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Waiting for G?del--a drabble

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  • Waiting for G?del--a drabble

    I believe I may have been reading too much mathematical philosophy....

    Disclaimer: If you want it to be, this story is set in the Jossverse. It can, however, be fit into nearly universe in which vampires are inherently evil.

    The park was jammed full of vampires.

    "I ask you, what has evil ever done for us? Is your belly full? Do you have a bank account full of cash? Can you enjoy your favorite outdoor sports? Or are you hungry, broke, and in fear for you unlife?

    "I say, if you encounter evil, hate it! If you find a tyrant, betray him! And if you meet the devil on the road, kill him!

    "I say: 'Better to die in heaven than serve for one more night in hell!' Say it with me!"

    The crowd roared: "WE WILL NOT SERVE!"
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