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    The Black Lady, and the Lady in Green

    Disclaimer *for those who are under age; Miranda would wear three tops and the Green Lady liked to wear two pairs of jeans*

    The evil trio had gone to England to get some cultural history and to get some information about Giles. On their way from Westbury to Bath they stopped at a castle near Exeter, laughing and joking as they walked from their car towards the cafeteria.

    Waiting while a car moved past them, Warren noticed a nice looking girl by the sweets machines, thinking she was in her early twenties he gave her a smile. She in return, allowed a small grin to adorn her moist lips. She turned, smiling to her friend in the archway, nodding to her and pursing her lips.

    Janice and Graham Edwards were leaving the castle, via the archway. Janice grabbed Grahams arm.
    "What are you doing? I saw that, that girl just blowed you a kiss, didn?t she?" Janice looked angrily at him. Graham looked puzzled.
    "But, I've never seen her before, why would she blow me a kiss?"

    Miranda smiled, standing just behind Janice. Lowering her eyebrows, then smiling but only on the right side of her face, she gently blew onto Janice's neck.
    "What the!" Janice span around. "What is it?" asked Graham. "What is it Janice?"

    Turning to face him, "It felt like some-one blowing on my neck."
    "That was just a warning," said Miranda to herself. She took two paces forward, passing through Janice's body. Feeling the rush of cold through her body, Janice instinctively screamed, fear filling her eyes, she desperately began to run to their car, Graham ran after her.

    Two attendants from the cafeteria hurried to her. Miranda smiled a happy smiled, mind you, if any-one else had seen the smile, they'd have frozen to the spot. Miranda fixed her glare at Janice, "She was blowing the kiss to me you stupid bitch, leave now, or never leave."

    One of the attendants tried to calm Janice down, as her screams had upset a lot of visitors. Feeling his shirt sleeve being tugged, the attendant turned his attention from Janice.
    "What is it?" "Those tales of the black lady, are they like the women in the cafeteria want me to believe?"

    "What is he on about?" asked Janice.
    "Well?" asked the attendant "Yeah, and the rest, why?"
    "Cos she's standing there, pointing at Janice."
    Andrew and Jonathon, hearing the tyres screech, span to face the windows of the cafeteria, as the car left at a very high speed. "What was that all about?" Andrew asked Jonathon.

    Unseen to all the people in the cafeteria the black lady grinned, when I say unseen to all, I meant unseen to all that are still alive. The black lady smiled to the lady in green.

    Entering the castle the trio joked about the fast car, they joked with the attendants as they cleared the archway. "You lads do realise we'll be closing this place in about an hour, don't you?"
    "That's ok, plenty of time," replied Andrew.

    That attendant turned to other.
    "I won't warn him again."

    Andrew ran to catch up with his friends.
    "Come on, Andrew," said Warren, "where do you want to see first?"
    Andrew grinned, "Always wanted to see where the guards lived."
    Jumping to try and touch the ceiling as they went the three of them began to enjoy themselves. Although Jonathon's attempt should be classified as wishful thinking.

    "In here," called Jonathon. Andrew called to Warren, "Hey, it's good in here." "In a minute," replied Warren, "I'm going to check out the captains quarters." He went into the cold of the room, then saw a young woman standing there. She turned to see him, smiling, she dropped her top. Then looking down at herself.

    "Cold in here, isn't it," she said. Warren moved to her. Being bored Andrew and Jonathon decided to leave the room they were in, going back into the guards room but finding that was empty.
    "Where did Warren say he was going, Andrew?" "Pretty sure it was the captains room," he replied. "Delusions of grandeur huh," said Jonathon.

    As he was about to open the door he grabbed hold of the heavy metal latch, quickly lifting his hand off the metal, "Jeez, that's ruddy cold!," he exclaimed, then he pushed the door open, the young woman walked past him, putting on her top and adjusting it. She smiled at them. "Was she? did she? has she got a friend?" asked Jonathon.

    "I won't be going for a drink with you guys tonight, think I'll be busy," said Warren. The young woman smiled at him, "Very busy." she said to herself. When they were out of sight she turned and walked through the wall and to the archway where she met her friend, "I've just given him some, er, encouragement, your turn."

    Miranda watched the attendants walk toward the archway, as they went into the grounds, she sang, loud enough for them to hear her, "Another one bites the dust!" The attendants span around, but there was no-one to be seen.

    They looked at each other. Quickly going to the back door of the cafeteria, one of the staff there saw them. "Is there a problem?" the woman asked. "I think they are going to do it again. We just heard one of them under the arch."

    Walking into the castle ballroom the trio stood admiring the size of the room. Then Warren noticed the girl he had seen earlier by the sweet machine, she looked to him, smiled sweetly, walked across the floor towards a room, she stopped, looked at him, undid her jeans, coyly smiled to him then went into the room.

    Jonathon shook his head, "What is it with you?"
    "It's definitely going to be a busy night tonight," he replied, smiling.
    "Well?" asked Miranda. "Oh believe me Miranda, he is primed alright," said her friend.

    Warren went into the room, he looked around the room then returned to his friends.
    "She's flaming well gone!, there must have been a secret passage in there."
    "Poor Warren!, still, we don't mind if you join us for a drink," said Andrew. "Come on, the pubs will be open in ten minutes," stated Jonathon.

    The three of them started to cross the grassed area, heading for the arch. "Wait a minute though!," exclaimed Warren.
    Standing at the top of the steps to the lower rooms were the two girls, they stood there arm in arm, kissed each other then waved Warren to follow them, "see you later guys," and he followed them.

    Wandering towards the archway Andrew and Jonathon saw the two attendants sat on a bench seat next to the cafeteria.
    "We could go and see if he's okay," said Andrew.

    Warren followed the two girls into a small room. Once again, they were no-where to be seen. He stood there, looking and waiting.

    Andrew and Jonathon followed the steps down, but when they reached the floor neither of them could see anything but the blackness. Andrew stepped forward and the darkness flowed around him, he couldn't even see his hand in front of his face. Remembering he had moved into the darkness he stepped back, and bumped into his friend.

    "That was weird, it's totally black in there."
    "I'm just glad you heard me calling you back," said Jonathon.
    "I didn't hear you, how often did you call?" asked Andrew
    "You've only been in the darkness for a second or two, what? but?"
    "What is it?" asked Andrew.
    "I heard you having a shave this morning, so how come it looks like you haven't shaved this week?"

    "Very funny!." "Sorry, couldn't resist that one."
    The two attendants ran down the steps, seeing the two lads
    "Thank gawd for that, come-on we'd best be getting you to the cafeteria."
    Both the girls stood in front of Warren, only now, one was dressed in black, the other was dressed in green.

    "I've only been looking for a minute or so, when did you change you clothes, you've done your hair as well?"
    "Don't think he understands, do you think he'll do?" asked The Lady in Green. "Not yet, but in another three weeks he will," said The Black Lady.
    "I don't know who you think you are, but I'm not waiting for three weeks," said Warren.

    "No? how are you going to leave?" Warren turned, but there was no door.
    "Like I said, I'll give it three weeks till he's ready," said The Black Lady.
    "What are you two on about?" asked Warren.
    "See, it's like this, my friend was murdered here. So in three weeks you'll be ready for us, when you are dead." He watched, horrified, as they both walked through the wall.

    Andrew and Jonathon were sat at one of the tables in the cafeteria, enjoying a milk shake. "Don't worry," said the woman at the check out, they won't be long."
    "We only just got there in time, they'd already got the other one," said one of the attendants.

    Giles was driving past the driveway to the castle, he was taking Joyce, Dawn and Buffy out for a meal in the town.
    "Giles? I thought you said that the castle was closed."
    "Why's that?" asked Buffy.
    "It has been closed for weeks now, they won't even allow people to knock the place down, I've been told the place is evil, it'll be covered with soil, consecrated soil."

    "What do you mean?" asked Andrew. From the table, "How much longer are we going to have to wait?" asked Jonathon.

    The door opened then closed. "Times up," said an attendant.

    Jonathon looked to the check out woman, and froze.
    It smiled at them, it's skin glistened, it's wings unfurled, it stared at him, it's eyes glowing, saliva dripping from it?s mouth.

    The attendants said thank you to the girls, their eyes began to burn red, then they smiled at the lads.
    Angel liked to sing 'Oh Mandy', using the Angelus method.

    Look at it, play with it, then torture it.