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    Not to be taken literally as this is a work of fiction
    People in dog collars at other desks.
    View of LARRY sat at a desk browsing through many opened books. Pad and pen near him, at the top of the pad, the question, Who or What was Returning. He was waiting for the return of the Lord, seeking news that foretold how, when and where. Then he had found a passage that said of the evil one returning. Now he try's to find who
    will return.
    Refiluc 15: Then as before, it is anew, will be the return.
    View of Ian in a prison talking to a few prisoners.
    IAN always looked for the joys of life, he saw the capability of good in every-one. His journey of peace and goodwill to all men had waned a bit, lately.
    View of nun in room surrounded by books
    Several nun's asked Fiona to research a topic for them. Fiona's journey through life is done in quiet surroundings, she try's to find the peace that others want. She wants to find the destiny, to always find the truth that others want. She has been doing that for to long, she needs to find herself, now she thinks she is a lie.
    EVETTE reading a scroll. magnifier present. Several parchments on several tables. Evette studies for most of everyday, finding the hidden meanings of words, even the hidden meanings of letters.
    View of several bishops agreeing to send Larry, Fiona, Ian and Evette to see Allan. View of the four of them getting onto aeroplanes bound for Coventry to see Allan in Rugby.
    Nuns rushed about, making sure that all the windows were properly shut, calling to each other when the one they were at was done. The choir boys made sure that the doors were closed. Three of them went to the main entrance. That Growling sound.
    ANTHONY: That noise, it is louder out here.
    GARETH: See if that lady wants to go in David.
    DAVID: Are you alright, would you like come in away from that sound.
    SUZETTE: That noise, it is from up there, any-one would think it was a flying dragon.
    DAVID: Do you want to come in ?.
    SUZETTE: Thank you, I haven't been inside before.
    DAVID: Are you catholic?.
    SUZETTE: No, do I have to be catholic to go in
    DAVID: Not really, but we may try and get you to think like us.
    SUZETTE: You can try, but, well, thank you for inviting me in.
    As Suzette walked into the church, she noted the high roof, the solid stone walls made the sound echo, it added to the atmosphere of the place.
    FATHER LUCAS: That growling sound, did you hear where was it coming from?.
    SUZETTE: I heard that noise, I wouldn't like to say where it came from.
    FATHER LUCAS: Are you here to see some-one ?.
    SUZETTE: Yes, I've been told that Father Bryant works here, I'd like to talk with him.
    FATHER LUCAS: I'll tell him that you'd like to speak with him, if you go and sit in the front, to the left of the aisle. If you'd fill out the
    register, then if there are any further meetings he'll be able to remember you. Suzette sat where she'd been asked to sit. She looked around, there was twenty rows on each side of the aisle, the expected polished candle stick holders and nicely varnished wood. Several ornate cloths on the altar. Each one of the windows depicted a few people and scenes from the bible. There were large presentations of flowers.
    FATHER LUCAS: The young woman on the front pew, she is here to see you Father Bryant, she asked for you by name. Father Bryant looked at his partner, then towards the young woman, and he began to walk towards her.
    FATHER BRYANT: Hello, I'm Father Bryant, I've been told that you want to speak with me, how can I help you?.
    SUZETTE: Hi there, I was just thinking about this place, considering it's only a big stone and wood building, with some pretty pictures on the windows, it seems a nice place to work in.
    FATHER BRYANT: Well I hope that its more than that.
    SUZETTE: Yeah I know !, some-one reckons that this is the lords house.
    FATHER BRYANT: It is a sanctuary here, this is where people can come and offer there thoughts to God, and I wouldn't say that I work here, it's more of a calling.
    SUZETTE: He wouldn't ignore your flock if they chose to go somewhere else, but I'm sure the fancy flower arranging works. These churches are known as God's house, God didn't ask you to come and be here, the church leaders told you, so you work here.
    FATHER BRYANT: The flowers and the other adornments make people feel at ease when they come here, all that you have mentioned they give the ones that come here some comfort.
    SUZETTE: That is not the reason why I am here.
    FATHER BRYANT: Glad about that, I was beginning to wonder why you had come here, it seems as though you don't believe in God.
    SUZETTE: Oh God exists, I now that. He told me to come here to see you, he said that your a good man, the right type of person.
    FATHER BRYANT: What do you mean, the right type of person. Do you think I'm like you ?.
    SUZETTE: No,
    Suzette smiled and shook her head.
    SUZETTE: Your not like me, for you don't harm people, that is good. Mind you, I only put an end to those that do wrong, and that may be through not helping some-one.
    FATHER BRYANT: That may be better said in the confessional booth.
    SUZETTE: Why would I want to do that, why would you want me to?.
    FATHER BRYANT: I shouldn't say this, but whatever you tell me here, then if the police ask me I'd have to tell them what you said, but if we go into the booth your statements are protected.
    SUZETTE: There we are, you want to be good to people, even when you know nothing about them, in this case, I think I should let you know about me though.
    FATHER BRYANT: Are you sure you don't want to go in the booth?.
    SUZETTE: For one thing, I don't want to kill, I will kill. You need to understand that I do, why I'm here, then why I am going to do what
    I'm going to do and who I'm doing it for.
    FATHER BRYANT: This could take a while, if you could wait or come back later, I really need to see those other people who are waiting by the confessional.
    SUZETTE: Let me save you some time. The woman that has a white fur collar to her coat, she saw her neighbours child fall of his bike, he accidentally broke a few of her plants. She hit the child for damaging her garden.
    FATHER BRYANT: Then she may want to confess her sins.
    SUZETTE: The point is, there was no need for doing what she did, so she should go. What she did was evil, there are no excuses and she needs to be punished. Suzette clicked her fingers and the woman vanished.
    SUZETTE: The man in the strange hat works in a bank, lending money to people. He was told that some firm wants to buy a block of apartment.
    SUZETTE: Thing is a person that lives there wants money to get a safety rail to make it safer for her child, he refused her. Now while I don't agree with what he's done, he hasn't hurt the child.
    FATHER BRYANT: Did you cause that woman to vanish?.
    SUZETTE: Yes, of course it was me.
    SUZETTE: Wrong question, you should have asked why.
    FATHER BRYANT: Ok, why?.
    SUZETTE: People need to learn that now the time has gone. No wrongs are allowed.
    FATHER BRYANT: I could have told her to say sorry to that child.
    SUZETTE: Your missing the point, the time for saying sorry has nearly gone, now, if they do wrong and I know of it, they will be gone.
    FATHER BRYANT: There is always time to repent.
    SUZETTE: There is always time to repent according to you, but that time will soon be past. Soon if a person harms another and I know of it, I will put an end to them.
    FATHER BRYANT: Before you go, I want to know who you are?.
    SUZETTE: You know who I am, you just don't know it. As for my name, when I came here, your helper, he asked me to fill out the book. My name also says who I am.
    FATHER BRYANT: Where are you going to go?.
    SUZETTE: Not to sure yet, there are so many places to see. There are some who want to make a sacrifice, think I'll go there.
    Father Bryant looked around, he couldn't understand why he was there, had he been speaking to some-one? was he waiting for some-one?.
    FATHER LUCAS: What did that woman have to say.
    FATHER BRYANT: I'm not sure, is there an entry in the book for her?. The assistant held the book for the Father to look at.
    FATHER LUCAS: SUZETTE DE VILRE, I think I saw her, I can't remember. Suzette, I did see some-one though. Oh well, I'm going to go and see Allan at his bookshop, Suzette, yes, strange girl that.
    Father Bryant saw Allan out sitting in front of his shop.
    ALLAN: What do you think of my new sign, I did
    it myself.
    FATHER BRYANT: You did!, let's see, the name of the shop is good, it says what you do. The colours go well together, the letters are clear and under-standable, you've got the phone number.
    ALLAN: Come in, there are some people here I'd
    like you to meet. They walked into the shop.
    ALLAN: Listen to them, they are arguing with each other, but they are telling each other what is going to happen. From what I've under-
    stood, they are talking about a returning, but they can't agree what or who.
    FATHER BRYANT: Who are they?.
    ALLAN: I'm not to sure, they were recommended by a friend in the churches. They are sort of theologians but, I was told they research the past and try to predict the future. There's Evette, Ian, Fiona and Larry.
    FATHER BRYANT: Well if they like problems to figure out Allan walked up to the table. On the table are cuttings of several newspaper reports about the six people that were caught in a lave flow, but they weren't burnt. The winds that had caused devastation to a community. Of six people that had been hit by lightening yet they were uninjured. Earthquakes that had levelled two towns but no injuries were noted. Of the six babies that were born to virgins.
    ALLAN: I'll introduce you all soon, but first
    the Father has something to tell you.
    FATHER BRYANT: This young woman came to see me today, we talked for a while but just after our chat I couldn't recall her being there. Trouble is, some of the things she said about, they were disturbing and not normal.
    LARRY: When you say not normal, what do you mean?.
    FATHER BRYANT: She told me about a woman who was sat about forty feet behind us, she didn't turn around, she said that the woman had done wrong then she made the woman disappear with a click of her fingers.
    IAN: That does sound very intriguing.
    FATHER BRYANT: After that woman left I looked at her name, I didn't recognize it, so I copied it down, I originally thought about looking through the books here. But being as your here.
    Ian stretched over the table and looked at the name, then passed the piece of paper over to Fiona.
    FIONA: Evette should be the one to read this.
    Evette took the piece of paper, and studied it.
    EVETTE: The name is, Suzette, we can forget that bit. The rest of it is, or could be her. She picked up a pen then wrote on the paper, turned it around looked at it from different angles, when it was facing away from her.
    EVETTE: The rest of it is her, or it could be read that way. Take the name as it is written, De Vilre. ?R. E.' is a prefix, meaning a
    negative force, if it is used as a suffix, and this is belief, I take it as a positive force and what is written before that, the letters are d e v i l.
    FATHER BRYANT: You don't really think that I was talking with the devil?.
    EVETTE: Why not ? the devil could be a woman, you wouldn't know it, there's no reason why you would even suspect it. The question we should be asking, where is she?. Did she, the devil choose not to harm you?.
    FIONA: Here's another one for you, the people caught in the lave flow, the people hit by lightning and the virgin births, that is 6,6,6!
    In the Shire of Devon on a deserted farm, twelve robed figures slowly moved about. Twelve candles had been placed on shoulder high candle supports. Heavy red velvet curtains had been placed covering the animal stalls. Another lay on the altar. Naked apart from a crimson cloth, the poor young woman wasn't meant to live long, she was to be killed as an offering to the devil. Suzette heard the call and went to the barn.
    DEVIL WORSHIPPER: Hear me, O glorious one, come and see what offering we have for he who is the mighty.
    SUZETTE: I'm not a man, at least my brother says I'm not. What's with the robes, it's not cold.
    MALE DEVIL WORSHIPPER: Be quiet woman, else I shall sacrifice you. Do you want to feel the cold of this knife?.
    SUZETTE: What an idiot you are!. Their leader lifted the knife, Suzette clicked her fingers and their he vanished. Suzette moved to the girl who lay on the altar, she pointed at a worshipper.
    SUZETTE: Who is this?.
    FEMALE DEVIL WORSHIPPER: Her name is Monique.
    SUZETTE: Help her to the floor, give her that robe you are wearing.
    FEMALE DEVIL WORSHIPPER: Who are you? why should I do as you want, don't you know who I am?. Suzette immediately became a ten foot high pale green scorpion, her voice boomed out,
    SUZETTE: You called for me!. You wanted me here, and now you question me!!. Do as I say and now! Why would I even want you to sacrifice this woman, she has done no wrong, what could she do for me. You are the ones that I want.
    FEMALE DEVIL WORSHIPPER: But we are your disciples!.
    SUZETTE: I choose who my disciples are, not you!. This offering, this Monique, what use is she to me dead?. Give her your robe.
    FEMALE DEVIL WORSHIPPER: Why should I give her my robe?.
    SUZETTE: Let me see, you say you are my disciple, yet you refuse to do as I ask. She needs the robe more than you, as you will be dead soon, not her. Oh and the other reason, BECAUSE I SAID SO !.
    The woman's robe appeared on Monique, and Suzette's so called disciple was gone. Suzette clicked her fingers and all the disciples ceased to be.
    MONIQUE: Please, don't get me wrong, thank you I don't understand, why would you help me and not them?.
    SUZETTE: Simple, I'm the evil, I am all of the evil.
    MONIQUE: That I can understand, just because I wear different clothes to what my friends wear they say I am different. Is there another reason why you would help me ?.
    SUZETTE: Because I wanted to.
    MONIQUE: I have a brother, I wish that he was here.
    SUZETTE: Be Careful what you wish for !.
    MONIQUE: You grant wishes ?.
    SUZETTE: No, I do not, although I could make your brother be here. He may be doing something that needs his attention. So whilst you may be happy that he is here, he may not be !.
    MONIQUE: Do you know this area, it's just that this robe while it is warm, it's not my first choice of clothing.
    SUZETTE: There's a house here, maybe some of these people lived there.
    MONIQUE: I don't want to push my luck, but any chance of me being back at my house.
    SUZETTE: Okay, but it'll be best if I leave you near to your house. Your family way have the wrong type of thoughts. My power has yet to develop, but in fairness to you I may get a memory of your family and friends thoughts. If there is evil in what they say they will be dealt with.
    MONIQUE: I do thank you, I'm not to sure how to tell people that the devil saved my life. Suzette took Monique to near her home.
    At the university, eight supposedly intelligent people had
    gathered, to have some ?fun?. The ghost of a misguided young man who just happened to be passing was giving them the run-around, trying to make them believe that he was Mr Wonderful.
    TRACIE: What's the lap-top for Rose ?
    ROSE: Catherine calls the letters, I write them down, then make words. They sat down and prepared themselves.
    ROSE: She is on the earth again.
    ROSE: I can feel her she is near
    ROSE: I will go I need to
    ROSE: She is in here
    As Suzette entered the room he had just left.
    CATHERINE: She ? who is she ?.
    Even though no-one was touching the board, the glass moved, all people around the table gasp.
    CATHERINE: M-E [ PAUSE ] Me !.
    CATHERINE: Me, ok, who is me ?.
    CATHERINE: I A-M M-E I Am me
    ROSE: Can you tell us the future ?.
    ROSE: Yes I can but I will not
    ROSE: I want you to ring
    ROSE: Father Bryant
    Every-one in the room was transfixed
    ROSE: I meant now
    ROSE: Is there anyone special that should ring this Father Bryant. What is the message ? can you give us a few minutes to find him.
    ROSE: He is at Allan's bookshop
    ROSE: Tell him to do as Evette says
    W-A-N-T T-O D-O
    ROSE: Rose do not do what you want to do
    ROSE: And I will let you live
    T-H-E F-I-R-S-T
    ROSE: Tell the father to take the first
    ROSE: Name away tell him I
    ROSE: Will be the only one
    The message was sent to Father Bryant five minutes later.
    ROSE: Who was it that sent that message, as the spirit also threatened me.
    FATHER BRYANT: What was the threat.
    ROSE: Do not do what I wanted to do or she would have killed me.
    FATHER BRYANT: We are having a few discussions about that being.
    ROSE: Father Bryant, you said ?being'. Was that a slip of the tongue.
    FATHER BRYANT: I'm sorry to say this but no, it wasn't a slip, you may have been told not to use those things, you may have been contacted by the ultimate demon.
    ROSE: The ultimate, who is the ultimate demon ?.
    FATHER BRYANT: What I said it was intended, look we could be wrong, but, we think that you may have just been given a message from the Devil.
    ROSE: The glass is moving again.
    FATHER BRYANT: Rose please, just leave the glass alone.
    ROSE: We weren't touching the glass before, and there is no-one near it, it isn't even on the board.
    FATHER BRYANT: When you said we, how many are in the room with you ?.
    CATHERINE: T-E-L-L, tell. F-A-T-H-E-R, father. B-R-Y-A-N-T, Bryant.
    S-I-X, six.
    ROSE: The glass just moved again, it said to tell you six.
    FATHER BRYANT: Ask exactly as I say, ask Suzette to let you touch the glass, as she is scaring you. Then be pleasant to her.
    ROSE: I will thank her, Father. Did you hear what the Father said Suzette?. Catherine and the others in the room stared at Rose.
    CATHERINE: Who is this Suzette ?.
    ROSE: That is the name the Father said to refer to the one that is moving the glass.
    CATHERINE: Thank you rose the father is right.
    The board and the glass disappeared.
    CATHERINE: You don't expect use to believe that this Father Bryant knows who is moving the glass, do you ?.
    Suzette's voice is heard in the room,
    SUZETTE: Rose just saved all your lives, but if you want to die painfully, doubt me again. As Suzette was about to leave the room she quietly whispered in Rose's ear.
    SUZETTE: If they didn't like you before, they do now. Just keep a straight face.
    Father Bryant put the phone down then looked at those at the table and with a hand gesture he asked for an answer.
    EVETTE: Strange as this may sound, but she could be the one that is the devil, if so, if the devil was to cause to happen what we want, she would do it in a direct route.
    IAN: If the devil was to be the leader of the evil then all the evil would be united under her, how-ever if the devil is the only evil then all others that do evil will be stopped. In that way the devil could be seen to be a positive Only one way to tell, watch the news programs see if there is a mountain of people dying.
    FATHER BRYANT: I will start to spread the word out through the church, I hope you don't mind if I omit the part that refers to the devil creating heaven on earth though. It may be more than our bosses can wrap their minds around.
    LARRY: That's a problem, just supposing some-one does stop the devil, you'll have to live with the notion that your responsible for stopping a heaven on earth.
    FATHER BRYANT: Why is nothing straight forward, easy ?.
    FIONA: More to the point, where is this Suzette now ?.
    Suzette went to find Father Bryant. She sat on the edge of the footpath and waited at the book shop. Allan soon came back.
    ALLAN: I've just been up the road to get some food, that's the trouble with this place, it gets a bit boring some times.
    SUZETTE: I thought you liked reading books ?.
    ALLAN: Usually, just didn't feel like it.
    SUZETTE: Well, I'm glad your back, I'd like some-one to talk to, I was trying to decide if I'm doing it right this time.
    ALLAN: Doing what ?.
    SUZETTE: Last time I was here I caused a bit of a flood, got two people to save lots of animals, two of each.
    ALLAN: What, when ?.
    SUZETTE: You've been kept out of the loop.
    ALLAN: Meaning what ?
    SUZETTE: It had been easier before, as there was less people, but I may have killed to many of the wrong people. If it had been right I wouldn't need to do it again. But this thing called free will.
    ALLAN: Were you waiting for any-one specific, I must admit you've got me confused.
    SUZETTE: I was hoping to see Father Bryant, but you'll do, as I said before I want some-one to talk to.
    ALLAN: The others are a bit confused as to who you are.
    SUZETTE: That's alright I've no problem with them knowing who I am.
    ALLAN: But they were talking as though they believed you are the devil that's not a nice thing to say about any-one.
    SUZETTE: Maybe, but then it would depend on what they thought of the devil.
    ALLAN: I was of the belief that the devil is, well evil. The devil is a man, your not married are you ?.
    SUZETTE: Oh no, where I come from there is only two, the other is my brother. That's one of the places I went wrong last time.
    ALLAN: That has brought about the reason for the confusion, if you are the devil, me sitting here having a cuppa and just talking doesn't strike me as something that the devil would do. That and your definitely not a man.
    SUZETTE: Think I'm good looking do you ?.
    ALLAN: Another problem, describing the devil as good looking, it's not something I ever even contemplated.
    SUZETTE: Maybe not, but then it would depend on your views of the devil, some-one once said that the devil is the leader of all the evil, and every-one has believed him, but, what if the one that said that was
    evil ?. You don't know who the devil is, or what the devil does. You simply assume the devil is the evil. What if the devil helps God to reduce the number of evil do-ers ?. What if the devil is the only evil ?.
    ALLAN: That can't be right, if the devil is the only evil then no-one else would be allowed to be evil.
    SUZETTE: Would that alter your belief that the devil is evil, would it ?.
    ALLAN: Yes, hmm maybe, just evil in another way, so you think that God and the devil work side by side, any reason why I should believe you ?.
    SUZETTE: That's the biggest problem, the freedom to believe or not, then there is the free-will. I've always said that you lot shouldn't have it, but my brother reckons we needed to give it to you.
    ALLAN: What's free-will got to do with it ?.
    SUZETTE: The way that free-will is used, it created the reason for me to be here again, how can I explain it. Imagine a dictatorship where everyone was treated well, where nearly every-one was happy. Some people want more, they create unrest, due to their free will.
    ALLAN: That's it, one of the problems with the people on this planet is they think the worst of others. Even if the people are happy, others outside may say this is wrong, or that is wrong. The dictators tend to do what's best for them, but not every-one else.
    SUZETTE: Oh and I suppose that you would be better ?.
    ALLAN: I recognise the problems, in theory yes.
    SUZETTE: Any country you'd prefer ?.
    ALLAN: Not my choice is it ?.
    SUZETTE: There's no backing out now.
    ALLAN: I didn't mean I want to be a dictator, I'm not dictator material.
    SUZETTE: Look Allan, some-ones got to do it, unless you want me to make myself known.
    ALLAN: And if I say no.
    SUZETTE: I could always do what I did last time.
    ALLAN: Last time ? what did you do last time ?.
    SUZETTE: The great flood !, the Ark, even with the way that you've been brought up. It's obvious to me, it was done by the devil. Lets face it, if the one you saw as God was capable of killing that many, is he
    still all good. Suzette stopped, looked around her.
    SUZETTE: So is the devil good ? the devil and God working hand in hand for the same outcome. My way is a bit more direct that's all. God doesn't want evil in his world, I do not want any evil in God's world either.
    ALLAN: That's thought provoking.
    SUZETTE: Prefer it if I didn't say again.
    ALLAN: You can repeat yourself if you want. With choice if I choose to be evil, I can be ?.
    SUZETTE: If you want to be then yes, it's just that with me on earth your time is very limited, as soon as I hear a thought that could cause harm to another you won't exist.
    ALLAN: I can't tell you how to go about what you want to do, you could go to a mind reader, or a Tarot card reader though.
    SUZETTE: Why?.
    ALLAN: Well you can read our minds. But who can read yours ?.
    SUZETTE: Hmm, yeah, I could do.
    ALLAN: I was joking, you don't really believe in that stuff, do you ?.
    SUZETTE: Because you don't believe it ?. Is it okay to believe in something that you've never seen, but it's not alright to believe in something that you can't see. That makes the sort of sense, that's not.
    I'm think I'm going to one of those that you don't believe, you'll have to get rid of those ideals when your a dictator, free will an? all.
    Father Bryant sat with Larry and Fiona, listening to the roars.
    FATHER BRYANT: Where is that sound coming from, and what
    is it? They all look around.
    FATHER BRYANT: Suzette !, I didn't expect to see you here, what do you want ?.
    SUZETTE: Maybe not, but I do like talking with you. Larry, Fiona. You may refer to me as Suzette. You may choose to call me by other names soon, but I prefer to be known as Suzette to those who I see as a
    friend. Father, bad news for you.
    SUZETTE: I know you knew, who I meant before even though you?d prefer not to believe what I told you. I do enjoy our little chats Father, and believe me, I wish you no harm, as with Larry and Fiona. Just
    thought I'd pop in here save you wasting time.
    FATHER BRYANT: What is the bad news ?.
    SUZETTE: It's about who you see as God, he will be leaving. On the twenty third of October.
    FIONA: It's that date again, why ? we've been researching that date, what does it mean.
    SUZETTE: That was when this world is meant to have been made, made right for you humans.
    FIONA: What do you mean by, ?is meant to' ?.
    SUZETTE: This world was made ready for you human's to survive. He thinks that you've had enough time to do what he wants, I mean
    six thousand and eleven years.
    LARRY: Surely you don't mean he is leaving us ?.
    SUZETTE: Not for all time, I'm only at half power right now but soon I'll be at full power, then the news will talk of multitudes of
    people that vanished with out a trace.
    FATHER BRYANT: Do you have a time limit, what happens if you run out of time ?.
    SUZETTE: Ask Allan about what I did last time. Even now my patience is growing smaller.
    SUZETTE: You got it all wrong before and he left while I stayed, yet still you managed to get it wrong. So in less than a month if any one wishes ill on another, that will be it for them. Pass the word about Father. And a word of warning to you Father, your confessional booths will not be tolerated, remove them or I will. Fiona and Father Bryant watched as Suzette stood up.
    FATHER BRYANT: I hate to say this, but that sounds more like the devil I believe in. Suzette had only gone two paces when she turned.
    SUZETTE: About that sound, it's the gargoyles.
    FIONA: The gargoyles ? what would they make, how would they a noise like that ?.
    SUZETTE: To let you know when the devil is here. When the devil is at the door.
    LARRY: But how can the devil be in here ?.
    SUZETTE: Why not ?.
    FATHER BRYANT: This is hallowed ground.
    SUZETTE: You've been watching to many of your silly horror films.
    FATHER BRYANT: But this is hallowed ground.
    SUZETTE: Oh dear, who built the church ?. Do you really think that a man made structure could stop me, or Ha Ha Ha, a cross ?!.
    FIONA: How to stop a man made belief.
    SUZETTE: Is it not Jesus who said to have died on the cross ?.
    FIONA: A loved one of yours:
    SUZETTE: Ever consider that I may have wanted my
    brother to live, if I can live with him, why would you even consider that I would be troubled by things that you say is in his honour ?.
    Suzette walks away from them, opens the doors to the church
    and leaves them open, she stands at the doorway and steps
    backward onto the steps. The gargoyles roar at her, she
    turns and walks away. Suzette made her way to the bookshop.
    When she walked in to the shop she saw that Allan was at
    the counter.
    SUZETTE: Some of your friends are trying to find me, I'll be waiting in the back room.
    ALLAN: That's a problem, I don't let people go in when I'm not there, so you can't go in.
    SUZETTE: That isn't a threat is it?, no.
    ALLAN: No, I'm just saying that I don't like people going in there when I'm not there. Even if you are the devil, I can't have one rule for
    some people and not others, whatever would you say to a dictator with those rules?. Suzette smiled at him.
    SUZETTE: Now that was clever! As Suzette began to laugh so did Allan.
    ALLAN: Who is it that you'd like to see, I'll give them a call for you.
    SUZETTE: Let them all now I'm here, if they want to speak to me, ok, that's sounds better, I will wait here for them.
    ALLAN: I'll call them, let them know that you are here, waiting for them. Makes it sound as though they'd arranged to meet you here, I wonder if they'll think that. Allan rang Larry?s mobile phone.
    ALLAN: Our friend is here, she reckons that you will be looking for her.
    LARRY: When you say our friend, who do you mean.
    ALLAN: That young woman that was here last night, you know, Suzette.
    LARRY: You do know who she probably is don't you?.
    ALLAN: You'd better say what you mean.
    LARRY: Judging from what she said to us today and what happened, the one that you just called your friend may be the devil.
    ALLAN: She is standing next to me, she asked me to call you. I do realise who she is, we seem to appreciate the same humour as well. If I thought there was any possibility of her saying yes, I'd ask her out or a meal.
    SUZETTE: Tell me Allan, do you believe what is said in the newspapers, or do you accept it with a pinch of salt ?.
    ALLAN: Pinch of salt why.
    SUZETTE: A newspaper is what one person writes
    about another, which is pretty much the same way that the bible was written. Larry bursts in closely followed by the Fiona, Ian and Father Bryant. Larry is lifting the cross up towards Suzette.
    SUZETTE: I would advise you not to do that, unless you intend to adorn the wall with it. I take it you see it as an act of violence, to me.
    FIONA: Don't you mean cease to exist. You are the devil, what do you think we would do?.
    SUZETTE: A typical failing of mankind, the type of thinking that says I'm right you're wrong. Well if that's good enough for you, then
    its good enough for me. I am the evil, no other will be evil whilst I am on this world.
    FIONA: If the devil is the only evil in the world, then all other evil will cease to exist, eventually the devil will win. As far as the
    person in the street is concerned, if there are no bodies found then there is nothing wrong, Armageddon will have happened.
    SUZETTE: I wouldn't use that word myself, it's a bit over used, but if you carry on with that line of thought as if I'm the only evil allowed to be, what would be left?.
    FIONA: Oh, a heaven on earth ! But a heaven created by the devil.
    SUZETTE: True.
    SUZETTE: Like it or not, that is it. Allan, you and Father Bryant I see as friends. I like you both. I see you as friends regardless of who you see me as.
    ALLAN: Your sentiments are returned, regardless what others would see me as for doing so.
    SUZETTE: Allan, thank you, I would like to have dinner with you. A long term friendship would be hard to continue, how-ever even I wouldn't eat much, but a meaningful conversation, yes, I'd like that.
    ALLAN: That is all that I would want, the thought of kissing the devil hadn't entered my mind.
    SUZETTE: As long as it's somewhere with quiet music, dim lights and there won't be many others near us. Wouldn't want to many to over hear your conversation with the devil.
    ALLAN: [LAUGHING] You said it like that on purpose didn't you.
    SUZETTE: The friendship that humans offer is their redeeming quality.
    FIONA: When we were told to come here it was meant to be a holiday for us.
    ALLAN: To be able to further your research.
    FIONA: We were told you'd see good in every-one Allan, but I may leave out the bit about you having a dinner date with the devil.
    LARRY: Now the part about the devil wanting soft music and a dark corner.
    ALLAN: Makes me think of a devil worshipper.
    SUZETTE: Do you worship the ground I walk on?
    ALLAN: I wouldn't say that, no.
    SUZETTE: Then your not a devil worshipper Allan. Suzette made her way out of the bookshop with Allan.
    SUZETTE: Allan, your friends sought answers to the returning, and in particular who it is that is returning, it is me. If I do what I did
    before, there will be life. Maybe they should look at themselves as to the question of life. They are the life, they should think about who they are and hopefully they will see the answer.

    ALLAN: If you want I can ask them to come back. At about mid-day tomorrow. I'm going to see some-one else now if the devil wants
    my company for a conversation, then there's hope for a failed marriage.
    Past Sawyers Valley, in the forests, away from prying eyes, eleven people carried the special tools for their evenings work. Laura and Steven carried a wooden trunk with fire making material. Their book of shadows was placed on a tree stump, Steven cleared the area for them, four shadow casters were placed in the circle, for the appearance of more people and light. The trunk was placed near the tree stump, an old camera tripod was used to hold a torch to light up the book so that it could be read easily.
    LAURA: Every-one gather around, Steven will make the circle now.
    Suzette took form in the dark then strode towards them.
    STEVEN: I'm sorry but I have just caste our circle of protection. We haven't begun so you can leave with out any harm being done to you.
    SUZETTE: I know, I'd come and shake your hand but the circle would stop me.
    STEVEN: Who are you ? what makes you think the
    circle is to stop you ?.
    SUZETTE: Even though I mean you no harm, as soon as you learn of who I am, you'd try to get me away from me. That would put you in danger, so I won't tell you who I am. Laura asked a couple of her companions.
    LAURA: Michael, Annabelle, who is she ?.
    ANNABELLE: Why are you here ?.
    SUZETTE: To protect you, when you begin to start to do, what you are preparing going to call for, you will attract some demons.
    LAURA: You know what we are going to do?.
    SUZETTE: Once you have called upon the winds, you will ask for guidance. That is against what will happen, it is that that will attract my followers and they will need to be told the big picture.
    LAURA: You make it sound as though we'll be calling for something that is against your wishes, yet you'll protect us.
    SUZETTE: But you won't be trying to stop me.
    ANNABELLE: We will do what you don't want, yet you'll protect us. Why not tell us what you want so that we can help you.
    SUZETTE: By calling for the protection, you'll open them to be able to hear my request and my reasoning, that will be what I want, they
    wouldn't listen to me if I tried to contact them.
    LAURA: What is it that you are going to do?
    SUZETTE: That is something you'll discover in your own way.
    MICHAEL: If your going to be helping us then don't you need some protection from us..
    SUZETTE: You'd invite the devil into your circle?.
    LAURA: Of course not.
    SUZETTE: Even if the devil said she was on your side?. That she wanted to help you ?
    LAURA: If the devil was to say, what, trust me, why should we?.
    SUZETTE: Even if I was to tell you who I am you wouldn't believe me. But I need to stay on this side of the circle so that I can help you.
    A winged demon flew down to the circle, the darkened boney creature flashed it's blood red eyes at those in the circle, it let out an eardrum piercing scream, it looked at Suzette, then it flew down beside her.
    WINGED DEMON: I'm sorry, master, I did not know you were here.
    SUZETTE: We are here for the same reason, do not say sorry for that, stay and help me.
    STEVEN: Why do allow him to stay.
    WINGED DEMON: She is the master, I do as she wants.
    STEVEN: I've caste the circle, yet this is the first time I've ever seen anything that wanted in.
    SUZETTE: Would it help if I said that many demons can't be seen by humans.
    STEVEN: No, that'd make me worry even more.
    ANNABELLE: That demon just called you it's master. You were telling us the truth before ?.
    SUZETTE: I was.
    LAURA: Why do you want to help us, we're going to do something that is against your reason for being.
    SUZETTE: But you have already helped me.
    LAURA: But I was told that would be against you.
    SUZETTE: Did you ask me ?.
    STEVEN: That would be, well, because we believe what we've been told.
    SUZETTE: So a man from a church knocked on your door, and he told you that you worshipped the devil just because he said so and you of course believed him.
    STEVEN: That isn't what happened, we wouldn't,
    oh, but I believed him when we were told that the devil is evil.
    SUZETTE: So why is it that you believe some things and not others?.
    ANNABELLE: That's a good question, when I think of a good answer you'll get it.
    LAURA: Trying to confuse us with logic ? huh.
    SUZETTE: Yeah well, what's a bit more fun.
    LAURA: More fun ?, your out there to stop the demons and killing demons is fun ?.
    SUZETTE: It depends on what demons come here. But I'm not going to kill the demons, only
    stop them. You may see that as evil, you may not. If a winged person dressed in white bathed in pure white light was to attack you would, would that be evil.
    STEVEN: Yes, it would.
    SUZETTE: And yet a winged person with red eyes
    and a dark boney body helps protect you.
    ALLAN: What were you going to ask Fiona ?
    FIONA: You've decided that on the twenty third of this month you take charge? There's nothing we can do to stop it?.
    SUZETTE: Look at the end result, if you want a world where there is no wrong, then help me.
    FATHER BRYANT: The end result would be good, how-ever it depends who is in control as it may be heaven on earth, or if you are in control it would be seen as hell on earth.
    SUZETTE: If your God can't get you all to do the good thing and follow him by the twenty third of October, he'd let me do it.
    FATHER BRYANT: There will be many people who'd be against your methods, they won't trust you.
    SUZETTE: In most things, it is good to have balance.
    FATHER BRYANT: Should the end result be a heaven on earth you have my support, if the future from the end result is a heaven on earth, you'll have my support.
    SUZETTE: My way will have that result, as I will be the only evil, there will be no other evil.
    FATHER BRYANT: I'm not too sure about a heaven on earth created by the devil.
    SUZETTE: Then don't say who did it, another way of looking at it, considering what the accepted view of me is, who'd believe I did it.
    FATHER BRYANT: Wouldn't you mind though, having some-one else take your credit? Heaven on earth for all time, that sounds good to me.
    SUZETTE: Don't get me wrong, this will be the last chance humans will have had to get it right. This is the last chance, you get it wrong this time no more chances.
    FIONA: What do you intend to do now ?.
    SUZETTE: I'm going to make a start soon, there are a lot out there who pretend to want to help others, they say these people need their help and they are the best ones to help them. Then they try to make a benefit from it, well in my view they would be gone.
    FIONA: So if a person tells you what it is that he or she is going to do you will read their mind to see if they speak the truth?.
    SUZETTE: Yes, and if that person does intend to make any form of profit from me, I'll end them.
    FIONA: But how will you know ?.
    SUZETTE: You don't understand and be quick for soon I will begin.
    Fiona rang her friends, then Allan and Father Bryant. Suzette looked at various books and CD's in the bookshop, all about mankind's battle against itself, the perceived evil and making up tales of hope for the future. It was an hour later that Father Bryant got to the bookshop, Larry, Evette and Ian joined Fiona, Allan and Suzette.
    EVETTE: Why were we all asked to come here ?.
    FIONA: Suzette said to get you all here.
    EVETTE: What is it ?.
    SUZETTE: To let you know that I am becoming me.
    FIONA: Your you?
    SUZETTE: The beast in me has come to be, my awareness is growing.
    FIONA: How will this affect us?. Suzette gazed into Fiona's eyes.
    SUZETTE: That depends, I could end the life of those I see or I could bring about a flood.
    SUZETTE: You have debated several concepts, you've found answers where there wasn't any questions. Your doing well.
    ALLAN: I'm glad you view what they are, and what they might, or will be.
    FATHER BRYANT: Now I'm confused again.
    ALLAN: As I told Suzette, the path that is followed has many avenues coming from it.
    SUZETTE: Your right Allan, but they need to find the answer themselves, that bit is wrong, you will not be given life.
    IAN: Then if we do not have life given to us she gives life?.
    FIONA: I feel as though. This question makes me feel like a bit of a drama queen, are we all part of the life?.
    SUZETTE: Your really warm, but I think you might get cold if you start thinking like that.
    FATHER BRYANT: I am glad the future, I'm unsure about what role I'll play. Will I be getting my wish.
    SUZETTE: Oh Father Bryant, you want the future to be written in stone, please, don't make the same mistakes again.
    FATHER BRYANT: Meaning.
    SUZETTE: Certain people are good at making stories to explain themselves, to make people like listening to them
    FATHER BRYANT: Once the story has been told, there's no problem with repeating the story
    SUZETTE: Who ever says the story again has to be as good, or the stories meaning seems false.
    SUZETTE: The tale that is told of Moses coming down from the top of Mount Sinai with the ten commandments written on stone, consider
    what was said to have been written then how big those stones they would have had to be.
    FIONA: To carry a stone down a mountain, then go up for the next stone, he'd have been worn out in a couple of days.
    IAN: Just walking up and down the mountain would have been exhausting, but carrying a rock as well.
    SUZETTE: But if the person telling the story is clever, it would seem to be believable.
    LARRY: What is the time factor here ?
    EVETTE: What you said about removing the evil, what if you run out of time.
    IAN: As Larry said, how much time is there left?. You've mentioned about the 23rd of October, but not what'll happen by that date.
    FATHER BRYANT: How do you mean.
    FIONA: The gift is due then, but is the gift a promise of a new beginning?, or the start of the promise of the beginning.
    EVETTE: If I was to give a gift, I'd prefer the end result, that being so if the flood only leaves a few people.
    FIONA: Who should we tell, where should we go.
    ALLAN: Some how, I don't think it'll be left to chance. When it is time, you'll be where it is safe for the four of you.
    FIONA: We should be ready to be life that will
    start this world again, then oh wait, nothing is written in stone!.
    SUZETTE: Thank you. Nothing is written in stone.
    IAN: Is there any reason why it'll happen now
    LARRY: When you caused that flood before, how did you do it ?
    SUZETTE: Actually, I didn't do it. A big meteor dropped a few bits, those bits hit the earth, near the south pole.
    LARRY: How could they cause a flood though ?.
    SUZETTE: They didn't, but they did start the chain reaction. You see one of the bits hit very near to what you call Mount Erebos, that
    started a massive volcano that caused the ice to melt, that raised the water level.
    EVETTE: The extra water was heated by the volcano, that would have had a knock on effect that melted the ice at the north pole which
    began to flood the land, the heat upset the natural balance and brought about big storms. Suzette begins to smile, a happy smile, an evil smile.
    EVETTE: Why are you smiling like that?
    SUZETTE: Time's up folks, the end is nigh.
    IAN: Is it now? what will happen this time?
    SUZETTE: Thank you for giving me something to do, now I am ready. One thing, I was always
    told that you should not believe the devil as the devil will tell you lies.
    FIONA: What?!
    SUZETTE: Even though you are told that; as children you would have been told that. And now you think you'll get what you want if you'll believe it. You silly, gullible humans, your time is nearly at an end, I'm ready to be me. I have enjoyed listening to you believing me.
    ALLAN: You were lying to us?
    SUZETTE: Of course I was!, I'm the devil you idiots.

    A meteor hit a satellite knocking it out of it's orbit, it began it's descent towards Mt. Erebos.
    Angel liked to sing 'Oh Mandy', using the Angelus method.

    Look at it, play with it, then torture it.