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  • Troublemaker

    Nothing new here - this is an old fic finding a new home.

    Disclaimer: the characters and scenarios of Buffy the Vampire Slayer do not belong to me. I am writing for my own amusement and am making no profit from it.

    Feedback: Yes, please: I welcome constructive comments.

    Spoilers: Graduation Day Part II


    "That Summers girl is a troublemaker," Mayor Wilkins had said, a long time ago now. "A bad influence on the other children, and we can't have that, now, can we?"

    And he'd been pleased, to think that a civic leader took such a keen interest in school affairs.

    And it was true. So very, very true. Buffy Summers was a troublemaker: insolent and insubordinate, aggressive and adversarial, disruptive and destructive. Violent. An unruly influence that could not be tolerated in his school, and that he'd done his best to have removed. And yet here she still was, insolent and aggressive to the last.

    No one could be trusted to be quite what they seemed, not in this town. Not little blonde schoolgirls who insisted on being at the epicentre of every disruptive incident that occurred. Not tweedy English librarians, either, with connections in places they really ought not to. Threatening him in his own office?.

    There was nothing in this town that could be trusted, under any circumstances. Nothing was ever quite what it appeared. It was intolerable, making a Principal's job that much harder, attempting to uphold discipline in the midst of such disorder and chaos.

    And as for the children?no child, no teenager could ever be trusted. You only had to look back on your own experi? look around campus to see that: preening and simpering, and teasing and tormenting, and lazing and bullying, from morning till night. Even now ? look at them! Screaming, shouting, running and fighting, when he'd planned every stage of this ceremony so carefully, and his plans had not included scenes such as this.

    Well, the boot was on the other foot now, because this was his school. His! His word was law. And he would maintain proper order if it killed him.

    "This is simply unacceptable!" he shouted, angry, and upset.

    How dare they? Ruining his ceremony like this. Even civic leaders with a keen interest in school affairs, it seemed, could not be trusted to behave as they should.

    He should have known that, should have realised: after that night in the cafeteria with Buffy again, of course, and with the giant spiders that?were outside the scope of his authority and were, therefore, dismissed entirely from the reckoning. His focus was always tightly directed toward the human element. That he knew how to deal with.

    But this! Right here, right now, in the middle of his ceremony, with the shouting and the screaming, and the fighting and the violence, and it was not to be borne. And Mayor Wilkins himself adding to the freak show that was this town, turning into some kind of giant snake that he couldn't think about until he'd succeeded in restoring some kind of order to proceedings, and maybe not even then. This was his school, and his ceremony, and?.

    "This is not orderly. This is not discipline," he protested, and the snake-like head that had once been Mayor Wilkins snapped around to focus on him, and he was too angry to be concerned about that: re-establishing his authority here was all that mattered. And so, rooted to the spot, he continued to rail as all around him the students screamed and shouted, and fought and ran, and as that giant mouth opened, swooped down toward him?. "You're on my campus, buddy, and when I say I want quiet, I want ?"


    ? J. Browning, February 2006

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