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Lights out: A season 8 ficlet.

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  • Lights out: A season 8 ficlet.

    Title: Lights out.
    Description: A conversation that just might have happened some time around season 8.
    Disclaimer: Not mine, no money.

    The lights went out and for a few minutes darkness reigned in the room that served as sleeping quarters for a small contingent of the new slayer army. Eventually, once the sounds of movement outside the door had grown faint and died there was a click and the wan, pale light of a torch cut throught the gloom.

    "You still awake Sandy?" A voice whispered, a little louder than it meant.

    "Course I am, you think I can sleep after today?"

    "I know! I'm so stoked right now I dont think I'll ever sleep again. I mean she was here, she was actually here!"

    The young slayer called Sandy turned towards the small light, plumping her pillows up into a more supportive arrangement and placing her weight onto one elbow.

    "Totally" She replied through a grin. "I mean having the actual original Slayer, or... at least one of them, was awesome enough, but Willow Rosenberg as well? The most powerful wiccan ever? That's really something to tell the folks."

    The girl with the torch, who's name was Gemma, nodded enthusiastically in the near dark. "Yeah! Buffy's the man, or at least... she the girl, but she's a slayer, she's one of us. Willow Rosenberg though? Well she's the stuff of legend." She leaned towards the other girl conspiratorially. "I heard that she eats snakes and that she can bring the dead right back to life"


    Yup, and once she skinned a man alive, with just a word, totally ripped his skin right off!"

    "Yeah, well I heard that she nearly ended the whole world too; took us right to the brink of apocalypse I heard. Xander Harris stopped her just in time."

    Gemma frowned "Nah, that can't be right. I mean I know Mr Harris is, like, important and that he's the boss of us and all, but he doesn't really have any power; not like Buffy or Willow. It must have been Buffy that stopped her. Yeah that sounds more like it; a great big smackdown, slayer v wiccan, with the whole world at stake!"

    There was silence as both girls considered this; forming mental pictures of the epic struggle that had decided the worlds fate.

    "She's alright now though... isn't she?" Sandy asked, a quiver of uncertainty in her voice."

    "Must be." Gemma replied with a frown "I mean she wouldn't be here if she wasn't would she? Buffy wouldn't let her do anything, you know... bad."

    "Assuming she could stop her, that is."

    There was another pause as both girls let the full import of this thought sink in, their minds racing with possibilities. The silence was interupted this time not by their own voices but the sound of footsteps and the creak of the door as it opened slightly, allowing the smallest chink of light to shine into the room; a chink of light that was partially blocked by the vision of a face framed by long red hair.

    "Lights out please ladies; big day tomorrow."

    Gemma and Sandy looked at each other, their eyes wide.

    "Yes Ms Rosenberg!" They Chorused.
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