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  • Darla And Her Daughters

    Characters of Buffy and Angel and the scenarios from the TV serials are owned by their respective copyright holders.

    Happy that her travels had finished for a while, a heavily pregnant Darla made it to the town of Totnes. The captain of the ship she was on, telling her that a passport would be a good idea, Darla was becoming really fed up with his cautious advances, so she put a stop to them, permanently. She wondered who the next captain, and would he be tastier.

    During the long moments of boredom, she had many memories of Angel pushing into her mind. Several times she imagined throwing his body into a pit of wooden spikes, she saw herself walking away smiling, as his little school girls took it in turns to throw in the matches.

    But the voyage had ended, bored, she Sat on the steps of the stone cross, in what the towns people called the town square. She was befriended by another vampire who let her stay with her at her farm in Cornworthy. It was another two days before Darla succumbed to the pressures of the imminent childbirth. Well, she had been pregnant for two and a half years.

    A local midwife saw her collapse in the garden, and she was rushed to the hospital. Not because there was anything wrong with her, it was just that the midwife couldn't find Darla's pulse. I wonder if Angel's ears burnt, especially when the second child was born; Darla wasn't to impressed with the pain.

    After Darla had been on the ward for six minutes she convinced the others not to annoy her, then the next morning she got the same respect from most of the nurses. That nurse referred to the ladies as her little girls, she said she wanted to see some lovely smiles as she opened a window blind.
    Darla politely asked her not to open the next window blind, but the nurse carried on until Darla let out a barrage of insults culminating with Darla screaming that she'd rip her ruddy throat out and drink her dry.

    The nurse, shocked by the outburst left the blind alone.
    She asked Darla if she could just open the blinds a few inches. Sheer horror cloaked her face as she heard Darla's long low growling.

    The hospital also had a few other problems, when more people than normal began dying. Even more when Rahl visited. Darla did learn how-ever not to visit the Oncology wards again; whilst walking on the ceiling was fun and flying through the corridors did appear to be interesting, several times she forgot to change into a bird.

    A couple of times just after the births she had lain on her bed, wondering how Fred, Gunn and Wesley would react when they found out that the Tro-Clon was going to be Darla and her Daughters?

    The evening of the next day Darla was at Rahl's home, which was a good thing as Darla's two daughters had grown. Rahl was fairly surprised at the speed that Darla's Daughters were growing. As she said, it isn't all babies that have teeth and can walk and talk at five weeks old. The pair of them, Angela and Germima, were both just like their mother, they were vampires and very beautiful.

    Rahl had taken to reading, she came across the name Darla several times in connection with so many atrocities. She began to realise that it was her new friend. Rahl realised that one day soon Darla would take her daughters back to LA for some serious pay back, Rahl decided to get fit, in readiness.
    Darla's Daughters were growing at what seemed to be a year for each week. Angela and Germima agreed with each other that growing up quick was a good thing. Darla and Rahl were just as impressed, because neither of them had the terrible two's or the pain of the first teeth growing, Darla did miss out on the first words and the first steps not that she was bothered though.

    Angela and Germima had agreed with their mum that they'd only get a present on their thirteen and eighteenth birthday as that was when she was due to see a tax inspector. Not that she was going to get a tax rebate, she just wanted to taste a tax inspector.

    One day Rahl queried Darla about her past, but as Darla pointed out, she would be nothing soon. Rahl was puzzled, until three weeks later when news of half the inhabitants of Dartmouth were said to have been killed, but that was only the start said Darla. She told Rahl that she, Angela and Germima were the prophesised Tro-Clon.

    That night Rahl looked up the term Tro-Clon and shuddered when she found out what it referred to. The end of life.
    On contacting her friends and telling them, they made plans for the girls eighteenth birthday, the friends were surprised to find out that the girls were growing at a year a week.

    Giles and Wesley were looking through books in Giles's apartment, Wesley had told Giles that he thought Angel's child might be the Tro-Clon but only found word of what might happen. Giles rang his friend in England, Robson.
    Robson said he was a bit busy as he was increasing the number of cloves of garlic in his rooms. Giles was puzzled, and asked why he'd be doing that.

    "The prophesied Tro-Clon is here, the vampires know of their presence, the word is people are leaving England," said Robson.
    "But what are the watchers council doing?" asked Giles.
    "They were killed a few days ago along with the couple of thousand people. You remember about the south west of England, how it used to be known as the devil's country, well word has it, that now it is!. The authorities think it's a plague of some sort. Believe it or not I'm working with the church!, all the religions see this threat as the work of the devil."

    "Robson, it's Wesley, I think I know what is causing this."
    "I know as well, it's a vampire and her offspring," said Robson.
    "Do you know who the vampire is?" asked Giles.
    "No, but I know that the Tro-Clon is to start the apocalypse," said Robson.
    "The vampire is Darla, but I don't know about her baby," said Wesley.
    "They are both girls, they are growing a year a week and according to our source, they are Angela and Germima. They with their mother left for America recently."
    Unknown to Robson that story was a lie.

    With the wonders of modern travel, planes had been landing in most of the cities through out the world with all the passengers dead, mind you a few of them were un-dead. They had gone everywhere, every where except America.
    As Angela and Germima had said, once the army, air force, navy and police had been killed the hellmouth would be as good as theirs.
    Wesley called for Angel, Fred, Cordy, Lorne, Gunn and his friends. Giles thought he'd leave out the commando guys, he called Buffy. Alison, Robson's trainee slayer would try to make it.

    Nineteen minutes later the door to Giles's place slammed open.
    "Hello Giles!, tell my dear boy, won't this be a fun time for the three of us." Then she and her daughters left.
    Ten minutes Buffy and Willow came in.
    "So what is Giles, yet more good news?" asked Buffy.
    "Depends......, I've got all sorts. Do you want the good news, the not so good, the bad news........... or the very bad?" asked Giles.

    "What's the good news?" asked Willow.

    "Well, those commando types, forget about them," said Giles.
    "Now that I know who they are!, I go to all that trouble, for what? so you can say forget about them? I put my body on the line!" said Buffy.
    "Hm, oh!, err what do you mean?" asked Giles.
    "She's dating one of them," said Willow.

    "Which I wouldn't have done,(Buffy quickly glared at Willow) if you weren't SO insistent that we find out as much as we can about them Giles."
    "What's the not so good news?" asked Willow.
    "Darla is back. The bad news is her daughters are with her, the very bad news is they are said to have started the apocalypse," said Giles.
    "Just the usual then," said Buffy.
    "Not this time, they are preparing the world first, and from the sound of it England was first."
    "What!, what do you mean England was first?" asked Willow.
    "I'm waiting to see if a certain person gets here," said Giles, "we'll get more information then."

    It was eight thirty at night, Wesley was sat with Gunn and Fred. Angel was sat next to Cordy, Willow was in between Oz and Tara, Riley was with Buffy and Anya was with Xander, Giles introduced Alison.
    "Giles wants me to tell you about England. During the day the people head into France. At night, those that didn't go are killed, did any one see the film War of the worlds, well apart from it being a bad interpretation of the record, what's going on over there is the annihilation of mankind. Yet this country seems to be untouched, when I left England the roads were empty. Mr Robson told me that nearly all the watchers and the girls being prepared to be a slayer in England had been killed, I have given Mr Giles a list of people to ring."

    "What do they think is the cause?" asked Riley.
    "I've been told that an apocalypse has started, brought about by the vampire Darla and her daughters, they are the Tro-Clon," said Alison.
    "Any-one here know this Darla?" asked Riley.
    "Angel and Darla used to be an item," said Cordy, "Darla's babies are Angel's."
    "And now Darla is after Angel," said Giles.

    "We'd better be prepared for when she gets here," said Angel.
    "Too late, she came here earlier, with her daughters," said Giles.
    "That's it!, Riley get your soldier mates to protect Giles," said
    Buffy, "I need to take control."
    "They won't like that," said Riley.
    "You've been told what to do, so do it," said Alison.
    "I'm telling you, that isn't what their trained for," said Riley.
    "Look, they've got a choice, they do what Buffy says, or they won't be protected," said Alison.
    "No!, we can help," said Riley.
    "This isn't a game Riley, see how long you survive with-out us," said Buffy, "now go, if your going to come back, don't leave it to long."

    Xander, Anya and Willow walked to their homes, Xander and Anya went with Willow to her door then the two of them went on to Xanders place, at least they would have done if three vampires weren't in their way, waiting for them.
    "I'd like you to give Buffy a message," said Darla.
    "Ok, we'll do it," said Xander.
    "It'll have to be done as a mime though."
    "Ok, but Anya and I aren't to good at mime."

    "Don't worry Anya. Oh, you don't mind me caressing you do you?. You'll be rubbing my shoulders soon," said Germima, smiling.
    Germima, smelled the perspiration starting to run down Anya chest, quickly she moved to Anya's neck, she enjoyed smelling her again.
    "Oh God, I love that smell," said Germima, then she sank her main teeth into Anya's neck, beginning to drink her life, until she was dead.
    "Think she'll get the mime? Xander," said Darla.
    He looked at Darla, he felt the pain on his neck, then the darkness replaced his life.
    As they walked away, Darla smiled and gave her daughters a moist hand towel each, to wipe the blood from their mouths. Good thing their make-up was water proof.

    Willow got up early, remembering the conversations of the previous night she wanted to make the most of the daylight hours. She dressed, grabbed some food, then ran to her friends house. Stopping just before she got there. She found Xander and Anya's lifeless bodies. She turned to see Buffy, now in front of her.
    "Come on Will, we need to leave here," said Buffy.

    Sitting with Giles were the others when Buffy and Willow got there.
    "We're nearly all here," said Cordy, "as you said Buffy, Giles should be protected, we need to agree on who by."
    Willow looked around the room, "We are all here, Xander and Anya were killed last night."
    "It's started, we need some-one here. Any favours you can call in Giles?" asked Angel.

    "I think there might be one," said Willow, "the vampire me, if we get her here or nearly here and ask her, if she says no we send her back."

    To make the required numbers, Cordy and Angel joined Willow and Giles. The figure of the vampire Willow began to appear.
    "We have some questions for you. Vampires are taking over this world, those here are trying to stop them, would you be willing to help us?" asked Willow.
    The vampire Willow looked around.
    Looking at Angel, "You are like me, a vampire, yet you help these people?. You people have offered me friend-ship, I feel as though I may return that.
    Where is the one called Xander?"
    "He was killed by them."

    "As my best memories are of Xander, also....., as I am dead in my dimension, looking to Willow, could we be friends?"
    "If you'll help us, yes, we'll be friends, I'll even dress like you, or you could wear my pink jumper," said Willow.
    "Then I agree to be with you, to help you, on condition that I don't have to wear that pink jumper."

    The vampire Willow was brought the rest of the way into the world.
    They greeted each other.
    "Gives a new meaning to the song, I Touch Myself," said Tara.
    "WILLOW'S! Your smiling! stop it!" exclaimed Buffy.

    "Just a thought Willow, I could feel that you are a witch, have you ever tried to make yourself appear as another? how about making yourself to appear as a vampire like me?"
    "That's a good idea," said Tara.
    That evening, Willow, dressed like her other self in a tight fitting leather outfit, went with Buffy and herself to see Riley, they found him dressed as a commando talking with a few others. Riley looked, then realised there was two Willows.

    "Who is who?"
    "We are both Willow."
    "I came from another dimension to help her."
    "Well?" asked Buffy.
    "They'll need some convincing," replied Riley.
    Willow changed to be a vampire.
    "I chose to come from another dimension!, to be with you Willow against my own kind, yet these humans with their toys need convincing."
    Forest leapt to his feet, "A hostile." he pointed his Blaster at the vampire.
    "No," shouted Willow, standing in front of Willow, "put that down, I said, PUT!, IT!, DOWN!."

    Willow glared at Forest.
    Willow knowing she had vast reserves of vampire power put her hands on Willows shoulders. Willow caused the Blaster to melt.
    Forest shrugged his shoulders, looked down his nose at Buffy.
    "And what have you got?"
    Buffy stepped forward, pivoted on her left leg smashing her right foot on Forests chest. He flew across the room, through the windows, he rolled on the grass when he landed. Coming back into the room, still rubbing his chest.
    "So?, the slayer, hmm. Hope this Giles has got enough cups, there's eight of us."
    Buffy smiled to both the Willows.
    "I need to tell our leaders where we are going, and why," said Riley.

    "What is it Giles, what are you thinking of?" asked Buffy.
    "There is something wrong," replied Giles.
    The Willow in need of make up spoke.
    "You only just figured it out."
    "What are we doing wrong?" asked Giles.
    "Who is at the hellmouth? clever aren't I," said Willow.
    "Yes, we are aren't I," said Vampy Willow.
    "This was a bad idea, not only do they look alike, now they sound alike," said Buffy.

    "And when I get the same make up as me."
    "Oh no, she'll be a bad influence on herself," said Giles.
    Willow smiled to herself.
    "Any-one got a shiny nickel?" she said. "What is it with them?"
    "The Ghostbusters? the packs are flame throwers," said Giles.
    "This hellmouth, what is it?" asked Vampy Willow
    "It's a hole in the ground," said Buffy.

    "Here's a thought, if the army covers it with steel girders then loads of cement, it'll be made hard to get into or out of," said Giles.
    "Then we all start to put the world back how it was?" asked Forest.
    "If we're going to start some-where, let this be it," said Buffy.
    "As this Darla is after Angel, is there somewhere else he could be?" asked Riley.

    Buffy, Tara, Cordy and Fred were deciding where to have coffee, well they were originally.
    "Riley's idea about being some-where else, we could go to England," said Tara.
    "But they reckon it's a vampire playground over there," said Buffy.
    "If we went there, it wouldn't be that way for long," said Fred.

    "How's that?" asked Tara.
    "One person with the back pack, a slayer or a vampire to point them out and a witch to say when some are coming. So there's only two witches, two slayers and two vampires, thats four groups."
    "Hang on Fred, Alison isn't a slayer yet," said Buffy.
    "Hadn't thought of her, she could be trained to feel when a vampire is close. I was thinking of Faith," said Fred, "Angel and Wesley are in favour of her."

    "Normally I'd disagree with you, but times are, well, desperate," said Buffy.
    "No more desperate than training a potential to be a slayer in two or three days in the front line."
    "You know, the more I think about it, the more it makes sense," said Buffy, "looks like England look out, here we come."
    "About Angel, isn't Riley with him?" asked Cordy.
    "How about if we play a trick on them Cord," said Buffy.
    "We both look at the dress in that shop window."
    "The wedding dress, hmm, could be good for a laugh," replied Cordy.

    Angel and Riley walked along the street, Angel kept to the shadows, they saw Cordy and Buffy and were about to cross the road, when Angel put his hand on Riley's shoulder.
    "Not yet."
    Tara, stood in the shadows, disguising her voice yelling.
    "Bloody Vampire! kill it!"

    Angel span, saw Fred then pleaded with her.
    "NO!... NO!.... Fred!.... it's me!....,it's Angel!. Phew I thought you were going to set me on fire then. What a day!........ I'd just seen those two loving that wedding dress."
    "Who, what two?" asked Fred.
    "Those two!"
    Angel and Riley turned, only to see Cordy and Buffy standing next to them, smiling.
    "Hope you never work undercover," Angel said to Riley, "she won't let you forget this."
    "I already do."
    "Oh dear," replied Angel.

    Happy to be back in his home country, Giles was very un-impressed with his visitors, they all had taken to sitting in a circle with a pair of binoculars each.
    "What are they doing Giles?" asked Willow.
    "Playing a game."
    "What game?"
    "I spy," said Giles, grumpily.
    "Oh, what are they looking for?"
    "The ruddy sun," said Giles.
    Willow could tell he wasn't totally in favour of what they were doing.
    "There it is!" exclaimed Fred.
    "We have confirmation, the sun is there today," said Angel, "must mean it's not raining,................yet."
    "Bloody colonials!," said Giles.

    "Right, time to go to work," said Faith.
    "Whose in what group?" asked Buffy.
    "Right," said Giles, "Willow, Buffy and Fred. Cordy, Angel and Tara. I'll put Willow, Faith and Gunn with me. That should do for tonight, remember if you see a vampire, get it. I don't want any of them telling their friends we're here just yet."

    That evening three groups went out onto the streets, Wesley stayed behind to continue Alison's training with Angel.
    Giles's group took up residency at a corner not far from where they were staying, whilst they didn't want to attract any attention it was decided that they should begin to clear the area around them and expand from there.
    "So what's on your list of things to do Willow?" asked Faith.
    "I thought I'd travel a bit, get to meet the locals, make friends with them, play with the children. Then kill them all."
    "Oh, you've read why people should join the army," said Faith, "it does have that nice to be here touch doesn't it."

    "That's a point, are any of the soldier boys left?" asked Gunn.
    "There was in the film Independence Day, we just need to find them, considering what's happening now, it's a good idea if you don't show your vampire face, even back at the house, you just never now who is watching," said Gunn.
    "Good point, we'd best let the others know as soon as possible. But how do we tell them? if I go they'll know a vampire is nearby, we can't send Giles and Gunn ?cos it isn't safe for them, hang on, there's two of them in that shop, I'll try and see them," said Faith.
    "How can you see in the dark?" asked Willow.
    "All the slayers have the spirit of the demon in them, I'm not sure what type of demon but I can see in the dark."

    "Alright, taking the next step, what do cats normally hate?" asked Giles.
    "It can't be that simple can it?"
    "Why not Gunn? think about it, cats hate dogs, there is a type of demon that is a dog, it can see in the dark, it has an increased strength," said Giles.
    "It all fits, so until we have another probability lets go with the theory that the demon in each slayer is a Werewolf," said Gunn.
    "Can we kill those vamps now?" asked Faith.
    "Funny I was going to say the same thing," said Willow.

    "Are there any other vampires near?" asked Gunn.
    "Why do you ask?"
    "If there is, we could just torch the place, then get them when they run, but if there's none let's get them outside first, hope you've got strong shoulders Giles?" asked Gunn.
    "Why do you ask?" asked Giles.
    "The chances are that I'd be faster at running than you, which means you'll be carrying the flame thrower."

    Gunn went across the road, he looked back. Waited until they were ready then began to walk along the footpath, as he fronted the shop he announced the presence of the vampires. He turned and ran away from them but in the general direction of Giles. The two vampires nearly pulled off the shop door in their hurry to get that lovely fresh smell of human blood. As Gunn ran from them he turned, noted his position and feigned a fall. The two vampires slowed to a walk, when eight foot from him.

    "Fresh warm blood, still pumping in the veins".
    Gunn casually sat up, looked at him, then said.
    "Aren't you going to say hello to Mr Brightman?"
    "Who is this Mr Brightman?" asked the other vampire.
    "This is Mr Brightman," said Giles.
    He gave them nearly half a second to comprehend what he had said before the flames engulfed their bodies. Giles released the trigger on the flame thrower.
    "And just in case they try to return from death."
    He poured some holy water on their ashes.
    "Don't think they are coming back now," said Faith.

    Angel liked to sing 'Oh Mandy', using the Angelus method.

    Look at it, play with it, then torture it.

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    Darla and her Daughters

    Characters of Buffy and Angel and the scenarios from the TV serials are owned by their respective copyright holders.


    "Faith? what's Willow doing?" asked Giles.
    "Back in a minute."
    Faith went into the shop, looked around trying to make as little noise as possible. She noted the shop sold most things, it had DVD's and videos for hire. A snippit of sound caused her to look across the shop, she saw the silhouette of Willow, she watched Willow, observing the way she moved.

    "Can you hear me Faith?"
    "What is it Willow?"
    "There's something else here, it isn't a vampire though," said Willow, "best get the others here, and fast. A witch would be handy right now, there?s definitely something else happening here."

    "Not sure, take a look at this place, why would two vampires be in here," asked Willow.
    "I see what you mean, nothing is out of place, it's like they were waiting in here."
    "Hadn't thought of that, I was thinking that there's something here they were to protect."

    Faith signalled for Giles and Gunn to go into the shop then she went to get the others.
    "Giles, tell me if anyone tries to come in the door. Gunn keep watching that area of the shop for movement, I'll watch this side," said Willow.
    "What is it, what are you looking for?" asked Giles.

    Willow looked at the wall, slowly turned to face another way as if listening.
    "I do trust our new Willow, but what she just said, the way she moved, there is something up here," said Giles.
    "By the door," said Gunn.

    Willow went to the door, saw Willow and opened the door and let her group in, as she was closing the door Faith arrived with the third group.
    "Flame throwers!, make sure no-one comes in by the door. The rest of you what is it about this room?"

    "I can feel that some humans have been here today, but there's no smell of blood," said Willow, "I felt as though many vampires have been here, but it doesn't look as though any have been here."
    "What do the slayers think?, witches?" Willow asked after a while, "looks like it's up to us vampires Angel."

    Angel and Willow stayed in the shop while Angel and Willow took the look of vampires. Presently three vampires came into sight, they walked into the shop. Then nothing, after ten minutes Buffy and Faith went into the shop. Faith went to Willow.
    "Where are those two?"

    "They went straight into that room, but there's been no sounds of movement for a while now."
    "Will can you hear me?" thought Buffy
    "I hear you Buffy. We're having a look around, stop all vampires coming here."
    "It'll be done Will."

    "Tara, there's a shadow, down the street a bit," said Fred.
    "I know, he's been watching us for a while now, he isn't a vampire. He is interested though," said Tara.
    They had been sitting there for another thirty minutes.
    "Don't move, just don't move."

    Tara could feel the business end of the rifle on her neck.
    "We are humans as well," said Fred.
    "Am I glad to hear that!"
    "Who are you?" asked Giles.
    "Corporal Steven Johnson, I watched you earlier, you set those things on fire, is that how they are killed?"

    "There are other ways, but fire is the quickest," said Giles.
    "There was two others with you before, but they aren't here. What happened to them?"
    Will, Faith and I want to come out, is it all clear
    "It's all clear Buffy," she replied. Faith and Buffy ran to them.
    "Who is he?" asked Buffy.

    "He was in the army, he's by himself now," said Tara.
    "No I'm not, there's a few of us. We're staying out of town, I'm just here to see about getting some supplies. But when I saw you I thought I'd try and make contact."
    "Is there many of you?" asked Faith.

    "That accent, your American aren't you?" asked Steven.
    "Yeah, why?"
    "One of us, well, he's dead now, but he said a girl he was friends with went there, reckons she had to meet someone, someone that could help us."
    "This girl, have you got a photo of her, we might be able to get a message to her."

    "I don't know how legit this is, I mean it's all a bit far fetched. This sergeant, he reckons the girl was said to go to America to find some one called watcher Giles," said Steven.
    "This sounds like a needle in a haystack job," said Faith.
    "Maybe, but given the amount of people left here, it's more like a yellow needle in a haystack of black needles," said Tara.

    "What are you on about?" asked Steven.
    "My name is Giles, I am a watcher."
    "He is a watcher to a vampire slayer," said Buffy.
    "That is what that guy said, am I glad to hear that, all I need now is news from her."
    "We'll go and see her then, she isn't far from here," said Giles.

    "I'll wait here," said Buffy, "Will, Fred are you two alright to stay here with me, not to sure how we explain good vampires and bad vampires though."
    Once they had gone to their house Fred asked what was in the shop.

    "Seems like a there is a hellmouth, but we heard some vampires talking, that's when Faith and I left. Those vampires were talking in different languages, I recognised French and German," said Buffy.
    "I recognised five other languages," said Faith.

    Will looked at her.

    "Five languages, I'm impressed, what were they?" asked Will.
    "They were all double-dutch. Thing is that hellmouth, it could be one of many that is interconnected with other countries, hey up, they're back."
    "What did you find out?" asked Buffy.
    "Like you said Faith, they go everywhere, but very quickly."

    "Willow's right, we've just been to Australia, China, Italy and France, oh and America is closed for business, but the Tro-Clon is coming here by plane, tomorrow night," said Angel.
    "So lets close this one as well," said Buffy.

    "Not yet, there's some people coming this way," said Will.
    "Six vampires, I know!, when they get in there, smash the windows then make them burn, with luck the hellmouth will get blocked. Then find out how many planes are due to arrive from America tomorrow after sunset, we can spray them getting of the plane, we could say it's a plague preventative even though it'll be holy water," said Willow.

    As the last of them entered the shop Faith and Buffy sent a few rocks against the windows, as the vampires came at them Fred let them have it with the flame thrower, then she directed the flames on to the walls. Faith smashed the windows in the adjoining shops which Fred set alight. As they walked away Fred looked back to inspect her handy work. The whole block seemed to be alight.

    In the morning Angel and Willow said that they were going to stay with Alison.
    Steven took the rest of them to meet his friends in Stoke Gabriel. They had borrowed an unused truck that had been heading for a supermarket as it was full of food. Through out the brightness of the day they travelled to their safety. As the sky began to be covered in darkness, the safety of there destination greeted them.

    Far above them the English country side passed silently below a Boeing 787. Trees, hedgerows, crops they knew nothing of what was to be. Birds in flight, those that had landed, looking for food suddenly became cold as jet fuel covered their bodies, just as quickly the feeling of cold left them as the evaporation started then finished. As the plane landed at Heathrow airport, all was quiet on the plane. With out any problem, the aircraft taxied to the airport terminal.

    The flight crew having done their job for the day began to shut down the engines.
    The sound of air rushing in meant that the exterior door was being opened. Germima, Angela and Darla strode of the plane, then stopped.
    "Excuse me, my dears, haven?t you forgotten a few of them?" asked Darla.

    Germima and Angela faced each other. They both shrugged their shoulders.
    "Oh, the pilots!, sorry mum," said Angela.

    Darla daughters stood at the door way, they viewed the carnage of the passengers and smiled. They burst into the cockpit, yet the noise, the screams didn?t last long. Angela and Germima went to stand behind their mother again.
    "Well?, now isn't that better?" asked Darla. She smiled sweetly to her daughters before leading them away from the plane. The halls of the airport were quiet, like the plane there was plenty of bodies, just no life.

    "Come on girls, lets go to Bath, there's some-one I'd like you to meet," said Darla.
    A friendly pilot took them to Bath. He was so insistent that they got everything they wanted. One of her daughters began to rub him up the wrong way.

    "Not him Angela, he is one of us."
    "Yes mum, I know." she smiled, "just practising."
    "You'll go pop if you drink to much," said Darla.
    Angel and Willow found themselves having to teach Alison about a favourite subject of theirs, fire.

    "Fire is light, yet it can be occult and unknown, be it active, or powerful yet invisible, It may on a whim of revenge reduce things into sudden obedience, be it incomprehensible. Fire is mischievous, it is boundless, a part of the nature of all things it destroys or makes," said Willow.

    "Fire in the heavens brings forth light yet the same fire in hell can give torment and in the middle it gives both. It gives all animals and vegetables life and death. It can be your friend and your enemy. The properties of the infernal fire make a parched earth, it can make all things barren. It also can drive away the spirits from the darkness. As you may want it to help you, beware as it has its own secrets its own view on what it will do, trust only in what it does, not what it will do".

    The sun had risen behind the buildings, five menfolk from the building flowed onto the path, breathing in the life they had protected during the night, as they went to the shops they muttered their views to Darla. Germima and Angela sought to protect their mother from such unrewarding comments, revealing their vampiristic values upon the men, great pain was granted them, the smaller of them was left to watch.

    Filled with horror and disbelief that they could cause so great a grief after the sun had risen. Darla greeted him with a smile that was so warming. He forgot who she was with until his throat was savaged by her. Wiping the blood away from her mouth she showed her offspring into a shop. She felt the pull of the hellmouth, yet there was something else. A different pull, she felt that Angel had been there and he had been there recently. Darkness filled the room, blackened walls. The ceiling had gone in places. The men from across the road had put the fire out, afraid that their place be consumed as well.

    "How well is Alison progressing, can she feel the presence?" asked Willow.
    "Well Alison? how many?" asked Angel.
    "There are three others, they are near, getting nearer."
    "Come with me Alison, together we will see them," Willow stopped, "they are here, but how, how so fast."

    Angel felt the closeness, yet he didn't hear the cries of Alison and Willow being pushed into lockers.
    Angel stood still, he knew she was near but he didn't know where, her feel was in three places at once, he looked about but saw nothing. Going to the door it opened.

    "We meet again."
    Angel looked at Darla as her daughters entered the room.
    "So this is our father? I think you should leave mummy, I wouldn't want you to see his passing," said Angela.
    "I hope you recognise that sound, that is the sound of your daughter Angela."

    Angel closed his eyes as Darla left them alone. He was opening his eyes as Germima and Angela buried that body deep into his skin, with a twist of his torso they were thrown across the room. Angela bounced from the wall as Germima squared off against Angel, he stepped back then screamed in pain as Angela sliced his calves with a knife, turning to face her he knocked a chair into Germima's knees making her fall against a display case, the glass cutting deep into her arm.

    "That won't stop me," she said running at him.
    Angel thrust his elbow into her throat, knocking her off balance, lashing out with his foot he made her slam onto the edge of the display case shattering it, before she could react Angel had ripped of part of the top ramming the blunt end of the wood into the chest of Germima.
    Angela panicked, her sister fell to dust on the floor. She ran to be at her mothers side.

    Angel stood, caste a look around the room, followed his feeling to a locker, opening it he found Alison. She had been pushed in so that she couldn't move, he carefully prised her out of the locker.
    "Thanks, we'd best let Willow out before she hurts herself," said Alison.
    Willow was forcing the door of the locker open.

    "Take it easy, I'll get you out of there," said Alison pulling the door open.
    "Why didn't it want to open?" asked Willow.
    "They put a lock on it," said Angel.
    "What happened?" asked Alison.
    "Just say that next time we see each other there will only be two of them."

    "There is another problem here," said Alison.
    "What is that?"
    "The vampires, those not us, they know where we are now, if they come back the chances are we won't be around for long. When the others get back, they might be walking into a trap," said Willow.
    "I see your point, so we leave. Oh that gives us another problem."

    "What's that Angel?" asked Alison.
    "How do we warn them, if we go there, where ever they are. Well, they may have left to come back. At the moment, can you contact the other slayers?" asked Angel.
    "I'm a potential slayer, I don't have the ability yet."
    "It comes down to me."
    "Hows that Willow?" asked Alison.
    "Willow and I are the same person, in theory it would be easier for me to contact me than it would be for you to contact some-one else."

    "It sounds right, look Angel and I will help, I don't know how but we will. First up, you need to empty your mind of everything but Willow."
    "Right, hmm, think of your self walking on a pathway in a field or by a stone wall, you'll need to concentrate on everything, flowers, weeds, stones in the wall. When nothing else is there but that path try to see Willow, concentrate on her then think to her," said Angel.

    "There is no time limit, think of the field, then see the wall nearby," said Alison.
    "Now, you need to be comfortable, sitting up, lying down, in a chair what ever is best for you, remember this could take several hours."
    Willow put two chairs together so that her legs were raised, then stopped moving.

    For more then three hours she sat there, not moving, luckily being a vampire the distraction of her breathing wasn't an issue.
    Alison saw that Willow was moving her shoulder, she got Angel to look. She starting to come out of it.
    "Willow are you with us?" asked Angel.
    "Almost, I couldn't talk with her, but I did see her. I think she is getting a bed ready."

    "So she's going to get some rest, but we still....Angel? what is it?" asked Alison.
    "You aren't going to believe this, it's Willow."
    Alison and Willow exchanged glances.
    "Good timing, how is it that you can now talk to her?"
    "I'm not talking to her Alison, I'm replying to her."

    "Oh, you're using her powers."
    "Yeah, I told her not to come here, then she said that only Steven was helpful, the rest of them were of the opinion, once evil always evil. She said even they weren't safe."
    "So what's going to happen?" asked Alison.
    "It doesn't look very good, if the human's still can't agree to help themselves what can we do?"

    "Stand up and be counted," said Alison. "Ok," replied Angel, "but where?"
    "Any-one know how to fly a plane, one way would be to target where the vampires are then drop a bomb on them, maybe that Steven knows of an air force base that we could use, it'd be handy for getting supplies in and out," said Willow.
    "Where are we meant to meet the others?" asked Alison.
    "I was told near Taunton," said Angel, "during the day tomorrow at about four in the afternoon. Your idea might work Willow,. if we can get a message to Riley, we might get some help from them."

    "The RAF Oakhangar in Hampshire might be good for us or a place with planes."
    "But right now as no-one can fly, we'll go for that one for later," remarked Angel.

    Two days later Angel was sat in the communications room at RAF Oakhangar, the Willows came in.
    "What ya doin' Angel?"
    "Not sure, well at the moment I'm looking at these two hundred switches, wondering which one the press first."

    "I'd go with the one that says transmit, if you get an answer then try to get the right place. Where do you want to call?"
    "I was going to try and get a message to Riley, see if he can come here," said Angel.

    "Good idea, but your too late, Buffy called him on her phone yesterday. He should be on his way here."
    "Does he know where we are?"
    "Hope so, their in a smallish plane so they'd be needing a place to land."
    "I wonder if it's been done before, calling up a plane to ask how to turn on the runway lights?"

    "We might have to call the plane to find out how the radio works," said Angel.
    "If we knew how to call them in the first place."
    "That as well."
    "What's it say under that button?" asked Willow.
    "Press the other button," said Willow.

    "So what's under the other button?" asked Willow.
    "You alright in here?" asked Faith.
    "No," replied Angel, "they sound the same, they look the same, now they wear the same clothes, it's just as well our Will's got a nicer butt."
    "Why thank you kind sir," said Will, then under her breath, "sexist pig."

    "Do you want me to show you how it's done?" asked Faith.
    "You know how these things work?"
    "How many planes you expecting?"
    "Riley is coming here, some time soon," said Angel.
    "Just the one?, that's easy then. Press that button to turn it on."

    "Oh, I thought it was turned on!"
    "Then press that one and that one, it'll lock on to the signal automatically. Then press that one to transmit," said Faith.
    "SEE! I told you that button was to transmit," said Willow.
    "There you go Faith, told you they sound the same."
    "Actually Will, Buffy wants to see you in the canteen," said Faith.

    Angel and Faith watched them leave.
    "Does Buffy want to see them?" asked Angel.
    "Of course she does!, when Riley gets here, tomorrow," said Faith smiling, " The other thing is Fred and Cordy want us in the armaments storage place."
    As they were going to the storage facility, Gunn joined them.

    "Where are you going?"
    "To see Fred and Cordy in the armaments room."
    "You know what they say about girls and big guns, don't you?"
    "Are you inferring something," said Faith glaring at Gunn.
    "So, er....., what was that Angel? you want me to go and sweep the runway? ok," said Gunn, wiping the sweat off his forehead.
    5th bit.

    Just after sunrise the following day a plane landed.
    A meal had been prepared for the new arrivals. Giles had insisted that he do the meal by himself. He spent a couple of hours in the kitchen alone, so there was more than one surprised expression evident when the display shutters were opened revealing, the appetisers, several boxes of Corn Flakes, cartons of milk and many bowls of sugar. The main meal was fried bacon, eggs, sausages and baked beans with toast, to end the celebratory meal Giles presented each of them with two sponge cup cakes each these were complimented with a dollop of red icing on the top.

    "What else did you expect for breakfast?, lobster?" asked Giles.
    At ten that morning Riley, Forrest, Graham, Miller and Gates met with Giles, Faith, Willow, Buffy, Steven, Angel and Tara. After the introductions, they all set about making plans for their survival and that of the human race. Riley started by telling them that several plane mounted camera's had been adapted to measure the body temperature.

    Miller and Gates were both trained single and twin engine plane pilots and that Miller was a helicopter pilot.
    It was decided that other RAF bases were to be targets first, mainly for the armaments, rations, clothing supplies and to check the availability of aircraft. Riley stated that should other humans be found it may be advisable to have Angel and Willow be known as special forces. Giles agreed saying that the nearby army base may be needed for all of them.

    That night two planes left the RAF base, they both took several passes over local towns and farms. At one place, four humans were spied hiding in a farm outbuilding, at another seventeen human were found but they were surrounded by thirty vampires in a school. It was decided to go in there and then. Will and Tara were able to bring a strong wind that had the trees making all sorts of noises that masked the movement of the ground attack groups. Angel and Willow were able to get close enough to four of the enemy vampires to kill them and secure the power supply to the school. Buffy, Faith with Forrest,

    Graham and Riley carefully and quietly got close to two groups of vampires, while the Blasters stunned the vampires Buffy and Faith made sure they didn't pose a threat any more.
    "How many did you get?" asked Riley.
    "I staked six of them, how about you Faith? oh six as well."
    "With the four at the power box that's sixteen gone," added Riley.

    One by one the vampires were hit with the Blasters and staked by the slayers, by three fifteen in the morning all the vampires were dusted.
    "Look Buffy, there's the seventeen humans here, if we get the other four at daybreak, that'll be twenty one, it'd be best if we get that army base for your people soon," said Riley.

    In between training people to kill the vampires, many attacks were effected. The south of England was becoming a safe place for humans, regular help was being provided by those in America. Several locations were being identified in Europe. The news of the revival was spreading, small groups of humans were moving to form settlements near to others, the humankind was showing that it could unite.

    Slowly at first the vampires were made to move aside, then as news of the revival spread the vampires were attacked in greater numbers. Life began to return to normal through out the world. The vampires had retreated to Australia, their access points to the world had been blocked to them. On an island they were trapped, Tasmania became a large air force base, in the months that followed the north south and east of Australia was made safe for the humans.

    Carefully the vampires were herded to the south west of Australia, the military base at Bullsbrook, just north of Perth was designated as an encampment for the special forces, an area a mile wide was burnt from the coast at the west a hundred miles east then south to the coast. The soil was consecrated, holy water was placed at intervals and crosses placed upright in the ground. Unknown to them the vampires had caused to survival of the human race, the world now had a population of only three hundred and ten million people.

    There was no need to cut down the forests, food wasn't an issue and as the humans had to help each other to regain the world they now helped each other. Starvation was a thing of the past.
    Those responsible for starting the fight were now those that would begin the end of the fight to save mankind. Thousands of vehicles that once were used to fight bush fires were now filled with holy water.

    Humans cleared the land of vampires pushing along the south coast then up towards Perth, the vampires had to move inland to avoid the wrath that would end them.

    Darla and her daughter knew their cause was near its end, even with the six hundred other vampires. They were soon moved to what is known as the John Forest National Park. Daily the humans moved their lines closer together, slowing their movements to make sure the vampires were completely eradicated, as a vampire was seen it was attacked with holy water then as the line was moved in during daylight the vampire was killed.

    The fifty remaining vampires knew that soon they would need to make a last stand. Screams of pain filled her ears as the holy water soaked onto un-human skin, then pieces of wood cut the cries from the night sky.

    Darla was almost in tears, she remembered her thoughts as her forces had begun to take control of vast areas of land. Now she knew that tomorrow when the sun rose she would have no-where to hide, no-where to get protection from the sun. She stood, looking at the stars realising that she was an insignificant part of the universe.
    "I know that feeling."

    Looking around she saw her end, humans dressed as commando's but near them were the slayers, and Willow and Angel.
    "Tonight's the night," said Angela.
    "Looks that way," replied Darla.
    "Can't say we didn't try can they, I wonder if this will be recorded by............

    Darla never heard Angela finish her statement, she looked up to see Willow standing in front of her, Angel by her side.
    "Any last words Darla?" asked Angel, as he rammed a lump of cheap wood deep into her chest cavity. Willow watched her ashes scatter in the wind. She turned to Angel just before she was drenched in water. Buffy, Faith and Tara watched them.

    "I hoped it was true, now I know. Must admit I'm surprised a bit though, that Shan Shu thing was for you Angel, and Willow," said Buffy.
    Angel liked to sing 'Oh Mandy', using the Angelus method.

    Look at it, play with it, then torture it.