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    Originally posted to LJ for open_on_sunday:

    Disclaimer: All characters herein, except for Doctor Strange, are the property of Joss Whedon. The good doctor is property of Marvel Comics.

    Stress Fractures

    Setting: post-"The Body"

    Being a doctor in Sunnydale just didn't pay.

    Neck rupture. Morgue vanishings. The constant evaporation of blood stock. That was just the tip of the iceberg; there were a million bizarre conditions here, ranging from spontaneous invisibility to radical memory transfer, that no medical textbook ever discussed.

    And if all those people were really on PCP, how come none of them ever overdosed?

    No wonder poor Mrs. Summers' followup tests had missed that problem. They were all stretched beyond human endurance, down to the EMTs.

    "I just wish my patients would stop dying," Doctor Rodriguez mumbled.

    "Done," replied the janitor.

    Ashes to Ashes

    Setting: mid S7

    ", yeah, technically it was black magic, and it was only Doctor Strange's really immense willpower that kept the Darkhold from turning him evil. Casting the Montesi Formula destroyed all the Marvel Universe's vampires, even Dracula, who'd made himself unkillable. They just turned to ash wherever they were."

    The Slayer wannabes were--for once--hanging on Andrew's every word. Bugger, Spike thought. Little git's liable to give someone ideas. "You ask me," he said out loud, "doesn't sound very sporting."

    Willow laid a hand on his shoulder. "Don't worry," she said softly. "Not something I'd even think of doing. Ever."

    Seeking Asylum

    Setting: Post-"Normal Again"

    As usual, Buffy Summers was doing nothing at all.

    It was his job to take care of her--during the catatonic episodes and the violent ones, too. He had come so close, two years ago, to--well, they didn't say "cure" here, but restoring something of the wonderful girl she'd been.

    So it was time to try something else.

    The new girl was no beauty. Her face and much of her body were masses of unfeeling scar tissue. She hadn't spoken a single word since the fire.

    "Buffy...I want you to meet Ms. Winifred Burkle. She needs your help."
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