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A slayers Calling - A drabble

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  • A slayers Calling - A drabble

    (A bit of a fun drabble. It came to me and I went with it! Hope you enjoy feel free to PM or start a thread for feedback! I am not sure how it works really to be honest)

    In a dimension above our own the Powers That Be convene watching events as they unfold on earth and the numerous worlds below. The world is very different to our own the ground they walk on is quite soft but not like clouds as most human think of the heavenly dimensions to be like. There is a bluish tint in everything in this world and long time exposure to the atmosphere has left the Powers themselves with blue skin despite otherwise holding the appearance of a human.

    Though the Powers that reside on this plane normally do nothing taking a note to stay out of the affairs of men and other lesser creatures giving them the free will that they deserve. There is one duty that they are obliged to fulfil, a duty they have fulfilled since just after the fall of the old ones in the earthly dimension and that is picking the next slayer who will serve as the protector of humanity. A duty that more and more in recent years they have been finding themselves having to fulfil. In fact from what they could remember no slayer had lasted five years or longer since Nikki Wood in the seventies. Today is one of those days what with the death of slayer India Cohen only minutes ago and now they only have a fifteen minute time limit to decide who to pass the power onto before the power of the slayer is lost forever.

    A tall and rather beautiful power stands before the rest of the Powers looking as though she is ready to speak. After being signalled to speak she begins "I vote that we pass the power until this Buffy Summers girl. She clearly has the best aura around her for being able to handle the strength and duties of the slayer." This power speaks in a very familiar voice and in fact is the very power that in later years hijacks the body of one of the said girl's friends in a bid to save the human world from themselves. Another one of the Power takes to the stand he is smaller and seen to be equally as strong as the Power That Be that just spoke. "On what grounds do you call for this girls training. True her aura tells us that she has great potential, but she has had no past training and quite frankly seems far too self absorbed to be able to handle this duty to the world." He pauses for several seconds before continuing "What about potential Young? She is dedicated to the cause and has been training with a watcher since she was five?"

    The Power that first spoke proceeds to simply roll her eyes before repiling "And the past has shown us that those trained under the council have really succeeded in their duties so far." Another of the Powers steps up to the platform her movements elegant and slow though she has power behind her it seems much gentler than the other two Powers that have spoken. "If I may why don't we give this girl a chance? Even, if she doesn't manage to last long in her slayer duties we can always call another a girl who will follow the specifications that you wish for." The two others look at her for several the Power who had been advocating for the calling of Summers simply smiling in result while the second male power who had been against it clearly disapproving of the situation.

    "Ok we only have five minutes left until our time to pass the power on is up and I think we all agree that the earth needs their champion so we can not allow for it to just disappear forever. So all those who think that Potential Summers should be chosen please let me know." With that many of the Powers raise their hands some confidently while others are still a little hesitant about their decision. One however stands up shocking many of the others as he usually stays out of the main debate during such meetings. "I am sorry, but why do we really want to trust the fate of the worlds in the hands of a self-absorbed teenage girl who from the little I have seen of her has the life goal of growing up and marrying a rich husband?" Many of the other Powers agree with his sentiments and show this by nodding their heads. However the Power that will later be known as Jasmine steps up to the plate "Potential Summers has lived a life sheltered from the demons and the vampires, but I am positive that given the chance she will prove herself better than all of you thought. She has ties that will bind her to this earth and make her fight for its protection all the more. Things such as friends and family."

    "All things that a slayer shouldn't have..." Came the rather harsh reply from another of the Powers. "However it is not up to you, but rather up to the Powers as a whole. All those who feel that potential Summers rather than Young should be given the Powers please apply your power into doing so?!" Nearly all of the Powers at this stage all sent a wave of blue energy in the direction of a mysterious object in front of them. The male power strongly against the calling of Potential Summers simply sighed before saying "It seems as though I am out numbered on this. Slayer Summer's is our new champion? So let it be." With a motion his hand is now raised and projecting the same light into the object as the other. The object rises into the air and the last thing seen by the Powers before the meetings end is an image of Summers in front of Hemery High sucking on a lollipop. She is completely innocent and unaware of the life changing events that are coming her way very soon.

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