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I Dream of Buffy: a season 8 ficlet

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  • I Dream of Buffy: a season 8 ficlet

    A dream fic, following on from discussion about whether Willow may or may not have considered Buffy in THAT way.

    Willow was back in college, sitting in a lecture. The other students were blurry and vague. Btu she wasn't looking at them anyway, she was paying attention. Her back felt stiff and straight and she was aware that she didn't want to look sloppy, in case she got thrown out for slouching. At the front of the lecture hall was Riley, dressed in leather pants and a jacket that looked part-confederate-army-general-part-futuristic-space-pilot. She glanced away from him to the projector, which showed the course title: "Buffy studies 101".

    "The tradition of shudo or "the beautiful way" mirrors the path of your friend Buffy," he said, looking directly at Willow and winking. "The elder warrior teaches the younger the way of the warrior."

    Willow turned to her left, suddenly aware of her neighbour. Xander was grinning at her unpleasantly. "Then they get all naked and play with their weapons. Buffy's going to show me her weapons chest. If you know what I mean."

    "Ew, Xander." Willow pushed him away and he slammed his head down on the desk, theatrically.

    "Pay attention. This is important for your final grade!" yelled Riley. "It is a truth universally acknowledged that sleeping with Buffy makes you go evil."

    Xander leant closer to her and nodded, sagely. "Leather pants. QED."

    "How do you know what QED means?" Willow whispered. "I thought you didn't speak Latin?"

    "I'm a Latin lover," said Xander. He took her hand and kissed it, then licked his tongue down in between her fingers. "I'm going to show Buffy what she's been missing."

    "Why's everyone talking about Buffy? I don't want to study Buffy. I thought this was a psychology class."

    "My psychology is very interesting." Willow felt a hand on her arm. She turned away from Xander and saw Buffy there. She was dressed in a Japanese schoolgirl uniform, her hair in pigtails. She fluttered her eyelashes at Willow. "Are you going to be the teacher today? Since Miss Calendar isn't here?"

    Willow felt her face getting hot . "What do you want me to teach you?"

    Buffy leaned closer. "Magic," she whispered. Then she kissed Willow. Her tongue was cold.

    "No fair!" came Xander's voice. "That's my destiny!" But then he was gone and Buffy and Willow were on Kingman's Bluff.

    Buffy was tied to the spire of the temple, wearing a gold bikini. Spike and Angel were standing nearby. Spike was leaning on Angel's shoulder and they were both sheltering under Buffy's class protector umbrella, although Willow couldn't tell if it was night or day.

    Willow gaped at Buffy and her bikini and shook her head. "I don't think of you like that," she said.

    "And the band played believe it if you like, love," said Spike.

    "Everyone thinks of Buffy that way," said Angel. "Face it. No one wants to see you like that."

    "They do!" said Willow. "I don't have the documents to prove it with me."

    "Then it doesn't count," said Angel. "You know that."

    Buffy was writhing in her bonds. She writhed until they snapped, and she flew towards Willow, grabbing her up in both arms and carrying her into the sky.

    "That's my line!" Willow tried to scream, but the wind ate her voice. Buffy carried her up to the clouds. They flew through damp misty wreathes of cloud or smoke until they reached a solid cloud and Buffy set her down. In the middle of the cloud, Willow noticed a throne. Satsu was sitting on it, dressed in military uniform with camo paint smeared on her face.

    Buffy was in uniform too, with a huge plumed hat. She walked over to the throne and sat on Satsu's lap. "We're the military. You're a civilian. That's why you're not allowed to join us."

    "But you joined me!" said Willow. She felt tears in her eyes. "I was gay first."

    Buffy and Satsu looked at one another and started to laugh. Their laughter grew louder and louder until Willow had to cover her ears. A bell began to ring, somewhere between a fire alarm and?.

    ?Willow's clock alarm was beeping. She rubbed her eyes and sat up slowly. Once she'd ordered her thoughts a little, she decided that that day, she was going to have a conversation with Buffy about how she definitely, absolutely, never, did NOT want to sleep with her.

    And then she realised that the double negative was maybe a little undermining to the whole affair.

    -- Robofrakkinawesome BANNER BY FRANCY --