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Missing Links--a drabble

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  • Missing Links--a drabble

    Author's Note: Unlike some people, I think "Beer Bad" is very funny. A long time ago I wrote "Working with Chimps" to continue the funny. Here's another one!

    Rating: PG

    Characters/Pairing: Xander/Anya, Tara/Willow

    Setting: Post S4

    Disclaimer: Beer is bad, but Joss is Horrible.

    "Think Buffy 'n' Riley're okay?" Willow raised her glass again.

    "Why wouldn' they be?" Tara looked tipsy already; Xander wasn't sure she'd ever drank before. "They know their Slayin'."

    :"They'll be fine. What I want to know," Xander asked, "is where you got this great beer, Anya?"

    "Spike," Anya said cheerily, making him splutter. "I don't know where he nicked it from, but I like it."

    "You don't know where he got it?" Xander set his glass down queasily.

    "Wha's it matter?" Tara seemed baffled. "I'ss good."

    Willow's eyebrows crept above her hairline. "Hon, you really don't want to know."
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