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Snakes on an astral plane: a season 8 poem

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  • Snakes on an astral plane: a season 8 poem

    Scales fold a circle
    Coiled around skin
    My waist, my lips, my fingers
    Sliding deeper in
    I’ve found knowledge
    Inside me, inside her
    I cannot draw the line

    I am in a space beyond the stars
    Somewhere over the rainbow
    Beyond witchy moons
    Past the point of no return
    I have not lost control
    But have given it away

    She has me, everything’s ok
    (In a completely, utterly terrifying way.)

    I am not me
    I do not need my self intact
    To do the things
    That Xander loves in old engravings
    I need to be led to the truth
    By the hand, as her hand tickles
    Down my thighs.

    No, this isn’t really me in here
    It’s just a shadow realm
    It’s not cheating, touching her like this
    Red has melted, disappeared

    But I’m still me enough to know
    That when I am awake
    I’ll keep this little secret between me, myself
    And my demon snake.

    -- Robofrakkinawesome BANNER BY FRANCY --