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Challenge Eight: The Results!!!

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  • Challenge Eight: The Results!!!

    Thanks to everyone who entered. I really loved getting the pieces, and especially since Aissy entered, I'm happy I had such a strong word limit !!!

    Rep should have reach you all and I've also constructed awards of sorts? but for the text, all the awards are identical, though? it was super hard to really rate them, but I did my best...

    Honourable mentions

    Third Place
    Teh Femslash

    Second Place
    The double date


    A little tiny bit of feedback for each piece? if you want any more details of my thoughts I would be more than happy to do so!

    Special thanks- your first BF fanfic challenge- welcome!

    Entry A
    I like the scene you chose to do, it's a nice moment in which to get into everyone's heads, all the secrets, but I don't feel like the voices of the characters was captured as well as they might have been, sometimes because grammar was a little sloppy.

    Entry B
    I like that you have made something new and I like the storyline that you're playing out here, but it really loses something, I think the grammar/expression could be a little sharper and that would make the storyline even clearer.

    Wolfie Gilmore

    Love this one. A nice kind of symmetry, mixing characters around and around.


    "Get your own damn toys! Watch him try and get an offspring." I think I love you. Lmao. Very awesome, very much fun. Thank you.

    Back and Forth
    Refreshing to see a non Jossverse one (even though I know, that was what I wanted!) And Emily can text. Hilarious!

    In and out I liked the feelings, but didn't follow it as I might have, somehow.


    Entry One
    Fabulous! And bonus points for choosing a Tillow piece, hurrah for teh femslash! Love it. All of it. All perspectives. Xander's reaction, Buffy's, both so self absorbed, but in a good way.

    Entry Two
    I really liked this one too, I know you said you had to enter it, and I had that impression as I read it, that maybe it was one of those pieces that writes/tells itself.


    "I've got a knife to return." Ah, to me, this summed it all up. Love it. Super beautiful.

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    Wow, thank you so much for the beautiful awards and feedback! (Love the spoiler tag-suspense approach, btw.)

    So chuffed, I am!

    Also because this was my first attempt at a drabble - and indeed the first I'd heard of drabbles, shame on me - but since then you've got me into it and I write one or two drabbles every week now. (And those, for some strange paranormal reason, I can stick to the word limit for )

    Thank you for that challenge, really enjoyed it. I hope we have another similar one sometime.
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      Aw, thanks! Lovely prize, thanks Vev

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