the slayers house," remarked Drusilla.
    "Dawn! run!," cried out Joyce.

    "Don't go Dawn, stay awhile, we'll have fun together," said Drusilla.
    Angelus violently grabbed Joyce.
    "What's this? no bloody highlights," he said as he thrust her against the mirror.

    Spike lunged at Dawn, lifted her up. Drusilla pushed Sally into the banister she fell heavily onto the floor, Drusilla quickly lifted her up, then pushed her heavily against the banister again.
    Sally glared at Drusilla, immediately Drusilla grabbed Sally's head viciously pulling it aside, then sank her teeth into her. Reeling backwards she hit the wall.

    "Your blood?, it's cold! what....?"
    Sally looked as though she was about to scream but her poison sprayed into Drusilla's body instantly paralysing her, Sally took form as a 400 pound adult tigress, raising her body on to it's back legs, her whole body weight fell onto Drusilla's shoulders crushing her shoulders and (removed due to the explicit nature)

    forcing Drusilla's head inside ( removed due to it the extreme explicitly violent content ).
    Sally returned to human form still trying to get the dust out of her mouth. It'd be fairly accurate to say that Drusilla didn't exist.

    Spike and Angelus look at each other shocked by what they'd just seen. "So!, Mexico?" suggested Spike.
    "Sounds good," replied Angelus.
    They both ran from the house.

    It was another two hours before the front door opened, Buffy, Faith, Tara and Willow came in. They were so excited by what they had seen and done. Buffy was about to go into the front room, but Tara grabbed hold of her shoulder.
    "Buffy, look!"

    Buffy looked, the broken banister, the dust covering the floor.
    "Joyce, what happened here?" asked Faith.
    Stunned, Joyce stared into her half full cup of cold tea.
    "A couple of hours ago Spike, Angelus and Drusilla visited us. Spike held Dawn, Angelus pinned me against the mirror.

    But Drusilla threw Sally about until Sally began to change, I've never seen anything like that before. I wish I'd told Buffy to slay vampires in front of Dawn, it would have prepared her a bit for that," said Joyce.
    "For what?" asked Faith.

    "What did you spit at her Sally?" asked Dawn.
    "The part of me that's a snake, it's a cobra, the spray paralyses and Drusilla got most of what I had."
    "But that doesn't explain the dust," said Buffy.

    "That is Drusilla," said Joyce, reluctantly remembering what happened " Sally became a tigress then bit her."
    "I never thought .......and that sound!," exclaimed Dawn.
    "I'm still getting bits of dust out of my mouth," replied Sally.
    "What about..."

    "Spike and Angelus? they were shocked by what Sally did, like very shocked, they said something about going to Mexico, then they both ran out of the door," said Joyce.

    "I spoke with Illyria earlier, I suggested that she take her normal form at home and keep Darla there," said Faith.
    "She won't have any trouble with Darla will she?" asked Buffy.
    "Definitely not, see the animals there are a lot bigger and nastier than on this world. From the look on Joyce's face I'd say that Sally's tigress did something fairly extreme," said Faith.

    "If you wanted to make an understatement, you'd say that," said Joyce.
    "From what I remember of my world, what the tigress did would make it look like a six week old kitten, " said Faith.
    "I always wanted one of them," said Tara.

    "Willow! stop smiling like that!" exclaimed Buffy.

    "Sounds like we can forget about them then," said Dawn.
    "I'll tidy up the dust from the entry," said Tara.
    "I'll give Xander a call, see if he can repair the banister," suggested Willow.
    "Is anything planned for tomorrow Buffy?" asked Sally.
    "Not yet, but that's the thing with this slayer lark, there's always the unexpected around the corner," replied Buffy.

    "A few more of you would be good then."
    "Hmm, that's not a bad idea," said Buffy, thoughtfully, "when it was Faith and I, we seemed to be ok. Now there's the three of us, it's like we need more."

    "Giles, a few of the apartments where you live are vacant," said Fiona.
    "Not a good thing is it, all sorts of people could move in," he replied.
    "Glad you see it like that," said Xander.
    "What does that mean, oh no!."

    "Yes Giles, we're going to be neighbours now," said Xander.
    "Did you tell him?" asked Anya.
    "Sort of," replied Xander.
    "Was that the I'll be living with you, bit."

    "No, but I don't need to now," said Xander.
    "Don't worry Giles, I'm living there so I'll keep an eye on them," said Fiona
    "Hey Gilesypoo, when's the party? huh?" asked Faith.

    "What party?"
    "The moving in party," said Sally.
    "Oh, Xander and Anya's," replied Giles.
    "What's happening?" asked Buffy.

    "Xander and Anya's moving in party," said Xander.
    "I think I'll rename the place Hellmouth," said Anya," either that or Melrose."
    #"Then for the party you can say, welcome to the hellmouth," said Dawn.

    "Good idea!, I like that," said Anya.
    #"If we all bring some food it'll be our own little harvest," said Dawn.
    ##"So what about when the witch and teachers pet move in?" asked Faith.

    "Didn't Fiona tell you, oh dear. She doesn't like to be left alone, so Willow and I will be moving in with her," said Tara.
    "With all you here, one slayer won't be enough protection, Sally and I will move into the other place," said Faith.

    "Glad about that, you'd best go with her on her date with that bloke, be like a chaperone," said Joyce.
    "A chap er one?" asked Faith.

    "No, a shap'r'own," said Joyce
    "Gotcha, but why?" asked Faith.
    #"After what she did at our place, if she wants to go out with him again, you be there to make sure she'll never kill a boy on the first date," said Joyce.

    "Why don't we all go ?" asked Dawn.
    #"I don't think she'll want the pack."
    #"I'll be ever so quiet, they won't know I'm there, I won't get in the way I'll be an angel," said Dawn.
    "Til the music starts."

    "I don't like dancing," said Tara.
    "I do," said Xander.
    "I've seen your dancing," said Willow.
    "What's wrong with it?"

    "You like that robotics stuff, I prefer the jungle wrap," said Anya.
    "When the music starts we'll be ok," said Xander.
    "Here it comes," said Buffy.
    #"When the music begins it'll be I robot, you Jane. We go well together Anya."

    "And there it goes," said Buffy.
    "As long as Anya doesn't do any washing before the party, we'll be ok."
    "Why's that?" asked Sally.

    #"Don't you know, you lucky thing you," said Dawn, "when Xander loses a sock we always get the puppet show," said Dawn.
    #"Believe me, you don't want to see that, it'll be one of your worst nightmares."

    "As long as the washing is done after the party," said Joyce.
    "Why is that?" asked Giles.
    "It won't be done at our place ever again," said Joyce.
    "I'm not sure I follow?" asked Giles
    #"Out of mind, out of sight?"

    "Oh yes, very clever," said Giles.
    "Wouldn't you prefer it if there was just one moving in party?" asked Buffy.
    "I suppose," said Giles.
    "Get all the noise done in one go?"

    #"Well done Buffy, your turning into a regular little prophecy girl aren't you."
    "Let's organise this party then, we'll do it on Saturday, how about a theme for the do?" asked Fiona.
    #"Ooh I know, when she was bad," said Dawn.

    "We could wear costumes as well," said Joyce, "think I'll go as a hippy."
    "Just don't eat any candy," said Buffy.
    "I will if I want to!," exclaimed Joyce.
    "Yeah, you tell ?er!" replied Giles.

    "Anya and I will do the tables for the party," said Xander.
    "Why?" asked Anya.
    #"There's only a some assembly required and that's it."
    "Now you see I'd be no good at that," said Faith.

    "Why not?" asked Tara.
    "You'll have to use some of the intelligence you got at school."
    "Didn't you ever go to school Faith?" asked Tara.
    #"No, I always thought along the lines of fire pretty, school hard."

    "No schooling at all?" asked Tara.
    "Look can you keep a secret?" asked Faith.
    "Sure, why?"
    "Mumsikins and dadsikins are multi billionaires, I got all the best private tutors, I'm in the top two per cent genius level in America. Willow's in the top eight per cent, she knows about me," said Faith.

    "Nah, really? what's the square root of 5,925,629?" asked Tara.
    "7,777," said Faith.
    "I didn't even have time to get my calculator out!, your secret's safe with me," said Tara, "what are you going to the do as."

    #"Thought I'd go as an Inca mummy girl," said Faith
    "What are you going as Xander?" asked Tara.
    #"A reptile boy, pretending to be a human swimmer. I bet I know what Willows going as."

    "How do you know what she'll be?" asked Anya.
    #"Willow will be a ghost, just like every halloween do," said Xander.
    "What about you Tara?" asked Anya.
    "Think I'll go as a Lie Detector machine."

    #"So I won't mind when people lie to me," said Tara.
    "I'm just going to carry a light bulb," said Anya.
    They all looked at each other.

    #"I'm carrying a light bulb cos I come from the dark age."
    "You all ready for the do?" asked Giles.
    "Almost," said Joyce.
    "Good, a few of us will do a short play, I'm the prompter," said Giles.

    "How does that work?" asked Xander.
    "When-ever some-one forgets what they've got to say, as long as they say which part of the play it is, I'll prompt them."
    ##"So, I ask what's my line part one or what's my line part two, you'll tell me?"

    "That's right," said Giles.
    "That won't work. I'm not in the play!"
    #"Yes you are, your going to be a friendly grizzly bear called Ted," said Giles.

    "I don't even know what my lines are," said Xander.
    "Oh we've thought of that, if you get the line wrong we all throw these at you."
    "What are they?" asked Xander.

    #"Bad eggs."
    "Buffy! whose that?" asked Giles.
    "Well?" asked Buffy. Looking at the stranger.
    "Here's my card, a few of us have started a Cat's Haven near here, if
    you need to get rid of stray cats, or if you want a nice little pussy cat, call me."

    "Willow! stop smiling like that!. Tara! don't encourage her!" said Buffy.

    #"Just for a laugh why don't we call them in, just say that there is a cat that wonders around here nicking our food, we just wait till one of them is alone then send in Sally, see if he likes the surprise," said Faith.
    "Wouldn't Sally mind?" asked Buffy.
    #"Oh, tell her first, help to create the air of innocence."

    "How about we get Willow in on it, she can tell the guy she's practising to be a witch, then she turns Sally into a tigress," said Buffy.
    "Ooh yeh, get Tara there she can help make the guy believe that Sally is talking," said Faith.

    #"And Sally could say don't worry, Willow's just going through phases."
    #"When Sally was a person again, they'd be bewitched, bothered and bewildered." said Buffy.

    A couple of days later at the party in the courtyard, the court yard had been renamed by Giles, it's new name was Crimson King. Dawn was in a really happy mood, she was spiking the orange punch with Vodka.

    No-one else could be bothered by her behaviour as the punch was ninety eight per cent alcohol before Dawn started adding to it, mind you , the stuff that Dawn was adding to the punch made it a lower alcoholic rating [but it was for Giles, Joyce and Fiona only].

    Anya notices the drinkers sitting, watching every-one else enjoy themselves
    #"That's the thing about old people, I can feel the passion between you two."

    #Giles looked at Joyce realising that his hopes of a romantic interlude with her had just been killed by death. Joyce had had ideas of a romantic nature,
    #the tune ,?I only have eyes for you' had been playing over and over in her head, strangely enough the only sentiments that wandered through her head

    #now were ?go fish'!. Anya grinned to herself knowing the turmoil that she had created. Giles and Joyce might not want to thank her, but Buffy definitely would. Right, she thought Xander Harris, it's your turn next. She noted that he was staring at Willow and Tara kissing so she began to suck at his left ear lobe, she stopped and walked away.

    Tara asked Xander what that was all about.
    #"She is starting to be amorous, that was the becoming - part one, later on that'll be..."
    "Let me guess, she'll suck the other ear lobe for you, it'll be the

    #becoming - part two," said Tara.
    "Poor Xander, he'll miss out on the leather whips and chains bit," said Willow
    #"I saw the way he was watched us, bet he'd like it if Buffy Anne joined them."

    "Anya is the only woman for me," exclaimed Xander.
    "Bet he hasn't even tried the lycra body suit yet," said Tara.
    #"Yeah, party's at his place'll really be a dead mans party," replied Willow.

    Xander wandered off.
    "That was mean of us," said Tara.
    "I know, but I bet Anya gets asked some odd questions later."
    "Willow!, stop smiling like that!" exclaimed Tara.


    "Did they go for the Cats Haven crap?" asked John T. Noah.
    "Just as you said they would," replied Sydney.
    "Right then, next step, you got it ready."

    "All set to go," said Hope.
    #"Tonight we get that slayer Faith, Hope and trick is ready?" asked John T.


    In the early hours of the morning Sally and Faith went to see what the noise was, they had heard a low growling in the courtyard. Faith saw what she thought was a torch light in the bushes, as she got close to it, it was shone in her eyes blinding her. Sally called out to Faith but got no reply, only Hope

    #"We've got the beauty and the beasts are John T. and Warrne," said Hope,
    #"I'm glad your moving in, it'll be like a homecoming for us."
    Willow, Tara and Fiona opened their door.

    "What is it Sally?" asked Tara.
    "Faith has been taken, I don't know them but they've been here before."
    "I'll get Giles," said Fiona.

    "They said us being here was like a homecoming to them," said Sally.
    "Is there anything else Sally?" asked Tara.
    "No, that's all they said."
    "What are your thoughts, your feelings then ?" asked Tara.

    "I keep thinking of a marching band, and the hit parade. I don't know why though," said Sally, "seventy six trombones ?"
    "Hi Giles," said Willow.
    "What were you saying Sally, seventy six trombones, the hit parade and a marching band, candy , I need some candy."

    #"Band candy?"
    "Hmm, no, candy will help me think, going back a while here. In England an old TV show called The Black and White Minstrel Show, I seem to remember a song, the Hit Parade. In it was a marching band with seventy six trombones, I can't think what that's got to do with this place," said Giles, "it feels right though, Willow can you get Buffy to come here."

    Willow spoke to Buffy, in her dream. As soon as Buffy woke up Willow continued,
    ?there is a problem at the new place, Faith has been taken?.
    ?Ok Will, I'll be there soon.'
    ?No Buffy, just let me know when your ready to come here, I'll bring you here'

    In ten minutes Buffy appeared in the courtyard.
    "Your getting very powerful Willow," said Giles.
    "Yes and no, Buffy and I have a strong friendship, Tara and I have a strong bond, there is extra power there," said Willow.

    #"That'll help, I've a few revelations for you. I don't understand how magics are done but I might just be able to help you Will," said Buffy.
    "What will you need?" asked Giles.
    "First up, Giles, can you lead Tara and Willow along a path, like in preparing yourself for deep meditation, tell them to look for the power sources."

    #"Ok Buffy, I know what you mean, a bit of a lovers walk for witches."
    "That's the one Giles. Fiona, prepare yourself for some power work, I'll ring mom and get her to bring Dawn," said Buffy.

    "Why bring Dawn?" asked Sally.
    "Dawn has a lot of latent energy, she'll be helpful to them soon."
    "I don't see how Buffy," said a puzzled Sally.
    #"It's like if you make a wish, for the wish to work you'll need that extra something. Well Dawn will be that extra something," said Buffy.

    "I think they're ready," said Giles, "is Fiona ready?"
    "She should be, we just need Dawn."
    "I just saw some headlights, could be from Joyce's car. What are you going to get them to do?" asked Giles.

    "Tara and I will contact Faith, tell her to be ready. Then the Witches, fuelled with Dawn's help, will bring Faith here," said Buffy.
    "Just in case you forgot about them," said Joyce.
    "No, we wouldn't do that to them," said Giles.

    "I know what'll help, Faith will need her own watcher. Why not have Wesley as her watcher," said Sally.
    "Where is Faith?" asked Wesley.
    "She was taken earlier the witches are about to bring her back," said Buffy.

    "That's not quite right, see Faith has made a friend there, we'll be bringing them both here," said Tara.
    "Who is her friend?" asked Fred.
    "Some-one called Fecklahr," said Tara, "now excuse me, we'll get her back."

    Faith appeared in the courtyard with another.
    "Who, where does your friend come from?" asked Sally.
    #"She was one of my captors, guess she wanted to make amends."
    "What are you eating Faith?" asked Giles.

    #"Fecklahr gave me some gingerbread," said Faith.
    Xander and Anya came into the courtyard.
    "Got bored with the whips and chains already," said Willow, grinning.
    "Willow! don't grin like that!," said Tara, smiling.

    "You two know each other?" asked Xander
    "Of course we do, but it's been so long Anyanka, where have you been?" asked Halfreck.

    "I would like to hear that answer as well," said D'Hoffryn.
    "Oh dear. I heard a woman in pain so I came here," said Anyanka.
    "There was a woman in pain, who was it?" asked Fiona.

    "I didn't know what it was that he did, but Buffy cried out for vengeance, she wanted him dead," said Anyanka, "she'd put a sword into him and a statue and as he would have been taken to hell I gave him a bit of a push."

    "Do you know how Angel got out of hell?" asked Giles.
    "The Goddess Illyria was asked to get him out, but she couldn't, so Illyria got her friend to do it." said Anyanka.
    "Who is her friend, I'd like to thank her," said Buffy.

    "You don't know?" asked Anyanka, "it was your friend Faith."
    "You expect us to believe you when you mention a Goddess?" asked Giles.
    "Why not, he who stands before you is Lord D'Hoffryn of Arashmahar, he is like a God to Vengeance Demons. Who do you think asked Illyria to get Angel released from hell ?" asked Anyanka.

    "She is right, you fight the evil, yet you question the good?" asked D'Hoffryn.
    "You are right to question them, Giles has led them, he knows of the magic."

    "Miss Fiona Harkness, It is good to finally meet you, " said D'Hoffryn
    #"Thank you, I have been sent here to help them realise that they are not as helpless as they think, many others fight the evil," said Fiona.
    #"What is that sound above me, is that the Hindenburg?, is it a Zeppo....?"

    "No, D'Hoffryn," interrupted Giles, "I think the word you want is Zeppelin and that is a Good Year blimp, they use it for arial camera's."
    #"Ok, thank you, so back to my bad girls," said D'Hoffryn.

    "We're not bad girls, slightly naughty maybe. I realised that I didn't know about people anymore," said Anyanka.
    "When Faith was captured, she made friends with, what did you know her as Fecklahr, hmm, Halfreck. I, with Tara and Willow with Dawn's help brought them both here," said Fiona.

    #"Neither of you have wreaked vengeance on anyone, so there will be consequences," said D'Hoffryn.
    "But I sought knowledge, which will help me give vengeance," said Anyanka, "I will be exacting vengeance soon, a man treated this woman very badly, then she wished that he could see what he'd done, so I will cause about twenty two doppelgangers of him to be."

    #"Anyanka!, a doppelgangland of himself, that is clever," said Halfreck, "and entertaining, I will exact vengeance on those who captured Faith."
    "Not yet, one of us is with them," said Fiona.

    "A witch?" asked Buffy.
    #"No, what you don't understand yet, you here are a few. Buffy, you are a leader here, as a witch I will help you but you are in a group who are in a group who are part of a group. The one of us who is with her enemies is eternal, she has been part of what you know many times. She was a witness at a wedding, she was to protect he who turned the water to wine," said Fiona

    "So Buffy, seems that you have more friends than you knew," said Willow.
    "But the one of us who is with them, I need to know who it is so that I don't kill her," said Buffy.

    #"Why, she knew the risks and you have forgotten already, she is an eternal, you cannot kill her, when you warned Faith that you were going to rescue her she was in earshot of your message."
    "What do we do know?" asked Faith.

    "Get ready for work," replied Fiona, "Giles is going to need some help today."
    "What will happen?" asked Buffy.
    "Because of the party and his sleep being disturbed he will be tired today. But for now I will need Connors attention," said Fiona.

    "Why me?"
    "It is said that a virgin birth is very rare, Connor was born a human from two vampires. He had the choice of being the end of humanity or the help for humanity."

    "I hope that I make the choice to help," said Connor.
    #"That time is past, you have made those choices. You are here, that was what we wanted. When the sun has risen high enough you and I will go from here and I will dhow you that the magics can be good."

    "Faith, while you were gone a decision was made about your future, Tara has Fiona as her watcher, Buffy has me, but you, well, it was decided that Wesley should be your watcher," said Giles.
    "Would some-one please tell me how Faith got here?" asked Wesley.

    "Basically Faith didn't have a deep enough connection with Buffy or Tara, that and because of the training she has missed, some extra help from Willow Fiona and Dawn was needed. Now about the training, Faith will need to make contact with herself in the crystals," said Giles.

    "The contacts that Giles has in the Magic Shop will enable him to get the crystals," said Willow, "but that will be done for next week."
    Later that day in the Magic Shop.
    "Forgive me if I'm wrong, but Faith doesn't appear all there," said Fred.

    "I'd noticed that," said Tara, "what about you Willow? '
    "Can you two help her?" asked Fred.
    "Yes," replied Willow.
    "Go and get her Will."

    "No, it should be you that tells her to come here. Thing is, you need to develop your connection with Faith. You need to realise that you don't need spell magic, what you need to do is increase your personal power, can you move that ball? go on then," said Willow.

    Even after five minutes the ball only rocked a bit.
    "I'll help you Tara, I'll place my fingers at the base of your spine. I want you to see a ball of blue light around your spine, then follow my fingers up but allow the ball to go through the top of your head, to keep it in your head will be to keep it at the end of your spine."

    When that had eventually been done, as Tara looked at the ball it moved.
    "Now contact Faith."
    Tara thought to Faith, she heard Faiths reply.

    "That was it, thanks Willow," said Tara.
    "What is it, when did you learn how, how far can you go?" asked Faith.
    "When it can be done, distance is not a part of the equation, that person may be in another place far away, how-ever if you see that person before you the mechanics of distance are gone, yet thought travel over a short distance is easier," stated Willow.

    "Yes, the energy of thought, if the distance travelled is seen to be short then less energy is required, a basic principle of quantum theory," said Faith.
    "Faith, we both agree that you are not at ease with yourself, what is your problem and how can we help you?" asked Tara, "and I just realised the answer, you never had a graduation and you didn't have people to share that part of your life with."

    #"The prom was a distant dream," said Faith.
    "There was no hopes of a graduation, no getting dressed up, being with others," said Faith.
    "Leave it with me, Willow, your coming with me." In their room.

    "What is it Tara?"
    "Right, Willow, I want fifteen questions. So when Faith passes," said Tara
    "You clever thing you," stated Willow.

    Needless to say the questionnaire was handed out that afternoon, the next morning the winners were notified.
    "There is a reason for this isn't there?" asked Willow.
    ##"Right now Faith is getting to enjoy her graduation-part one. A bit later when she gets her reward for passing she'll have had her graduation-part two, if I'd been able to get her parents here, I would have," said Tara.
    Angel liked to sing 'Oh Mandy', using the Angelus method.

    Look at it, play with it, then torture it.


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      So Giles, care to explain

      Characters of Buffy The Vampire Slayer are owned by the holders of that copyright.
      Blackfeather, the Crow and Rebecca are of the TV series The Crow.
      The Demon Hunters and associated characters are copyright to me.

      PART 3
      They all got dressed up and at the ceremony they were awarded their prizes, until Faith went for her prize. Tara declared what the reason for the questions was. No-one had seen Faith cry before.

      "Not much point trying to capture her again, plus now they'll be watching out for anything that's slightly suspicious," said John T.
      "We could use that against them, a few stolen cars left outside that place, break open a few doors a couple of times," said John T.

      "A few blank letters, would work well," said Sydney.
      "I was wondering when you were gonna wake up."
      #"Yeah, well, one of us has got to be the freshman here, your looking like your ready to fall asleep," said Sydney.

      #"It'd help if we had a nicer place to stay, these living conditions are a bit rough," replied Hope.
      "We'll make a start on them tonight, or rather Sydney and Hope can."
      "Doing what?" asked Sydney.

      "Throw a few rocks on their roof," said John T.
      #"Then tomorrow during the harsh light of day Warrne and I will go at get a few vampires ready, knock them out with some sleeping pills in their blood," said Warrne.

      "That's the spirit, they'll be dumped in the courtyard, one of us can stay nearby, courtesy of a small loudspeaker, he or she can shout something, then they come out to see the vampires in flames."
      #"That should put fear itself into them."

      "What next?"
      "Those letters, do the old trick, make out that they've won a free meal at a restaurant with drinks," said John T.
      "What will that do?" asked Warrne.

      "Put them of-guard, and they might drive" said Sydney.
      "What if it doesn't happen that way though?" asked Warrne.
      "You'll just have to make sure it does, won't you."
      "How will I do that?" asked Warrne.

      "You, Sydney, Charlie you'll be next to them, to make sure they
      # are off their guard. Just no beers remember, beer bad, makes you do silly things," said John T.


      "I'm going to the shops, any-one want anything?" asked Xander.
      "No, but I'll go with you," said Faith.
      Xander came back with an ice cream for him, Anya and Halfreck.
      "Something weird is happening," said Faith.

      "How do you mean?" asked Buffy
      "I saw Xander's reflection in a mirror, it was smiling at him."
      "What's weird about that?" asked Buffy.
      "Xander had gone past the mirror when his reflection smiled at him."

      "Hey Giles, can you come here please," called Buffy.
      "What is it?" asked Giles.
      "Faith said she saw Xanders reflection smile at him, after he'd passed a mirror. What could cause that?"

      "It's a belief. if a mirror sees what's happened it can repeat what it has seen. But when it's a human, the mirror stores that persons memory."
      "That would mean that Xander died," said Faith, "how's he walking about."

      "It may be that Xander is dead, the mirror saw his death and his reflection lives on, what you saw in the mirror is him seeing himself," said Giles.

      # "So if he saw himself, what ever made him wild at heart has gone, ## the will, the initiative has gone, he no longer pangs for life, death calls," said Faith.
      "How could we tell Anya, she'll be devastated without him around."

      #"I know what you mean Buffy, she'll be something blue without him, lucky that Halfreck is here," said Faith.
      "There is another way," said Giles, "Xanders reflection may want to trade places, as much as Xander has fought for the good, his reflection might well be the opposite."

      # As Buffy and Faith looked at each other, there was a hush.
      "He's always been there willing to help," said Buffy, "get Fiona Giles, quickly."
      Giles went across the courtyard, returning with Fiona.

      "That one called Hope, why is she there?" asked Buffy.
      "It's to be ready for when Xanders reflection joins them," said Fiona.
      "Who else is there?" asked Faith.
      "Lets go to the front entry, there's no mirrors there's, Xanders reflection cannot see her," said Fiona.

      "Can't see who?" asked Giles.
      An opaque figure appeared next to the bushes.
      "Fiona, who is that?" asked Faith.
      "She is Hope, Hope these people want to know who was with Halfreck."

      "Ok Fiona, I know who these people are," said Hope.
      "How do you know of us?" asked Faith.
      "I was told of you two. They are John T. Noah, Sydney, Charlie and Warrne. They are waiting for Xander," said Hope.

      "What are you there for?" asked Buffy.
      "To know what they will do and to stop them."
      "By yourself?" asked Faith.
      "There are more of us, I will have others to choose from, it depends on what they do."

      "What could they do?" asked Giles.
      "With Xander, all the gates to the hellmouth could be opened, all
      # the forces of hell could be released, you would be doomed if I were not there," said Hope.

      "I'm glad your there to help us," said Faith.
      "You didn't tell them?" asked Hope.
      "Didn't think it was my place. Hope is a demon hunter, those of the demon hunters are many, they protect the vampire slayers," said Fiona.

      "When you say there's many of them, how many?" asked Buffy.
      "Put it like this, for all the people in this country, they are equal to a third in number of them."
      "It's nice to know we can win," said Faith.

      "There is now the ability for an out-right win," said Hope.
      "Buffy, Faith, when Pandora's Box was emptied into Epimetheus, the hope that was needed is now a part of this world. We have always had the ability to win, now we have the hope to be able to win over the evil," said Fiona.

      Hope began to slowly disappear, "Remember slayers, even if you don't see us we are with you."
      In the early morning Buffy went into the courtyard, she saw Giles talking to Fiona, with three strangers.

      "Hi, who are you?" asked Buffy.
      "Good morning Buffy," replied Giles.
      "Hope asked that these be here to observe us, and to help. First up is Graeves, he is like a watcher except for the demon hunters.

      I'm not to sure how old he is, but I'd say he's about five hundred and fifty years old, he's a vampire. The other is Pitts, he isn't a vampire but he was, # he's a new man now," said Giles.
      "You've left a bit out, Pitts is an eternal."

      "We've met before haven't we?" asked Buffy.
      "Giles remember when the master killed me, I thought it was a dream, I went along a tunnel to a light. The person there told me to come back, Pitts was that person," said Buffy.

      # "There are two, when each are there we are the I in team. Pitts is The Keeper of The Light," said Graeves.
      "Who are you?"
      "I am Diana, like Hope, I'm an immortal demon hunter, I became immortal this year."

      # "Oh so your this years girl," said Faith.
      "I suppose so, mind you I'm two hundred in two days. I only said that just in case you want to give me a party." said Dana.
      Willow and Tara came to join them, Tara walked to Graeves.

      "Good morning sir," she then went to Fiona, "is now the time to say good bye?." "What's going on?" asked Faith.
      "It wasn't mean't as a trick, Graeves is my see-er," said Tara.
      # "Then who are you?" asked Buffy.
      # "If Diana and Hope are famous, the one that you see as Fiona is a superstar."

      ?Fiona' began to glow then disappeared.
      Diana and Hope knelt to her.
      "Who is that?" asked Buffy.
      "She is the Goddess Medusera," said Diana, standing up.

      "That is why you knelt to her?" asked Buffy.
      "Because she is a Goddess, she is the one who chooses our kinds."
      "So where do you come from?" asked Willow.

      "I come from the south west of England, when you went to Tintagel there were many of us there, to protect you, when you went there we # soon found out that was where the wild things are, but they're not anymore," said Tara.

      "That explains that then, why does the moon seems to be smiling," said Giles.
      # "Hmm, there's a new moon rising."
      Anya, looking as though she had been crying walked into Giles.
      "Anya?, what's wrong?" asked Giles.

      "Xander went into the bathroom for his shave, when he came out he behaved like a different person, he said he was leaving and left."
      # "It wasn't your fault he left, your not the Yoko factor here," said Giles. "Who?" asked Anya.
      "The Beatles," said Giles. "Who?" asked Anya.
      # "It's an old thing," said Faith. "Oh, primeval is it?" asked Anya.

      "The Beatles aren't that old, I'll have you know," said Giles.
      "Sounds like he's becoming a bit old," said Faith.
      "It's all this talk about the good old days," said Buffy.
      "I know what'll make him happy, tell your going to go up against the big guy vampire from those Hammer Films," said Faith.

      # "He'll get restless if I tell him that stuff," said Buffy.
      "No he won't," said Faith.
      "I think he will," said Buffy.
      #"Hey Giles, what do you think about Buffy vs. Dracula?" asked Anya.

      "He wouldn't stand a chance," said Giles.
      "Ooh, he thinks I'm good!, did you mean that Giles?" asked Buffy.
      # "Yes Buffy, that was the real me speaking."
      # "Careful that might have been the replacement," said Faith.

      "He's being replaced?" asked Anya.
      "With a newer model."
      # "I'll thank you to know that I'm in full control of my faculties and I am not out of my mind," said Giles.

      Giles turned around, wandered to his door, opened it and listened to the quiet.
      # "There's no place like home," he said quietly.
      "That's a thought, I'll go and see mom and Dawn today," said Buffy.

      # "Your lucky, you can just pop in and see your family," said Faith.
      # "Guess I'm a fool for love," said Buffy.
      "I'd like to see my folks but I'd need to make an appointment, and that's when their in the country," said Faith.

      # "Your both lucky, there's not enough of my folks to make a shadow," said Anyanka.
      "To much talk of family, we should talk of what's coming next," said Buffy.

      # "Why? listening to you two talk of family is better than listening to fear," said Faith, "speaking of fear, do we know what we'll be facing next."

      "Not yet, I wonder if Willow and Tara can help us there?" asked Anya. "How could they?" asked Buffy
      "They are witches, even if we follow them into their old ground."
      "Their old ground Anya? where's that?" asked Faith.

      "I thought if they as witches were to go to their old ground."
      "Maybe, yes, they can take me into the woods any time," said Buffy.
      # "HEY WILLOW! Buffy said you can take her into the woods anytime." Faith looked at Anya.

      # "Not happy with the threesome here, she now wants to make up a triangle in the woods," said Faith.
      "WILLOW! stop smiling like that!," said Tara, "I'll tell Buffy that you were smiling. I might even tell Mr Giles."

      Willow opened the window.
      "I don't understand though, why would Buffy want to go into the woods with us?" called down Tara.
      "To find out what's coming next," shouted Faith.

      "Oh, we can do that in our bedroom," said Tara, loudly.
      "Tell Willow to stop smiling," called Buffy.
      "Hey!, I wasn't smiling," shouted Willow.
      Tara looked at Willow who raised her eyebrows and smiled.

      "That time," said Willow, grinning.

      Buffy looked at Giles trying not to smile. A young woman walked up to them
      "Who are you looking for?" asked Giles.
      "I was told to speak to Willow," said Rebecca.

      "Who told you to?"
      A black bird flew into the courtyard and onto the woman's shoulder.
      "He did."
      Tara saw what just happened in the courtyard.

      "What do you know about Rooks? Willow."
      "A bit, why ?"
      "One just landed on that woman's shoulder," said Tara.

      "Are you sure it's a Rook, they are sometimes known as Crows," said # Willow, "does that make a difference?, is this a checkpoint on my knowledge of birds?"
      "Hey Tara!, can you ask Willow to come down here, this girl reckons this crow told her to speak to her," called Buffy.

      "Tara, the Crow is a long held belief, it is a spirit guide to native Americans. Tell Buffy I'll be right down," said Willow.
      Willow walked into the courtyard, she looked at the Crow. She saw a vision of the Crow looking at her.

      "Why are you here?" asked Willow.
      "Blackfeather said to meet with you, to see if you were here first," said Rebecca.
      "Do you know her? who is she?" asked Giles.

      # "This is Rebecca, she has blood ties with Blackfeather, will be here.
      I have read stories of them," said Willow.
      Willow looked at Buffy and Faith.
      "Rebecca died a hundred years ago, Blackfeather is a legend,"

      Willow glanced at Rebecca, "he is a friend to all native Americans, why is he coming here?" asked Willow.
      # "The Chumash want their land protected, Blackfeather's father had a strong crush on a squaw, he married her and became a great friend with several of the Chumash."

      "What was his name?"
      "Geron," said Rebecca.
      "You mean Geronimo," said Faith.
      "No, Geron-imo was Blackfeather's father's father," replied Rebecca.

      "If you ever want to know about Rebecca and Blackfeather, the words
      # I was made to love you are true of them, it is said that they in every lifetime will always be together," said Willow.
      "What if one of them is a fish?" asked Faith.

      ## "The body knows no limit, it is the mind. They are forever."
      "What of now, Willow?" asked Giles.
      # "At a guess, Hope is with them to cause an intervention. To stop them doing and what Blackfeather will be here to stop them doing."

      "Rebecca, it appears that we are already doing what Blackfeather wants done," said Giles.
      "My Blackfeather will still be here, he will stay and help protect these lands. I see that you have fought with the Chumash Injuns," said Rebecca.

      "Sort of, they attacked us because we were on their lands, we defended ourselves," said Willow.
      # "Will this request to help be to tough, love of the land is needed."
      "We were chosen to protect all the people's of earth, and to protect the lands of earth from the evil," said Buffy.

      # "If that fight leads us in a straight line, or in a spiral. Then so be it," said Faith.
      # "The weight of the world falls on to your shoulders, that is a heavy burden," said Rebecca.

      "It isn't that heavy, there are many who do the same as us," said Faith.
      #"It is one of the things we see as a gift to those that want the good," said Buffy.
      "Who is that up there?" asked Giles, pointing.

      He watched in awe as the figure jumped down from a rooftop to land by them.
      "This is Blackfeather," said Rebecca, "these here have started to protect the lands of the Chumash, they protect the all the lands of the world."

      "Then I will help them," said Blackfeather.
      A great bird is heard, the sound of it massive wings grew closer until it was as next to them and it stopped. Diana appeared to them.
      "How did you get here?" asked Blackfeather.

      "On my unicorn," replied Diana.
      "Yet, it isn't here."
      "It is here, you just don't see it."
      "Diana, what news do you have? Diana, what is it?" asked Willow.

      "Hope has spoken to me, Blackfeather's crow should be with her, then he can see what is happening," said Diana.
      In the nearby place, the Crow landed on Hope's shoulder she began to speak to John T. about their plans.

      "This is the time, tell me your plea for us to accept both parts of your bargaining," said Hope.
      "Why should we? who are you?" asked Warrne.
      "I am Hope of the Armed Forces of Byzantium, this Crow is Blackfeather's spirit guide, even though you now seek to open the world to the demons, be sure that we can stop you."

      "What would you have us do?" asked John T , "oh, we should begin the bargaining."
      "Why, what power could she have," said Sydney.

      "You do not understand, I know of them, many of the armed forces she speaks of have Blackfeather's ancestors with them. We cannot win, I would rather face defeat than start our loss. First we are left in freedom, second we go to our heaven, that is your hell."

      "That is acceptable," said Hope.
      # "Then that is the bargaining parts 1 and 2."
      # The crow flew from Hope's shoulder, looked, then rose higher to its after life.

      # Light flooded the courtyard as the Goddess Medusera took form.
      # "They have started the life serial they began many eons ago."
      #"And so, Goddess Medusera, they will go all the way to the depths of hell ," said Tara.

      # "If they ever return, be sure that it'll be once more, with feeling."
      # "As in latin, Tabula Rasa," replied the Goddess Medusera.
      ## "Their plans have been truly smashed, wrecked even," said Buffy.
      # "Like the proverbial bad egg, they are gone," said Tara.

      Willow decided she needed more money, she rang the places she knew.
      # "Doublemeat Palace, how may we help you."
      "I need a job," said Willow.

      # "If you're ok, working with dead things, you'll be ok here."
      "That's ok, I'm with the dead now," said Willow looking at Rebecca and Blackfeather.
      "Well, just come in and ask for the manageress, we'll go from there."

      "Thank you," said Willow.
      "See, I told you it'd be easy enough," said Giles, "I'd better go, there's something I need to do."
      "What's that?" asked Rebecca.

      "Hopefully it'll be of use to some-one one day, it's a thing I'm doing. The watcher diaries, the hunters and the slayers is what I'll call this bit. I'm not to sure how to introduce them though," said Giles.
      # "You could put that they are older and far away," said Tara.

      "Could do, hmm, thanks for that Tara," said Giles.
      "Will they be long?" asked Rebecca.
      "They shouldn't be, at least I hope they won't be," said Tara.
      "So, what, just sit and keep waiting," said Rebecca.

      # "Sorry yes, I guess it's an as you were thing," said Tara.
      During the next fifteen minutes every-one else came to join them. Seemingly at last, the sound of large wings made them all look to the skies.

      # "Hell's bells, I love that sound," said Willow.
      "One day you might get to see them, although hopefully not as many as me," said Tara.
      "Why? how many have you seen?" asked Willow.

      "I once saw all of them, it could have been a wonderful sight had it not been for the reason they were there."
      "So tell me Tara, how many is there?"
      "Two thousand six hundred."

      "What was it, why were they there?"
      "In readiness for a battle," said Tara .
      Hope, Molly, Saffron, Julie and Diana took form next to Tara.
      # "Here I am, normal again," said Julie.

      Blackfeather's crow flew on to Hope's shoulder.
      "I think some-one likes you." "Thanks."
      "He must do, he wouldn't have let the Crow move else," said Rebecca.

      "Oh, I thought you meant the Crow," said Hope.
      Blackfeather went and stood before Willow.
      # "Because of the entropy that exists, word has only just been sent to me, it is for me to thank all of you. A special thank you, to you Willow from the Chumash tribe of native Americans. If ever we can help, the whole nation will be with you."

      "Faith, the two vampires that sought you, have become dust," added Blackfeather
      "You've lost me," replied Faith.
      "The one's known as Angelus and Spike, they are no more."

      "Did you have any problems with them?" asked Faith.
      "No, but they did with us. They both became vampires, then tried to attack the Chumash, they muttered something about seeing red, just before the all the Chumash became bears. They even said we were the # villains, idiots"

      He turned, saw Tara, smiled.
      "I'm ready to go back now," said Blackfeather.
      "I'll just see if Rebecca's ready to go as well."
      "That'll be two to go then," said Tara.

      "Hello mom, Dawn, I was hoping you'd get here earlier," said Buffy.
      "Was it anything to do with the two that were here, who were they."
      Buffy glanced around.
      "They've gone back," said Buffy unhappily.

      "Back to where they came from or back in time?" asked Joyce.
      "Back in time."
      # "How far back in time? do either of them have a grave?" asked Dawn,
      "Not that I know of," said Buffy.

      "Do you think any-one would mind if I wrote their names on one of the block by the steps."
      "They'd like that, you don't even need to ask," said Buffy.

      THE END
      Angel liked to sing 'Oh Mandy', using the Angelus method.

      Look at it, play with it, then torture it.