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Shift - Spuffy drabble set during Smashed

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  • Shift - Spuffy drabble set during Smashed

    Author's Note: All from Spike's POV, a sneak peek at his thoughts during the events of Smashed.
    Rating: 12 (No idea how the American system works. This is a 12 for references to violence and use of the word 'kinky'. Censorship ftl )
    Pairing: Spuffy
    Setting: Smashed. Bear in mind this is November also.
    Disclaimer: My words, but unfortunately not my characters. (Whedon wins!)

    Things shift, and things happen, and all of a sudden these things aren't like they used to be. Take winter, for example. Ever since midsummer, people are aware that the nights are getting longer and the days drifting past quicker and quicker each time. Sometimes, these shifts built up. Nevertheless, it was a pleasant surprise the first time Spike stepped out the door at half five in the afternoon and didn't turn to dust. Winter was really starting to kick in, and Spike wanted to greet it with a bang.

    Most of the shifts in Spike's life and death were built up, culminating in a single event that always came as a surprise. Years of thinking about it, years of dreaming about it, but still, the first time his fist connected with her jawbone, it was a shock. That sickening zoom thud crack that was the most satisfaction since Dru sank her teeth into him all those years ago. Spike grinned mischievously, his hair tousled and his eyes glittering. He swaggered back a step, opened his arms and fluttered his fingers, beckoning her back to him. This was going to be fun.

    Smashed. The entire place was completely smashed. All these pointy wooden fragments just waiting around for a nasty accident to happen. Spike was definitely kinky, but that pushed the boundaries a little. As Buffy ran out, he surveyed the scene of their destruction. This was not what he had imagined when he set out for pain. Sure, the end result was pretty similar; he was the most bruised and battered since Glory had tortured him; but however predictable the end was, the means had come as a shock. These things always did.