Author's Note: I've written these ever since I can remember, but this is the very first time I've ever shown anyone - be gentle please! My Word document is about 10x as long but these are my favourite parts all mixed up into one. Also, any suggestions for a title are welcome.
Rating: PG
Pairing: Spuffy
Setting: Season 6, around the time of Doublemeat Palace
Disclaimer: My words, but unfortunately not my characters. (Although how good would that be, invent a shrink ray and I'd be away with my mini Spuffy in a jar!)

Once, she allowed him to tuck a stray hair back from her face and kiss her like they were in love. There were times when he actually believed it. When she was asleep, and he could wrap his arms tight around her and envelope her entirely, sometimes she would respond, unconsciously. Sometimes, when she was just about to run out, he would see a small hesitation. A falter in her step, or the way she paused before she told him he was nothing more than a monster. Sometimes, when the darkness in his heart snaked out, it found recognition of that same darkness whispering from a place she denied existed.

It was just so much simpler when all he wanted to do was kill her.