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  • Miracles

    Just a drabble...

    My first fic!! Yay me!! Finally the muse favored me and last night I sat down and in a moment of inspiration managed to write this little fic. I have tried so many times to write fanfic and always started with some story but never knew how to end it. Now I don't know if it is any good, but here it is anyway.

    Title: Miracles
    Pairing: Spuffy
    Rating: PG
    Timeline: Ep. 7.22 "Chosen"
    Status: Complete (1 chapter, but eventually there'll probably be a sequel)
    Disclaimer: Don't own the characters, Joss & ME do. Please don't sue me!! ; )


    During the episode 7.22 "Chosen". Spike POV. The fade to black scene in the basement...

    He's sitting there in the darkness, contemplating the amulet, the little thing that is supposed to help them tomorrow in battle. He can feel it's powerful but can't imagine what exactly will do or how it works. He can just sit there and think that maybe tomorrow could be his last day in this world, that maybe the power within the amulet would kill him or he could die fighting one of those ubervamps. Anyway, what was going to happen tomorrow he couldn't know, but something inside him, intuition maybe, kept telling that he probably was going to die tomorrow and then he will never hold her in his arms again. That last thought it's what pains him and scares him.

    Suddenly, a click at the door and he feels her more than hear her coming down the stairs. He stands up from his position in the cot, walks into the light coming from an extreme of the basement. She stands there at the end of the stairs and there's something in her eyes, the way she's looking at him. She's afraid, she too fears that tomorrow will be her last day on earth and this, tonight might be all they have.

    Slowly, she starts to approach him and every step seems to take forever until she's finally there, right in front of him, looking directly into his eyes. And he feels getting lost in her, it always happens to him. He sees her and feels he's looking at the most wonderful thing in the world, like watching a miracle happen right in front of his eyes. For him, that's exactly what she is, a miracle, because she's the woman that was not supposed to exist anymore, that has died twice and was still standing, that has saved the world a thousand times and that yet again, will try to do it tomorrow, one more time.

    She plans to change the world tomorrow, just like she has changed him. The world was lucky then, because with him, she has managed to do the unthinkable and turn a monster into a man, she graced him with a miracle and tomorrow he has no doubt that she will try to grace the world with one too, try to turn it into a better place.

    Yeah, the world is lucky? and so is he, because tonight, the night that might be or not their last one on earth, she was there, with him, looking into his eyes. It seems she wants to say something but can't find the words, she stutters. Probably wants to have some sort of "pre-apocalypse" conversation.

    "Spike? There's something? Something I want to talk about with you? Us?" - it's almost like a whisper -.

    "Don't?" - he doesn't even let her start - "I don't wanna have this conversation with you right now"

    "But Spike? we need to talk" - she insists.

    "I said no? forget it ok? I don't want to; it usually doesn't end up well. If we do?" ? he trails off, can't continue speaking his thoughts, he's afraid to say something he shouldn't.

    "If we do what?"

    "We'll say things? And it'll be just because the world might be ending if we fail in the battle or because one of us might die tomorrow trying to win? and honestly? I don't wanna think about that, so I don't wanna talk" Last time they had a conversation near the end of the world, she had died.

    "But Spike? it's important, I want?"

    "Buffy, please?" - he interrupts her. He doesn't care if she thinks it's important, he doesn't want to talk things out just because the world is ending, because that kind of thing make thoughts get mixed, feelings confused and if they ever have a conversation about them and whatever it is they have, he want things to be clear, no more mixed signals.

    Anyway, everything he really cares about tonight is that she's there and tomorrow, tomorrow maybe they will have a miracle and they will win against all odds, nobody will get hurt and then they'll talk about anything, they'll have time. He tries to convince himself.

    "Just this time Buffy? Can it be about what I want?" - he sounds pleading, almost begging, he needs this, tonight to be calm, to have nice thoughts, pleasant dreams when he goes to sleep, because tomorrow? tomorrow he doesn't know. It's the only thing that he will ask from her.

    "Ok William? when this is over then" - surprisingly enough, she agrees, maybe she sees his fear in his eyes and understands it, after all it might be the same fear she's feeling.

    "Thank you" - that's all he can say right now.

    And then they say no more, they lay down in the cot, holding each other like they have been doing the last couple nights, feeling comfort in each other's presence. And try to believe that maybe there's nothing to fear about tomorrow, that everything will be fine, they'll win this war that has been so hard to fight, that none of them will die, that they'll have a miracle and another day after tomorrow.

    The End
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